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The Truth Doesn't Always Reveal The Answers

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David was thrashing wildly at the wraith with his homemade torch, but it was quickly becoming clear that he would not be able to keep its attention much longer.  Mary Margaret doused the rails with the contents of a bottle of scotch she spotted on a nearby table.  David lit the rails with his torch, creating a small barrier of flames in an effort to provide Regina a few more moments to activate the hat.


“Hurry!” he urged to Emma who was standing with her arm out protectively behind Regina, watching her helplessly as she continued to spin the hat to no avail.


“It’s not working!” Regina yelled to Emma over her shoulder.


“What is the problem?” Emma asked Regina frantically, darting a panicked glance back at the wraith, which was still lunging rabidly at David, becoming increasingly hungry for its prey.


“Magic…its different here…” Regina exhaled, coming to the understanding that much like when her and Jefferson struggled to activate the hat to retrieve the sleeping curse, she may not have enough magic to activate it now.


“Now would be the time!” yelled David, jabbing at the wraith again with his torch. 


Regina, frozen with the realization that these would likely be her last few moments alive, was staring helplessly at the hat within her grasp.  As she took a deep breath and resolved to attempt one final spin, Emma crouched down beside her and took hold of her arm.  Emma had realized that they were running out of time and instinctively reached to console and protect the brunette against whatever was to come.


Regina spun the hat one last time, but this time it instantaneously activated and spun uncontrollably, emanating the distinct purple hue of magic. 


Regina, and Emma, completely baffled by what had happened, searched each other’s eyes for answers.  They both felt it – the sudden surge of warmth and tingling that coursed through their bodies and into the hat.  It was unlike anything either of them had ever felt. 


As the portal began to expand on the floor in front of them, they finally broke apart and staggered backward, just as David was flung violently aside by the wraith.


“It’s coming!” David warned, as the wraith darted forward towards its mark.


Regina’s gaze was lost in the portal, while Emma was staring at her outstretched hands - both perplexed by the residual effects of their touch that continued to ebb through them.  Emma instinctively looked back right before the wraith was about to strike.


“Regina!” she yelled, as lunged at Regina to push her out of the path of the wraith.


They narrowly escaped its grasp by mere inches, landing in a pile of tangled limbs in the corner, while the wraith was sucked downward, disappearing into the void of the portal.  Emma shielded Regina with her body, eyes squeezed shut, heart pounding out of her chest, waiting to hear signs of calm – that the wraith was gone, the portal was closed, and that everything would be alright. 


She hadn’t realized how tightly or how long she was clutching Regina until Mary Margaret ran over and yanked her off of her.


“Emma! Honey! Are you alright?” Mary Margaret said as she frantically inspected Emma for any signs of injury.


Emma, still dazed by the turn of events could only mutter, “Yeah…I think so?”  She looked over to find that the portal was gone and the hat was resting lifelessly on the floor once again. 


Regina began pulling herself slowly off the floor, smoothing out her blazer and running a hand through her hair, when David leapt over the railing and pulled both Emma and Mary Margaret into a tight embrace.


Regina looked up and caught Emma’s gaze.  She was tightly constricted within the arms of her parents but continued to stare at Regina with wide eyes and a furrowed brow.  Uncomfortable with the overt display of Charming sentimentality and the intensity of the look in Emma’s eyes, her first instinct was to flee.  She began moving hastily towards the nearest exist when she was interrupted.


“Regina, wait!” Emma called to her desperately, as she forcibly untangled herself from her parent’s suffocating embrace and took a few strides towards Regina.  Upon hearing Emma call out she spun on her heel and turned to face her, causing her hair to flip around and fall effortlessly and flawlessly back into place.  


Regina stood there helplessly, never more uncertain of her fate.  Her heart was pounding in her throat and her mouth was suddenly as dry as sandpaper.  She swallowed, unable to look away from Emma, as the look of genuine concern in her piercing hazel eyes was the only thing keeping her from running.  Even though the wraith was disposed of, that wasn’t the last of the threats that would be made against her life.  Against her better judgment, Emma made her want to stay – to at least her what she wished to say.


“Emma, stay away from her!” David commanded, taking a step towards Emma and grabbing her arm and pulling her back. 


Emma yanked her arm away in disgust and spat dismissively, “You gave up your right to order me around when you stuffed me in a tree trunk and shipped me off to Maine!”


Mary Margaret gasped in shock at Emma’s outburst.  Her hands flung up intuitively to cover her mouth, and tears began welling up in her eyes.  “But honey, we did it to give you your best chance!” she pleaded.


Emma shook her head vigorously in disagreement.  “No, you banished your newborn to a life of pain, loneliness and abandonment to save your own ass!”


“Emma, -“ David tried to explain, but Emma cut him off immediately by getting into his face.


“ – No!  You don’t get to try and justify anything to me.  I was the one who spent 28 years wondering why my parents dumped me on the side of the road in the middle of fucking Maine like yesterday’s trash!  You don’t get to step in after all this time and pretend like none of it ever happened!  You were cursed so you never had to endure any pain for sending me away - but for my entire life I have always been an orphan!” Emma ranted, her chest heaving up and down, frantically trying to gain control of her emotions.


David and Mary Margaret were so devastated by what Emma had said that they were paralyzed where they stood, mouths gaping open, unable to utter a word in response.


Emma felt a hand on her shoulder from behind, and turned to see that it was Regina.  Emma felt her body begin to relax, and she struggled to gather her thoughts.  Once Regina felt the tension in Emma’s arm starting to abate, she quickly dropped her hand to avoid any additional conflict.


Emma took a deep breath and addressed all of them much more calmly.  “Gold has to answer for this.  He brought magic back to Storybrooke and he sent the wraith after Regina.  He’s the real threat here.”


David replied defiantly, “Gold will be confronted for what he has done here, but Emma, even though I disagree with his methods, Regina is dangerous and she cannot be left on her own to inflict more terror on the people of Storybrooke.”


Regina finally spoke up in an effort to break the assault away from Emma, who was visibly distraught.  “As much as I appreciate your efforts in banishing the wraith, shepherd, any idiot can see that magic works differently here.  I don’t wield the same kind of magic that I did back in the Enchanted Forest, nor do I honestly care what becomes of you, Mary Margaret, or any of the other imbeciles in this town.  I tired of torturing you around the time I adopted my son.”


Mary Margaret broke her silence. “He is not your son, he’s Emma’s!  He’s our grandson!”


“He isn’t your anything, Mary Margaret.” Emma said coldly.  “You gave up your right to be a parent or grandparent when you made me into your savior…and you know what?  I’m no more of a parent than you are.  But you know who is?  Regina.  She took in a child of her own free will, to love and raise, simply because she wanted to.  You know what that makes her?  A mother.  She is the mother of my son, and that doesn’t change just because I broke the curse.” She spat. 


Regina stared wide-eyed at Emma, not expecting any sort of defense from the blonde.  Sure, Henry asked Emma to protect her, but she certainly didn’t have to defend her actions or her integrity as a mother to her parents.  She thought the blonde had always resented her for being a mother to Henry – she had no idea that she felt this way.


“But she took you from us, Emma!” David yelled.  “If it wasn’t for her treachery or her curse, we would never have had to send you away in the first place!  She deserves to be punished.  It’s not just your mother and I and who will be out for blood.  You saw the mob at Regina’s house – they will continue to come for her until they feel they have their retribution!”


“She isn’t the Evil Queen anymore, David.  She’s spent the last 28 years as the Regina Mills, the Mayor of Storybrooke – and for the last 10 years, as Henry’s mother.  The Evil Queen was left behind in the Enchanted Forest when she cast the curse…” she trailed off closing her eyes to collect herself expelling a long sigh.


“Hasn’t there been enough vengeance?  This needs to end.  For us – for Henry.” Emma implored.


Before anyone had the opportunity to respond, Henry burst through the double doors with Ruby in tow.


“Moms!” He exclaimed, running towards Emma and Regina, who both knelt instinctively to pull Henry into a hug.  They exchanged an understanding look with Henry in their embrace, both women acknowledging the frivolousness of their feud as something that needed to be put behind them for the sake of their son.


“I’m so glad you’re okay, Mom.” He said to Regina as they finally pulled away from their hug.  “I heard what happened – about the wraith – I was so worried…” He trailed off, becoming visibly upset at the prospect of losing his mother. 


“I know sweetie, I’m sorry to have worried you like that.” Regina said tenderly, running her fingers gently through his hair.  “Miss Swan ensured that I remained safe.”


“Emma, is that true!?” Henry asked hopefully.


“Yeah, kid – you asked me to protect her and I promised you I would.” She said, doing her best to force a comforting smile.


Ruby finally spoke up after the tender family moment seemed to pass, exposing the previous tension as she scanned the faces in the room.  “I’m sorry about bursting in on you guys, but Henry insisted we make sure that everyone was okay.”


“It’s okay, Ruby.  We appreciate the concern.” Mary Margaret said with a smile that failed to reach her eyes, her expression darkening as she continued. “We were just about done here anyway, and Regina needs to be escorted back to her cell.”


“What?!” Henry cried.  “You can’t do that!  I don’t care what she did before, she’s still my mom!” He began to bawl uncontrollably and Regina scooped him back up into her arms, tracing soft circles on his back in an attempt to console him.


Emma strode furiously towards her mother and jabbed a finger angrily in her face.  “You can’t do that.  I won’t allow it.  I am the Sheriff – the only remaining law and order in this town and I’m telling you that there is no law in this world Regina has broken that gives you the right to hold her against her will – if you want to take her, you’ll have to go through me first.” Emma declared as she positioned herself protectively between Mary Margaret and Regina.


David interjected and moved to stand beside his wife.  “What has gotten into you, Emma?  This woman tore our family apart, and has tried to kill you on numerous occasions!  Why are you defending her?!”


“Everything Regina has done since I’ve gotten here was to protect Henry.  At first I didn’t plan on taking him away from her, but after a while, I did want him back.  So you know what?  She was right.  I would have done the same if I were in her position.  A parent fights to protect their child – but of course you and Mary Margaret wouldn’t know a thing about that, now would you?” Emma stabbed, going for the jugular.


Mary Margaret winced but then shot back with resolve.  “Well then what do you suggest we do with her then?  We can’t just let her loose!”


Through muffled sobs Henry begged them to spare his mother.  “I want to go home with my mom…please!  I was wrong before.  She isn’t the Evil Queen anymore – I know she won’t hurt us!  Please don’t take her away!”


After hearing her son’s desperate plea, Emma knew there was really only one thing they could do to satisfy both parties here. 


“Then it’s decided.  Regina and Henry are going home together.” Mary Margaret and David opened their mouths to protest but Emma put a hand up stopping them so she could finish uninterrupted. “I will stay with them and guard them around the clock to ensure no one tries anything foolish.  Regina will be protected, and you will know where she is at all times, because she’ll be with me.”


Regina continued to hold her son, uncomfortable with the arrangement being suggested, but she remained quiet resolving that she would accept any deal that allowed her to remain with Henry.


“But Emma - your home is with us! After all this time, you and Henry should be with your family.” Mary Margaret insisted.


“I am with my family.” Emma snapped.


Without another moment’s hesitation she stepped back towards Regina and Henry began ushering them up and towards the door.


“I’ll stop by at some point to grab my stuff.” she said to Mary Margaret and David callously as she brushed past them. 


When the doors shut loudly behind them as they left, Mary Margaret began sobbing and collapsed against David.  As he attempted to console his distraught wife, David became lost in thought.


This wasn’t how he envisioned being reunited with his daughter.  They were supposed to be rid of Regina once and for all and left alone to live happily ever after as a family.  How did this all turn out so wrong?  How did they become the enemy?





The ride back to Regina’s was deafeningly quiet.  Emma was death gripping the steering wheel of her cruiser, jaw clenched, still breathing heavily from the residual adrenaline pumping through her system from their altercation with Mary Margaret and David.  Regina sat in the passenger seat quietly observing Emma, trying to give her the space she needed to collect herself before they all returned home.  She wasn’t about to get into it with her while Henry was sitting in the back seat, already troubled by the day’s events.


They finally rounded the last turn down Mifflin Street, and Emma pulled the cruiser into the driveway and parking it behind Regina’s Mercedes.  She didn’t care that she was blocking Regina’s car in – she wouldn’t be going anywhere by herself any time soon anyway.  Emma stepped out of the cruiser, and waited for Regina to help Henry out of the back before following them towards the house.  Instinctively, she took in her surroundings, searching for any signs of a disturbance.  Having observed nothing suspicious, she continued to walk with them up the steps to the front door.


Regina was about to put the key into the lock when Emma’s hand reached out and pushed her hand down. 


“Let me go in first.” Emma insisted, breaking the silence.


Regina, nodded in consent, understanding that Emma wanted to ensure that it was safe before letting their son into the house.


Regina let Emma take the keys from her hand, took Henry by the shoulders and stepped back to let Emma in front of her.  Emma un-holstered her handgun with one hand and unlocked the door with the other.  The door clicked and Emma pushed it open slowly, leading with her handgun.  She cleared each room quietly one at a time with Regina and Henry close behind her.  When the first floor was secure, she whispered to them to stay put while she checked upstairs.  After what was only a few minutes, but felt like several agonizing hours to Regina, Emma finally came striding down the stairs, holstering her gun.


“It’s all clear.  It doesn’t look like anyone has been here since you left.” Emma declared.


“Thank god.” Regina let out with relief, and then turned to Henry.  “It’s late, why don’t you head on upstairs and get ready for bed?  Miss Swan and I will be up in a bit to tuck you in.”


Henry scrunched his face reluctantly at the request, knowing that they were going to be discussing adult things and he didn’t want to miss any of it.  “But Mom –“ he began to whine.


“No ‘buts’ kid, do as your mom says.” Emma maintained, steering her son in the direction of his bedroom.


Henry huffed and hurried up the stairs after realizing that protesting wasn’t going to get him anywhere this time.  As much as he wanted his moms to get along, there were times that he hated when they agreed.


“Care for a drink, Miss Swan?” Regina asked, gesturing towards her study. 


“God, yes.” Emma said, letting out an exasperated sigh, following Regina into her study.


Emma waited silently, leaning against the side of Regina’s desk while she poured them each a tumbler of scotch.  She knew very well that Regina’s offer of a drink was her way of opening up the floor for an important discussion. 


Regina turned, and handed Emma her glass before sitting stiffly on the chair across from her desk.  After several moments of silence, Regina finally spoke. 


“I just wanted to say - thank you, Miss Swan.” Regina said, almost choking on the words.  “I know you promised Henry that you’d try and keep me safe, but after the wraith was gone, you could have let the two idiots drag me off to be jailed for the rest of my life, and it would have been justified.  Instead, somehow, I’m back in my home – a place I thought I’d never see again.  Why did you do it?”


Emma sighed, and sank down into the chair across from Regina, her lips pressed firmly together while she clutched the tumbler tightly in her hand.  After a moment, she expelled a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and met Regina’s warm brown eyes.


“I meant everything that I said in there.  I don’t give a fuck about what happened in the Enchanted Forest.  Every shitty thing that happened to me led me here and gave me Henry.  And it still doesn’t change the fact that you are his mother and he loves you and I know you love him.  I’d never willingly take that away from him, when I know all too well what the alternative feels like.” In an effort to wash away the painful memories, Emma took a big swig of her scotch, wiping the excess from her mouth with the back of her hand.


Regina flinched, knowing full well that it was because of her selfish actions that Emma grew up alone, abused, and unloved. 


“You know nothing about me, Miss Swan.  I did unforgivable things as the Evil Queen.  I don’t blame them for seeking vengeance against me.” she said, dejectedly.


“I’ve had enough of all the vengeance!  This idiotic feud between the two of you is what got us all here in the first place!  It needs to end, and it needs to end now!” Emma slammed her tumbler down angrily, splashing its remaining contents down her arm and onto the table, startling Regina who subsequently shot up from her chair and retreated backward a few steps to create some distance between her and the furious blonde.  This didn’t stop Emma from stalking over to Regina, stopping only inches from her face before effectively pinning her to the wall by planting an arm forcefully beside her head. 


“You don’t get to give up, Regina.  You don’t get to sit there and take whatever punishment those bloodthirsty animals want to give you.  Your son is upstairs and he needs you.  When you decided to adopt him, you forfeited your right to just sit here and wait for them to do their worst!  Now get your head out of your ass and let’s go upstairs and take care of our son.”


Emma pushed away from the wall and made her towards the doorway.  She hesitated briefly, clutching the doorway for a moment in an effort to collect herself.  She took in a sharp breath before exiting the room. 


After Emma disappeared from view, Regina stood there for a moment, flustered and completely taken aback by the blonde’s assertiveness.  She felt crazy for even thinking it, but Emma was right.  Henry needed her.  She had grown tired of the lies and the curse, and despite how hard she fought to preserve it, when it finally broke, she felt flooded with relief.  Regardless of being somewhat fearful of what was going to become of her, she found peace in the fact that she didn’t need to keep up the charade any longer.  But the reality was that Henry still needed her and she had to fight for him, if not for herself.  She resolved that she wouldn’t allow anyone get in the way of that – ever again.


Regina straightened out her blazer and smoothed out the front of her pants.  After running her fingers through her hair and taking a deep breath to compose herself, she strode regally towards the stairs and up to Emma and their son.






When Regina reached the landing at the top of the steps, she could hear the sound of Emma and Henry’s laughter from down the hall.  She slipped her heels off and tip toed quietly towards Henry’s room so she could listen for a few moments while still remaining undetected.  She peered into the room and saw Emma perched on Henry’s bed with a book open in her lap, reading him a story in some god-awful attempt at what she could only assume was a British accent.


Henry couldn’t seem to stop laughing.  He addressed Emma through frantic gasps of breath between his laughter.  “Emma!  You sound like a pirate! That’s now how mom does it!” 


Emma poked Henry in the stomach in playful protest.  “I’m doing the best I can, kid!  She’s had 10 years of practice, you gotta cut me some slack!”


Regina grinned at the ease and joyfulness of their interactions.  They hadn’t known each other for very long, but you would never have guessed they had ever been apart.  After taking some time to enjoy their happy moment, she decided to make her presence known and knocked lightly on the open door as she entered.


“Reading Harry Potter without me, I see?” Regina accused playfully. 


“I wanted to give Emma a try, mom, but she’s pretty terrible at the voices.  Can you finish the chapter?” Henry asked.


“Jeez, thanks kid!” Emma exclaimed.


“It’s alright, Miss Swan - ” Regina said, sitting down across from her on Henry’s bed, reaching out to her to take the book. “ - you’ll get better with practice.”


Emma huffed, feigning offense, and handed Regina the book, accidentally brushing their fingers in the transfer.  Emma blushed immediately and pulled away hastily, embarrassed at her reaction to the light touch.  Regina cocked an eyebrow at Emma, cleared her throat, and began reading where Emma left off.


Emma took this time to observe her son and his mother in their element.  Henry was curled up under the covers watching his mother intently while Regina was reading to him, executing each voice perfectly.  Henry was right - she really was terrible at the voices compared to Regina.  She looked over at her, and all she could see was pure unadulterated joy on Regina’s face for having the opportunity to read to her son.  At that moment Emma knew she made the right choice in putting Henry up for adoption, and for keeping the two of them together today after the curse broke.  They loved each other deeply and belonged together, and she resolved that she would do everything in her power to make sure they stayed that way.


It didn’t take long for Henry to drift off to sleep.  Regina only got through a couple of pages before he was out like a light.  The two of them tucked him in and each gave him a gentle kiss on his head before quietly exiting the room.  


Once they were out in the hallway out of earshot of their son, Regina broke the silence. 


“I suppose I should show you to the guest room since you will be staying here for the near future.” Regina remarked, gesturing a bit further down the hall.


“Well, I haven’t gone back for my things yet so there’s really not much for me to do in there.” Emma shrugged.


“You need a place to sleep, don’t you, Miss Swan?  Or do you sleep standing up like a vampire?” Regina jabbed.


Emma laughed out loud but low enough not to wake Henry.  “No of course not, I just don’t plan on sleeping much tonight.  When I said I’d be looking after you two, I meant it.”


“You can’t possibly look after us properly if you don’t sleep.  Don’t be ridiculous.” Regina argued.


Emma answered her seriously.  “When I was up here earlier to make sure everything was safe, I noticed that there are way too many ways someone could get in here to harm you.  Especially in your room – the windows are way too easy for someone to climb into.  I’d feel much more comfortable if you’d let me sleep in there with you for a few days while all of this dies down.”


Regina shot daggers at her.  “Miss Swan, if you think this is an excuse just to –“


Emma put her hands up and pleaded with Regina “No no no, that’s not what I meant!  I meant on the floor.  That way, if someone were to try to break in, I’d hear it.  Your room is closer to Henry’s anyway.  It makes the most sense, really.”


Regina peered at Emma, taking in what she said, searching for any hint of dishonesty.  After a few moments, she decided that she was being truthful. 


Regina straightened herself up and answered with her familiar mayoral tone. “Well if you insist upon sleeping on the floor like a neanderthal, who am I to stop you? – But if you so much as get within one foot of my bed while I’m sleeping in it you will indeed regret it.”


Emma rolled her eyes, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender. “You’ve got nothing to worry about, Madame Mayor.”


Emma yawned and looked at her wristwatch.  “I don’t know about you, but I’m beat.  Can we go to bed now? I’d like to get at least a few hours of rest before I have to deal with the mess I made tomorrow.”


Regina observing the frown on Emma’s face, decided that anything else they needed to discuss could be discussed tomorrow.  She nodded and led Emma the rest of the way down the hall to her bedroom.  She opened up the double doors, leaving Emma standing awkwardly in the doorway while she searched through her closet for two extra pillows and two blankets to set Emma up with on the floor.  She walked over to Emma with the tower of bedding and transferred the pile into her arms.


“I hope you will find these adequate for tonight, Miss Swan?” she asked.


Emma tilted her head to the side to peek around the bedding at Regina.  “Yeah, this’ll work just fine, thanks.”


Emma walked over to the other side of the room and set up her bed underneath the exposed set of windows, several feet away from where Regina was going to be sleeping.   As Emma made up her bed, Regina disappeared into the master bathroom to prepare for bed.


When Regina came out of the bathroom she was wearing a pale blue set of silk pajamas.  Even though it wasn’t form fitting in the least, it still seemed to accentuate certain parts of Regina’s…physique.  Emma had never seen Regina without her perfect mayoral makeup on, and she was surprised how striking she still was. 


Regina noticed Emma staring and cleared her throat loudly to break her from her trance.  Emma blinked at the sound and blushed furiously.  She turned away, pretending to neaten up her bedding a bit. 


After a few awkward minutes, Regina was already settled into bed, completing the remainder of a crossword that was on her nightstand.  Emma started pulling off her brown leather jacket, folding it neatly over a nearby chair revealing only a black tank top underneath.  She removed her gun holster, laying it beside her makeshift bed, for quick accessibility, should she need it.  She began tugging off her boots when Regina spoke, peering at her through her glasses over her crossword.


“Miss Swan, I hope you don’t plan on stripping down any further than that.  I don’t think any of our potential assailants would enjoy seeing you in your underwear.”


Emma sighed audibly and rolled her eyes, gesturing at her pants.  “Seriously, Regina?  These jeans are super tight!  You expect me to sleep like this?”


“It’s not my fault, dear, that you insist upon wearing jeans two sizes to small.”


“Oh come on, you know it makes my ass look amazing!” Emma said, eyes twinkling.


Regina chuckled.  “Be that as it may, Miss Swan, I will not have you sleeping in your underwear when Henry could barge in at any moment.  Perhaps you can collect some of your things tomorrow so you will have something decent to sleep in.”


Emma began fidgeting uncomfortably with the hem of her tank top.


“What?  Was it something I said?” Regina asked, perplexed.


“Umm…I don’t exactly own any pajamas…” Emma trailed off, blushing.


“For heaven’s sake, Miss Swan, are you trying to tell me that you sleep naked?”   Regina asked, with disgust.


“Well, it’s not like I normally share a room with anyone!  Before I came to Storybrooke, I always lived alone.  There really wasn’t any need for pajamas.  Besides, those types of things just take up extra room, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, space isn’t at a premium in the Bug.” Emma confessed.


Regina sighed and responded in a tone usually reserved for Henry when he was misbehaving.  “If you’re going to be staying with us for a while, dear, then we best take you out and buy you some.  In the meantime, you’ll have to sleep like that.” Regina finished as she gave her a deliberately long once over, which didn’t escape Emma.


Emma let out an exasperated and flung her hands into the air.  “Fine!  One would think you’d be a little less critical of the person willing to put herself at risk to save your pompous ass!” 


“Oh, I’m sorry, my White Knight! Please forgive me for my foolishness.” Regina grinned devilishly, mocking her. 


Goodnight, Regina!” Emma snapped, having had enough of Regina’s sarcasm for one day.


She slumped down onto her makeshift bed and crawled under the blanket turning to face the wall.


Regina must have had her fill at tormenting Emma for the night because the light clicked off, and Emma could hear her settling in under the covers. 


After silence washed over them for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Emma was finally free to attempt to process everything that had taken place over the last 24 hours.  She slayed a dragon, saved Henry, broke the curse and found her parents all in one day.  She thought at first that after all of that, she would finally be happy – this was supposed to be her happy ending, right?


Henry’s book failed to explain how chaotic everything would be after the curse broke.  She was completely unprepared for what came.  She had no idea how to talk to or even look at her parents.  And above all, she sure as hell didn’t think she’d end up siding with the Evil Queen only hours after she broke her curse.  It all feels too surreal.  She never wanted any of this. She’s almost sure that once she wakes up, this will have all been some strange nightmare to be chuckled at and forgotten over her morning coffee. 


The only thing she is certain about is that she needs protect her son.  Right now, what is best for her son is to be with his mother.  She knows that she’s supposed to resent Regina for everything she did, but for some reason - she doesn’t.  In fact, she feels more comfortable around Regina right now than she does with Mary Margaret and David.  Regina throughout this whole ordeal is the only person who has remained constant.  Mary Margaret and David are completely different people than they were yesterday, and so is everyone else in Storybrooke.  But Regina is the Regina she’s always been – Regina Mills, Mayor of Storybrooke and Henry’s mother.  Despite how controlling and combative the brunette could be, Emma found comfort in her familiarity in a world where nothing made any sense to her anymore.


Here, with Regina and Henry, she felt that she was right where she needed to be – and that was all that really mattered to her.  She had a long day ahead of her tomorrow, so she really needed to try and get some rest.  She quieted her thoughts and sleep took her almost instantly.