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Bits and Pieces of Many Worlds

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They were sitting together, just relaxing after another long day of working on the cases that came through their labs. Greg’s head was resting on the arm of Grissom’s arm chair as he tried to relax after the day he had dealt with. “Two rapes, three homicides and an officers shooting,” he grumbled, rubbing at his tired eyes. “And when I wasn’t stuck in the lab, I was kneeling on the ground, picking hairs off the damn floor.”


“You did want to become a field tech,” Grissom said, smiling as his youngest tech pouted.


“I know, but I wasn’t expecting to have to worry about shedding cops,” Greg groaned, sending a look at his friend and boss. “The guy was leaving hairs all over the damn place. The entire scene was…” he trailed off, sitting up fast, eyes narrowed in thought. “The entire scene was covered in his shed hair.”


Standing up, he was up and running for his lab, the pictures and the tests he wanted still tucked away in an evidence box. Writing down why he was breaking the tape, he pulled out what he wanted and walked into a conference room, finding Grissom already there. Laying out the pictures, he explained his thoughts, getting a small smile and a nod from the older man before they passed on the information to the detective that was working the case.


Once the crooked cop was arrested and the confession had been gotten, they were back in Grissom’s office once more, Greg laying out on the couch, snoring softly as Grissom read a new journal about tarantulas.