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Points of Pain

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Pearl struggles under the changes to her life in the Underground due to her assignment with Garnet.  She discovers who she can rely on and who she cannot.



            Pearl made a rough transition to the new routine of her daily life.  It was different from the first couple of months in that the other pearls picked on her instead of befriending her, with the exception of Pearl 00687.  Almost every meal the same five or so pearls would quickly steal pieces of her food.  Sometimes she would be left with only half of her meal by the time she was able to touch it.  She had a feeling that Pearl 00824 was the one spearheading this bullying, due to the fact that antagonizing woman always stole food from Pearl and made most of the snide comments towards her.  One time she had tried to bring the issue of others taking her food to Pearl 00251, but the older pearl acted with indifference saying that, “It wasn’t her problem”, due to it happening in the cafeteria and not in the sleeping quarters.  After that Pearl resolved there really wasn’t a way to address this.  The idea of bringing it up to Carnelian was out of the question; not only did she not want the other pearls thinking she ratted them out, but she wasn’t sure if Carnelian would or could do anything about it.  Her body adjusted though, at first she was hungry all the time, but then it slowly subsided after a couple of weeks.  However, she was starting to lose weight, enough that it was making it a little harder for her pants to stay up.

            The bullying affected her time for personal hygiene as well.  Often times she would be unable to get a shower and get stuck with the sink that didn’t work very well.  Pearl would get pushed and shoved around, never hit, but it kept her on edge.  It was becoming hard to relax in the sleeping quarters.  Her dreamless sleeps were becoming infected with nightmares.  One time she dreamed that all of the pearls stole all of her clothes and she was forced to run errands naked; the pearls would laugh at her and take turns hitting her; covering her body in black and blue bruises.  Another time Yellow Diamond appeared and demanded that she fight a ring full of jaspers and win.  When she failed to do so she was strapped up and whipped while Pearl 00010 grinned in the background.  Many times she would be woken from her sleep drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

            Pearl would check her schedule every day to see if magically the maroon regulation box had disappeared.  It was her only hope to get this to stop.  If she was assigned to someone else the other pearls would back off.  Yet day after day the maroon box sat in its anticipated place and laughed in her face.  The third regulation was robotic.  Garnet didn’t say anything except for the sounds that escaped her lips as Pearl worked her over the two required times.  When she came back the other pearls stared at her with eyes bathed in green.  Whispers of “You’re no better than the rest of us” echoed around the room.  The thin woman curled up into her bed trying to shut everything out, muttering quietly to herself her name and the name of her family members.

            Like the most recent Friday event, Pearl traveled with Garnet instead of Carnelian and all of the dancers.  For the drive there it was just the two of them bathed in silence.  On the way back Garnet once again told her to rest.  Pearl happily obliged; trying to not resent the woman who was inadvertently causing her so much pain.  However, it was hard not to.

            By the time it was getting close to the fourth regulation Pearl had an embarrassing moment in Carnelian’s office where her pants fell down as she was returning with an armful of material.  Carnelian was most displeased at the unprofessional display and sent her off to Larimar to acquire a smaller set of pants.  Larimar asked only a couple of questions regarding how she was doing, but overall Pearl had no energy to talk with him.

            The fourth regulation went poorly.  Pearl couldn’t stand all of the thoughts of the things the other pearls would do to her once she got back and the trapped feeling she had of this very act being the cause of it all.  After Garnet’s first orgasm she couldn’t bring herself to touch the woman any more.  The fighter didn’t say anything when she noticed Pearl’s lack of continuation.  She simply stood up and banged on the door demanding that they be let out and that she was satisfied.  Eventually one of the doors opened up and Yellow Diamond walked in.  Golden yellow eyes drifted over Pearl once before telling her to leave and to close the door behind her.  Pearl gave no thought to the implication of that order, or to Garnet’s suddenly very tense posture.  The pale woman left as fast as she could, happy that maybe she would be deemed unfit for this role and would be reassigned.

            Unfortunately, she found herself riding yet again with Yellow Diamond, Pearl 00010, and Garnet to the Friday event.  Pearl breathed easy though once she was with Pearl 00687 and the dancers.  For that brief period of time she was in a relatively safe place.  As Pearl 00687 and she walked to the kitchen their conversation took a path leading to the shorter pearl asking about how regulation was going for her.

            “It isn’t too bad is it?  I know she doesn’t touch you, but she is a woman, and that’s probably a little awkward for you isn’t it?”

            Pearl regarded the shorter woman with a confused look.

            Pearl 00687 stared back.  “You know since you’d probably rather do it with a man.  Like if there was someone who was like Garnet in actions but you know, male?”

            “I never said I wanted to do it with a man,” Pearl simply stated.

            “Oh! Well I just…” the other pearl’s faced flushed furiously.  “I’m so sorry I just assumed you were into men instead of asking first.”

            “No, it’s ok,” Pearl looked ahead.

            After a couple of moments Pearl 00687 asked, “So what is your preference?”

            “Women.”  After a small pause she added.  “Yellow Diamond actually asked me what my preference was when I was taken in for questioning due to a bid.”  She laughed lightly.  “It’s an oddly considerate thing to ask and arrange.  Though I didn’t choose Garnet, at least I’m getting some good practice, right?”

            “Yeah,” Pearl 00687 laughed awkwardly.  “But so then it’s going ok then, nothing bad has happened?”

            “No, nothing has changed, Garnet doesn’t do much more than get thrown into a room and open up for me,” Pearl weakly laughed.  The crassness of her speech slightly surprised her, but at the moment she didn’t really care.  “When I say it like that it almost sounds like I’m the one who is raping her instead of the other way around.”

            “Yeah,” Pearl 00687 chuckled along hesitantly, “I guess rape fits, but then again at the same time it doesn’t fit…”

            “How so?” Pearl raised an eyebrow.

            “Well, you say she doesn’t like to do it, or that’s how she acts, but simply goes along to avoid getting punished by Yellow Diamond, right?”


            “And she doesn’t like put her crotch in your face or pull you in and make you do it, right?”

            “Yes, she just waits for me to come over.” 

            “And then you do it, even though you don’t like it, because you want to avoid any potential negative consequences for not doing it, right?” Pearl 00687 finished.

            Pearl thought on the other’s logic.  “So how would you define it then?”

            “I don’t know, maybe you’re both raping each other?” she tried with a stretch.

            “Is that even possible?” Pearl skeptically asked.

            Pearl 00687 shrugged.  “A complicated situation then?”

            “Maybe,” Pearl mused.  “It would be easier to define it if I knew exactly how and why I was assigned to Garnet.  But I doubt I’ll ever be told that.”

            “I personally would put the blame on Yellow Diamond, if anything she’s the one who set it all up.  She is the one is authorizes all regulations,” Pearl 00687 finished with a shrug.

            “That is true.”

            Their conversation was stopped as they had arrived and were soon busy with the tasks of transporting the sustenance to the dancers and taking care of them for the rest of the night.  Before long, Pearl was in the black SUV with Garnet as the only other occupant.

            “You look thinner.”

            Pearl turned to look at the other woman.  It was a statement, not a question.

            “Have you been eating well?” the dark woman continued.

            “Yes,” was all Pearl wanted to say on that topic.

            Garnet stared at her for a moment; her lips were pulled down in a frown for a brief second.  A few minutes passed.

            “Tell me about the world above.”

            Pearl looked at the fighter confused as to what she was referring to.

            “You know; the place you where you lived before you were brought here to the Underground.  Since this is the Underground, the other place is like the land above, right?” Garnet tried to explain her wording.

            “Oh, you mean the place where all of us came from and where our customers live?  The normal world?”

            “Yes, what is it like?  What are some of the things people do?”

            Pearl was confused.  How did Garnet not know about regular life?  Wasn’t she a captive just like everyone else?

            “Well,” Pearl began.  “People usually live in houses with their family members.”

            “A mother is a family member right?”

            “Yes, and so are fathers, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, et cetera.”

            “Siblings are other people in a similar age range that share DNA from at least one of your biological parents, right?”

            “Yes, but they can also be adopted into the family.  So they become a sibling through a bunch of complicated paperwork.  But what really matters is that family members love and care about each other no matter what brought them into the family; whether it be DNA or paperwork.”

            Garnet hummed thoughtfully for a moment before asking her next question.

            “What do people do with their time?  Adults have jobs that earn money that is then used to provide for the house, food, essentials, et cetera.  What do the young adults do?  Or the children?  How do they earn their keep?”

            “Well normally they help out around the house doing chores, but mostly from the ages of 5-18 you’re expected to attend school so you can become educated and be a productive member of society.  Many go to college to further their education in hopes of finding a job that suits them well and pays better, or many go just to keep learning.”

            “What exactly is school?”

            Pearl almost asked if she was joking, but the tone Garnet used indicated that it was a legitimate question.

            “It’s a place where you learn, there are teachers that instruct you on topics like math, chemistry, English, history, art, all sorts of topics.  You get assignments; there are lots of other kids your age in the same class.  You go for most of the day; you get breaks for lunch and to stretch out your legs and play during recess.”

            The muscular woman took a moment to process the information.  “Thank you for answering my questions.  You can rest now, I’ll wake you when we arrive.”

            Pearl laid down and closed her eyes.  It took a moment for her to fall asleep as her mind was bothered by Garnet’s questions about common things in the normal world.


            It was strange how much Garnet started to occupy her thoughts.  Pearl blamed it mostly on her always checking to see if the next regulation had been cancelled.  Any time her scheduler went off she silently hoped it was that horrid maroon box disappearing.  However, like before it was always there.  There were times even when she swore she saw the tall dark figure in the concrete corridors; always moving silently with that face that never showed any emotion.  Maybe it was just her paranoia getting to her.  The bullying from the other pearls was just as bad, but fortunately hadn’t gotten any worse.  As she put her watch on and had to use a tighter hole than before, a frown made its way onto her face.  How long would she be able to keep this up?  She figured she had already lost about twenty pounds or so.  Were the other pearls really going to try and starve her to death?

            It had only been a week since her fourth regulation when she was blessed with the opportunity to run a few errands with Pearl 00687.  They talked as they carried the bolts of fabric towards Carnelian’s office for inspection before they were sent to the seamstresses.

            “Wait up,” Pearl desperately called out to her friend.  “I need to catch my breath.”

            Pearl 00687 stopped and looked back as Pearl set down the fabric and leaned against the wall breathing hard.

            “Are you ok?”

            “Yeah, just a little tired that’s all.”

            “No seriously, you don’t look well.”

            “I’m in the Underground how well can I be?” she sardonically laughed.

            “Well, before, you had a more positive attitude, and well didn’t get tired as easily,” Pearl 00687 glanced to the side for a moment.  “I’ve seen you carry much more before and not have any trouble with it.  Please tell me what’s going on.”

            Pearl looked up at her, trying to make up her mind on telling her about how the other pearls were treating her.

            “Remember when I hesitated to tell you who I was assigned to regulate?”


            “Well, that was mostly because all other pearls who have found out have started to resent me for it.”  The pale woman paused to breathe out heavily.  “They think that just because I’m regulating Garnet that I don’t need all of my food, or need to take showers, or be able to go to the bathroom, or walk around my sleeping quarters without someone trying to trip me or shove me into something.”

            “Is that what is really happening?”

            Pearl nodded.  Now she’d done it, she’d opened her mouth.  But what could Pearl 00687 do about it?

            “Have you tried talking to the pearl in charge of your quarters?”

            “Yes,” Pearl laughed again, “She’s not going to do anything, if anything I think she has decided that I deserve it.”

            “So your food, how do they take it?  I mean you get in trouble if you have more than what was issued to you.  Couldn’t you just report them?”

            Pearl shook her head.  “There are several of them who do it, they all-” Pearl stopped to look at her friend in confusion.  Pearl 00687’s eyes had suddenly widened in terror as her mouth opened to let out a silent scream.  “Are you ok?”

            Pearl 00687 just weakly pointed to behind Pearl.  Pearl turned to see a tall figure with a mass of curls standing just two feet behind her.

            “Garnet!” Pearl exclaimed, jumping back and making a quick bow to the fighter.

            The fighter wore her usual maroon muscle shirt, but her jeans were replaced with a pair of spandex shorts that ran down to mid-thigh.  Worn athletic shoes with mid-calf socks adorned her feet.  She was covered in sweat, yet for some reason she still had those pastel pink and light blue, reflective sunglasses on.

            “Continue,” Garnet said holding up her calloused hand.

            “Well I-we were just talking about the upcoming event and what Carnelian needed for the costumes,” Pearl easily lied.

            Garnet stared at them silently for a moment.  The covered gaze turned to Pearl 00687.

            “Pearl 00687, please excuse Pearl and I for a moment.”  Sunglasses then faced Pearl.  “Follow me.”

            They walked down one hall and took a turn so that they were in a white hallway.  Garnet didn’t stop until they were several feet in and were not near any doors.

            “I’m going to ask you a couple questions, you don’t need to list any names, just answer me yes or no.  Will you do that?”

            “Yes, Garnet.”

            She leaned in a little closer to her. “And will you be completely honest with me?”

            “Y-yes, Garnet.” Pearl looked away and began to fidget with her shirt before noticing it and stopping quickly.

            “Do you eat all of the food that is given to you at each meal?”


            “The food that is not eaten by you; is it because you are too full to finish?”


            “Do any others eat your food?”

            Pearl swallowed thickly.  She looked away from Garnet, trying to think of how she should answer the question.  Garnet waited for her response, her face betraying none of her thoughts.

            “Y-yes,” the pale woman breathed out quietly.

            “Do you give the others your food to eat?”

            There! That was it, she could say yes to this and Garnet would leave the topic alone.  But was that really what Pearl wanted?  If she said no, what could Garnet do?  What couldn’t Garnet do?!  The intimidating woman was probably second to Yellow Diamond in influence and control in this place.  What did Pearl have to lose?


            Garnet stood up straight and took a step back from Pearl.  “Thank you for answering my questions Pearl.  I will take you back to Pearl 00687 so you can finish your conversation about Carnelian 00023’s designs.”

            In that instant Pearl got the feeling that the dark fighter didn’t believe for a second that the two of them had been talking about Carnelian’s designs.  Her stomach jumped and churned as her mind made a mental note that Garnet wasn’t a meat head like most fighters tended to be.  They walked back to find an amethyst questioning Pearl 00687.

            “Is there an issue here?” Garnet addressed the amethyst.

            “This pearl has just been standing here for the past couple of minutes not doing anything; I was going to have her reported for her lack of productivity.”

            “That was my doing, I told her to wait here while I had a private moment with Pearl.  These two are supposed to be delivering this fabric together.”

            “I apologize, Garnet 0001, I will not bother any of you any further,” she bowed to the higher ranked gem before turning and walking off.

            Garnet turned to the two pearls.  “Carry on with your task.”  With that she walked swiftly down the hall.

            Pearl 00687 looked at Pearl.

            “What did she want?”

            “She just asked me a couple of odd questions that’s all.”  Pearl watched the tall figure disappear.  “I just hope I gave the right answers.”

            “What you do mean by that?”

            “Don’t worry about it, I’m feeling all rested now, so we should be able to get these to Carnelian without having to make another stop,” Pearl put on a smile.

            Pearl 00687 didn’t look satisfied with the answer, but she didn’t press the issue further.


            The next morning Pearl stood in line to receive breakfast.

            “Gem,” the amber said without looking up.


            The tray was loaded and pushed towards her.  Two pieces of whole grain toast, eight orange slices, a half a cup of scrambled eggs, a tall glass of water, and two pieces of questionable looking sausage.  As she walked over and took her seat she could hear the other pearls before they all sat down.  It took only seconds before half of a piece of toast was gone; three of the orange slices, half of her eggs, and both sausages were gone.  Each part snagged by one of the usual suspects.  Pearl didn’t even try to stop them this time.  They chatted away cheerily, thanking Pearl in a mock tone for sharing her breakfast with them.  Pearl gritted her teeth and said nothing, she just put her head down; her hands still clasped to the edges of the tray.  The idle chatter of the pearls died away as a large shadow fell over them.

            “What do we have here?” came a familiar voice.  “Several pearls with more than their share of food.”

            They all looked up to the imposing figure of Garnet standing right behind the three pearls across from Pearl.

            “Care to explain what is going on?”

            All of the thieves looked at each other.

            “Well, it was Pearl 01079 who gave us her food; she said she wasn’t feeling very hungry,” Pearl 00824 lied easily.

            “Really?” the deep voice sounded amused for a split second.

            Pearl noticed for the first time that Garnet had an accent; an English accent.

            “Pearl, show me your hands.”

            “Yes, Garnet,” Pearl said as she raised her hands towards her, palms up.  Garnet leaned forward and inspected them, her breath brushing against Pearl’s fingers for a brief second.

            “How could she have given you the food when there are no traces of handling the food on her fingers or utensils?”

            “Well that’s because-” Pearl 00824 began.

            “Because you took it from her,” Garnet firmly cut her off.

            The pearl tried to keep her poker face.  “No, she said we could take it from-” she tried to counter.

            “Do not talk back to me!” Garnet’s commanding tone echoed throughout the room.  “I watched all five of you take the various items that are now on your trays,” her voice dangerously low.

            The cafeteria had gone quiet, all other gems listening in discretely.

            “Yellow Diamond has each gem’s meal plan calculated based on what they need to perform optimally.  There are also strict rules that gems are not to have more than what is assigned to them.  I don’t care if you claim she ‘gave’ it to you or not, I see five gems here with more food than they need and one gem with not enough.”  Garnet straightened back up and waited.

            Each pearl slowly returned the stolen portions of Pearl’s food.

            “The penalty for this is reeducation.  For a bunch of pearls who think they know better than Yellow Diamond, it would be fifteen with number four.” She let that sentence hang in the air for a moment.

            All of the thieving pearls swallowed nervously and tried not to squirm under the pressure of Garnet’s shielded gaze.  A few gems in the cafeteria whispered to each other.

            “Lucky for you five, I am in a charitable mood today and will let this one pass with just a warning.  However, if it happens again, no such mercy will be available.  And trust me I will know if it happens again.”  Covered eyes turned to looked squarely at Pearl.  “Pearl, you are not to ‘give’ your food out again.  The rest of you are to not take that which is not yours.  Have I made myself clear?” a flash of white teeth appeared for a split second as Garnet’s last statement was finished with a snarl.

            “Yes, ma’am,” they all submissively said in unison.

            “Good.”  The fighter turned to walk away, but spoke one last parting word over her shoulder. “Before any of you start pointing fingers, I was investigating the reasons behind Pearl’s reduced productivity and discovered this.” 

            Once the gem had left the cafeteria the chatter amongst the other gems returned.  The guilty pearls scooted away from Pearl and mumbled amongst themselves; casting dirty glares her way.  Pearl looked down at her now complete breakfast and let a small smile of relief enter her face.  She quickly dug into the food.

            “She can’t protect you from everything,” Pearl 00824 sneered at Pearl.

            Pearl straightened up and looked her in the eye.  “I don’t expect her to protect me from anything.”


            For the next few days Pearl enjoyed full meals.  It didn’t take long for her body to start having more energy and for the weight loss to stop.  Hopefully, in time she would be able to put back on some of the weight.  However, Pearl 00824 did steal half of Pearl’s sandwich one day smugly stating that there was no way Garnet would ever know.  When Pearl returned later that day from her work with Carnelian she noticed a few pearls huddled around a bed.  Upon walking closer she recognized Pearl 00824 laying on her stomach with many angry bleeding welts across her back.  A few of her friends were layering cool damp towels across her back to ease the pain.  Pearl grimaced at the gory sight.

            “Gone and told your precious fuck didn’t you?” Pearl 00824 spat at her when she saw Pearl.

            Pearl vehemently shook her head.  “I-I haven’t seen or spoken to her since that breakfast.”

            “Quit trying to blame someone else Pearl 00824,” Pearl 00739 spoke up. “You were warned and yet you did it anyway.”

            “What would you know!”

            “I do know Garnet to a certain extent and one thing I know about her is that you don’t dare to disobey her or mock any generosity she shows towards you.  You deserved that, and you know it.”

            Pearl 00824 clamped her mouth shut.  Everyone resumed their previous tasks noting the end of the confrontation.  Pearl tried to send a thankful glance towards Pearl 00739, but the pearl had turned and walked away without a look in the light eyed woman’s direction.  Pearl approached her bed, pulled out her astronomy book, and began reading.

            “Well it all depends on Garnet.”

            Larimar’s words once again echoed in her mind.  Maybe, just maybe things could get better.


            The following morning Pearl listened to Carnelian as she spoke with one of her seamstresses on the phone.

            “Yes, yes, good to know the costumes for the head-to-head with White Diamond are mostly done.  What about the ones for the End of the Year Celebration?  Only three quarters?  Tell them to pick up the pace, we need those completed in a month so that we can do any last minute alterations and so the dancers can practice with them.  No I don’t want to hear any excuses.  Well if one of your sewing machines is down why don’t you let someone know so they can send a peridot over to fix it?!  Next week I better get an acceptable report from you,” Carnelian finished sternly.  “Ugh!  It’s only the end of the year event, the one we use to show all of the other diamonds how well our year has gone!” she turned towards Pearl.  “Why don’t they understand that?”

            “I don’t know, Carnelian, it seems pretty important to me,” Pearl validated.

            “Yes it is! Heads will be rolling if things don’t go smoothly.  Literally.  But you must be excited for that event, right?”

            “I am not sure why exactly I should be excited for it, ma’am.”

            “Well of course you don’t, what am I thinking?” the plump woman waved her hand. “For each gem’s first End of the Year Celebration they get to sit and watch all of the events.  They are not required to work; they get a certain number of units to spend on concessions or to be saved for later.  Well, all gems get a number of units at the end of the year based off of your performance and get some time to enjoy the festivities, but when it’s your first one you can relax and enjoy the whole event without having to work!”

            “That does sound nice, I look forward to it,” Pearl smiled.

            “Yes, there will be dancing, entertainers, games, food, drink, and there are the fights of course,” Carnelian’s face became more pensive.

            “Who will we be fighting this year?” Pearl cautiously asked,

            “Oh, that is always a surprise; you never know who will be in the cage.”

            Pearl raised an eyebrow at the tone of voice Carnelian used.  It was ever so slightly unsettling.

            “But, we won’t get to that fabulous event by just sitting here and chatting away now will we?  I have a few things for you to organize for me, and some things to return as well.  Start with all of those bolts of cloth in the reject pile, I don’t need them cluttering up my office.”

            “Yes, ma’am,” Pearl responded as she walked over and gathered up an armful of the cloth before heading off.

            Her feet carried her quickly through the well-known route.  As Pearl passed other gems in the halls she would watch them for a brief moment trying to decipher what each of them were doing.  What errands were they running?  How long had they been here?  How did they get here?  A disgruntled noise escaped her mouth as she became aware of her hair brushing against the lower area of her neck.  It was getting far too long for her liking.  How did a gem get a haircut in this place?  There had to be a way, many of the men she saw here sported shorter hair, and well Yellow Diamond certainly had her hair cut, it never seemed to change an inch.  Pearl glanced down at her arms, they were very pale.  Pearl was naturally light skinned, but in the summer she would get a little of a tan, well after getting burned a couple of times.  But here, the only times she had actually been out in the sunlight was when they were loading up vehicles or walking to the venue for an event.  At most she had maybe been in the sun for about five hours in the past five and a half months.  She missed that feeling; the sun’s rays kissing her skin and warming her body, the feel of the wind pressed against her and running its fingers through her hair.  Maybe one day she will get a chance to feel those things again for more than just a few minutes.

            After delivering the load, Pearl dropped by the transportation building to pick up a flatbed trolley to help her quickly transport the rest of the material.  Upon finishing that task she was once again in Larimar’s item check room, however, so were many other gems so they were not able to have their usual Q&A session.  It was disappointing for Pearl, she wanted to ask him how to get a haircut and maybe about a way to get outside more.

            During breakfast on the last Thursday of November, Pearl glanced at her schedule out of habit.  It was Thanksgiving.  Pearl frowned; there had been no mention of the holiday or anything.  Maybe they would have a slightly nicer dinner?  Were holidays even celebrated down here?  Now that she thought about it she hadn’t celebrated anything since she had been here.  No Halloween or 4th of July.  The thin woman sighed as she looked at the maroon box covering her dinner slot; if there was, she wasn’t going to find out.  Carnelian’s behavior was normal for a day before a Friday event, crazy and peppy.  The lack of decorations or any special greeting led Pearl to conclude that they wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday.  Her shoulders dropped a little.  She would rather spend Thanksgiving surrounded with her family anyway.

            It wasn’t long before Pearl found herself walking into Grey Light Red 24134.  Yellow Diamond and Pearl 00010 were there as usual.  Neither of them said anything to her as she walked in and placed her items in the box and headed into the dark room.  The pale woman took her usual seat on the floor and waited for Garnet to get shoved into the room.

            Garnet stumbled into the room a couple minutes later.  Pearl watched as she sat down across from her instead of just laying down on the bed.

            “Whenever you’re ready,” the fighter simply stated.

            Pearl looked at her with a confused expression.  Why did it matter if she was ready or not?  She had to do it either way.  Well technically she could wait until Yellow Diamond came in and did something unpleasant to both of them.  Pearl waited for a few minutes before standing up; Garnet stood up with her; then turned and took her position on the bed.

            Maybe Garnet was trying in whatever small way to make this a little less awkward?  Or at least let Pearl choose when to begin?  No matter how minute the gesture was, it was slightly nice.  Before she began her usual routine, she placed a few light kisses along Garnet’s inner thigh.  Powerful muscles contracted under her fingertips.  Pearl glanced up to see Garnet staring at her with a slightly puzzled expression.  A blush danced across her cheeks and she put her head down muttering a quick apology before getting to work.

            Pearl’s tongue ran soft circles around Garnet’s swollen, sensitive clitoris as she worked Garnet towards her second orgasm.  She sucked the nub between her teeth where she bit down lightly and scrapped it as she moved away.


            A jolt ran up Pearl’s spine and she sat straight up, eyes wide staring directly at the source of the sound.  It was breathy, deep, and unrestrained.  A simple sound that completely escaped Garnet’s defenses.  It made Pearl want to hear it again.  She leaned back in and repeated the motion.  No sound escaped, Garnet was ready this time, but her body spoke volumes; trembling thighs flexing and pushing upward as her back arched and hands grasped the comforter tightly.  Pearl did it again, this time adding more pressure to the bite.  Garnet’s body responded in turn to the increased stimulation.  The smaller woman chuckled inwardly as she ran soothing strokes over the nub before biting and scraping once again.  It didn’t take long before Garnet came crashing down the second time.

            Once Pearl’s task had been complete, Garnet laid there for a few extra moments as she recovered.  Pearl took the opportunity to stand up and give the fighter some space.  Garnet eventually sat up, their eyes meeting briefly before Garnet looked away.  The tall woman exited the room, using the nightstand as support.  Pearl couldn’t help the small feeling of satisfaction that crept up inside her after seeing Garnet struggle to walk.

            As Pearl walked back to her bed her stomach lightly grumbled.  A sigh drifted past thin lips as her mind pulled up memories of past Thanksgiving feasts.  It would have been nice to at least have something similar to it, even if it was just a piece of processed turkey with some instant gravy on it.  As she turned down the next hall, one thought came into her mind.  Even though she didn’t partake in any sort of feast, she had things to be grateful for.  For Carnelian pushing her to do her best, yet being fairly kind, for the dancers who treated her well, for Pearl 00687 being a constant friend, for Larimar being a mostly reliable source of information and good conversation.  She was grateful for a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and clothes to wear.  Another gem popped into her mind.  And maybe for Garnet as well, who stepped in and reclaimed Pearl’s food rations from the thieving pearls.  Another light mumble from her stomach brought her thoughts back to the present.  The strawberry blonde was grateful, but she still longed for her home.  The comfort and security of sleeping in a place she knew was safe, where the worst thing she had to worry about was one of her siblings playing a small prank on her.  Pearl missed their lively dinner conversations and the heart-to-heart moments with her parents when something wasn’t going well.  Light blue eyes stared off into the darkness encompassing her and the other pearls.  She was alive and maybe, just maybe would sit with them once again at dinner.  One silent tear ran down her cheek as she repeated their names in her head; lips moving along.