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Bits and Pieces of Many Worlds

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They were sitting together, just relaxing after another long day of working on the cases that came through their labs. Greg’s head was resting on the arm of Grissom’s arm chair as he tried to relax after the day he had dealt with. “Two rapes, three homicides and an officers shooting,” he grumbled, rubbing at his tired eyes. “And when I wasn’t stuck in the lab, I was kneeling on the ground, picking hairs off the damn floor.”


“You did want to become a field tech,” Grissom said, smiling as his youngest tech pouted.


“I know, but I wasn’t expecting to have to worry about shedding cops,” Greg groaned, sending a look at his friend and boss. “The guy was leaving hairs all over the damn place. The entire scene was…” he trailed off, sitting up fast, eyes narrowed in thought. “The entire scene was covered in his shed hair.”


Standing up, he was up and running for his lab, the pictures and the tests he wanted still tucked away in an evidence box. Writing down why he was breaking the tape, he pulled out what he wanted and walked into a conference room, finding Grissom already there. Laying out the pictures, he explained his thoughts, getting a small smile and a nod from the older man before they passed on the information to the detective that was working the case.


Once the crooked cop was arrested and the confession had been gotten, they were back in Grissom’s office once more, Greg laying out on the couch, snoring softly as Grissom read a new journal about tarantulas.


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No one knew that they got together whenever they were able to, and they liked it that way. Things were getting heated in the outside world, barely touching the lives that were sheltered behind the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their secret dates were the only thing that was keeping them sane as they could be in their world.


Slipping out of the library, Lily headed for the room that she knew would be set up for their date, her companion waiting patiently for her. Finding no one in the halls, she arrived un-harassed, pulling her hair back out of her face with a few movements. Opening the door, she smiled sweetly at her secret date and stepped into the room, door closing behind her as dark eyes softened as they spotted her.


“Lily,” Severus sighed, putting his book aside and stood, moving to take her bag and robe, leaving her in a simple skirt and a loose sweater. “I hope you don’t mind a simple date tonight. I learned the spell that reads a book for you. I figured ‘Taming of the Shrew’ would interest you,” he said, leading her to where a book sat upon a mini pedestal before a merrily crackling fireplace, surrounded by windows where snow fell outside of them, creating the illusion that they were alone. Large, fluffly floor pillows sat amongst several blankets, creating a comfortable floor nest for them.


“It sounds wonderful. Do I smell seafood?” Lily asked, kissing one pale cheek, smiling at the barely there blush she got.


“Yes, butterfly shrimp, lightly fried crab cakes, lemon and herb salmon and biscuits, all courtesy of my mothers recipes and the house elves,” the black haired man said, waving at the basket next to their nest. Sitting down, they enjoyed the story, the food and sparkling juice and each others company. Even as their date continued on, the knowledge of what was to happen at the end of their night together looked in the back of their minds. The world outside was growing colder, more dangerous and prejudices were running high. Their love would never be accepted.


She was a muggle born witch and Severus, despite his muggle father, was a high born pure blood. She was hated, and he was considered something better then sludge. And they both knew it.


But behind the closed doors of their room, behind the facades they were carrying around as their faces, they were themselves, just Lily and Severus, a couple who loved each other dearly. They could enjoy their love and their trust with each other, the outside world ignored for the moment.


Giggling as the book came to an end, Lily swirled her drink around and looked up at her dark companion, green eyes meeting black. Their lips brushed together, getting a soft, sweet sigh from the fiery red head who responded eagerly to it. Pulling apart, the sweet female licked her lips as she lingered in the glow of the feelings that filled her heart.


“Severus,” she finally sighed, feeling long fingers slid through her hair gently, pushing the long strands back out of her face.


“My Lily flower,” Severus sighed lowly, eyes soft and loving. “I dread the rest of our lives.”


“Oh, Severus, not matter what happens, I will always be with you,” she promised. With one more lingering kiss between them, they cleaned up the room before smiling with a gentle look, Lily handed the dark haired man a picture of them. “Keep this and remember that no matter what happens, I will always love you and who you are. I know what you must do and why, and I don’t really approve, but I do support you.”


“Thank you, Lily,” Severus sighed quietly, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs as her own hands rested on his chest. “I will forever hold you in my heart, but you know that I have to seal my memories away. I won’t put you in any more danger then I must.”


“I know, Sev, I know. My heart hurts knowing this, but it must be done,” Lily sighed, kissing the man before her, eyes pricking with tears. “Good bye, my sweet thyme.” Laughing softly at the nickname that was a light poke at his natural scent, Severus watched as she left before letting his tears fall.


It was nearly 23 years later that it happened. Lily was long gone, Voldemort had been defeated and Severus was watching over Hogwarts after his death.


Harry sighed as he played with a box about the size of a boot box stuffed full of letters that his mother had written to Severus but had never sent to him. Having found them, the young 19 year old had decided that the potions master deserved to have them.


Stepping into the room that had been set up for Severus to call his own, green eyes sweeping over the furniture, he walked farther into it, knowing the man knew he was there.


“Is there a reason you’ve invaded my rooms, Harry?” And speak of the ghost.


“I have something to give you, Professor,” Harry replied, looking to the dark haired man who looked as he always did, but transparent and floating. “Something from my mom. She left it in my main vault, along with a bunch of pictures, journals and letters meant for you.”


“Me?” Severus asked, looking surprised at that fact. His bound memories had come back after he died, but he hadn’t expected her to keep writing to him.


“Yeah. Her journals said that...just because you didn’t remember, didn’t mean she couldn’t write to you,” Harry said, sitting down on the couch, putting the box down on the table, Severus sitting across from him. Pulling the lid off, he took the letters out, spreading them on the table. “Starts from the night of your last date up to the night of their deaths.”


“How did you know about our dates?” Severus asked, getting a smile so much like his flowers, that if he had been alive, his breath would have been stolen.


“Her journals,” Harry replied, the two words explaining it all, drawing a bittersweet smile from the potions master.


“Read them to me? I would...but I can’t touch them,” the black eyed man asked, drawing a light laugh from Harry as he picked up the first one and opened it, pulling out 3 simple sheets of parchment paper.


“My dearest thyme, tonight is the beginning of our new lives and it leaves such a bittersweet taste in my mouth.”



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Staring at his mirror, Bill sighed lowly and turned away from it, blue eyes landing on his robes. He was divorcing from his fiance, in a way that is. They were breaking their engagement contract, having been unable to have their wedding and the stress of the war had broken their relationship apart.


Though he wasn’t very surprised about it happening: he knew that many relationships had gone under during the battles that tore England apart.


Running his hand through his hair, Bill pulled on his clothes, ignoring the sound of his door opening and closing as he buttoned his shirt.


“What does it say about the world if even you, one of the most stubborn men in the universe can’t hold a relationship together?” Charlie asked, sitting down on one of the chairs that occupied Bills room. “This war has really fucked the wizarding world over, that’s for sure.”


“But if also opened up a lot of eyes about the state of our world to. We let ourselves fall so behind and become corrupted by those who don’t want change,” Bill replied, shaking his head.


“Yes, but now we can fix it since the old world is dying before the new generation who has seen what being stagnant in tradition can do to a world,” Charlie hummed, watching his scarred brother drop onto the chair across from him, eyes lost to thought. “Hermione will be the fore runner of fixing the things that has been fucked up. Hopefully things will be straighted out and life all around will get better.” Looking to his brother, Bill raised an eyebrow at Charlie before snorting in laughter.


“When did we go from talking about my failed relationship to the state of our world?” he asked amongst snorts of laughter. Charlie just laughed in return and shrugged his shoulder, shaking his head as he bent over, holding his stomach.


“I have no idea,” the younger man wheezed, wiping at his eyes as he sat up straight again. Licking his lips, he smiled at Bill, who was lounging back in his chair. “So, what shall we do after you unshackle yourself from Fluer?” he asked, crossing his legs at the ankle, looking curious.


“No idea,” Bill replied, kicking back and smoothing his hair down, eyes bored as he thought of the possibilities. “I’ll probably wait until around Halloween before dating, not that I won’t say no if asked.”


“Sounds like a plan. You only have a few months before October and it would look good on your part. I hear Fluer has a new engagement contract to sign the moment your is dissolved,” Charlie hummed, crossing his arms behidn his head.


“She can’t sign shit for three months after the contract is broken,” Bill sang, dark eyes glowing in delight as he rocked back on two legs. “So any contract she has will have to wait.”


“Sometimes I forget just how good you are with contracts and the such,” Charlie snorted, shaking his head with a smile.


“Yeah, but the same goes for me, not that I’m really interested in a new relationship so soon,” Bill hummed, looking to his clock, noting the time. Standing up, he grabbed his robes and pulled them on, smoothing out the wrinkles in the dark green fabric. “Time to go dissolve a three year relationship. Will the others be there?” he asked Charlie who had stood and played with his own robes.


“Yeah. Most of the family, Hermonie, and Harry to,” Charlie replied, watching Bill pull on his shoes.


“Cool,” the scarred man hummed, checking the time again as he tucked his wand away and pulled his hair back. “You want to know the worst part about this is?”


“What?” Charlie asked, opening the door to the bedroom.


“I won’t get laid every night and I kinda got used to it,” Bill whined, making his brother burst into laughter as they headed down the stairs.


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Romania,’ Harry thought, ‘is indeed beautiful.Gazing out of the window, he stirred his coffee as he waited for his lover to get back from the meeting about the loss of one of their dragons. Charlie had gone to it nearly an hour ago and Harry was bored as he drank coffee and picked through the tree ornaments they had gathered over the last 11 months as lovers.

Charlie had actually made it to the January after his 18th birthday before he had given in and kissed Harry silly. Molly had just smiled happily while Arthur had promised to keep a leash on her. The twins had pouted that Charlie was going to drag off their favorite little brother off to Romania. Ron had just muttered ‘finally', Bill agreeing with him. The squeal from Hermonie had startled even the gnomes into hiding.

Ginny's screech of outrage had surprised no one, leaving them with ringing ears. Harry and Charlie had hardly seen her when they had gone to see the Wesley family for a quick vacation on Harry’s birthday and then that November to celebrate Harry’s acceptance into the Romanian Healer program. He was now 19, living with Charlie and about to begin his own apprenticeship in February.

He was truly happy for once, free from everyones expectations and he loved every single moment of it.

The sound of the front door opening drew Harry out of his contemplation of the half decorated tree. Green eyes turned to the doorway, smiling as his red headed lover appeared, smiling softly at him.

“Hey there, caramel,” Charlie greeted, his voice rumbling and light.

“Must you call me caramel?” Harry asked, putting his coffee cup down as he moved to greet Charlie. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him close with a low rumble of pleasure.

“Yes, I must. You are my favorite piece of candy after all,” Charlie teased, Harry laughing lowly and shaking his head.

“Come on, oh fearless one, I made brandied coffee for the two of us. It waits for us,” he chuckled, picking up his own cup and draining the last of his regular coffee.

“Oh, I do love your brandied coffee,” Charlie sighed, letting his younger lover draw him away from the doorway into the warmly scented kitchen. It looked as if Harry had been busy cooking once more.

When Harry had found himself free of the shadow of Voldemort just before his 17th birthday, the young man had thrown himself into his studies. He had explored the options for a career, finally deciding on healing and the school to start his training. But at one time, he had contemplated becoming a chef, and had convinced Molly to teach him how to cook and bake more then what he had known. He had become proficient at holiday treats and the piles of goodies proved it.

“You made peanut butter fudge,” Charlie said, eyeing the tray that was piled high.

“I made a lot of fudge, all kinds,” Harry drawled, pulling down two special cups they only used for brandied coffee as Charlie grabbed a plate. “Look in the fridge. Your lunch is in there, so lunch first.”

“Yes, mum,” Charlie drawled, eyes sparkling in amusement as he took out the plate that was filled with a grilled sandwich, that still felt a bit warm, chips that had been baked instead of fried and a small orange that was already peeled.

“Git. Now cancel the stasis charm and your food will be nice and warm,” Harry drawled, giving Charlie a look when his hand crept towards the plate of fudge. The red head chuckled lowly and did so, his food steaming. Digging in, he watched the younger man start to put together small care packages for their co-workers that couldn’t go home for the Christmas holidays, or didn’t have a home to go to. There was a giant celebration for both the dragon tamers and the healers on Christmas Eve and Harry planned on handing out the packages then.

A few were bigger then the others, making Charlie cock his head to the side and put the chip in his fingers down.

“Who’s getting those big packages?” he asked as Harry placed a couple of bags of fruits amongst the candy and cookies.

“Well, a couple of my co-workers are single parents. Two lost their spouse in the war and one lost her wife to cancer. They won’t take money, but I’m going to help them. There’s seeds for all sorts of veggies and Winky and Dobby will be watching over the children and crops along with ours,” Harry admitted, adding ribbons and bows. Charlie hummed quietly, blue eyes bright as he slid off the chair and moved over to wrap his arms around Harry’s waist.

“You amaze me all the damn time,” he husked, getting a soft smile. “Can you sneak in a gift card or two? I know that on occasion they buy muggle.”

“I can, in the card,’ Harry replied, turning around and getting a slow sweet kiss from his lover.

“Love you, my caramel.”

“Love you to, oh fearless one. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.”



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When he had broken into the castle, he hadn’t expected to meet the two brothers who lived there. Inuyasha had had a restless night and had been gazing at the items that had been his mother's and the few things that his mother had given their father. Having a sensitive nose and an uncanny ability to surprise, he had found the Kitsune trying to get around a seal around one necklace that they protected.


In exchange for not cutting him off from the world of nature via beads, Kurama had agreed to meeting Sesshomaru for a job. The Kitsune hadn’t expected the puppy eared inu's older brother to look much like a spirit fox without the ears and tail.


Smirking at the dry look that he was getting, Kurama tapped his claws on his knee as Inuyasha snickered near by his brother. Idly watching as the Hanyou reached out and brushed his fingers over Sesshomarus shoulder, drawing gold eyes, the Kitsune raised an eyebrow at the soft look on Inuyashas face.


“I’m going back to bed, brother. You’ll tell me how the talk goes tomorrow?” he asked, getting a nod.


“Yes. Get some rest. If you can’t, get Ishina to make you some of that tea,” Sesshomaru said, a bit of warmth creeping into his normally cool voice.


“Yes, yes, I will brother,” Inuyasha laughed lowly, leaving the Inu and Kitsune to talk in privacy.

“Youko Kurama, master thief. I’ve been looking for you for some time and here you are, breaking into my home and trying to steal a cursed necklace,” Sesshomaru drawled once the younger Inu's footsteps faded. “I need you to go steal something for me. My brother had a lover who died a couple of moons ago and his personal items were taken by a female slayer. She has had a shield erected to keep my brother and I from gathering the items. They include a set of prayer beads, a tall staff for a monk and a bonding bracelet.”


“Why would she take the items?” Kurama asked, eyes dark but curious, his ears perked.


“She was far from happy that Inuyasha was chosen over her,” Sesshomaru said, smirking at the growl

that the information got. “So, will you do it?”


“Can I ransack the bitch?” Kurama asked, smirking darkly.


“Leave the brother be, but do what you will with her things,” Sesshomaru drawled.


Nearly three weeks later, Inuyasha was rubbing at his stomach as he gently played with the beads that had held Mirokus wind tunnel back for so long. His outfit sat upon a mannequin under a special preservation spell along with the staff that shone in the light.


While Inuyasha remembered and mourned his lost lover, Kurama was enjoying the benefits of pleasing a youkai lord.


Who had known that the Inu was so flexible in his bedroom role and liked bondage?


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Watching his mates play fight with each other, Kouga lent back against his tree, eyes bored but rather happy. Naraku had been taken care of finally and his tribe was once more thriving, everyone having pups and finding enough food for them. He, especially, had hit the jackpot of life mates in his companions.

They were both very strong in their own right but they were still very loving and made good mates for him. They had found orphaned pups from another tribe that had met an unfortunate end by Naraku's hand. Ginta and Hakkaku had adopted the twin pups, both of who barely had their eyes open and had convinced him to make them theirs officially. So he had taken in the pups and it was one of the best decisions that he had made.

Smiling, he reached down and gently stroked one ear of his littlest pup, getting a sleep mummer from him as the little one curled up against his brother, making him smile lightly. They were taking their naps while their “mothers” play fought with each other nearby, making him laugh lightly under his breath.

Watching a rabbit hop up to the other two males Kouga winced when they pounced upon it and started to scold the small creature, quickly petting it gently. They knew better then to hurt the white rabbit, because no matter how innocent it looked, one day it would grow to protect their pups and advise them in the way of running a tribe.

“Give him over. No need to spoil our little white friend,” Kouga called out, smiling when Ginta came over with the rabbit. Taking him and a lingering kiss, the wolf prince smiled as Hakkaku padded over to get his own kiss before dragging off their counterpart to continue playing and having a bit of fun as Kouga put the small rabbit down next to the twins. Watching them grab it and cuddle the poor thing to death, he smiled and shook his head.

Looking up, he went back to watching his mates continue to pounce and play with each other. He was sure it was rather interesting in just how life had turned out. He had joined up with Inuyashas pack, watch Naraku be destroyed until nothing was left of him and had gotten a wonderful family that loved him, even knowing his faults.

Oh yes, life was good after all of the dark days before.

Title: My Love, My Mate

Fandom: Inuyasha/GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

Pairings/Characters: Sesshomaru/Storm Shadow

Word count: 361

Warnings: some smut



The slow thrusts drove him mad, body moving under the strong body, legs wrapped around lean hips as he tried to cling to his mate. With a low growl that trailed off into a quiet gasp, he came, spilling across his stomach, the wetness smearing across their skin as the slow thrusts contiued until his mate filled him with warm wetness.

Panting Storm Shadow smoothed his fingers over Sesshomaru's shoulders, pouting when his mate pulled out, entrance twitching at the feeling of emptiness and stickyness that escaped from his body. Sighing as his mate laid over him, Storm Shadow wrapped his arms around the strong chest of the stronger youkai, drawing him as close as possible. Nuzzling into his mate neck with a sigh of pleasure, the smaller male smiled, the larger of the two had to laugh at the sound of the content sound that came from him.

Shifting, Sesshomoru pulled the slim cat over his body, holding him close. Trailing his fingers down the lean back, feeling the sweet body arch into his hand and long lean legs fall onto either side of his hips, the inu pulled their blanket over them and nuzzled into soft, sweat drenched hair and took a deep sniff of their conbined scents.

Sesshomaru loved smelling the way their scents mixed together, even if they hadn't touched one another in hours, especially with the musk of sex. There was something about that musky spice that mingled with the pleasant darkness that was his Storm Shadows scent. It was a rather interesting combination, one that he had never come across in all of the times he had come together with various sexual partners. And one that he would forever associate with his gentle, killer mate.

Sesshomaru idly wondered what was going on with Inuyasha and his mate before putting aside the thought as the lithe hips wiggled and pressed against his own in temptation. Dark eyes looked up into golden, watching them darken as Storm Shadow wiggled again, trying to arouse his mate once more.

“Naughty kitten,” Sesshomaru drawled as he flipped them over again, starting to love his mate into the bed once more.


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The breeze was dancing through the trees that stood around the twosome, covering them with cool, welcomed shade. Kagome was back in her time once more while Sango had taken Kirara and Shippo to her village, leaving Miroku and Inuyasha alone. Though Miroku was thinking long and hard about something or another, leaving his companion to his own devices.

Looking to the hanyou, Mirkou raised an eyebrow at finding a scroll in his hands, the dark brows twitching over annoyed gold eyes.

“Didn't anyone tell you that it's not nice to stare?” Inuyasha groused, not even looking up from the scroll as he rolled it up and tucked it away in his sleeve.

“I'm surprised that you know such a thing,” the monk hummed, leaning against the trunk of the tree that they were under. Inuyasha snorted lightly, mimicking Mirokus position.

“My mother started to teach me things before she died. Manners and the such. Some of it has stuck around but when you're living in the woods and trying to stay alive, it becomes unimportant,” the inu hummed, drawing Miroku's eyes.

“So, what's with the scroll?” Miroku asked, curious about that and unwilling to drag up painful memories.

“It's the youkai lords meeting time. The clan heads get together every ten years to resign treaties and work out any major problems they have with each other without resorting to fights and war,” Inuyasha explained, shrugging slightly. “I've missed the last fourteen. Missed four because I was moving around to much for a messenger to find me when I was old enough and then I was pinned to a tree.”

“I see,” Miroku hummed, the two falling into a comfortable silence. The dark haired human was unsurprised when Inuyasha shifted closer to him, their shoulders brushing. They were growing closer, having agreed to give their growing feelings a chance.

As much as they cared for the women in their lives, there was just to much abuse coming from them.

His mind drifting away from their budding relationship to the meeting that was to come, Miroku smiled as Inuyasha laid onto his back, head in the monks' lap.

He knew that his other half would need some major lessons in manners. Inuyasha was brash, a brute at times, but blunt and truthful. Knowing the young hanyou, he would rub wrong against the other nobles. He couldn't very well let the man go and deal with those who would look down on him and his wild ways, despite his parentage. A human princess on one side of it and a full inu youkai lord on the other created a beautiful creature that neither side wanted to accept.

Looking down, Miroku had to laugh at himself, finding one hand buried in soft silver hair, rubbing at the base of one furry ear. Inuyasha was far from complaining though, nearly pushing into his hand with soft rumbles of pleasure. This...this was something that the girls would never truly understand.

Kagome would pout at not being the one able to keep Inuyasha's attention and being the one to stroke his ears. Sango would be upset that Miroku wasn't paying attention to her, but wouldn't show it, or try not to. They wouldn't understand the sheer trust that there was between him and Inuyasha.

Watching Inuyasha doze, Miroku decided to ask about etiquette lessons later, just to allow the sleeping inu time to rest peacefully for once.


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“You’re such a brat, Inuyasha,” Kouga snorted as the young hanyou washed his skin, back to the wolf prince.

“Why do you think that, wolf?” Inuyasha asked, more then used to Kouga invading his time at the hot springs. He figured it was the wolf's way of pushing his buttons and not getting attacked by him.

“Because of the way you act. You don’t seem to respect anyone and it shows,” Kouga drawled, sitting onto the ground and stretching out his legs as he watched as Inuyasha dipped down, wetting his hair before standing up and run his fingers through the dark silver hair, careful of his twitching ears.

“I respect people, you're just not one of them,” Inuyasha stated, swimming towards one of the boulders, reaching behind it. Pulling out a small jar, he tipped out a thick oil and put the jar back, all under the watchful eye of Kouga.

“So, who do you respect?” Kouga asked, drawing gold eyes over to him as Inuyasha worked the oil into his hair, massaging it into a thick lather.

“I respect Miroku for what he is deaing with, especially since he knows what will happen to him and any child he has if Naraku isn't dealt with for good,” Inuyasha hummed, going back to washing his hair as Kouga continued to watch. “I respect Sesshomaru despite what he has done to me. I can understand why he feels the way he does. I don't approve of it, but I understand it.”

“Do you now?” Kouga drawled, eyes dark as the hanyou nodded before once more dipping backwards, rinsing out his hair.

“Yes; and no, I won't tell you why. That's his history and I won't break that promise to him,” Inuyasha said, standing up once more, moving to the boulder, resting against it, his hair floating around his body. Kouga continued to watch his companion, taking in every detail from the gentle yet strong slope of neck into shoulder all the way to the triangular ears that twitched.

“So who else do you respect?” Kouga asked after a few moments, curious as to how the young inu chose to respect.

“Shippo in a way. He lost both of his parents but yet he wanted to go up against the Thunder Brothers to get revenge and to retrieve his fathers pelt,” came the reply. “He's still young though and still needs to do some growing up. Sango I respect because out of all of the things that she had gone through, she still fights and hasn't stopped once.”

“Why wasn't Kagome on that list?” Kouga asked after thinking about it. Inuyasha snorted and looked over at him that scarily reminded the wolf of Sesshomaru.

“She is a spoiled child. She doesn't make anything she owns, she buys it all. Even her arrows are made by Sango or Kaede,” he drawled once more, running his claws through his hair. “Drop her in a situation where she has nothing except the clothes on her back and she'd end up deader then a corpse, which is saying something. Her only good point is the ability to sense the jewel shards and even the walking corpse with Kikyo's face can do that better then her. On top of that, she takes off so often I'm surprised that Naraku hasn't won already,” he finished. Getting tired of being in the hot water, he stepped out, uncaring of his nudity, instead drying off with a small piece of cloth. Kouga watched with wide eyes, mind stuttering to a stop at the sight.

“So, why don't you respect me?” he finally asked as Inuyasha pulled on his pants.

“Great leader you are, you're just as brash as I am. As a leader, you need to think of your pack first and revenge last,” Inuyasha said, pulling on his top. “That and you want a spoiled brat for a mate. One that abuses her power, on another note. Not even I'm that masochistic,” he finished before gathering his things and leaving, Kouga lost in thoughts about the truths that Inuyasha had laid out before him.

He had to respect the fact that as brash, and in some cases, innocent and brat like, Inuyasha was rather observant and really blunt.


Chapter Text

“Will you stop pouting, Inuyasha?” Sesshomaru sighed quietly as Inuyasha just gave him a glare in return before returning to his scroll, rolling up what he had just read, going back to also ignoring his older brother. The elder inu rubbed the side of his nose and eyed the younger male who was trying very hard to ignore him. He had to wonder if he had pushed his brother a bit too far. “Will you talk with me?”

“Why should I? You seem to not want to hear what I have to actually say,” Inuyasha snorted, making Sesshomaru groan lowly and sit back in his seat.

“Inuyasha...” he tried, surprised by the soft growl as the younger inu stood up and put his hands on his hips, looking very much like their grandmother at that moment.

“No. You know what, if you want me to talk, I'll talk. But this time, you damn well will listen to me and you won't say a damn thing while I talk. Do you understand?” Inuyasha asked, getting a nod. “First of all, I'm not the reason why our father died, so put a damn leash on your mother before I show her just what I inherited from father. I'm getting tired of her trying to poison me, of my friends being degraded every chance she can and her insistent need to send whores to my room in an attempt of making it seem that I would dare sully our family name.”

Sesshoumaru felt his eyebrows raise up far enough to hid under his bangs about the information that came from Inuyasha about his mother's activities against him. He had not known that she would do such things, especially since he was courting the younger inu. It would seem he would need to make it clear to her and any others against his brother that they took second place to Inuyasha, if that.

“You know what else? The only fucking servant in this place that likes me is Jaken. He's taken to doling out punishments for those who don't do their damn jobs properly. You know that new kimono that you got me? Ruined, shredded. And not by me,” Inuyasha snorted, watching his older brother twitch.

“Who?” Sesshomaru asked, getting a smug smirk.

“She's mucking out the stables and will be doing so for the next 15 years. But what has really pissed me off is that you punished me for something that I hadn't started! No, you take the damn wolf's side over mine, and I'm the one you're courting, not him,” the younger inu snorted, eyes hurt and ears flat. “Sesshomaru, Kouga called me a pet, nothing more then a whore. He said once you were done with me, you would leave me and mate with a real demon.”


With those soft spoken words, hurt dripping from them, Sesshomaru could feel the shame and anger mix and rise in his chest. He had punished Inuyasha for attacking one he had seen as a guest, not as an idiot who would push his brother into attacking him. Sighing, he stood and gathered the stiff Inuyasha into his arms, nuzzling between the tiny ears that he loved to tease.

“I'm sorry, my sweet puppy. I suppose there is more of my mother then our father in my blood sometimes and it makes me a complete fool sometimes,” Sesshomaru sighed, feeling Inuyasha melt against him. “I will deal with Kouga's idiocy and if he ever says such things again, tell me. He, nor any others, shall be allowed to hurt you.”

“Fine. But next time I get in trouble, you can't punish me for it. I'm going to be lucky to sit easily from the damn spanking you gave me this time,” Inuyasha snorted, feeling the elder male chuckle and draw his fingers through his thick silver hair, loosening the tie that held it back.



Chapter Text

Staring out at the garden, a breeze playing through the open door, Inuyasha sighed and smoothed down the papers that were ruffled in the breeze. Gold eyes took in the elegant writing of his mother, her last pleas for her child stark against the cream of the parchment. What a surprise to find that Sesshoumaru would have taken him in all those years ago if not for a jealous servant and an idiot kappa who had thought himself smarter then his master.


The servant had been shamed and disowned by their own family, while Jaken was still in the dungeons.


Sighing and placing the letters away into a small drawer in his own desk, he stood, smoothing down his simple, dark green kimono. Walking over to the door, he stepped down slightly before kneeling on a soft pillow, just enjoying the soft breeze and the sweet scents that floated on it. Tipping his head back, eyes closed, he let himself relax, fingers idly playing with the hem of his kimono, thoughts turning to his elder brother and what had brought him to the point of actually living with him.


They had found the shards, had put them together and had fought against Naraku all in one day. Kagome had been knocked out near the end, leaving the others to argue over what to do. In the end, Sango had her wish of getting her brother back, Inuyasha had stayed a hanyou and Shippo had decided to stay with him. Kagome's wish had turned out to hurt the most, wiping her memories of all they had done, the memories of any mention of Inuyasha and the others from her friends and had nearly wiped the memories from her families minds if they hadn’t wanted to remember. Miroku's hand had sealed with Naraku's death, leaving them to feel that sting of betrayal.


Once she was gone, they had gone their own ways, Inuyasha and Shippo had stayed to care for Kaede as she trained her last apprentice. She had died at the amazing age of 62 years of age. After that, Inuyasha had decided that he would put aside his pride and send a message to his brother. It was just his luck that Sesshomaru had come to drop Rin off for a bit of medical and herbal training during the winter months.


After they had talked, Inuyasha had discovered why his elder brother had never responded to his mothers missives: Sesshomaru had never gotten them. That had been nearly a month ago and it was the night of the new moon, leaving him defenseless for the first time. Shippo would not be touched, he knew, due to the fact that he was still a kit, a child.


Sighing again, he lifted a lock of silver hair as the sun settled in the horizon. Inuyasha watched as it went from the moonlight color to the rich, dark purple that had at one time been his mother's hair. Rubbing the lock, he frowned as his senses dulled and the sun set completely, leaving only a moonless sky to gaze down over the garden.


Looking up, violet eyes watched the stars, barely hearing the soft footsteps or the rustle of silk brushing silk. A bit of his hair was lifted, drawing his eyes away from the sky and to his brother.


“Sesshomaru?” he queried, wondering what was going on behind the dark gold eyes as he stared down at him.


“Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru rumbled, “I know you said that you turned huma, but as you also said, seeing it and hearing about it are two different things.”


“Told you,” Inuyasha hummed, Sesshomaru letting the piece of hair fall from his fingers. Coming to kneel next to him, the elder brother gazed out over the garden, watching the night life start to flit around. “Shippo is in bed yes?”


“Yes, he is. He understands your concerns about wondering about our home as a human without me being there. His guard is putting him to bed. Called it practice for when his own kit gets that old. I believe that Shippo has planned to give him a work out,” Sesshomaru drawled. Inuyasha chuckled and smoothed his hair back and down.


“Kouga comes tomorrow correct?” he asked, gazing at his nails, not enjoying the fact that they were so very blunt.


“Yes, in preparation for treaty talks.”


“He sent me a letter of intent,” Inuyasha said suddenly, eyes looking from the side. He watched as Sesshomaru's eyes flashed before he moved, pinning his younger brother to the ground, growling.


“He has no right to court you,” was the growled words. Inuyasha felt his body flush and heat, a feeling he had gotten used to over the last month. He gasped lowly, hearing the elder Inu change the pitch of his growl to one of delight, his nose buried in the side of his neck.


“Why is that?” he asked, wondering why his voice was so very soft.


“Because I had first claim on you since you were but a pup,” Sesshomaru growled, settling his body against the smaller one, clawed fingers sliding to part Inuyashas kimono. Inuyasha made a questioning sound as he arched up into the barely hinted at claws. “I saw you and knew that I would claim my right as your Alpha and take you as my mate. I just had to wait for the right time.”


Inuyasha shivered at the dark promise in Sesshomaru's voice and feeling the hard length that rubbed against his hip. He could feel the lust start to burn, a familiar feeling that he had a name for as he laid beneath his brother. He wanted the heavy body moving over him, wanted the hard length to slide into his very willing, if untouched, body and mark him as a claimed mate.


“Sesshomaru,” Inuyasha whined, shifting his legs until he was able to part the bottom half of his kimono, allowing his brother to settle between his legs. Sesshomaru purred even louder as he rocked his hips forward, getting a pleasured sound as the younger Inu gasped and jerked.


“I will claim you as a human, as a hanyou and as a demon. I will take you as often as I wish to and make sure that you smell like me,” Sesshoumaru rumbled in one ear. Inuyasha groaned at the thought. He knew from his readings that any bruises and marks inflicted on his body by his mate as they came together would heal slowly and looked forward to that fact.


“Yes,” Inuyasha breathed, licking his lips in anticipation. Sesshomaru drew one hand down to a tone thigh, dragging it up over to rest over his hip. “Sesshomaru…”


“Shush, just enjoy,” Sesshomaru growled, meeting Inuyasha eyes, the gold tinged with a bit of red. The smaller Inu cooed softly, even as a human his instincts running strong, licking at the under side of his lovers chin. The pleased rumble sending tingles through his body, his fingers coming up to gently rest on his soon to be mate's arms.


Sesshomaru sat up, pulling Inuyasha's hips up to rest on his lap, his arms resting over his head and dark hair spread out. The sheer submission of the lax and willing body before him pleased his youkai, even as he spread the kimono that hid his lovers body from him. The fudoshi that was revealed was pale against Inuyasha's and easily removed, placed aside. He once more focused on the leanly muscled body before him, smirking as he drew lean hips up, bending slightly.


Inuyasha made a startled noise as Sesshomaru licked over his entrance, his head thunking against the boards under him as the elder inu held him up easily and teased the ring of muscles until it twitched and fluttered. Inuyasha softly panted and mewled, legs curled so that his brother had full access to his body.


Purring loudly, Sesshomaru worked his tongue over and into the shuddering body, tasting the sweetness that was his brother. Dipping his tongue past the muscles again, he worked to slick the entrance, worked to ready Inuyasha for their first mating. Brining a clawed hand up, he wiggled and felt them retract enough so that he would not hurt the smaller male. Removing his tongue and mouth, getting a whine of need and displeasure, he slicked his fingers with saliva before returning back to what he had been doing, introducing one finger carefully.


At the first sign of tensing muscles, Sesshomaru growled softly, getting a whine from the pretty human as the muscles relaxed once more. Growling again, the sound rumbling and soothing, he stared to slide his fingers in and out of the body, pressing against the muscles. Inuyasha whined and twitched under him at the burn of the stretch, trying to stay still even though he wanted to write under the onslaught of pleasure.


Pulling his mouth away once more, Sesshomaru lowered Inuyashas hips to be able to watch the pleasured face. Smirking, the elder Inu introduced a second finger, pausing to allow the other to get used to the added burn and stretch. Slowly he spread the fingers, getting soft sounds of confused pleasure as pink lips reddened under the assault of straight teeth.


“Calm yourself, my little one,” Sesshomaru growled. “Breath and allow yourself to enjoy yourself. Let me take care of what your body needs,” he said, smoothing a thumb over the younger inu's bottom lip.


“Sesshomaru,” Inuyasha whimpered, opening his eyes to gaze up at him, arching with a strangled sound when Sesshomaru spread his fingers, making nerves light up.


“Trust me, my dear one. Such new sensations aren’t they? The burn as I work my fingers into your body,” Sesshomaru hummed, following his words as he moved his fingers to slide and spread. “It’s so overwhelming, isn’t it? I can feel you tremble, unsure what to do. A beautiful sight.” Inuyasha whimpered lowly, fingers twisting in his kimono fabric as Sesshomaru worked a third finger into the grasping body.


Spreading them, finding that the muscles relaxed and opened under his touches, Sesshomaru hummed, pleased by that fact and continue to stretch Inuyasha, his other hand moving to open his own hakama, freeing his length with easy movements. Pulling his fingers free of the grasping body, Sesshomaru yanked Inuyasha up and onto his lap, sliding the kimono off while violet eyes widened.


“Sesshomaru?” he asked, shivering as a long fingered hand slid down his back. “What?”


“I need you to use your mouth on me, little one. I must be wet when I take you,” Sesshomaru drawled, watching a gentle blush over take peach colored cheeks.


“Alright,” was the whispered reply, sliding down, shifting his body until he was on his side, twisting so that he could curl one hand around his brothers length. Gently stroking once, he looked up, tongue coming out to lick at his lips before leaning forward. Sesshomaru cupped the back of Inuyasha's head, hissing at the pleasure of feeling a shy tongue stroking over him.


“That’s it, sweet, that’s it,” he breathed, eyes half lidded as he watched Inuyasha shyly take the tip into his mouth. The agile tongue pulled out a low growl of pleasure, the hand smoothing through the dark hair. Inuyasha hummed and worked his mouth lower, choking in surprise and pulling off to cough, Sesshomaru chuckling and ran his hand over the young Inus jaw, sliding his thumb over his full bottom lip.


“Don’t rush yourself, sweet. Just use your tongue and slick me well,” he drawled, Inuyasha nodding his head. Leaning done, he once more started to lick Sesshomarus length, wetting it and tasting his brother. “That’s good enough. Hands and knees before me, and stay relaxed.”


Blinking, Inuyasha gave the slick cock before him one more lick before moving so that his back was to the elder Inu, hips raised. Sesshomaru purred lowly and moved to drape himself over Inuyasha's back, holding his length to press against the stretched entrance, just holding there for a moment before pressing forward.


Inuyasha mewled at the intense burn of something much bigger then fingers filling him, his head arching back to rest against Sesshomarus shoulder. His brother kept one hand pressed on the ground and his other curled around a lean hip, holding him still. Sesshomaru shifted slightly as their hips pressed together, and nipped at the side of Inuyasha's neck.


“Please,” Inuyasha whimpered, head dropping forward, body shivering with need. His entrance was twitching, trying to contract and only sending pleasure through his body.


“Good boy,” Sesshomaru growled before clamping his jaw over the back of his mate's neck. Drawing back, he snapped his hips forward, getting a low whimper, knowing that Inuyasha was more then likely feeling a bit of pain. They both knew that it was a part of their mating and enjoyed it even as Sesshomaru settled into a hard and fast pace, Inuyasha's body jerking as sounds of pleasure escaped him to fill the air around them.


Reaching down, clawed fingers curled around Inuyasha's length, stroking in time with his movements, Sesshomaru letting go of the slim neck as he continued to take his mate.


“I want you to come over that edge. I can feel that you’re there,” Sesshomaru growled, eyes flashing. Inuyasha whined, body shuddering hard as he spilled over his kimono and his lovers hand, tightening hard around the driving length. Growling, the larger man pressed hard into the lean body under him and spilled, smelling their scents mingling together.


Licking at the back of Inuyashas neck, he purred as the body under him started to relax, letting him hold him up. Pulling out, Sesshomaru laid his mate down onto his back, covering his body with his own as footsteps reached their ears.


“Sesshomaru-sama, forgive me for disturbing you while you two bond, but Kouga-san is here,” Karukin, Shippo's usual guardian, said, one ear flicking in embarrassment.


“Thank you. Take him to the formal study please. Inuyasha and I shall be there in a bit,” Sesshomaru drawled, hiding most of his lovers body as the young human blushed, pressing his face into Sesshomaru's neck.


“Yes, Sesshomaru-sama,” Karukin stated, bowing and leaving the two to bathe and redress.


Once they were done with their bath, Sesshomaru lead the way to the study where Kouga was waiting for them, Inuyasha holding onto his arm. Kouga was far from happy when he discovered that his chance at Inuyasha had been destroyed by the elder Inu's claim on him.


Chapter Text

Watching the lean Shinigami as he walked towards the doors that lead out of the dining hall, Inuyasha smirked at his mate, knocking shoulders with the other male. “Come on, you want to get to know him, don’t ya?” he asked lowly, watching Sesshomaru cocked an eyebrow at him. “I know you do. You keep watching him. Go ahead and head off to get to know him.”


“You are truly amazing,” Sesshomaru hummed, standing up after a quick kiss to his lover’s lips before leaving, nodding his head to the amused looking Ichigo and Aizen.


Following after the scent of crisp power that dripped with darkness, Sesshomaru smirked at finding the tattooed Shinigami hauling his laundry in hand, probably heading for the laundry room that was offered to be used by those who didn’t want to deal with having their laundry done for them. It seemed as if Shuuhei was one of those who preferred to do their own laundry.


“Sesshomaru-san, what can I do for you?” Shuuhei asked as they stepped into the large facility with washers and dryers along with a room off to the side to hang things if they so wanted to.


“I was just curious about a few things,” Sesshomaru stated, watching as Shuuhei placed the basket of items down next to a small washer. The tattooed shinigami opened the washer and started to place things into it with a sigh, waiting out the youkai who seemed interested in watching him move.


“Curious?” he asked as he moved to gather his choice of detergents, softeners and a small softner ball. As he poured and measured, Sesshomaru continued to watch, gold eyes taking in every movement.


“Very curious,” Sesshomaru stated once the washer had been started. “About you mostly. Along with a few other things,” he drawled, Shuuhei looking at him with curious but wary eyes. Smirking softly, the youkai lord walked closer and reached up to brush his clawed fingers over the three scars on the other’s face, watching mint green eyes flutter shut with a soft blush spreading over the man’s cheeks.


“What?” Shuuhei breathed, shivering when Sesshomaru smirked, silver eyebrow rising upwards as the youkai stepped forward. Backing up against the washer, he squeaked when clawed hands grasped his hips and lifted him up onto the washer. Swallowing, he allowed the youkai to step between his legs, watching him with wide eyes even as clawed fingers found their way up his chest.


“I find myself curious about how you would look while being pleasured, driven to the heights of ecstasy,” Sesshomaru stated, sounding as if he was talking about the weather, gold eyes darkening as he watched Shuuhei shiver in delighted anticipation. “I believe I shall find that out now,” he chuckled, enjoying the way mint eyes widened in surprise as his hand slid into the jacket of Shuuhei’s white uniform.


“Sesshomaru-san,” came the breathed name, a clawed finger tweaking a caramel nipple careful. Shuuhei gasped and shivered once more, pressing into the touch with a soft moan, not being able to find himself to truly protest what the youkai was doing. “What about Inuyasha-san?” he asked, getting a low chuckle.


“I have his full permission to do this, Shuuhei-san. I doubt that he will complain should I bring you back to our bed,” Sesshomaru said, rubbing his fingers against the hardening nipple, dragging more moans of pleasure from his partner.


Smirking and brushing his lips over the scars once more, he moved lower to brush his lips against the thin lips, feeling them part under his own. Lapping against them, he slipped his tongue into the sweet mouth, meeting the other tongue with his own. Moaning softly, he pressed Shuuhei firmly against him, hands sliding the jacket and top off of him after popping the buttons open. The soft sound of pleasure was eaten by the kiss as his fingers stroked over soft skin and claws barely scrapped over it, drawing up barely there red lines.


Shuuhei gasped and arched into the feeling, shivering softly under the touches, surprised at how good the barely there pain was enough to send pleasure rocking through him. Shifting as he grew fully hard under the talented hands, the tattooed shinigami pressed up into the other man and reached for this tailored shirt that the youkai was wearing. With shaking fingers, he flicked the buttons open and ran them over strong shoulders, Sesshomaru removing his own hands to allow his shirt to fall to the floor. Feeling clawed fingers return to his body, Shuuhei returned to exploring, feeling the skin and muscles under his own fingers.


Sesshomaru rumbled softly in pleasure and smirked as he pulled away from the drugging kiss, gold eyes gazing down at the younger male, eyes running over the flushed skin and friction swollen lips. “Perfect,” he growled, rubbing the thumb of one hand over the bottom lip, eyes darkening even more as the small pink tongue darted out, lapping at the pad of his finger. He chuckled at feeling clever fingers working open his pants, tugging them down enough to free his prick so that they could wrap around his hard length and slowly stroke him. “Very perfect and very happy to pleasure another.”


Shuuhei smiled, still dazed and heavily aroused from Sesshomaru's touches, stroking over the length within his hand, finding his partner just a little over average, but not so much so. He gasped when clawed fingers worked on removing his hakama from around his waist, tugging it down enough for said clawed fingers to mimic his own fingers, curling around his hardness. Twitching into the touch, he breathed out and bit on his bottom lip, moaning when the other male's hand squeezed very gently around him before stroking from tip to root and back up.


Groaning quietly, Sesshomaru started to move his hand, feeling Shuuhei mimic his movements, rolling his hips into the hand as he continued to tease his lover. The two men settled into a slow, easy rhythm between them, hands stroking and sliding, teasing hard pricks and driving their partner to the edge of pleasure. Their lips came together again and again in deep kisses, tongues tangling and stroking, tasting the sounds that they could pull from the other before pulling apart to pant lowly, hands never stopping their movements.


Shuuhei was the first to find that edge, gasping, moaning as he shivered hard and slicked the clawed hand that was calloused from years of sword work, adding a little something to the strokes that dragged every last bit of pleasure that it could out of him. His fingers squeezed around the hard length in them, hearing Sesshomaru snarl before wet warmth slicked his fingers, the prick in his hands twitched.


“You are quite...delightful,” Sesshomaru hummed as he pulled his hand away from the length and licked his fingers, tasting the sweetness of the come on his fingers. Shuuhei watched with dazed eyes, humming as he pulled his own hand away from his partners groin, sticking his tongue out to lap at the come on his own fingers, finding it not as bitter as any others was, but had a tinge of power to it.


Humming, he started to clean his hand with a smirk on his lips as Sesshomaru watched him with darkening eyes once more as he finished cleaning his own hands with his own tongue. “Sesshomaru-san, if you are thinking of continuing this,” Shuuhei husked, voice rough with pleasure, “then I suggest that we redress and head to somewhere with more privacy.”


Sesshomaru smirked down at the other man and nodded his head. “Very well,” he hummed, pulling away from the lean body and pulling up his pants, tucking himself away as he watched the way Shuuhei slid off of the washer, tugging his hakama up once he was standing and re-securing it with an well practiced movement. He picked up his own shirt and slipped it on as the younger male pulled his own tops on, smoothing out the wrinkles.


“You do realize that if we run across anyone, they will know what we did and what we do plan on doing, right?” Sesshomaru asked with some amusement in his tone.


Shuuhei smirked and shrugged one shoulder, brushing a bit of hair that had gone limp during their play back into place, before checking the laundry. “Let me just move this real fast,” he said, using a bit of speed to move the load from washer to dryer, setting it up to dry for the next hour and a half. Once that was done, he brushed a kiss against Sesshomaru's still slightly exposed chest and smirked. “Your room or mine?” he asked.


“Mine,” Sesshomaru stated, quick to reply as he stroked a hand down over the long back and cupping the other males ass, squeezing it with a chuckle.


“Then, I have to say,” Shuuhei hummed, “catch me if you can.” With those words, he dashed out of the laundry room and down the halls, Sesshomaru quickly following after him, hair flying as he chased his prey to their room with a chuckle of amusement


Chapter Text

“So, Abe, how are things for you guys?” Looking up from his book, blinking his black eyes as he gazed at John, he smiled in his surprise. The young man that stood before him was quite different than the one that had left them after his transfer to Antartcica.


He was much slimmer then before, becoming leanly muscled and quite a bit more self confident. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple button up shirt, slightly longer hair and an easy smile, John T. Myers had grown up.


“John, what a pleasant surprise,” Abe greeted, placing his book aside and standing up.


“Yeah. Manning dragged me away from the ruins to speak with you guys into rejoining,” John chuckled, giving the man a careful hug before sitting down. “Considering they set up this place for you, I can see why you wouldn’t want to rejoin, especially with all of the interviews. And your books of course.”


“Indeed,” Abe chuckled, smiling at his friend. “Things are going rather well all things considered. We are making quite a bit of money off of everything along with some wise investments. Have you heard about Liz’s and Abe’s news?” he asked. John smiled softly and nodded.


“Yeah, I heard about the twins. I’m happy for them,” he told Abe. The blue male thought he could hear a bit of sadness tinting John’s voice but the bright smile that followed the words pushed that thought away. “So where are they?”


“At their chosen pediatricians. The woman is creating a series of articles about hybrid children since our world has been exposed.” From there, they continued to talk about every thing that had happened and would happen, easy with each other.


Chapter Text

Pressing the alcohol soaked cotton ball to the braided manes shoulder, Heero winced a the hiss that he got in return. Wufei looked over, his hair loose as he gently worked off his shirt to get to his own wounds.


Their mission had gone south near the end, forcing them to run with only part of the needed information that they had been sent out for. Duo had ended with several scratches, mostly from falling into walls or onto the floor to get out of the way of bullets or fists. Heero on the other hand had a few grazes that had been tended to already, turning to his lover right after.

Wufei though had been the worst of the three though. He had ended up in a fight with a fighter who had a thing for knives and anything sharp and pointy. He had defeated the man, but had to, quite literally, limp away with a gash on his hip. Duo had done a bit of patch up work once they were on their way to the safe house, but it was time to actually fix the wound.

Once safe, they started to fix each other up, Wufei undressing slowly so he didn't cause his hip to start bleeding again.

Finishing with his lover, pressing a kiss to the top of his head, Heero moved to help the other male work his clothes off. Glaring at the black haired man when he tried to stop him, the brunet continued to pull off the blood soaked clothes, taking stock of the smaller wounds. Tossing them aside, after he got tired of trying to work them off and slicing through them of course, he sighed and pointed at the underwear that the man wore.

“Take 'em off, Wufei. Otherwise, Heero will do it for you,” Duo sang from the recliner he was sprawled out on. Wufei turned ever so pink as he peeled them off, cupping his hands before his groin. Smiling softly, the brunet poked the black haired man into laying down on the couch, letting him at his hip. “Here,” Duo hummed, handing over a blanket. Nodding his head, Wufei smiling lightly and covered himself enough to retain his modesty.

Heero leant over him and started to work on sealing the wound, surprising his patient with just how gentle the man was. Duo hummed and watched his lovers hands dance over soft skin. Sitting down into a recliner, he smiled, hiding it behind his arms as he watched Heero fuss over Wufei who had his eyes closed and was looking like he was trying to hide behind a pillow. It was kinda cute, in a way, and he wondered what would happen if Wufei knew they were after the cool man.

They knew he had had a wife who had died along with his clan, but not much outside of that. They did want him to be a part of their relationship and it was looking like they were going to get rather close to that goal, if the small wiggles that Wufei did was any indication.

Once his hip was fixed, Wufei found himself being picked up by a blank faced Heero, protesting the entire way about not being a woman. Duo snickered as he followed behind, working his braid loose, already knowing what his lover was going to do next with their smaller companion.

“Just relax there, Wufei. Heero is in protective mode and won't let you out of his sight unless you're with me for a few days,” he chirped. He got a wide eyed look over Heero's shoulder as the implications finally settled in.

“You have got to be joking me,” was the cool reply, watching Duo shake his head, hair floating behind him.

“Nope. We're gonna take a gentle shower, get the blood off and then sleep. After that, we'll end up spoiled since I'm gonna be black and blue tomorrow,” the American sang as they walked into the couples bed room, the door closing behind them as Wufei moaned lowly.


Chapter Text

“So, you work with a demon huh?” Xander asked as he played with his drink, gazing at his friend, getting a shrug.


“You fight them to. We just happen to have a very large Hell demon working for us,” John replied, smiling slightly. “Who was raised by a human to enjoy being around humans and to protect said humans. What about you? You willingly work with a vampire?”


“As Buffy keeps reminding me, a vampire with a soul,” Xander snorted, sipping his iced coffee and shivering at the cold sweetness that hit his mouth. “Angel ain’t so bad. I just love annoying the shit out of him because I can,” he continued, shrugging with a smirk. “He’s to damn easy to annoy. He doesn’t really like me though since he thinks I enjoy being around Buffy during the day.”


“Do you?” John asked, following the other males’ example and sipping his own drink through the straw that sat in it.


“Not really,” Xander said slowly, swirling the ice around in his drink. John just cocked an eyebrow and gave him a look that told him to continue on with his explanations. “She’s not that bright at the best of times. She gets down right annoying during the day; becomes the blond bimbo that she once was in LA, Joh. And don’t get me on about everything else,” he muttered. John snickered for a few minutes until Xander smirked and asked, “So, tell me, John, all about this big, red demon of yours. Hellboy wasn’t his name?”



Chapter Text

He was amazed at the fact that he was able to watch his older brother get married to the man of his dreams. Joxer had to smile at how happy Jayce looked, his eyes glowing as he gazed up at the large man who ran the traveling show that the older brother had joined nearly two years before.


They all knew that the mortal government would never accept their marriage, or at least not the ones that ran the larger, major cities.


But they didn’t care about that. They were happily in love and if no one accepted it, they were just fine with that.


Clapping at the end of the ceremony with the rest of the people around him, Joxer stood with his fellow guests as the happy couple walked down the aisle between the seats. Following after them, heading to the reception area, he had to smile as the newly married couple greeted everyone and told them to indulge in the lunch offerings and later, dinner offerings. Moving out of the way, he found a small table and sat down on the pillow that was offered, happy to watch everyone for the moment.


Smiling as he took the cup of ale offered to him by a waiter, he blinked as Cupid flopped down onto the pillow next to him, the man smiling softly as he watched Jayce and his husband dance together.


“Cupid, what a surprise to see you here,” Joxer greeted, nodding his head to the God of Love, getting a nod in return.


“Mom got a high off these two,” Cupid said, looking over at him with a smile. “So I got sent instead to show the House of Love supports them for her. I find mortals so odd, putting rules and laws on marriage, when all they should worry about is what the Gods' think, especially Hera.”


“I know. And everyone here knows this. You try getting politicians to actually listen to you,” Joxer snorted, giving Cupid a long look before shrugging.


“Indeed,” Cupid laughed, shaking his head as blond hair fell into his eyes.


Joxer simply smiled and turned back to the dancing couples before he said, “I’m glad that I was able to get away from Xena and Gabrielle. I was worried they would try to follow me out of boredom.”


“You can thank Strife for distracting them well enough to let you get away easily,” Cupid drawled, watching a soft smile dance over Joxer's lips.


“I’ll have to do a few things for him than,” came the quiet reply as Joxer played with a delicate goblet that had been placed before him by one of the younger servants, the other cup taken away. Cupid hummed and watched long fingers move, knowing that the wannabe warrior was just playing, acting the way he did around them so he could keep a close eye on them. He did it for Hera, using a well hidden contact to send information to her.


“One of these days, we’re gonna find out who your contact guy is for Hera,” Cupid drawled lowly, Joxer chuckling and tipping his cup at him.


“You’d be surprised, but I’m not gonna tell you until I get the okay from her. It’s not only to protect her, but me and my contact. We’re both in bad spots for this information to come out,” he stated, shrugging with a smile. “It shouldn't be long now,” Joxer said, shrugging with a smile.


“I hope so. Dad is pouting something fierce,” Cupid sighed, getting a low laugh.


“He’ll have to wait to,” Joxer teased. The God and mortal continued to talk and enjoy each others company as the wedding reception around him continued.


Joxer though had to wonder how the rest of the Gods would take to the fact that Joxer was filtering information about Xena and Gabrielle, and their adventures to Hera through Iolaus, Hercules’ closet friend.


It would be fun to see their reactions when it finally came out.


Chapter Text

It was early evening, the streets lined with paper lanterns as the town they had stopped in set up for the festival that was happening. They called it the Festival of the Blossoms, happening around a giant tree that no one was quite sure as to what it was. All they knew was that it was big and it blossomed once a year, the pretty flowers lasting for up to a month. After that, the petals started to fall and coat the ground and the fields, adding to the richness of the soil.

The festival was also known for couples getting together and staying together. It was interesting, and they were going to enjoy it, even if Sanzo wanted to do nothing more then stay inside his room and smoke while reading. Goku would have just drug him out of the room and out to attend it if the man didn't do it. It made Hakkai smile and adjust his half glasses as they got ready, listening to the monk grumble and snarl as they donned their nicest clothing, which were a bit on the worn side.

“Why did I agree to this?” Gojyo drawled from his place, already dressed and ready to go. Hakkai just looked over at the man and smiled brightly as he finished pulling on his vest.

“Because you want to make sure no one gets near me?” the human turned youkai drawled, smoothing down his outfit, before tugging on his least worn pair of boots, shined and ready for a night out.

“Right,” Gojyo drawled as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Pulling a drag off it, he stood up as Goku dragged Sanzo out the door, rolling his eyes at the complaining that came from the monk. They all knew that the man didn't mind being yanked around by his little lover, it was just a facade. “So, are you ready?” he asked, running a hand through red hair.


Hakkai smiled brightly and nodded, gathering the room keys and his money. Hakuryuu cooed from his place on the bed, the little dragon curled up on a pillow and quite happy to be left alone for the moment.

“We'll be back later. I left some food for you,” Hakkai told the little dragon, stroking a hand over his head before the two headed out of the hotel room. Walking down the stairs and out the door, they blinked at the way the streets were bright with the lamps that hung from various lines. “It's rather nicely put together, don't you think?”

“Yeah,” Gojyo drawled, rolling his cigarette in his mouth as he looked around at the booths that surrounded them. Shaking his head, he allowed his smaller lover to drag him off to one of the stands that had several little creatures that looked to be made by hand. “What are they?”

“Clay dragons. You buy one and during the blooming you put it under the tree asking for a blessing on your relationship,” a young woman said, smiling sweetly at Gojyo, nearly ignoring Hakkai who just frowned before smirking. Lacing their fingers together, he tugged on the kappas arm with loving eyes, pointing to one that reminded him of his little dragon.

“Can we get that one? Please? I think it'll be fun and knowing Sanzo and Goku, they'll be doing the same thing,” he cooed up at his lover, getting a knowing look.

“Yeah, sure, why not,” Gojyo huffed, shaking his head and picking it up, much to the womans' displeasure. “How much?”

“Only a couple of coins,” she said, starting to glare at Hakkai who looked back at her placidly. Gojyo just snickered and paid the woman, handing the dragon over before leading his lover off with a wave of his hand.

“That was interesting. Stop glaring at the flirty ones. Apparently I'm the next best thing at the moment,” the red head teased, laughing when his lover stuck his tongue out at him.

“She wasn't looking for a one night partner, but a lifetime partner,” Hakkai hummed, laying his head onto Gojyo's shoulder, rubbing his thumb over the others knuckles.

“Oh, I see,” was the reply, a shiver sliding through the lean body next to him. “I don't have any urge to stay with anyone but you for life. More then likely forever if I have my way.” The brunet blushed lightly and shook his head with a sweet smile for his mate, squeezing their hands and getting a squeeze back.

“Come on, let's get something to eat and then go watch the tree bloom and ask for our blessing for our mating,” Hakkai hummed, pulling his mate to the scents of food. Picking up some sweet meat buns and a few other things along with some tea that had been cooled and sweetened, they headed for a spot near the tree. Sitting down on a bolder, they enjoyed their food as they enjoyed the sight of dark green leaves dancing and furled flowers getting ready to burst open for them.

Leaning into his lover, Hakkai sighed softly as flowers started to unfurl on the tree, the single pink color turning into shades of pinks that spread and covered the leaves. It was a beautiful sight, making his eyes go wide at it. Standing the two youkai moved over to the wrap around bridge and place their dragon down, asking for blessings on their mating, smiling when a small blossom fell from the tree and landed on it, along with all of the other statues.

Looking at each other, Hakkai and Gojyo headed off to their hotel, soon joined by Sanzo and Goku. It was a good night, a sweet night, knowing that the God's blessed them and their love. All because of a festival in a simple little town.


Chapter Text

“Dad, are you sure that you have the right place?” Gai beamed at his son, reaching over to ruffle his hair. When he had taken a chance to move his family to America using his dual citizenship, he had been worried about the future. But the university teaching job had been just the thing he needed to get his book writing back into gear. He taught four days a week, had open office hours all day during day five, and spent the weekend either writing or spending time with his son, Lee, and wife, Anko.


The small family had piled into their car and drove six hours to the town where Gai was sure that the barns were. Anko had decided to stay back at the hotel while her son and husband left to scope the place out before it got too late. He was sure he had the right barns and just needed to gather pictures for himself from the barns.


“I’m sure. If you look at the pictures that I found, the barns all have nameplates. All those names are of children who had disappeared and who had been in one family,” Gai said. “The legend goes that there were seven barns for seven children. The last child unfortunately didn’t make it, and neither did the wife, both dying in childbirth.”


Lee pursed his lips as he pulled out a small reading light, keeping it close to the matte pictures that he pulled out of his father’s back pack. “So…the seventh barn was never officially named?” he asked.


“Supposedly not. The farm started to go under because the father didn’t do the needed work. It is said that he went insane from his grief,” Gai continued, eyes lighting up at the fact that his son was so interested. While Gai’s interest laid in history and Anko’s interest laid in anything that was cold blooded, Lee was more into sports and martial arts. To see him so interested in a legend, no matter how old and improbable it was, was nice.


“What happened? To the kids that is. You said that the names matched up to six who disappeared from the same family,” Lee said. He continued to look at the pictures, each one a barn with nameplates on them.


“The legend says that the father took them out one night, killed them all, and buried them in their own barns. He hung himself in the seventh barn actually,” Gai said as he drove carefully up to a large barn. “And here’s lucky number seven.” He beamed brightly with his child and the two got out of the car. “Let us take pictures then we’ll return to the hotel, get a good nights’ sleep and come back in the daytime!”


“Right!” Lee cheered, grabbing his camera while his father did the same, the two heading into the barn.


The next morning, Anko woke up to the other side of the bed being empty, her husband not there, and the cot for their child empty. After a quick call to the front desk and learning that her son and husband hadn’t been seen that night, she called the police and told them where they had been heading out to.


Three hours later, a police officer delivered the news, handing over the cameras and the notes that they had recovered from the car.


“Why…? How?” Anko gasped, crying as she clung to the cameras.


“I don’t know. I can tell you that they were recording when it happened, but the cameras didn’t pick anything up. They just turned to static,” Kakashi said, sitting before her. He pressed his lips together. “I’m guessing that your husband had heard the legend of the seven barn and traced it back to our six right?” he asked.


“Ah…yes. He did. Why?” Anko asked, wiping at her nose before blowing it into two of the cheap hotel tissues.


“We don’t advertise it…but that legend has a lot of truth to it. The father did kill his kids, but they weren’t buried in the barns. He did end up hanging himself and the land was sold off by his brother. Those who bought the land kept the barns, refurbished them in some cases. They still stand. And the seventh one does to. The land around it was given to the city as a hiking area,” Kakashi said.


Anko stared at him with wide eyes. He rubbed at his face.


“There’s talk around town that if you go out there at night, you’ll see him hanging from the rafters. No one dares to go out to that barn at night. Especially since there have been a few deaths out there that we couldn’t call suicide,” Kakashi continued. He stood up. “Their deaths? Won’t ever be solved. Not unless we get real lucky, they’re likely to become a cold case.”


 “Why?” Anko asked, standing with him.


Kakashi paused by the hotel room door and gazed at her with a solemn look on his face. “I hate to say it, but there is no way to put ‘death by cursed barn and ghost’ on a death certificate.”


Chapter Text

 was supposed to be some time to be alone or at least time to do as he wished but apparently his friends had to be pains and drag him with them to a giant bar-b-que that Sakura was throwing in an attempt to draw Sasuke out of his shell again. They found them rather hilarious to watch since everyone knew that the Uchiha despised the ground she walked on, preferring the company of men.

But why had he been dragged along? Oh, that was very easily answered. It was because one annoying blond teammate had decided that he needed to do something outside of cloud watching.


Opening one eye at the snicker that came from Choji next to him, he turned his head to the side just in time to see Naruto dodge Sakura's fist as he sipped from his cup. Raising an eyebrow, he looked to Choji for an answer as the big man continued to relax next to him.

“Naruto shattered her dreams of being the next Mrs. Uchiha by shoving Sasuke into Asuma's arms. Odd pairing, but rather cute,” Choji hummed, working on a piece of rib by the look of it. “Sakura was not amused.”


Shifting slightly, Shikamaru looked around and raised an eyebrow at the sight of his sensei and the Uchiha locked at the lips, Asumas hands plastered to Sasuke's ass in a way that was anything but innocent.

“About damn time,” the lazy nin finally muttered, covering his eyes with one arm as he settled back. He barely twitched when his large friend got up and headed off to do something or another. He finally moved his arm as Naruto flopped down next to him and used his stomach as a pillow, looking decidedly smug about his actions. “If the woman starts to shriek, I'm blaming you,” Shikamaru drawled, drawing blue eyes up to him as a smile spread over his sweet lips.

“If she starts, I'll give you a full body massage, including chakra points,” the fox like male purred, flipping to rest on his side, back facing the rest of the people. “I'm surprised you're here. How did Ino drag you on out?”

“She told me everyone, including you, would be here. I couldn't very well allow all those fans of yours have you alone, as troublesome it is,” Shikamaru grumped, getting a snort of laughter from his lover.

“Right. What fans?” Naruto drawled, snoring and rolling his eyes, a smile dancing on his lips. “You've chased all of them off.”

“Good, then they won't try for you again,” the lazy nin teased, once more getting an eye roll from the other man. Naruto shifted and poked his mate in the side as he settled back into a comfortable position again.

“So, Asuma and Sasuke huh? How did you come up with getting them together?” Shikamaru asked. He looked to where Sasuke had his tongue being sucked on by the big man while Sakura was trying to get their attention.

“Get Asuma drunk and he'll babble about how great Sasukes ass is, and how he'd enjoy mussing the neatly done hair often,” Naruto smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at his companion before sitting up to slowly stretch. Shikamaru shifted and pinned his fox with a dark, lusty look, watching him shiver before smirking down at him. “Come on. My job here is done and I owe you a long, full body massage.”

“Sounds good to me,” Shikamaru purred, standing up quickly and dragging the tanned man up with a smirk. Naruto laughed softly as he grabbed their stuff and allowed his lover to drag him off to their home, leaving behind a fuming Sakura behind and soon followed by a new, needy couple.

Chapter Text

Standing on the tree branch and leaning against the trunk, Kakashi watched as his pink and blond students sparred against each other, punches and kicks being tossed out against the other with practiced ease. He was surprised that the two below him even considered him worthy of the title of sensei, especially since he had fucked up so badly when they had been younger.


Focusing on Sasuke had been so beyond stupid, he had to wonder where his mind had disappeared off to during that point in time.

Shaking his head, he dropped down onto the branch, crossing his legs and leaning against the trunk once again, running his fingers through his hair. Turning his eyes back to the pink and gold blurs, he had to chuckle quietly about the squeaks that kept coming from Naruto as he dodged the attacks easily.


Adjusting his hitai-ate, he sighed softly and bit his bottom lip in thought.

As he stroked a finger over the edge of his mask, Kasashis lips tinned at the thought of just how much he had fucked over the two, but mostly Naruto. True, he had considered Sakura boring and not wanting to mess with her, but at the time, she hadn't wanted his help, having become a nin just to be near Sasuke.


Of course, since then, she had grown quiet a bit, surprising not only herself, but all of her friends.

Bur with Naruto...he had really fucked him over; never really paying attention to the boy, only teaching him because he was there to learn with the Uchiha and handing him off the moment he could.

He hadn't seen who Naruto was, who he could and would be, but rather, much like many around him, had seen the Kyubbi in a human form. But that had been shattered after the mission to Wave, but still he hadn't been willing to train his student, hadn't been willing to think that Naruto needed HIM and not Ebisu.

After the first fight between Sasuke and Naruto, he had woke up from his willing blindness when it came to his sweet student, but then he had to wait for him to come back so he could apologize for being such an idiot. But when he had, he had gotten a true smile and told he had a lot to make up for but for the time being, Kakasshi had been forgiven.

Since then, he had taken on the training of the two, following the occasional lead on Sasuke and those after Naruto for various reasons. Though he rather liked the small group who wanted to become the blonds' personal harem, much to his embarrassment.

They had since learned that mentions of that particular group ended up with an irate fox after them and their hair dyed rather interesting colors at the basic level. Once his dogs had ended up in tutus for a few months and couldn't get out of them during the entire time.


They stopped teasing him about that group.

Shaking his head from the rather funny thoughts, Kakashi laughed softly as Sakura flopped over, waving a small white flag.

“Stamina freak,” the silver haired jonin huffed, bounding out of the tree in an attempt at calming Naruto down from his fight high.

Chapter Text

There's a story that everyone knows but no one knows where it came from. They all agree that it haunts the town to this day, knows that it gives those who hear it nightmares. It sends shivers down a person’s back and is dark and deadly.

This is that story.

It was a weekend night and the Namikazes had gone out with their friends, the Uchihas, for Minato's birthday, leaving the Uchihas oldest son, Itachi, to watch over the two youngest boys, Naruto and Sasuke.


Seeing as their parents weren't due back until late that night, Itachi had figured he'd let the boys watch some TV for a little longer then usual. He wasn't too concerned about the two watching it, knowing that his brother and his friend wouldn't be able to stay up much longer.

Lounging on the couch, he watched Sasuke and Naruto over the edge of his book as Naruto flipped the channels until he stopped on one of the news channels that had an emergency bulletin playing.

“And once more, the police are suggesting you lock up tight and turn on those alarms. A recent break out at the local asylum has put everyone on edge,” the man on the screen said, face serious as a picture appeared next his face of a rather pretty man with cold eyes. “This particular patient is known to be schizophrenic and sociopathic. The inmate has been known to kill those he comes across, but prefers to attack those of darker coloring, hair, eyes or skin. Please be warned and stay inside until it is safe. If you leave your home, please leave in groups and remember your pepper spray.”

“Alright you two, let's go to bed,” Itachi said suddenly, standing up and tossing his book to the side. Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other with worry in their eyes before they looked up at Itachi with wide eyes.

“You don't think this guy will come here right?” Sasuke asked as he flipped the TV off and stood up with Naruto. The blond clung tight to his friend, shivering at the thought as Itachi shook his head and herded the two up the stairs.

“No, I don't think he will. We have a great security system and guards. No one will dare come attack us. Now you two get into your night clothes,” Itachi snorted, shaking his head with a roll of his eyes as he pulled out Sasuke's usual night outfit and grabbed Naruto's from his over night bag.

“Yes, Itachi,” came stereo replies as the two small boys took their clothing. Getting them dressed, Itachi quickly found out, was the easy part. Getting them in bed and asleep was the hard part with the both of them worrying about the maniac that was on the loose.

“Are you sure everything is locked up tightly?” Naruto asked, already wrapped up in a thick blanket in the bed that was next to Sasuke's. The young blond stayed over so often and vise versa, that each house had an extra bed in their rooms that were always ready for them.

“Yes. And I'll make double sure that the alarm is set and all the locks are locked up,” Itachi promised, getting Naruto to finally lay down and covered properly, before doing the same to his worried looking younger brother. “I'll protect you two, I promise,” he said, smoothing Sasukes dark hair down with a soft look that he saved for them and no one else. Getting shy smiles from the two, the teen checked the windows, making sure the locks were locked as promised before leaving the room, door closed behind him, and walking down the stairs.

The two boys talked for a while longer before slipping easily into sleep as Itachi resumed watching the TV and reading his book. It was a few hours later when Naruto was woken up by the sounds of a loud crash, followed by thumps coming from downstairs. Slipping out of bed, Naruto moved over to Sasuke and shook him to wake him up.

“Sasuke...Sasuke, I think something is happening downstairs,” he whispered, his voice wavering, showing just how frightened he was at that moment. Sasuke woke with a soft sound before glaring at Naruto with unhappy dark eyes.

“What do you mean, you idiot?” he asked, keeping quiet just in case Itachi had decided to walk by their door to check on them.

“I heard a crash downstairs,” Naruto whimpered, shivering next to Sasuske's bed. Both boys stopped moving, holding their breaths as a new sound reached them.


Swallowing, Naruto shivered and wondered if they weren't just hearing things again. It happened before in the old house; it was always settling after all. Looking to Sasuke with widening eyes, he climbed into the other boys bed and clung to him as the sound came again.


And again.


Both boys looked at each other before silently crawling out of the bed and moved to the door, pressing their ears to the wood. Listening through it, they could hear the sound getting faster, heading up the stairs that lead to their room.




Shaking with the fear that rushed through them, Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before nodding. Dragging Sasuke's dresser to in front of the door with a few pushes, they then pushed Narutos bed in front of the door and rushed to Sasuke's. Sitting down on it, they buried themselves under it as the sounds started to fade.






The two boys stayed their, too terrified to do much more then hold onto each other and watch the door closely. There were no other sounds that came from downstairs, and they didn't have a phone so they couldn't call anyone.

It wasn't until nearly 3 in the morning that their parents arrived home, Kushina and Mikoto screamed at the grisly sight as Minato and Fugaku called for the two youngest, walking around a smear of blood leading up the stairs. Both boys called out from Sasuke's room, quickly moving to pull the bed and dresser away from the door. Opening the door and running out, the skidded to a stop in front of the stairs before bursting into screeches of horror.

For before them, laying in a pool of his own blood, was Itachi. His legs had been amputated just above his knee, while his arms had been removed at the elbow. Downstairs, the TV continued to play with the new bulletin as the family stared in horror and called the police.

“It has come to the attention of the police that the escaped asylum patient has already hit three houses, and killed the families within. The details are sketchy but what they do know is that the man has somehow short circuited the alarm systems if there were any. From the first house, the man has stolen a hatchet that he has used to amputate his victims limbs, leaving them to bleed out. So once more, be safe. Lock all your doors, bar your windows and stay close to your family.”

It was figured out later that Itachi had dragged himself up the stairs to warn the boys of the intruder, never knowing that he had left after watching Itachi drag himself away.

From that day, the town had been haunted by the darkness of what happened and the two families had moved far, far away. No one dared go near the houses that had been attacked. The names had changed, the times and ages had changed and the information about the murderer had changed but one thing they were sure of.

The babysitter was a very dedicated babysitter.

Chapter Text

Smiling at his boyfriend as the blond bounded down the front stairs, Itachi pushed off of the side of his car and opened the door to it, watching Naruto smile sweetly. They had been dating for nearly three months and he was hoping to get a little make out time with his sweet blond.

“Hey, Itachi,” Naruto chirped sweetly as he got into the car, looking rather sweet in his jeans and sweater that fell around his knees. Itachi thanked all the deities out there that he had gotten lucky when he had first asked the cross dresser out.

“Hello, Naruto,” the black haired man purred as he slipped into the drivers' side of the car, turning the car on. Driving up to their favorite remote area that had a wonderful view of the town and the surrounding forest, the Uchiha flipped on the radio, tugging his boyfriend over with a smirk as he got a giggle. Holding Naruto close, the older male titled his head forward and tasted the sweet mouth that he craved so much.

It wasn't long before the song that was playing ended and the DJ came on with a warning for the city.

“So, we all know about the asylum that is near the edge of town right? Near the old lovers lane that hardly anyone hits now days. Well, apparently their security slipped and a man got out. He's missing a hand and they think they some how got his hands on his old hook that they had stashed away in their storage. So if you see a man with a hook, run the other way and call the cops,” the DJ purred out, sending shivers down Narutos back as he looked up at his boyfriend with worried eyes.

“You don't think the guy is close by do you?” he asked softly, sounding worried about the possibility. He didn't like fighting and he was terrified of hooks, having had a nasty run in with a few fishing hooks in his life time. Shaking his head, Itachi locked the doors around them and rolled the windows down just a bit so they could be comfortable as the radio started to play songs again.

“No, I don't believe so. He would probably run far, far away from here, in the opposite direction of town and anywhere where people are around,” he soothed, drawing a hand down the smaller males back, smirking softly. Blue eyes looked up at him through dark lashes as Naruto played with a bit of Itachi's hair, still worried about it.

“I still think I want to leave if you don't mind,” the blond said softly, sighing softly when Itachi pressed a kiss to his forehead. The dark haired man knew that if he didn't agree he'd end up denied any type of affection for a month, having pissed off Naruto before.

“Alright, let's go,” he agreed, putting Naruto back into the passenger side seat. Turning the car on, Itachi drove towards town and to the blond's home. Pulling up in front of, he stepped out and walked around to the other side, stopping dead in his tracks. Staring at the door handle, his dark eyes widened in surprise as a choked sound escaped. Frowning, Naruto unlocked the door and waited a bit more for the other to open the door.

When he didn't the blond rolled the window down and looked down at the handle, finding out why his boyfriend was staring in horror. Screaming, he scrambled back and out of the other side of the car before running around to Itachi. Grabbing the mans arm, he dragged the other up into the house, still sobbing and screaming in horror.

There, on the door handle, swung a hook that was bloody and still dripping down the side of the car.

Chapter Text

He needed a damn job.




Oh, so very badly.


He was trying to save up for the trip that he and his guardian was taking that summer but he couldn't find a job that was good that was part time and would let him continue keeping his good grades. He also wanted a good scholarship after all.

Naruto sighed softly, giving in, and looked at Iruka who just raised an eyebrow as he looked over his newspaper.

“So, who is the family?” he finally asked, falling to the need for a quick job and taking the babysitting gig that his guardian knew about.

“It's the Sarutobi family. Asuma's son and daughter to be precise. Asuma and Kureni could use the night off and Shikamaru has that test of his he needs to get ready for. I think it's his history class,” Iruka said, closing his newspaper and dropping it to the side. Standing up, he walked over to the desk that took up one corner of the room and grabbed the information, handing it over to him. “I can drive you out there and pick you up. All you have to do is watch them for a few hours while they go out for dinner and a movie.”

“Fine. How much is this going to pay me?” he asked, looking over the piece of paper that had the e-mail from Irukas friends.

“Since it's so last minute, a hundred fifty flat fee with access to the babysitter pantry,” the older man replied. He watched Naruto run up the stairs at that. Smirking, he called Asuma and told the man that they would be there in about an hour.


Later that evening, Naruto had packed up his homework, some movies for the kids just in case, including a couple for himself, his DVD player and his I-Pod. He was ready to keep the kids entertained for the hour that they would be up once he got there.


Iruka drove him out to the house, surprising the blond with how far out the house was, and how gorgeous the land was. It was surrounded by woods on three sides, while the back of the house faced the ocean, making Naruto wonder just how rich the Sarutobis were. After the basic introductions between the children and Naruto, Iruka headed home after handing over a phone and the couple left the three with smiles.

After a shortish movie, with the little ones yawning and protesting, Naruto put them to bed before heading downstairs to watch his own movies as he worked on his homework. As he started on an English essay, the phone rang, making him moan in displeasure and standing up. Picking it up, he brought it to his ear, frowning at the heavy breathing he could already hear.

“Hello? Sarutobi residence,” he greeted, goosebumps dancing down his back.

“Have you checked,” the man started, a soft giggle escaping the man, “on the children?” Shuddering, freaked out by the voice and the question, he dropped the phone back down onto the cradle before moving back to the couch and table that he was using to work on his essay. Trying to put the phone call out of his mind, attributing it to a crank call, the blond shook his head with a sigh.

Fifteen minutes later found him standing up and answering the phone once more, this time more slowly and with quite a bit more trepidation. His fears were proven right when he heard the same voice from before.

“Why haven't you gone upstairs to check on the children?” the man asked, making Naruto slam the phone down quickly. Picking it up again, he called the police, freaking out as he told them what was going on and how it didn't feel like a prank.


He knew pranks and this wasn't it.

“Alright, Mr. Uzumaki. We're going to tap the phone from here, using the phone line instead of coming out. What we're gonna need from you is for you to keep the person on the line for as long as possible so we can trace them properly. We'll call you right after to tell you where they're coming from,” the officer on the line promised. Promising to do what needed to be done, the young babysitter hung up and took the phone with him as he sat down in front of the table that he was working on.

It wasn't long before the phone was ringing again, making Naruto swallow his fear and answer it. It was the man once more, and he sounded almost as if he was about to laugh.

“You really should check the children,” he panted out, before laughing hysterically. Clenching the phone tightly for several long minutes, Naruto finally dropped it back into the cradle, unable to handle the laughter for much longer. It started to ring almost immediately afterwards, prompting Naruto to once more pick it up.

“Get out! I don't know how just yet, but the calls are coming from inside the house, upstairs. A patrol car is almost there, they should be there in seconds. So get out now!” the operator yelled, making Naruto yelp in fear. Dropping the phone onto the floor, he ran out side of the house, cell phone held tight in one hand and eyes wide with fear.


A police car drove up, stopping before the shaking blond, lights flashing.

After they made sure that Naruto was in one piece, they headed inside, sweeping the house to find the man. Upstairs they found the two children, both whole and healthy if not scared and hiding in a closet as they clung to each other. In the parents bedroom, they found a bloody axe and an open window along with a set up that they didn't recognize.

Later that night, they figured out that the man who had entered the house planned on killing the babysitter and two children, leaving the bodies for the couple to find. It fit a few other murders that had happened in the area, and if the man had been able to do what he wanted to do, he would have killed the couple later. The way he had made the calls had been buy hijacking the phone line. He had used a rather interesting set up by hooking up a phone to one of the phone lines and confusing the transfer to calling the real line.

Naruto and the two children got lucky that night.


Very, very lucky.

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Looking out the window, Naruto tapped his foot, scowling lightly as the woods passed them by. He and his boyfriend were on their way out of town to see various friends who lived nearly 10 hours away. Looking over, he frowned some more before looking out of the window again. It wasn’t long before they were lost in a rather thickly wooded area, their GPS not being any help at all.

“Great. We should have stopped back at that gas station and let the damn thing relocate to make sure we were on the right road,” Naruto growled as Sasuke glared at it. Cursing as the car sputtered and died, the blond looked at the gas gauge and turned to glare at his boyfriend. “On top of that, I told you that the car needed to be filled,” he huffed. The black-haired man frowned and glared.

“It’s not my damn fault the car sucks,” Sasuke growled in return, getting a dry look.

“I told you that the car needs work. You didn’t want your precious baby to get scuffed on this trip,” Naruto replied, shaking his head and looking around them. “I can’t walk to the highway, you know. I’m still on medical leave and my leg won’t let me walk that far,” he said softly, making his boyfriend sigh and nod.

“I know. I’ll go and get some help. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some gas,” he replied just as quietly, reaching out and brushing a bit of blond hair out of his lovers face. “Stay here. Lock the doors and windows and don’t open them until I get back okay?”

“Yeah, I know,” Naruto teased, smirking at the other male, getting a dry look before Sasuke laughed and slipped out of the car with his wallet and a flashlight, leaving the keys with Naruto. Watching his boyfriend disappear into the dark, the blond locked the doors, closed the windows for the most part, leaving only one a tiny bit open to let in fresh air and pushed his car seat back. Reaching into the back, he dug around on the floor, finding his blanket and pillow before grabbing his back pack and mini light. Setting up in his seat, he started to do his homework, hoping that his lover would come back soon.

A few hours later, buried under his blanket as the night got colder, Naruto jumped at a sound coming from the roof, interrupting his paranoid thoughts about Sasuke leaving him there to die.


Shuddering and looking to the roof, he curled up tighter, moving his seat all the way back before sliding onto the floor. Looking out the windows, being careful not to hit himself on anything, Naruto nibbled on his bottom lip, blue eyes dark and worried about what was going on. He noticed that the noise didn’t stop…ever.


Eventually, after finding a more comfortable position then what he was in, he was able to fall asleep, praying that his boyfriend would get back soon. He was woken up by the sound of loud birds, but when he looked out the windows, they were still dark. No moonlight, no sunlight…nothing was visible past the windows. Looking at his watch, he nibbled on his bottom lip in worry as the 9 am that glowed at him made him shift in his place. Suddenly a voice called out from outside, making Naruto hit the door with the back of his head, letting out a soft curse.

“This is the police, I am here to help. Is there anyone in the car?” a man’s voice called out. It was deep but still rather on the young side. Naruto shifted and moved onto the front seat behind the wheel.

“Yeah! I am!” he called back, brushing a bit of hair back. “My boyfriend left me here last night to go get some gas. He hasn’t gotten back yet.”

“Alright. I want you to stay calm,” came the voice again. Naruto asked himself why he had to stay calm. “I need you to open the door very slowly and step out, then walk towards me. I don’t want you to look behind you, not matter what you do.”

“Alright,” the blond called out. Grabbing his wallet and cell phone along with his keys, he opened the door and stepped out of the car. Leaving the door open, he started to walk towards the police officer who had silver hair falling over one eye and a face mask on.


“Remember, don’t look behind you as you walk to me,” the officer said, beckoning the other male.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows as he started walking to the officer, listening to the tap…tap…tap sound that followed him. The curiosity getting the best of him, he started to turn around, ignoring the police officers call not to.

Screaming, he fell backwards and scrambled away from the car and the sight before him.

Strung up on a tree branch was Sasuke, hanging upside down and dripping blood from his neck. His head sat under his body, covered in blood and staring out from sightless eyes. The car was covered in his blood, and more was still falling free.



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He was cute, even under the low lights of the bar that they were holed up in after a rather long and boring business dinner. Why he was so cute was up for debate. Some said that it was the mischievous sparkle that never quite left his blue eyes. While others said it was the near-smile that played on his lips at all times. Of course, there were those that said it was everything.


But at that moment, he was extra cute to one Itachi Uchiha. Why Naruto Uzumaki, secretary and buffer between Itachi and the world, was so cute at that moment, the man couldn’t figure out. Not that he would admit that he was cute.

Maybe it was the shots of Scooby Snacks that they had been drowning for the last hour that had something to do with it.

Shaking his head and eyeing the piles of shot glasses before him, he muttered to himself, amazed at how much he had been able to get down. Looking over at his drinking partner, who was paying the bartender for their drinks, he smirked lightly. They had decided to call the drinking contest off after they had fall over and nearly off their stools. As it was, both males were red in the cheeks and drunk off their asses. It was time to stop before they fell flat on their faces.

“How did I let you,” Itachi started, straining to keep his words straight, “convince me to a drinkin’ contest?” Naruto looked up and smirked at the other with a lope sided grin.

“Cause you like me,” Naruto cooed, batting his lashes at his boss. The man was yummy, beyond yummy really. How he had landed the job working for him still amazed Naruto nearly a year later, but he wasn’t going to complain. “That and you had to be all prideful about your drinkin’ ability.”

Sliding off his stool, the blond teetered for a moment before gaining his balance again. Pulling out his phone, the young male deftly called for their car service to pull up front. Sliding off his own stool, Itachi fought off a wave of dizziness, shaking it off easily. Naruto looked over his shoulder at the pale man in curiosity, getting a smirk from him in return. Rolling his eyes, the shorter man turned around and lead the way outside, only barely swaying back and forth. The dark-haired male was quick to follow after, keeping his balance a little better than his companion.

Stepping outside, the two took deep breaths, enjoying the cool air that met them. Tilting his head back, Itachi hummed quietly in pleasure, shoving his hair back out of his face.

“The car will be here in a moment. Once we’re back at our room, I’ll order something to soak all that alcohol that we drank,” Naruto suddenly said, cutting the silence that surrounded them. Nodding, Itachi grunted lightly before stepping up to the curb, their limo pulling up to them. “Why do you insist on getting limos each time we go to one of these things?” the blond drawled as the driver came around and opened their door.

Itachi stepped into the back, settling into the middle of the seat as Naruto followed, sitting next to him as the driver closed the door.

“I prefer the comfort and privacy of the limousine service, unlike you. Why do you have a thing for driving that speed monster?” Apparently the cold air had done some good after all. It seemed as if he could talk properly, even if he was being chatty, or so the expression on Naruto’s face said. Raising an eyebrow in return, the executive waited for his answer.

“Because I can be free in my own way,” the blond drawled, looking over to his boss again before looking out the window as the car pulled away from the curb. Itachi raised an eyebrow before contenting himself with watching his companion.

“Enjoying the view?” Naruto drawled slowly, turning his head to look at Itachi. The man just raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly. Naruto knew that expression, oh so well, loathed it even. It meant that the man was going to do something that either drove Naruto up a wall or did something to his body.

The last time the blond had seen that look, he had ended up in a Lolita dress that had been cut to flatter him and being molested by the cool man. Not that hit had been a bad thing, rather it had been rather pleasurable. But it had left him wondering what he was to Itachi.

And…he was still getting that look.

Glaring at Itachi, the blond shifted and pressed against the door of the limo. He was never so glad as to see the hotel as he was in that moment. Waiting for the driver to open the door, Naruto patted his pockets before finding the room key as Itachi followed him, moving smoothly. Looking around, the younger man made sure that there wasn’t anyone with cameras around before leading the other into the hotel and to the elevators.

Looking at his companion, he noticed that he had his usual look, making Naruto wonder what was going on in his boss’ head. Making a note to dig around in the man’s head later on, the blond leant against the elevators wall as Itachi used their key to get them to one of the three private floors. Letting his eyes slide shut, he missed the rather soft look he got from the older man.

The elder of the two had to smile at the utter cuteness that his secretary, playmate and dare he say it, friend exuded. Of course, Naruto would deny being cute in any form, but to the pale man, he was cute. And one of the few people that Itachi was sexually attracted to, driving him at first to find replacements and then later to seduce Naruto in his own way, which included groping the man.

He hand planned on sitting down with Naruto during their weekend off, but had to do a sudden business weekend since Sasuke, who had been slated to do it, had the flu and Itachi’s plans had changed to include the weekend. Once at the right floor, the taller male lead the way to their room, opening the door and smirking smugly at the sight that greeted him.

He had set up a dinner date to be set up once they were back in the limo, and the hotel had come through. He noticed that all their favorites were there and knew that Sasuke had something to do with that. Looking over at Naruto, he smiled once more, watching the others eyes blink rapidly as surprise flooded the whiskered face.

“What the hell?” Naruto breathed out, looking to Itachi with a curious look.

“I decided that we need to talk about a few things,” he explained, closing the door behind them. Sitting down at the table, the two started to eat, soaking up the drinks from earlier as planned.

“So, you said we needed to talk,” Naruto drawled, playing with a bit of sweet roll and looking rather nervous about the talk they were about to have.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve been randomly molesting and teasing you for the last seven months or so,” Itachi started, putting his fork aside as Naruto laughed nodded, a smile dancing over his lips. “Let’s just say it was a failed seduction attempt. It took Sasuke reminding me that I would fare better if I laid it out all before you.”

“So, you what? Want to screw me to scratch an itch?” Naruto asked, eyes glowing with indignation.

“No. I want you to be mine in every way,” Itachi replied, making the blond blink in surprised confusion.

“Oh,” was all the whiskered male was able to get out, making Itachi smirk and reach out, tugging him out of his seat and into his lap.

“Now, that we have that out of the way,” the dark haired male purred, tugging the other into a kiss. Naruto tasted sweet and much like the shots they had done earlier. Granted they wouldn’t be doing anything outside of some kisses that night, but it was a good start to a new part of their lives.


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“You have got to be joking me!" A brunet snarled at his blond friend, getting bored eyes in return.

“I’m not. I’ve done my research. Bloody Mary was a young woman who lived back when cars first came out. She and her husband got into a nasty car accident. They lived but she was really scarred up and didn’t live past a few years due to her health ending up really bad afterwards,” Naruto said, waving a hand at a pile of papers that sat on his desk. Kiba snorted and took a shot from his beer before putting the bottle onto the table in front of him, eyes watching his friend as the man moved to get a fresh bottle.

“You have got to be kidding me, you idiot,” Sasuke snorted from where he was sitting. Naruto flipped the man over and came back over, dropping the papers into the older male’s lap, making Kiba lean over and read the headline. It looked to be a photo copy of a really, really old newspaper.

“Well, I’ll be damned, it’s true,” Kiba snorted, barking out a laugh as he flopped back and clapped. “You can do research!”

“Don’t make me hurt you,” Naruto snorted, shaking his head. “Anyways, I’ve heard a few of the people say that if you stand in front of a mirror in a dark room and called out Bloody Mary three times in a row, you’ll summon her, and something will happen.”

“Like what?” Sasuke asked, looking up from his reading and raising an eyebrow as Naruto flopped back.

”Depends. You can have your eyes ripped out and end up scarred for life or you can be found dead with claw marks all over the place,” the blond mused, waving his own bottle before smirking. “Or you can just disappear forever. There’s also the possibility of dropping dead or going insane.”

“Sounds so nice,” Kiba snorted, shaking his head as Sasuke shivered lightly as he looked at Naruto, the two silent conversing quickly before the blond smirked and stood up.

“So, how about you do it there, Kiba?” Naruto purred into the brunets ear as he walked past, picking up one of the many candles that he kept around. He had trouble with the electricity in the old building that he called home, so he had candles everywhere, along with lighters. Kiba looked a bit uncomfortable as he eyed the candle and then the bathroom door that was down the hall.

“What would I get if I did this?” he finally asked, eyeing the two who just smirked and looked at each other.

“If you do this, I’ll help you get Hinata out on a date, or Shino, or even both at the same time,” Sasuke returned, eyes glowing brightly as Naruto snickered lightly. Kiba perked up at the offer before smirking in return and nodding at them.

“Sure. Give me the candle,” he said, standing up and holding out his hand. Taking the candle, he went back into the bathroom, closing the door behind him, missing the rather dark looks on Sasuke’s and Naruto’s faces.

Swallowing and lighting the candle, he put it down on the stand, looking into the mirror. Watching the candle dance for a few moments, Kiba took a deep breath and shoved his hair back out of his face, biting his bottom lip.

“Shit, just do it, Kiba. There’s nothing to worry about,” he muttered to himself, standing up straight and staring straight into his own eyes in the mirror. “Bloody Mary,” he started, saying the name slowly. A chill ran up his spine as the mirror darkened around the edges just a bit. “Bloody Mary.” Again, another chill ran up his spine as the mirror darkened completely and the candle flickered harshly. “Bloody Mary.” Swallowing, the male yelped and fell back against the opposite wall as a female appeared in the mirror, disfigured and snarling, long blond hair falling down her back.

Out in the living room, the two ignored the sounds of thudding going on in the bathroom. “Do you think we should check on him now?” Naruto asked after a few moments, the sounds having stopped completely. Sasuke looked up from the articles and tilted his head as he listened for a few seconds.

“No, not yet. They didn’t get all the information right in these papers,” he snorted, slapping them down.

“Yeah, doesn’t even talk about how she was hung or how she cursed her own family,” Naruto snorted, eyes dark with sadness. “How many more are left?” he asked softly, sitting down next to his brother and curling close to the other man. Sasuke picked up a black book and opened it up. Taking a pencil, he wrote down Kiba’s name and the date, looking at the number.

“Only a few more. Then we can have a normal life,” he promised softly.

“Stupid bitch had to be selfish. ‘1000 souls, no more then 100 per generation to make my skin smooth and blemish free. When that happens, will I sleep once more until my name is called again’,” he said, snorting and shaking his head. Getting up, he moved to the bathroom and opened the door, finding Kiba sitting in the corner, eyes staring at the wall in unseeing way. “Come on, Kiba. We’ll get your sister and mother here,” he cooed softly.

Another friend, taken by the bitches curse. When they were free, he was going to seal her ugly ass up forever.




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Licking his bottom lip, pierced tongue flashing in the low light of the street lamps, Pein purred lowly as he continued to stalk after his prey through the crowd. The blond hair drew him much like a flame did with a moth. Running his tongue over sharp canines, the piercing clinking on them, the vampire smirked as his pray and the male hanging off his arm slipped into an alley way just a few feet in front of him.

It was looking as if his prey was being a bit impatient tonight and wanted him to hurry up already. Smirking to himself once more, Pein followed quickly after, finding Naruto smiling sweetly at the other blond in his arms. Catching his eyes, the red head purred as the other man dipped his head and brushed his lips over a pale throat. Slipping behind the captured man, he clamped his hand over the opening lips as he screamed. Naruto purred and buried his fangs into the sweet neck before him, eyes flashing as he looked up at Pein. Purring in return, watching his mate drink, the elder vampire stroked over the soft blond locks, mussing them even more.

Dropping the now near dead body to the ground, Naruto giggled softly before hopping up into Pein’s arms, wrapping his legs around the others waist, strong knowing hands coming down to cup his ass. His mate mused on how even after becoming a vampire, the blue eyed male currently purring and cooing at him was still so very sweet and innocent, something that never seemed to disappear.

“I hope that wasn’t one of your co-workers,” the red head drawled, continuing down the alley way and towards their car that was waiting for them.

“No. He delivers the packages though,” Naruto replied, getting a soft laugh from the older vampire. “He’s been bugging me for a date for nearly four months and it was starting to drive me nuts. So, I decided he would at least make a good meal.”

“And did he?” Pein asked, licking a bit of blood from the blonds lips as he put him down onto the ground.

“He apparently took Viagra and drank a lot of coffee,” Naruto huffed, sticking out his tongue in disgust.

“So I taste,” the other hummed, his own eyes showing his own distaste. “Shall we stalk your boss again?”

“Itachi said if I did that I had to make sure that we didn’t leave Sasuke tired and grumpy again, no matter how good he tastes,” Naruto warned, getting another laugh as he opened the door to their car.

“You would think that Itachi would just claim the brat.” Watching Naruto slid into the car, Pein considered the possibilities of taking the lean male against Sasuke’s wall again.

“He’s having fun. He likes it when we drive Sasuke into his bed,” came the chirped reply.

“I see.” Closing the door, Pein shook his head and went around to the other side, soft laughter greeting him as he slid in himself.


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Staring at each other, Naruto raised an eyebrow at his friend, before snickering softly into his drink. The brunet huffed and nearly growled at the blond menace before sitting back in his chair and tapping his pencil on the table top between them.

“Right, right, bite me,” Hayate huffed, shaking his head with a wary grin. Brushing a bit of hair back, he coughed quietly before taking a swallow of the tea before him. “So, where are you living while you move out of bitch’s place?” he asked, watching as Naruto played with his straw.

“I don’t know really,” he started, lips pursing in thought. “We have three weeks to move out or else we’re gonna be screwed big time.”

“So, she’s getting kicked out to?” the older man asked.

“Yeah, since I’m the one who holds the lease,” Naruto replied, before sipping at his own drink, Hayate’s eyebrow once more rising up.

“I thought she did.: Naruto shook his head, taking a spoon to his slushie to break it up. “That’s what she said at least, that she was lease holder and was spending the most money on bills and shit.”

“And there we find the main reason why I’m ditching her happy little ass,” the blond snorted, waving his spoon before licking it clean. Hayate grunted before drinking a bit of his tea, the slushie sloshing around a bit, watching as Naruto’s nose wrinkled.

He had known the bouncy blond for quite a few years but had yet to figure out what went on in his head most of the time. Naruto had started dating Sakura around the time Hayate had graduated, leaving them to finish their last year without him. But he and Naruto had kept in touch and Hayate had heard all about the couple’s relationship.

He had an inkling even then that they wouldn’t last. And he wasn’t the least bit surprised that they were breaking apart now.

“At least you didn’t ask her to marry you after all,” Hayate drawled, getting a laugh from Naruto along with a shake of his he ad.

“Yeah. My grandmother is spinning in her grave, I just know it,” Naruto moaned, receiving a laugh in return who lightly coughed afterwards. “How’s the lungs?”

“Better. Tsunade-san is rather amazing in that way,” Hayate replied, waving his glass to the waitress. “I’m rather glad you bugged me into going to see her,” he continued, reaching over and pulling a bit of blond hair, getting a pout.

“I’m glad I did to,” Naruto hummed, smoothing his hair back into place. Smiling, the two ordered fresh slushies, Naruto teasing his friend about the tea slushie he loved and Hayate teasing him about having a love affair with the guava fruit slushie that he always ordered. They rather enjoyed their time together, even if they did want more then what they had.

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“Since Neji-san and Naruto-kun are out on a date…How about we hit up a rental store and get some movies for tonight?” Ino turned to Sakura and Hinata, smirking at her two friends. Hinata blinked a few times as she looked up from her purse before looking to the store that Ino was pointing to.


Sakura hummed, tapping her finger on her bottom lip. “Sasuke-kun is busy tonight with Lee, Itachi is working late, and the rest of the group are all studying tonight. It might be fun,” she admitted, shrugging with a smile at her friends. “Itachi isn’t expecting me at his place tonight anyways.”


“I suppose it would be nice to have a girl’s night. Kiba had to also help Hana-san with the clinic,” Hinata said, tilting her head with a smile. “Alright. Let’s get a movie.”


With that decided, the three girls headed into the movie place to hunt for a proper movie. Not finding anything really, they decided to ask the woman at the front for a good recommendation. She told them that she had just the movie and headed into the backroom, leaving them to wait while she did so.


Looking down, Ino raised an eyebrow at a tape that sat on the counter with a few others and reached out to grab it, wanting to see what it was about. The woman dashed back out and stopped her with a strained smile. “You don’t want to rent that. Let me just grab that movie now,” she said, heading back in but leaving the movie that Ino had been reaching for.


“Weird,” Sakura hummed before shrugging. Her and Hinata continued to look at the offered movies, Ino still standing at the counter. Pursing her lips, Ino reached out and subtly stuck the movie into her bag, making it look as if she was pulling her wallet out to pay for the rental.


With movie in hand, the three headed to Hinata’s apartment that she shared with her cousin while he and Naruto looked for a new place. Settling in with their popcorn, Ino pulled out the tape, her two friends surprised.


“I thought that had been left behind,” Hinata said.


Ino shrugged. “I’m curious. Let’s watch,” she chirped, Sakura rolling her eyes but putting the tape into the VHS player. Once they had sat down and pressed play, they jumped when static started on the TV. They screamed when the electricity died, but the TV and VCR continued, the static starting to clear, leaving the sight of a woman with blond hair, tied to a stake in the middle of a fire pit. A man lit the kindling bundles around her as she started to laugh.


Burn the witch!”


“Go to hell! How dare thy use black magic!”


The three women stared, wide eyed at the screen as the scene played out before them. The woman cackled on the scream before her face contorted into a sneer.


Hear this, fools! Any who witness my death shall meet the same fate as I in two days time! You shall all burn!” the woman cried out.


With a screech of static, the VCR started to make skipping sounds with the tape, the screen filling with static before it stopped. Swallowing, Hinata and Sakura shared a look as Ino shuddered next to them. They sat there, staring at each other or the TV as they waited for the power to come back. When the lights flickered on, Ino turned to her friends.


“It was a prank. Nothing else.”


“Right,” Sakura agreed, Hinata nodding. “We’ll return it tomorrow.”


“Right.” Ino swallowed and they put in the movie that they rented. The rest of the night was spent with the three women trying to forget what they had seen. The next day, as promised, they went to where the store had been, all of them staring at the empty, abandoned building before them.


“There was a store right?” Sakura squeaked, Hinata nodding her head, clinging to Ino’s arm who was looking horrified. “Right. I say we forget this shit and get out of here,” she finally said. The other two nodded and they ran for Hinata’s car.


Two days later, Kakashi was walking up to Neji’s home where Neji was clinging to Naruto, having already been by Sasuke’s place where he had found Sakura setting up for his birthday party after by Ino’s place. At both places, he had found the girl’s burnt, Sakura floating in Sasuke’s pool, Ino in her bathroom in her still running shower. He had no doubt that he was going to find Hinata just as burnt.


He was proven right when he was directed to the backyard where the jacuzzi was pushed open, her body barely floating in the water. “Fucking hell, what happened?” he sighed, Gai walking up to him. He held a clear evidence bag with a VHS tape in it. “What’s that?”


“No idea, Kakashi. But it was in a burn barrel that Neji uses for his personal paperwork. It was the only thing that wasn’t burnt,” Gai said, handing over the tape while they looked in through the windows of Neji shuddering in his boyfriend’s arms. “Hyuuga-san and Uzumaki-san both arrived after an early day of work, found her in the jacuzzi. About ten minutes after Yamanaka-san and Haruno-san had both been found.”


Kakashi groaned and rubbed at his face. “The fuck happened?” There was no answer to be had, but the tape quietly disappeared after the rookie who had been told to watch the tape to find out what was on it was found. Burnt and dead.


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Walking towards the amusement park, Naruto paused and looked up at the rusting gates that wrapped around the place. Humming softly, he nodded to Shikamaru, his friend and fellow explorer smirking at him. Pulling out his smaller camera, he turned it on, flipped the screen up and held it out at arm’s length.


“As promised, I am here in Canada with my fellow explorer, Shika. We have found the amusement park that everyone seems to see us explore and see if it is haunted. Why, I will never know but I keep thinking that you lot just love to watch us get terrified,” Naruto said to the camera, rolling his eyes as he smiled. “I am standing outside of the gates and before I go in, I’m going to tell you all about what I learned about this place.”


“What we learned,” Shikamaru drawled, sticking his head into frame. “This place is…wow. It was originally opened as Pennyland and was a big draw for a long time. But in the late eighties there was a very nasty accident.”

“The Ferris wheel, the main attraction of this place, broke and sent a lot of people to their deaths. The details are sketchy but something about bolts not being taken cared of was agreed upon,” Naruto continued. “They were forced to close after the investigation, the lawsuits, and losing all that money. All because someone cut a corner when it came to maintenance of the Ferris Wheel.”


“It was about ten years ago that the park came under investigation again, but this time because of something much darker,” Shikamaru drawled. “The police were called out because of the death of a vagrant on the grounds, and while hunting for the place that the guy had been holing up in, they found something so much worse.”


“They found the dumping ground of the serial killer who was found about thirty miles from here, hanging by his own hand. The whole thing was twisted, but before then, they found his last two victims. Two girls, later discovered to be Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, two students from Japan who were here for a trip with their class to visit all of the major cities here in Canada. They disappeared nearly a week before they had been found,” Naruto said.


Shikamaru shuddered and shook his head. “The cops finished out that last year, trained up their replacements, and left the force. Last that was heard was that they opened a shop and don’t talk about that case. They’ve only done it once and that was during a documentary for Netflix,” he said, looking up. “Tonight we’ll be doing an exploration of the park and see if the legends are true.”


“That is, the legends of this place being haunted. With very little time to get around without getting to our hotel at a late hour. After all, we have some day time exploring to do for Shika’s channel here,” Naruto chirped before flipping the camera screen down. “Think this place is really haunted?” he asked.


Shikamaru snorted and pulled out his own camera. “No idea. Let’s head in. You got your GPS right?” he asked, Naruto wiggling his phone with the GPS on it. “Got the spot set?” he asked.


“Yep. Not a worry,” Naruto said, double checking that the spot had been set correctly. “Meet back in an hour or so?” he asked.


Shikamaru nodded. “I’ll text when I head back to the spot,” he said, the two working their way through the fence. Naruto went left while his friend went right. They had decided that one person would head for where the body of the vagrant had been found, while the other went to where the girls had been found in the Ferris wheel warehouse. Naruto had gotten the latter, making him grumble and complain about having to hit such a large area, but had agreed to do it.


Standing in front of it, he turned on his camera and looked at the screen. “You guys seeing this? Is that a light in the window?” he asked, frowning as he looked around to see if there were any more lights. “There’s no electricity here and the hum of a generator would be noticeable. It’s quiet tonight.” Stepping forward, he looked up again, spotting a girl with pink hair banging on the window, cuts on the visible parts of her body. “Fuck!” he cried out, not caring about filming and moving to rush to the door before skidding to a stop. “Shit!”

He fell on his ass and stared at the man in the doorway, noticing that he had a large butcher knife in one hand and was splattered in blood. Holding up his camera in an attempt to get a good shot of the guy as long as he got out of there, Naruto stared at the screen when nothing showed up beyond some static.


“Not good,” he whimpered, looking up and screaming as the man with the knife came at him. Just as suddenly as the man had moved, the light that shined from the window and from inside of the warehouse died, leaving Naruto to blink several times to clear his sight. “The hell was that?” he panted, quickly pulling off his bag and fumbling for another flashlight, having dropped the penlight he had been using.


Finding the small flashlight, he flicked it on and started to scan the area with both the light and his camera.


“I could have sworn that there was a guy with a huge fucking knife at me,” he panted, trying to calm himself more than talk to the camera. “And a chick. In the window. All bloody. Fuck,” he grunted, eyes scanning around. “I…think I need to go in. Here’s hoping that there’s no one in there.” Carefully walking into the warehouse, he looked around, not finding anything. Even the Ferris wheel parts had been removed a long time before, leaving it empty.


Finding some stairs that lead up the loft area office, he carefully walked up them, making sure that they weren’t so destroyed that he would have trouble getting back down. Walking into the office, he stopped dead, pointing the camera at what he was seeing, knowing that no one would believe him.


There, on the window where the girl had been pounding to get help, were bloody handprints, fresh as the day that they had been made. 


Chapter Text

Lounging on the couch, waiting for her husband to come home for lunch, enjoying her day off, Kurenai groaned as she slowly stretched and checked the time. “Just an hour,” she sighed, putting her book to the side. Standing up, she picked up her mug and padded to the kitchen, making sure her curtains were shut as she passed the front windows.


Having a cop for a husband, especially one who worked nights, meant that she was a tad paranoid about front windows around her front door. Especially when she was home alone when she wasn’t at work.


Pouring a cup of coffee and adding creamer to the grocery list when she learned that they were low, she moved back to the living room and sat down. Cup near her on a side table and book in hand, she turned on the TV, keeping it to just low background noise, Kurenai sighed, relaxing once more. “Not even an hour now,” she mused, looking at her phone clock.


Ten minutes later, and several pages into her current trashy romance book, the sound of a baby crying came from outside making her jerk just as she was putting her cup back down. The half-filled cup sloshed, just a bit landing on the coffee table. Ignoring that for the moment, she stood from her chair and very carefully walked to the side window.


The baby crying got more insistent from outside. Twitching the curtains very slightly so that she was peeking outside, she looked out onto the dark street, noting that nothing was moving. Very few porch lights were actually on, a usual sight for her neighborhood. Letting the curtain closed, feeling a sliver of dread work it’s way through her, Kurenai moved away from the window and to the side table lamp.


Hesitating and deciding not to turn off the light just yet, she grabbed her phone instead and walked to the half bathroom, closing the door behind her. Locking it behind her, she carefully shoved the chair that they had in there for the bad days when her knee didn’t let her stand for long periods and sat on the toilet.


Her first call was to her husband. “Asuma…there’s something wrong. I’m scared,” she said lowly.


What’s wrong?” Asuma asked, sounding series at the words.


“There’s a baby crying outside. It doesn’t sound right, almost like it’s on repeat,” Kurenai told him. “I remember what Naruto told me a couple days ago, how he thought he had heard a baby cry while he was sleeping but couldn’t find anything but some foot prints in his back yard.”


Asuma called out something before coming back to the phone. “Kurenai, where are you?” he asked.


Kurenai looked at the bathroom door. “In our half bath. With the servant’s door,” she replied, kicking at the small door that lead into a small hallway that would lead out into the rest of the house and out of it if need be.


“Stay put. Make sure the door is locked just in case,” he instructed. “We’re on our way,” he told her.


“Right,” Kurenai breathed, listening the baby crying get louder outside, muffled by the walls between her and it.


She swallowed heavily as she waited for her husband to arrive, playing a game to kill the time and keep herself from panicking. She jumped when there were footsteps heading to the bathroom and the person knocked on the door.


“Kurenai? You in there?” Kakashi, Asuma’s work partner, called. “It’s safe to come out.”


“Oh thank god,” Kurenai breathed, standing up and putting her phone to the side so she could pull the chair from the door. Setting it aside, she opened it and sighed at finding the silver haired man standing there, smiling at him. “Is there anything?” she asked.


“Footprints. Asuma is taking pictures before he’s moving around. We have a crime scene crew coming right now,” Kakashi said, pulling her into a hug before leading her into the kitchen.


He took the information down while Asuma guarded the scene after turning off the early morning sprinkler system, watching the street with thinned lips. An hour later, Shizune walked in with thinned lips, holding a doll very carefully in her hands, Sakura following after her with the evidence bag.


“I don’t think we’re gonna find any prints on this, but this is what was crying,” Shizune said, showing the two in the kitchen, Asuma slipping in. “I’m going to guess that the guy who has been running around killing people all over the place used this to get people to come out of their house. It’s a good thing you nor Naruto left your house.”


“It seems as if this guy is focused on nurses. Gonna need to talk to the hospitals around here to find out who worked where and what cases they worked on,” Sakura said. Kurenai groaned, burying her face into her hands.


“I’m going to fucking go to Naruto’s place on my days off from now. Fuck this shit. He’s getting into nights anyways,” she moaned. 


Chapter Text

Humming softly to himself as he picked up the bag of candy, eyeing the amount in it, Naruto smiled to himself and headed for the checkout. His roommate had eaten his bag of candy that he had bought for the trick or treaters that night and he had been forced to come get new candy. Luckily, the stores in his town knew to stock a good amount on and around Halloween since there was such a big university. A lot of the college students had parties or ran the local Trunk Or Treat event to make some extra cash from the collage.


Buying the candy and the rest of the stuff that he had picked up for the next few days, Naruto left the store and headed towards the end of the parking lot that he had parked in. “So many fucking people,” he groaned as he found his car. Using the electric key to his car, he popped the trunk and started to shove the bags into the back of his car. Looking up, he noticed that a very old woman was heading towards him with a shuffle and a cane.


“Oh, young man, do you think you can help me?” the woman asked. Her voice was soft but came out like she had smoked for most of her life.


“If I can,” Naruto chirped, smiling brightly at her as he closed the trunk. She held a paper bag that looked as if it came from the store he had just left.


“I missed my bus, but I need to get home to let out my poor dog out so that he doesn’t piddle all over the floor,” the woman said. “I just can’t bend over or get down to clean up his accidents like I used to. Do you think you can drive me to my house? It’s not that far but I just can’t walk that far and I really can’t afford a taxi cab.”


Naruto smiled softly at her before nodding. “I can do that. It shouldn’t be to much of an issue,” he chirped. He unlocked the door with his keys and made sure she was able to get in. Sliding into the driver’s side, he looked over and happened to catch sight of her arms.


They were hairy. Like a man’s arms. A lot like Kurenai’s arms were.


They weren’t little old lady hands.


Smiling at the ‘woman’, he tugged off his shoulder bag before digging around in it, glad that he had bought alcohol that day. It was going to give him an excuse to run away without tipping the man in a lady costume off.


“Damn. I think I forgot my license and I need it tonight. I’m helping with the college Trunk or Treat thing tonight for a couple hours and they need an ID. That and my friend would shoot me if her husband pulled me over without it on me,” Naruto chirped, using all of his acting skills to seem like he wasn’t lying. “Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes while I run in real fast?” he asked.


“Of course not dear,” the ‘woman’ said, smiling at him. Smiling back, Naruto slipped out of the car with bag and keys in hand, heading to the store again, looking like he was just jogging back in. Once there, he hid around a corner and told the manager there that he was calling the cops because of a suspicion person who was in his car.


Luckily for him, Asuma and Kakashi had been about to start their nightly patrol and were on their way to the store to get fresh water and lunch. Asuma got him from the store, taking his report down while Kakashi checked out the car. When the silver haired man asked for them to come out, Naruto freaked out once they had arrived at the car.


Sitting in the car seat, cane laying on the ground, was a white wig, and the shawl that the woman had been wearing, along with the paper bag. Inside was what most Kakashi had called a kit for kidnapping. Rope, a knife, duct tape, and a sedative that one could get easily enough on the black market if they knew a person.


Naruto moaned about how Kurenai wasn’t likely to let him out of her sight now.


Chapter Text


Adjusting his shirt cuffs, ready to take his girlfriend out, Kiba stared at himself in the mirror and smiled. “Today is the day,” he breathed. He had seen Hanabi one day when he had gone home with his friend Hinata to do a school project. The moment she had turned eighteen, he had asked her father if he could date her and he had agreed with it, happy with the pairing.


While Hinata was beautiful with soft lavendered colored eyes, long, soft blue-black hair, and pale skin, she was also dating Itachi Uchiha and had been since she had turned sixteen. But Hanabi…she sparkled with a bright beauty compared to her sister’s quiet beauty. And he knew just what he needed to do with the beauty that he was dating.


Leaving his house, driving to gather her, he took her out on a picnic since the day was nice and he needed privacy for what he was going to do. Once at the meadow next to a lake, they laid out the picnic, Hanabi smiling at her boyfriend, loving the fact that the man had put so much thought into their dates. He had taken her to various restaurants, expanding her tastes from the expensive ones that she had been raised with, but always in thoughtful ways.


Hamburgers at the drive-in’s had been a favorite while getting deli sandwiches and other snacks to watch fireworks was a close second.


Kiba smiled back at her and handed her a plate of finger sandwiches and other finger foods, mind whirling with what was going to happen. After they had eaten some, Kiba offered to show her the lake closer, saying that it was filled with fish that looked like oil had slicked over their scales and rainbowed in the light.


They walked up to the lake, Kiba letting her walk to step next to the lake, Hanabi bending over with a delighted gasp of pleasure.


Picking up the rock that he had moved to the spot earlier, Kiba walked up behind Hanabi and raised the rock up, bashing her in the head. Watching her jerk and collapse in front of him, ignoring the few blood drops that splashed from the hit, he knelt down over her and kept hitting her, caving her skull in until she was dead.


Dropping the rock into the lake, he turned her over with a blank smile, stroking over her cooling cheek before pulling out a rose that he had tucked into his pocket before they had walked to the lake. Opening her mouth, he gently tucked the rose in between her teeth before closing it. Brushing a bit of her hair out of her face, he smiled softly. “All beauty dies,” he cooed before carefully placed her into the lake water, letting her float away.


Standing up, he brushed off his pants and went back to the picnic spot. He ate the small chocolate cake that he had bought earlier, knowing that it would only be him to eat so it wasn’t a large slice. Once done, he cleaned things up, changed his shirt, made sure he didn’t have any blood on his skin and left the place.


A day later, her body was found by Naruto and Kankuro, his boyfriend, as they hiked to a well-known camping spot, freaking Naruto out and prompting Kankuro to call the police. Twenty-four hours after that, Kiba was picked up for her murder.


He never once denied killing her, stating that all beauty died. His mother was surprised at how her son had hidden such issues from her, especially since her ex-husband had his own mental issues. But to see him so utterly blank during the trail had broken her heart. Naruto, who had known him from a very young age, had gone back over their childhood and seen little signs that there was something wrong but hadn’t picked up on. Kankuro just supported his lover and helped him through the nightmares. Hinata moved in with Itachi, needing to get away from the home that her and her sister had lived in all of their lives. Hiashi, their father, had pushed for Kiba to get a fair, full trial, and was mostly glad that he was sent to a mental hospital, offering to pay for a higher class one when Tsume had broken down.


The two families were broken, his friends were shocked, but to Kiba, it was all so clear that all beauty had to die and he was the one who had made sure that it had died at it’s peak.


Chapter Text

Groaning as he closed the door behind him, Naruto brushed his hair out of his face and dropped the keys onto the counter next to his door. Smiling, he locked the door behind him and looked over his living room. After dealing with the Crying Baby killer, he had moved along with Kurenai and Asuma, choosing a suburb that was closer to the city center and their work.


He had also picked up a beautiful Doberman who was just to sweet to be much of a guard dog like his mother had been. While Dobermans were sweet dogs when trained right, a guard dog who greeted an intruder wasn’t the best kind of dog and he had fallen in love with the beautiful male.


That had been close to six months ago and he loved his days off. During those days, he would get up earlier than normal and go for a slow bike ride to the nearby dog park and let Maru socialize. Kurenai would often join him on the bike rides. And for jogs before work and the walks afterwork. He had even put in a doggy door that was electronically opened for Maru.



And usually Maru would be happily barking and greeting him at the door, which made Naruto frown when the dog wasn’t there. “Maru?” Naruto called, heading for the living room where Maru usually laid out in his bed. He found him on the floor, not so much choking as hacking on something caught in his throat. “Maru!” he cried out, running over and falling to his knees. He ignored the fact that the floor was hard wood, and he had most likely bruised them, intent on forcing his dog’s mouth open. Looking into Maru’s mouth and down his throat, he saw something stuck, but it was to far down for him to grab.


Grunting, he swept Maru up into his arms and ran for the door, stopping on to grab his keys and wallet before he ran out to the door. Putting his dog into the front passenger side seat, he started the car and pulled out, pulling his seat belt on as he drove, heading for the vet that he had found when looking for one.


Parking in the first space that he could, he rushed in with Maru in his arms, uncaring that his car wasn’t locked and just needing to get his dog in. “Hey! I need some help! Maru is choking on something that I can’t get to!” he called. A nurse looked out from the back room, took one look at the choking dog, cursed and ran out to collect him.


“Sakura, take his information! We got Maru,” the blond called out, a pink haired woman coming out with a wane smile.


“Hey, Naruto. What happened?” Sakura asked as she sat down at the computer, logging in to take information.


“No idea,” Naruto admitted, shrugging as he watched Ino rush to the back rooms. “I came home and he was choking on something. I pried his mouth open and saw that there was something suck in his throat and I couldn’t get to it,” he admitted. Sakura nodded and took down the rest of his information, smiling when he realized that he had forgotten Maru’s cards. “Let me go back home real fast to get that. Then I’ll come pay for the emergency bill,” he said. “Since it’s likely they’re having to put him lightly under.”


“Most likely he’ll be spending a night with us,” Sakura admitted, smiling softly. Naruto hummed and left with a promise to be back in a few minutes. As his car pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the house, Ino came running out, holding a specimen jar in one gloved hand, pulling down her mask.


“Where’s Naruto?” she asked, eyes wide. Sakura, staring at the jar, pointed out the door. Ino cursed and lunged for the phone, picking it up and dialing by memory. “Naruto? Shit! Don’t go in there! That thing that you saw? It was human fingers. Three of them we think, but one got fully swallowed. There’s an intruder! We all know how sweet Maru is,” she nearly yelled into the phone. She pulled the headset away from her ear and frowned at it. “He said he had to call a cop and to take care of Maru…”


Sakura whimpered. “Can you take that and put it somewhere else?” she whined. An hour later, Naruto was returning, complaining about how he seemed to attract idiot killers and intruders, escorted by a slightly amused Asuma. Sakura just pointed them to the back for the fingers, the vet office learning that the intruder was the brother of the last owners, intent on raiding their house for anything that he could sell on the way out.


Apparently his motives had also included hurting whoever was there since he had had an aluminum bat, and that had set off Maru’s protective instincts. Naruto called him a good boy and promised him a brand new tooth brush bone. 


Chapter Text

Getting onto the train, Sakura sat down with a sigh, rolling her ankles as she settled in. It was late at night. She had stayed late at her vet position to cover Hinata since the woman had to go on an emergency room run with her two-year old daughter with her husband. Her daughter was at home again with a new shot of vitamin C, and flu pills and a doting father, and Hinata was at work.


But Sakura was exhausted, and the train was mostly empty. She looked up and down, finding that there were three men who looked like tired doctors themselves sitting near the end of the train car while two men sat bracketing a woman with blond hair and wearing a hoodie as she stared over at her. Frowning, Sakura buried herself a bit more in her own jacket and pulled out her phone, ignoring the three.


Checking her phone, she shot looks up at the three, catching the paled blue eyes with her own. Sakura shuddered softly before looking back down at her phone, playing a game to distract from the staring. She looked up when the train stopped at one of the usual stops, letting off one of the doctors at the end of the car while a dark hair man walked on.


He sat next to her, wearing a tanned coat over a black hoodie, the hood pulled over his head as black eyes checked out the three across from them. Sakura shifted and returned to her phone, ignoring all of them. She kept glancing up, feeling a chill running down her spine at the fact that the blond woman kept looking at her and the two men kept ignoring her.


Swallowing, she looked up to check the next stop before sighing, glad that there was only one more stop before she was able to get off and away from the three creepy people. The next stop came up quickly enough for a night train, Sakura shifting and looking at the man as he stood up. She gasped when she was dragged up by a firm grip on her arm and was promptly dragged off just before the doors closed.


Watching the train leave, leaving her with the man and a guard who was in the guard house, she took a deep breath, getting ready to scream when the man held up his hands and pulled out a phone and a wallet. “Hold that scream,” he said. He opened the wallet and handed it over to her, allowing her to read over the badge and FBI identification card with ‘liaison’ printed on it under ‘placement’. “Let me call this in. We’ve been hunting those assholes down for a while,” the man said, shaking his head.


Sakura groaned, flipped the wallet closed and asked “What is this? Killer season? First Kurenai is targeted by the Crying Baby Killer, then Naruto’s new house is broken into. And now a dead body on a train? Really?” she asked.


The man snorted. “Agent Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha. I’ll be dealing with you and this case,” he said. Sakura sighed and shook his hand.


“Sakura Haruno. I hope I can get a ride home.”


Chapter Text

Putting the white board marker down, Iruka smiled brightly as he turned around, staring at the class that was before him. He had just started to teach at a new school, rather creeped out by the fact that there was a graveyard so close to the school. The school shared a gate with the Buddhist temple since the building sat behind the school, and behind that was a low wall surrounding a nice enough graveyard.

One thing that he had noticed that was odd had been the insects and lizards that were impaled along the spikes on the fence. Some of the lizards were larger ones, but they were, for the most part, small. He figured it was a mischievous young child, likely from his class that was doing it since the fence was sort of short compared to most schools. It could have also been someone from the elementary school that was up the block since several of them came to play in the graveyard or visit the temple.

Shaking his head, he turned to start talking with the students about what they were going to do that day. That day, walking his students out to meet with their parents, he found a mole when walking along the playground, making sure that all the students had been picked up. “That’s new,” he said, shivering and going to find someone to clean up the mole so that the students didn’t have to see it.

Three days later, there was a cat impaled, making Iruka scowl as he stood there, doing his pre-start of class patrol. Sighing, he rubbed at his head and went to start class. During the meeting after classes, he brought up the fact that small animals were starting to be impaled on the fence instead of just bugs and lizards. “Who could be doing this, and can we somehow stop it?” he asked.

The teachers fell into a long conversation with the headmaster of their school, tossing ideas around before breaking up for the day, unsure as to what they were going to do in the long run. Iruka sighed and headed for his office, still thinking about what was going on and what they could do.

Heading home, he was glad that for the next few days there were no more small animals on the fence. But once more, three days after the cat, he found a rabbit. And not just any rabbit, but the classes pet rabbit. The students took turns setting food and water for the creature each morning before class and each afternoon after class.

Seeing a Buddhist priest eyeing the rabbit with him, Iruka walked over. “I’m sorry to bother you, sir, but…did you see anyone who could have done this?” he asked.

The man shook his head with a sigh. “I was tending to the cemetery early this morning and it wasn’t here when I went back into the temple,” he said, sighing at the sight. “It must have happened after I went inside. And before you arrived. I believe there are two other teachers here, but they’ve been here for close to thirty minutes already.” He paused. “And I believe that one has his son with him this morning instead of his mother dropping him off.”

“Right, Uchiha-sensei’s wife is currently sick with the flu and Itachi-kun had to go to his own school early to meet with the rest of the students to set up the class this morning,” Iruka mused. “I’ll see if Sasuke-kun can tell me if he saw anything. He might be in the classroom.”

“Good luck, Umino-san,” the priest said, bowing, Iruka bowing to him in return and heading into the class. Sasuke had arrived from the small library with a new book and was sitting at the desk, Naruto standing at his desk and unloading his own bag into his desk, headphones on. Knowing the young man, he was listening to an audio book.

“Sasuke-kun, do you mind if I asked a question of you?” Iruka asked, squatting down to stand next to Sasuke’s seat. Sasuke blinked and looked at him.

“Yes, Iruka-sensei?” Sasuke asked. Shooting Naruto a look, he turned back to Sasuke.

“Do you know why there are animals on the fence? Did you see who put the class bunny on it today?” he asked softly.

Sasuke licked his lips, looking wary. “Hisaruki.”

“Hisaruki?” Iruka asked, eyebrows furrowed. “What is Hisaruki?” Sasuke just shook his head, lips pressed together and unable to explain just what the Hisaruki was.

Iruka finally gave up for the moment as students started to arrive, unpacking their bags and getting ready for the day’s class. They weren’t all that saddened by the loss of the rabbit, but Iruka decided to wait for the rest of the year before buying a new pet.

Chapter Text

Over the next week, each time that Iruka asked a child about “Hisaruki”, all he got out of them was the name and they were unable to tell him what it was all about. He still felt weirded out by the fact that they children weren’t upset about the dead pet rabbit.


To his observations, it looked as if they had been expecting something like that to happen.


Shaking his head with a groan, he rubbed at his face with a groan. He also asked the parents if they knew anything as they picked up their children, getting no information from them. With his paperwork and all of the other little things that he had to take care of, including making sure that Naruto was getting his supplies for school when his grandmother was doing a late shift at the hospital, he wasn’t making much headway into researching.


One day, as he was packing up his desk in the teachers main office area, Kakashi frowned as he tapped the piece of paper with the word “Hisaruki”.


“I think I remember something like this. A kid drew a picture and labeled it this,” he said, fluffing up his silver hair and adjusting his eyepatch. Iruka frowned and looked at the word.


“When was this?” he asked.


“Eh, about…five years ago? Itachi-kun was a part of the class, but he wouldn’t know shit about this because he didn’t do the same things as the rest of the kids,” Kakashi admitted. “Anyways, the next day, he didn’t come into class. And for a week didn’t come to school.”


“What happened to him?” Iruka asked.


Kakashi sighed. “He was pulled. His parents came around one day and said that they were moving after he had an accident, so they were having him taken to a new hospital to care for him. They gathered his books and left. But I noticed that he was in the back of their car. And his eyes were wrapped up in gauze. A lot like the gauze that I used when I had my eye issues,” he said, tapping the hard front of his eyepatch.


Iruka stared at him. “Good Lord,” he breathed.


“I learned later that the kid had shoved his own fingers into his eyes one day and they weren’t able to save them,” he said. Iruka shook his head and folded the paper, tucking it away.


“Thank you for telling me this, Kakashi-sensei,” Iruka said, standing and bowing before leaving with the man, thinking about what he had learned.


The next day, when he had arrived, he was warned that there might be some loose bloody feathers in the playground and took look out for them since it was his turn to help monitor the playground. A chicken had been impaled apparently. He just promised he would and headed to his classroom, worried that it would get worse before things go better.


Later that day, while the kids were running around and playing, he noticed that some of the children had stopped and looked up at the sky. “It’s Hisaruki,” Sakura said next to him, her green eyes widening.


The words were quickly spread around the playground before just “Hisaruki” was being whispered by all of the children as they looked up. Then, one by one, they covered their eyes and went motionless. Even Naruto had stopped moving, covering his eyes and crouched over, but not moving.


Kneeling down next to Sakura, he said, “I don’t see anything up there. Who is Hisaruki?” He felt a chill run down his spine when she said nothing but continued to stand there. Motionless. Frowning, he reached out and pulled her hands away from her eyes. “Who. Is. Hisarkui?” he asked.


“I don’t know,” Sakura said, eyes wide with terror as she tried to cover her eyes again.


“You’re lying, Sakura. Who is Hisaruki?” Iruka asked. Holding her hands, he frowned when she simply clenched her fingers, almost as if she was in a daze, before pointing her two pointer fingers at him and trying to jab them into his eyes.


Dodging back, he was forced to let her go. She then turned her own fingers to her own eyes, trying hard to dig her fingers into her eyes. Iruka grabbed her quickly and forced her hands away, calling out, “I could use some help here!” while he grappled with her as she continued to try to jab her eyes out.


He and Kurenai were able to stop Sakura, calling for an ambulance while the rest of the children continued to stay motionless. Once she was gone, the children around them started to move and play, all said, the time from start to finish just over twenty minutes long.


Iruka decided that day that he shouldn’t try to dig into whatever Hisaruki was. It just wasn’t worth it.


Sakura’s eyes were lightly damaged, some scratching to the surface forcing her to wear gauze over her eyes and use eyedrops for quite a few weeks while she stayed at home. And when she came back, she wore heavily tinted glasses to get her used to light again.


Anytime he saw any of his students go still though, Iruka and the other teachers ignored it. They had a feeling that if they were meant to understand what was happening, they would. Until then, the bugs and lizards returned and small animals impaled on the posts didn’t happen.


Chapter Text

Digging through her boxes, Sakura frowned, sitting back on the heels of her feet. “Mom! I think I lost Mary-san!” she called out. Mebuki walked into her daughter’s room, wiping off her hands as she frowned.


“I could have sworn that she had been wrapped up and put into your clothes boxes,” she said. Sakura sighed.


“She was. But not now. I don’t know,” Sakura groaned. She stood up and looked around the room, wondering how she was going to settle in without her beloved Western doll. Her father had found her in an antique shop when she had been six on a business trip and bought it home for her. The doll had been old but well loved and Sakura had named her Mary-san the moment she could.


But now her doll had been lost in the move and she was not very happy about it.


“Don’t worry about it, dear. If she’s in the house, we’ll find her,” Mebuki promised, leaving her daughter to continue to unpack her room.


A month later, and her parents were out at a business dinner, leaving Sakura alone for the night. She had settled in front of the low sitting table that acted like their coffee table, doing her homework for the night while watching some romance movie that was playing on the TV. The house phone rang while she was working on her maths homework, making sure her numbers were clearly printed.


Looking up, she put her pen to the side and stood up, walking over to the phone and picking up the cordless phone.


“Hello, Haruno house. Sakura speaking,” she greeted.


“Hello. It’s Mary-san. I’m at the garbage dump now.”


Pulling the phone away from her ear, she quickly hung up before swallowing, shivering. The voice had been hollow and so…eerie that she felt the need to check all of the windows and doors. As she was making sure that the front door had been locked, the phone rang again. Swallowing, she answered.


“Hello, it’s Mary-san. I’m at the corner store now.”


Hanging up again, Sakura shivered and ran for the living room, turning off the TV as she turned on all of the lights there. She knew where the corner store was. It was just ten minutes away from the new house she had moved to with her parents.


Trembling with fear, she answered the phone when it rang again. “Hello, it’s Mary-san. I’m in front of your house now.” Hanging up and dropping the phone to the ground, she rushed to the front door and yanked the door open unthinking in her terror.


She found nothing there and slumped against the door frame, eyes scanning around the front of her house. There was no Western doll anywhere, and there were no humans on the street. “Maybe it was just a prank,” she muttered to herself as she closed and locked the door once more.


Going into the living room, she picked up the phone and started to carry it to it’s base again, wanting to continue to work on her homework now that the calls were done.


She jumped when the phone rang in her hand. Frowning and thinking that her parents were calling to check on her again, she answered. “Hello…” she got out.


“Hello. It’s Mary-san. I’m right behind you…”


The phone slipped from her grasp as she turned around, eyes wide and horrified…


Later that night, her parents opened the front door, wondering why the living room lights were still on so late when they knew their daughter usually went to bed at a decent hour when she had school the next day. They got their answer when they walked into the living room.


Sakura Haruno was on the floor, surrounded by her own blood, stabbed to death as she stared at her parents with a look of horror frozen on her face.


Chapter Text


“Why am I doing this?” Ichigo hissed at Rukia as he stared at himself in the mirror.


“Because you died, holed up for nearly six months on the Kuchiki Estate to go through the adjustment period and now you can be who you want to?” she asked.


Ichigo sent her a glare before sighing and adjusting the obi around his waist. She had grabbed him from his rooms close to three hours ago and let two of the estate servants to shove him into a rather lovely kimono. Apparently she had gotten him several houmongi with various colors and designs. The one he was wearing had subtle fireworks that trailed over his left shoulder and down the rest of the side to the subtle water design around the bottom of it.


The obi chosen was a matching design of fireworks on the soft green background of the fabric. He twisted around and looked at the back of the obi, squinting at the bow on the back.


“You dressed me up like a single woman,” he stated. “Who is looking for a boyfriend or fiance.”


“This may be just a regular party,” Rukia drawled as she adjusted her own houmongi kimono to lay properly, “but you are still representing the Kuchiki and Shiba clans. I also know about your crush.”


Ichigo blushed and muttered as he slid on the zori, glad that his cousin had remembered to get tabi to go with them. The servant helping him smiled softly before handing him a small purse that he tucked up his sleeve and a fan that he tucked onto his obi. Zangetsu, his zanpakuto, was to stay home for the time being since they weren’t got far and no one dared to attack.


That and a shinigami who couldn’t call his zanpakuto to them from a distance just wasn’t a proper shinigami.


Shaking his head, he and Rukia left, heading to the party with Byakuya following after them, hovering like the overprotective brother that he had shown himself to be. Once at the party, Ichigo wandered over to where Renji was sitting at a table in his rather pale pink yukata, sat down and leant against his friend.


“My cousin is sadistic,” he stated in greeting, Shuuhei, Shunsui and Hitsugaya staring at him with raised eyebrows. He missed the appreciative look in icy blue eyes when Renji chuckled and patted his head, making him scowl up at his friend.


“Why? Because she forced you into something pretty?” Renji asked teasingly. “Can’t say that you mind a whole lot. I know you well enough.”


Ichigo huffed and stabbed a finger into Renji’s side hard, getting a yelp, deciding that leaning against Shunsui was a better idea. The man rolled his eyes and let the young male do as he wanted, well used to the antics. Renji pouted before tossing two cards down and getting two new ones.


“How are you holding up? You gonna start lookin’ at divisions?” Shuuhei asked as he tossed three and got three in return.


“In two months. Right now I’m doing the studying thing to fill in my knowledge and finish balancing out my powers,” Ichigo mused, watching the men play cards. Over the next hour, Ichigo watched the group play, even playing a few hands himself and winning a couple of them before he stood with a groan. “I need to walk. This party is nice,” he started, looking around the room, “but stuffy. I need air.”


“I’ll join you,” Hitsugaya stated, waving off the others as he walked around and offered an amused Ichigo his arm. The two walked off, heading for outside. Ichigo sighed and tipped his head up to enjoy the breeze, noting that Hitsugaya had gained another inch, making him half a foot taller to Ichigo’s height.


“What is it with you all jerks being tall?” Ichigo whined. “I’m going to be this size for the rest of my death,” he huffed.


Hitsugaya chuckled and patted his hand, shaking his head. “Don’t worry. I only started hitting my growth spurt in the last year or two. Mostly because my power grew.”


Ichigo humphed and leant into him. “Yeah. By the way, weren’t you dating someone?” he asked.


“Matsumoto. For a time. Before I learned a few things about her,” Hitsugaya admitted, shaking his head. “Since then I’ve had fun but nothing concrete.”


“Things…” Ichigo drawled, having a feeling that he knew what Hitsugaya wasn’t saying before smiling and shaking his head. “Yeah. At least you can find someone to have fun with.”


“What do you mean by that?” Hitsugaya asked.


Ichigo smirked as he slipped his hand free of his arm. “Well, everyone looks at me and either sees me as a rebellious ally, or an heir to two very powerful families with power to back things up.” He looked Hitsugaya up and down, the man going still as heat rushed through him at the look. “You? You went from ‘where is your daddy’ to ‘fuck me daddy’ in the span of two years.”


Hitsugaya felt his brain stutter and stall at the words before restarting, Ichigo continuing to slowly walk towards the gardens, smirking at having gotten one up on the other man.


He knew that Hitsugaya would get back at him and was kind of looking forward to it.


Chapter Text

“So, what are we doing?” Ichigo asked, staring at Rose as he shifted through the red head’s clothes.


“We need you to meet with the idiots on the council so that they’ll stop fucking up,” Rose said.


“And this requires me to dress how now?” Ichigo asked, taking the kimono that Rose shoved at him.


“Look, just because the Central 46 was replaced with a council made up of heads from every district and clan, lost status or not, doesn’t mean that they’re not idiots,” Rose stated, rolling his eyes. “Hearing from the one that pretty much won the war for us will help them get their heads out of their asses and let us do what we need to finally fucking well do,” he stated.


Ichigo eyed his friend before rolling his eyes. “Right. You want me as a mouth piece to tell them off and allow the Vizards to make new treaties with the other Death administrations, the nature demons, and various other beings,” he summarized. Rose smirked and winked at him.


“Indeed. The Vizards are the best to get this shit done because we’re not normal Shinigami ourselves. We’ve already gotten the Arrancar to sign a treaty. They help us find souls, without eating them, and keep hollows from getting out of Hueco Mundo all the time. At least by thinning the herd slightly,” Rose said, tossing a bit of his hair back. “Put the pretty kimono on and let me do your hair.”


Ichigo snorted and stepped behind the changing screen. “Ever since I started to give no fucks about clothing labels, you lot have gone absolutely nuts in putting me in anything you think is pretty,” he teased as he stripped out of his clothes.


Rose hummed, watching the shadow of Ichigo get into the kimono with easy, practiced movements. “Of course we have. Even the girliest of us tends not to want to wear something pretty, and here you are. Wearing pretty things and not giving a shit about how people may think of you,” he said as Ichigo adjusted the kimono, stepping out from behind the screen. “We just want to encourage that in you.”


“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Ichigo snorted, shaking his head with a smirk. “Come on. Lead the way to the idiots. Then you’re taking me out to lunch at that one sushi bar. I feel like some high quality sake and sushi if I have to deal with Ganju and his need to give me the hopeful eyes,” he said, shaking his head.


Rose chuckled and lead him to where the meeting was happening, watching Ichigo ream the council out. He finally got them to listen about why it would be a bad idea to send some snob nosed asshole that came from the clans and couldn’t understand the simpler things. They weren’t going to be talking with fellow clan’s men after all.


They would be talking with administrators, leaders who had to fight for their places, and more than likely in a lot of cases, street rats that rose from their lower beginnings. If you wanted someone to connect with another person, you used someone like Rose, who had, at one time, been a rat himself that had gotten lucky with his power and joined the academy. You sent Shuuhei who had also lived as a Rukigon rat, but was trained to be a proper leader.


You didn’t send someone like Soi-Fon, someone who was a warrior and didn’t stand for bullshit. Or someone like Byakuya, who was the head of a clan and couldn’t connect to other’s on certain levels.


They finally accepted that he knew what he was talking about and agreed to allow the Vizards to do what they needed to do.


Walking out of the meeting room, Ichigo groaned and slowly stretched his arms up and out. “Fuck, if I have to do that again, it’s going to cost you more than a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant,” he warned.


Rose chuckled and slid his arm around his waist, pulling Ichigo close, resting his hand on one hip. “How about an all day trip to the spa. Just us?” he asked.


Ichigo hummed and smirked. “As long as it ended with us staying home for two days afterwards. They’ve been working both of us way too much. Not enough time to play,” he teased. Rose smirked and held up the orders for a short week long vacation for both of them before leading his lover to their favorite place to eat.


Chapter Text


“Naruto, love, what are you doing?” Naruto looked up at Neji and smiled before turning back to the cake that he had been carefully crumb coating.


“Making Shino’s birthday cake,” Naruto stated, smiling as he finished the crumb coating. “I’m going to put on a glaze since he dislikes most frostings,” he admitted as he put the bowl to the side.


Neji hummed, eyeing the bowl of chocolate pieces that hadn’t been melted yet along with the pot of water on the stove. “Why are you making a cake?” he asked.


“Sasuke called me from the bar,” Naruto said, wincing as he thought of his friend who had opened a bar after he had become a chunin. The man still did his missions, but he ran a bar that allowed people to relax in safety. But for Shino to go to the bar was something hard. “The Aburame elders are getting twitchy about him having a wife and children, never mind the fact that he doesn’t want women,” he said, shaking his head.


Neji groaned and picked up the bowl of chocolate, adding a bit of cream to the chocolate pieces. “Yeah, he does deserve something tasty, doesn’t he?” he sighed, putting the bowl on top of the pot, watching it. Naruto just sent him a smile as he put the cake into the refrigerator. “Are you doing anything else?”


“Just a simple dinner to suck up any alcohol his bugs don’t dispel,” Naruto replied as he pulled out the chicken and vegetables. “You know his hive gets grumpy when he doesn’t eat after drinking. And the elders always drive him to drink.”


Neji huffed and nodded, stirring the chocolate as it started to melt as Naruto cut up the chicken and vegetables to make a stirfry. Shino walked in with a quiet greeting, sitting down when Naruto’s clone shooed him to a seat at the table. Neji had just finished pouring the chocolate over the cake and set it aside to set while they ate. The clone popped while Naruto put food down in front of his lover, taking his own seat with Neji.


“One day I’m going to commit murder,” Shino stated.


“Familicide? Bit of a desperation move,” Neji said in response. Naruto pulled a face before rolling his eyes.


“At least he isn’t considering patricide. His mother would string him up if he did,” Naruto said, wiggling his chopsticks at his lovers. “Come on. Eat. Then you can take a nap, Shino, and when you get up, we’ll eat some cake.”


Shino looked over at his lover and raised an eyebrow, violet colored eyes staring at him. “Oh?” he asked.


Naruto just smiled and waved his chopsticks again. “After lunch and a nap. You need to sleep off the alcohol. Just tell your mother that the elders are trying to break my heart by forcing you into an unwanted marriage and let her loose,” he drawled.


Shino blinked before smirking softly. “I can do that. I’ll take video,” he promised, turning back to his lunch. After they ate, Neji shooed them to bed, saying that he would wake them in a couple of hours but had his own paperwork to do.


After waking them up, Neji cut the cake and they pressed Shino between them while they enjoyed the chocolate cake with chocolate topping. Shino, unsurprisingly, was the first to break since chocolate always acted like an aphrodisiac to his bugs, and thus acted like it to him. Luckily for them, while the bugs could fuck, they didn’t breed, needing the queen to let out the proper pheromones for that and she did so only under Shino’s command.


Didn’t mean that they didn’t all enjoy the stress relief.  


Chapter Text

back to the blond that he had left behind. When Orochimaru had created Otogakure with Rice countries daimyo’s permission, he had left the village behind with the seal of approval on his paperwork.


Kabuto had resigned his place as a Konoha nin, still a genin at the time so easy enough to do for himself and followed him to their new home. Anko had done the same, resigning as a Konoha genin. It had been Naruto though that been a not so surprising surprise.


The blond had always had a difficult relationship with the man he had called father. Naruto figured that it was because the day his mother died to seal the Kyuubi in a proper Uzumaki seal, had been the day that he had been born, and thus he was a reminder of a hard time. Orochimaru just called Namikaze a fool for living in the past. Even Tsunade called him a fool and considering she was doing some hard-core therapy the last time he had talked with her, that was saying something.


 Nearly a full year before, Konoha had reached out for an exchange program, having heard that they took in those from other villages to help them learn how best to interact with others. Somehow Otokagure had become the ‘Therapy Village’.


Shaking his head free of those thoughts, Kabuto slowly breathed out, glad that he was home and could stay home. Konoha was a nice enough place, but it didn’t feel like home. Not when he had a blond waiting for him to come back to the village. Especially since Naruto had admitted that those he had dated hadn’t felt right and he wanted Kabuto to return sooner rather than later.


He looked to the side of him where Kakashi stood, raising an eyebrow at the silver haired man. “Come on. I have other things I wish to do,” he drawled, leading the way to the main building where they would check in. Kakashi hummed and followed after him, looking around. It took them all of ten minutes for Kakashi to be checked in, handed a map of places he could go and where he couldn’t, and for them to head up to the Kage’s office where Orochimaru waited with Sasuke.


Kakashi tensed when they walked in and a blur of burnt orange and blond jumped on Kabuto, taking him down in a tumble. Turning around, his eyes widened at the sight of whiskered cheeks, sparkling blue eyes, and a long blond braid that was surprisingly long.


“You took to long,” Naruto breathed, Kabuto chuckling and stroking his cheek, pulling him into their first kiss. It was soft and chaste, and full of promises of never leaving again.


“I’m sorry I took so long, but I had a lazy dog following me,” Kabuto teased after he pulled away from the kiss. Naruto looked up at Kakashi and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I’m sure Oro-kun will be nice enough to tell him all about me while I take you home and make you shower. I’ll make dinner but don’t expect me to put out just yet,” Naruto teased. “I’ve been waiting for a year. I can wait a few more days.”


Kabuto chuckled as the blond stood up, allowing himself to be tugged up by his partner. Orochimaru rolled his eyes and waved them off before waving to the chair to explain just why Naruto was there. And why he had jumped Kabuto the moment he had seen it.


All around, Kakashi wondered just how much sucking up he had to do before he could threaten Kabuto like a proper big brother.  


Chapter Text

“Why…am I doing this?” Sasuke sighed as he looked up from where he was treating Akumaru, pulling thrones from his giant paw.


“Because Namikaze-san wishes for you and me to be the liaisons with Otokagure,” Sasuke stated. “You because you get along well enough with Naruto and me because I lived there for a year. I know the lay of the land and the people know me in return,” he continued, turning back to the paw. “Any more spots?” he asked as he pressed gently on the pads.


Akumaru huffed and shook his head, whining when Sasuke pulled out a bottle of spray.


“I told you not to romp around here. These plants are dangerous, and they grow wild,” he stated, staring down the large white dog. He sprayed the paw before carefully wrapping it with gauze and waterproof bandages. “Now maybe you’ll listen to me. Don’t go romping around the plants. You want to piss on something, piss on a tree. Just not the white ones. People get pissy about those particular trees.”


“Aren’t the white ones a bitch to grow and useful for healing?” Kiba asked as he eyed one such plant.


“Indeed. But it’s not that hard to grow. They just don’t have the patience for one to start fruiting properly,” Sasuke said. “So they’ve tried to learn how to make them grow faster. Not that it helps any,” he continued, scratching Akumaru behind the ears with a soft smile. When he had gone to Oto, he had been a pissed off Chunin with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge a mile long.


Kiba had noticed that when he had come back though, he had been calm. Settled in his own skin and confident with his skills and ability to learn more without his Sharingan. He and Sasuke had been paired for some of the missions and they had found themselves working well together, prompting Minato to send them to Oto as liaisons.


Flopping down onto his sleeping bag, having set up the camp since Akumaru had to stay off his paw for the rest of the night, Kiba watched as Sasuke set up the rest of the cover and started a fire. He watched as the Uchiha occasionally paused to stroke a hand through thick fur, and had unsealed boiled chicken for the large dog as a treat.


Narrowing his eyes as he remembered a conversation that he had had with Naruto the one time that the blond had set foot in the village after leaving, Kiba shifted as his blood started to heat. Apparently when Sasuke had tried to get someones attention, he did things tailored to that person.


One person had loved books, so Sasuke had brought back books from other countries that he had visited for missions.


Another loved good food but hadn’t learned how to cook beyond the basics. Sauske had taught him some easy but versatile dishes.


Going back over the last six months of their partnership as chunin’s, Kiba shifted again as Sasuke unsealed some quick easy food for them that night. He had noticed that Sasuke often took care of Akumaru before himself if Kiba hadn’t done so or would give little treats to the dog. Like the boiled chicken that the white dog was happily chewing on. Sometimes it would be high quality beef or lamb, whatever the Uchiha had thought he would like.


During training, he would have lunch bentos made for them. There was always something new in them, but also something that he loved to. They were always well balanced and healthy but delicious that Kiba hadn’t know could be. When his mother made dinner, it was good, but meat heavy with select vegetables and sides. But with Sasuke, it was always perfectly balanced. And worked with even an Inuzuka’s metabolism.


Even on the road during a mission, Sasuke even made the homemade ration bars taste good. He had always brushed off the money that Kiba had offered with a blush, prompting the dog nin to go with him during the times that he shopped for ingredients, buying them for him instead.


Kiba knew that he could be dense, but at the moment, surrounded by the softness of rain swept earth, the ground dry under them and the scents scattered, he could smell the embarrassment around Sasuke. But he could also smell the low curl of arousal, something that he normally couldn’t catch. Like most nin, Sauske used specialized soap to keep his scent minimal after all, but after being caught in a rain storm, it was coming back.


Smirking to himself, deciding that he would see where things went and to show the way an Inuzuka showed off for a potential lover or mate, Kiba stretched out on his bedroll. He watched as Sasuke shot darting looks over at him, taking in the way a clawed hand idly scratched at a toned stomach, mesh and shirt pushed up, and the rest of Kiba was laid out in the best position to hint.


Kiba smirked, watching with half lidded eyes that burned with his own desire now that he could really catch the scent of Sasuke’s arousal, and continued to plot. Sasuke just blushed for the rest of the night. By the time that they reached Oto, Sasuke was muttering about pounce happy mutts and riding on Akumaru but happy with how things had gone down.  


Chapter Text


“Are you sure that he will like me?” Gai asked, shifting on his feet, fiddling with his hiate-ate that was wrapped around his waist. Kakashi sighed and rubbed at his face as they walked up the stairs that lead to Naruto’s apartment that he had moved in with Kabuto nearly a week before.


Kakashi had been in Otogakure for close to six months already and was planning on going home long enough to close up his family estate and become a permanent liaison with the village. Orochimaru had cackled about the fact that so many of the newest generation and certain people of the current teaching generation were willing to ditch Konoha. Especially when Danzo and Hiruzen’s old team mates threw absolute fits when they learned that Naruto wouldn’t set foot in the village without some hard-core protection surrounding him. And that he wouldn’t let any children that he had go to the village without their own protections.


Something about idiots trying to get into Oto and trying for him after it had been learned that Naruto was there.


Minato was currently gutting the council on both sides, working to clean things up. The supposed heirs of the families were holding out on taking up the mantle of heir for the moment while Minato did it. The heads of the families were watching things carefully while some of the younger clans were smacked around and taught the laws. The entire village was being shaken up.


And all because Naruto refused to come visit, and Oto was open to anyone who wanted to come. Thus why Gai was there. He wanted to meet Naruto, his boyfriend’s little brother, and he wanted to see the village. Since Lee had learned all that he could from Gai, he had gained his jounin vest and was thinking of taking on his own apprentice. There was a young student who they had found had the same issues and was undergoing a specialized treatment plan, but he had a thing for taijutsu and traps.


Kakashi smiled at his lover and patted his arm. “You’ll do fine. Naruto has heard all about you and I’m sure you’ve noticed that your turtles are all well fed when they come back right?” he asked.


“Indeed, I have,” Gai chuckled, his voice rumbling. He had been hit in his throat, damaging his voice box, and had to watch how loud he could talk in the day to day. On a battle field, if he had to yell out his instructions, he tended to rasp for a couple of days after. Tsunade was working on fixing it but Kakashi rather liked the way his voice sounded.


Especially when it was just them in their bedroom. Alone. And Gai was working hard to drive him into insanity.


Tucking those thoughts away for later use, Kakashi beamed at the knowing look the other man shot him. “Naruto has taken to them. He likes all summons but he has the Sparrows at his. Let me tell you, when Jiraiya learned that a Uzumaki side family found Naruto that first time and gave him that summoning contract, he cried.”


“And he didn’t think that because Naruto refuses to stay long in the village that he wouldn’t be able to take on the Toad contract?” Gai asked, bursting into laughter for a moment before getting himself back under control. “My, that will be an interesting conversation between them when they finally meet each other.”


“It was a beautiful moment,” Kakashi said, smirking. “And Minato-san is still kicking his ass. But from what I’ve seen Naruto and him are now talking. At least through letters. Naruto is still hurting about how Minato-san had treated him for his life there, but he’s decided to see how their working relationship will pan out since Naruto-san is going to be the next Kage here when Orochimaru decides to retire after Naruto turns thirty,” he continued.


Gai smiled and laced their fingers together, stepping onto the landing that lead to Naruto’s apartment. “Well then. Let’s meet your younger brother, shall we?” he asked, taking a slow breath.


Kakashi smiled through his mask and lifted his hand, knocking on the door, Naruto soon opening the door with a happy smile on his face. “It’s about time you two got up here. Took your time?” Naruto asked teasingly, stepping aside to allow the two in.


The door shut on Kakashi’s whined answer and Gai’s chuckle.


Chapter Text

Walking into his apartment, Uryu raised an eyebrow at the two who were going over a long list of things to pack. “What are you doing?” he asked. He feared that he knew what they were doing but was kind of worried as to what his partners were up to this time.


Keigo was the one to look up and beam at him. “We’re bringing some goodies for Ichigo-kun. He complained to Urahara last time we talked that it’s a bitch to find the really good chocolate unless he wants to travel to some place called Iron,” he said, holding up a large box of chocolate. Each piece was individually wrapped and came from a candy store that Ichigo had loved visiting.


“We also have several panels of fabric that he asked for. It seems that he’s picked up embroidery and wanted some of his favorite fabrics. Since Isshin-san is already there, and Yuzu and Karin can’t come with us this time, we told them that we’d bring it for them,” Mizuiro replied, pouring a cup of tea for Uryu before going back over the list. “Along with some curry powder that he wanted. He gave us his card to the account that the Seireitei had created for him to use to buy the things.”


Uryu hummed as he took the tea, sitting down and watching the two males. When Ichigo had disappeared nearly four years before, they had just all been out of high school and were prepping for college. Except Ichigo. He had been planning on taking a year off, build up some money on the backside without having to use the money from Seireitei for the war and other battles he had fought in.


But after he had disappeared, the three of them had to step up and fill in with Orihime and Sado. Keigo and Mizuiro were found to be a good team, and then paired with Uryu, they were able to keep things clean and help the Shinigami who patrolled the area.


It helped that with the help of Urahara, they all figured out how to best purify a hollow instead of destroying them. Keigo used a dagger when fighting that he could use as a conduct for his power while Mizuiro used, unsurprisingly to his friends and past lovers, a whip that was strengthened by his power.


Urahara thought that they would have a good base to become a Shinigami when they passed and their powers fully unlocked. At the moment, they were using, at most, around twenty percent of their power. It was likely that they would use more, especially since they had started to really train with their abilities, they had gone from three percent of their power, which had allowed them to see spirits and with stand power, up to the twenty percent.


“I think that you should test your power scale again,” Uryu said as he finished his tea, putting it to the side. “We need to know where best to use you against this idiot and this…rabbit goddess.”


Mizuiro hummed before nodding his head and turning to where the guns that he and Keigo also used were laid out in pieces. “We shall. Oh, we’re going to be playing as snipers during any fight that we happen to be in. We’re gonna be paired up with Hachi while ‘Hime-chan is going to be paired with the healers in the main encampments,” he mused. Uryu hummed.


“I’m going to leave for a while. Pick up a few things,” he said, already thinking of the thread that he was sure Ichigo would love to have. War was stressful and Ichigo hadn’t been back since they figured out how to travel back and forth after all.

Chapter Text


Isshin shifted as he watched Ichigo toss around his students, Sasuke cursing as he twisted and landed, sliding slightly along the ground before shooting forward. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ichigo so happy,” he drawled to Urahara as he walked up to him.


Urahara smiled and tilted his head. “It’s quite fun to see how he has changed in the years since he came here,” he said. “Unwilling or not, he has carved a good life for himself.”


“I can’t help but think that he might have been held back from truly flourishing in our world,” Isshin mused, watching as Ichigo lead his sore and tired team through a series of stretches. Even Kakashi was doing them. “He couldn’t really be who he wanted to be. He was the ‘bad boy’, the ‘savior’. Never just ‘Ichigo’. Not outside of a select few,” he continued. “Even I saw him, in a lot of ways, as a warrior that had a hard path before him.”


“You were right about that, but the way you had gone about it…” Urahara trailed off. Shook his head. “The way I went about it to wasn’t the best. From what Shizune-san told me, Ichigo picked up the medical and seduction with startling ease,” he continued.


Isshin snorted, shaking his head as he turned from the group, looking at his friend. “Yeah, but Ichigo was always good at healing and making people wonder about their sexuality,” he drawled. “He just never showed it to most of those in the Seireitei. There’s a reason why they were blindsided by his changes when we arrived here.” Urahara snorted and shook his head again, leading his friend off, wandering through the training grounds and towards the village. “Do you think that he’ll ever come back?”


Urahara sighed and looked over to the side to where a beautiful oil slicked colored snake was sliding past them towards where Team Seven had been training. “No. Not really.” He looked to Isshin with a smile. “For a visit, oh yes, he will come to visit. But to stay? To live? No. He’s meant to be here. Even Reiō-sama has stated this. He is the one who will make it so that we can go back and forth once more. So souls can find their proper rest when they wish to go to the next level. I think they call it the Pure Lands here,” he continued.


Isshin sighed. Nodded once, sharply. “I will support whatever he wishes to do. We’ll just have to set up the inter-dimension transporters and the communications system on both sides,” he drawled. Urahara chuckled, tossing a bolt up and down in one hand. “I take it that you are already planning on doing that huh?” he asked, nodding to Keigo who was showing how he took care of his sniper rifle to a few nin’s.


“Yep,” Urahara drawled, watching Miruiro pulled out his whip care-taking kit and his favorite bullwhip next to Uryu, who just rolled his eyes and flipped a page in his book. “We’ll be mixing and mingling with this world that I have no doubt in a hundred years, the leaves that we are on the great tree will mix together and become one.”


“Couple hundred. We’ve spent over a few thousand apart, and then we split the demons off from the living world on top of the three layers of our world,” Isshin drawled, bumping shoulders with his friend. “We got time though.”


Urahara smirked as they joined their friends, Ichigo and his team walking up to join them. “That we do. That we do,” he hummed, reaching out to pet the snake wrapped around Naruto like a living shawl.


Chapter Text

“Are you happy here?” Sado looked over to where Ichigo was carefully sharpening his kunai. Looking up, his friend smiled softly at him.


“Yeah. A lot happier then I thought I would be actually,” Ichigo said, smiling happily at his friend. “I don’t know. I just…never felt right in our dimension. I don’t know why but I wasn’t really happy with how things were,” he admitted, reaching for his shuriken.



Sado hummed. “I noticed,” he admitted, scratching the oil-slick colored snake that had draped herself over his shoulders. “You’re relaxed here.”


Ichigo sighed as he ran the star over the sharpening stone. “I have instincts that are even stronger than the other Vizards,” he admitted after a moment. “Being here, being surrounded by others who fight for the right reasons but get to fight on a semi-normal basis, to fill in those darker instincts without being looked at like I’m insane.”


Sado hummed, scratching the top of the snake’s head for a moment before speaking again. “Being a healer and a killer at the same time. I always thought that you ever really fell fit in with the other Shinigami. Better with the Vizard, not so much the Shinigami,” he admitted. Ichigo nodded his head and packed his weaponry away. “You’re a healer now to so you’re helping whenever you’re not scratching an itch to let loose.”


“I’m also teaching. I’m not fond of the idea of child soldiers, but they do it right here. They have to train their people early so that they have control over their chakra. It’s easier done when they’re still growing,” Ichigo said, sighing as he sat back on his hands, staring at his friend. “It helps that I found my lover when I did.”


Sado smirked. “Never went for normal,” he teased.


“What can I say? I don’t want normal. Normal is boring in a lot of ways,” Ichigo teased back. “When are you going to ask Hanataro out anyways? I keep waiting to hear that you did but you never have.”


Sado blushed, grateful for his dark skin hiding quite a bit of the red that stained his cheeks. “I don’t know,” he muttered, shifting and crossing his legs with a sigh. “Maybe about the time that Mizurio and Keigo get off their asses and make their thing with Uryu something more than friendship.”


“To late for that,” Ichigo admitted, wrinkling his nose. “Apparently they all got laid and then decided they were bored with hoping from person to person. From what I heard, Keigo jumped Uryu and then Miruiro joined in on the fun. So. When are you going to ask Hanataro?” he asked, smirking at the other man.


Sado groaned and slumped in his seat, the snake hissing at the fact that he moved, getting a soft chuckle from Ichigo. “I don’t know,” he admitted, shrugging one shoulder with a frown. “Maybe before we start off this war in full,” he said.


“Fucking Rabbit based alien goddess. This shit can only come from a fucking manga,” Ichigo complained, flopping back onto the floor with a groan. “I can’t believe this shit.”


Sado chuckled and shook his head, smoothing a broad hand down over the back of the snakes back, soothing her once more. “At least you know what’s going on and what we need to do. Despite the fact that we have how many assholes against us?” he asked, allowing the summons to move to lay over his shoulders in coils before standing. “Come on. Let’s go spar some more. I need to learn how to fight against a chakra user some more. Then…I might ask Hana out.”


“Finally,” Ichigo groaned, standing up and gathering his weaponry, leading his friend from the apartment and to his favorite training field.


Chapter Text


Groaning as he laid back against the pillows that Nick had set up for him, Greg sighed and melted. Nick just shook his head and stroked a hand through carefully washed hair before checking the binding around his ribs.


“Remind me why I wanted to go into the field?” he asked as Nick moved to the small coffee and drink station that he had set up in his master bedroom. Nick liked having a tea first thing after waking up or going to bed. He loved to lounge on the couch while watching the sun either rise or set, depending on if they were coming home or getting up for the night.


Nick chuckled as he poured water into the carafe of their single cup maker, enough for two cups of whatever before putting a pod of hot chocolate into the pod holder. Closing it, he set a mug under it with exactly seven mini marshmallows and started it. “Because it’s a slightly better pay grade past level one, you’re allowed to play in the lab if you’re not needed out in the field, and because you like doing the field?” he asked in a teasing manner.


Greg pouted at him. “I hope you stocked up on things to eat because I won’t be able to cook for the next month, much less anything else,” he warned.


Nick chuckled again. “Don’t worry about it. Sarah agreed to watch over you since she’s working swing shifts and doesn’t get off until an hour after I have to go in,” he said. Greg hummed and took the cup of cocoa with a happy sigh. “I’ve been assured that you’ll be fine for a couple of hours on your own until someone is here to help. Once the next two weeks go past, you’ll be able to do shit on your own for the most part but I’ll still swing by when I can. I did buy a bunch of easy food that you like though.”


“You bought me my veggie burgers and fake chicken?” Greg asked, voice surprised. “You try hard to avoid the store that carries that shit,” he said.


Nick sat down by the bed in one of the large chairs that usually sat in their reading area along with a overly large loveseat with a roll of his eyes. “I want you to be able to eat something if I can’t make you something before I leave. And to have lunch options. Got you burgers, those ‘chicken’ patties, nuggets. Some of those enchilada meals that you like so much. Various chimichangas. And I loaded up the delivery card for you when you don’t feel like something like that. Sarah said she’d just bring her own food over since she would be here for most of the night.”


“That’s fine,” Greg hummed, smiling softly at his partner and friend. If someone had told him that a year ago he would be with Nick, happy and content, switching houses every so often, he would have stared at them like they had lost their mind while reaching for a phone to call the ‘happy-hug-myself’ people. But here he was, going in on nearly eight months of happy relationship with the other man and thinking about inviting the other to move in fully and see how they worked.


They already lived in each other’s pockets as it was, so it wouldn’t be hard.


“Want your lap desk and stuff?” Nick asked, getting a nod with a smile. He set up the lap desk over Greg’s legs, and plugged in his laptop for him before placing his phone and his tablet close by, sitting with his own lap desk and laptop. The two settled in, Greg working on a few informational reports for some lawyers on a couple of the cases he had worked on before his pain killers kicked in.


He made a sound of discomfort when he was moved to lay back slightly propped up but went back to sleep, missing Nick’s fond look as he went to take a shower and start some dinner. He knew that in few hours, Greg would wake up and be hungry. He always was when he had to take something strong.


Maybe he could live with veggie burgers but he was going to drown his in A1 sauce.


Chapter Text

Spitting out a bit of blood, Greg sneered at the idiot who had dared to kidnap him. “You realize that if my lover has the option, you won’t make it to trial, right?” he asked, voice hoarse from the choking he had received earlier.


The thug sneered. “You’re just a crime scene worker,” he snorted. “You don’t have a lover who could take us on. Now, are you going to be a good little boy and do what we need you to do?” he asked, leaning forward and staring at Greg.


Greg sneered. “You’re a fucking idiot. Very much a fucking idiot. That evidence has already been logged and is watched over like it will disappear in a puff of smoke,” he said, relaxing in his bonds. “The one you want freed fucked up. He’s lucky that it’s only the rape and attack that we can get him on otherwise it’d be a nice long sleep that he’ll never wake up from,” he continued. His head jerked to the side and his cheek started to throb in time with his heartbeat.


“Fucking useless piece of shit,” the man snorted, stalking off. “When the boys get back, I’ll let them have fun then dump ya somewhere. You won’t be missed.”


Greg sighed and rolled his eyes as the lights in the room flipped off. He relaxed and tilted his head, looking to where there was a rather large window with mesh covering it. “That guy won’t make it to trial,” he mused to the moon. “Nick won’t be happy that this fucker kidnapped me and hurt me. He’ll end up in a lot of pain.” He spat out a bit more blood out and carefully prodded his cheeks.


He found that he would need to have a tooth fixed slightly and had a cut on the inside of his cheek, but nothing truly worrying. He would be bruised and hurting for days, but he doubted that he would have to do much more than twenty-four hours in the hospital, if that.


By the position of the moon, it was an hour later when the door was yanked open and the light flipped on, Greg’s lover standing there, snarling and covered in blood. “Have fun?” he asked.


Nick snorted and pulled out a handkerchief from his back pocket, wiping off his hands as much as he could as he walked over. He pulled out a knife and cut him free before helping him to stand, Greg swaying slightly.


“Just a little,” he finally said. Greg snorted. “Guy is going to get a bit hot under the collar in about twenty minutes,” he continued.


“You’re not even letting us do our job now? Is it that bad?” Greg asked, Nick nodding. “I hope you got any others out of the place.”


“Of course I did, though they were all so heavily drugged out of their minds that they can’t see straight. I’ll be calling the fire in in a few minutes. I’ll tell ‘em that I found you and the others outside and no one else around. The lot of them won’t remember being yanked out of the building by me,” Nick said, helping his lover out and to his car, which was still running.


Nick did call the fire department when it got big enough to wipe out evidence, about five minutes after they had left the building. Greg lied through his teeth, a trick that he had learned long ago in his younger days, and told them that Nick had been following his hidden phone’s GPS, holding out the phone that looked like a hard case and was indeed sending out a signal.


It was something that everyone on the nightshift had started to carry around on them, the specialized phones not good for much beyond calls, text and GPS coordinates. He was just lucky that the asshole hadn’t done anything with it beyond sticking it on a table. The rest of the people who had been grabbed were taken to one hospital while he was taken to another, evidence gathered by a knowing Grissom and did indeed stay twenty-four hours in the hospital.


Nick stayed close to him through out it all, only leaving to take a shower and get food that they wanted to eat. Greg just smiled happily when he was released, knowing that his lover would always come for him.


Idiots really needed to learn to listen when he said that his lover wouldn’t let the idiots live until trial. This really just proved that to him.



Chapter Text

“Are…you really that small?” Kira looked up from where he was putting the living world jeans that he had been given into the drawer. “Fuck, is Ichigo that small?”

Kira smiled. “Yes, we wear the same size and yes, despite what you may thing, we are that small,” he said, shaking his head. “Just because you lot are so broad doesn’t mean anything. Ichigo and I have strength, just in a leaner frame.”

Ikkaku snorted and flopped back on his bed, watching Kira unpack his bags. There was a new rotation for some of the higher Shinigami to patrol around Karakura while Ichigo was doing his first semester of college. Since he was going for a nursing degree, he didn’t have as much time as he used to have, thus why there was a rotation.

Urahara had set up a place for the rotating Shinigami, storing their gigais when they weren’t in use, and making sure that the money between the two worlds went through easily. It made it easier on them all. This time it was Ikkaku and Kira doing the rounds for a week before heading back. It would be eight hours shifts between the two of them with four hours between each shift for them to relax.

Ikkaku huffed and flopped back onto his bed, the two of them sharing the master bedroom since it was set up for lover’s. They had just dragged their mattress out of storage and set it up, and now Kira was putting things away.

“I’m fuckin’ you. You’d think I would have noticed that,” Ikkaku drawled. Kira wrinkled his nose.

“You do. It’s after the sex that you never really notice my actual clothing sizes,” he teased, tossing a pair of socks at his lover. “Now let me finish putting my clothes away. Can you go get some food for us?” he asked.

Ikkaku groaned but hauled himself out of their bed with a groan. Taking the card with their budget, he got a kiss and headed out to the small restaurant that they liked when they just arrived. Kira would go out later to buy whatever is needed but for now, he was working on putting away clothes before their first shift started.

Ikkaku wondered if he could get away with pouncing his lover after dinner. They had three hours to play after all…

Chapter Text

Pulling open his door, McGee squinted at Gibbs before pulling it open with wide eyes. He was able to rasp out “What are you doing here, boss?” before wincing and rubbing at his throat as it protested useage.


“Came ta see ya. Your doc sent your note to Vance and he made sure I had it along with your request to get your hard copies of files,” Gibbs said, nodding to the dolly that held the file boxes that he had grabbed. They weren’t very big but they were heavy with heavy duty paper. McGee waved him in with a wince as his throat twinged again, the scent of medicinal rub and eucalyptus filling the apartment. 


Gibbs rolled the dolly into the apartment, taking in the setup with a raised eyebrow. The kitchen was cut off from the rest of the apartment by two well built shelves that looked handmade. One shelf held books and little knicknacks. On that side of the shelves, there was a small couch, more of a loveseat than anything, and a TV with DVD player and a couple of gaming systems that had been pulled out. The seat looked long enough to hold McGee without an issue. 


On the shelve towards the kitchen, pots, pans and various dishes sat. There were also various snack foods and a medicine box that McGee was digging around in, pulling out a pack of lozenges for his throat. “Where do you want these?” Gibbs asked, McGee pointing to a desk with a bigger set up, his work pulled up on two of the three screens, a music player open on the third and showing a list of soft Jazz.


Gibbs put the boxes down and looked at what McGee was working on. He raised an eyebrow at the screen, finding that he was filling in some details on some of his reports. 


“Working on getting those details down from your notes?” he asked, McGee nodding, twisting one of the lozenges in his mouth.


No voice, he signed. Doc not allowed speak. Gibbs smirked at him. 


“Your signing is getting better,” he said. McGee spelled out Tony in answer before he nodded to the files. 


Lawyers want details. Going to court. Gibbs hummed.


“You been eating?” he asked, getting a ‘when I can’ answer in return. “Living off of broth and soup?” he asked, noting the cans that had been washed and set out to dry so as to not attract bugs. Looking at the cans, he grunted. “At least it’s not unhealthy stuff.”


McGee rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone and started to tap out a message, using his Text to Speech program to read it aloud for him as he took a seat at the desk. “I am not allowed to stand for very long right now. So I can’t make my usual soup,” the phone said. 


Gibbs sighed and shook his head. “Alright. Tell me what to do with this soup of yours,” he said. McGee shook his head and pointed to where his lamented recipe card box sat. Gibbs picked it down and found the soup that made twice the amount of broth that one would need for those who couldn’t swallow. He chuckled at the translations for the amount of each ingredient was along with the “pinch of this” and “Pinch of that”. McGees grandmother had seemed like a smart woman. 


McGee turned back to his computer, the sounds of soft jazz and the tapping of his keyboard filled the apartment along with Gibbs pulling out the two huge pots for the soup and prepping the ingredients for it. 


Chapter Text

Title: Taking Care

Fandom: NCIS

Characters/Pairing: Gibbs, McGee, Tony

Word Count: 563

For: Shadowfaire on ao3

Warnings: Nothing

AN: I am going to write this world. It has been decided. *adds on another story to her already long list* No idea how long it’ll be but it won’t be a mini most likely.






Looking up when Tony slipped in with a smile, Gibbs jerked his head to the bedroom where Gibbs was resting after taking his afternoon meds. Tony smiled at him before juggling the bags in his hands, closing the door behind him with a soft snick. He carried the groceries that McGee had asked him to pick up for him from a special store, having sent some money. 


The store had a few things that he couldn’t get in a major grocery store, like all natural soups that was made in house. Tony had gotten a bit more of it since he knew that McGee wasn’t going to be eating anything solid for a good three days. He had laryngitis before and it sucked during the first three days. After that, McGee would eat the soups with cooked soft vegetables. 


Sniffing, he raised an eyebrow at the broth that was slowly cooling, waiting for the fat to be skimmed off of the top. “Did he stand and make soup?” he asked, nearly hissing as he looked around the shelves. 


Gibbs snorted and stood up, Butch, who had been hiding in the bedroom when Gibbs had arrived, groaning when his head was lifted off of the man’s lap. “No. I did. And this mooch tried to get me to feed him some of that chicken,” he said. “If that recipe didn’t have some of the stuff it does, I woulda given him some of the broth, meat and veggies,” he said.


Tony eyed Butch, getting a moan from the dog before he took over the couch with a wiggle as Gibbs walked around the shelves. “Good thing I got him some of his favorite food from the counter,” he drawled, pulling back to put the fresh raw livers and other raw meat away. He had helped McGee find a proper vet for the dog after all and knew what Butch could and could not have. Abby had tried to complain about the fact that he was being raw fed before Gibbs had had a very quiet conversation with her about what would happen with her in regards to McGee from then on.


Gibbs hummed as he unpacked the food. “I suppose we can spoil him a little,” he said, talking about dog and owner. They heard McGee get up and stagger into the bathroom, the door shutting behind him. “He just took meds, and from what I remember they make him piss more,” he said.


Tony hummed, pulling out the specialized mix for water and juice that he had grabbed from McGee’s pharmacy. “And I thought I had odd medical needs,” he muttered, making up a half gallon of the mix before marking the bottle as such. Gibbs snorted and worked around Tony as he skimmed the fat from the soup and broth, tossing it into a special jar to be used for other things at his house. Tony put the food he had bought away before doing inventory, making a list for McGee to go over.


They stopped when they heard the toilet flushed, the sink turned on and then off, then McGee stagger back to his bed and flop down. Butch was quick to join his human in bed, getting a muffled, graveled groan before soft snores cotinued. The two older men shared an amused look and turned back to their own work.


Chapter Text

Watching as Tony hefted two small children up into his arms, obviously twins, Steve shifted in place and crossed his arms. “Tony,” he said, eyeing the bald man in the wheelchair that was watching them. “There’s a call for you from Pepper. Said something about Kurosaki having some kind of cursing fit,” he said, shifting on his feet.


Even after everything that had gone down nearly two years ago between being dragged back by force and being put on probation, Steve didn’t feel comfortable. Not fully. Yes, he had things going on for him that was helping him with his issues that he had, but he still didn’t feel comfortable. 


Everyone around him seemed to have their own place in the Avengers, but his issues were slowly being worked on. His therapist was pleased with his progress and Tony wasn’t giving him cool looks any time that they had to work together or interact at all. 


Tony groaned and rubbed at his face, shaking his head. “Probably some idiot from the Seireitei bugging the shit out of him and forcing him to take time out of his day to send someone to chew on him,” he said, finding his phone and finding the message from Ichigo that said he would be in late tomorrow. “Or he is going to make his wishes well known,” he said, shaking his head with an amused look on his face. Seeing the curious look on Steve’s face, he smirked. “They want him to marry his best friend, Rukia. Never gonna happen. One of them would die a nasty death.”


Steve snorted and shook his head. “I knew that they were old fashioned but I wasn’t sure that they would try to push it that hard,” he said.


Tony chuckled and shooed the kids off, making them screech when they spotted Ororo heading to the greenhouses. “They’re not that old fashioned. They just want him tied to a major clan and think that Rukia would be best. Never mind that at the soul level, he is Rukia’s cousin by marriage,” he drawled, Steve shaking his head, not wanting to know. 


He tucked his hands into his pockets and looked around, rocking on his feet. Tony just gave him a knowing look, his own arms crossed. “The therapist thinks I can start to go to group meetings only instead of one on one sessions unless I feel I need it,” he finally said. 


Tony’s eyebrows rose up and he hummed. “Well then. I wasn’t expecting that,” he said, shaking his head. “I hadn’t gotten around to the report from her,” he explained. “I’ve been here, helping get the new kids settled in and helping with a few of the older kids get ready for college.”


Steve smiled. “Yeah, I’ve been helping John with his art myself,” he admitted, thinking of the teen that he had met one day when he had been panhandling. He had taken the young male straight to Bucky and told him to have at him while he found clothes for the kid. Twenty minutes later and John was talking with the professor, given a trial basis for whatever he needed and settling in. 


Tony smirked, knowing that helping the kid had helped Steve in a lot of ways himself. “Yeah, I’ve seen some of his work. He’s going to do something like Ichigo, right?” he asked.


“Art restoration. He’s eyeballing a few museums for possible positions,” Steve said, starting to walk beside Tony as the smaller male headed for the main house. He felt something shake loose in his head before falling into a better place than where it had been as they walked into the house and towards the kitchen for something to drink before they went to do what they were there to do.

Chapter Text

Playing with the page of the book he was reading, Loki looked out of the charmed window that showed whatever part of Asgard he wanted. He lifted a hand and flicked his fingers, changing it to the training grounds, finding the male that he had called brother for so long punching at a training dummy. 


Settling back in the wooden chair he had, he watched Thor attack and jab at the dummy, mind turning slowly over whatever it wanted to think about. 


He had been stuck in the prison for the last six months, working his way through certain books that his mother had snuck him about mental manipulations. Some that even Thor had brought back from Midigard, allowing him to learn about how it could have happened to him. Odin was still unwilling to listen to his mother, and she had happily turned him out of her bed until he heard what she had to say and thought about it. 


Thor just knew that he was grumpy about something but wasn’t sure as to what that something was. But Loki knew it was because he missed his wife and was a day away from listening to all of the information that Loki had been able to tell her during their visits. 


Loki shifted and crossed his legs. He flipped the book closed and put it to the side with a thunk. He wasn’t looking forward to that particular conversation down because it meant that he was going to have to let his mother talk about all that she had found in his mind. She had used special magic that copied everything that he consciously and unconsciously remembered. She had spent the next day working through them, selecting the memories to use when she confronted her husband about how he dared to treat both Loki and Thor. 


Sighing, Loki flicked his fingers and found his mother working on a bit of knitting. He knew that it was a new blanket for his cell, his last one burned by an overzealous guard who hadn’t known about Frigga’s rule about the items in his cell. He smiled as she quickly and easily looped and twisted around the needles, the click of them a soothing sound to the trapped deity. 


Sighing lowly, Loki allowed himself to relax to the sounds, eyes falling shut, closing his eyes and resting his chin on his hand. He allowed himself to fall into his magic, feeling the tiny curl of power that sat in the plant on his desk, waving happily under the conjured sunlight and soaking up all the nutrients that it needed. 


He chuckled when the power nudged at him, taking just a tiny bit to feed off of before returning to it’s dormant state as it processed it. “What an interesting creature you are, Stark. Hiding such power, even from my brother,” he mused, catching sight of his mother giving him an amused look through the window as she set her knitting to the side. He huffed when she flicked her fingers, sending his view to Tony Stark as the man teased another man with red on black eyes. 


Loki smirked at the obvious flirting going on between the two men as Stark allowed a small child to happily braid his long hair into many tiny braids. Another man sat, lounging back in a recliner with the twin to the child braiding on his lap, reading from a book and helping the small one figure out books. He chuckled, knowing that the two little ones, called Weather Witches, loved Thor when he came to visit and had the moment that Stark had introduced them all to the X-Men. 


Shifting, he flicked the screen back to Thor, unable to help himself. He so did enjoy watching gold skin shine with sweat even though he doubted either of them would ever want to sleep with the other. Blood or no blood, they had been raised brothers and they had no urge to go beyond that now that they knew the truth of their bonds. 


Still, Loki did enjoy a good bit of eye candy and Thor did provide that so nicely.