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You Saved Me

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The sun was shining on the barrio. It was the afternoon, a bit past lunch. Sonny had the day free and he had decided to explore the city. Exploring to him was mostly going to places he already knew and remembering memories from there. He knew the barrio like the back of his hand. He spent all of his (still short) existence here. Walking in the streets. Talking to the peeps. His family. His home.
The young man was skipping to the rhythm of Go your own way blasting through the headphones Usnavi had gave him years ago when he felt an arm appear on his shoulders. He immediately smiled and took off his headphones, knowing perfectly who it was.

“Hey Pete.”

Despite what his cousin kept telling him about this guy - Graffiti Pete is what they called him - Sonny kept spending all his free time with him ; and that was a lot of time. He knew he might seem rough and “from the street”, but nobody saw what Sonny could see in him. The kindness, the sensibility. He never had trusted anyone like he trusted Pete. And let’s be honest, they were all a bit “from the street”.

“Sonny ! What were you listening to again ?

- Eh, nothing.” Sonny fumbled with his phone to try and change the music before Pete could hear it. He had made a bit of a habit to gently mock him on his obsession with this song and even if Sonny knew it was only banter, he still blushed every time it was mentioned.
But he was too slow, and Pete grabbed his headphones and put them on before he could do anything. A smile grew on his face as soon as he recognized the song. Sonny blushed. Pete then proceeded to blast out the lyrics of the song while keeping Sonny from taking back his headphones.

“Oh come on ! Stop this everyone’s gonna hear you !”

It lasted a few minutes before Pete took pity of his friend and put the headphones back around his neck while laughing.

“You’re the worst.

- But you still love me, Pete said while putting his arm back around Sonny’s shoulder and the boy couldn’t help but smile, who wants a piragua ?

- You can’t buy my love.

- But you still want one.

- … yes I do.”