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Nagini's Children

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Harry was staring at the snakes in the zoo. It was Dudley's birthday, his 7th, and Dudley demanded a trip to the zoo. Ms. Figg wasn't available to babysit so Harry got dragged along. He had originally planned to use the day to escape his relatives' house. ~How am I going to get away now?~

The snake slithered closer to the glass pane. ~You make glass disappear and I will help.~

Harry looked around. No one was in the reptile house but him. He looked at the snake. ~You understand me?~

~Of course. You are speaking snake language.~

~I am? How? What do you mean make the glass disappear?~

The snake moved its head so that it was now eye level. ~Magic. Focus on all of the glass, make it all disappear. We wait until humans run around screaming, make our escape then.~

~We help.~ Numerous other voices added.

~I want to bite that one that throws things at us.~

~Me too.~ Was voiced by numerous snakes.

~If you see a huge whale of a man, he is my uncle so bit him too.~ Harry placed his hands on the glass. ~What do I do?~

~Focus on making all the glass disappear, banish it someplace, like your uncle's house.~ The snake instructed.

Harry followed the snake's instructions and he could hear them hissing their encouragement. Soon all the snakes and other reptiles were hissing in pleasure as they made their escape. The snake, who he first spoke too, stayed with him. ~Come, we leave now.~

Harry followed the large, green and black snake out of the reptile house. They made their way around different enclosures. People were screaming and running as the zookeepers were running toward the reptile house. ~What is your name?~ Harry asked the snake once they were out of the zoo.

~Nagini. Now, pick me up. I'm going to show you a place in my mind. Focus on that, focus very hard on it, picturing us there. Your magic will do the rest.~

~Is it safe?~

Nagini paused for a few seconds. ~No, I think it is better if you picked me up, and we take the bus.~ Nagini instructed Harry how to get to Slytherin Castle.