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The Misadventures of Class 1-gAy

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In class 1-A, most of the students were watching one of their classmates; specifically Todoroki Shouto, son of the Number Two Hero: Endeavor. The only ones who weren’t spying on him were Bakugou Katsuki and Iida Tenya--who “couldn’t condone actions of spying”--but that was expected.

During a break, all the students (minus three) gathered in a group. Uraraka started the conversation. “So we’re all here because we suspect Todoroki-kun is hiding something from us, right?” Nods. “And we are all in agreement that what he’s hiding is a romantic relationship?” Again, a collective nod. “Then I have a plan for us to figure out who this person is.”

“What is your plan, O, Great Uraraka?” said Kaminari.

“To watch his every move and find out who this mystery person is,” replied the brown-haired girl. “Now here’s where you’ll all be hiding…”

When class let out and it was time for lunch, the group dispersed and ran across halls and stood casually in corners and on walls--waiting for any sign of their heterochromatic target.

“Why are we wearing sunglasses, again?” whispered Tsuyu.

Uraraka, who was paired up with the frog girl (not because they were dating or anything, pssh) said, “For dramatic effect, Tsuyu hon! Makes me feel like we’re on an actual spy mission.”

Tsuyu smiled and slipped her hand into her girlfriend's as they walked along the hallway. “Yeah, it does.”

On the other side of the school, Kirishima and Bakugou were on the lookout together (and Kirishima had no problem admitting that it was only because they were dating), to the reluctance of the blonde. “Why am I part of this fucking shit? I do not care about some dumbass half-and-half’s love life, god damn it!”

Kirishima shook his head. “Bro. You should know things like this--it’s real manly to look out for your friend! What if he’s with some total asshole and we need to save him from a bad relationship? Do it to be a man!” he said, pumping a fist in the air for effect.

Bakugou just glared out the window. “I seriously doubt he’d tolerate shit like that, but what-the-fuck-ever. Just know I’m not gonna be doing anything for this bullshit.”

Kirishima smiled and pecked his boyfriend on the cheek. “Don’t worry babe, I got this.”

Bakugou grumbled under his breath but discreetly snaked an arm around his partner’s waist.

Shouto, oblivious to any goings-on, walked towards the General Education Department; he didn’t want to be late. He thought it was odd that he passed by some of his classmates on the way to his destination (why were all of them wearing glasses?), but dismissed it and walked onwards. Kaminari, who stood outside the General Education classroom Shouto just entered, texted Uraraka who acted as the operator of this mission.

uraraka he just entered a gen ed class
what u think hes doing in there??

I don't know, but keep an eye on him. That's probably where his girlfriend is

couldnt it be a bf tho

Tru tru
Anyway just keep watch

roger that my dude

Kaminari looked up just in time to see Shouto leave the class with another person. He texted the group chat while he followed behind them.

status update on Operation TSSRAIHGON:
guys im on todoroki, i need backup pls send some
seems like theyre goin behind the school
btw its confirmed he gay

Dat Boi Pepe:
copy that, froppy and uravity will be there soon.
i knew it, jirou you owe me thirteen dollars

Earphone Jack:
Damn it

y 13 tho

Earphone Jack:
U dont question these things


King Explosion Murder:
cant believe im fucking missing lunch for this shit
what even is tssraihgon

What a Riot:
it stands for Todoroki Shoutos Secret Relationship, Also Is He Gay or Nah
which i guess now we know the answer to
also babe ill buy u lunch at ur fav place on saturday

King Explosion Murder:

thats gay

King Explosion Murder:
ur the only only straight one

point made

Earphone Jack:
Y is mineta even here hes not on the mission

U rite

grape has been removed from the chat.

damn uraraka
i have a whole new level of respect

Dat Boi Pepe:
god bless my gf


Dat Boi Pepe:

gays, pls help
im gettin bi but i wont last for long

Oh right, sorry
We r almost there!!!

Earphone Jack:
Im going too, i dont wanna miss this
Also kaminari we all know ur bi u dont need to keep making puns abt it everyday

but thats my theme song… when we’re done yall r gonna watch this
and i mean ALL of you

What a Riot:
we’re on our way too!
apparently the others dont want to travel across the whole school, so they asked for us to just give them the deets when we get back

Hot Assid
Except me! Im joining u guys

ignoring me like
k see yall when u get there i guess

Now outside, Kaminari slipped his phone into his pocket and hid behind a bush. The pair sat down on some of the stones around a tree and opened their lunches. The unknown boy next to Shouto had messy, green hair and freckles on his cheeks--and he also had large eyes to add on to the “cuteness” factor he seemed to have a lot of. The boy was rambling on about something and Shouto simply sat and ate his lunch with a small smile.

None of the students in 1-A ever saw Shouto smile, so it felt like a blessing from the heavens to see it. Kaminari wiped a tear away from his eye and looked at the sky.

“You done good, my dudes. You done good.”

Impossibly, a single raindrop fell from the sky, as if in agreement. Kaminari nodded with a feeling of new purpose. A blur of pink broke the moment by ramming into his side and knocking the wind out of him and he groaned. “Ashido...why…?”

“Hey guys, we’re here!” Uraraka whispered, accompanied by Tsuyu, Bakugou, and Kirishima. Jirou approached not too long after.

“What the fuck is that quirkless shit doing here?”

The group turned to Bakugou, shocked.

“He’s quirkless?”

“You know him?”

The blonde scoffed. “I knew him when we were little. I guess he somehow got into U.A., the little bastard,”

“How does Todoroki even know him?” asked Uraraka.

“The fuck if I know,” said Bakugou, turning around. “I’m leaving, I don’t wanna see this shit.”

Kirishima hurried after him. One by one, the group left the pair to themselves. They had more questions now than when they started.


Uraraka couldn’t take it. She had to know. She stood outside the school gates, waiting for Shouto and his boyfriend to appear. When she saw them, they parted ways after a few words, and Uraraka tapped the freckled boy on the shoulder as he walked past. He jumped. “U-uh, hello! I, um, well--you--”

Uraraka smiled. “I just want to ask a few things.”

The boy gulped and nodded.

“So, you’re Todoroki-kun’s boyfriend, right?”

He started stammering, and she took that as a yes. “And you’re in General Studies, correct?”

He nodded. Uraraka considered asking if he was really quirkless, but thought better of it.

“Can I ask your name?”

“M-Midoriya Izuku,” he uttered, rubbing the back of his flushed neck and staring at the pavement as if it was the most fascinating thing.

Uraraka couldn’t help but smile. Midoriya was quite adorable. “Well, I just wanna say...please take care of Todoroki-kun, okay?”

All of a sudden, a glint was in Midoriya’s eye and determination in his nervous brow. “I-I will! I promise.”

Uraraka recovered from her shock at the one-eighty degree flip in his expression and smiled again. “Thank you! By the you know Bakugou Katsuki by any chance?”

The expression crumbled to pieces like a wrecked house and Midoriya looked terrified.


After a whole conversation with a girl for the first time (success for Izuku, even if it was only really about Shouto and Bakugou), Midoriya ended up swapping numbers with Uraraka and was unknowingly added into class 1-A’s group chat. Needless to say, it was a very interesting experience, especially when the first text in reply to him was:

What a Riot:
yoooo is this todorokis bf??????
welcome to hell my child

...Followed by a few angry texts from Bakugou.

Everyone greeted him and after that, Midoriya texted them a lot, which turned into him visiting their class, which turned into hanging out outside of school.

Going from zero friends to a whole class of them was a strange albeit very welcome and fun experience.


Iida Tenya:
Excuse my language but...
A certain group of students is going to get their asses kicked, full speed by my quirk.



Dat Boi Pepe:

What a Riot:

Hot Assid:
wow thats hard to say out loud

Earphone Jack:
Ur right

What a Riot:
dude what even happened

Iida Tenya:
I was eating lunch with Todoroki and Midoriya (Uraraka was there too but she was in the restroom while these events occurred) when a group of students, presumably from Midoriya’s class, walked up to us.
Of course, I greeted them because they’re his classmates, but they started saying things I wish not to repeat! Todoroki nearly used his flame powers, which was quite surprising in itself, when I interrupted their slander.
Embarrassingly, I lashed out--but I do not regret my actions, as they made the students leave.
I’ve seen myself as rational, but right now I still have anger residing within me. It seems Midoriya has brought out a rather protective side.

ur not the only one iida
im boutta go over there right now
who were the assholes??????

Iida Tenya:
I unfortunately do not have knowledge of their specific names.

All of this happened while I was gone and u guys didn’t tell me?
We should all go to the class and make sure nobody threatens him again

Hot Assid:



Earphone Jack:

Fluffy boi:
omg,,,, guys,,,,,,,,

Dat Boi Pepe:
dang it i didnt get to say it

me neither…

That One Tail:
i just said it out loud

Dat Boi Pepe:
o good idea

izuku said he doesnt want everyone to worry so much and cause trouble
but ignore him


omg y is that ur name

Fluffy boi:
imma tell them

no dont

Fluffy boi:
u told them what i told u NOT TO TELL THEM
so u deserve this

dain midoriya

Fluffy boi’s name was changed to SAVAGE boi

as it should be


to sum it up, shoutos phone autocorrected his name to shoot and i wont let him live it down

he controls my life
he says i changed it of my own free will because i used my own hands
but its a lie
im being manipulated

lol nah

lol nah

Dat Boi Pepe:
lol nah

izuku...u turned them all into ur mindless followers


King Explosion Murder:
fuk u im still here

who r u

Dat Boi Pepe:

King Explosion Murder has left the chatroom.

its bc hes hotter ;)

shoot’s name has been changed to sharp shoot

omg midoriya,,,
i didnt know u were like this

its bc we’re texting
id get super nervous otherwise :(


That reminds me!!!
We need to go kick the asses of those bullies!
preferably with Iida’s quirk

What a Riot:
oh right!!
i will not let them get away with such acts of uNMaNLiNE SS

Hot Assid:
so we’re all in??

Earphone Jack:

Electrifyin has left the chatroom.

Anti-Gravity has left the chatroom.

Earphone Jack has left the chatroom.

Hot Assid has left the chatroom.

What a Riot has left the chatroom.

sharp shoot has left the chatroom.

scotchtape has left the chatroom.

That One Tail has left the chatroom.

Iida Tenya has left the chatroom.

Dat Boi Pepe has left the chatroom.

Yaomomo has left the chatroom.

King Explosion Murder:
i just wanna fight somebody fuck it

King Explosion Murder has left the chatroom.



True to their words, the majority of the students in 1-A arrived at the doors of Midoriya’s class. The green-haired boy was nervous about this because he knew it was coming, but it wasn’t like he could stop them. He just had to nervously dread the events to come.

Speaking of…

“Hey, quirkless bitch, your boyfriend isn’t here to defend you now.” The hand of his bully reached towards him and was about to grab his shirt. “How’d you even get him to like you? I bet you did something to--”

Shockingly, someone walked up and spoke to him, “Why don’t you let go of his tie?”

The bully glared at the person, who had purple hair and very exhausted eyes, and detached the hand from Midoriya’s tie to walk up to him. Midoriya was certainly not expecting Shinsou Hitoshi to defend him.


Instantly, the bully froze, and he looked full of regret--like he only just remembered what Shinsou could do.

“I suggest you don’t try to beat on people in a hero school, or did you just take a wrong turn on your way to become a villain?”

His hold on the bully was released and the offender looked like he was going to say something, but he didn’t want to be controlled again. Glaring, he sat down in his seat and complained to his friends.

“Um, Shinsou?”

He raised a purple eyebrow.

“Thank you.”

Shinsou was not used to thank-you’s, so the expression of shock easily made its way onto his face. “You’re...welcome.”

Midoriya smiled and Shinsou flushed and looked away. Midoriya continued, “I-I’ve kinda been wanting to talk to you, but I wasn’t sure if you’d want to talk to me, but-but you also seem kinda lonely a lot...and I was wondering if you’d like to be my friend? Maybe? I mean you don’t have to, but I just--”

“Sure.” Midoriya snapped his vision up. The boy in front of him was now smiling shyly. “I’d like to be friends.”

Midoriya beamed. He completely forgot about the fact his friends in 1-A were supposed to be barging in by now.


Meanwhile, the group that had gathered to get revenge on Midoriya’s bullies were staring through the classroom window with gaping mouths.

“Well,” Ashido broke the long silence, “I guess that problem is solved.”

Kirishima was openly crying with a proud look. “So manly…!”

Uraraka laughed, “I guess we’re adding this new person to our friend list. We should ask Midoriya to invite him to the group chat!”

“Do you want to scare Midoriya’s only in-class bodyguard away?” said Kaminari.

“If he’s scared away then I’ll just take it upon myself to keep watch on my boyfriend.”

Everyone stared at Todoroki.

“...Let’s be gentle on him at first,” the bi-hair-colored teen added.

“Alright, I’ll inform Midoriya of our plans on the way back to our class,” said Iida. “Let’s go!”

Everyone followed the Class President.



Deku Tree:
we should all hang out tomorrow to celebrate!
u know, before we all go on vacay or w/e

Exit Man:
That is a very good idea Midoriya!
As your Class President I see this as a very fitting activity

Crazy Frog:
iida ur making this sound like classwork

Exit Man:
I apologize! I did not mean to make it seem that way. I will change my previous statement and say that this seems like a good friendly outing.

King Explosion Murder:
im only going bc kiri is fucking forcing me to
i just want u to kno i strongly dislike u all

ggggettin bi:
he didnt use hate for once

Deku Tree:
im p sure thats as close as we’re gonna get to him calling us friends

King Explosion Murder:
tf said we were friends useless deku?????


back in jack:
He rose to the world of the living just to protec

King Explosion Murder:


Where should we go to hang out?
That will fit 19 ppl


omg ur right im sorry
u just never rlly use this chat

Deku Tree:
wait but 1A has 19 people in it plus me and shinsou is 21

There's only 18 ppl in our class

Deku Tree:
ooohhhh right
mineta got kicked out

Crazy Frog:

ggggettin bi:
the hate is stong with this one

so wheres the date
*friendly outing

sometimes i think ur gayer than me

Crazy Frog:
arent u pan tho

o ya lol

Deku Tree:
i cant believe how off track we keep getting

Exit Man:
How about the new ice cream place? I still seems to be relatively unknown, since when I passed by it a few days ago, there were only a few people. Plus, it’s right by the beach.

Alien Queen:
hey gays
oo ice cream sounds really good
ive always wanted to go to the beach with friends!!

What a Riot:
u never went with ur middle school friends?

Alien Queen:
nah one of them was allergic to fish

ggggettin bi:
so we all agree on ice cream then

Deku Tree:

i just follow izuku tbh

I guess that's a yes since nobody's saying otherwise
Let’s tell the rest of the class later!

Uravity has left the chatroom.


“Hey guys!” Uraraka ran towards the growing group of friends outside the school gate. School let out a few hours ago, but they used it as a meeting place--it was the only spot everyone knew the location of. “Who are we waiting on?”

“Just Shinsou, Sato, and Aoyama. Shinsou slept in late, Sato said he was making snacks but it took a bit longer than expected, and Aoyama got caught up with his makeup…” replied Midoriya, who was being cutely embraced from the back by Shouto. Uraraka tried not to smile too much. “He didn’t have to get too fancy; we are going to the beach.”

“I guess he didn’t really think about that?” she shrugged.

They sighed, but it had a hint of fondness in it.

When the three of them finally arrived, the group of twenty left on a bus and headed to the beach. Upon their arrival, they were pleasantly met with a scene that only contained a few people, so they’d basically have the beach to themselves. The ice cream shop workers were surprised at so many sudden customers, but they smiled and politely gave them what they ordered.

Midoriya got two scoops of ice cream which were red and light blue--Uraraka wasn’t sure of the flavors--and Shouto got one scoop of some green ice cream. The brown haired girl couldn’t resist the pureness of the couple and snapped a couple pictures of them with her phone. She moved them to a folder named “Friends! :)” and giggled to herself. She showed them to Tsuyu when she came up to Uraraka.

Kaminari, single, could be heard saying, “Man, they’re totally relationship goals, what the fuck. I need to date someone. Somebody please date me.” He looked to the sky. “Buddy? You wanna help a bro out?”

Nothing happened.

“Damn it. I thought we bonded!”

Walking along the beach, Midoriya and Shouto held each other’s hand as they used the free ones to hold their ice creams. It seemed that the two of them were in a world the rest of them could never enter. Before they got closer to Shouto, he always seemed to be thinking about something else, and when they met Midoriya they realized that their quiet classmate just needed somebody else to be quiet with him. The two of them were like aliens who weren’t used to socializing with humans. With what information they had about their lives, however, that very well might have been the case.

Shouto, who was forbidden from friendship, and Midoriya, who was bullied his whole life.

“Hey, Shouchan! Look!” Midoriya pointed to a beautiful shell and picked it up. He started to ramble on about random facts he knew and Shouto listened with a slight smile. Who knew he’d find someone who would actually pay attention to what he was saying? Certainly not Midoriya.

He trailed off in the middle of his sentence while thinking and Shouto looked at him curiously. Midoriya grinned and suddenly felt like jumping on him and kissing him, so he did just that. However, the boy was not expecting his boyfriend to do that so he yelped when they fell into the water. He sat up and opened his eyes to Midoriya smiling with a hint of mischievous intent, to which he responded with a bunch of kisses all over his face. Midoriya laughed at his antics and pushed him back into the water.

“So that’s how you wanna play.” Shouto picked up his boyfriend in a bridal carry, and the freckled boy realized too late what he was doing.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait--no! No, Shouto, stop!” Midoriya shrieked as he was thrown into the salty waves and swam back to shore as fast as he could. When he stood on the sand and caught his breath for a moment, he started chasing after Shouto with a bloody vengeance. “Get back here, Shotuo!”

Said teen only laughed (cackled?) and ran away.

The entire time, Uraraka snapped away with her camera, capturing every moment of it. When they finally settled down and simply sat next to each other and watched the waves, she looked through all the photos she took. She had taken so many of the pair that she just made a separate folder for pictures of them. “Maybe I should make a scrapbook.”


Two years later, a group of students could be seen scurrying around.

“Guys, guys, Midoriya’ coming!”

“Seriously? You got him to agree?”

“Well, I may or may not have left out the…main details…”

“Oh my god, now we have to explain to him! I hope he doesn’t run away,”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,”

“Look, there he is!”

Midoriya, taller and more handsome than he already was as a first-year, stepped into the classroom of 1-A as he had done many times before. The difference this time was that they invited him in the morning, just a few minutes before class started. “Guys? What did you call me here for?”

Uraraka was the one to speak, “Well, Deku-kun, we wanted to take a sort of class photo.”

“Oh, okay, do you need me to hold the camera, or--”

Shouto stepped towards him. “Izuku, we want you to be in the photo with us.”

The quirkless teen was shocked. “But...I’m not even in your class, I couldn’t just-just do that,”

Ashido Mina grinned. “Of course you can! We all consider you as one of us!”


Iida added, “Even if you can’t accept being part of this class, you are still viewed as our friend, Midoriya! It wouldn’t quite be a class photo if the friend of the entire class wasn’t included! And look--Shinsou is here too!”

Midoriya looked to where he was pointing and, true to what Iida said, he could see the mess of purple hair standing out from behind someone. Everyone nodded, and even Bakugou gave some kind of grunt of approval. Midoriya gave them a watery smile. “If it’s really okay, then...I’ll do it!”

Cheers greeted Midoriya’s ears pleasantly as if they were a song, and he was pulled in by his boyfriend of three years. Wow, Izuku thought, three years is a pretty long time… Shouto wiped the tear that barely slipped out the corner of his eye and kissed his forehead. “Get ready, Izuku.”

Midoriya nodded and gathered himself, before smiling the brightest smile he could muster. It was very bright indeed.


The sun filtered in gently through the glass windows and onto their faces.


In an almost ethereal way, the whole class was haloed by the light, making the moment even more exciting.


Midoriya pulled Shouto a little closer. Shouto’s smile spread a little further.



That single moment--one of the most happy memories Midoriya ever treasured--was captured in a single frame of frozen time.

A few years from then, the photo would reside near all of the former classmates: hanging framed on a wall, standing on a table, hidden in a drawer, or inside the pocket of a wallet. In the Midoriyas’ home, it’d be hung on the wall of a bedroom--taking place in the center of many other happy memories of a quirkless, freckled boy and his lover; a boy born with twos but in need of only one thing.

However, before all that, millions of cherry blossoms rained from the trees and landed softly on the hair and clothes of a certain graduating class; the best heroes of their time.