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Bakugou is used to being the center of attention.

His Quirk has always gained him praise and admiration, things he relishes on and uses to fuel his drive to become the best at everything. And then there's also his Soulmate Mark - it's not as noticeable as his Quirk, solely because most of the time it's covered by his T-shirt, but the few people who do get to see it are always fascinated, congratulating Bakugou for his luck. That's why, even though Bakugou doesn't care that much about all that soulmate and true love bullshit - he's more focused on becoming the number one hero, first - he's proud of the intricate swirls of icy blue that cover his chest, going all the way down to his hips and wrapping at the junction with his left thigh. A single swirl goes down a bit further, the point where his soulmate's Mark will begin, complementing the design that's drawn on Bakugou's skin.

It's not only the beauty of the pattern; the rarity of having such a large Mark is what pleases Bakugou the most and causes the most awe in those who see it. It's common knowledge that the bigger the Mark, the deeper the connection between the soulmates are. In Bakugou's mind, it means that his soulmate must be just as fucking amazing as he is.

With both a powerful Quirk and a rare Soulmate Mark, it's no surprise to him when those are the things his classmates notice when he gets into UA.

His control over his Quirk is the first thing they comment about. Well, technically, it's his attitude, but Bakugou really doesn't give a fuck what they think about him - he's there simply to surpass them all, and it's enough for him that they recognize his strength. And, of course, when their Foundational Hero Studies class comes, and the boys are all in the locker room changing into their hero outfits, they comment about Bakugou's Soulmate Mark, too.

"Dude, it's awesome," Kirishima says, leaning forward to get a better look at Bakugou's chest.

"Get the fuck off my personal space, Hair for Brains," Bakugou growls, but he can't hide the smirk that forms on his lips at all the eyes focused on him.

"You're so lucky. Mine's not that big," Kaminari complains, staring at his left hand that's covered with a red pattern with a frown.

"Hey, Denki, what's that supposed to mean? Am I not good enough a soulmate for you?" Kirishima asks, finally stepping away from Bakugou to throw his arm over Kaminari's shoulder, nuzzling the other's cheek.

Bakugou tunes them out before he can hear Kaminari's answer, fighting the urge to gag; those two had found out about being soulmates on the first day of class, and it didn't take long for them to become insufferably lovey-dovey at every fucking opportunity. They were so sweet it was disgusting, really.

Bakugou has just finished clasping his belt, occasionally responding to someone's awe-filled exclamation, when a loud metallic sound cuts through the room, and everyone falls silent.

Bakugou turns around in time to see Todoroki walking away from the locker he's just slammed shut, still clad in his normal uniform. He doesn't know much about the guy - he's usually quiet, brooding in some corner of the classroom - but, being run by anger most of the time, Bakugou can tell when someone is pissed off.

And Todoroki is definitely pissed off.

"Man, are you okay? What hap-" Kirishima starts to say, but Todoroki cuts him off, hastily grabbing the bag with his hero outfit and heading towards the door.

"I'll get changed somewhere else."

There's a heavy silence after he leaves, with everyone staring at each other with identical confused expressions. Bakugou frowns, wondering what the fuck is wrong with Todoroki - is it related to everyone fussing over his Mark? Maybe he's jealous, Bakugou thinks, trying to remember if he's ever seen Todoroki's Mark before and coming up empty.

With a huff, Bakugou goes back to changing, lest he be late for All Might's class. His classmates all do the same, the previous ruckus caused by Bakugou's Mark suddenly subsiding as they revert to chatting excitedly about the practical exercises they're about to do.

As he finishes putting on his costume, satisfied to see that everything's been done according to his request, Bakugou dismisses the curiosity that nags at him - it's not like he cares what Todoroki's thinking, after all.

Bakugou's resolve to ignore Todoroki crumbles the moment he sees him use his Quirk during the Battle Trial.

He's already a mess - losing to Deku of all people is eating away at him, a blow to his pride and everything he's believed in so far - and then he sees Todoroki, looking so fucking calm as he wins the battle with barely any effort, as if it's the easiest thing in the world.

I can't beat him, Bakugou realizes, and it's like a knife tearing through his chest, digging even deeper at the wound that's already there.

And maybe that's what makes him chase after Todoroki once class is over, pulling him to the side while everyone else makes their way to the locker rooms. He needs something, anything, to prove that he's still better, some kind of reassurance that he can still be one step above him.

He grabs the unfrozen side of Todoroki's costume roughly, anger dripping from his voice and face twisted into a scowl.

"What the fuck was that little scene at the locker room earlier, huh?"

Todoroki's deadpan expression doesn't change, though his hand moves to grip Bakugou's wrist; his hold is strong, trying to wrench the other's hand away, but Bakugou doesn't budge.

"Could you let me go? We're going to be late for class," Todoroki says, and his voice is as calm as it had been during the battle. Bakugou's blood boils even more at that, and he hates the way his eyes burn, the threat of tears wanting to come forth.

He is not going to fucking cry in front of this guy.

"I don't give a fuck if we're late. What, were you jealous? Because my Mark is better than yours?"

Suddenly, there's a sharp pain spreading from where Todoroki's hand is holding him, and Bakugou instinctively lets go of him, staring at the thin layer of frost that now spreads across his skin.

"Not that it's any of your business," Todoroki says, stepping away from Bakugou, his voice as cold as his touch, "but I don't have a Mark."

Bakugou watches as he turns away without another word. Water drips from his hand as the frost starts to melt, his body shaking with barely contained fury, but he can't bring himself to move, or to say anything else as Todoroki disappears the opposite way to where the locker rooms are.

Bakugou should be happy. Todoroki is fucking Markless, which is even better than what he'd expected to hear when he'd first decided to confront him.

But for some reason, he doesn't feel like he won, and he's powerless to stop the tears that sting as they finally slide down his face.

After that, Bakugou always finds his thoughts unwittingly straying towards Todoroki.

He can't help but be intrigued. They don't interact much, but sometimes he'll catch Todoroki staring at him with an odd look on his face, and he continues to avoid the locker rooms whenever they have training classes. Bakugou doesn't bring up anything about Marks again, trying to focus on his training and on getting high grades, but the more he sees of Todoroki the more he thinks the other doesn't look like someone who'd give a damn if he was Markless or not.

It isn't until months later, during the Sports Festival, that Bakugou gets a glimpse of what might be running through Todoroki's mind.

It's by accident that he runs into him talking to Midoriya. He doesn't mean to overhear, but Todoroki's words cut through the air like a knife, and Bakugou finds himself rooted in place as he finally understands what happened the day of the Battle Trials.

Todoroki's talking about a Quirk marriage, about how the tiny mark on his mother's neck had been enough for her family to happily agree to send her off with Endeavor, about how the man who was supposed to be her fucking soulmate turned out to be her worst nightmare and, later, his own son's.

He talks about the training, and the beatings, and his scar.

Bakugou feels like he's gonna be sick.

When he's able to move again, he stomps off with a rage he's never felt before burning through his veins, wishing he'd run into Endeavor just so he could blast his shitty face off. He has no idea why Todoroki's story got him so worked up, but suddenly his reaction to everyone talking about a Soulmate Mark as if it were the best thing in the world makes sense.

Bakugou's palms crackle with the threat of explosions, and he's glad he'll get to blow off some steam during his next match.

Right now, exploding things just sounds like one hell of a good idea.

Todoroki's match against Midoriya gets Bakugou a glimpse of his full power, and he's left feeling even more frustrated when Todoroki refuses to do the same when facing him off.

It's like the time after their Hero Studies class, his victory empty, the goals he'd set out to achieve losing meaning as he snaps. He's not sure what is bothering him more - if it's the fact that Todoroki doesn't seem to consider him a worthy opponent, or that Bakugou isn't enough to get his head off his fucking past, when Midoriya has clearly done it. He doesn't know why it matters so much, but it does.

These thoughts continue to eat away at him days after the Sports Festival is over.

Todoroki's demeanor changes after that, too - it's subtle, but Bakugou thinks he doesn't feel as cold as before. He's still annoying, talking back to Bakugou or ignoring the other's insults, but there's nothing of the sharpness contained in his first words to him months earlier. He seems almost apologetic sometimes, and Bakugou finds himself wondering what Todoroki thinks about the result of their match. He stills catches the other looking at him from time to time, moments before he averts his own eyes, strangely unsettled by the intensity of Todoroki's gaze.

For the remainder of the year, their relationship is left on some sort of limbo, not exactly friends but something Bakugou can't quite define.

If he's being honest with himself, it doesn't feel all that bad.

They've just begun their second year when Bakugou once again pulls Todoroki aside after class, making sure all of his classmates are out of earshot before he speaks.

"Train with me," he deadpans, before he can start overthinking and regret his decision. He's been dwelling on this idea for a while, itching not only to fight against Todoroki again - a rematch for the failure that was the Sports Festival - but also to perhaps get more glimpses of what goes on in his cryptic mind.

"Why?" Todoroki asks, eyes widening.

Bakugou resists the urge to sigh - of fucking course Todoroki won't make this easy for him.

"Because," he says, "several teachers have told you that you need to stop relying on your Quirk so much. I'm the best in this class when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, and your Quirk is one of the only ones that stands a chance against mine. So training together sounds like a pretty fucking reasonable idea to me."

Todoroki hesitates, worrying his bottom lip, but finally nods.


Bakugou is taken aback by his quick agreement, having expected Todoroki to argue back, so now that he has his answer, he doesn't quite know how to respond. He steps back, noticing how close he'd been to Todoroki, scratching the back of his neck and averting his eyes from Todoroki's unnerving stare.

"Okay, then. Uh, should we start tomorrow? After class?"



Without another word, Bakugou grabs his bag and stalks out of the classroom, heart thumping fast in his chest as if he's just run a marathon.

They start training together a few times a week, and after UA announces the inauguration of dorms for the students, it becomes a daily routine.

Bakugou's surprised by how much he enjoys their sparring sessions. Todoroki has good reflexes and instincts, and his mind is just as used as Bakugou's to fighting strategies. In a short span of time, Bakugou can feel they've both gotten better, tuning into each other's strengths and weaknesses and forcing themselves to explore them.

It's often that their matches come to a draw, though Bakugou still relishes whenever he manages to win.

Like now.

"You lose," he says with a grin, straddling Todoroki's hips and tightening his hold on his wrists, keeping him from being able to use his Quirk. Todoroki struggles, legs kicking to try and dislodge him, but Bakugou leans forward, using more of his weight to pin him further to the ground.

Todoroki finally ceases moving, breathing hard, and Bakugou's suddenly aware of the position they're in, of the way Todoroki looks with cheeks flushed from the effort and lips parted, staring up at him with wide eyes.

He looks so fucking pretty.

Before Bakugou can think about what he's doing, he leans down, mashing their lips together. Todoroki makes a strangled sound, hands clenching and unclenching as he strains against Bakugou's hold, and Bakugou takes advantage of it to deepen the kiss, pushing his tongue into the other's mouth.

He's pretty sure Todoroki's had even less experience in kissing people than him, but hell if he isn't fucking amazing at it.

His clothes become stifling, his entire body warming up from something other than Todoroki's Quirk, any thoughts that aren't the way Todoroki's squirming under him vanishing from his mind. Bakugou presses his hips down, moaning loudly when he feels Todoroki's hard cock rubbing against him through his pants.

"Fuck," he pants, desperation taking hold of him as he lets go of Todoroki's arms, grabbing a fistful of his hair instead so he can pull his head back and gain access to the expanse of skin of his neck. At the movement, Todoroki gasps, bucking up into Bakugou, hands immediately moving to take hold of his shirt in a vicelike grip.

Bakugou experimentally tugs at his hair again and Todoroki keens, back arching off the ground and hips rolling into Bakugou's. The need for skin on skin contact is overwhelming, and Bakugou has just started to undo Todoroki's belt when a hand stops him.

He raises confused eyes towards Todoroki, who bites his lip and shakes his head.

"Leave them on," he pleads.

Bakugou's not sure where this is coming from, but as rash a decision as whatever is happening between them is, he's not going to force Todoroki to do something he doesn't want to. He moves his hand back to his hair, the other supporting some of his weight off of him.

"Is this okay?" Bakugou asks, dragging his hips down slowly over Todoroki's clothed cock.

"Y-Yeah." Todoroki closes his eyes, tongue darting out to lick his kiss swollen lips.

Bakugou's entranced by the movement, following it with his eyes as he grinds against Todoroki again and again, tugging at the silky strands between his fingers and reveling in the moan that escapes Todoroki's throat. He lets his head fall to the crook of the other's neck, placing sloppy kisses over every inch of skin he can reach; in the back of his mind, he's reminded that they're outside, in plain view of anyone who might pass by, but he can't bring himself to care.

"You feel so good," he pants against Todoroki's neck. Nails dig into his arms, the slightly stinging sensation only adding to the pleasure that threatens to overtake him, his movements becoming messier as his orgasm rapidly approaches. "So good, Todoroki, fuck. I'm gonna- I'm-"

Todoroki's nodding, pulling Bakugou back into another kiss, thrusting back at every roll of the other's hips as he gasps, "Me too."

That's enough to make Bakugou's hips stutter, and he comes in his pants with a drawn-out moan, the sound mixing with Todoroki's groan as his body tenses up, cock pulsing through the fabric that separates them. For a few moments, they're both left panting, Bakugou's mind slowly clearing as he collapses on top of Todoroki, strength suddenly gone from his limbs.

Todoroki's hands wander towards Bakugou's hair but he stops, opting to rest them hesitantly on the other's shoulders instead as he asks, "What just happened?"

Bakugou's tempted to tease him about the question, but he knows exactly what Todoroki means, so he merely huffs before raising his head to look at him.

"I have no fucking idea," he says. He watches Todoroki's expression carefully - he's not sure what they've done means, exactly, or where they're going with this, but he does know that he doesn't want Todoroki to regret it.

Because he definitely doesn't.

Todoroki's face doesn't give out much, but Bakugou can see the struggle that goes on behind his eyes, and he rolls to the side so he's sitting up instead of crushing Todoroki with his weight as he waits for the other to speak.

Instead, the silence streches between them, and Bakugou shifts uncomfortably, wincing at the stickiness in his underwear.

"Look, if you don't-"

"Do you still want to meet again tomorrow? For training, or..." Todoroki trails off. He's biting his bottom lip again - something he tends to do when he's nervous, Bakugou's starting to notice.

"Sure. Yeah, we can meet again," Bakugou says, and his heart skips a beat when he sees the corner of Todoroki's mouth quirking up. "We should go back now. I feel disgusting."

"You did just come in your pants."

"Shut up." Bakugou's voice lacks his usual bite as he gets up, extending his hand to help Todoroki do the same. "You did too."

Considering their first interactions, Bakugou never would've thought there'd come a time when he'd constantly end up in heated make out sessions with Todoroki.

In the beginning, there's no drastic change to their usual days, except for the fact that they'll sometimes sneak up to a more secluded place after training - after that first day, Todoroki refuses to be out in the open again when they get each other off. He still never lets Bakugou strip him of nothing but his shirt, even though Bakugou himself often ends up completely naked. It's something Bakugou doesn't ask about anymore when he notices how uncomfortable it makes Todoroki, content that he can still get him to fall apart even if some of his clothes stay on.

Little by little, however, Bakugou notices they're getting closer than ever, and not only in a physical way.

Sometimes, Todoroki hangs out in his room while they do nothing more than study. More than once, he ends up nodding off on Bakugou's bed, and Bakugou can't bring himself to wake him up and send him back to his own room. They start talking more, too, even during class - something that triggers teasing remarks from his classmates, which Bakugou quickly ends by threatening to explode their faces off.

He can't say for sure he completely understands Todoroki Shouto yet, but the more he finds out about him, the more he wants to know.

Once, it starts pouring while they're training outside, and the few seconds until they take cover underneath a thick canopy of trees are enough to get them soaking wet.

Bakugou hates the cold, but he finds out he hates it even more when he's caught in the middle of a goddamn storm in the dead of winter.

"Should we try to make it back to the d-dorms?" he asks through chattering teeth.

A flash cuts through the sky, followed by the deafening sound of thunder as the rain seems to get even worse, a few droplets making it through the leaves and hitting them every now and then.

"We should wait it out," Todoroki says. He seems annoyingly unaffected by the weather.

"I f-fucking hate rain," Bakugou mumbles, wrapping his arms around himself, the flimsy and now wet clothes he wears for training doing nothing to warm him up.

Something pulls at his jacket, and suddenly Todoroki's arms are enveloping him, bringing him closer in a gentle hold.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Bakugou asks, though he doesn't try to let go.

"You'll catch a cold," is Todoroki's only explanation, and then there's a comfortable warmth spreading through Bakugou's body, his shivers slowly subsiding as it pushes away the cold.

He's using his Quirk, Bakugou realizes. He breathes in Todoroki's scent, wrapping his own arms around his waist, tucking his head beneath his chin and listening to the quiet thumping of his heart. Holding Todoroki like this is weirdly comfortable, and not as awkward as Bakugou would've expected it to be.

He finds himself wishing that the rain would continue for a long time.

It's fucking ironic, really, that one of the few moments when they're outside of school is when they run across a villain.

It's almost nighttime, and a mumbling Bakugou is being dragged back towards the dorms by Todoroki, complaining about what a goddamn waste of time it had been for them to walk around the mall for hours without buying anything. Todoroki has this silly smile on his face when he answers, and Bakugou hates that his anger is immediately dulled, his hand feeling clammy even if Todoroki's is pleasantly cool against it.

They're only a few blocks away from UA when there's a loud noise, and something crashes out of the alley right in front of them, sending Todoroki and Bakugou stumbling backwards.

In the distance, they can hear shouting - pro heroes, probably - but Bakugou's only focus is on the villain that turns crazed eyes towards them, his clothes tinged with the red of blood.

"Bakugou, watch out!"

The ground explodes, roots from the nearby trees jutting through concrete with frightening strength. Bakugou loses sight of Todoroki for a few moments as he jumps out of the way, dust from the debris lifting up to cloud his vision.

When he can finally see again, his heart stops, glued to the branch that tears through the air like a knife towards Todoroki, who jumps to the side at the last minute instead of using his Quirk.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Bakugou screams, moving so he's standing in front of him, energy swirling on his palms as he prepares to blast the fucking branches out of existence - and, hopefully, the villain with them.

He tenses up as another attack comes towards them, but suddenly he's being dragged down, explosion dying in his hands as Todoroki pulls him to the ground, a branch whistling past his ear.

Bakugou doesn't have time to ask what the hell is wrong with Todoroki - the shouting becomes louder, and then two other figures surge from the place the villain had come from. One of the pro heroes goes straight towards the villain, but the other stops when he sees Bakugou and Todoroki lying on the ground.

"Are you hurt?" he asks, kneeling next to them with a calming smile. "Can you move to get away from here?"

"We're fucking fine," Bakugou spits out, ignoring the hero's startled expression as he drags Todoroki away, ducking into an alley to avoid that fight that continues behind them.


"Shut up."

Both of them are quiet on the way back to the dorms. Bakugou's fuming, his heart slamming against his ribcage as the sight of Todoroki standing defenseless against the villain's attack replays over and over again in his head.

What the fuck was he thinking, damn it.

He ignores the confused looks of the people hanging out in the living room as he pulls Todoroki towards his bedroom, locking the door shut before pressing Todoroki against it.

"What the fuck was that?" he asks. "Why the fuck didn't you use your Quirk? And stopped me from using mine?"

Todoroki's hands hang limp against his sides, and his lack of resistance pisses Bakugou off even more.

"We're not pro heroes yet," Todoroki starts. "If you use your Quirk to attack someone and there's witnesses, your hero career-"

"My hero career?" Bakugou hisses. The pang in his chest that comes from Todoroki worrying about him - knowing how many times Bakugou has talked about becoming the number hero, what it means to him - dulls in comparison to the anger that steems from Todoroki putting himself in danger for something so damn stupid. "Do you think I give a fuck about my hero career? You could've fucking died." His voice breaks at the last word.

The moment it's out of his mouth, Bakugou realizes what he's just said - and how true his words are. He doesn't know when he started caring this much about Todoroki, but the brunt of it hits him all of a sudden, bringing tears to his eyes that he refuses to let fall.

"I don't know what I'd do if you died," he admits, resting his forehead against Todoroki's shoulder as he tries to regain control of his breathing.

A strangled sound comes from Todoroki's throat. He finally moves, tangling his hands in Bakugou's hair to pull his head up, and there's so many different emotions running across his usually deadpan expression that Bakugou can't keep track of all of them.

"I'm sorry," he whispers against Bakugou's lips. "I'm sorry," he says again, and his voince is painfully strained.

Something shifts in the air, tension growing thick and then they're kissing, Bakugou trying to push away the thought of seeing Todoroki nearly die as he groans against the other's mouth. Fingers search for the hem of his shirt, and Bakugou quickly helps Todoroki take it off, his hands going back to take hold of Todoroki's ass as he lifts him up.

He half-stumbles towards the bed, setting Todoroki down before climbing on top of him, sneaking his hands under his shirt to feel the way his abs move underneath his fingers. Breaking off their kiss, Bakugou supports himself on his arms to stare at Todoroki, taking in every single detail in front of him - the curve of his Adam's apple as it bobs up and down, the heat of his gaze, the halo his hair forms as it spreads around underneath him.

God, how did Bakugou not realize it before?

He goes back in for another kiss, gasping when Todoroki hooks one of his legs around his waist to bring their hips together.

"I need-" Bakugou rasps out, toying with the hem of Todoroki's shirt, dragging it up slowly as he runs his fingers over his belly. He's not sure what he's asking - more, everything, anything Todoroki is willing to give.

With a slight push to Bakugou's shoulders that makes the other lean back, Todoroki drags his shirt over his head, throwing it carelessly to the side before returning his gaze to Bakugou.

There's a moment of stillness, their eyes focused on each other with burning intensity, tension hovering between them like a chord about to snap. Slowly, as if any rash movement could spook Todoroki away, Bakugou lifts one of his hands to the side of his neck, hearing the other's sharp intake of breath as he drags his fingers lower, barely touching skin.

Bakugou's eyes never leave Todoroki's as he teases him with almost-there touches, his fingertips tingling with the sensation. He applies a little more pressure when he gets to Todoroki's nipples - lightly scratching them before his hand continues moving, just enough to make Todoroki squirm and a flush to appear on his cheeks.

Usually, Bakugou would prefer to move things faster, but he can't deny the thrill that runs through his body as he watches Todoroki's composure crumbling bit by bit, his lips parting in a silent gasp and back arching as Bakugou's hand reaches the barrier of his jeans, nails scratching at his navel just above it. The air seems charged with electricity, making Todoroki the only thing Bakugou can focus on - it feels like something latent, slowly uncoiling with every brush of skin.

The build up is broken when Bakugou places his fingers over the button of Todoroki's pants. Immediately, Todoroki tenses up, and with nothing but a contained sigh, Bakugou starts to move his hand away - at this point, he no longer questions Todoroki's aversion to being completely naked, and there are other ways they can enjoy themselves.

Suddenly, however, Todoroki catches hold of Bakugou's wrist, keeping it in place.

"I-" Todoroki starts, voice raspy. He clears his throat, hesitancy written across his face. "Bakugou, what do you want?"

Bakugou looks at Todoroki as if he's suddenly gone mad - which seems like a plausible possibility. Todoroki's grip on his wrist falters, and Bakugou lets his hand fall back on his side, keeping most of his weight off the other even as he frowns in confusion.

"What do you mean, what do I want? I thought I'd made it pretty clear. I want you."

As if everything they've been doing for the past fifteen minutes - and in several other occasions over the past fucking months - weren't enough confirmation.

Todoroki shakes his head, however, worrying his lip and averting his gaze as he asks, "You said you didn't know what you'd do if I died. What does that mean, Bakugou?"

Bakugou's jaw falls open, because he finally understands where this is going, and he can't believe Todoroki would choose now of all times to talk about feelings. Bakugou himself is still coming to terms with everything that he's just realized; he didn't think Todoroki would bring it up so soon.

"What the fuck brought this on?"

Todoroki still refuses to look at him even as he spreads his hands over Bakugou's chest, fingers pressing hard to keep from trembling. He doesn't make any movement to either pull Bakugou closer or push him away, staying still as if he isn't sure what to do.

"Just forget about it," he says.

"Like hell I will." Bakugou racks his brain for an explanation, and then he notices the way Todoroki's eyes are fixed on the place his hands touch.

On his Soulmate Mark.

"Is this about my Mark?" he asks, because it's the only possible reason he can think for Todoroki's sudden want to discuss something they never have before. He's overly conscious of the swirls of blue that cover his chest, for once wishing he'd been born Markless. "Because I don't care if you're not Marked, or if someone out there is supposed to be my soulmate. I don't give a fuck about them, so if that's what's bothering you, stop being a goddamn idiot."

Like earlier, the words pour out of Bakugou before he can stop them, but it doesn't make them any less true. Todoroki's eyes widen, his mouth opening to speak, but Bakugou's suddenly threading his fingers through his hair, pulling him into a kiss. His lips move slowly, coaxing Todoroki's own to open, the need to make him believe him lending a tinge of desperation to his every movement.

Todoroki's nails dig into Bakugou's skin and he groans, tension slipping from his body as he melts into the kiss.

"I love you," Bakugou murmurs against his skin, lowering his head so he can suck at Todoroki's neck, relishing at the way it wrenches out a low moan from him. "Fuck, Shouto, I love you so fucking much."

Todoroki's hands make their way to Bakugou's hair, forcefully pulling him back up into another kiss, and Bakugou's mind goes blank as his thighs lock around his sides, hips grinding upwards and sending a shock of pleasure through his body.

"I love you too," Todoroki chokes off, and the broken sound of his voice makes Bakugou's heart flip in his chest.

He rolls his hips forward, groaning at the way Todoroki's back arches, and he takes the opportunity to take one of his nipples into his mouth, licking the nub before flicking it between his teeth.

"Katsuki," Todoroki gasps, and Bakugou wonders if he's died and gone to fucking Heaven, because Todoroki has never used his first name before, and the sound is like music to his ears.

He decides he wants to make him scream it before the night is over.

Fumbling fingers find the waistband of Bakugou's pants and he quickly complies to Todoroki's attempt to undress him, mumbling at the momentary loss of contact as he moves back to take his pants fully off, thankful to get rid of the restraining fabric. He's halfway through crawling back over Todoroki's body when he looks up and freezes, eyes widening at the sight before him.

Todoroki's biting his lip, a serious look on his face as he pops the button on his pants open, hooking his fingers beneath the waistband to drag them off.

"Are you sure?" Bakugou asks, although he doesn't move to stop Todoroki, unsure of what made him change his mind.

Todoroki nods. Bakugou's eyes fall to his hands, his throat suddenly dry as he watches Todoroki's skin being revealed inch by inch, his cock straining through his underwear, a wet spot already formed from pre-cum.

Bakugou's almost too distracted by it to notice when Todoroki halts with his pants midway through his thighs, taking a deep breath before pulling them off in a swift movement, and Bakugou's gaze is immediately drawn to the Mark that spreads all the way down his left leg.

A beautiful Soulmate Mark, as large as Bakugou's own, with a red swirling pattern that starts at the exact same spot where Bakugou's Mark ends.

"This-" Bakugou starts, but he's not sure what to say, because everything is suddenly too fucking much to process, because Todoroki has been lying to him all this time, and because he is Bakugou's fucking soulmate.

There's too many questions running through his head, but Bakugou shoves them all for later in favor of leaning forward, following Todoroki's Mark with the pads of his fingers almost reverently.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he mutters before lowering his mouth to where the Mark ends near his calf. His name leaves Todoroki's lips in a breathy whisper, and when Bakugou looks up Todoroki's eyes are fixed on him, his expression a mix of relief and anticipation.

Bakugou doesn't break eye contact as his tongue dips out to lick at the Mark, slowly making his way up as he does the same with his lips as he's done with his fingers, stopping to suck hard when he reaches the inside of Todoroki's thigh. He pulls back, watching the mark he's made himself bloom next to the red swirls, his own claim to add to the one that's been with Todoroki for his entire life.

"Katsuki, please," Todoroki whines, eyes closing as his head falls back, hands gripping the sheets tightly. Bakugou can feel his muscles clenching underneath his hands and his own erection twitches, begging to be touched, but he ignores the urge to grind down, holding Todoroki's hips to keep him from bucking up as he moves to mouth at his cock through his underwear.

Todoroki's moan is nowhere near low this time, and any semblance of patience that Bakugou might have had shatters.

He gets rid of Todoroki's last piece of clothing hastily, sparing a few moments to stare at him, sprawled on his bed with a flush on his cheeks and breath coming out in pants, his cock straining against his abdomen as he looks up at Bakugou with nothing short of desperation.

It's the most erotic sight he's ever seen, driving him mad with the need to wreck Todoroki even more.

"Katsuki, what are you look- oh, God," Todoroki gasps, his question lost as Bakugou takes him in his mouth without warning.

Bakugou bobs his head, moaning at the heavy weight against his tongue. The slightly bitter taste is strange, but he can't bring himself to care, not when one of Todoroki's hands is buried in his hair, nails digging into his scalp, and the other is gripping Bakugou's own for dear life where it rests against his hips.

Bakugou's dreamed of this, touched himself so many times as he imagined it, but nothing could have prepared him for how fucking good it feels to have Todoroki writhing underneath him, any sliver of composure gone as Bakugou sucks his cock. He's so hard it hurts, and he finally caves in and lowers his free hand down to his neglected erection, groaning against Todoroki's skin as he starts pumping slowly.

"Are you- are you touching yourself?" Todoroki asks, and Bakugou raises his eyes to look at him, answering with a moan as he swirls his tongue over the head of his cock. "Oh, fuck." Todoroki's entire body tenses, hips bucking into Bakugou's mouth before he can stop him. Bakugou pulls back a little, fighting his gag reflex before picking up the same rhythm again. "Fuck, I'm gonna come- Katsuki, ah-"

Bakugou doesn't take his eyes off Todoroki's face even as he feels his cock twitch, the other's pleasure-ridden expression searing into his mind as he swallows the thick streaks of come that fill his mouth, unable to keep some of it from dripping down his chin.

Todoroki's panting when Bakugou finally lifts his head, taking his hand off his own cock long enough to sit back on Todoroki's legs. An unspoken question hangs in the air and Todoroki nods, still looking half-dazed as his hands move to grip Bakugou's thighs, a weak moan leaving his lips when Bakugou starts jerking off again.

"Fuck," Bakugou groans, hips rolling forward into his hand. With all the pent-up tension and the sight of Todoroki looking utterly wrecked underneath him, it doesn't take long until he's coming with Todoroki's name falling from his lips, staining the other's chest with white. He lazily strokes himself through his orgasm, limbs heavy and twitching with the aftershocks; Todoroki's eyes don't move away from him once, his gaze burning on Bakugou's skin, fingers caressing the point where his Soulmate Mark ends.

Bakugou hunches forward, feeling like his body has turned to jelly. He has enough energy left to avoid crushing Todoroki as he plops down on the bed beside him, blindly searching for something to clean up the mess with as he tries to regulate his breathing.

After he's done, Bakugou turns to his side to face Todoroki, reaching out to brush aside some of the strands of hair that fall on his forehead.

"You lied to me," he says. For once, his tone is not accusing or angry; it's nothing more than a statement.

Todoroki nods, eyes closing momentarily before he turns to look at Bakugou again.

"You knew it ever since that day, in the locker room."

"I did." Todoroki agrees, sighing. "I chose not to say anything, because it doesn't mean anything. It would've been the same if we didn't have these," he continues, his gaze dropping to the blue markings on Bakugou's chest as he traces the pattern with his fingertips. "I don't need a Soulmate Mark to tell me who I should love."

There's a lot that hangs unspoken behind his words. Bakugou can tell from his expression that this is still something he carries from his past, a different kind of mark branded into him ever since he was little, so he doesn't press the subject further, instead pulling Todoroki into a soft kiss before pulling the blankets up to cover them.

He's never cared much about all that soulmate bullshit anyway, even though there's still a warm feeling on his chest when he thinks about how Todoroki's connected to him in yet another way.

As for love, well.

Bakugou runs his fingers through Todoroki's hair, closing his eyes as the other's breathing slowly evens out, letting exhaustion overtake him as he drifts off to sleep.

Love is a different story entirely.