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Celebrity Bromance ep. VIXX Ken x BTS Jin(ft. jealous Tae n Kook)

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“Everyone, we’ Do you know where we’ll be heading to?  We’re sending Jin hyung off to shot his first appearance in Celeb Bros ep. 92 feat Ken sunbaenim from VIXX..”

“Ya’re shooting for Bangtan Bomb again?”Jin cut in.

“Hyung, don’t interfere while I’m narrating. I’m doing this special VLive for you.” Jimin spoke to him in his usual low key mockering tone.

Jin lose his words again his 3 y.o-gap-maknae so he just blinked and muttered ‘okay’ to Jimin. Jimin flashed a satisfied smile to him and continued filming his VLive.

“As you can see...our hyung is a baby so we, the most considerate hyung of BTS are going to keep him company so that he won’t be alone and nervous while waiting for his date..”

“Yah! It’s not a date. This is a bromance hangout!”

“I see no difference.”Namjoon added his opinion.

“There are HUGE differences and it’s not like this is my first time with Jaehwan! I hanging out with him so many times before so I’m not nervous.” Jin snapped.

“Okay stop making a fuss, we’re on camera and Jimin Pd-nim, please continue.” Savage Suga with his savage reply, made Jin cringe at that.

“I know ARMY must be excited to get this episode aired since I saw this #kenjindeul hashtag on newsfeed and lots of comment with #nextcelebros #kenjindeul on Celebrity Bromance official website.” Jimin shifted his position and make himself comfortable on Jin’s lap while holding his camera up so that it focus on both of them.

Ignoring Jin’s constant whining, he continued, “So Jin-hyungie, what is your feeling when only you and Jaehwan sunbaenim are chosen to date – film together.”

“I’m happy that I got the chance to feature on a hit TV program. Furthermore, it’s with my own best friend Jaehwannie so at least we’ll be more comfortable with our own. Jaehwan, if you’re happened to watch this.. I’m saying it once though! I am happy to be with you for today and...Lets..lets prove to the world that we’re the sweetest bromance couple above the others! Got it??” Jin ears and face went all red after saying those words. His cheesy comments received an ‘euughh’ and ‘awww’ from his bandmates. Jimin chuckled.

 “Both of you are close with Sandeul sunbae from B1A4...Why didn’t the director put KenJinDeul together? Don’t you think Sandeul sunbaenim feels jealous for being left out?”

“He won’t. Because it will be a threesome...” Realising how suggestive it sounded, at a split second, Jin faked cough and corrected his pronunciation. “..Troublesome! It will be a troublesome!” He was so embarrassed thus his ears went red.

“Dude, pronunciation!” He got yelled by Jhope and Suga already had his second hand embarrassment.

“Arghh!! We can’t air this! Jimin-ah, turn this off!” Namjoon let out his frustration cry. Jimin who was always slow to catch the situation eyed at Namjoon with questioning and unsatisfied look.

“Hyung, I barely started my Vlive and now you ask me to wrap it up? Fans will feel upset!” Namjoon groaned at the maknae stubbornness. Aishh..why don’t he just listen?? Now, who said that it was easy to become a leader of 6 heads with different stubbornness?

“Okay, to make this a win-win situation...let’s ask our ARMY. My darling, do you want us to continue even after you have seen what our Jin hyung did just now or do you want our conversation last here? Anyways, the choice is in your hands, ARMY!”

“Hey! You can’t...”

“LET ARMYs DECIDE! Oh, we already got the answer!”

“Nooo...” Namjoon screeched, hands already massaging his forehead.

“Let’s forgive him and continue!! You are the best, ARMY! Kaepp jjang.” Jimin showed his thumbs up to the camera. The hyung line merely let their most energetic maknae doing his thing because, it’s rare to see Jimin being all too energetic and exuberant for a simple broadcast. Who knows what possessed Jimin today and speaking of the maknae..

“Where is Taehyungie? JK, isn’t he with you this morning?” Jin asked the youngest one who was looking outside the window, perhaps daydreaming.

Jungkook gave him a subtle look and just shrugged off his shoulder, his behaviour made Jin had a thought that the maknae was feeling off today. It’s weird though, the golden maknae who used to pick a fight and bickers with him all the time...suddenly gave him a cold shoulders.

“Ya, Jeon Jungkookie! Why are you like this? Speak something! It feels weird when you suddenly become quiet and spacing out most of the time.”

“....”Jungkook replied but Jin heard nothing but the sound of the a/c.

“Aigoo, Jungkookie. Are you sulking right now? You mad at me? Or are you jealous???” Jin grabbed the youngest biceps to grab his attention and it worked! Jungkook was looking at him now with bewildered eyes.

“NO!” Jungkook’s response made Jin a bit startled, the maknae never raised his voice to him before though they frequently bicker, but they’re nothing like this. Maybe the maknae was also surprised by his own action because his eyes widen and sense of guilt started to creep on his face.

“Yah, don’t startled Jin hyung like that! That make me surprise too, aishh..”Jimin gave the youngest a scolding but the other just snorted. Jin withdrew his hand from Jungkook’s arm to avoid further fighting with him, he had his head hung low before muttering ‘sorry’ the youngest.

He always annoys Jungkook on daily basis and the other does the same but it’s not today. He didn’t even know the real reason but it seemed like he was really front of Jungkook’s eyes. Jin nodded weakly before going back to his seat, limping his body on the soft cushion while holding back his upset tears.

‘Aish, why I’m becoming too sensitive nowadays? Guess I’m getting older..hahaa’. He shook his head at this thought.

“We’re here, Seokjin!” their manager shout out loud from the driver’s seat and Jin was not ready for any of that with his mental state.

Now, he already had two person who already pissed off because of him. Today it’s Jungkook whilst last night, it was with Taehyung. No wonder the new rising idol actor didn’t even bother to send him off today.