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The Colour of Your Voice

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Keith was different. That much was clear. When you dress in black every day and always have headphones on it's pretty obvious that you don't want to socialise or be acknowledged unlike most people.

Keith was special. That's what everybody told him. But everybody get's told that and if everyone gets told that that decreases the value of being special and therefore no one is special.

Keith was synesthetic. That's the medical term. When someone spoke he would see colours escaping their mouth, the shades trying the match the tone of voice.

But the shades can only change so much. For some reason, to Keith, everyones voice was dull. For example take his friend Pidge's voice. They had a feminine yet slightly deep voice. To Keith their voiced looked like grass after having been dragged through the mud on a rainy day. A murky green. Then again, Pidge did have a monotonus tone almost every time they spoke.

A better example is his brother Shiro's girlfriend, Allura. Her tone changes were easier to spot than they were on most people. It was a nice medium tone. One that makes you feel comfortable. Her Southern English accent washes over Keith and somehow calms him. It was like a motherly tone. Her's was pink. Yet still dull. You know those victorian doll houses most young girls want? The ones with the lightest pink you'll ever see? Her voice was like if someone had left one of those in the attic to collect dust and then taken out into the rain deepening the colour dramatically. A bland pink.

Even his own voice. One of which he did not know the true sound of due to inner ear and outer ear receiving sound waves differently. That's not the point. But he knew his voice was a red. However the colour wasn't as dull as the rest. Even though he hated the sound of his own voice, he enjoyed the colour of it. It was possibly his favorite colour. His voice was the colour of a ruby lost in mist. It was bright, but blurry. A hazy red.

Everyone elses voices always seemed to mix into one and become the most ugly colour Keith may have ever seen in his life. It was always a mix of dark brown, deep green, and a shadowy yellow.

This is why Keith loved his headphones so much. He could listen to music. One of his favourite joys in life. Whether he was listening to rock, alternative, heavy metal, it was bright. One of his favourite bands, My Chemical Romance was an exception. Gerard Way's voice was black. One of his favourite singers, Melaine Martinez (Someone who he would never admit he enjoyed because Shiro was the one who introduced her to him), made the most beautiful purple tones he'd ever seen. He loved the colours of music. It's the only thing that made him smile in the morning. Other than his coffee which he would take with him to the grave.

It was seven in the morning when he woke up. His brother Shiro always complained about how he slept in too much so he had set an alarm under Keith's bed. The faint sound of Billie Joe Armstrong saying "I walk a lonely road" had made him jump out of bed. Green Day always made a weird green and red combination. Keith got out of his bed only to get under it only so find Shiro's phone. He picked it up and paused  Boulevard of Broken Dreams even though it was one of his favourites. Keith got out from under his bed and walked over to his door, opening it more dramatically than needed.

"What the actual fuck." Keith said. His voice still rough from waking up no less than five minutes ago. Shiro was stood in the kitchen of the small apartment eating a bowl of cereal while he was getting ready for work. He worked as a..... Heck, Keith didn't even know. It has something to do with money. He knows that much. An accountant or some dumb shit?

"Good morning, sunshine!" Shiro had said in a mocking tone. His voice was the colour of storm clouds before the first clap of thunder. It matched his tie.

"Keith! Put some pants on!" Allura had jokingly screeched from the couch. It was at that moment Keith realised he was only dressed in his black shirt and red boxers. Normally when Allura was around he made sure he was fully dressed but since she started living here a few months ago he had dropped his standards a little, and Allura had too. Whenever she came over she wanted to make sure she got her boyfriend's brother's blessing by dressing up most the time. But right now she was in a pair of shorts and one of Shiro's old t-shirts and her hair was a mess. But somehow she still looked stunning.

"Why should I wear pants when I was betrayed by my own brother!" Keith overexagerated but still sending a glare towards Shiro. Shiro laughed it off as he put down his breakfast and picking up his blazer slipping it on.

"Oh c'mon Keith. Haven't you got that interview at the coffee shop today?" Shiro questioned as he looked in the mirror to fix his tie. He looked over at Keith with an eyebrow raised.

"That's tomorrow dumbass." Keith said almost bitterly as he placed Shiro's phone on the breakfast bar. His red turning slightly darker than usual. He walked over to the couch that Allura was sitting on and flopped onto it. Realising that Allura was binge watching Supernatural. A series Keith had recomended to her thousands of times and she only started watching when she moved in but she was already on season nine.

"Now, now Keith, you know how forgetful Shiro can get. Remember when he forgot I lived here?" Allura laughed. They both turned around to face Shiro who was red with embaressment.

Keith didn't know all the details. He just remembers hearing Shrio let out an actual shriek and ran out his room into a wall. He also remembers Allura and him both practically on the floor laughing.

"W-whatever. I'm going to work because at least someone in this apartment has a job." Shiro basically shoved in their faces. They had both pulled their tounges out as Shiro left the apartment. They had both turned back to the screen when Keith suddenly realised what episode Allura was on.

She shouted something in shock. Keith patted her on the back as tears welled up in her eyes at the death scene. "H-how could he do that to- How!?" She was basically crying now. So Keith decided to hug her and pat her back.

"Shhh. It only gets worse." He says in a comforting tone.

"What?" She says pulling out the hug and Keith snickered. He decided he might aswell spend his day rewatching season nine of Supernatural with Allura since he had nothing better to do.

"Can I just ask, what colour are their voices? I don't think you've ever told me." Allura asked him. You see, Allura was fascinated with Keith's synesthesia. Always asking what colours peoples voices were.

"Well, their kind of what you expect I guess? Jensen's voice is a swampy green, Jared's is the colour of that bottle of whiskey in the cupboard and Misha's is Tumblr blue." Keith explained. Keith was lucky to have Allura as a friend because they liked the same kind of stuff.

Tumblr stuff.

If Keith ever said he dislikes Tumblr he's lying. Once he literally stayed up all night scrolling through the Doctor Who tag mostly rebloging things about David Tennant and Matt Smith.

After awhile of silence Allura finally spoke up.

"So are we just gonna sit here all day like a couple of nerds with no lives?" She asked him raising as eyebrow.

"Seeing as that's what we are. Fuck yeah. Plus I need my fill of daily Destiel." Keith said not tearing his eyes from the screen. Allura had laughed at that and turned back to the screen aswell.

Keith didn't realise he had his phone untill it started vibrating. He picked it up seeing it was only a text from his friend Pidge.

Pidgeot - I know you're not awake but just letting you know that Hunk's got a new roommate and i'm going over to meet him later if you wanna come.

Keith barely knew Hunk that much but they were still friends. Sort of? They've met and liked each others presence. That was more acurate. Keith also liked the colour of Hunk's voice. While it wasn't vibrant it was a nice, faded yellow colour. Like looking at the sun through a cloud.

KeithIsSoDone -How dare you text me when the beautiful Jensen Ackles is on my TV.

Pidge's response was fast


KeithIsSoDone - Blame Shiro.

Pidgeot - Will do. Is that a yay or nay on the new roommate?

Keith took a minute to ponder. Does he want to leave the beautiful Jensen Ackles and meet a random stranger who might not even know who Jensen Ackles is? That's when Pidges replied again.

Pidgeot - According he's a pretty chill guy and he's known him for years.

Pidgeot - And Hunk thinks you two will really hit it off ;) 

That's when Keith realised what they were trying to do.

KeithIsSoDone - If you're trying to set me up i'm fine on my own Pidge. I don't need help.

Pidgeot - You're probably sat in your underwear while you're watching Supernatural right now.

KeithIsSoDone - ........




Keith sighed as he read over his friend's rant seeing no way out of this one.

"Let me guess, you have to go outside today?" Allura asked as the credits started to roll.

"Pidge is dragging me over to Hunk's to meet his new roommate." Keith sighed as he sunk back into the couch. "They're making me leave the apartment Allura!"He complained but Allura only laughed.

"Well hey! It's a new voice! Maybe this one will finally be as bright as the music you listen to!" Allura said optimistically.

"I doubt it. Anyway, let me bask in the glory that is Jensen Ackles' jaw and eyes." Keith said turning on his phone and opening up Tumblr. He could hear Allura roll her eyes.

"Even i'm not that obsessed." She muttered letting out a small laugh.