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Percy Jackson Preferences

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What irates you about them (vice versa):

     Percy: His occasional rash decision. Every so often he does something incredibly stupid without thinking about it first. Of course you can't really hate him for it, the seal eyes get you every time. As for you there are times when you will not admit you are wrong even when you clearly wrong. Percy is slowly adapting to this behavior and now frequently engages you in tickle fights to make to admit you were wrongs.

     Jason: There are times when Jason crosses the line of cute jealous boyfriend to overbearing and annoying jealous boyfriend. He'll cut right into your conversation and sweep you away (literally) if he feels too jealous. You really need to talk to him about it... For you, you have the occasional moment when your ego is incredibly high. It's annoying but also kind of funny.

     Nico: There are some moments when Nico can be incredibly lazy. Yes, sometimes it is cute but there are the times when it is the most irritating thing in the world. You will have to physically drag him out of bed where he proceeds to fall asleep on the floor. As for you, you have moments that you can be very pushy. Maybe it is because of has occasional laziness?

     Leo: It really irritates you that he constantly puts himself down. It's like, baby no. You're prefect. This is also similar to what he finds irritating about you. You will put yourself down (like call yourself ugly) (But you aren't because you are all beautiful people!) The worst part is you usual do it jokingly.

     Will: Oh my gods. You understand he is a doctor but honestly, he can be way to overbearing sometimes. I mean seriously, one paper cut and he might start acting like you chopped off a limb. As for you, you have the tendency to second guess yourself on almost everything. For example, you'll ask someone to hang out then as soon as you left you start gushing on how you were probably too pushy.

     Luke: As much as you love him at times he can be incredibly stubborn. There are times when he refuses to back down even when he is clearly wrong. You on the other hand have the occasional problem of not standing up for your opinion or idea and just let people brush you off. It annoys him because he knows that you could kick their ass if you wanted too but instead you let them walk over you.

     Frank: There are times when his politeness is unnecessary. Someone bumps into him? He apologizes, then the person gets mad at him, and he apologizes again. Yes, it can be cute but there are times when it really ticks you off. On the other hand you have moments when you are accidentally impolite (which I will not go into detail about). For Frank it annoys him because how hard can it be to be polite? But he can't hate you for it so...

     Annabeth: Her fatal flaw. That damned pride. Yes it is incredibly attractive most of the times but there are times when it's like "Baby just stop arguing. It isn't worth it." For you, more often than not when someone starts yelling at you, or even the group you are in, you start to become emotional. It's something that you can't really control or explain.

     Piper: Piper constantly worried about your relationship. She somehow manages to convince herself that you would eventually leave her for someone else. It no matter how much you reassured her you weren't leave she was still paranoid. It got pretty annoying sometimes. As for you, since you are dating one of the prettiest girls ever you always find yourself worrying about your appearance. Was you hair messy, did or clothes match? Sometimes it would irrate Piper when you constantly picked at your appearance in the mirror. 

     Hazel: While is innocence is adorable most of the time there are times when it irritates you. You make a joke then have to spend five minutes explaining it to her. It really ruins the joke. As for you, you tend to not be very patient. Sometimes waiting is annoying for you which irritates Hazel because she enjoys sitting and admiring while you just want to move on.

     Reyna: Yes, her work ethic is amazing, but also the occasional pain in the ass. She will over work her self and then complain when you try to make her take a break. Of course you have your problems too. You have the tendency to be over controlling. Nothing to bad, but when working with others you tend to take control and then take that to the extreme. Theses two things have led you two to have a few nasty arguments.

     Calypso: Since Calypso spent so much time on the damned island she loves to see new things. But this has also caused her to become a hoarder. It's not to out of control, but there are certain items that she has so many of and they're starting to take up to much space. The thing about you that irritates her is the fact that you have problems asking for things. You tend to calm up and avoid asking in the first place.

A cute thing you do together:

     Percy: You two attempt to learn various different water sports and activities. At the moment, jet skiing is your favorite. And while this might not seem too cute, just imagine when you fail and bring him down with you.

     Jason: Picnics on top of his cabin. Sometimes there is not any food other times there is. But campers passing. By can see you two lounging on the room trying to identify cloud shapes and then coming up with stories for those shapes.

     Nico: Game night! Once a week you and Nico always have a game night. Games are not predetermined which is part of the fun. A lot of people think it is adorable when you decline hanging out with someone because of game night.

     Leo:Originally he tried to teach you how to build different things, but that back fired. So now when both of you are bored you play a gam enough named "Build-a-Thing". Basically you two try to come up with an idea to build something (with different twists) and then Leo builds it.

     Will: Random trivia quizzes. In your free time you both take these quizzes because you can. But it gets better. Occasionally when you two pass each other one of you will yell out a random trivia question and the other has to answer. The other camp set have started a tally. You're winning.

     Luke: Every Sunday moring without fail you and him have breakfast in private. No matter how much work he has he always puts it aside for Sunday breakfast.

     Frank: In New Rome there is a orphanage filled with a good amount of kids. Every other weekend you and Frank head to the orphanage. There Frank takes requests on what to turn into while you teach those who want to learn how to cook and bake. Occasionally the kids will even convince you two to reenact a play or something.

     Annabeth: You two love to read. So when books are running low you and her head to a local bookstore and play a game. You two decide the genre you want to read, choose and isle. Then you spin her (and vice versa) and the first book each of you see is the one you read. When you two are down with your books you switch.

     Piper: You two find random couple challenges (or any challenge really) and then do them. Anything from answering questions about each other to making drinks out of disgusting ingredients.

     Hazel: Pillow fort and movie/t.v marathon. You took it upon yourself to get her caught up on all of the movies and shows she missed while she was dead.

     Reyna: You and her love to train little kids at both camps. People who see you two working together often agree seeing you two interact with the kids is literally the most adorable things ever.

     Calypso: You two bake together. You find some of the most unusual and unquie recipes ever then attempt to make them. Your personal favortie was the sugar plums and currant tart.




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Your favorite thing about them:

Percy: His loyalty to his friends and family.

Jason: The way he can go from dork to leader quickly

Nico: His (not so) secret cute and dorky side.

Leo: His never-ending ideas for things to build

Will: His compassion and want to help others

Luke: How he is (mostly) family oriented

Frank: He is literally the definition of a gentle giant

Annabeth: She??? Is?? Literally??? The smartest???

Piper: How she doesn't care about the stereotypes of her family

Hazel: How she is willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves

Reyna: Her determination to make Camp Jupiter and New Rome better and safer

Calypso: No matter how many times he has had her heartbroken she was still willing to give love another chance.

Their favorite thing about you:


Jason: You respect others opinions unless they degrade others

Nico: Your willingness to indulge him and his interests 

Leo: Your love for going to new places, especially the travel part.

Will: You help him help others

Luke: You're always willing to listen to other people's problems

Frank: You are a great mediator for fights and arguments

Annabeth: Your dedication to reading a book before watching the movie

Piper: Status and other labels don't really mean anything to you (except for things like racist, sexist, etc)

Hazel: How patient you are when it comes to teaching her new things

Reyna: You know what you like and can do

Calypso: How patient you are and understanding that she wants to go slow

How you sleep:

Percy: He tends to sprawl out on the bed and move a lot so you've taken to sleeping on your stomach while he's on his back, and you hold his wrist to make him stay still. X

Jason: He likes to keep you close so you sleep on your sides facing each other. You have an arm across his side and one of his hands tend to trace patterns on your back until you fall asleep. X

Nico:  At first you both start on your respective sides, but at some point, during the night you pull him towards you. So far, he has given no complaints. X

Leo: After losing so many people he has taken to clinging to you, almost like he's afraid you'll leave in the middle of the night. X                                                                         

Will: Will (being the cheesy romantic he his) holds your hands while you're sleeping. No matter what. On your back? Holding hands? In the tiniest ball ever? Holding hands. At first, it was weird, but you've adjusted. X

Luke: Luke is always paranoid that you are going to be taken from him, especially after he joins Kronos. He also has a hard time sleeping at night and has fallen into the habit of working late into the night. So you have begun to cling to him tightly. Suffice to say he finds this adorable and has cut down on midnight work. X

Frank: We all know the Frank sleeps as a bulldog. That hasn't changed even when you began to share a bed. X

Annabeth: You and Annabeth face each other. It gives easier access to each other in case of a nightmare. So then you only need to reach over instead of turn around. X

Piper: Piper is a cuddler. You are a mover. So in order to appease both parties sleeping on top of each other has become the normal position. X

Hazel: Hazel is tiny. Which makes her hugable. Which means even unconscious you find a way to hold her tight. X

Reyna: Reyna can be very protective sometimes. She's probably afraid someone will try to take or attack you (though she will never admit it). So she puts an arm around you at night so she knows if you disappear. X

Calypso: Calypso has spent years having the people she falls in love with leaving her. So she gets paranoid. You hug her tight so she knows you aren't going anywhere. X


What other people think about your relationship:



        ~Annabeth: “I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen Percy be so quickly distracted before. One second he’s having a serious conversation, then (Y/N) walks in and he completely forgets! It’s annoying, but kind of cute.”

        ~Thalia: “How (Y/N) deals with Fish Breath is beyond me. But they both seem happy, so I suppose that’s good enough.”



        ~Hazel: “It’s adorable that (Y/N) and Jason always have set traditions. I think they have a picnic every other Friday, and         game night every Thursday.”

        ~Reyna: “When I first meet Jason, he seemed almost lost. With (Y/N) he looks like he just found a map, for lack of a         better term. It’s adorably nauseating.”



        ~Percy: “It’s good to see Nico finally not only got a friend but an S/O!!!!!!!”

        ~Hazel: “When I first meet Nico he smiled, like, twice a week. But now it’s at least twice a day!



        ~Piper: “Leo sometimes overworks himself, and it’s nearly impossible to make him stop. But now that (Y/N) is around, well. There’s another person to help drag him away.”

        ~Nico: “Leo leaves me alone when (Y/N) is around. For that, I owe them.”



        ~Nico: “Will is even happier with (Y/N) around. Like, he almost glows. I think I might go blind.”

        ~Apollo: “So I come to camp and I’m, like, super depressed. But I have to admit, seeing my son so genuinely happy brightened me up (pun intended).”



        ~Kronos: “Eh, could have been worse.” (JOKE)

        ~Ethan: “He’s a lot nicer when (Y/N) is around. So I get away with fewer bruises. So everyone wins.”

        ~Hermes: “I just hope they can convince Luke to stop this madness…”



        ~Reyna: “Frank has a lot more confidence after getting with  (Y/N), but he also seems more nervous.

        ~Percy: “I haven’t known Frank very long, but they both look happier together. So, 10/10.”



        ~Grover: “So. Many. Debates. Both are incredibly opinionated. They’re perfect for each other.”

        ~Chiron: “She keeps (Y/N) from getting themselves killed, and (Y/N) keeps Annabeth from overworking herself. They are a good couple.”



        ~Drew: “Ugh, little miss ‘Beauty Queen’ thinks she is soooo cool because she refuses to break (Y/N)’s heart. Weak.”

        ~Aphrodite: “OTP. I am so happy that my daughter has found someone that doesn’t care that I’m her mother. Piper is happy, and that’s all that matters!”



        ~Nico: “It’s good that Hazel found someone who is patient enough to teach her about this day and age. Gods know I don’t have enough patience for that.”        

        ~Reyna: “(Y/N) and Hazel are both hard workers and friend oriented. So basically, they would die for each other. Which is both cute and quite dangerous.”



        ~Jason: “I’ll admit, Reyna in love was never anything I thought would happen. She has always been so focused on working hard and leading the camp. But with (Y/N) around, she isn’t alone while working. She still works a lot though.”

        ~Hylla: “I’m happy Reyna found someone she cares greatly for. But if (Y/N) does one thing to step out of line, I’m getting my spear.”



        ~Percy: “I felt bad when I left Calypso on her island, so it’s good to see her free, and with someone, she cares a lot about.”

        ~Zeus: “Um, uh, yes. I am, happy, that Calypso has been freed, and um, has found someone she cares for. Um, yes. Congratulations.”

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First Date (Different from the very first preference I did):

Percy: Picnic! Percy took you to Central Park where you had lunch (that his mom made). After eating you walked around and went to the Central Park Zoo where Percy swore the sea lions were mocking him. All in all, it went well, there was only one minor monster attack!

Jason: This boy was so nervous when the date started that you had to keep the conversation afloat. But eventually he warmed up and you two went to your favorite cafe in New Rome. You talked about everything and anything. Some notable topics included Octavian, past presidents, and cake flavors.

Nico: Originally Nico wanted to take you to Italy, but Jason convinced him that was more of a second date kind of thing. So you and Nico stayed at Camp and had dinner in his cabin (after getting Chiron's approval of course). The date consisted of you and Nico daring to eat weird things that you could conjure on the plates.

Leo: Fourth of July date! It wasn't so much a picnic but there was food as you and Leo got front row seats to the fireworks. It was a bit chilly out, and Leo just so happens to be very warm. So if your first date happened to consists of a lot of cuddling, well, that's just the way things are sometimes. 

Will: You and Will spent the date in his cabin trying to figure out how to play the ukulele. It was cute and you got to see how the other reacted under stress. Will is a very calm person (somehow). Admittedly, when you're in a full cabin it doesn't really count as a date, but it's close enough.

Luke: Midnight date on a beach. Luke snuck you out of Camp (but stayed close enough to the borders for a quick escape). You walked along the beach hand-in-hand looking out at the sea. You played a thrilling game of 20 questions including questions like "Favourite monster?" and "Best god/goddess?". Yup, the life of a demi-god.

Frank: This poor child was so nervous that he stuttered his way through asking you, so you took it upon yourself to plan the date, lest Frank combusts from stress. You go to a restaurant and have a dessert because dinner is overrated. It was a relatively silent date, both you and Frank content to sit and eat together.

Annabeth: Despite what one might think, the date was not planned out. Annabeth got permission from Chiron to go to the city. You and Annabeth spent the day wandering the city and going on a tour of the New York Public Library. You went to Barnes and Noble and M&M World.

Piper: Poor Piper had to repeatedly tell her siblings she didn't need help planning her date, but they were insistent. So, Piper did the logical thing and didn't bother telling them when her date was and shuck out of her cabin. She had convinced Leo to let her use Bunker 9 for her date. She set up a blanket fort and a T.V for a movie date!

Hazel: You took Hazel rolling staking. You would be surprised at how good Hazel is at it. It took her a few tries but soon enough she was gliding around with little effort. Of course, dancing on roller stakes is difficult, as you learned. So that's better left to another date.

Reyna: Okay, so you didn't tell her it was a date at first but damn it, she wouldn't have gone otherwise. You had asked her to meet you at her favorite place in New Rome, the Garden of Bacchus. You didn't give her a reason (starting her suspicions). When she arrived you met her with two cups of hot chocolate and an invitation to sit. Suffice to say, she's still a bit upset about that.

Calypso: She didn't have much experience in the new world so you decided to help out and take her to the Museum of Natural history in New York! It was perfect, she got to learn more about the world and you got to watch her without being considered creepy. Win-win.



Percy: Oddly enough, Percy is not ticklish at all. Sure, he flinches if you try to, but he doesn't laugh and fail. Disappointing really. But watch out, if you are ticklish he will attack. He is merciless and takes no prisoners.

Jason: This boy is so fucking ticklish. You could get a giggle out of him by brushing your hands together. He gets really flustered about it though so don't hold it against him. He also doesn't ambush if you're ticklish like some people (*cough* Percy *cough*).

Nico: He tries to hide it and is usually successful, but if you try really hard you can get him to laugh. Of course, you can expect him to give you a cold shoulder and an unexpected retaliation attack so beware.

Leo: This boy can tickle himself and no Leo that's not good why don't you like yourself? So instead of attacking him you often have to stop him from tickling himself. But does this little shit have mercy on you? No, he's almost as bad as Percy.

Will: He's as strong as fucking steal, but is a sweetheart so he tries to pretend that he is ticklish for your enjoyment. He also refuses to tickle you if you tell him you don't want him to. What a guy.

Luke: Only his feet are ticklish, so you don't have many opportunities to tickle him. On the other hand, Luke enjoys tickling you to get you to bend to his will (in a non-extreme way, like where to go for dinner).

Frank: Okay, so you have no idea if he is actually ticklish because it's never come up. You have a feeling it would only add to his insecurities But, at least he returns that, never asking about it. You have friends (read: Percy) that think that is unacceptable and tries to bring it up.

Annabeth: You try to tickle her and she will not hesitate to retaliate. So for your safety, don't even bring your hands never her armpits or neck. At least she doesn't attack randomly, only in defense.

Piper: She is so giggly if you tickle her. She squirms and goes breathless. It actually the most adorable thing ever, and the best part is that she doesn't even mind that much. But, don't think she wouldn't tickle you, because no one is safe from her.

Hazel: She is easily embarrassed when you tickle her so don't do it for too long. At first, she is too awkward to tickle you, but as time goes on she will happily tickle you. But she never does it in public. What a sweetheart.

Reyna: She actually very ticklish?? Like one time you went to wrap your arms around her waist and she flinched when your hand brushed her waist. You were confused but excited. But and quick glare from Reyna stopped you from taking immediate action. She won't tickle you in retaliation, she just kicks your ass in training.

Calypso: Not ticklish, but will tickle you so fucking much once she realized how cute you are when she does. She gets this impish grin on her face. You've learned to run when she does.


Meeting the family (Mortal/Godly):

Percy: You were honestly scared to meet his mom, despite his repeated assurance his mom already loves you. You were nitpicking everything about your appearance. But, when you finally met you she immediately hugged you and insisted you could call her mom (thoroughly embarrassing Percy). By the end of the day, she was basically ready to adopt you.

Jason: When you first met Thalia you didn't know she was Jason's sister. You became good friends with her so when Jason revealed to you that she was his sister you were gobsmacked. Thalia just grinned and told Jason he chose well. You later confided in Jason that he was probably adopted because there is no fucking way you are related. I love you Jay, but she is way too badass.

Nico: You were invited to dinner in the Underworld after dating Nico for a few months. You were hesitant, you were literally going to the god of the dead. Nico assured you that Hades wouldn't think of hurting you (as Persephone would kick his ass if he did) but you were still nervous. Hades was quiet at dinner, but Persephone was accepting and welcomed you. At the end of dinner, you left with Nico after his father pulled him aside. "Well?" "He said I better not screw up. There isn't going to be anyone like you in my life ever again."

Leo: Meeting Hephaestus went as well as one might expect. It was a completely random encounter when you happened upon him fixing Festus. It was silent when you saw him. He nodded his head at you and you waved. You got a small smile and took it as good enough and left, excited to see Leo's reaction.

Will: When Apollo came to camp as a mortal you were intrigued. Will was excited and invited you to his cabin the first night Apollo was there. The two of you were chilling when Apollo walking in. Will quickly introduced you to his father and you noticed Apollo's strained smile. You winked at him and pulled Will away, knowing his energy can be tiring. Apollo found you the next day and thanked you and gave his approval (cue a very happy Will).

Luke: Hermes visited you while you stayed at camp, begging you to keep his son alive. You were skeptical, Luke had told you about his father and you had adopted the belief that Hermes didn't care about him. So, you brushed off Hermes, but he persisted, telling you that you were his son's last hope. You were getting annoyed and told him okay, you'd watch out for Luke. He was relieved and thanked you for being there for his son when he couldn't be.

Frank: When you met Frank's grandmother you were incredibly intimidated, but forced yourself to have tea after seeing how excited Frank was. You all exchanged stories and told her about many of your dates much to her delight. When tea was done you offered to help clean up and she Frank out of the room. She told you that she was hesitant to accept you due to Frank's.. condition. She said you seemed like a good person but she wouldn't hesitate to send someone after you if you hurt Frank.

Annabeth: Her dad was so excited to meet you. You all met at a restaurant and he shook your hand for an amount of time that bordered on awkward. Annabeth ushered you into your seat, huffing. Her father questioned you about your interests and about different aspects of your relationship. When did you meet? Where was your first date? He was the exact opposite of the stereotypical dad, which was relieving.

Piper: Her mom was so fucking excited to met you, squealing over your relationship and exclaiming about how she was so happy her daughter was in 'perfect' relationship. Piper, understandably, was disgruntled at her mom's behavior, but you found it adorable. Plus, if the goddess of love supports your relationship, that's a good thing right?

Hazel: Meeting Nico was kind of terrifying. He glared at you for the majority of the meeting, careful not to let Hazel see. You just smiled at him and went along with Hazel's plans. At one point someone came up to you (seeing as you LA, not camp) and called Hazel a very, well, inappropriate word. You promptly told them to fuck off and get a life. You comforted Hazel and when you looked to Nico you saw him give you a nod in acceptance. Sweet.

Reyna: Her sister is one of the most terrifying people you have ever met. She was stoic throughout the meeting (seeing as the meeting wasn't a social call, but planning for the coming Giant War). You did your best to ignore the stony glares from her and helped Reyna organize her plans (and reminded her to relax Ray, you won't get anything done if you're so stressed). At the end of the meeting, Hylla pulled you aside and thanked you for helping her sister. 

Calypso:  So, Calypso isn't exactly in touch with her family, but you did meet Zoë before her death and she seemed to not hate you, so you count that as a win.