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Secret Admirer

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Anna was staring again, she was forever doing that, she couldn’t help herself really. She caught herself sighing softly, blushing even though she was alone in her row, and couldn’t possibly have been overheard. Shaking herself slightly, Anna tried to focus on the Professor at the front of the lecture hall, wheezing on in a thin reedy voice about some esoteric fact on the life of Charlemagne. Slowly, almost inevitably, Anna felt her eye’s slide away from the lectern, and almost magically, alight upon the subject they found most interesting.

The object of Anna’s perusal sat, seemingly, unaware of what was happening two rows back, instead, she was focused wholly upon the front of the hall, her ice blue eyes bright, and her hand making quick deft strokes as the wrote out her notes in an imperceptible shorthand. Anna sighed again, her head falling into her hand, as she watched the way that the girl nibbled her lower lip in thought, the way that she would tuck an errant hair behind one ear out of habit, the way she chewed absently on the end of her pen. Anna groaned softly, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks as she watched the blond’s jaw work.

The bell rang, Anna’s arm slipped off the desk as she started in surprise, her head following after it to bang loudly against the desk.

A few students looked up at the sharp noise, A couple giggling at her as she rubbed her head. Not her though, she had looked up, but her expression was one of concern. Anna blushed again, flashing a thumbs up grinning. The blond girls eyes crinkled, one hand rising to cover her mouth as she gave a small giggle. Blushing even harder now, Anna tried to busy herself with packing up her various belongings, gathering her books from where they had fallen when she hit the desk. Her water bottle had unfortunately rolled down the steps to the second row. Anna grumbled to herself as she walked down to get it. Bending down to reach it, she failed to notice someone else doing the same. At least, until their head’s collided. Anna thought she could hear stars swirling inside of her head as she fell backwards onto the step.

“Faen” came the slow, quiet, hissed curse from somewhere to her right. Anna shook her head looking over, and nearly jumping in shock. Sitting next to her, softly rubbing her head while muttering, was the girl who had so entranced her.

“Well, are you just going to stare at me or are you going to help me up?” The blond girl said with a small blush and a wry grin.

Anna blushed harder at that stammering out an apology, “S-sorry, I didn’t see you there, I was just trying to pick up my water bottle and our heads hit and now this is awkward. Well, I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous. Wait, what?”

The blond gave another small giggle, covering her mouth. “Well, awkward, what’s the name of my ‘hemmelig beundrer’?”

Anna wasn’t sure what the last words meant, but she at least knew what she was being asked for. “O-oh, um, I’m, uh, Anna, i-it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Anna, I’m Elsa.” She held out her hand, which Anna took, pumping up and down nervously.

“H-hi, I’m really sorry about the head by the way.”

“Oh, don’t worry about my head, although… there, is, something you could do to make it up to me.” Elsa’s grin now held a hint of mischief in it, a sort of, devious sparkle in her eyes.

“Oh? Sure, name it, and I’ll do it.” Anna’s insides were all in a jumble, as images of being asked to do various different tasks, each more ridiculous than the last flashed through her head. Where would she even find a monkey, three golden eggs, and a set of bagpipes?

Elsa leaned in a bit closer, like a conspirator about to share a secret, “All you have to do, is take me for a coffee.” Elsa’s small smile widened at the look of shock on Anna’s face.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“Okay… when?”

Elsa appeared to mull it over, “Hmmmm, tomorrow morning before class work for you?”

“Yeah, that works fine. The coffee shop by the dorms?”

“Yes, perfect. Jeg vil se deg der søta. Adjø” Elsa leaned in kissing Anna’s cheek, before turning and sauntering off, her hips swaying noticeably under her light blue skirt.

Anna stood there, hand touching the place where Elsa had kissed her. Not caring that the next class had started filling in.

“Oh my god I think I’m in love.” Anna whispered, ignoring the student trying to get her to move.