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This Gonna Be Good Remix

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Harriet crumpled in place as pain lanced through her chest and panic slammed down the bond to her.

"Harri!" Steve and Clint exclaimed, converging on her in a second. "What is it?" Clint asked worriedly.

"Fred and George." She rasped, "They're..." she choked as another wave of pain hit and she felt the twins try to block her protectively.

"Go." Steve said solemnly, "We'll track you."

Not needing any more prompting, Harriet tugged on the Soulmate bond and apparated herself straight to her twins. She landed directly behind them in just enough time to push their bond outward into a white shield, deflecting two deadly curses that were heading toward them. Harri quickly took in the scene before her.

Dumbledore, Hermione, and Ron stood across the way, all three with wands drawn and a platoon of chitauri spread behind them. Ron looked viciously pleased while Hermione looked disgruntled, Dumbledore's face was eerily blank. At Harriet's feet though were the two she had come for, Fred and George, both struggling against a vicious curse that was eating at their life force, the tie that kept their souls in their bodies. Harriet's arrival and their soulmate bond only seemed able to slow the curse.

Harri dropped to her knees between them and pressed a hand to each of their chests, pushing her magic into them as quickly as she could, gasping when the curse latched onto her as well. "Harriet..." George rasped, "Let will take you too."

"Don't be stupid." Harri growled softly, "I haven't ever given up on you two. I'm not going to start now."

"Let go dearest." Fred said shakily, reaching an unsteady hand up to her face, "You'll die if you continue this."

Tears started to run down Harriet's face as she pushed more magic into her mates, "So will you." She choked out.

"Ronald!" Hermione yelled outside of the protective bubble created by the soulmate bond, "This wasn't the time for your experimenting! We were meant to make it quick so she had no chance of stopping it!"

Harriet's head snapped up and she snarled at the two traitorous pieces of filth in front of her, "I'll fucking destroy you!" she hissed, Ron sneered at her but Dumbledore stepped in front of him.

"Dear girl. You have no hope of saving them." He said easily, Harriet could feel the twins starting to fade into unconsciousness, "Now you'll be joining them because you foolishly latched on and allowed the curse to eat at you too." Harri gritted her teeth as she leaned protectively over Fred and George, pulling the bond shield closer to them. "This is inevitable my dear girl." Dumbledore continued.

"Not yours...Ours..." Fred and George contradicted weakly.

"Always," Harriet replied in a watery whisper.

Dumbledore didn't hear them, "You were far too late in your discovery of things to stop me. To stop this. To keep yourselves from dying for the greater good."

Harriet glared up at Dumbledore, feeling the curse start to eat at her physically as well. How she wished she had caught on earlier. How she wished she could protect her mates and the family they had found together from all this. Down through the bond, Fred and George seconded her thoughts with more ferocity and strength than they should have had under such a curse.

Glacia perked up in the back of Harriet's mind.

Dumbledore looked down at the three of them with his false grandfatherly mask in place, "Really. Did you honestly believe you could stop plans I had in motion for years? That you could outmaneuver me just because you became aware? I've owned you completely since the day you set foot in Hogwarts. This was always going to be how you ended."

Glacia screeched within Harriet, blue flames started to lick down Harri's arms and at Fred and George's chests. Harri could feel them blacking out, could feel herself weakening, could feel their bond struggling helplessly to combat it. Glacia raged inside her and Harri clenched her jaw as Glacia shoved forward, tugging at her magic strangely. Harriet leaned down further between Fred and George, "Still ready to follow me anywhere?" She asked dazedly, Glacia's cold filling her almost to the point of being painful.

"The Greater Good must be served. Your deaths are necessary." Dumbledore said as he folded his arms behind him, "I think its high time you stopped standing in my way." He said darkly.

"Follow you"

"Anywhere." Fred and George answered as they finally drifted off into blackness.

Harriet let out a sob as she felt Fred and George's souls begin to break from hers as their breaths slowed. Glacia screamed within and Dumbledore and company took an involuntary step back as the rage grated at their very beings. Harriet desperately wrapped her arms and soul around her mates as Glacia rose within her and all three of them disappeared in an enormous explosion of blue flames.