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Long Way Home

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My name is Jadel Hicks, but you can call me Jade. Only my mother called me Jadel and only when I was in trouble. My younger sister Snow doesn't call me Jadel nor Jade because when we were younger, she could not say either, so she calls me the colour of my eyes: Green. If you are wondering where my parents are, they died in a house fire that Snow and I barely escaped. At that very moment in time, Snow and I were sitting in our cart as our old horse, Misty slowly padded down a long and dusty road.

Our cart swayed slightly with every roll of the wheels. Suddenly a sound of clashing metal pierced through the air. Misty started at the sound and Snow woke from her rest. As I was the older sister, I stopped the cart and asked my sister to stay inside. I didn't care for myself as much as I cared for my sister, so I grabbed my katana from its hiding spot, and slowly walked to where the sound was headed.