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[Cover Art] for "The Ghosts of Summer" by iberiandoctor (jehane 18)

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Ok, all right, I seem to have gone a bit overboard and produced a few more bits of cover art. Iberiandoctor writes Valjean and Javert as I would think they spoke, even when we are dealing with source material I have read in the original French and in a number of English translations. Apart from when I need images of specific things (like Notre Dame in a Les Mis fic cover I did for someone else) my own photos seem to be able to provide what I need. I suppose 6+ years of photography of everything and anything means I have a decent collection of ideas to draw on. This one uses a water texture and some chains I photographed around docklands in London when I used to walk up and down the Thames a lot. I like how you can't tell the scale of the photography ; does it look like a handful of rusty chains underwater or are they a pile of something bigger?