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Celebrity Bromance ep. VIXX Ken x BTS Jin(ft. jealous Tae n Kook)

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“Everyone, we’ Do you know where we’ll be heading to?  We’re sending Jin hyung off to shot his first appearance in Celeb Bros ep. 92 feat Ken sunbaenim from VIXX..”

“Ya’re shooting for Bangtan Bomb again?”Jin cut in.

“Hyung, don’t interfere while I’m narrating. I’m doing this special VLive for you.” Jimin spoke to him in his usual low key mockering tone.

Jin lose his words again his 3 y.o-gap-maknae so he just blinked and muttered ‘okay’ to Jimin. Jimin flashed a satisfied smile to him and continued filming his VLive.

“As you can see...our hyung is a baby so we, the most considerate hyung of BTS are going to keep him company so that he won’t be alone and nervous while waiting for his date..”

“Yah! It’s not a date. This is a bromance hangout!”

“I see no difference.”Namjoon added his opinion.

“There are HUGE differences and it’s not like this is my first time with Jaehwan! I hanging out with him so many times before so I’m not nervous.” Jin snapped.

“Okay stop making a fuss, we’re on camera and Jimin Pd-nim, please continue.” Savage Suga with his savage reply, made Jin cringe at that.

“I know ARMY must be excited to get this episode aired since I saw this #kenjindeul hashtag on newsfeed and lots of comment with #nextcelebros #kenjindeul on Celebrity Bromance official website.” Jimin shifted his position and make himself comfortable on Jin’s lap while holding his camera up so that it focus on both of them.

Ignoring Jin’s constant whining, he continued, “So Jin-hyungie, what is your feeling when only you and Jaehwan sunbaenim are chosen to date – film together.”

“I’m happy that I got the chance to feature on a hit TV program. Furthermore, it’s with my own best friend Jaehwannie so at least we’ll be more comfortable with our own. Jaehwan, if you’re happened to watch this.. I’m saying it once though! I am happy to be with you for today and...Lets..lets prove to the world that we’re the sweetest bromance couple above the others! Got it??” Jin ears and face went all red after saying those words. His cheesy comments received an ‘euughh’ and ‘awww’ from his bandmates. Jimin chuckled.

 “Both of you are close with Sandeul sunbae from B1A4...Why didn’t the director put KenJinDeul together? Don’t you think Sandeul sunbaenim feels jealous for being left out?”

“He won’t. Because it will be a threesome...” Realising how suggestive it sounded, at a split second, Jin faked cough and corrected his pronunciation. “..Troublesome! It will be a troublesome!” He was so embarrassed thus his ears went red.

“Dude, pronunciation!” He got yelled by Jhope and Suga already had his second hand embarrassment.

“Arghh!! We can’t air this! Jimin-ah, turn this off!” Namjoon let out his frustration cry. Jimin who was always slow to catch the situation eyed at Namjoon with questioning and unsatisfied look.

“Hyung, I barely started my Vlive and now you ask me to wrap it up? Fans will feel upset!” Namjoon groaned at the maknae stubbornness. Aishh..why don’t he just listen?? Now, who said that it was easy to become a leader of 6 heads with different stubbornness?

“Okay, to make this a win-win situation...let’s ask our ARMY. My darling, do you want us to continue even after you have seen what our Jin hyung did just now or do you want our conversation last here? Anyways, the choice is in your hands, ARMY!”

“Hey! You can’t...”

“LET ARMYs DECIDE! Oh, we already got the answer!”

“Nooo...” Namjoon screeched, hands already massaging his forehead.

“Let’s forgive him and continue!! You are the best, ARMY! Kaepp jjang.” Jimin showed his thumbs up to the camera. The hyung line merely let their most energetic maknae doing his thing because, it’s rare to see Jimin being all too energetic and exuberant for a simple broadcast. Who knows what possessed Jimin today and speaking of the maknae..

“Where is Taehyungie? JK, isn’t he with you this morning?” Jin asked the youngest one who was looking outside the window, perhaps daydreaming.

Jungkook gave him a subtle look and just shrugged off his shoulder, his behaviour made Jin had a thought that the maknae was feeling off today. It’s weird though, the golden maknae who used to pick a fight and bickers with him all the time...suddenly gave him a cold shoulders.

“Ya, Jeon Jungkookie! Why are you like this? Speak something! It feels weird when you suddenly become quiet and spacing out most of the time.”

“....”Jungkook replied but Jin heard nothing but the sound of the a/c.

“Aigoo, Jungkookie. Are you sulking right now? You mad at me? Or are you jealous???” Jin grabbed the youngest biceps to grab his attention and it worked! Jungkook was looking at him now with bewildered eyes.

“NO!” Jungkook’s response made Jin a bit startled, the maknae never raised his voice to him before though they frequently bicker, but they’re nothing like this. Maybe the maknae was also surprised by his own action because his eyes widen and sense of guilt started to creep on his face.

“Yah, don’t startled Jin hyung like that! That make me surprise too, aishh..”Jimin gave the youngest a scolding but the other just snorted. Jin withdrew his hand from Jungkook’s arm to avoid further fighting with him, he had his head hung low before muttering ‘sorry’ the youngest.

He always annoys Jungkook on daily basis and the other does the same but it’s not today. He didn’t even know the real reason but it seemed like he was really front of Jungkook’s eyes. Jin nodded weakly before going back to his seat, limping his body on the soft cushion while holding back his upset tears.

‘Aish, why I’m becoming too sensitive nowadays? Guess I’m getting older..hahaa’. He shook his head at this thought.

“We’re here, Seokjin!” their manager shout out loud from the driver’s seat and Jin was not ready for any of that with his mental state.

Now, he already had two person who already pissed off because of him. Today it’s Jungkook whilst last night, it was with Taehyung. No wonder the new rising idol actor didn’t even bother to send him off today.

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*Scene started with ‘Fire’ as BGM. To feel it, please play BTS Fire while reading:D*

“Jaehwannie!!” Jin practically ran and jumped towards the handsome, tall and lean figure who subconsciously stretched out both arms, made himself wide open for Mr Worldwide Handsome to fit perfectly in his embrace. Jaehwan chuckled at the tickling sensation Jin gave him as the latter breathed against the skin of his exposed neck.

“Aigoo, must miss me a lot! When did the last time we met? It’s before you guys filming Bon Voyage 2 isn’t it?” He said while petting Jin’s head, like it’s common thing to do with a guy friend.

Jin leaned in to the touch as if he was used to it.

“Mhmm. Wait, did you watch our channel??” Jin said in much surprised tone before he broke free from their mutual hug.

Jaehwan groaned as the warmth from Jin’s body leaved him. A pout forming on his lips.

“Duhh, was it that weird if your friend who admired your group subscribed and following your Vlive channel?? I even purchased your Vlive+ to show my love and support towards Bangtan yet I couldn’t see where your love to me is?”

Jaehwan fake angry and sulking cutely at the little attention his bestfriend gave him yet he always fail to really get mad at Jin since Jin always does things that surprised him, even now, he couldn’t hold his laughter when Jin puffed his right cheeks, stare right into his eyes and blinked angrily (which Jaehwan felt weak every time Jin’s wide, doe eyes did this to his poor heart and hacking every inch of his heart without mercy until he questioned his sexuality and couldn’t find himself straight when it comes to Kim Seokjin).

“Yah, this friend! I’ve already given you my love, too many that I couldn’t count with my fingers anymore!”

Of course he won’t stop but teased Jin further.

“Okay, let’s not ruin our broadcast since today is a very special day for us! I know you love me from the bottom of your heart and let’s prove to the whole world that we are the sweetest bromance couple above the other.” Jaehwan winked as he re-enact Jin’s statement on BTS Vlive that Jimin recorded a moment ago. He burst into laughter when Jin looked at him, eyes widen in pure shock and disbelief, his lips moving in incoherent, trying to speak to defend himself but failed to form a proper word except a ‘Yah!’.

He knew Jin was so embarrassed by this that his face turned into a shade of pink. Jin hid his blush with both hands on his face.

“You gonna regret this, Lee Jaehwan aka Vixx Ken!” Jin growled behind his covered face. Jaehwan took the warning lightly because...Jin is such a sweatheart, he won’t do bad things to him...right?

“Try me, but what with that sudden formality?”

Jin caught him off guard when the beautiful boy brought his kissed finger and put them on his plum lips. It only took him a millisecond to get electrifying shock by Jin’s bravado. The indirect kiss made him dumfounded, heart refused to slow down its pace until his face turned into shade of red roses.

He only regained his senses when the culprit of the weird scene was running far away from him as he was too embarrassed by his own action, yelling incoherently while hiding his already red face with his white Puma hoodies.

“Wait! Jin-ah, don’t run away! This is all your fault, aishh!!” Jaehwan then running frantically to chase the other grown-up kid, little that he know, they forgot they’re ON camera.

Which was...

All the production crew, the staffs, director and stylist noona were brought to silence as they watched the tooth-rotting bromance scene silently, which was too unreal to be true and far too sweet than any of the romantic kdrama couples.

BTS Jin and Vixx Ken took bromance to another whole new level. A level which surpassed every KBS and SBS romantic drama/reality show!

*Outro BGM: VIXX – Hyde *


 “Let’s hang out at my house.”

Jin creased his eyebrow at the sudden invitation.

“I thought we’re just going to Gyeonggi-do and fishing? Why suddenly change of plan?” Jin asked without looking at the guy beside him who was already made a dejected face. He continued to choose the best fishing rod and perfect baits for their fishing activity after this.

It was so hard to get himself collected after the embarrassing ‘tragedy’ with Jaehwan earlier and now, he tried his best to not fret out while they’re shopping in one of the largest fishing equipment shop in Gyeonggi-do.

Aish, he thought things will went out smoothly as he and Jaehwan were already on a good terms before but it turned out he became less comfortable with the Vixx main vocalist and the situation became more awkward.

‘STUPID! STUPID Jin! This is all your fault for act without thinking!’ he cursed himself. Despite being oldest in Bangtan, his behaviour sometimes made his mental age below than his beloved maknae. He sometimes felt so stupid when Jungkook brought his IQ level to brawl with Namjoon, that Mr Sexy Brain. Of course he would lose!

Jimin once said he was more awkward than Taehyung, his not-so-cute alien...well, Taehyung is no more an alien as the guy turned out more hotter, more sexy (referred to their acting after BST performance in MAMA 2016) and more rational thinking than him in various ways.

“Thinking about some hotties, babe?” Jaehwan plucked his finger in front of his face, made Jin snapped into reality.

“Who’s your babe?!” he, Jaehwan and Sandeul were used to call each other ‘babe’ but today, that nickname made him felt awkward and cringed at that. Yet, Jin tried to not make the tension between them more obvious on camera.

Jaehwan seemed like he understood Jin’s anxiety, as the latter, without speak anything, took all the fishing equipment on Jin’s hand and brought all of them, including his to the counter. Jin couldn’t help but stare with mouth agape as his bestfriend put all the equipment under his tab and paid for it.

“Jae...Jaehwann-ie.” He was about to say sorry for his own rudeness but before he could utter any more words, Jaehwan gave him a pat on his shoulder.

“There’s no need for you to say sorry. I’m the one should apologise to you since I provoked you first. Don’t think too much about it ok, Jinjin? Kaja! Or else we lose the chance to catch a big fish!” he said calmly before giving a last pat on his back.

Nodded eagerly, Jin quickly jog to follow Jaehwan’s pace. Deep inside, he was relieved that he had such considerate friend like Jaehwan, who know what to do during situation like this.

“Kaja! After we done fishing, lets go to your house and grill those fishes okay?” he slung his arms around Jaehwan’s shoulder, made the vocalist turned to face him.

Jin finally took the offer that Jaehwan told earlier if it could bring back Jaehwan’s cheerful self and he did it, as the said guy watched him with sparkling eyes and smiled gleefully when Jin accept his offer to come over.

“Yeah! That’s my Jinjin! I’ll call my parents and inform them we’re coming over. Thanks Jinjin, I hearteu you! <3”

“I hearteu you too!!” Jin hugged or rather, nearly choked Jaehwan with his bear hug.

Finally. Jin thought.

Finally, they’re able to act normal again!

Jin felt like he can breathe properly now.

*Outro BGM: VIXX – Rock Your Body*


 *BGM: BTS- Lost*

 At a lake located far away from busy city of Anyang, Geonggi-do

Jaehwan is not a very patience person when it comes to fishing. Unlike Jin, although he was lacking in many things especially dancing and sports, but when it comes to certain things that require patience such as cooking and just now, fishing...he was able to adapt really well. Jaehwan sighed at the corner while adjusting the reel for umpteenth time. He was using a spin-casting rod as Jin suggested since he’s a beginner.

He yawned loudly. If it’s this hard to catch even a small fish, maybe he should bid farewell to big fish!

Beside him, he could hear Jin chuckled.

“Bored already?” he asked him with his usual caring hyung tone. It had mutual aura that Jaehwan felt like he was being taken care under Jin’s wings. Calm and soothing. Just like Jin himself when he was fishing.

Jaehwan cracked his neck. “Nah. The fish get low appetite lately and it seems they’re not interested on my bait. What about you?”

“Me? As usual...” he was waiting for a decent answer but when Jin did the things he ONLY do when boasting his looks..

“My handsome face is enough to bait those female fishes’ heart so they will come to me! Hahaha!!”

“Forget it, I shouldn’t ask.”

“Ya, wae??”

“Because..” he was about to diss him but when he noticed Jin was watching him eagerly and blinking his eyes with lips slightly parted, waiting for his reply, Jaehwan decided to not to.

“Your face is too handsome yet too beautiful and it hooked my heart first before any of those fishes.”

Here comes the fishiest pickup lines from Lee Jaehwan, too cheesy that it made him want to throw himself into the lake.

Oh, shit! He knew he was screwed when Jin stare at him blankly before making a weird face and continued with his fishing activity. There he goes again! Ignoring him.

“Yah, Jinnie-ah! Say something, I am already feels like dying from embarrassment!”

“Why should I? I am the one who feel embarrassed here. You! Ah, youu!!” Jin hit him repeatedly but a wide smile didn’t cease from his lips which Jaehwan knew it was from his shyness. Despite Jin’s overflowing confidence on his good looks, off camera, he actually was a very down to Earth person and easily get shy when someone really did compliment and boasting his handsome face.

That one trait made Jaehwan respected him more than others. And...he found it cute, so...who care?

Suddenly, Jin stopped hitting him. Before he could wonder why, Jin stuttered in incoherent voice with his eyes bulged as if they’re gonna popped out soon.

“Jinjin? Why?” he asked in a worried tone.

“Your...your rod! Something is tugging on your rod!” he shouted with excitement while pointing at Jaehwan’s spin-casting rod which he left standalone before now was jerking at the sudden force pulling it from underwater.

Jaehwan, as panicked as usual didn’t quickly processed what’s happening instead letting Jin took a full control over his fishing rod.

“Yah, Mr Selfish! You’re letting me struggle with your fish alone? Help me, ppalli!! This one’s tough, it gotta be big!”

“Ah, ah! Mianhae I’ll come to the rescue, Jinjin!!!”

*BGM: Ma City (First until chorus line…just to have le feel in it ^3^)*

It’s not like Jaehwan had an intention to back hugging Jin at a time like this but if they wanted to teamed up against a big fish, they HAD to do this! With his chest facing Jin’s back and his long, slender arms had their own way passing Jin’s torso and grabbed the handle.

“Ah, Jin! Your shoulders are in the way!” he half complained but it’s true though. He got distracted with Kim Seokjin broad shoulder.

“Can you please not complaining about my shoulder?? I can’t help it and it’s not my fault!” Jin blabbered while his hands skilfully spinning the reel.

“Okay, okay, I’m not complaining. So...all I need to do is to pull this harder, eh?”

“No, no, no. I’m afraid that you’ll break the ferrules. Just, give a good grip at the bottom grip holder. Here.” Jin pointed where to hold with his eyes.

“Aishh, this one is a little..ah, aggressive! Ahh...harder, Jaehwan. Pull it harder!”

Oh my God! His ear had been blessed with Jin’s moaning and saying those suggestive words...Jin might not realize how suggestive he sounded but it made Jaehwan couldn’t avoid those dirty thoughts lingering around his head, making a circle before giving a clean shot into his brain. Shit! He shouldn’t get a boner right now. Focus on the fish! Yea, the big, naughty fish! Right?

Clearing his throat, he started pulling the handle forcefully while Jin controlling the reel and luring the fish like a professional angler he is.

“Good thing I reserved my energy for this, Jinjin.”

They struggled for a quite long time before the fish finally gave up his life before being pulled out from the water. Both of them yelp in victory as if they had just won the biggest fish in fishing competition. Jin let out victorious cry, so do Jaehwan.

He was too excited since he just caught a big fish for the first time and he thought he was lucky.

But not today.

Due to the momentum of their force and the fish was big enough to feed 5 mouths which increased the speed of the momentum. Jin couldn’t controlled the inertia with his sole strength and..

The fish was about to slap Jin on the face..

And Jaehwan saw it.

Seokjin’s life was in danger yet he didn’t want to lose Seokjin right in front of his eyes!

Without thinking the risk, Jaehwan rushed forward to block Seokjin from receiving the blow with his body. He put his hands on Jin’s shoulder and grip tightly when the fish hit his back with a loud thud. Seokjin stared at him with shock and disbelief and a sprinkle of sorry.

Jaehwan’s breathe hitches as its hurt AF! He lost  his body balance due to the impact and fell on top of Jin.

“Ouch! F*ck, I’m sorry Jinnie! I didn’t mean to...”

His heart stopped a moment, appreciating the beauty who was underneath his body. Jin’s chest puffed in and out, breathing heavily as two warm bodies pressed against each other.

“” Jin whispered his name which he found it was too sexy in this built up sexual tension moment, yet he question his sexuality because...

With their face was too close for comfort, he got the chance to appreciate and stare at Jin’s plump lips, that was slightly parted and f*ck! Kim Seokjin was too beautiful right now and he had an urge to drag Jin out of camera and devour those pink, plump lips hungrily, with heated body pressed against each other and...

Jaehwan snapped out his dirty thoughts. No, no, no! He can’t do this to his own bestfriend! He, Sandeul and Jin had a pledge they will never break at any cost to prevent their friendship from tearing apart.

Jin stared at him and he stared at Jin more passionately. Their lips were too close against each other as they could feel their hot breath touched against their skins.

“Jj...Jin. I...”

Jaehwan was about to confess something but then, he gulped when a certain figure appeared out of nowhere, like a demon who lurked out from darkness, watching them intensely.

Jin noticed his silence so the said guy tilted his head to get a better view of their uninvited guess and Jin too..was shocked to death yet he was about to choke by those murderous stare that the guess strike them with.

Jin stuttered.


Okay so, Jaehwan took a mental note guessing from the look Teahyung gave them, he’s done. Taehyung will kill him.

Taehyung growled.

“What. Have. U. Done. With. My. Hyungie?”

*Outro BGM: Even If I Die It’s You – Vjin*

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After sending off Jin hyung, Jungkook excused himself to their dance practice studio, with an accepting node from Namjoon and a weird gaze Jhope and Jimin gave him, he fled as fast as he could. He wanted to vent off his frustration quick so he planned to busy his mind by dancing to their new choreography countless of time.

Jungkook kept dancing until his body get exhausted and he limped on the dance floor, panting heavily while staring at the white ceiling of their dance studio.
He shut his eyes when a certain image of a 26-years old simpleton with a beautiful doe eyes and plump lips strike his vision. Damn! He should get rid of this thoughts but he couldn’t as he kept recalling the incident last night where Jin hyung was quarrelling with Taehyung. For. The. First. Time. Ever!


After receiving the information that Jin conformed to film Celebrity Bromance with his idol friend, Ken...Taehyung somehow get irritated because of two things:

1) Jin was hiding the fact from him. Usually, he was the first person Jin hyung would tell about anything. There was no secret between them yet why he didn’t tell him first that he got featured in Celeb Bros?

2) Jin BROKE their promises! Being the kind hyung as he is, told him that he will attend to the drama shooting set and watch him acting since it was his 3rd debut as an actor in a drama BUT, why the hell he picked the same date to film Celeb Bros as it was supposed to be reserved for celebration of his third debut??

3) He was jealous! He don’t particularly hate Ken(Jaehwan) but when his precious hyung get a moment together with him, Jin will clung to him 24/7 like there’s no tomorrow, completely ignored everyone and his dongsaengs who craved for his attention. (No one can have the same amount of skinship with Jin as much as he do because he is possessive as f*ck!)

Okay, so actually there’s, there’s more reasons as why he was irked by Jin hyung’s lack of awareness to the point he couldn’t control the emotion and let them out.
It was then led to where the worst case scenario took place. Taehyung was lying on Jin’s bean bag, sulking while playing with the hem of his shirt. His eyes trailed on Jin, who looked so complicated as thinking what-to-wear for his filming tomorrow.


No response from the older.

“Hyung.” He called for the second time and again, was ignored by Jin.

Annoyed, he jumped from the comfortable bean bag and clung to Jin’s broad shoulder. The older yelp in surprise, as he expected.

“Yah, you surprised me! What is it supposed to be, Taetae?”

Being playful as he was, Taehyung flashed his boxy grin to Jin and rubbed his nose on Jin’s exposed neck. ‘Hm, soft skin as always. So refreshing’

“Hnn... Seokjinnie hyung keep ignoring me lately. Why suddenly act cold?” He said while inhaling the sweet scent on Jin’s delicate skin. He always love Seokjin’s smell...he loves Seokjin too and he knew his hyung harboured the same feeling towards him but knowing Seokjin, he was too oblivious of his own feeling, thus he least expected the older to shoo at him and showing him a stressful expression.

“Aish, you little – can’t you see that I’m busy? I’m not ignoring you, I have so much thing to do!”

Taehyung bit his inner lip. “You are too engrossed with your own world, hyung! I’m just asking you to pay a little attention to me, pay a little attention to your surrounding.”

This made Jin clicked his tongue which startled him a bit because...Jin rarely clicked his tongue unless he was really, really annoyed.

Taehyung then turned to face Jin, wearing his usual kicked puppy eyes, staring through Jin with his eyes two times larger and smoothly cupping the older’s cheek like he usually do on daily basis.

“Don’t touch my face! I’m not in the mood, you clingy bastard.”

Taehyung cringed a little hearing those assault coming out from Jin’n mouth which he didn’t expect, but he kept his poker face and continued pinching on his cheek.

“Hyung, listen to me please! Look at me.”

“No! Don’t disturb..”

“Yah, hyung! You’re not the only one who’s not in the mood and you’re not the only who have filming schedule tomorrow, so chill!”

Finally Taehyung un-intendedly raised his voice because Jin was being stubborn but seeing the other suddenly flinched, Taehyung couldn’t help but felt regret at his action.

“ hyung. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” He distanced himself from Jin. The older let out a heavy sigh.

“Why do you acting like this?” he said in a low, dejected tone. Like a parent who was disappointed by their son’s action.
Now, now.. Jin acted like he was the one offended but EXCUSE MEH!

“Oh, now you’re blaming me for why I behave like this? I feel disheartened, hyung. I know you’re getting older but don’t show up your aging signs by being forgetful.” He said while crossing his arms. He stared at Jin with clouded expression, so do the other since both of them did mirroring each other in various ways.

“Yah, now you’re dissing about my age! Are you Jungkook?”

“No, I’m Taehyung.” He said flatly before throwing his body into a pile of clothes that Jin dug from the pit of his wardrobe, ended up piling on his mattress.

He received a yell from Jin and some not-so-gentle slap on the butt.

“No!! Those are my clothes that I will wear for my Celeb Bros with Ken – Jaehwan tomorrow, don’t ruin it!! I need to look good and classy in front of him.”

“Why are you so excited to go out with him? Is Ken more important than me?!” he yelled but not too loud for others to hear their quarrel.

“Kim Taehyung, don’t test my patience! If you cross the line then I will...”

Taehyung lunged himself up so that they’re on the same eye level and their nose was barely touch.

He inhale then spoke in a low, dangerous tone. “Hyung, stop acting like you don’t remember. You should spending time with me instead tomorrow. Not with Ken. Not with others.”

Jin crossed his arms and stare tiredly at him. “Look, I really don’t want to have a fight with you at this time Taehyung-ah. I have an important programme tomorrow so please, understand me. Only for one day, I spend time with Ken. Just one day, Taehyung-ah.” His voice sounded like he sincerely pleading to the younger.

Taehyung pulled a dejected face since he ALWAYS understand Jin, only thought of Jin first but why the older can’t seem to notice?
Noticing the change on his mood, Jin leaned in to stroke his head, hoping that it will make him calm down a little bit yet the action only made him heartache.

Taehyung swatted away the hand that stroking his head.

“T..Taehyung, wae?”

“You really don’t remember your promise right, hyung?” he snickered but in a sad manner.

He saw Jin’s eyes widen in confusion.

“I... I am sorry Tae. What was the promise, again?” he asked hesitantly. Taehyung sighed in defeat.

Indeed, he forget our promise huh?

Feeling a mix of anger, sad and disappointment, he turned his heels and now his back was facing the oldest.
That made Jin was a bit taken aback by his action and grabbed his wrist in response.

“Taehyung-ah. You know that I care about you so...”

Taehyung humph and smirked. “In the end, you just care about me as your brother. Your feeling towards me is mere bromance, not more than that.” He said flatly before leaving Jin dumbfounded.

He loves Jin more than just being a brother. He loves him so much that he grew possessive over the older.

He stormed out of the room without looking around until he bumped with a muscular shoulder.

“V hyung?” It was Jungkook. He had such complicated look on his face which Taehyung assumed the maknae was irritated due to their shoulder crash.

Indeed it wasn’t because when Taehyung brushed it off, the maknae caught his wrist and eyed him warily.

“What do you mean by ‘not more than that’, hyung?”

Taehyung huffed and flashed a meaningful grin to Jungkook.

“So, you heard it huh?” he paused before continued, “I love him Kook-ah, not just being a brother but as a lover. He owns every inch of my heart yet he can’t see it.”

Jungkook frowned and he just loosen the grip on Taehyung’s wrist.

“He’s too affectionate to all his dongsaengs until he didn’t realize how much his lovely behaviour affects someone like me, Kook-ah. Not his fault tho, but still... It hurts, Kook.”
He snuffled, trying to hold the aches. “Tell me Kook, why loving someone who, just seeing you as mere lil’ brother...could hurt this much??”

Jungkook bit his lips with a hint of guilty manner while playing with the hem of his shirt. But Taehyung is no fool, he just got a hunch that Jungkook, definitely had feelings for Jin too.

He let out a heavy sigh for the umpteenth time then placing his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “I guess, you’re now in the same boat as mine, Kook-ah.”

“Hyung, how...” he seemed surprised at how sharp Taehyung noticed his behaviour but Taehyung just chuckled.

“Cuz you’re too obvious of your feelings Kook. I can see it but I dunno how the others think about it. But, you see..Jin hyung merely see us as his favourite dongsaeng so you should give up.”

Jungkook brushed off Taehyung’s hand that was tapping on his shoulder. With determined voice, he spoke, “ Jin hyung is my world, V hyung! He had taken care of me since the first day I came to Seoul so, tell me on what basis should I give up on him? Give up all my feelings on him? No way in hell, hyung!”

“In the end you’re just a cute dongsaeng which he favour so much, Kook!” his voice stern, because no way he will let Jin gave his attention to Jungkook.

Lately, he noticed that Jungkook always, always craving for Jin’s attention like claiming his spot next to Jin in any interviews, photoshoots and events. Heck, he even had the chance to co-star in ‘Let’s Eat Dinner’ together with Jin which Taehyung had pleaded earnestly at his PD to let him partner up with Jin in that show but came out the producer favour Jungkook instead of him. How sad was it?

He was too jealous of Jungkook for that day so, he deleted one of his Overwatch character just to piss the younger off. He should stick a note at Jungkook’s pc saying ‘Don’t play with Taehyung’s jealousy!’ That certainly will add more spice.

“Just give up, Kook! He favours me.”

“No! He favours me more than you, hyung!”


Jungkook groaned in frustration. If it wasn’t Jhope who stopped their argument last night, both him and Taehyung might attract Jin to come out of his room and nagging at them as if they’re his kids.

His big brother figure was showing so much lately but that didn’t make the situation between he and Jin better or to be precise, its not good for his heart because his heart is so weak when it comes to Jin.

Jin’s sarcasm, his lame dad jokes, his windshield laugh, his soft cuddly behaviour, his lips...everything!

Jin’s clingy behaviour was what made him scared. No, not like he get scared when Jin cuddled him or clung to his arms. He only wanted the cuddle to be exclusive for him, and him only! He really hates the fact that Jin is the clingy type who literally hugs and cling to almost everyone he knew but what should he do? He didn’t want to be a creep by forcing his lovely hyung to stop doing that to other members but still...

Now, he had Taehyung as his rival and Taehyung is quite possessive. He already claimed Jin’s bed and literally SLEEP TOGETHER with Jin almost every night! Even Jungkook didn’t get the chance to. He knew Jin always favours him but he didn’t get the privilege to sleep together like Taehyung had.

He screeched and pull the strands of his hair to let out his frustration.

‘Just give up, Kook. He only sees us as mere brother.’

“No! I’m not giving up. Not yet. Just wait, V hyung!”


His phone rang. As he tried to get up and reached the phone, he felt like his body was hit by a ton of rock.

“Ah, shit!” He cursed along his breath when his worn out legs refused to listen to him still, he insisted to pick the incoming call. With shaky steps, he grabbed his phone and looked at the caller id. It’s his best friend, Yugyeom of GOT7.

“Yeoboseyo, whassup Gyeom? Uh, I’m free today. Why?” He cracks his stiff neck while at it. “Oh sure, I would like to try the best dessert at that viral cafe too! Wait for me, I’ll meet you by 3:50 pm.”


It must be fate that brought us here!

Was what Jungkook thought. He never believe things that happened in coincidence so thus the situation he’s in now.

Inside the BT21 Cafe, there’s a square table placed nicely at the back corner. Seated there was 5 beautiful and handsome idols which made table looked hot but intense at the same time. Lucky thing the cafe was only occupied by production crew and no one else beside those 5 idols with 3 different company background and different purposes.

Jin tried to cower himself as small as possible because, how could he survive with three different men staring and gazing at him, sorry. Wrong wording. Actually it’s staring at him intensely and...possessively?

Jungkook’s gaze fell onto Jin first before he averted his gaze to Taehyung who already sat beside Jin and put his arms around the older’s shoulder, looking extra pissed and then switched to Ken who seated next to Taehyung, looking dissatisfied and so done of this whole f*cked up situation.

‘Huh, he legit avoiding Ken hyung from being too close to Jin hyung!’

And then, there’s him who just came to this cafe with Yugyeom with no slightest intention to ruin the KenJin bromance date but as soon as he saw Taehyung, he couldn’t just sit and acts like nothing happened. If Taehyung can ruin the date, why not he join him and make things more fun?

And then, there’s an innocent being named Kim Yugyeom who had zero idea of what the hell is going on with the stare battle between Jungkook, Taehyung and Ken?!

“Uhmm...I think I need to go to..toilet?” Yugyeom raised both hands. Taehyung gave him a nod so he just silently but quickly leaving the battlefield of crazy love triangle.

“So, where should we start?”



Chapter Text

“Like I said, it was an ACCIDENT!”

Taehyung lifted one eyebrow and just snorted at that before making a sinister laugh. “I don’t take that as an excuse hyung. Then, explain why were you on top of Jin hyung unless you had an intention to sexually harass him?”

“It was to protect him from getting a direct hit by the flying fish and before you start any question, yes, the fish we caught literally flying towards us!” Jaehwan exclaimed.

Before Taehyung opened his mouth to argue, Jin hold his arm tight and stated that what Jaehwan told them was true indeed. Taehyung sighed in defeat before averted his gaze on Jungkook. Jungkook was puzzled at first then he knew what exactly was going on here while making an ‘O’ on his mouth.

“Well, I’m not intended to interfere this but V hyung, aren’t you supposedly at your drama set right now? You’re not purposely sneaking out, aren’t you?”

Oh, about that...

“Don’t worry, I already finished my first part for today and before you ask how I can met them there earlier, it is because the set is near and it took me no time to spot Jin hyung and the Celeb Bro’s crews.”

Jungkook nodded before taking a sip of latte from his cup.

“Taehyung-ah, Jungkook-ah...can you both, please, I will deal with your whatever conflicts later but let us have this shooting done. You don’t want to ruin your Bangtan hyung’s images right? What will Namjoonie said if he knew you both are here?”

Taehyung and Jungkook became soft immediately when their beloved hyung pleaded with his infamous doe-eyes. Who could ever resist that cute pouty lips and those doe-eyes in their life??

Taehyung, though he nodded understandingly, in fact he still half-hearted to let go of Jin to be ‘taken care’ by Jaehwan. If it’s not Jungkook who tugged him to quickly left the scene, he will sat there until the staffs shooed him or he will camouflages as a bonsai plant to be near them.

Maybe, Jin saw his reluctance to go so the older tugged his collar and whispered, “I’m sorry Taetae, for forgetting my promise to visit you at your drama set. If you can forgive me this once th...then, tomorrow..I will listen to your request. I will do anything within my own reach.”

Taehyung went from gloomy-Tae to cheerful-Tae when he heard that sweet little promise Jin made. He grinned and whispered back to Jin.

“Okay hyung, this time, better not forget your promise or I will kiss your neck in front of your bro-date!” he flashed a naughty grin as he said that to Jin. He was amused when Jin responded with a blush on his face and, oh! How he loved teasing his hyung like this that he never feel bored at the older reaction when he teases him.

“Later, hyung!” he said while being dragged away by Jungkook.

“What’s with those kids problem today? Do they need to ruin the programme like this?”Jaehwan grunted while munching on his straw. Seokjin laughed nervously at that. 

“Ah, I’m sorry. Sometimes, my dongsaeng can be quite handful you know? Its hard when I am their ultimate favourite hyung.” He joked while at that, just to ease the tense atmosphere around them just now.

But in his mind, Seokjin was busy searching to get a clue on why both Taehyung and Jungkook were acting like that when he literally just hanging out with his friend outside his own Big Hit circle.

About Taehyung, he knew the latter was upset because he forget his promise to be with him on the set but that doesn’t mean he act so possessive. As if...

As if...he was his boyfriend.
No. No. No!

Seokjin shook his head to deny those thought. What was he even thinking? But then, how about Jungkook?

Wasn’t he refused to talk to him earlier in the morning? Then, why the youngest bother to sit with him and buy him a cup of caramel macchiato before releasing him from Taehyung’s constant clinging? So far as he was alive, Jungkook wasn’t the one type to buy his hyungs drinks on daily basis.

Furthermore, if he wasn’t mistaken..Jungkook gave him this hurtful and jealousy look which he rarely shows.
Wait, don’t tell,no,no! Not him too!
Jin didn’t realised how many times he shook his head vigorously and sometimes nodded but his attention was brought back to reality when Jaehwan tapped his shoulder and countless calling out his name.

“Earth to Kim Seokjin! Hey, what’s going on with you? Are you thinking about stupid things again?”

Seokjin laughed nervously and just shook his head. “Nothing. Let’s finish this, can’t wait to go to your family’s house and make grilled fish!”

“Yeah, lets.”


As soon as they’re outside of the cafe, Jungkook loosen his grip on Taehyung and turned to face him. He don’t know what face he was making right now but he knew he was so pissed off at Taehyung’s childish behaviour.

“Seriously hyung, even you’re that type of jealous person doesn’t mean that you can barge in the middle of their programme right away. Where is your professionalism?”

Jungkook crossed his arms, scolding the older. Wait, who’s the hyung and who’s the maknae now?

Never mind, Jungkook had the right to scold him because it was obviously Taehyung’s fault.

Taehyung sighed, then brushing his hair backward mimicking Jimin’s. He stared at him.

“Saying about barging in, aren’t you doing it too?”

“But you’re being too obvious! Can’t you even trying to control that jealousy behaviour of yours? Jin hyung isn’t yours to get so possessive of.”

“So do you. Now don’t make a face like you don’t get it. You think I didn’t notice the slight jealousy in your eyes? You even stare at him the whole time” Taehyung pointed it out straight to his face. Never knew he was this sharp.

Jungkook then flailed his hands in a gesture that he didn’t want to fight anymore and sighed.

“Alright hyung, I don’t want to argue this anymore since its getting nowhere. But just so you know, I’m not giving up my feelings on Jin hyung! I won’t lose, neither to you or Jaehwan hyung!” he ended with smirk before re-join Yugyeom who was already calling out his name to go for their next spot, leaving Taehyung speechless.

As soon as they arrived at Jaehwan parent’s house, Seokjin was greeted with the warmest welcome from Jaehwan’s whole family. At the sight of his son visiting home, Jaehwan’s mom couldn’t fight the urge to hug him tight and Jaehwan just going along with his mom’s affection. He’s a mama’s boy, I tell you!

Seokjin showed his polite and manners by bowing to each of Jaehwan’s family member. To make it less awkward between him and the family, he managed to pull out some dad jokes which comes to his parents liking thus he ended up telling another jokes and cracks the whole family.

The bbq was fun, he helped Jaehwan’s mother grilling the fish and making samgyeopsal while Jaehwan, on the other hand, just making fun at the sight and jokingly said that both of them looked like a son and mother-in-law, while asking his mother if Seokjin suited to be her son-in-law.

Seokjin threw a death glare at him while his mother just laugh it off.

The event and the shooting went well, the director finished the shooting with an ‘OK! MARVELOUS!’ and Seokjin finally can breathe in relief.

“So, can we call it a day already?” Jaehwan twitched his eyebrow as Seokjin asking that. He quickly munch down his samgyeopsal and began talking.

“Ehh, it’s still early to call it a day! Or... still feeling awkward with my family?” he smiled, arms lounging onto Seokjin’s broad shoulder. Seokjin shook his head denying that.

“Huh? No way, I started to feel as if they are my own family!”

Jaehwan grinned sheepishly and nuzzled his neck more. “Then, if my family is your family...doesn’t that make you my bride Jinnie-ah? Hehee..hic!”

“What the h – hey! How come you already this drunk?” Seokjin swatted his hand when Jaehwan tried to smooch his cheek.

“Euww, you reek of soju! Don’t tell me – you’re drinking that much?!”

Jaehwan giggled. “Ehh, I am only tipsy but not that drunk! Come on Jinnie, let loose ourself. Ahahaha...furthermore, this is our house. No one would interrupt..hic!”

Seokjin shook his head and sigh. He sure is troublesome when he drank too much.

But he told himself, it’s not gonna hurt if he let loose a little bit. So he thought, just a little...furthermore, he learnt how to make somaek (soju+ beer) some time ago so, why not? He too wanted to forget the awkward moments when he was caught red-handed by his dongsaeng and getting too much pierce-like stare by them..yes, all the more reason to get drunk!

So he joined them, shots after shots, glasses after glasses, finally Seokjin felt elated. He felt lightheaded and finally his head found place in between Jaehwan’s thighs.

“Seokjinnie-ah, your manager come to pick you up..” Jaehwan’s mother tapped on his shoulder to wake his ass off. He stirred from his slumber, eyes flickering from sudden rush when a familiar voice approached him.

“Jin hyung! Wake up, wake up! can you get yourself drunk? You already know that tomorrow we got some recording to – “

He didn’t caught the last word that was spoken because his ears ringing and his head hurt so much! But he did recognize the person who was nagging him, it was Jungkook.

Seokjin looked up with half lidded eyes and making a silly face when the younger frown. Out of nowhere, he hugged Jungkook, made the other quite startled and giggled childishly.

“Aigoo, I make a lottt of somaek, and they taste awesome too! Hyung is awesome, right?”

“Wait, much somaek did you drink? Let’s go back, Taehyung is waiting – oh, there he is! Guess he never want to leave you alone with me hyung.”

He blinked and saw Taehyung silhouette behind Jungkook. Without waiting his reply, Jungkook pulled him up and with such brute strength of him, the younger easily lifted him and settled into a piggyback ride.

Before leaving, the boys politely bowed to the family and gave their thanks for taking care of Seokjin.

Their ride back was quiet. Only the snoring of Seokjin can be heard at the back seat while their manager focused on driving the van.

Taehyung insisted to have Seokjin resting his head on his lap but Jungkook protested, saying that his lap is far more comfortable than Taehyungs. Taehyung countered him back by saying, “Yours is nowhere near comfortable since you are too packed with muscle!”

Thus, the position ended up with Seokjin lying down, head resting on Jungkook’s lap meanwhile Taehyung’s lap become his foot-rest because he lose playing rock-paper-scissors with Jungkook.

Jungkook sighed, a satisfactory smile carved on his lips. He then glanced at Taehyung, who was stroking Seokjin’s ankle gently while staring outside. His face blank but Jungkook knew behind that blank face, Taehyung was busy thinking or maybe...plotting something to get back at him.

“One week...” Taehyung mumbled out of blue. Jungkook lifted his eyebrow.

He leaned to his side closer. “Pardon, hyung?”

Taehyung continued, “After they have done with today’s shooting, the episode will be aired a week later. Before that, they will make a reaction video and request 2 members to watch the pre-episode ”

Jungkook blinked three times, head tilted as his signature tilt before beaming with ‘Oh!’ and nodded his head as if agreeing.

“So, what are you planning hyung?”

Taehyung looked at him with expression ‘Are you kidding me?’ or ‘Can’t you even figure out?’. He shook his head while laughing but kept his voice low so that Seokjin won’t wake up.

“ I have a connection with the director of this programme prior my previous episode of Celeb Bros, so I can fill in myself to the request. You want too, Kook-ah?”

Jungkook hesitated. “I wanted to, but this episode..Seokjin hyung is showing brotherly affection with someone else other than kinda hurt to watch it.” Jungkook said, clenching his chest.

Taehyung nodded. “I think, we’re in the same boat. I feel the same way, kinda, hate to share Seokjin hyung to others beside us.”
He paused, just to pat Jungkook on the head.

“That’s why I am saying, it has to be both of us to do their reaction video so that we can know what they have done behind us or mock Jaehwan hyung and Seokjinnie hyung awkward moments or tell that hyung gave us more affection than to him so between them is no bromance!”

Jungkook lit up, nodded happily at that brilliant idea.

“Ok, hyung! This time..I agree with you.”

They clasped their hands together and giggled deviously before they settled down and continued playing with their phones.

“Oh!” Something comes into Jungkook’s mind as he was scrolling through twitter. Taehyung looked up and averted his attention to Jungkook.

“I think, during the reaction video recording..I should confess how much I love Jin hyung. The media surely interprets it as brotherly romance too! Nice, me!”

Beside him, Taehyung fake coughed and grunted in disapproval.

“I won’t let you do it. Fight me!”

Jungkook smirked at his warning.

“Fine by me. We’ll see.”



Chapter Text

Jungkook sets the video camera in front of them. Making sure that it stays in position before their review begins.

“Okay music, cue!” Taehyung clap his hand twice. Jungkook frowns.

“Hyung, are you hosting Music Bank right now?”

Taehyung twitches from his seat when he realizes this is not Music Bank but a review session for Celebrity Bromance. Once he is exposed, he flashes a cute grin and mutters ‘Sorry’ before moving his hands toward the computer screen.

They are both taking a comfortable seat and ready to watch the finished version of the episode.

Taehyung clicked on play button, a smirk showing up his face. “Think you can escape from my watch? Your beautiful camaraderie is showing right now…”

Jungkook nods proudly, showing his cute bunny teeth beneath his evil grins. “Think you can cheating on us while we are not watching, Jin hyung? Now we’re replaying your clips, I wonder what excuses you’ll give with that luscious lips of yours..”

For some reason, the entire studio room is filled with evil snickers of the two maknae.


The clips starts with a beautiful figure of Kim Seokjin, wearing his casual clothes and skinny jeans, waiting for his other partner. He was shown sitting on the wood bench while his beautiful legs was kicking back and forth.

“Ah, Seokjinnie hyung. No matter what you do, you still look so handsome.” Taehyung cups his face while fawning over Seokjin’s good looks. Meanwhile, Jungkook beside him is watching while tapping his fingers on the armrest.

“He’s late. How could he make our hyung waiting so long?”

Then, the beginning of their misery starts when the clips showing Seokjin literally lunged himself towards Jaehwan while the other was readily let himself opens and both of them embraced lovingly, or more so... According to their point of view.

“Wh…whaat?? This can’t be happening!” Jungkook blurt out.

Then, the scene proceeds where Seokjin breathed in against Jaehwan’s neck. Which leads to a mass catastrophe of jealousy coming from Taehyung and Jungkook.

Taehyung, who at the beginning trying to act calm and composed now can’t contain his jealousy as he is throwing dagger at the person on the screen. Meanwhile, Jungkook is crushing his own water bottle with his bare hands.

“Oh, so he can do that leisurely with other people but not US? He didn’t even respond me when I breathe against his neck.” Taehyung says while gritting his teeth.

“Just now, that guy is petting hyung’s head…and hyung is okay with that? When I tried to pet his head some times ago, hyung slapped my hands, thinking I was going to destroy his hair follicle.” Jungkook’s eyebrow twitches in irritation.

Just when they thought they could mock and win against those two, the situation backfires them. Never thought that there are too much romance between Jaehwan and their eldest hyung. They want to mess with the other party but they are the one end up getting jealous.

Taehyung covers his eyes. “Stop the video Kook-ah, I don’t think I can bear the unsightly bromance moment in front of my eyes”. He takes a deep breath before letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Wait, hyung! You said you gonna investigate the whole situation, so, we can’t stop here. It’s already halfway toward the truth.”

“Ughhh..” Taehyung is a bit hesitant because he doesn’t know how much longer can his heart hold before his jealousy meter goes up all the way.

“Oh, come on hyung! We can’t give up now or we can never know what else Jin hyung hides behind us!” Jungkook shakes Taehyung’s shoulder until the latter finally gives in and nods weakly.

The whole episode is a torture to them. When the scene where Seokjin puts an indirect kiss on Jaehwan’s lips, both of them fall down from their chair while clenching their heart.

Though, they insist to watch till the end but died when they watch Seokjin locked his arms with Jaehwan while smiling happily and leaned on his shoulders like two lovebirds! Which, they can’t accept it by any means!

“Screw fan service! Those are all bullshit.” Taehyung withers. He no longer has strength to even lift his head that is already kissing the floor. Jungkook now is kneeling all four on the floor, head down. His hands forming a fist.

“It’s no fair. That’s it, I’m gonna tell hyung my feelings and he’s not going to do any skin ship with just anyone but me!”

“Uh, excuse me! I think you forget our agreement that we will share Seokjin hyung until he decides to choose one of us.” Taehyung stops him.

“I don’t know anything about this agreement. We didn’t sign a contract about it, did we?” Jungkook flashes his signature smirk only to irritate Taehyung.

“You…brat! Don’t act like you don’t remember, you are the one suggested that because you said ‘Seokjin hyung is too pure hearted and he loves us both, there is no way he can choose any one of us’, like that!” Taehyung points out. His face sterns.

Jungkook shrugs. “But hyung, you must know…first come first serve.”

“You dare..” Taehyung jumps on top of the maknae and put him into headlock. Jungkook struggles while his leg kicking Taehyung’s.

Thanks to Jungkook’s crazy strength, Taehyung has a hard time to pin him down.

“Hyung, let go! You play dirty!”

“So do you!” Taehyung snaps back.

A vein popping on Jungkook’s temple. “Think you can hold me forever? I’m stronger than you by the way and I can protect Seokjin hyung better!”

Taehyung wraps his legs around Jungkook’s legs to prevent him from kicking. His movement is quick.

“Oh yeah? Physical strength is not the only merit to protect someone, I can protect him too, with my own way!”

“Quit it! Both of you!” Yoongi’s stern voice echoes through the room, making the two maknae stops whatever they are doing. Yoongi sends them a death glare. Taehyung slowly releases his hold on Jungkook.

“I thought you’re doing the reaction video instead you are fighting and straddling each other…I see.”

Jungkook and Taehyung both sweats drop. If looks could kill, they maybe dead right now with how much death glare Yoongi throws to them.

“That’s it. Me and Jimin will do the reaction while you go help Namjoon with recordings since you two f*cked up the whole video.”

Taehyung lifts his face to protest but decides to forget about it when Yoongi gives him a ‘I-don’t-give-shit’ look.

“Right away hyung!” Without wasting any time, they quickly gets up and run away from Yoongi.

Yoongi’s eyes follows them. Once he makes sure that they are further away from the room, Yoongi coughs twice. Seconds later a silhouette appears from behind the door.
His face still has a faint blush, he is fidgeting while approaching Yoongi. He scratches the back of his head and smiles sheepishly.

Yoongi smirks. “Here I thought you would be restless yet it seems like you really like it. How cunning, Jin hyung.”

Seokjin chuckles. “Ah, you noticed?”

“You heard them. So, what are you going to do hyung?”

Seokjin’s smile falters. He hums incoherently while trying to figure his actions and consequences.

Yoongi sighs, he throws his hands on Seokjin’s shoulder. Seokjin stares at him and Yoongi gives him a reassuring smile.

“You are lucky hyung. You have those two who think of you preciously. I know you maybe have lots in your mind but try to sympathize with their feelings.”

Seokjin places his palm on top of Yoongi’s.

“I…I don’t want to hold them back Yoongi. They have much better future than me. They are much more talented than me, got better looks than me and I just…don’t want their bright future to be wasted on me.” He said while showing a weak smile.

“You know it’s not true, Jin hyung!”


“Listen, love is love. It’s the same whether they’re girls or guy. We can’t predict future so let it be. Just do our own thing that is, be in a PRESENT moment.”

Seokjin’s face brighten.

“Well, then…are you okay with it, Yoongi?”
Yoongi smiles and pinch his hyung’s cheeks.

“Aigoo, of course I got your back! As long as your relationship doesn’t interfere with work, that is.”

Seokjin nods confidently and then he follows where Taehyung and Jungkook would be without forgetting to thank Yoongi for his advices.


Taehyung and Jungkook finally make it to the recording room where Namjoon is likely to be there but much to their surprise, no one is in the room.

“Eh, isn’t this the room he always uses when it’s his turn to do recording?”

Jungkook nods.

“Did Yoongi hyung deceives us?”
Suddenly, the door is being slides open from outside.

“Aish, Namjoon hyung! There you..”

Both Taehyung and Jungkook gape when the object of their heart desire appears instead of Namjoon.

“Seokjin hyung?”

Both of them is trying hard to act as normal as possible in front of Seokjin.
It’s gonna be hard because they just act like a total idiot when they watch the video of Seokjin and before they can recollect their minds, Yoongi throws them out of the room.

Silence fills the room when none of them dares to talk first and neither of them feels comfortable of it.

Seokjin feels frustrated, restlessness growing inside him. “Listen, I…”

Just at the time when Seokjin opens his mouth to say something, Taehyung holds his hands and speaks right on his face.

“Hyung, I…really, really LOVE you a lot!! I, Kim Taehyung loves Kim Seokjin not as a big brother but more than that!”

Seokjin is taken aback by the sudden confession from Taehyung. Before he is able to reply to that, his other hand is grabbed by Jungkook.

“T..then, me too hyung! I.. never let it out loud before so please listen to me well. I, Jeon Jungkook LOVE his handsome Seokjinnie hyung and I want you! Only you!”

Seokjin blinks once, then twice. Before he knew it, his dongsaengs already confess their feelings in front of his eyes. Now, he feels like a love-struck teenager. Unable to contain his happiness, he closes his eyes and inhales deeply. He must make his resolve.

“I’m…sorry hyung. I mean, we are.” Jungkook apologizes.


Taehyung adds with a sad smile. “We might made you hate us, right? Two guys who you care deeply as little brother suddenly confess their love to you, you might think…it’s gross.”

Seokjin frowns. “Uhm..wait, actually..”

“I..I’m sorry for having this feeling for you hyung and if…if you want to choose only one of us, I understand that hyung.”

Both of them let go of Seokjin’s hand.

Seokjin is perplexes by their sudden change of mood. He is confused, is their feelings for him is too shallow that they are readily to give up? Or are they afraid of his rejection?
Both of them have such complicated look on their face. Maybe…maybe they are trying their best at this moment. That’s what Seokjin thought.

Taehyung and Jungkook are about to escape from Seokjin but a tug from behind made them stop and turn their heels toward Seokjin.

“Wait…” Seokjin plead in a soft tone.

Both Taehyung and Jungkook are quite surprise by his action, they change glances with each other and when they are about to open their mouth asking why did Seokjin hold them off, they are pulled into a tight hug. Seokjin buries his head in between their necks which make them melt to the touch.

“Hyung…do you not listening what we said?” Jungkook argues.

Seokjin hums. “Yes…yes. I did.”

“We’re not talking about platonic love. By love I mean…we really want to go all the way with you.” Taehyung exclaims, nearly fidgeting when Seokjin strokes his cheek.

“Yeah…and…I’m clear about that. What I’m trying to say is…”

Jin inhales and exhales. Clearing his throat before he begin to explain everything that is on his mind

“I, am happy that Taetae and Kookie love this hyung so much. The truth is, hyung already have feeling for both of you…since the year during our trainee days but I tried to brush it off by saying that, this is only brotherly affection, not more than that.

Furthermore, my dongsaengs are here, living away from family at such young age is quite lonesome right? So, I need to act as their reliable older brother so they have a hyung to depends on. That was my thought, and since then, I decided to hold back and told myself many, many times…to give you a love as a brother would toward his dongsaeng. So, I did.”

He pauses to take a breath and continues.

“You know, it’s hard to ignore this feelings when I have to keep up with your growth behavior, day by day, now you come out to be better looking than me and more masculine too. When it comes to visual and chemistry, both of you are on par with each other.

Since TaeKook chemistry is no joke, the ship becomes more famous in the fandom and I thought…I thought finally I could give up.” Seokjin sobs.

Taehyung upon hearing Seokjin’s story, pulls him into his embrace. Jungkook is dumbfounded. He can’t believe what he hears just now. Is it his imagination? Or is it Seokjin hyung true feelings? Of all the years they spent together, was Seokjin holding back this much for them?

“Hyung, why did you even thinking of giving up?”

Seokjin lifts his face, eyes reddening from tears. He flinch when Taehyung wipes his tears off using his thumb.

“B..because you two looks good together, even doing fan service affectionately like it is natural to both of you. So that’s why I thought…”

Taehyung sighs and runs his finger on his locks. Jungkook face-palms.
Taehyung cups Seokjin’s face and stares directly into the older’s trembling eyes.

“You know hyung, that’s why I hate fan service. It only goes against what I wanted to do and it’s only to please the audience.

And..this is the thing I want to do” He then closes his eyes and seals Seokjin’s lips with a soft but long kiss. He nips the bottom of Seokjin’s lips, making the older gasps and Taehyung takes the chance to slip his tongue and savor the taste inside Seokjin’s mouth.

Until he hears Jungkook clearing his throat, making it clear that he wants to say ‘Time’s up, it’s my turn!’. He takes a peek behind Seokjin’s shoulder and see Jungkook is already throwing daggers at him.

Taehyung hates to break the kiss but he also hates to deal with Jungkook’s wrath. Reluctantly, he breaks the kiss but manage to give a peck at Seokjin’s lips.

Seokjin still collecting his thoughts when Jungkook turns him backward, now he is facing Jungkook. In a swift motion, Jungkook already smooches his lips that is still wet from previous kiss with Taehyung.
Jungkook’s lips moves in awkward motion ones can tell he is not a good kisser but his kiss makes Seokjin feels hot and breathless.

He trails the kisses into Seokjin’s neck and his devilish mouth is sucking the soft skin there. Seokjin whines when Jungkook sucks his neck hard until the pale skin there leaving a red mark.

Jungkook then releases Seokjin from the kiss, he smirks proudly when he eyed the red mark on his neck and lips that’s turning wet and luscious. Slowly, he swipes the wet lips with his thumb.

‘My masterpiece.’ Is what he thought of.
Seokjin pants heavily, he never expected to be kissed by both Taehyung and Jungkook and never expecting that he completely melts to the kiss.

“So, what is your response hyung?”

Seokjin blushes deeply, his ears turning red like a freshly boiled lobster. He now affirms his feeling.

“I can never choose either one of you. Both of you really means so much to me. And, if I say I want to date you both will you ok…” before Seokjin can finish his line, Taehyung and Jungkook pull him into a tight embrace.


“So, it seems like a happy ending. We should congratulate them when they exit from this room.” Jimin elbows Jhope who is eavesdropping together with him. Jhope nodded excitedly at the idea.

“Are they doing okay, Hoseok?” Suga and Namjoon appear. Jhope gives them a thumbs up, meaning everything is okay.

“Well, thanks to me for being their cupid.” Suga says proudly.

“I wanna thank them for giving me the inspiration to compose our new album. This story is gonna be great!” Says Namjoon while taking few notes on his iPhone.

All of them chuckle quietly. Surely, those three will never have any idea how much daily teasing they will get from the rest of Bangtan.