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Sweetheart to Angel

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Two hearts.
As one continues to beat, the other stops.
Time doesn't stand still. It goes on.
So do they....


"So," Jin starts carefully. "What you're telling me is true? It.....There's no mistake?"

"Yes, everything is accurate. I'm a professional Mr. Kim." The doctor reponds smugly.

Jin covers his face. "This is too much..."

The doctor sighs, "There's not much to grasp. Mr. Jeon has been diagnosed with Erotomania. A type of delusional disorder."

Jin nods, taking in the first piece of information. This is his second time hearing it, but he's actually processing it this time. He appreciates the doctor's pausing and Namjoon's comforting hold.

"Someone with Erotomania is deluded into believing that someone famous, or of high importance is in love with them."

"Where does Taehyung fit into all of this?" Yoongi questions, his thumb rubbing over Jimin's knuckles.

The doctor smiles sympathetically. "Mr. Min it seems that your dongsaeng was--is in love with Kim Taehyung."

Jin shakes his head in disbelief. "No. That can't be. Taehyung was my lover. And Taehyung's not an important figure in society. Everything is wrong! You're wrong!" Jin throws Namjoon's arm off his shoulder and storms out of the room.

Immediately, Namjoon is behind him. The only ones in the room are the doctor and the healed couple, Yoongi and Jimin. However, that doesn't last long before Yoongi gets up and leaves, Jimin right on his heels.

"Stupid fuck."

The doctor smiles distastefully. He has to show them.


Jin wipes the vomit on the corner of his mouth. He finally understands. The doctor was right....


"The door won't open!" Hoseok says, struggling to gain access.

Jimin gulps still shocked at the news. Someone has stolen Taehyung. His small fingers curl into Jin's blonde locks. His heart aches for his hyung, who sobs loudly into his shoulder.

Namjoon shakes his head. "Guys we need to get in there. Jin needs all of us and Jungkook can help search."

Yoongi looks into Namjoon's eyes. They both nod, having the same idea. Together they charge into the door. It breaks, locks and all. Hoseok, Jimin, and Jin look at the two in amazement. Jimin feels himself shutter watching his ex. Yoongi rolls his shoulders back and looks at the three in expectancy. They all follow into Jungkook's apartment.

"K--kookie!" Jimin stutters. Yoongi always knows how to make Jimin flustered.

There's only silence.

Namjoon looks at Jin. "JUNGKOOK!"

Still they receive no answer.

"Maybe he's sleeping," Jin croaks.

Everyone agrees, but still Jungkook needs to know. So all five men walk to the maknae's room.

Without knocking, they just enter. In front of everyone is Hoseok and once he sees the other body on the bed, he screams. He tries to run out, but bumps into the others. Hoseok collapses onto the floor, last night's dinner spewing from his mouth.

Yoongi crouches down patting his boyfriend's back. Jin's eyes trail to the bed. "OH GOD! TAEHYUNG!"

With Hoseok vomiting and Jin screeching, Jungkook awakens. To say he's shocked is an understatement. The boy flops out of his bed. He grips tightly onto the limp body in his arms.

Namjoon approaches the younger slowly. "Jungkook let Taehyung go."

"No," Jungkook growls. There's an animalistic glint in his eyes.

Yoongi raises himself off the ground to help. He and Namjoon get closer and closer. Then they pounce, restraining Jungkook who screams. Taehyung's body falls beside the group. Jin practically dives to the other side of the room.

He holds Taehyung close. This reminds him of that painful night a week ago. Again, he holds Taehyung's dead body and again he screams in agony.


"Open up the door!"

Jin jumps when he hears the banging on his stall door. He stands up and opens the stall. Namjoon stands arms wide open and Jin staggers into them.

"Hey guys!" A light voice greets.

It's Yoongi and Jimin.

Namjoon mumbles, "What do you want?"

"That doctor chased us out. He has something to show us." Yoongi replies.


White, milky skin meets tan, golden skin. Jungkook sighs happily as his fingers intertwine with the blonde's. The room he's in is pure white. Is this his private heaven?

"Sweetheart." He smiles and brings the blonde onto his lap.

"Yes?" Taehyung asks innocently.

"Will you stay with me forever?"


Jungkook's brown orbs stare into dark blue ones.

"You're an angel Taehyung."

"I am."

Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "Angels are honest, right?"

"Yes." Taehyung almost robotically answers.

"Who did it?"

Taehyung can tell by the menacing tone what he means. He wants to know who murdered Taehyung. In this hospital, Jungkook has come to the understanding that Taehyung is indeed dead, but he's still here. Taehyung is an angel.

The blonde angel curls into Jungkook's body. He cups Jungkook ear and whispers the name.

Jungkook grits his teeth. "He's here?"

Taehyung nods. "There."

He points to the piece of glass reflecting back on them.


Namjoon's breath stills at the harsh stare Jungkook gives them. He looks at Jin, whose eyes glimmer with unshead tears.

Jin had just heard Jungkook say Taehyung's name. As if he could see him, touch him. He knows Jungkook's sick, but he can't help but feel jealous that Jungkook gets this luxury. To see Taehyung again.

Yoongi tightens his hold on Jimin's waist. The only reason he'd cheated on Jimin with Hoseok was, because Jimin had unnoticed feelings for Jungkook. Recently, Hoseok had moved to America and Yoongi missed his Jimin. Jimin missed him too, so here they were.

The doctor frowns at his patient, who stares at them from the examination room.

"His diagnosis was the closest we could get it to be."

Namjoon rolls his eyes.


The nightfall is beautiful. Jimin smiles when Yoongi hugs him closer. But soon it's wiped off.

He can't do it anymore.

The guilt eats him away day and night.

He puts on his clothes and leaves the apartment silently.

He passes room after room. He climbs each stair slowly. Till he finally finds himself on the roof of the building.

Jimin walks to the edge. The wind brushes through his hair. Jimin's cheeks turn red at the coolness. The city shines with light.

Tonight is a good night.