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Breath again.

Keep running.




Don't die.

Don't die.

Crap, don't stop breathing.


They're coming.

I hear them.



Please help me.


They could be heard throughout the entire city, the same city that was once filled with the sounds of busy lives and car engines, their moans and snarls filling the streets.

They were everywhere.

On every street, in every building and down every alleyway. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. No place was safe.

But none of this mattered to Midoriya Izuku. It's not like he didn't know the facts or anything, he was stuck in the middle of this nightmare for over half a decade so he knew how things worked at this stage, he just chose not to accept them until he tried everything in his power to try and prevent these facts from becoming his reality.

And that is why, Izuku, at this very moment in time, was running as fast as his strained legs would carry him, through the very streets that he grew up on.

He ran up and down the familiar streets, occasionally climbing over abandoned vehicles and decaying bodies and only stopping to relieve his legs for a few seconds before picking up the pace again. But as he continued his escape down the familiar streets that held so many memories of his past, he found himself running out of options on places to run. Growing up in this city for almost 16 years, he knew these streets like the back of his hand and he knew that he had unwillingly lead himself to a dead end, Caught in the heat of the moment, he had accidently went back to his old ways and ended up, almost automatically, bringing himself down the familiar block that he once lived on.

He cursed himself for not being more self-aware of his surroundings in a situation like this and remembered telling himself earlier that he would not come back here until he was sure it wasn't overrun with them and he could easily slip in and out of his home without being detected. Obviously the situation now is the complete opposite of what he had planned, considering the area is now swarmed with the things because of him being his usual clumsy self and accidently setting off a car alarm while he was raiding it, and then leading them all from the centre of the city to here.

He cursed himself again for just being so stupid, there was no way he was going to get out of this easily, if at all.

Suddenly realising he was being surrounded by the monsters, he used the last of his energy to run down a nearby alleyway, quickly regretting it when he noticed it was blocked by a fifteen foot brick wall. With his entrance and only exit blocked he had no choice but to continue down the dark alleyway, hastily avoiding one of them things that's lower half was crushed by what locked like the remains of a fallen chimney. He got to the end of the alley where, as he had seen earlier, stood a tall, graffitied brick wall. There was also an old rusty pickup truck pressed up against the wall. He vaguely remembered visiting it with the kids who lived in the area when he was younger.

Being snapping out of his thoughts again by the sound of the moans getting closer and closer, he made a last second decision and hoped up onto the back of the truck and than pulled himself up onto the roof of the vehicle.

He watched the monsters shuffle and limp down the alleyway, pushing and shoving at each other, all eager for their next meal. They soon surrounding the pickup truck Izuku had no choice but to trap himself on top of. He started to panic and felt himself struggling to breath, the alleyway becoming claustrophobic with each monster that entered it.

Calming himself down as best and as quickly as he could in this situation, he slowly pulled his bow from around his shoulder. He then reached behind himself to his backpack and pulled out one of his few remaining arrows, sliding it into place on his bow. With shaking hands he raised the bow with the arrow up to his eye level, closing one eye and aiming the tip of the arrow directly at one of the monsters rotting heads. He realised his grip on the arrow and it went flying across the truck, straight through the skull of a monster trying to climb up and grab Izuku. The monster ceased all movements and collapsed onto the back of the truck, another one of them things immediately trying to take its space by clawing and pulling at its limp body in an attempt to climb up over it.

Izuku took no time in reloading his bow with another arrow and then firing it at the monster who had now almost fully pulled himself onto the truck, sending the body hurdling back into the crowd. He continued doing this, aiming and firing the arrows at any monster that managed to get itself dangerously close to him, until the moment when he inevitably reached for another arrow and found nothing. Realising he was running out of options, he flung his backpack of his back and pulled out a small dagger with something carved into the wooden handle. He pushed his bag aside, knowing it would hold him back in his next actions, and jumped down from the roof onto the cargo area of the truck. He bent over slightly and grabs the closest monster by the hair, raising its head a bit before plunging his knife deep into its skull, creating an awful crunching sound as the dagger made contact with the bone, making izuku feel nauseous.

He reluctantly continued doing this until, when he had a clump of hair, belonging to what used to be middle aged woman, gripped in one of his hands, the other hand holding the now bloodstained dagger to the side of her head, he couldn't force the knife through the monsters skull. He had unknowingly used up all of his energy, repeatedly stabbing through the bone of the now lifeless monsters skulls. He realised the head of the monster he was holding, backing away and climbing back up on to the roof. The thing snarled at him and then continued to climb onto the truck.

'This is it'  Izuku thought, 'this is where I die'. At that thought, Izuku, let a few tears slip down his freckled cheeks.

He pulled out his old, torn up handkerchief and began wiping and cleaning the dagger he still had in his right hand as best he could. After removing as much blood as possible, he dropped the handkerchief and ran his fingers along the pattern carved in the handle, thinking about what his life was like before all this, during all of it and what his future could have been.

Glass shattering woke Izuku up from his thoughts, now noticing that a few monsters had managed to get up onto the cargo area and were now trying to grab at him, breaking the rear window in their efforts. 'Its now or never'  he thought to himself, as he slowly brought the blood stained dagger up to his throat. He knew this way he was going to turn into one of them, but he didn't have the strength to pierce his skull so he deemed this the best option in regards to his stamina levels.

When one of the monsters finally managed to pull its upper body onto the roof, clawing and scratching at the rusty metal, Izuku pressed the blade firmly against his throat, the tip of the knife almost piercing the skin. But something stopped him from dragging it along his flesh, ending everything right there.

A noise.

He didn't understand how he could hear it over the groans and snarls from the pack of monsters surrounding him, but he did.

It sounded like footsteps, running, in the distance.

Monsters can't run.

It was coming from behind the wall.

Izuku didn't understand why it had captured his attention at a time like this, it was probably just an abnormal monster that can run. And its not like it can get him from the opposite side of the wall, so he forced his mind back to the current situation. The monster had managed to get his full upper half onto the roof, along with his right leg that it was trying to use to pull his entire body up.

Izuku shut his eyes and breathed. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

At the last second, when the blade had been forced against his neck under so much pressure that he was stuggling to breath, the running stopped, and then there was a loud clatter of metal coming directly from behind the wall. Izuku, surprised, opened his eyes and turned around, looking up at the top of the wall.

There, at the very top, was a shadowed creature, Izuku squinted his eyes to try and make out what exactly it was that he was seeing in the dark alley, knowing it couldn't possibly be one of them things. But before he got a chance to make out what it was, it jumped out, heading straight for the swarm of monsters, screaming.

That's when Izuku's heart stopped, he froze.

The figure had screamed one, three letter word, said with so much confidence and ferocity it almost shook the confined alleyway.

A word he never thought he'd hear again, since this shitstorm hit.








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7 years ago

‘Ok so if we divide the -c into the -5cy and divide the x into the 5cx you will see that the answer will have…’

As his maths teacher explained how to correctly do one of the maths questions the class got for homework the previous night, Izuku was struggling to keep his eyes open, the thought of being yelled at by his scary sensei were the only things keeping his mind in the present.

He knew he shouldn’t have stayed up till three am last night studying for a stupid science test he has next class, but knowing the reality of the situation if he failed the test was an immediate expulsion for him, he ploughed through the chapters of his science book, taking notes of what was important.

Izuku wished he could say that this was the reality of all the students enrolled in UA Private Academy, implying that everyone was treated equally, but unfortunately he was the only one who would even study for a generic class test. There wasn’t much of a difference between him and everyone else in his class, they were all teenagers ranging from the ages of fourteen to sixteen, they were all on the same level when it came to grades and results and they all lived in Sendai City. But there was one difference that separated Izuku from the rest of his class, separated him from the entire school.

Izuku was the only omega in a school full of alphas and betas.

The academy was designed to tailor to the needs of all alphas and betas that wished to receive the best education in the city, almost every past student getting their dream job. Never, in the sixty years the school had been accepting students, had an omega enrolled and got a permanent seat in one of the classes.

That is until Midoriya Izuku appeared.

Omegas were once seen as equals. A long time ago omegas were treated like every other alpha, maybe even with more respect. Like with an alpha, no one dared challenge an omega unless it was deemed necessary at the time. They weren’t seen as weak, useless alpha-toys who hid behind their mate at the any sign of conflict, they were strong, well-respected individuals who weren’t afraid to put an alpha or beta in their place.

It all changed on one faithful day when an alpha, from a well-off family, decided to use an omegas one vulnerability for his own pleasure. Her heat. The alpha took advantage of an omega through her entire heat cycle. Once it came to an end, he discarded her like a piece of garbage, leaving her confused, alone and scared. An act like this was seen as a disgusting crime against the person you are suppose too give your heart to after participating in such intimate actions. A few days after, the omega having already reported it to the police, the alpha was brought to court. Coming from a wealthy family, he was able to pay off the judge and got away with a clean record, like nothing ever happened.

Every omega across the country thought that was the end of the whole incident, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case at all, it was the start. Other Alphas from wealthy families saw this as an easy way to get through a rut with no strings attached. Taking advance of an omega, getting what they want from them, discarding of them, and then paying a couple hundred bucks to a judge. This little idea soon got out of hand, almost every alpha that had money stashed away, used it to pay of their local judge to let them away with committing what was now being seen as a more sick joke than a crime.

A few years of this behaviour passed, only a few people being jailed for it, but only because they couldn’t reach the judges price range, before the law was changed. In the year 1928 the law was passed that an alpha and omega can ‘help’ each other through their heat or rut without being mated before or afterwards.

This was seen as a law decided by the devil himself among the omegas, being the ones who would be most vulnerable in a situation like that, unable to control their urges and then possibly being left to raise pups alone if the alpha disassociated themselves with the omega completely. But none of this mattered anymore, the law already being passed and most of the alpha population being overjoyed with the results.

As the years went by, many alphas already having taken advantage of the now ‘accepted’ law, omegas were being treated badly ‘outside’ of the bedroom. It started off with disgusted glances on the street and being skipped in the lines of restaurants and shops, but quickly escalated to physical and mental abuse. Whether it be beatings from mates, parents or strangers on the streets or derogatory terms being thrown at them from left, right and centre, the views and lives of omegas were being changed in everyone’s eyes. Omegas were soon seen as weak filthy toys, only born to please alphas, the old views of omegas quickly forgotten. And although the omegan community saw it as a disgusting and sick way of life, they, in turn, were forced to accept this harsh reality.

Now, almost a hundred years later, not as extreme as it once was, omegas are still looked down upon and are seen as 2nd class citizens. Knowing all of this information, having learnt it throughout his history lessons back in elementary and middle school, Midoriya Izuku only saw it as a challenge to prove the world wrong and bring back the views of omegas that were once held long ago. He knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be easy, his first step being seen as nearly impossible to other omegan teenagers his age, having being accepted into a high school that, had up until recently, only catered to alphas and betas, on the condition that he gets a B+ or higher in every test and participates in all school clubs and events.

But Izuku was doing it, he was the first omega accepted into a highly recommended school designed for alphas and betas. If that wasn’t considered an accomplishment in omegan history then he had no idea what was.

Midoriya obviously knew before enrolling in the school that he would be treated differently by the othered students. Being the only omega in the school wasn’t going to go down too well in their eyes he had thought. But never did he think it would be this bad.

As he rose from his chair, the school bell signalling that class had ended and students were to head to their next class, he noticed his bag was missing from under his desk. He wasn’t too surprised considering he’d been practically left alone for most of the day, excluding a few disgusted looks and shoves in the corridor. He lazily looked around the classroom for it, hearing a few of the remaining students in the class sneering behind his back, he swore he even heard his maths teacher let out a low giggle. This made Izuku feel self-conscious for practically dosing of in class, not even noticing someone take his own bag from under him.

As he was getting closer and closer to having a mini panic attack in the middle of the classroom, he spotted the familiar yellow in the trashcan beside the door. He made his way over to it and dug the now slightly sticky bag out, picking of the few bits of garbage that stuck to it. Just as he was about to leave the class, his bag thrown over his shoulder and his maths book held too his chest, he heard an all too familiar voice he was certain came up with the whole trashcan incident, speak up from behind him, causing Izuku to freeze in the middle of the doorway.

‘Oi, deku, how’s my favourite omega scum doing today? Actually no, don’t answer that, I don’t care.’

The owner of the voice walked slowly up to Izuku, throwing his arm around his neck harshly and pulling Midoriya forward, down the corridor towards their science class.

‘Why didn’t you talk to me today? I missed you.’ He sneered in the frightened omegas ear, sending an uncomfortable shiver down his spine out of fear and the feeling of someone breathing so close to his scent glands.

‘Ha you know what? Do the whole school a favour and fail this next test yeah? Then the principal will finally expel your omegan ass out of here.’

‘Y-yes k-kacchan’ Izuku stuttered in reply, looking down at his shoes as they dragged along the tiled floor against their own will, still being pulled along by the blonde alpha, Bakugou Katsuki.

‘There’s a good little omega’ Bakugou snorted, tapping Izuku harshly on the top of his head, making him out to be a dog, before he removed his arm from around his neck and made his way ahead of Izuku into their science class.

Midoriya stood there, frozen, for a few moments at what just happened. Obviously he wasn’t going to fail the test, not after all the hard work he’s done to get this far. But that didn’t stop him from worrying about the events that would surely unfold later in the day, after bakugou finds out he passed the test, keeping his seat in the class for a bit longer.

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‘Ok time is up…now, everyone put down your pens and swap tests with the person beside you’

As Izuku clenched and unclenched his right hand, slightly strained after spending half an hour gripping a pen and scribbling down answers on his test sheet, he let out a relieved sigh, mentally thanking his past self for staying up past midnight to study for the harder than expected science test.

He timidly looked over at the girl seated beside him, Yachi he believed her name was, handing her his sheet. She took it from his hand and passed him her own with a smile.

For the next fifteen minutes the class was silent, excluding the monotone voice of his elderly science teacher as she called out the answers for each question and the sound of pen against paper as each student corrected a test. When everyone was finished, the sheets were passed back, most students eager to see how they did on a test they didn’t study for. Izuku, on the other hand, was practically trembling in his seat, wondering if that was the last test he’ll ever complete in UA.

The blonde girl beside him noticed this and practically threw the sheet at him, all the while stuttering out things like ‘don’t worry!’ and ‘you did great, nothing to worry about!’. But Izuku only really calmed down when he saw his result in front of him. Eighty six percent, an A. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and mumbled a ‘thank goodness’ to himself, not realising that the fiery blonde from earlier was listening, getting more frustrated with each minute that passed.

The rest of class went by in a blur to Midoriya, only really tuning in when the homework was being assigned and when Yachi handed him back the pen she borrowed earlier. When the bell finally rang, after what felt like an eternity, but was actually just over an hour long, Izuku practically ran out of the class. He stopped off at his locker to pick up a few books to study over the weekend, before leaving the school grounds, taking the familiar route to the local arcade.

The arcade is where Midoriya spent most of his free time. Although he didn’t look it, Izuku was a huge gamer. Name any video game and he’s probably played it twice. He would spend hours every week in the clammy, dark room, the only source of light being the screens of each game flashing on and off. Even if he didn’t play anything, either because he didn’t have any change or he just wasn’t in the mood, he still stayed there, watching other kids use up their pocket money on a game Izuku had already completed more than a hundred times. Sometimes, if the arcade was busy, he would even help out behind the counter, usually being left in charge to swap tickets for prizes. It helped pass the time and he enjoyed the company of the arcades owner. The tall, scrawny man with dishevelled blonde hair had a heart of gold that every customer who walked in the door fell in love with. Toshinori Yagi, known by most as All Might, after the middle-aged man’s favourite comic book superhero, was one of the main reasons Izuku visited the arcade as frequently as possible. All Might is Izuku’s best and only friend in the city. Growing up without a father figure in his life, and with no long-term friends, the gentle man filled the spot for both of these roles. The blue-eyed man took Izuku under his wing at a young age, becoming one of boy’s biggest role models. Midoriya had decided long ago, that he wanted to grow up and be like All Might, a man everyone knew and loved. They both shared a lot of common interests, considering the fact that Toshinori is the person who introduced young Izuku to the world of gaming, starting him of with classics such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders and then slowly introducing him to the popular consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. They would spend hours together in the back room of the arcade, playing against each other on the new and old gaming consoles All Might owned.

On this specific day, the arcade was busier than usual, the laughs and screams of kids hitting his ears as he stepped inside, the smell of popcorn filling his nostrils. He headed straight for the ticket exchange counter, pushing through the small wooden gate that separated the back area of the arcade only available to staff and the public area of the arcade. No one questioned his actions, most knowing that he was practically a staff member at this stage. He immediately started to tend to the customers gathering in front of him, counting their tickets and distributing the specific prizes they wanted.

An hour or so later, the crowds slowly started to die down, only a group of six middle schoolers gathered around the pool table in the centre of the room remaining. Izuku took this as his que to head into the back room to greet the owner of the establishment, who had surprisingly not shown his face the entire time since Izuku arrived.

When he pulled open the door to the half kitchen half lounge, he wasn’t even remotely surprised by what he saw. All Might was sprawled out on the carpet in front of the sofa, staring up at the large TV hanging from the wall, with an unfamiliar remote held in his hands. Toshinori stared up at the intruder for a mere second before flicking his eyes right back to the current game he was playing, which, judging by the characters and the animation style, Izuku guessed was Zelda.

‘Oh, Young Midoriya, I’m glad you showed up! I just got that new console the switch this morning and I am hooked! Come on I’ll show you the controls, I’m playing Zelda right now (Izuku internally congratulated himself for guessing correctly) but I just finished the level so you can create your own world now and try and catch up with me!’

Izuku had to admit he was extremely tempted to join him and just spend the rest of his evening trying out the new console he had been desperate to play since the day it was released, but he had made a promise he intends on keeping.

‘Sorry All Might, I can’t today, my mom wants me back for dinner soon, she’s trying out some new recipe she found online and she’s been really excited for me to try it with her’ He replies reluctantly, feeling bad that he couldn’t keep his friend’s company for the evening.

‘Ok don’t worry about it m’boy, just stop by tomorrow and you can try it, that is if Midnight’s not hogging the TV’

‘I can hear you hippie-boy’ the dark-haired women retorted from behind the door, nicknamed midnight because she never seemed to sleep. Izuku muffled his laugh at the reference she used about the comic book character All Might, also known as the Symbol of Peace, causing the blonde to go red with frustration before replying something on the lines of ‘you were supposed to’.

‘I’ll stop by tomorrow and show you how a real pro plays Zelda, I’m betting all my Pokémon cards that I’ll get past you in no time’ Midoriya teased, pulling open the door again and walking out, ignoring the blonde’s protests and shouting a goodbye over him.

The freckled boy stepped out into the street, the evening sun illuminating the city and a light breeze blowing through his curls. He subconsciously pulls the collar of his coat further up his neck. He began his short journey back to his house, thinking about what type of meal awaited him back at home, his stomach growling with hunger in the midst of his brainstorm.

He turned the corner onto the street he lived on, already seeing his house on the opposite side of the road. It was a small, brick, two-floored home, with a colourful flower garden and a large green wooden door at the front. Just the sight of his home always seemed to send a shock of nostalgia through his body, reminiscing on all the times he had accidently stood on one of his mother’s flowers and how they painted a new layer of green paint on the old door every summer.

As he was about to cross the street, his mind filled with memories he treasures, a sudden, heavy thud hit him on the side of his head, sending him down onto his hands and knees on the pavement, cutting the delicate skin of his palms.

He hissed and groaned in pain as his eye sight tried to focus on what was going on. When he heard a sarcastic sneer coming from his left and the ring of a basketball hitting concrete he relaxed slightly, knowing he wasn’t going to be kidnapped, but tensed up all the same when he realised who the culprit of his dizziness and scratches was.

‘Do you wanna know one thing that pisses me off more than seeing you every fucking day? It’s when I tell you to leave that fucking school so I don’t have to see your pathetic ass every day and you don’t fucking listen to me!’

‘I-I’ Izuku stuttered over his words, the alphas anger being shown through the awful smell he was emitting, confusing and scaring the omega enough that he was unable to form sentences.

‘Shut the fuck up fucking Deku, I’m sick of your shit, always getting higher grades then me like your better than an alpha, who the fuck do you think you are?! Are you threatening me? Do you think just because you get a better grade than me that I’ll bow down to you or some shit like that? You’re a fucking omega learn how to fucking cook and clean and stop trying to be something you’re not! You’re a fucking omega stop pretending you’re an alpha!’

Bakugou’s words, in that moment seemed to have a strong effect on Izuku. He wasn’t pretending to be an alpha or beta, he knew what he was and that he couldn’t change it. He was just sick of the stereotype that omegas couldn’t be strong and smart individuals who can get a job and provide for themselves. Omegas are stereotypically supposed to cook and clean at home for their mate, bringing up the children themselves as the alpha works to provide for them. He hated it! He just wanted to be treated equally.

But of course, he was never going to voice this aloud, committing social suicide like many omegas in the past. And he especially wasn’t going to say it to the frustrated alpha standing above him. So, he replied the two words he’s always relied on to in these situations.

‘I-I’m sorry’

‘Are they the only fucking words you know mutt? I’m gonna fucking kill you!’

Just as Bakugou was about to send a strong kick to Izuku’s stomach, he was interrupted by the same voice that always seemed to stop him in his tracks, calling out the quivering omega beneath him.

‘Izuku is that you? Hurry up your dinner will get cold! Oh, hello Bakugou! I haven’t see you in a while! You should visit more often!’

Katsuki grunted at the unaware beta that never seemed to pick up on the two’s abusive relationship, still seeing them as friends.

‘C-coming mom’ Midoriya yelled back, as he scrabbled away from the already retreating alpha. When he got inside the warmth of his home, he kicked of his shoes and placed them neatly by the door before making his way to the kitchen where his mother waited for him.

His mind was too foggy after the incident moments ago that he didn’t even notice when his mother asked how his day was. He only really started paying attention when he felt warm hands wrap around his own bloody ones, sending sharp pains through his body but also relaxing his tense muscles and clearing the dizziness from his head slightly, bringing him back to reality.

‘What happened to your hands sweetie?’ his mother asked, in a gentle comforting tone.

Izuku’s eyes began to sting and a lump began to form at the back of his throat at the simple gesture she made. He was so ready to cry over just how awful his day had been, but he kept it bottled up, for his mother’s sake. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he made her stress over him more then she already does.

‘Oh I-I tripped on the curb a few minutes ago, landed on my hands, nothing to worry about’

‘It wasn’t a complete lie’ was the only thing Izuku could think of to reassure himself that he wasn’t disappointing his mother.

‘Come on, I’ll patch them up for you’




After his mother took extra care bandaging up his hands and he ate his unsurprisingly delicious dinner which was a simple pork cutlet bowl except with some sort of special sauce his mom was excited to try out, Izuku found himself snuggled up in a blanket on the armchair in front of the TV, his mother seated on the sofa.

They were currently watching an old episode of one of the many series they enjoyed together. It was a generic sitcom that they had both watched when it first came on TV.

As two of the main characters were fighting over a girl they both wanted to date, Izuku giggling at some of the remarks the men made towards each other, the episode was cut short when the worldwide news logo flashed on the screen. Startled by the interruption, both Izuku and his mother sat up straight, both staring wide-eyed at the screen. After a few moments a news reporter appeared, a map of the world behind him that was divided into two colours, blue and red, red taking up almost half of the map.

‘Reports are in that the unknown virus nicknamed by most as ‘Grimes’ has now spread to Canada, Washington and the majority of Central Europe. Scientists are still not sure what has caused this sudden spread or what the virus even is. All we know is that it seems to attack those who have recently died, witnesses saying it brings them back to life but they seem to lack any knowledge of who they are or what they’re doing. We have been warned by the military to stay away and do not make any physical contact with anyone who is affected by the virus until further notice. The virus has not yet hit Asia, South America or Australia and is said to unlikely hit any of these continents before the virus is under control. It is recommended to stay inside your homes until further notice. We will keep you updated on the topic. Stay safe and goodnight from BNHA News.’

The screen went black.

The green haired duo sat in silence for a few minutes, neither knowing what to say. Inko was the first to break the silence.

‘Well this sounds pretty serious but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about too much or scientist would be figuring out what it is quicker, right?’

Izuku could see right through his mother’s poor attempt at trying to keep everything positive for his and her own sake, only adding to the uneasy feeling he got when he thought about what was going on in the areas affected by the virus.

‘Y-yeah I’m sure it’s nothing major, and besides they said it wouldn’t reach Asia without it being under control!’

He knew his mother could see right through his fake smile but she didn’t say anything about it.

A bell goes off in Midoriya’s mind and he gets up, making his way to the front door and twists the key clockwise, locking it.

‘I’m sure it’s not serious, if it was there would be a worldwide panic and the news would be warning us to board up our windows and doors. The scientists know what they’re doing, it will be cured before it reaches Japan, I’m sure of it! But what if it isn’t? What if it reaches Japan? Am I going to see people who’ve just died walking around these streets? Like in one of them horror films? If they do come here are we going to run out of food hiding in this house? I should probably go out tomorrow and stock up, just to be on th-‘

Izuku’s thoughts ran short when he saw his mother’s pale face emerge from the dark living room. He had mumbled again.

‘S-sorry mom! I didn’t mean to scare you more! I-I’m sure it’s nothing serious!’

Inko smiled at her sons attempts to cheer her up, the flailing of his hands and the way he stuttered when he got nervous were just two of thousands of things she loved about him.

‘I think we should sleep on it, there’s no point in worrying about something when it hasn’t even happened yet’

Midoriya nodded an agreement, the whole thing had started to take an effect on him. His eyes and limbs felt heavy as he ascended the stairs, his mother behind him.

When they reached the top of the stairs, they bid each other goodnight, Izuku kissing his mother on the cheek as she rubbed a few soothing circles into his back.

‘Don’t think too much about it, just try and get some sleep’

Izuku just nodded, words refusing to leave his mouth. He stumbled into his dark bedroom and shut the door with a kick of his foot, then proceeding to flop onto the covers of his bed, not bothered to change out of his uniform or even get under the sheets.

He checked the clock placed on his desk across from him. It was still early, only 9:30, but Izuku doesn’t think he could have stayed up much longer even if he wanted too. All the stress from today and the late night studying the day before really took a toll on him.

As soon as he closed his eyes he was out like a light, all the thought from earlier pushed to the back of his mind as he got his last peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

Izuku was awoken early the next day, the morning sun shining through his window and casting a warm glow over his face. The sound of young children screaming and laughing could be heard outside. He slowly rose up from his pillow, kicking the blanks of his lower half and swinging it over his bed.

He felt lightheaded as he made his way down the stairs, each step creaking with the added pressure. His mind seemingly working on autopilot as he made himself a cup of coffee, stirring in to spoons of sugar before lazily slumping against the kitchen counter, one hand holding the steaming cup of coffee whilst the other was occupied, rubbing one of his eyes vigorously to try and clear the heavy feeling behind it.

He yawned half-heartedly, almost considering going back to bed, but quickly remembered he had to go to the grocery store to pick up some milk and rice for his mother. He let out a heavy sigh, the thought of socialising this early in the morning made his stomach churn, staying at home in front of the television all day sounded a lot more appealing.

As he was swallowing the last drops of the bitter drink, he nearly missed his mother shuffled into the kitchen, mumbling what he could only assume was a ‘good morning’.

Like Izuku, the first thing she done after entering the room was reach for coffee.

“Sorry mum but you’ll have to wait a bit for coffee, we have no milk left.”

Inko outwardly showed her annoyance, sighing heavily before practically stomping over to the dining table, groaning as she all but collapsed on the chair.

Neither one of them were morning people.

Izuku took this as his cue to go and get ready before heading out, knowing if she didn’t get her coffee within the next hour her mood would be ruined for the rest of the day. He quietly shuffled past his mother, not wanting to disturb her as she leaned over the table, head in her hands as she rubbed at her tired eyes.

When he entered his room, he wasted no time in picking out what to wear, hurriedly throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a black jacket, his go to outfit when he wanted to partake in as little social interaction as possible. He wasted 2 minutes trying to tame his curly green hair, racking his fingers through the soft locks a few times before inevitably giving up after his arms got tired.

 He pulled on his red trainers, the shoes being the most expensive things he’s ever owned and probably will ever own, before exiting his bedroom and making his way down the stairs again.

When he entered the kitchen, his mother was, unsurprisingly, still in the same position, the only difference being she had an empty bowl beside her, the remains of milk still evident inside it.

His entranced seemed to wake her slightly, as she lazily lifted her head, looked around the room and stood up. She made her way over to Izuku, stumbling slightly in her dazed state, before reaching her soft hands out to him, gently cupping his freckled cheeks.

‘Thank you’ was all she said to him, a small smile grazing her lips, thumbs rubbing loving over his cheekbones.

Izuku relaxed into her soothing touch, but reluctantly pulled away after a minute, if he hurried up and got to the shop before nine, he’d be able to grab what he needed before it became too packed.

He flashed his mother a toothy grin instead of a verbal response. He began making his way towards the front door, Inko following him soon after.

He unlocked the door and pulling it open easily before checking his pockets for his wallet and phone, not wanting to have to come back for either of them. When he was satisfied that he was ready, he stepped out into the cool morning breeze. The air chilled his ears, and he subconsciously pulled his hood up, shielding his face from the cold.

‘Right, I’ll be back in about thirty minutes or so, is there anything else you want me to get?’

‘Oh yes, see if you can find another bread knife, the blade has gotten really blunt on our one.’

Izuku doubted they had a bread knife in the grocery store but didn’t question it.

‘Ok, I’ll try and find one. See you in a bit!’ Izuku had to shout his reply over the growing winds, all the while making his way across their small front garden.

‘Be careful! I love you’ his mother replied, a tang of worry behind her voice.

‘I always am, love you too mum’ he replied fake-exasperatedly, use to his mother’s constant worrying.

And then, he left, crossing the street and taking the familiar route to the local store.

He didn’t turn back once, so he never saw the crimson eyes filled with nothing but pure hatred, boring into the back of his skull.




It took Izuku almost 10 minutes to finally reach his destination, the front doors of the store automatically opening upon his arrival.

 There were plenty of stores closer to his home that he could of easily went to, but this was his favourite one. It was a pretty isolated store at the end of his street, the main customers being elderly couples and the occasional gang of elementary school kids. And that was exactly why Izuku liked it, he could wander the aisles with ease, not having to constantly worry about meeting any familiar faces.

 As soon as he was inside the building, his ears had already picked up the familiar Korean pop song the store manager seemed to be very fond of.

He took a quick glance around the store and, as he had expected, found it was completely void of people, the only noise being the music and the constant buzz of the refrigerators at the back of the store.

He began making his way down one of the aisle, heading towards the fridge with the milk. After grabbing a bottle, he started making his way over to the corner of the store where the rice was kept.

On his way to the counter he noticed a shelf dedicated to utensils, something Izuku had never seen in the ten years he had been visiting the store. He scanned his eyes over the different types of spoons and knifes, remembering his mother’s request and grabbing what he assumed was a bread knife.

He carefully balanced all the items in his arms, talking extra precaution with the sharp blade he carried in his right hand.

As he got closer to the cash register, he swore he felt the atmosphere of the room change. It was too quiet. Usually, at this time of day, there should at least be one other customer wandering the store, a business man looking for a quick breakfast snack or an early-bird mother looking to get here shopping done before her children wake up. But the place was completely empty, the cashier wasn’t even sat behind the counter.

Something smelt…off.

The whole experience left a bad taste in Izuku’s mouth and he hastily decided he’d rather shop in the store up the road.

He had already turned on his heel, dropping the items he had been carrying on a nearby shelf, but something stopped him from stepping outside into the autumn air.

A noise that Izuku had never heard in his life, and he was pretty sure he never wanted to hear again. It sounded like something from a movie or television show, too unrealistic to be realistic.

For a moment he was sure he was just hearing things, he had been slacking on sleep lately so it wouldn’t surprise him. He slowly lifted his left foot, not wanting to disturb whatever it was that he had heard, but he ceased all movement after hearing it again. The almost indescribable sound of crunching and breaking, like bone against bone, flooded Izuku’s ears once more, sending a chilling shiver down his spine.

He slowly turned around, back into the shop. The noise was now constant, drowning out music that was, only a few minutes ago, the only sound to be heard in the store. With each passing second, the noise continued, making Izuku feel more and more nauseous.

He had now identified the location from which the sound was coming from, behind the counter on the left side of the store, where a cashier should be stood, ready to scan a customer’s groceries.

Izuku’s legs moved on their own accord, his brain too occupied on trying to identify what he was hearing.

As he got nearer to the source, he began to hear new noises, a mixture of squelches and groans that went along with the crunches.

When he finally reached the counter, he placed a shaky hand atop of the smooth surface, the cold metal under his palm relaxing his nerves ever so slightly.

‘I should just leave. Why am I still here? I’ll just go to that new store that opened, I’ve wanted to check it out. Mum will get worried about me if I stay any longer. Yeah, I need to go. Now.’

Despite what his inner thoughts were telling him to do, Izuku stupidly began leaning over the countertop, edging ever closer to the other side.

‘This is stupid’


‘what the hell am I doing?’


‘It’s probably the cashier watching some crazy hentai, he seems like the type’


‘Screw this, I don’t wanna see that, I have to get out of h- ‘

Izuku’s thoughts were cut short when he finally laid his eyes on the source of the gruesome noise he’d been hearing.

He froze there, atop of the counter.

Mouth agape.

His throat clenched, and he found himself struggling to breath. But none of that mattered to him right now.

He was too busy concentrating on not puking up everything he had eaten over the past few days.

Straight in front of him was a sight no one, no matter what shit they’ve done throughout their life, deserved to see.

It was like a movie, except worse.

One of them horror ones that just screamed unrealistic and fake, the ones Izuku always found himself watching and laughing at how stupid the whole plot was.

But this, this wasn’t fake.

The cashier, a lanky blonde-haired boy who visited the arcade sometimes, Izuku recalled his name to be Jerry, was sprawled out on the floor, unmoving, a middle-aged man bent over him.

Izuku wished that was all of it.

 It wasn’t.

Jerry’s lungs were no longer safely encased within his ribs, instead they were hanging out of his chest, covered in blood and scratches.

His intestines were also outside of his body, held up between the hands of the man above him, who at that very moment, was in the middle of devouring his organs.

It took Izuku approximately 0.5 seconds after seeing this to realise this was no ordinary man.

The final factors that helped Izuku come to this conclusion all unfolded when the man began to turn around, no longer munching on the poor cashier’s bloody intestines.

Izuku held his breath.

And then violently released it.

The man’s face was decayed and pale, blood smeared across his lips, cheeks and hands.

His clothes were painted with new and old blood.

But the most harrowing thing about the mans whole being, were his eyes.