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All through time: Our unexpected love

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Oh, and baby I'm fist fighting with fire  
Just to get close to you 
Can we burn something, babe? 
And I run for miles just to get a taste 
Must be love on the brain

Love on the Brain - Rihanna


Danny was pissed, no scratch that he was beyond pissed, he was... Actually there was not a word in the English dictionary that could accurately describe what he was feeling at that very moment as he stared down at the most infuriating women on the face of the planet. Dear lord, how can someone so incredibly intelligent, that single handedly could take over and decimate an entire criminal organization, could be so astonishingly thoughtless as to willingly walk into a nightclub that was crawling with armed men that worked for Felicity, the women that had made her life mission to kill Margot from the moment she brought out of prison, without any backup? Daniel would never know but it sure as hell irritated him to no end.

Damn it, if he hadn't gotten the call from her head of security telling him that Margot was most likely about to blow all the FBI's and AVI's plans to catch the brunette to smoke or worse get herself killed, that her people had tried to talk her out of it, knowing very well that it was madness but of course she was too stubborn and too goddamn hot headed to listen or to relent that he was their last and most promising chance to get her to listen to reason and back off of that likely to be suicide mission. However, he was told a minute too late and Margot had already been on her way to the nightclub.

As the angry beyond words man walked forcefully into the spacious penthouse, his still heated thoughts traveled back to the time of the call; Danny had been reviewing his latest findings on the case of the dangerous criminal's whereabouts so he could catch Felicity before she killed Margot or Tessa which had proven to be a headache and the most stress filled case he's ever had all on its own and he had already been on edge for not being able to make a breakthrough with Alice and the team yet, that the call had been the last push to throw him over the figurative cliff.

With no thought of his own safety; his mind on his girlfriend wondering if she actually had a death wish given that this would make the second time that month that she had acted before thinking and effectively put her life on the line and in the process bringing him to the edge of insanity at the thought of losing the greatest thing that had ever happened to him because of her own damn recklessness, Daniel Yoon had snatched his gear from his locker and hurriedly left to his irritatingly careless girlfriend's aid.

"I had everything under control, you didn't need to be there" The blonde's words spit out her tongue with annoyance and a hint of gratitude shining through because although she was irritated he had shown up and distracted her from the mission, she was grateful he had arrived at the right moment when all hell broke loose and gunshots started flying through the night club as she closed the front door behind her with a slam. Her cutting words efficiently brought him out of his reverie and the still vexed man just kept glaring at the blonde as if she had grown a second head for a few more draining moments.

30 seconds ticked by before he was able to calm down enough to actually articulate a word clearly albeit his voice was still shaken from the bone chilling fear that had threatened to swallow him whole when he saw a rogue bullet pass inches away from his women. If his protectiveness and fast instincts hadn't kicked in at the right moment, Danny wasn't sure if he would be here now in their home however cold their attitudes toward each other currently was but in a hospital dying from cheer worry at the bullet that would have cut through her flesh (god, just the thought of the 'what if' sent a dread through his entire being) as well as his voice dripping with righteous anger.

"Oh! Well excuse me Miss. Bishop I didn't know that being outnumbered by thugs after your head and almost dying was your way of 'having everything under control', my deepest apologies." He could see her eyes flash with indignation and barely contained anger at his sarcastic remark, but Danny wasn't finished and he wasn't going to let what had happened sly, not this time, so he continued as he slowly moved closer to her, hoping and praying to whatever deity would listen that he would get through to this women and let her see that every time she carelessly put herself in danger, she was ripping him apart from the inside, that it cut through to him like a knife to the heart.

"Margot you know damn well that you couldn't go there alone and yet you did anyway. When are you going to learn that you aren't invincible? Damn it Margot one day you are actually going to get yourself killed." Margot for her part couldn't help but roll her eyes at the words that had bounced off the walls and into her ears, the way he blew the situation that she had had under control out of proportion, and his continued sense of protection on the contrary to what he had just so vigorously claimed will get him killed instead.

Margot had grown (unanticipatedly) to love that man with everything she had but just because the Brit was in love didn't alter who she was - well if she was completely honest with herself; it did make her want to be better and try not to dim that bright spot in her life by any means but the blonde had not changed with her work and what she knew had to be done in order to keep her family protected. Margot knew what her line of work entitled for her to do and she sure as well was going to get her job done and the criminal mastermind was sure as hell going to catch that bitch before she brought more havoc to her life. Her boyfriend just refused to grasp that information or his sense of protection just didn't allow him to and that irked the blonde more than his words or tone of voice ever could.

"Daniel I took care of myself long before I even met you and I will continue to do so. You are my boyfriend not my keeper and I sure as hell are not some troublesome child that needs constant saving." The now very much irritated women couldn't help but yell out her words, she acknowledged (to herself really) that she was being unfair to him. She knew all he wanted was for her to be safe but being the strong independent, 'I do as I please' self-attitude, women that she was and always have been, was very much irked by his over protectiveness.

"I know you can take care of yourself Margot, hell I'm fucking proud you can kick ass but damn it can't you see that every goddamn time you try to be invincible and put yourself in unwarranted danger, it fucking kills me. I'M NOT LOSING YOU AGAIN MARGOT. I REFUSE TO LET YOU GET YOURSELF KILLED." His last words were screamed so loudly that the shocked woman was certain that everyone from a three mile radius and through the skyscraper could hear the desperate scream of her significant other.

Margot noticed the despair and fear swimming in his freshly roasted coffee colored eyes before she was left watching his rigid muscled body retreat the grand stairs as he piled off his leather jacket on his hurried way up with tears glazing her blue orbs and her body paralyzed at the myriad feelings of guilt, residue irritation and a love that was so consuming and overwhelming that made her body shudder from the force of it, washed over her body.


After the horrific argument with her boyfriend, Margot had sat on their white love seat in the corner of their family room where she usually went for solace and to clear her wrecking thoughts, contemplating what had happened that day as well as everything that was said. As those events began to form clearly in her memory, Margot realized what a complete bitch she was and how unbelievably reckless, strong headed and selfish she had been that day.

The blonde con-artist had known exactly what she was getting herself into but had not thought of the consequences her actions and what could've happened to her would affect the people she loved; Tessa and Danny. As those dreadful thoughts of all the suffering she knew the most important people in her life would've gone through because of her carelessness was heart shattering.

After sitting there in the white overcomfortable love seat for another ten minutes, Margot got up from the little bubble she had created around herself perched up in her little sanctuary, wiping the tears she didn't even realized had leaked out of her eyes until she had brought herself back into the present with the back of her hand and walked up the stairs slowly. The entire penthouse was covered in silence and darkness, the only light was dimly shining from the hall, giving that wearily feel to her surroundings or perhaps her mind was too full with tormented thoughts that had conjured her space as dim and bleak.

Once Margot made it up the stair, she walked through the hallway, passing her daughter's respective bedroom which was unoccupied given that Tessa was spending the week with her father and Alice and into the room at the far end of the corridor that housed Danny's and hers own little world. As she twisted the cold metal nub and pushed the white wooden door, after taking a deep breath Margot slipped into the shyly lit room. The sorrow filled women noticed the faded figure of her boyfriend laying rigidly in the left side of their kind sized bed, his back to the door and his breathing irregular; letting her know he wasn't really asleep.

With another barely hearable sigh, the blonde gingerly moved to her walk in closet and changed into a pair of one of Danny's t-shirt that she had stolen from him at the early stages of their relationship (after she had gotten back to Los Angeles) and slept in when she felt particularly stressed and a pair of boxer shorts then moved into the washroom at the other side of the bedroom to brush her teeth and wash away her faded makeup. After her nightly task was complete, Margot climbed onto the bed and put her back to Danny, thinking she was not going to get the 'deep under the covers snuggle' she always got from the private detective each night and had been the remedy she needed to fall into a nightmare free sleep as she felt his heartbeat under her fingertips.

It took Danny all of five minutes before the urge started eating at him and he had no other choice but to give in, he let his feelings take over and pulled the women that could completely undo him, turn him inside out with just a single look and also have the power to put him back together, to make him feel stronger and truly alive with that secretive smile she reserved just for him closer to his chest until he felt all of her warmth slip under his skin and warm every part of his soul. Didn't she know the power she had over him? Didn't she realize that his entire existence revolved around her? That since the moment he met her all those months ago, Danny felt that earth tilting pull.

Letting his still heated mind drift back to all those months ago, Danny recalled that he had felt something akin to familiar when he first laid eyes on her and at the time he hadn't known why, he had thought that feeling would fade away after AVI was over and done with her but no, it had kept increasing every time she was near or invaded his mind without his permission those first days until that fateful night in the hotel room where he couldn't take it anymore and the frustration from being unable to shake off or pinpoint that feeling as well as her continuous insult to him during the entire time he helped her, made him act... no act is not the right term, it made him react; react to the foreign unnamed feeling in his chest, react to the way her lips moved as she spat insult after insult at him, react to the blatant lust swirling in her ocean blues when he had grabbed her hands forcefully, bringing her body flush to him as he demanded she say his name, react to everything that was Margot Bishop.

That night started what he now knows to be the greatest thing to ever happen to him. That night had began the journey to an uncontrollable passion that gradually and unexpectedly turned to flesh burning love and granted him the life he loved and felt privileged to have now. So, to have the main reason for his happiness put herself in harm's way every chance she gets without thought to the consequences made the private detective feel righteous anger and grieve to fill his entire soul but on the other hand, he could see even if partially why she had done what she did; she was trying to protect her family regardless to her safety something he was also guilty of doing in past occasions.

‘Damn, why did it everything always have to be so complicated?’  He thought as he pulled himself closer to the owner of all of his heartbeats as well as all of his dilemmas. 

"I'm sorry." Danny whispered into the ear of the love of his life. He couldn't sleep and wouldn't be able to sleep without her curled up in his arms, he had the chance to think and clear his head as he went through his nightly routine, Danny realized that he was unfair to Margot and Jesus he actually raised his voice at her, something that in the year and half they've been together - after she had come back to him - he's never done which flooded his body with guilt and sorrow for what had happened that day.

"I know, so am I" The accented voice of Margot whispered back before she turned in his arms and crushed her lips with his. Deciding that enough words were said that day, now she just wanted to feel him close, wanted desperately even if she knew was physically impossible to unzip him and settle herself in his warmth, surround herself with his love and feel the peace he alone provided for her.

So, once the need for air made her lungs scream, the blonde pulled back just enough to climb herself on his waist, bringing his lips to hers once more. God, his lips were as addictive as heroin and twice as sweet, Margot couldn't get enough of him. Moving her lips to his neck, wanting desperately to feel all of him, she began to grind on him, searching for friction and found it tenfold when the man under her began to match her frantic rhythm, making her moan. Loudly.

Before she could lose herself in the sensations filling up her now heated flesh, Margot's back hit the mattress and Danny's very talented hands worked on her over-sized t-shirt; pulling the unwanted barrier over her head and tossing it carelessly across the room. Her bare breast completely open to him, begging for his attention, for his tongue and the freckled man didn't waste any time before latching onto her peeked bud, sucking the little nub into his mouth, loving the breathy sounds of his name spilling from the women that was as vital to his existence as oxygen.

His hand and lips rotating between each breast before his attention fell lower, to where he knew she was wet and aching for him. Pulling his mouth away from her left, very erect nipple with a wet 'pop' Danny's lips traveled south, stopping at her navel to nibble on her tender flesh knowing the effect it had on the women curving her back and whimpering his name beneath him, his hand made quick work of removing the offending article of clothing, noticing with much delight that she had been bare under the small boxers. His lips and tongue hungrily latched onto her swollen clit, as he dipped two fingers in her center, thrusting them with the rhythm of his tongue on her nub; loving the obsessive taste of her essence, wanting to open her up and settle himself deep within her, and spend the rest of his existence pleasuring this women.

Sex with Margot Bishop was a spiritual act. Something only a goddess, his goddess was able to provide and him, a mere mortal, was privileged enough to experience. Experience what pleasuring, hearing the ecstasy slip through her lips and have complete bliss on this golden haired goddess on earth was able to give him and to actually have her love was his heaven.

"Umm, Daanniieell..." cried out the orgasming Margot Bishop as she saw stars dance around her eyes and the tension leave her body as she rode her powerful climax with the feeling of his long fingers still pumping into her and his tongue never relenting. Until her senses became hyperactive and every touch on her center and clit made her shudder did Margot made Danny pull away, beaconing her man to her with a breathy and love filled smile, moaning when her lips traveled up her oversensitive flesh to settle himself in between her thighs, letting her feel the hardness of his need for her which triggered another ripple of pleasure and desire to swirl from deep within her. Margot buried her hands into the impossibly soft and now slightly moist hair and pulled him into a toe curling kiss, the kind that left you completely satisfied yet wanting more as she tasted her salty and sweet essence on his tongue.

"Don't" a press of his lips on hers. "Ever" his lips on her chin. "Scare" a swipe of his tongue on that little nook on the left side of her neck. "Me" a tender kiss to her forehead. "Like that" each of her now salty moisten eyelids. "Again." His lips went to the left side of her chest, the word ‘again’ said directly on top of the frenetically beating heart, followed by a "love you" that was more felt than heard on her lips before he pressed his mouth to her quivering rosy lips and brought back all the feelings of the oxymoron that was pure lust to spread through them like a wildfire.

All through the night, Margot promised over and over to be less reckless with her life as Danny reminded her with each orgasm he exploded in her all she had to live for.