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I'm not the Lance You think I am - Appendix

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Name: Lance McClain
Race: Vaorian
Home Planet: Vaoria
Age: 17
Birthday: July 28
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Blue Paladin (Currently)
Fighter Pilot (Formerly)
Rebel Fighter Squadron Leader (Formerly)

Team Voltron
Rebel Forces (Formerly)

Vaorian Relatives:
Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Sister
Unknown Pet

Earth Relatives:
Fermín (Father)
Aleta (Mother)
Reyna (Older Sister)
León (Younger Brother)
Estela (Younger Sister)
Raimundo (Grandpa)
Jacinta (Grandma)
Marcela (Aunt)
Tonio (Uncle)
Soraia (Aunt-in-Law)

Expert Sharpshooter/Marksman: Lance is deadly with the sniper rifle, along with the bow and arrow. However, give him a few minutes with a new type of gun and he'll be able to use it with ease. He is also trained in the ability to throw knives and sticks. Which is why the weapon he is most fond of are his silver needles.
Expert Tactician: He was in charge of a Rebel Fighter Squad that demanded he make on the spot decisions. His Vaorian training also taught him skills of planning out plans of attack and defense.
Expert Pilot: As a pilot of the Rebel Forces, he was considered to be one of the youngest pilots to fight against the Galra Forces. This skill is brought over to his ability to pilot Earth fighter ships in the simulators after a bit of practice.
Master Spy: His ability to stealth was taught to him during his Vaorian training. He's good but sometimes he can slip up if he isn't careful.
Master Martial Artist: His Vaorian training was heavy on the hand-to-hand combat. Also the training he learned at the Galaxy Garrison also helped.
Master Acrobat: Lance has exceptional speed, endurance, and stamina. He is quite flexible.
Multilingual: Lance has learned many languages from both his time on Earth and also during his Vaorian training. Lance is fluent in Vaorianese, English, and Spanish. He has semi-fluent in Altean, and Galran languages.

Vaorian Gear:
Shurisdevi: Lance's black quarterstaff that is made with the metals Maflite and Bustryx. This weapon can change shapes: simple stick, quarterstaff, bow, and one final unknown shape.
Aerugisite: Lance's silver needles that is made with the metal Silvreit. This weapon can also change shapes: the simple needle, arrows, and daggers.
Rebel Gear:
Modified Laser Rifle: The standard rifle that is handed out to members of the Rebel Forces. Lance has taken to modifying it with the help of his engineer.
Pilot Suit: The standard suit for all pilots of the Rebel Forces. This is the black suit that Lance is in when he crash landed on Earth.
Voltron Gear:
Paladin Suit: The standard suit for all paladins of Voltron.
Bayard: Turns into a rifle.