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I Can't Live Without You (IwaOi)

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Oikawa's life was going pretty well considering all he went through. He took pills which helped with the voices in his head, Iwaizumi was his boyfriend and loved him with all his heart and he lived a rather peaceful life of working at a coffee shop down the road. He was getting better. 

Key word: was...

Oikawa had a suspicion something was up with Iwaizumi, he had been coming home later than usual and leaving earlier in the morning. They had barely anytime together anymore, it had been weeks since they snuggled together on the sofa watching episode after episode of the walking dead. There were weeks of unused pills collecting dusk in the bathroom cabinet which Iwaizumi seemed to ignore. It had  gotten to the point where he didn't even notice that Oikawa wasn't taking his pills, despite all of his mood swings and sleepless nights. Those pills were the things keeping Oikawa together, that and Iwaizumi of course. 




More weeks had passed; each day more mentally draining than the next. Oikawa woke to a lack of a body next to him as per usual and  continued his day without the man he loved as per usual. Other than the mental break downs all went okay. Well that's what he told himself anyways. When nightfall came he decided he would sit on the stairs opposite the front door and wait for Iwaizumi. He sat there for hours doing nothing but stare blankly at the wooden door. He checked the time knowing Iwaizumi was usually home by midnight. It was 3:46am. The realisation that he was 4 hours late home sent Oikawa's mind into chaos. 

Why isn't he here yet? He's never this late? Where could he be? Is he with another guy? Is he cheating on me? 

Oikawa was now pacing up and down the hallway trying to calm the insame thoughts going through his mind. Just before he could turn ready to pace back down the hallway he heard the click of the lock being turned. The door opened and Iwaizumi jumped at the sight of Oikawa standing right in front of him. 

"Tooru, What the hell is wrong with you? Why aren't you asleep?"  Oikawa couldn't tell whether this was genuine concern or just the fake emotions Iwaizumi has been giving him for the past few months. 

"The hell is wrong with me? With ME?! What the hell is wrong with you? Why have you been coming home so late?" He glared at the shorter man, anger beginning to fuel up inside of him. "I haven't seen you in weeks. You're never home anymore. We haven't even talked in days."

"I know I ju-" 

"No! You don't know! You haven't been here enough to even notice that i'm not okay. I assume you didn't realise but there weeks worth of pills sat on our bedside table. Every day you put 3 pills there, how have you not noticed that there's still 3 there when you put more down? or have you noticed and just not cared?" Weeks worth of anger and questions were coming out at once. 

"Why haven't you been taking your pills? Tooru?" Iwaizumi gave Oikawa a concerned look and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"I asked you a question."

"I..." He didn't know what to say. How did he not notice? "I don't know. I never took any notice my job was to put the pills there, that's all." He regretted saying it the moment it slipped from his mouth, he knew Oikawa would take it the wrong way. And that he did. 

"That's all? THATS ALL?! So you weren't with me to love me and be my boyfriend? Nooo you were just here to give me my pills. Oh i'm sorry your ONLY reason to be here was to give me pills" Sarcasm dripped from his lips. The anger inside of him was disappearing as he stared into Iwaizumi's eyes, realised how tired he was. How tired they both were. 

"You know that's not what i meant. I love you Tooru. That's why i'm here." Oikawa scoffed. Is this what he called being here? Iwaizumi slid his hand down from Oikawa's shoulder to his bicep, placing his other hand on Oikawa's other arm. "Tooru, you know i'm here for you. Im sorry i've not been around much recently, i'll explain everything tomorrow. Let's just go in the living room and watch some TV to calm down. Okay?" Oikawa was about to begin shouting, his emotions ready to pour out but instead he nodded. He was always a push over with Iwaizumi, he could say anything and Oikawa would agree no matter what. And in all honesty he knew it was too late, or well too early in the morning, to keep questioning him. He decided this would continue tomorrow once they've both slept. Iwazumi gently slid his hand down into to Oikawa's hand and guided him to the living room. He sat down on the sofa and pulled Oikawa down on to his lap and cradled the large boy like a child. 

"Oikawa I love you okay? I'll take the day off tomorrow to explain everything. I promise" He reached down and planted a kiss on top of Oikawa's head. "Just try go to sleep." He ran his fingers through Oikawa's hair and down his back until he heard the boys faint snore. He reached over, trying not to wake him, and grabbed the blanket placing it over both their bodies. 

This was the best Oikawa had slept in ages. He missed having Iwaizumi's loving touch. He missed the feeling of his heart beating against his cheek as he rests his face on Iwaizumi's muscular chest. He missed everything about Iwaizumi.