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Hating the love

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Chapter 1

Atina hates The Hobbit franchise. She hates the characters. She hates the plot. She hates the villains. Hell, she even hates Legolas and everyone loves that guy. Even more over, she hates knowing every detail about the damned 'Adventure'.

You see, Atina's twin sister, Anita, is what one would call an ultra fangirl. She buys all the paraphernalia, watches all the movies, reads all the books, studies the back stories religiously, and gushes over the actors themselves. She even learned Sindarin and every known word of Khuzdul she could get her hands on. A true fanatic in her own right.

And who do you think was dragged along to every event with said fangirl ? Atina, that's who.

And when Anita began writing gooey fanfiction love stories about fictional characters who would never be caught dead doing those gooey things, who read them for editing? Atina, that's who.

And who is so sick of hearing about how sad the ending is because an idiot King brought his heirs on an unlikely to succeed mission, fell into a trap he knew about, and ultimately died? Atina, that's who.

"I mean seriously Anita, he's an idiot. Everything he fought for was for nothing. His success amounted to zilch. In the end it all went to some guy who wouldn't even help him."

"It's not about that, you're looking at it all wrong. It's about friendship-"

"They were all kind of jerks."

"And appreciating the simple things in life-"

"Like Orcs and bears and prison and-"

"Because it all could be gone-"

"When you willingly choose to die in order to slay an enemy that everyone else has long forgotten about."

"Dont say it like that!"

"Unnecessary spoiler alert, sister. HE DIES. "

I've heard that redheads are supposed to be feisty. Whoever said that never met the Bloodstone sisters. Fiesty is... cute I guess. We are anything but cute. Anita and I are just downright vicious when we argue, especially with each other. We have had this particular argument countless times before, but still it persists.

I really want to be happy for my sister; that after everything we've been through that she's found something that she can enjoy and be passionate about but... it's just so dumb. I just could never get into the story. So much could have been simplified and avoided and maybe that's the point? To do things simply or else all your hard work will go to somebody who risked nothing. Capitalism.

Staring at my mirror image, I shrug. Even twins argue sometimes, identical or not, and though the two of us get along like two peas in a pod on most days, we just can never agree on this. Most likely because I can't allow myself to get lost in a fantasy world where adventures are freely had and lessons are learned only when you are ready to die. I don't find that to be a good story. Green eyes flick back to reflect my own, offering just as much defiance as mine.


"It's a bad story Annie."

"I don't care! I like it. I'd change a few things but... I like it, Attie."

"... You're entitled to your opinion, little sister." Walking to the door I go to grab my bag but think better of it. I won't be gone long "We all deserve at least one bad one."


"I'm taking the dog out, watch out for grandpa. He'll be coming over soon and you know he'll want to... talk."

Stepping down the stairs, I admire the city lights before turning away from the beauty and calling Killer to me. The husky/wolf mix is only second in my heart to my sister and I coo softly as he presses his head into my leg.

The dog is ugly if I'm being honest. He wasn't always like that though... But now he's missing his left eye and both his ears have been lopped off. Deep gashes run over his muzzle and his coat is missing patches of fur that will never grow back due to severe burns. Nope, he's not pretty at all, but I love him just the same.

"Let's go for a walk, boy. I was pretty mean to Annie back there and I think we could both use the space before the good ole fart arrives."

The dog's only response is to remain motionless as I attach his leash to his collar. A guard dog by nature, I never worry when I'm out with Killer... at least I didn't before... all that stuff happened.

Annie and I received the mutt as a combination gift from our paternal grandfather for our 15th birthdays. Although we are twins, we don't share the same birthday. I was born on December 31st at 11:59 and Annie slipped into the world 3 minutes later to greet the new year. Though only 3 minutes apart, I do not deny using the 'I'm a year older' card often enough to be annoying. He, our grandfather, raised us with a firm hand after our mother died in childbirth. Our father... well... Grandpa doesn't mention him. Gramps isn't cruel but he is a hard man. Hence why he gave 2 girls a half wolf named Killer.

Exiting the fence of our small home, I begin to aimlessly walk the streets and breathe in the winter air. February is my favorite month and I'm sad to say that it's nearly over. Taking another deep breath I blink rapidly as a sudden bout of dizziness rushes over me. Clumsily collapsing into the grass, so I don't fall into the street, I try to catch my breath. I'm getting used to it, the dizzy spells, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about them. My doctor told me to expect them due to my illness but I'm still in denial. Conscious denial. I haven't even told Annie or gramps yet... She'll be devastated and blame herself and I want to avoid that for as long as possible. It isn't her fault. And gramps... he'll probably have a heart attack. So to save them the heat ache, I'll bear this alone for as long as I can.

Pushing myself back with the heels of my sneakers, I lean against the tree and close my eyes as Killer settles down next to me. He's always there for me, my scruffy protector. He's the only reason I'm alive today. My eyes grow heavy even as they are closed and I groan, knowing that I'm passing out.

" Sweet little Earthling, your dreams are about to come true. In a land far from your own, your destiny awaits for you. Be it love or friendship or adventure you seek, all will ... Oh dear..."


"Oh dear... oh dear. Husband, you brought the wrong girl!"

"Ack! Truly?"

"Aye, truly! You promised to be careful."

"And I was, love. Doubles are such a difficult bunch to distinguish... She'll do though yes?"

"... She'll have to. We cannot go back now... Little Earthling, remember your sister in the times to come. You will benefit from this experience... though differently than she would have done ."

Through all of this I simply lay with my eyes closed because I want no part of it. At all. I've had dreams like this before, thanks to Anita's obsession, and I've refused to let my psyche participate in any. Next thing I know Randy Thrandy is going to come out from behind a tree buck naked and twerking. Nope. Not today, dream.

So, I wait for the dream to run its course; simply wanting to wake up and get my happy behind off my neighbor's lawn. Only when silence finally echoes around me and my body regains the weight of reality do I open my eyes.

"Sorry about that... Killer?" I gaze around at the number of trees littering my vision. I've never been in a forest before but I know one when I see one and with annoyed suspicion, I begin to think that I haven't woken up yet. Opening my mouth to call my dog, just in case I'm not dreaming, I gasp at the pained howl that pierces my heart "Killer?!"

Whimpers are my only response and I immediately dart towards the sound. Foolish of me, really. Killer can handle himself better than I, so whatever caused him to make such a sound is needless to say, dangerous. Yet as the trees whip at my face, I press on because he was always there for me. For all he's done... for all he'd been through for Annie and I... Dream or not, I'm not leaving him now. Bursting through the trees I enter a clearing and my heart stops.

Killer lies on his side in a puddle of blood. His blood. I must have called to him in my surprise because his head turns to me. His legs twitch with painful discoordination as he fights to make his way towards me even as his throat gapes open. The wound exposes the muscles and arteries beneath, causing my stomach to roll at the sight of him. He whines softly, the air not coming out right and I quickly make my way to his side. Kneeling in the dirt, I pull my friend into my lap and stroke his fuzzy head as gently as I can.

"You're okay."

The words choke me with their lie but I repeat them over and over as he licks my palm weakly. I wonder what a sick mind I must have to conjure up such a nightmare. To end the creature that forfeited his very body to save my sister and I from certain death. A nightmare indeed. My breath catches as the animal I loved for so long falls into stillness. I know he's gone but I keep going. Conscious denial.

"You're okay, boy. You're ok."

A shuffling behind me reminds my common sense that something murdered my dog. No...  The wound was made by some kind of blade. So some one killed my killer. When I get ahold of them, I'll repay the favor. I'll make them wish they never met this dream girl. Sliding the dog's head from my lap, I turn to face my enemy with the feral snarl only for it to turn into a grimace of annoyance.

"Are you freaking kidding me?!"

I have no business writing this. I have 2.5 other stories that need updating but this came to me like a storm. I haven't heard the topic come up before, an other world OC who actually hates the story. Idk how updates will be. No clue. But my interest floats with my reviewers. If you like it, tell me and I'll keep going!