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Voltron Actor compilation

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This is a small Actor AU thing. 
If you don't know what an Actor AU is, basically, everything is the same, but the show/book/fandom's characters are actually actors. They act the show/book/fandom. Their names do not change. Hunk will be Hunk. Pidge is Pidge, Lance is Lance, etc.

This is mostly me making stuff up, about how the 'actors' would react to certain things in the show. Character reveals, certain scenes. Behind the scene stuff. 
Personalities stay same for the most part, Actor Lance is a lot like Paladin Lance. Etc.

Some Headcannons beforehand:
-Lance vlogs on set because he used to be a YouTuber. This means, some of the chapters will be vlogs
-Keith is the same, but more socially awkward
-Shiro's Actor makes Dad Jokes.
-Coran had to grow out a mustache for the role
-Allura's hair is a wig
-The Galra have body paint
-This is up-to date. It includes stuff from season 3, and if there is a trailer out. There might be "Actors react to trailer" etc, etc. 
-I want to keep this as real/accurate as possible 
-Y'all can submit questions to the Actors/Paladins, I will have Q&A pages for each actor. 
-May have small one-shots too.?.
-Suggestions or comments?
-It'd be cool if someone is willing to draw small pics for snapchats/insta feeds. If you don't mind, or are interested, comment!