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The Truth Doesn't Always Reveal The Answers

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“I’m home!” David announced as he entered the loft with two arms full of groceries.  He put all the paper bags down on the kitchen counter and started unpacking them when Mary Margaret appeared from upstairs.


“I couldn’t find any of that blueberry pie filling so I bought strawberry instead, I hope you don’t mind…” he rambled, failing to take notice of Mary Margaret’s unsettled expression. 


“David…” she prompted in an uncertain voice, not really sure how to explain what she just witnessed to her husband.


It was upon hearing the concern in his wife’s voice that he looked up from his task.  He immediately strode over to Mary Margaret, grasping her by both shoulders.


“What’s wrong, did something happen?” he asked frantically, searching Mary Margaret’s eyes for any hint of what had occurred. 


Mary Margaret didn’t really know the best way to explain what happened earlier to her husband, as she wasn’t really sure what she had witnessed.  She had hoped that David could help her make sense of the whole situation. He always managed to ground whenever things were uncertain. 


“Emma, Regina and Henry stopped by while you were gone.” she explained vaguely.


“Regina was here?  With Emma?  Why?”


“Well, she came by to pick up her things and bring them to Regina’s.”


“So she’s not coming back then?” David asked, his voice laden with disappointment.


“No, I don’t think she will be anytime soon.” Mary Margaret replied in a tone that suggested there was more to the statement than she was letting on.


David wasn’t happy with the news, but couldn’t say that he was surprised.  Emma hadn’t really given them much of a reason to believe that she would want to live with them as a family at any time in the near future.  The last place he wanted his daughter was with Regina, but he tried to take comfort in the fact that Emma was with Henry, and she would at least keep him safe.  He figured that Mary Margaret would have felt the same way, but due to her troubled expression, he suspected there was more that she hadn’t told him.


Mary Margaret pulled away from David and walked over the kitchen to continue putting away the groceries. It always helped her find the right words in a difficult situation if she busied herself with a mindless task.


“I think I saw something, and I’m not sure if I’m blowing it out of proportion, but it would explain a lot.”


“What do you mean?” David asked, planting both hands firmly on the counter, watching Mary Margaret intently as she scurried to put various items away in the cabinets and the fridge.


“I think something may be going on between Emma and Regina.”  she blurted out quickly, as if getting out faster would be less painful. 


David’s face contorted in confusion. “I’m sorry – you mean, like romantically?”


“Yes…I mean, I can’t be sure, but don’t you think it makes sense?  The way they always bickered with each other…it’s just like how you and I were in the beginning.”


“Maybe they bicker because they don’t like each other.  It doesn’t mean they’re romantically involved.” David said dismissively, trying to explain away her fears.


Mary Margaret stopped what she was doing to take a deep breath and met her husband’s gaze. 


“If it was just the bickering…maybe…but that doesn’t explain…the touching.” she replied, as if the last word tasted sour as it crossed her lips.


As Mary Margaret’s words sank in, David was stricken with both anger and disgust.


Touching? What do you mean touching?!” he snapped, rapidly losing his composure.


“Not like that David, calm down.” she backtracked, realizing she probably should have been more specific.  “It wasn’t anything big, it was subtle, and I almost didn’t even catch it. They were leaving and Emma placed her hand on the small of Regina’s back, while she was guiding her out the door. That’s not a place where you really touch someone unless you’re just looking for an excuse for the extra contact.”


David pondered his wife’s explanation for a moment.  He tried to think of the instances where someone would put their hand there, and he really couldn’t think of any other decent reason other than the one Mary Margaret provided. If Emma did have feelings for Regina, it would explain how protective she had been acting, and how angry she had been over the idea of Regina being punished.      


“Let’s say that you’re right. What are we supposed to do about it? The council meeting is in a few days and everyone is going to want justice.” 


Mary Margaret expelled a long sigh and replied with a shrug, shaking her head.  “I don’t know, David.  That’s the problem.  If we let anything happen to Regina, Emma will never forgive us, and neither will Henry. As much as I want Regina to be punished, we’ll only be punishing ourselves if we push our daughter and grandson away forever.”


The two of them exchanged concerned looks, neither of them prepared to deal with the impossible situation they had ended up in.  However, it was not new for them to have to fight to keep their family together.  David reached over to his wife and covered her hand with his. 


“We will find a way.  We always find a way.”  he said confidently.


As grim as the situation appeared, Mary Margaret trusted David’s unwavering resolve.  They’ve always found a way to be together, and they will again, she was sure of it. 




Regina had assumed that her trip to Mary Margaret’s would surely be the worst part of the day.  Much to her dismay, she couldn’t have been more wrong.


Taking Emma and Henry together to the supermarket was like trying to shop with two children, not one.  Every time she turned around there were more junk items thrown haphazardly into her cart, none of which were on her shopping list. Normally she shopped alone, strictly adhering to her list, stacking her items neatly in her cart and making one organized sweep from one end of the store to the other. Her shopping trips never took more than a half hour, but today, they’ve already been there for 45 minutes and they weren’t even halfway done with her list.


“I understand that you are paying for the groceries this week Miss Swan, but must you have three types of candy bars?” Regina snapped.


Emma couldn’t help but smirk at how infuriated the brunette was becoming.   Regina was adorable and ridiculously sexy when she was agitated.


“I’m anticipating a pretty long week down at the station, and you gotta have the right selection of snacks to get through a night shift.” she said, tossing the candy bars into the cart.


Regina rolled her eyes and exhaled sharply as the blonde was testing her patience. “I thought we accomplished that with the mixed pack of chips and the 5 bags of beef jerky.”


“Nope.  You need to balance out the salt with something sweet. Everybody knows that.” Emma replied matter-of-factly.


Regina huffed and pushed the cart past Emma to where Henry was perusing some cookies down at the end of the aisle. Emma followed a few steps behind, cocking her head to the side and taking the time to appreciate how perfect Regina’s ass looked in those pants.


“I know exactly what you’re doing, Miss Swan.” Regina called over her shoulder.


Emma blushed and jogged a few paces to catch up with her.  She stuffed her hands into her tight jean pockets and cleared her throat.


“How do you do that?  Do you have eyes in the back of your head?  I always thought that was some myth moms told their kids to get them behave, but now…”


“You’re entirely too predictable, dear.” Regina replied.


“I am not!” Emma whined.


“There’s a reason why every time you challenged me over the past year, you lost.”  Regina reminded her.


Emma grumbled, as Regina was probably right. She had bested her at every turn, even though she hated to admit it.


Henry tried to monopolize on his mothers’ momentary distraction to sneak a couple of packs of double stuffed Oreos into the cart, but was halted by Regina’s swift hand obstructing his path.


“I sincerely doubt you need more than one pack of Oreos.  Put one back.” Regina instructed.


“Awww, come on mom, you let Emma get whatever she wants.“ Henry groaned, returning one of the packs to the shelf.


“That’s cause I’m buying, kid. When you pay, you can get as many packs of cookies as you want.” Emma explained.


Henry dragged his feet in protest as they rounded the corner down the next aisle.




The rest of their shopping only took another 15 minutes, as Emma began to take pity on how frazzled Regina was becoming by the whole ordeal.  She wrangled Henry as best she could so Regina could finish up grabbing what she needed. After Regina crossed off the last item off the list with her pen, they made their way over to the cash register, paid, and bagged everything. 


Up to that point, they had attracted a few stares, but no one dared to confront them while they were shopping. As they were loading their items into the trunk of the cruiser, an obviously inebriated Leroy stumbled over to antagonize them. 


“What do you think you’re doing, Sherriff?” Leroy growled.


Emma finished arranging the couple of shopping bags she had in her hands in the trunk, then turned to face him.


“What does it look like, Leroy? I just finished grocery shopping.” she answered impatiently, not really in the mood for an altercation.


Regina took the momentary distraction as an opportunity to ensure Henry was safely secured in the car before returning to her place beside Emma.


“What are you doing with her? he clarified by shooting a glare straight at Regina.


Emma’s aggravation was becoming increasingly visible as the muscles in her jaw tightened and she involuntarily clenched a fist at her side.  Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath to maintain her composure before answering.


“I don’t see how what I do or who I’m with on my personal time is any of your business.”


“It is when it involves the Evil Queen. Why isn’t she locked up?” Leroy asked angrily as he pointed at Regina. 


Regina was about to respond when Emma held up a hand to stop her.  The last thing they needed was for this to escalate.


“I’m not going to have this argument with you, Leroy.  You can say whatever you want to say at the council meeting, but this is not the time or the place. Now get lost before I drag you in and lock you up for drunk and disorderly.”


“This isn’t over.” Leroy spat, turning to stumble his way back to the Rabbit Hole.


After checking to ensure no one was watching, Regina took Emma’s hand, lacing their fingers together.


“You must be growing tired of having to defend me, dear.” Regina sighed.


“Everything will be sorted out in a few days, so don’t sweat it.” Emma assured her, squeezing her hand before releasing it.


“We should get going before anyone else gets brave enough to speak their mind.” Emma said as she turned to transfer the rest of their grocery bags into the trunk of the cruiser. “Why don’t you hop on in, there’s just a few more bags.” she said, nodding towards the front of the car.


“Alright, dear, don’t be long.” Regina said as she slid around the passenger side of the car and got in.


“Are they ever going to leave us alone, mom?” Henry asked, having seen and heard the entire exchange with Leroy.


Regina’s heart sank at the sound of her son’s worried voice.  The worst part was that she really didn’t know the answer to that question and all she wanted to do was reassure her son.  She did her best to do so without lying to him, as that would upset him even more.


“I think that everything will be sorted out after the council meeting, dear.”


That was as close she could get to telling him the truth without having to lie.  Regina was sure that after the council made their decision, there wouldn’t be any reason for anyone to harass her anymore. It would be unlikely that she would still have her freedom or her life.


“I hope so.  I hate seeing everyone so upset.  I just want everything to go back to the way it was.” Henry said with a huff, his lower lip protruding in a pout. 


“Me too, Henry.”  Regina said as Emma slammed the trunk shut.


A few moments later, the driver’s door opened and Emma settled into the seat, buckling herself in.  She did her best to put on a happy face for Regina and Henry, as she knew how hard the last few days had been on everyone. Thought she hated to admit it, in the back of her mind, she knew that these may be their last days together as a family and she wanted to make them as pleasant as possible.


“What do you guys think about having a game night after dinner?” Emma suggested as she pulled the cruiser from its parking spot and began driving them back to the mansion. 


“Do I get to pick?” Henry asked eagerly, his demeanor instantly brightening.


“Sure, kid.  How about it, Regina?  Or are you too afraid to get your butt kicked?” Emma turned to the brunette, flashing a flirtatious grin and tossing her a wink.


Regina smiled softly at Emma and Henry. The two of them had an innate ability to sneak their way into her heart with as little as a glance. It never failed to have an instant calming affect on her. 


“Challenge accepted.  I’m quite the force to be reckoned with, I assure you.” Regina flirted back at the blonde.


“I guess we’ll see who comes out on top, then.” Emma said, biting flirtatiously at her lower lip.


“That we will, Miss Swan.” Regina said, exchanging an understanding glance with the blonde.




“Why on earth would I want to trade you any of my sheep, Miss Swan?”  Regina protested swatting Emma’s hand away from her hand of cards.


Emma rolled her eyes at Regina who still was having difficulty grasping the whole premise behind Settlers of Catan. “Cause you’re shitting bricks over there, Regina, and I’ve got plenty of wood for you to build your roads with.”


“Language!” Regina snapped.


“Sorry, kid.” Emma apologized to Henry reflexively.


Henry laughed at his mothers who had been bickering non-stop since they began the game about an hour ago.  He didn’t fail to notice that their fighting was turning more into pretend fighting.  He didn’t quite understand what had changed between them, but they were getting along better, so he tried not to over think it. 


“You have to trade to win, mom! That’s why I picked this game, it forces you to cooperate with each other.” he said, darting an obvious look to both of his mothers.


Emma squinted at her son and shook her head while examining the cards in her own hand.  “He’s too smart for his own good, you know.  I blame you.”


Regina glared at Emma.  “Well he does have half your genes, which is what I attribute his affinity for meddling in other people’s business to - ”


“Mom!  It’s still your turn.” Henry whined, beginning to lose his patience.


Regina huffed, staring down at her hand of cards.  “I still don’t understand why you want to give me your wood if that would benefit me. What are you getting out of it, Miss Swan?”


Emma bit her bottom lip in an attempt to hold back her laughter.  She decided it would be way more fun to play along.  “Well, I would be perfectly content in giving you some of my wood if you’d trade me some of your sheep.  That way, I can build the settlements I need, and you can build your roads.  It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.”


Regina thought seriously about the trade for a moment.  She did think that securing the longest road would be the easiest route to victory.  Subsequently, she chuckled to herself when she realized the silliness of her own pun. She finally concluded that it would be wise to trade with Emma, as she didn’t have any settlements on a source of wood.


“As I don’t have my own direct source of wood, I think I’ll take you up on your offer.”


Emma choked on the diet coke she was drinking. She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to maintain her composure.


“The tough question now, is how much wood do you need?” Emma asked Regina, winking slyly at her.


“As much as you’d be willing to give, Miss Swan.” Regina responded seriously.


Emma finally reached her breaking point, toppling over in laughter that left both Henry and Regina sitting there totally perplexed.


“Are you alright?” Regina asked curiously.


After Emma caught her breath she leaned over and whispered into Regina’s ear, explaining the entire exchange about the wood.


Regina smacked Emma on the arm and pushed her away playfully. 


“You are utterly depraved, Miss Swan.” Regina said, feigning disgust.


“And you love it.” Emma said, grinning while she handed Regina her stack of wood.




It took them another hour to finish their game of Settlers, with Henry claiming the victory by securing the largest army. Regina took Henry upstairs to get him ready for bed while Emma cleaned up downstairs.  She had just finished arranging all the pieces neatly back in the box when she heard the clacking of Regina’s heels echoing down the stairs.


Emma looked up at Regina and smiled warmly. “That was kinda fun, wasn’t it?”


Regina returned the smile, taking the box from Emma and placing it in Henry’s game chest.  “I must admit - game night is certainly more interesting with three players, rather than two.”


Emma pulled Regina towards her by her belt loop, wrapping her arms around her waist.  “I knew you were pretty much the perfect mom, but I have to say, I didn’t quite see you as the game playing type.”


“There are many things that you don’t know about me, Emma.” Regina replied coyly, resting her arms on the blonde’s shoulders.


“How about we head upstairs and you show me a few.” Emma suggested with a devilish grin, reaching up and pulling Regina in by her shirt collar for a passionate kiss.


Regina melted into the blonde, finding herself unable to resist the prospect of returning last night’s…favor.  Knowing that this may be one of her last nights to be held in the arms of another, she failed to find a reason why she shouldn’t.  Emma made her feel something that she never thought she’d be capable of feeling, and she never wanted to let it go.


Regina ran her hand down Emma’s arm and joined their hands together. 


“Well then what are we waiting for, Miss Swan?” she replied in a sultry tone, leading Emma hurriedly upstairs, who eagerly followed in anticipation of what the rest of the night had in store for her.


Once they reached the top of the stairs, Emma yanked back on the hand joined with Regina’s, spinning her around landing in a thud against Emma’s chest.  The blonde’s lips crashed into Regina’s while she wrapped her strong arm under Regina’s backside, pulling her against her hip.  She let out a low moan at the sensation of the brunette’s body rubbing against the seam of her jeans in just the right spot. Emma lifted Regina, pushing her towards the bedroom.  The brunette hopped up and locked her legs around Emma’s hips, digging her heels into the back of toned thighs when her back was thrust against her bedroom door. Regina released one arm to reach around behind her, turning the door handle, causing Emma to stumble through the doorway into the bedroom. 


Emma kicked the door shut with her boot and staggered towards Regina’s bed.  When her knees bumped against the edge of the bed, she laid Regina down gently on her back, finally releasing the brunette’s lips to come up for air.


Ignoring the now throbbing pain in her shoulder, Emma started yanking at her leather jacket, trying to pull it off. Regina stopped her immediately by grabbing the front of her jacket and pulling her back down on top of her.


“Don’t over-exert yourself my dear, I’ll take care of that for you.” Regina purred, flicking her wrist, leaving both of them completely naked, and their clothes in a pile on the floor across the room.


Emma’s eyes widened in surprise at their sudden nakedness.  “You will have to teach me how to do that.”


“In time, but for now - ” Regina answered, capturing Emma’s lips with her own and skillfully rolling her over onto her back. “ – I believe I have a debt that is in need of repayment.”


Emma gulped so loudly she was sure that it echoed through the entire house.  Her heart began to race uncontrollably as Regina started placing a trail of kisses starting at her jaw line, slowly nibbling and sucking her way downward. After dragging her lips along the blonde’s tight abdomen, she paused only to push apart the pair of toned thighs.


Glancing up at Emma, Regina observed how the blonde’s eyes were already screwed shut with anticipation, and her teeth digging through her lower lip.  Regina hovered over Emma’s core, reveling in the musky scent of the blonde’s arousal. A devious grin made its way across the brunette’s face as she licked her lips and then ran her tongue through Emma’s slick, glistening folds.


“Fuck, Regina!”  Emma cried out, balling her hand tightly around the pillow behind her in an effort to maintain some shred of control.

All Emma could register was the warm steady stroking of Regina’s tongue as she mindlessly threaded her hand through the brunette’s hair, urging her to apply pressure where she really needed it.  When Emma started to whimper, Regina began flicking her tongue over the swollen bundle of nerves, causing the blonde’s hips to thrust frantically against her mouth.  Regina contemplated teasing the blonde more, but ultimately decided to grant the release that Emma so sorely needed.  Wrapping her lips around Emma’s clit, she sucked while continuing the flicking motions with her tongue, finally bringing the blonde to an explosive orgasm.  


“Jesus, fucking, shit, Regina!!!” Emma shouted, riding out the waves of her orgasm.


As Emma attempted to catch her breath, Regina wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and crawled her way back up, planting a very wet kiss on Emma’s lips.  Regina ran her tongue along the blonde’s bottom lip, begging entrance, which was generously granted.  Emma tasted herself on the brunette, who despite her momentary exhaustion was only becoming increasingly aroused.  She moaned into the kiss, when Regina pulled away with a smug look on her face.


“Well, look who’s cocky now.” Emma said playfully, observing the satisfied look on Regina’s face, and pulling the brunette flush against her body.


“Speaking of cocky…” Regina said, pulling herself up off of the blonde and flicking her wrist in the air.


Emma looked down to see that a strap-on had been magically conjured onto her.


“Oh, very funny Regina. You really do have a unique sense of humor.”

“Yes, dear. I take it you know how to use it?” Regina toyed with her mischievously, raking her fingertips down the blonde’s chest. 


Emma’s expression darkened with lust as she swatted away Regina’s hand and slid out from underneath her.  She positioned herself behind the brunette, who still remained on all fours.  Wrapping an arm around Regina’s waist and leaning forward, Emma pressed herself against the brunette’s throbbing core. 


“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” Emma whispered hoarsely into Regina’s ear before leaning backwards to adjust her magical conjured equipment, sliding it through the brunette’s slick heat and then thrusting it deep into Regina without warning.


Regina whimpered with pleasure at the sudden but welcomed intrusion.  Emma was totally unprepared for how tight and warm Regina was and how amazing the pressure felt on her all too lifelike appendage. 


“God Regina…I can…feel you.  What did you do to this thing?” Emma groaned, beginning to thrust in and out of the brunette slowly, grabbing tightly onto her hips, trying gain her bearings.


“I may have made some adjustments…” Regina revealed in a breathy moan.


As Emma started to get used to the new sensation, she began speeding up her thrusts.  Regina reached back with one arm, yanking at Emma’s waist, grasping desperately for any leverage to force the blonde even deeper into her.


“Harder, Emma!” Regina begged in what was almost a sob.


Emma obliged by thrusting into her as hard as she could, rapidly beginning to feel Regina tighten around her, bringing the blonde closer to her own release.  Emma reached her hand around Regina to provide a few last swirls across her clit, sending her over the edge.  As Regina came hard and Emma felt each wave clenching around the strap-on, hurtling her into her own mind-blowing orgasm.


Emma slumped over onto Regina’s back, panting heavily from the exertion.  She planted tender kisses along Regina’s back and neck while holding her close.


After Regina caught her breath she flicked her hand again in the air, returning the strap-on to wherever it was that she conjured it from.  Emma rolled off of Regina, onto her back, still trying to catch her breath.


“That was…awesome.” Emma stammered as Regina joined her, throwing a leg and arm over her body and snuggling close, planting kisses on Emma’s sweat coated neck.


“I told you there were things you didn’t know about me, dear.” Regina replied, pulling the covers over them.


“And here I thought you were just being coy. When we were joking about how much wood you needed earlier, I had no idea that this would be the way we would end our night.” Emma said with a laugh, turning to give Regina a chaste kiss.


Regina laughed with her.  “And I had no idea how badly you wanted to give it to me.”


As they settled into each other’s arms, there was a brief pause of silence between them, as neither of them really wanted to admit what they both felt.  Perhaps due to some post-coital haze that diminished her inhibitions, Emma succumbed first.


“Why the hell didn’t we just do this a year ago? she asked, letting out a long drawn sigh.


“I don’t know, dear.” Regina replied in a whisper.


Lying there in each other’s arms, neither of them really could remember what they had found so unappealing about the other in the first place.  It all seemed so silly now that they were faced with the possibility of only having a few days left together.  They both held each other close, trying to momentarily forget their fears.