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Dragon Age Original Character Compilation

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Thanatos sat back against the headboard and gave a crooked smile, the scars on his cheeks deepening.

Brynhild circled the bed slowly like a predator its prey. She had her arms crossed over her chest, pushing her breasts together in an enticing manner.

Thanatos tried to act nonchalant and began to undo the many straps of this coat. The downside to Tevinter fashion: so time-consuming.

Brynhild stopped at the foot of the bed and watched quietly as Thanatos stripped everything off his torso. By the time he was done, she had sat down, impatience beginning to show. Her fingers tapped on her thigh and her eyes roamed up and down the now naked expanse of Thanatos’s chest.

Thanatos, though eager to pounce upon the woman before him, got off the bed to put his coat in a neat pile on the closest chair. He could feel the energy in the air. Two strong people who wanted nothing more than for their bodies to clash. But he was determined not to lose this bet.


“You're always the first one to touch me,” Brynhild had said just a few minutes earlier as she had locked the door behind them. “I bet you'll be first to do so today too. As always.”

Thanatos had scoffed. When he knew what the game entailed he never had a problem winning. “Very well. What are we playing for?”

Sex. It went without saying. Brynhild had smiled and took several steps away from him as she’d begun to undress while he’d gone  over to the bed and sat down.


“I dare you to kiss me.” Brynhild said now, pulling Thanatos out of his thoughts.

Thanatos looked over at her, their eyes meeting, both stopping in their tracks through the room. He noted her flushed cheeks, her dark eyes and slightly heavier breaths - a look that never failed to harden his cock.

“If I give in,” he said, dropping his voice lower to a tone he knew she had a hard time resisting. “Will I get a consolation prize?”

Brynhild uncrossed her arms to reveal her ample bosom and pondered.

“I will be on top,” she suggested.

Thanatos raised a brow. Unimpressive. She always did what she wanted, and being on top was one of the few things she always did. But he did enjoy the sight of her breasts bouncing as she rode him. No, she'd have to do better.

“Come now.” He took a few steps closer. “Sweeten the pot, my love.”

She stepped closer as well. So close that they were merely inches apart but still not touching. Thanatos could smell her perfume as he inhaled and wanted nothing else at that moment than to cup her face, pull her flat against him and drink in her moans and sighs as their lips crashed together.

Thanatos drew a deep breath to steady himself but when he exhaled it came out trembling. Brynhild licked her lips at that and smiled ever wider.

“What's that?” she teased. Her eyes slowly travelled up his neck, through his neatly combed beard, over the scarred skin to meet his eyes. Thanatos swallowed and attempted an equally smug grin.

“Why?” he countered. “Like to see me like this, do you: turned on by the mere smell of you?”

Brynhild hummed. She leaned closer.

“Yes,” she moaned into his ear. “Kiss me, Thanatos.” Her breath burned against his ear and made him squirm. His trousers had become too tight. He had to remove them.

He took a step back and immediately unlaced the dark red fabrics and let the garment pool on the floor around his feet.

Against her better judgement Brynhild glanced down. The hard member jutted out between them like a silent plea for her to touch him. She resisted. But Thanatos, able to touch himself without consequences to the bet reached down and started stroking. He let his head momentarily fall back on his shoulders and let out an unabashed groan. Maker that felt good.

Finding it harder to resist, Brynhild stepped away. She watched helplessly as Thanatos slowly brought himself the pleasure she was so willing to give him. She could touch herself too, of course, but where was the fun in that? It began to look like she would lose. She closed her eyes and leaned against the foot end of the bed. But she could still hear the wet slap of Thanatos’ hand, slick with his precome, connecting with the base of his cock. And ever so often he'd let out another moan.

She cursed under her breath. She pressed her legs together, unable to keep the images of her and Thanatos on that same bed, locked in each other's arms, away from her mind.

She was so caught up in her imaginings that she didn't notice when Thanatos paused to climb up behind her. He sat down on his knees and leaned his chin against her shoulder to kiss her neck.

Startled Brynhild turned to look at him. She had won. A victorious grin at once spread on her lips. Thanatos smiled with her before catching her mouth with his.

“I win,” she mumbled into his mouth.

Thanatos only hummed in response. He knew there was nothing more fun than to experience these things together with her and had therefore given up. He would however not mention that he longed for her determined touches and bruising kisses, or that he always had the best orgasms when inside her. So he had chosen to be the loser this time, but he didn't feel like one when Brynhild pushed him down on his back and straddled his hips to have her way with him.