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"Hello, boys." A menacing voice greeted them from behind. Standing there grasping a gun in one hand; yarrow root attached to what looked like a hook screwed on to a cybernetic arm - was a Luphomoid.

Blue; bald headed; glorious. Eyes like black holes; cold and relentlessly unforgiving - a cyborg with a murderous aura.

The stranger had silenced the heated debate between the Ravagers with a slick aim at Yondu's fin. Sending a bullet straight through it, knocking him unconscious. Taserface made the threat, but the only one who had the balls to follow through was this humanoid.

Barely aiming, her second plasma round stunned the furry, quick-tongued raccoon who just wreaked havoc on all of them. It was all over, just like that.

She takes a hunk out of the yarrow root with her surprisingly pearly white teeth, gnaws it then spits it out abruptly. Ravenous but disappointed by the looks of things.

“Ugh. It’s not ripe yet.” She utters, disgusted. The scene was almost entertaining, if it hadn't been for the way her dominance made everyone feel uneasy. Everyone except for one person.

Silence lingered amongst them, not a word. The only one who spoke up was Maia, the only woman and the youngest member present amongst the ranks of Yondu's clan.

Maia snuck onto Yondu's ship as a means to escape Xandar when Ronan the Accuser launched his attack on the planet. Witnessing the loss of both her parents during the attacks, the eighteen-year-old ran for the nearest ship, not knowing it belonged to a band of Ravagers. Nevertheless, she doesn't regret the decision she made that day.

Soon after the war had ended, Yondu discovered her inside a crate of stolen goods; impressed that she managed to slip through surveillance and everyone else unseen. To the displeasure of some of the members, he decided to teach her the basics of being a Ravager and recruited her as one of the clan's infiltrators not long after.

Three months later, the clan is unstable. Mainly due to members doubts against Yondu's leadership and the fact he was supposedly turning soft.

Parting from the group she steps forward, unafraid. Not caring that some of her opposing clan members snarled at her when she kneels down next to Yondu's limp body, her fingers feeling for a pulse, relieved when it responds at her touch.

"Who the hell are you?" Maia growled. A voice laced with an equal amount of menace.

The luphomoid seems unimpressed by the young woman's sudden appearance. "Someone you really shouldn't question, but if you really want to know? The name is Nebula."

Hushed whispers and murmurs follow after the mentions of such a name. The Luphomoid slinks closer, gun held firmly at her side.

"You must be Thanos' bad off-cut. Nice to meet you. I've heard much." Maia says in a calm tone.

This seems to anger the cyborg immensely, so much her lips begin to tremble. "How dare you? You know nothing about me!"

Instinctively, Maia hovers over Yondu like a shield, eyes glaring at the mysterious humanoid drawing near. "Stay back, or I'll shoot your damn head off." Maia warned Nebula, snarling behind gritted teeth. Gun cocked and ready.

All around her, weapons were being brandished and raised, some at each other, others aimed at her.

Yondu had apparently lost his touch but her loyalty never wavered, even now with him at his weakest. If anything, the stubborn blue bastard had become her mentor and guide.

Nebula reacted, following suit with her own gun. "You could try. Some of the boys don't seem to be in agreeance with you, lone rebel." The cyborg sneered. Dark eyes, lifeless and uncaring.

"You traitors. Yondu is our leader!" Maia growled, rotating on the spot to meet the angered faces of her defiant clan. She turns back to Nebula, fuming. "You're right about one thing, they are boys - cowardly and traitorous dim-wits. I'm more of a man than they are."

Maia steadies herself - stares down the barrel of her plasma gun - breath erratic from the adrenalin pumping through her pulsing veins - furious at her clan's betrayal. Her target is staring down the barrel of her own gun. Their eyes meet in a unified hatred.

Before she pulls the trigger, Halfnut launches at her - truly living up to his alias. But her reflexes react like lightning - before anyone knows it or sees it - her fist collides painfully with Halfnut's skull - he stumbles and falls at her feet. She discards her gun; fists clenched ready for a fight; huffing from the recent scuffle.

"Someone subdue her - Now!" The cyborg barely batts an eyelid, not wanting to linger any longer. Especially after her fine entrance and the fact she had control over the situation and control over the Ravagers who were figuratively bowing at her feet. Easily winning them over by silencing their weak clan leader and that blasted raccoon she loathed.

Maia swings her fists when other Ravagers pounce on her. She manages to clip a few of them before she hits the ground; putting up a fight that she knew would lead to a dead-end. Some of them have the decency to keep their fists to themselves but they still handle her roughly. She obeys, for now, knowing she's outnumbered.

A huge shadow casts over her; looking upon the demented face of the one who planted the seed of mutiny amongst the clan, she doesn't cower when he speaks.

"This is what happens when you follow that old blue bastard. It's too bad, you should've stuck with us, kid." Taserface says, grimacing at her stubbornness.

Maia spits at his feet while others are holding her back firmly. "You will all pay for this, I promise you." She declares, diverting her attention to the humanoid. "As for you, Nebula. I'll come for you too."

Nebula sniggers at the young woman's ill-received threat and creeps closer, bending low to stare into icy blue eyes that never falter under the intensity of her own.

Black meets blue in a few blinks of an eye. The luphomoid is so close, Maia can feel her breath against her face. A hint of something metallic combined with yarrow root on her cruel tongue.

Maia flinches when the woman starts tracing a line down the slope of her jawline with the hook attached to her cybernetic arm. "Brave of you to stand up to them. But oh-so foolish of you to cross me. What's your name, Ravager?" Nebula purrs, knowing her unwanted touch is torturing the young woman in the worst way.

"It's...Maia!" The woman growled, head-butting the cyborg, causing her to recoil and stagger on the spot. "Now remember that - you bitch!"

The other clan members at Maia's side tighten their grips, while Nebula clutches her forehead in disbelief as the fury inside her makes its appearance. "You'll pay for that," Nebula replies nonplussed.

Maia let's out a cunning laugh, ignoring the subtle pain of her own head after clashing with what felt like solid iron. Although, being a Xandarian meant she could endure and inflict more pain than the average human.

The furious cyborg gathers herself within a mere few seconds, a thud when she lets her gun drop to the ground, freeing up her good hand. The fearless young woman keeps on chortling, welcoming the sight of a blue fist hurling towards her.

Then she catches a glimpse of the glint of those black, life-less eyes before their owner lands a numbing right hook against her cheek. Maia absorbs the hit, flicks her head back to face the cyborg once more, "You hit like a girl," she mocks openly. 

This pushes Nebula over the edge, somewhat shocked her recent blow didn't knock the Ravager unconscious; angered that her smart remark hit a nerve somewhere inside her. She sees her own reflection in those iced over eyes; hesitates for just a second before delivering the second devastating blow.

History somewhat repeats itself, when a blue fist turns Maia's world black, in a blink of an eye.