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Twenty Questions

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"You seriously won't tell me?!"

"Sorry, actually I'm not. And there is no way that you can make me tell you."

"I'll play you for it..."

"Fine. You win and I'll confirm the information, but you have to keep it to yourself. I win you give up. Are we clear on the rules?"

"Crystal. As long as you understand that I'll only quit for now, on the off chance that I actually lose. Then again, I never lose."

"Alright, shake on it"

"1. Man or woman?"

"Thea, really? Isn't that self-explanatory?"

"I lost you to an island for five years. Who knows if you started pitching for the other team? Family doesn't judge, you can be spend an awful lot of

time with Diggle..."

"No cheating. If you want to know if it’s Diggle you have to use a question. The former answer is woman."

"Okay, we've established that you’re in love with a woman. Good progress. 2. Is she tall? 5 foot 3 and taller is considered tall."

"Yes she’s tall"

"Hmm interesting..."


“I know, a tall woman. That must really narrow it down for you"

"Shut up jerk! 3. Is she a brunette?"

"Yes, yes she is"

"okay, 4..."

"You don't have to count out loud you know. That can be achieved in your head"

"No! I'll lose count and you know it. That’s how you cheated your way to victory last time, don't think I forgot. Wipe that smirk off your face before I help you

take it where was I?"

"Number 5"

" Oh that’s right. 4..."

"Who's smirking now?"

"4! Have you met her recently? Recently means more than 6 months less than a year"

"No, not recently"

"Ah-huh. The pieces are coming together big brother, you should be worried"

"I'm quaking in my boots"

"Good. 5. Have I met her? And I mean officially, not through the media circuit"

"Yeah, you've met her. Are you sure you want to keep going? I can see the smoke coming from your ears as you think. You got nothin'"

"I am deeply offended! It only squeaks when I'm thinking. Oh, and by the way, shut up, you know I love that song. Stop playing dirty!" 

"It’s my job to play dirty, I'm older"

"Well I'm almost ready to wrap this turkey up...that didn't make any sense. Moving on 6. Did she grow up in Starling City?"


"7. Does she have a real job? I'll clarify, one where she doesn't just stand around looking pretty"

"Yes, she does more than stand around looking pretty. Sometimes she looks pretty sitting down...OW! No need for violence Thea, where'd you grow up in a

boxing ring?"


"Roy's been teaching me how to defend myself. Pretty good huh?"

"Regular Mohammed Ali"

"Well I promise not to bite your ear off, so there’s that. 8. Was it love at first sight?"

"How is that relevant?"

"It’s my question to do with as I please. Although if you want to forfeit..."

"No, unfortunately, it wasn't love at first sight"


"Why not?"

"That’s not a yes or no question...alright with the puppy dog eyes, I invented those you know. I just wasn't ready then"

"Nice answer. The judges accept. 9. If you could be with anyone in the world, dead, alive, zombie...would you still pick her?"

"Well I mean if I could be with a zombie instead...OW! Again! Yes, of course. I'll always pick her"

"You know under all the muscle you’re squishy"

"Well not many people get to see it, but I kind of like you, so. Got any leads yet Nancy Drew?"

"One more question, then I'll enter my final answer"

"Only ten questions? That’s pretty bold, Thea. Are you sure?"

"10. Do you think she could turn out to be the one?"


"Yeah, I really do"

"That’s all that I needed to hear"


"Really. Got me all figured out have you? Let’s hear it"

"I was debating making you answer more, but I only use my powers for the forces of good. I know exactly who it’re in love with Felicity"

"Wait, I don't did you know it was Felicity?"

"Well your answers definitely helped, but all of the questions I asked were ventured around stuff that I knew about her. She’s 5 foot 3, she grew up out west away

from the city, she has an actual job because she’s super smart, and here’s the kicker... I bumped into her at the store and caught her buying hair dye. She let

me in on the secret that she’s a closet brunette. Eat that!"

"So why the other questions?"

"I personally really like Felicity. I just wanted to be sure. I've seen you two together, when she was attacked at the office and you came back to the court house I

remember thinking that whatever had happened must have been terrible because anything that can shake you up that bad must have be horrific"


"I never stopped missing you on that island. I love you speedy...promise never to change"

"You know I can't do that. But I love you too Ollie. Now go get your girl! Don't you have work or some other lame excuse to go see her?"

"As a matter of fact I do. See later speedy"