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A Star Shot Down

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Yuuri leaned back in his chair, feeling his back stretch like old elastic as he pushed himself back further. He looked up at the screens he had once looked at in wonder in boredom and stress. Yuuri sat up and out of his stretch and yawned as he laid a lazy eye on the clock on his desk. 1:48 AM. His knowledge of time only made him more lethargic. He stared into the monitors and looked back at the monitors above him reminiscing in his memories.

Yuuri had arrived in Arizona about 2 years ago, the heat stung his throat like shards of glass, much different to the humid climate in Japan that he was accustomed to over the years. He walked off the plane in huge strides to join his best friend at a NASA internship. Phichit and Yuuri had met each other in Vanuatu when they were kids, Yuuri had wandered off at night in amongst the city like area and onto a beach where they had their first encounter, Yuuri was standing in the sand as the tide rised slowly, lapping gently at his feet as he gazed into the stars when the small Thai boy spotted him from the pavement and ran away from his parents to check on his familiar.

“Whatcha doin’?” Phichit had announced while he kept a mild distance from the boy whose head was suspended like a marionette. The boy had remained silent so Phichit looked up to see what was so fascinating to the boy, he examined the sky and saw nothing different to the usual. “There’s nothing up there,” Phichit said looking back at the boy.
Yuuri turned his head down from the light show in the sky to look at the slightly younger child with eyes that sparkled brighter than the stars in the sky clear of light pollution and just said, “No, you’re wrong. There’s everything up there.”

Ever since that day the two boys had grown up exchanging emails to each other. (After Yuuri had been guided back to his family through half an hour of crying.) Phichit had become almost as entangled with the stars as Yuuri. Once Yuuri had reached the age of 16 the two of them were talking back and forth on a daily basis, Phichit sending pictures of anything and everything he saw and Yuuri completing his technique and skill with said photos.

Every now and then Phichit would send his high exposure sky photos when he went out of the city area. Yuuri would be slower to complement these as he would get distracted by them and be unable to direct his focus anywhere else except the starry landscape depicted in front of him. Yuuri had missed more than one stop on his train more than once. Phichit always teased him for it, but Yuuri and Phichit both knew it was the one thing that calmed Yuuri on any occasion.

Phichit had helped him calm down from many a panic attack with his more serene photos that he saved for such an occasion to blow Yuuri off his feet. Although Phichit would always have to check that Yuuri was still present after a while.

Yuuri had caused Phichit a great bit of distress on one occasion with a particularly beautiful photo that had sent Yuuri looking at it for so long that he fell asleep. Phichit being unaware of this had panicked and rang everyone he knew who was in a 100-kilometer radius of Yuuri to check in on him. Phichit had stressed his whole day till he got a reply from Yuuri apologizing for putting Phichit through so much stress.

A voice chipper than a man who won the lottery broke Yuuri’s train of thought before he drifted away from the conscious world “Yuu~ri-kun,” speak of the devil.
“Hi Phichit,” Yuuri responded after taking a quick glance at the Thai teen standing behind him as he put his arms on the top of Yuuri’s chair and placed his head gently upon his and dangled something in front of him.

“Look at what I found~,” Phichit said extending the final word as he dangled the keys to the Jeep in front of Yuuri’s face.

Yuuri spun around and grabbed the keys from Phichit inspecting them for a moment and then questioning his friend. “Where did you get these?” Yuuri said as he looked at Phichit half in disbelief and half in slight anger.

“Ciao-Ciao lent them to me,” Phichit winked and Yuuri threw his arms into the air to say ‘I don't want to know’ and then spun his seat around and looked back at the screens. “Aren’t you coming?” asked Phichit, practically begging for Yuuri to ask what was happening.

“Where are you go-” Yuuri was cut off but Phichit.

“Thank you for asking, I'm going for a patrol across the dishes and beyond,” Phichit said ‘matter-of-factly’.

“But we don't have such things as patr-” Yuuri was cut off again by a finger to the lips smooshing his face uncomfortably.

“Silence child,”

“I'm older than you Phichit,”
“But are you?”


“Your argument is invalid,”

“It’s perfectly valid Pic-”

“JUST LET ME TAKE YOU STARGAZING!” yelled Phichit, tired of trying to get the point through.

Yuuri looked at him and Phichit sighed as he slowly watched Yuuri’s expression change from tired to absolute happiness. “Really?” Yuuri exclaimed slightly quieter than his counterpart.

“Yes Dumbo, now come,” Phichit dragged Yuuri to the exit by his wrist as Yuuri followed in order to not be %100 towed.

“But what about my shift, if Celestino finds out he’ll-” Phichit interrupted for the third time.

“Taken care of, hun,” Phichit said as he pulled Yuuri out the door and glanced at a Kazhak man and handed him a $50 note and said “All yours,”. The man nodded at Phichit and walked into the control room.

A wave of questions ran over Yuuri as they stepped out into the bitterly cold Arizona night air. Phichit unlocked the car and sat inside, it had already been warming up for them, the warm air a welcomed change even though the walk to the car was short.

“Jackets are in the back, hot chocky is in the cup holders and,” Phichit paused as he navigated to the audio for the car “I have a whole hour of songs lined up just for this occasion.” Phichit looked at his best friends face just in time to see his disbelief.

Tears started to well in Yuuri’s eyes and then Yuuri suddenly reached out to his friend and enveloped him in a hug. Yuuri gently spoke into his friend's ear, “Thank you.” Yuuri pulled away wiped the tears from his eyes and started to giggle at himself, he thought that he was silly to get so worked up over going out on a drive to look at stars with his best friend.

After that, they drove past the satellite dishes, all stacked in an orderly row nice and quietly. The Jeep drove down the road in what seemed like absolute silence as Phichit played one of his favourite artist’s songs ‘The Horn of Plenty’. As they arrived at their destination, the song slowly came to an end and a few of the lines resonated in Yuuri’s heart and brought a tear to his eye that he quickly swept away ‘So plant a seed and let it grow, not too high, just so they know what it is that their missing’.

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Phichit pulled the car to a halt some 50 kilometers from the last satellite dish. They were alone together, accompanied by the stars and the mysteries that they hold. Yuuri threw on his favorite jacket, a jet black hoodie with stripes of pale blue that ran over his shoulder. Phichit threw on his favorite jacket as well, a custom made hooded with all three of Phichit’s ‘children’ (hamsters) imprinted on the back.

Yuuri had told him how much of a dork that Phichit was to pay $50 for a jacket, Phichit had promptly responded with ‘They’re my family’ with a look like he had insulted God.

They made their way out of the Jeep and Phichit materialized a picnic blanket. And laid it out on the ground perfectly on the first try.

“Now sit child,” Phichit said as he sat himself down while patting the spot next to him vigorously.

Yuuri promptly accepted the offer and laid on his back, encaptured by the sky. The two laid in silence for at least half an hour, watching the stars slowly move across the skies, spinning like a kaleidoscope of lights. Out in the desert, there was practically no light pollution, they looked into the skies and traced the Milky Way in their heads, memorizing every detail of the long band of soft beauty and then forgetting it on purpose, just to do it again. And again.

After a while, Yuuri abandoned following the Milky Way in his head and went on to looking at the stars and finding a constellation and then finding another one. Once he had found all of the constellations that he could remember, he went onto planets. He found Mars, he found Jupiter, and then he found a new one.

Yuuri short circuited, he looked at the abnormally luminous light and went through all of his memories of stargazing. He’d never seen such a bright star. The edge of the star seemed to extend for a second and then disappear, and then after a short break, reappear. Yuuri studies the foreign object in the sky, as it expanded and then retracted again.

The light was not only puzzling but also unsettling on a mental level. The sky that he had practically memorized had changed, and it shouldn’t. Yuuri’s safe haven was being ruptured by a new force.

Yuuri started to panic, he was no longer attracted to observing the sky in the way that he had been, all of his attention was focused on this one light that seemed to grow brighter and brighter every time he blinked.

Yuuri turned to his friend to console him to find that he was asleep, a slight bit of drool leaking onto the edge of his jacket. He gently nudged him, rocking him slightly.

“Phichit, something’s not right,” Yuuri began to inform his friend as he increased his intensity in his shaking. “Phichit, wake up!” he increased his intensity again, sending tremors through him like an earthquake.

“Hunh?” Phichit said as he woke up gracefully wiping the drool from the side of his face trying to contemplate what was going on.

“Thestarsaredifferentandthatisn’tnormalandlook!” Yuuri said pointing at said star in a frenzy.

Yuuri watched his friend’s face light up in amazement “Yuuri!” he said his stars reflecting lights into Yuuri’s. Yuuri was temporarily confused by his friend, was he not as disturbed as Yuuri was?

Yuuri turned to inspect the sky again and was met with a sight that he had never been blessed with.

The milky sky had turned into a flurry of slow moving white stripes, descending from directly above them. Like a shower of light and allurement, it descended from above them, from where the light had been. Almost as if the light had been destroyed, sending pieces flying everywhere as Matt Duncan’s ‘Beacon’ played from the Jeep.

The pieces drilled deeper into the atmosphere, slowly descending from a white to a shallow red as it burnt.

Then the red started to languish through, turning the white to a deep angry red. Pieces started to fade away, but large chunks of light still fell hard, burning brighter and harder as they came closer to the Earth.

It was at this moment that Yuuri had only just realized that Phichit had been shaking him.

“Yuuri! We need to get the fuck away from here!” Phichit stared with high intensity at Yuuri’s glazed over eyes. Phichit just grabbed him and threw him in the Jeep still playing music, abandoning the picnic blanket.

Phichit threw Yuuri in the back, who immediately positioned himself to look out of the rear view mirror to watch the light crash into the ground. The car drove at top speeds, tearing the ground underneath them. Yuuri watched the light descent faster than he had anything he had ever seen before.

Then, as the light touched the ground, Yuuri could have sworn that he had seen an angel.

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Victor hit his head.

‘Hit’ is probably not the appropriate word, it was more of a ‘squishing’ sensation. Like if one second you were at the top of a rollercoaster right as it went down the biggest hill just before gravity caught up, and then you had a tonne of bricks dropped on your head.

Victor’s first thought was what many others would have thought as well, ‘ FUCK ’. With a prompt follow up of ‘ THAT HURT ’. And then the rest fell into place.

He sat up and looked around him at the ground, it was dust and dirt. Plain and boring.

He laid back on the ground expecting dirt but was presented with a small piece of cloth underneath his head.




Yuuri first felt a heat, then came some air, and then a whole bunch of rocks. In the face. Then came the car, or more of a lack of car.

He felt his insides go weightless and then fall back down, and then again.

Finally, once all of his bodily feelings had cleared up, Yuuri started to come to. And his first and only thought was ‘ Phichit.

Yuuri threw open his eyes and took in his surroundings, the Jeep was wrecked, the roof was torn off and the chassis with a dent in the side like it had been T-boned by a truck.

Yuuri looked to the driver’s seat with half closed eyes and saw Phichit strung up leaning on the wheel. Yuuri panicked.

“Phichit?” Yuuri said as he slowly crawled like a baby animal towards his friend’s limp body, he got next to Phichit and placed two fingers against Phichit’s neck, checking for a pulse.

Yuuri sighed in relief as he felt a normal heartbeat under his fingers. He unbuckled Phichit’s seat belt and carried his body out of the wreckage and checked his friend. Then he turned his gaze to the landscape around them.

They were on the brink of a crater, shallow but huge in length, Yuuri looked for the spot of impact and his eyes gazed to a man with glistening silver hair...




Victor looked at the soft piece of cloth curiously, it was red and black, the colours interjecting at right angles frequently. The pattern made him feel warm and comfortable inside, and the fabric sustained his warmth. He buried his face in it and cocooned himself in it.

A man with glistening silver hair, rolling in the dirt, inside a plaid blanket, in the middle of a crater, in the middle of Arizona, giggling.

Yuuri walked the entire length of the crater looking at the man in disbelief. When he reached the centre of the shallow crater he stopped and looked at the man as he rolled in the dirt. Giggling.

He stood over the adult child waiting for him to take notice. The man continued rolling in the dirt oblivious of Yuuri watching him rock back and forth.

Yuuri cleared his throat as loudly as possible.

The man stopped rolling in the dirt faced away from Yuuri, he slowly rolled himself still cocooned in the blanket to face Yuuri.

Yuuri’s knees became weak for a second. The man was perfect; beautiful hair, a face so perfect it could've been handmade from God himself and on top of that, his face had the expression of a lost dog.

“Ummm,” the man said as he looked up at Yuuri with eyes so warm they could melt butter. Then Yuuri realized that he was waiting for him to say something.

“Uh-,” Yuuri began before cutting himself off to actually think of a question. “Who are you?” he asked looking the man directly in the eyes, that shone a pale blue strong enough to fill a river.

The man stood up suddenly like his head was pulled up by an invisible force, he didn’t use his hands or legs, just got ‘up’. ‘Speaking of up,’ whispered a small voice in the back of Yuuri’s head before getting blocked out.

The man coughed slightly and held his head up in a sense of power, “I am Victor Nikiforov,”

Yuuri was distracted by his clothes.

Rather, the lack thereof.

Victor looked down at himself and saw his toned body, he examined his arms and then looked back at Yuuri.

“I do believe it’s customary to tell your name as well, it’s a universal gesture,” Victor said, in a not so subtle fashion.

Yuuri had a million questions running through his mind. He decided to do the one thing that seemed at least slightly logical and turned his back and walked back to Phichit.

“Umm,” began Victor as Yuuri walked away from him and hoisted Phichit over his shoulder, “Name please?” he said as he jogged to catch up with Yuuri as he walked along the dirt pathway towards the monitoring centre.

Yuuri stopped walking when he was disturbed by the sound of a car starting behind him.

“Why’d you leave this here?” Victor said as he stood next to a perfectly restored Jeep.

Yuuri turned around and walked back to the car, placed Phichit in the backseat and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Can I have your name now?” Victor said, looking into Yuuri’s eyes like he wanted a treat.

“Put some Goddamn clothes on.”