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Klaine Summer Challenge 2017

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 2: Trees

I don’t wanna go through this life
Without you by my side
And I got it all worked out
In my head here’s how it’s got to be

Trees - Lovehammers


Once upon a time, in the far far land of Dalton, there was a wonderful queen and her less wonderful husband. Even though their marriage wasn’t the best, it was solid at least. The light of their lives was their son Cooper. He was literally the light of their lives, since Cooper has the magical abilty to create light everywhere. The royal families are all royal due to their magic.

But what many did not know was that the king and queen had a secret, one even kept from their precious son: they had a second child. But the baby disappeared after a couple of weeks. Prince Cooper was ten years old, but due the fact that he was not the smartest nor the most observant boy, he never noticed.

Sometimes, the king and queen wonder what happened to the boy. Queen Pamela just hoped he was well.


The door of the small cottage slammed open. Blaine might be twenty and looking to finally buy a place on his own, but that doesn’t mean he can’t share big news with his mother.

“Mama, I have big news!” he yells as he drops his bag on the floor.

“Blaine Devon, no need to shout. I am not deaf,” his mother says. She’s still busy with one of her costumer’s quilts. Blaine’s mother may not be the most wealthy person in the kingdom, but her quilts are well-loved. She loves making them, even though she has to do twice the work after Blaine’s father died in a plague.

“Not yet, mother,” Blaine jokes as he leans in to kiss his mother on the cheek, “But who knows? Future technology might change our hearing. Have you seen the people on the market nowadays? They no longer have to shout. They can talk through those funnels, or whatever they are called.”

“Yes, yes, now what do you want to tell me?”

“Oh!” Blaine immediately starts to smile, “Mama, I have finally talked to the cute son of the mechanic. And can I tell you a secret?”

His mother nods.

“I think he might like me as well,” Blaine says, sounding very happy.

“Blaine Devon, that is wonderful!” his mother almost drops the quilt she was working on. She like no other knows how long Blaine’s been wanting to talk to Kurt, the son of Burt the mechanic. Not even Blaine’s life-long friend, Wes, knows as much as his mother. “Now, go ask him out!”

“But mama, what are we supposed to do?” Blaine suddenly sounds nervous.

He doesn’t know he has the means to actually take Kurt out. Burt the mechanic is quite rich, since he’s the only experienced mechanic in the kingdom. People travel for weeks for his services. Kurt and his stepbrother Finn are always out and about. They don’t want to show off, but everyone can see by the way they dress that they are well off.

Blaine knows that you should love someone, regardless of their social status, but Blaine can already see it coming: Kurt spoiling him and Blaine not being able to give anything back. He has savings, but he’s still planning on finding a cottage on his own.

“Keep your head up, Blaine Devon!” his mother’s voice pulls him out of his thoughts, “Love will find a way.”


After quite a while, Kurt is the one to ask Blaine out. They go out for a walk and maybe grab some dinner afterwards.

“Have fun, Blaine Devon!” his mother waves. Blaine waves back and Kurt smiles at her.

“So, shall we go then?” Kurt holds out his hand and Blaine feels like his mind’s about to explode. He takes it.

“Yes, we shall.”

Together, they walk around the neighbourhood and talk endlessly about their favourite theater pieces and music. That’s why they bonded in the first place. Blaine knows Kurt wants to make clothes when he leaves his father’s place. Blaine is still figuring things out, but luckily he knows a lot about sewing thanks to his mother.

The conversation goes easily. After all, they’ve been friends for a few months. They’re just ready to go further.

“Can I ask you something?” Kurt suddenly asks.


“Why does your mother call you Blaine Devon?”

Kurt’s not the first person to ask Blaine that question, but it’s still difficult to answer.

“Uhm,” Blaine can feel himself tearing up, but he also wants to be able to talk about it, “It’s my middle name. My father was named Devon. He died two years ago. Mama and I still miss him a lot.”

Kurt hangs his head.

“I am so sorry.”

Blaine shrugs it off, but only because he doesn’t want to keep on talking about it. Kurt kind of has other ideas.

“Did you look like him?”

Blaine laughs. “No, I don’t look like my parents, Kurt,” he says, “I am very adopted, so no.”

“Really?” Kurt asks, sounding intrigued, “You never told me that. I just always assumed you looked like your dad, since I already noticed you don’t look like your mother.”

“First of all, thank you for not pitying me, it’s the worst,” Blaine rolls his eyes at the thought of it, “Second… Well, one morning, my dad went outside to check on his crops and he found me on their doorstep. There was a note saying that my name’s Blaine and that I need a family. They took me in and that’s that. Honestly, I don’t care. They are my parents. End of story.”

“As it should be,” Kurt says, “Family is more than blood. I am pretty sure Finn’s my family, but if we would share the same genetics, then I’d be very worried.”

The two of them laugh. They are about to continue their date by going out for dinner, when they hear someone yelling.

“Blaine! Blaine!”

Blaine turns around and he has to jump out of the way. Wes is riding a horse, and he’s an awful rider. Luckily, Kurt got it, since he jumps out of Wes’s way as well.


“Blaine, you have to come home now!” Wes shouts frantically while trying to calm down his horse.

Wes knew Blaine was going out with Kurt, so it must be important. “What is it?”

“Soldiers!” Wes sounds very worried, “They ambushed your mother- or at least it looked like that. They just entered the cottage. They had their swords pointing towards her.”

“No!” Everyone knows that only the king’s soldiers point their swords towards people.

Blaine turns to Kurt, but nothing’s coming out of his mouth. He’s in shock. Why would the king need his mother? It can’t be an order for a quilt. They wouldn’t raise their swords for something like that.

“Go,” Kurt kisses Blaine’s cheek, “I’ll follow you, but you need to get there faster. Go with your friend.”

“Thank you,” Wes says for Blaine. Blaine gets helped up by Kurt and together, Blaine and Wes make their way back home.

When they arrive, the sight of soldiers surrounding his mother almost makes him fall of Wes’s horse.

“Blaine Devon!” his mother cries out when she sees him.

In an instant, all the soldiers turn around and point their swords towards Blaine and Wes. Wes quickly makes sure the horse comes to a halt.

“What is going on here?” Blaine demands and he jumps off Wes’s horse. He’s scared shitless, but one thing his father has taught him is to never let down his guard.

“That’s him,” one of the soldiers says and they all move towards Blaine.

“Stay away from him,” Wes also jumps off his horse and he draws his sword. Sometimes, having a sword holder as a friend is a good thing.

Despite that, it is still twenty against one.


Another man on a horse has appeared, and Blaine is pretty sure he’s dreaming. He must’ve hit his head during his walk with Kurt, because no way in hell.

“Your Majesty, I-”

“STAND DOWN!” Prince Cooper is as loud as expected.

Wes doesn’t lower his sword, but the soldiers do. Some of them even look embarrassed.

“What do you want? Why do your soldiers scare this woman and her son? I know you are the prince of Dalton, but I care about these people and I will not hesitate to-”

Prince Cooper throws his sword on the ground and holds up his hands. “Wow, you are able to convey dramatic emotions in such a wonderful way! Have you considered the Dalton Acting Academy?”

Wes and Blaine exchange some glares. They don’t know how to react to this.

Blaine runs towards his mother, who is frozen in shock. “Mama, are you okay? What did they want from you?”

“They just- they just knocked on the door and- and the next thing I know is that a dozen of s-soldiers are pointing their swords towards me and yelling and… they were asking about you,” she says.


“Wes was riding his horse. Good t-thing he did and- STAY AWAY!.” Prince Cooper has approached them. Wes once again jumps between him.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he can see Kurt arriving. He’s been running and he’s out of breath, but he also seems to do a double take when he sees Prince Cooper and the royal soldiers.

“Now, let’s make this more pleasant for all of us.” Cooper snaps his fingers and sunlight appears inside the cottage out of nowhere.

Prince Cooper.

The prince of light.

“Blaine, do you know who I am?”

“A madman who almost ambushed my mother,” Blaine spits back. Kurt also moves closer and he sits next to him and Wes.

Prince Cooper shakes his head. “I am so sorry for the behaviour of these idiots. When I asked them to go looking for you, I told them they needed to stay calm and that they needed to explain the situation.” The soldiers once again are embarrassed.

“Explain what?” Kurt asks.

“Blaine, or should I say Prince Blaine? Blaine, you are the long-lost prince. My brother!” Prince Cooper says happily, but the others just stare at him as if he’s a madman.

“What the fuck?” Wes says after a moment of silence.

Kurt takes Blaine’s hand in the hopes to calm him down, because Blaine is shaking. Not because of shock, but because of rage.

“Okay, first you come in my house and scare my mama like that and then you manage to spew such nonsense? What kind of prince are you? Get the hell out of here!” Blaine yells.

“See, you are definitely my brother! You speak very loudly, which is the key to a good and clear conversation. Oh, you totally need to point as well!”

Kurt tries not to laugh. They can all agree that this Prince Cooper is not a right man for the throne.

It takes a while for Prince Cooper to realise that Blaine really does not believe him.

“Look, Blaine, our mother has fallen ill. The doctors don’t know if she’ll make it,” Prince Cooper sighs and for the first time, the cheerful expression on his face falters.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but please leave.”

“Let me explain, little bro, come on!” Prince Cooper pleads, “Or maybe, let our mother explain.” He snaps his fingers and one of the soldiers hands him a pierce of rolled up parchment. Even though Blaine still has his reservations, he takes it. It might make them leave.

Prince Cooper sighs again and gets up. “We’re very sorry for the inconvience,” he says and glares towards his soldiers, “Please, Prince Blaine, read our mother’s letter. We’ll return tomorrow to hear your choice. SOLDIERS! ON THE MOVE!”

And just like that, Prince Cooper and his soldiers leave.

“You better repair my door!” Blaine’s mother yells as they watch them leave.

Blaine’s holding the parchment. He cannot be a prince. Sure, he’s always known his parents weren’t his biological parents, but his biological parents can’t be King Todd and Queen Pamela.

It just can’t be.

“Kurt, Wes, could you leave me and my mother alone?” he asks, still looking at the parchment.

They seem reluctant, but they agree. When they’re gone, Blaine takes a closer look to the parchment.


Dear Blaine,

If you are reading this, then it means Prince Cooper has achieved. I sent him out to find you. In case Cooper hasn’t explained himself- he tends to get ahead of himself, please forgive him -let me introduce myself. I am Queen Pamela of Dalton. I am your mother.

Or at least I was. I hope that the people that took you in cared for you in a way I couldn’t. I can imagine this must be a shock for you, but believe me when I tell you I never stopped thinking about you.

You were kidnapped when you were a baby, or at least, that is what I made my husband and my staff believe. The true story shows the true colours of my husband. You, Blaine, were born without magic. Your father and I tried everything to make you show any sign of baby magic, but there’s no spark inside of you.

The king was planning on getting rid of you. He couldn’t stand the fact that he’d have a son of royal blood without magic. I remember the day he told me about his plan. He was overjoyed. He was so smart. And I was in shock. That day, I took you with me and I dropped you on a doorstep..

What a coïncidence. The day of your murder, you were kidnapped. The king has since then realised he was wrong to try to harm you, but for your sake, I didn’t tell anyone what I had done.

Until now. I have fallen ill, and I wish to see you one last time. I told Cooper everything I’ve kept secret for twenty years.

Blaine, my son, please forgive me, but I do not regret my actions. If you’re reading this, then I hope you are living a good life and that is all I ever wanted for you.

With love,



“Mama! MAMA!” Blaine turns towards his mother, “This cannot be real.”

“Oh, Blaine Devon.”

“No mama, no!” Blaine says, crumbling the letter in his hand, “This is not real. This is not real!” Blaine is shaking. This day turned out to be a trainwreck. Blaine cannot be a prince. He’s never had magic.


That is the point. He’s a prince without magic.

“No, I cannot be a prince. I do not belong there, mama,” he hands his mother the parchment. His mother quickly scans the letter and her eyes start to water.

“I think you are,” she says and she falls on her knees, “Blaine Devon, I think you are a prince, and we just never knew.”

Blaine keeps shaking his head. “Why? Why would you believe this?”

Blaine’s mother gets up and runs towards her room. A couple of minutes later she reappears and she’s holding another piece of parchment. “Because it is the same handwriting, Blaine Devon.”

Blaine takes the piece of paper.

Please, take care of my boy. His name is Blaine and he needs a loving home. I will forever thank you.

Blaine compares it to the letter from queen Pamela. To his horror, he sees his mother is right. “Mama, I cannot do this. I cannot be a prince. I need to clear my head.”

He’s out of the door before his mother can say anything else.


Kurt lives in a brick house. Of course he does.

It’s weird to think I used to live in a castle, Blaine thinks and immediately stops walking.

He simply refuses to be a prince. It might sound childish, but Blaine doesn’t know what else to do. He arrives on Kurt’s doorstep, and yet he can’t help but think about Queen Pamela dropping him on his parents’ doorstep.

Kurt opens the door. “I’ve been waiting for you. Are you okay?”

“Sorry I ruined the date,” Blaine tries to joke, but the expression on his face shows his sadness.

“Well I already planned on a second date, so that is no problem. But really, what happened?”

Kurt ushers him inside and Blaine tells him everything about the letter and how his mother realised it matches the handwriting on the note they found on the day they found Blaine.

“So it seems like that lunatic prince was right,” Kurt states, “How are you handling it?”

Blaine hides his head in his hands. “I don’t want to be a prince. I don’t want things to change. I know that it might help me and that stuff, but I don’t want to be royal. I want to sing on the streets in order to save some money for my own cottage. I want to help my mom with quilting. I want to kiss and date you. I want to keep my life as it is.”

“I want to kiss you as well,” Kurt says and smiles, “I was actually planning on doing that, but then your mother got ambushed by Prince Cooper who turns out to be your brother.”

“Then why aren’t we kissing now?”

Kurt puts his hand on Blaine’s shoulder. “Because it’s not the time. You’re too caught up in this, Blaine. You need time to sort this out. You just found out you are royalty-”

“But I don’t want to be royalty!” Blaine protests.

“I know, but who says you have to be royalty?” Kurt tells him, “If I’m correct, Prince Cooper has given you a choice. Since he’s as dumb as a pile of horse shit, he probably did it unintentionally, but he’s coming back tomorrow to ask you for your choice.”

Blaine hadn’t thought about that. Prince Cooper did tell him he’d come back to hear his choice. The thought had just never crossed Blaine’s mind. His mother has read him a lot of fairytales where the long lost prince or princess takes back the throne, so Blaine thought it’s the right thing to do. But Kurt is definitely right. He doesn’t want to be a prince, so he won’t be one.


The next day, Blaine and his mother are prepared for Prince Cooper’s arrival. Prince Cooper is smiling happily when he sees Blaine.

“Little brother, are you ready? I told mom I found you and she’s over the moon. We got a carriage prepared for you. She can come with you if you want,” he nods towards Blaine’s mother.

“No thank you, Prince Cooper,” Blaine says politely, “I am not coming with you today.”

Prince Cooper almost falls of his horse. “Excuse me?”

“Prince Cooper, I know that I am a long lost prince. I’ve read Queen Pamela’s, my mother’s, letter and I believe her, but I am not going back to being a prince,” Blaine tells him and his mother nods. She supports whatever decision.

“But… But Blaine! Look at this!” he gestures towards Blaine’s cottage, “You could be so much more. You could live in a castle. Your mother wouldn’t have to quilt anymore, we can give her the money she needs. Don’t worry, we can take her with us and we will give her a house on the castle grounds. You will have power. You will be safe.”

Blaine nods. “I know and I thank you for your offer. It’s very generous of you.”

“Blaine,” Prince Cooper says sternly and his hands start to light up, “Please, come with me. Mother wants to see you.”

“And I will see her. Just not today,” Blaine reassures him, “I will grant my mother’s wish. In fact, you guys will be able to keep in touch with me. After all, you’ve proven that you are my family, but I can’t see the king and queen as my parents yet. Or at least, not in the way I see my mama.” He smiles towards his mother and squeezes her hand.

“Prince Cooper, I don’t want power or a castle or a crown. I want to buy my own goddamn cottage and kiss Kurt, the son of the mechanic!”

“Blaine, little bro, please…” Prince Cooper pleads.

“Don’t call me that, we’re not brothers,” Blaine says, “Yet. We need to get to know each other, Prince Cooper. When I have my cottage, I will totally ask you over for tea! Don’t worry, you won’t leave me behind. I’m just not following you.”

Prince Cooper shakes his head. “Okay, if this is what you want- I can’t understand it, but I won’t force you. Mother will kill me if I do.”

“Thank you,” Blaine says earnestly, “Now, if you excuse me. I have to kiss someone.”

His mother lets go of his hand and nods. Prince Cooper orders the soldiers to let him pass.

Blaine runs towards Kurt’s house and bangs on the door when he gets there.

“DUDE!” Finn yells when he opens the door, “Calm down. I know you have a thing for my brother, but holy hell.”

“Hi Finn,” Blaine says as he slips past him.

Kurt’s siting in their living room at the fireplace. When he hears Blaine, he looks up. “You’re back already.”

“I told them no.”

Blaine helps Kurt get up. “And I know that this totally got out of hand, but I still want that kiss. I know it’s all a bit messy and weird, and it should’ve been more romantic, but I also don’t care. I know my life got a huge plot twist, but whatever life I live, I want you to be in there.”

And Kurt kisses him.

And Finn is staring at them from the doorway with wide eyes.

But Blaine doesn’t mind. He’s not a prince, but he sure as hell is going to be the boyfriend of Kurt, the mechanic’s son.

The castle is huge.

“Wow, Blaine Devon, look at this,” Blaine’s mother says when she steps out of the carriage, “I want those glass windows as well.”

Blaine just nods and he follows one of the guards towards the entrance. Everyone bows when Blaine passes them, and Blaine doesn’t like it. Kurt, on the other hand, finds it very amusing.

“I guess they don’t get the whole ‘I don’t wanna be the prince’ part,” he says.

They are being led through the castle. The king, queen, and prince are waiting for Blaine and the others. The castle is beautiful on the inside and Blaine wished he could at least remember some parts of it, but he can’t.

“Here we are,” the guards says and he opens the door. Blaine braces himself. It’s time to meet the royal family.

The room is twice as big as Blaine’s cottage and it’s nicely decorated. The royal family is seated on their thrones. Blaine stops when he sees them.

Even though Prince Cooper doesn’t look as much like Blaine, the resemblances between Blaine and Queen Pamela are hard to ignore. Even King Todd has some similar features, but he looks more like Prince Cooper.

“Blaine, welcome!” Prince Cooper claps his hands and more sunlight appears. It lights up the entire room.

The king and queen are both staring at him with wide eyes and Queen Pamela starts to tear up. She seems weak, but she’s still lively enough to get up from her throne. She slowly walks towards Blaine.

“Blaine, my son, after all these years.”

“It is nice to meet you,” Blaine doesn’t know what else to say, “I am Blaine, although you already know that, and this is my mother and my boyfriend.”

“You have a lovely home,” Blaine’s mother says nervously.

“And a wonderful gown,” Kurt adds.

Queen Pamela turns towards Blaine’s mother and burst into tears. Without caring about her manners, she runs towards Blaine’s mother and hugs her. “Thank you! Thank you so, so much!”

Blaine’s mother is a bit off-guard, but she still hugs her back. “The pleasure was all mine.”

“Blaine,” King Todd says and he also walks towards them. Blaine steps back. He knows that King Todd has changed, but he also knows that this man wanted to kill him once.

The king falls on his knees. “Can you forgive me? I have not forgiven myself for my idioticy. After you were ‘kidnapped’, I realised I should’ve loved you, instead of casting you aside. The only thing that kept me going was the hope that you’d end up as a better man than me, and thanks to your mother, I think you are.”

“And my father,” Blaine says, “Who is not you.”

King Todd hangs his head. “I understand, I was never a true father to you.”

“No, you weren’t,” Blaine takes a deep breath, “But I forgive you, because without your stupid plan, I wouldn’t have ended up on my parents’ doorstep and for that, I will always be grateful for. Even though the circumstances were less than ideal.”

“Thank you.”

“OKAY!” Prince Cooper stands, “Now that we’ve got all this emotional crap out of our way, let’s party!”

Queen Pamela, who’s still leaning against Blaine’s mother, snaps her fingers and music starts to play. After all, she has the magic ability of music.

They sit together and talk endlessly. Blaine and his mother talk about Blaine’s childhood and Blaine’s father. Blaine tells them he loves music as well, which makes Queen Pamela tear up a little bit. Prince Cooper insists on more screaming and pointing. King Todd asks for dinner. Kurt gives Prince Cooper clothing advise. It all goes swimmingly.

“Blaine, we know you don’t want to be a prince and we accept that, but please at least take this,” Queen Pamela hands him a bag of gold coins.

“Mother, I can’t,” Blaine tries to give it back.

“Please, use it to finally buy your own cottage.”

“Yes,” Prince Cooper jumps in, “I mean, you did promise me you will ask me over for tea.”

Blaine turns towards his mother, who nods. “Let them give you at least this, Blaine Devon.”

“Okay mama, but I want at least one of your quilts in my house,” he says, and his mother agrees.

“Now, are we going to dance or what?” Prince Cooper says loudly. He gets up and starts to dance. It looks ridiculous.

“Coop, dinner is on its way!” King Todd says, but his wife has also gotten up to dance.

“Oh, why not?” Blaine takes Kurt’s hand and together they join Prince Cooper and Queen Pamela.

Even King Todd gives in. Together, they all dance.

Blaine might not be a prince, but that doesn’t mean he can’t steal the spotlight on the castle’s dance floor.

Kurt twirls him around and they dance. Even when the food arrives, they continue to dance.

“Are you sad you missed out on dating royalty?” Blaine jokes.

“Nah, I am good,” Kurt says back.

“Me too.”