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Hao Mei was sitting on the couch with his laptop as KO washed the dishes, more satiated than he could ever remember being. The thought of eating like that every day was overwhelming, especially when his mind wasn’t functioning particularly well in the first place. The whole day had felt like a dream, and he still expected to wake up to a messy house and the prospect of more takeout. He tried to focus on the game he was playing, but kept drifting off into memories of the amazing meal he had just eaten.

His hands fell into his lap as the computer was moved aside, and he looked up dazedly to see KO, no longer wearing the apron, place the laptop on the couch and close it. Mei opened his mouth to thank KO for the dinner again, then stopped in confusion as KO knelt in front of him, close enough that his chest brushed the insides of Mei’s knees.

“KO. What are you...?”

The hacker responded before he could finish. “I said I’ll do everything.”


KO placed a hand on Mei’s thigh, high enough that the younger man’s eyes widened. “I’ll do everything…including you.”

Mei blinked at him. “Me?”

KO’s other hand began to trace small circles on the inside of Mei’s other thigh. His expression remained the same. “You don’t want me to?”

Mei blinked again. “I…”

“I am as good in bed as I am in the kitchen.”

Mei’s mouth dropped open. “Ah…” He scrambled to recover. “I…haven’t…”

KO nodded. “I know.” His lips curved the slightest bit. “It is good to have an innocent wife.”

Mei pointed a finger at KO. “You—you made a joke!”

KO almost smirked. “Where is the joke?”

“That…that…” Mei trailed off. KO’s hands had snuck up to unfasten Mei’s belt, and he watched as the hacker quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. When nothing else happened, Mei looked back up into KO’s stoic face.

“Well?” the older man asked. “Shall I do everything?”

Mei nodded.

Mei hadn’t thought before about what it would be like to be with a man—hadn’t actually examined his feelings for KO, or why he was so drawn to him. And now KO’s hands were on him, sliding his pants and trousers down and pressing kisses along his thighs until Mei’s breathing grew shallow. Then those hands and lips were on his cock and he realized that he was hard and aching, but he was given no time to react to that before KO had taken him fully into his mouth and Mei couldn’t think at all, because doing for himself had never been this good, couldn’t compare at all to the tight heat of KO’s mouth around him. He could only watch, stupefied with pleasure as KO’s head moved up and down, sucking him so tightly that he couldn’t hold back, couldn’t even think to warn the man in front of him before he was coming, harder than he ever had, gripping the couch cushions and KO’s shoulder until he collapsed against the back of the couch seat.

When KO pulled back, his lips wet and red, Mei couldn’t read him. “What…do you want?”

The hacker’s eyes darkened as he brought his toes under him and rolled up to his feet. “You.”

Mei’s eyes widened. “Oh?”

KO leaned forward, his hands finding the couch on either side of Mei’s shoulders. “Hmm.”

“You mean…?”

KO nodded once. “Hmm.”

“Ah.” Mei hesitated. “So…”

KO jerked his head towards the bedroom.