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Written Experiments

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I breathed in deeply, my best friend, May, standing beside me as we stared at the entrance to our new haven. A three week camp, surrounded by aspiring teen writers just like us! The company holding the camp were looking for the next best selling teenage writer to publish, though those that weren't were going to be featured in a magazine.

Slowly and cautiously, the two of us walked past the entrance, instantly greeted by an overly happy volunteer, handing us a schedule for the day with a vibrant smile.

"We hope you enjoy yourselves!"

We walked around the place, heading towards the amphithreatre to get the best spots we could for the orientation, accidentally bumping into a cute girl that was younger than the both of us. She had orange hair, freckles, and bright green eyes! For a second I thought they were contacts, but I quickly realised they were real.

"Ouch..." She whispered, rubbing her nose, before looking up at us. "OH MY GOD! I'M SO SORRY! I SPILT MY DRINK ON YOU!" She screamed in horror as she pointed at May, before freaking out even more... If that were possible...

May, being the mature one out of us, smiled and said, "It's fine, it's just water."

"Whew..." The girl replied, breathing a deep sigh of relief, her hand on her chest.

"What's your name?" I asked, curious.

"Patty!" She exclaimed, beaming with joy. Seems as though she's recovered quickly from our encounter.

Heh... cute...

"Well, I'm Bellanie, and the one you spilt your drink on is May." I introduced, smiling at her.

Patty blushed from embarrassment, "I'm really sorry about that... I was looking for the amphithreatre and wasn't paying attention at all..."

"Like I said, it's fine." May said in a soothing voice, mum friend mode activated from Patty's distressed expression.

I ship it...

"Um... I was wondering... Do you know where the amphitheatre is?" She asked, pulling out the schedule and flipping it over to the side with the map of the camp.

"Um... It should be somewhere next to the lake," I pointed to the general area the amphitheatre was, "How about we take you there since we're going there anyway?" I asked, to which she nodded her head enthusiastically at, her hair swishing with her head.

Heading towards an amphitheater where the sponsors gave out a speech, going on about how they were excited to see so many young and promising writers, we sat in baited silence, excitement consuming everyone. Everybody looked so interesting and unique, no one looked the same, which was awesome! Even the team leaders looked different to each other!

To get in, you had to write a short story, about anything, really. Since I had already written a story that I tried entering into a competition, I used that one. Since at the time, I didn't realise I had to be over eighteen to enter the previous competition.

The first day, we were split up into groups, doing different activities, mainly based on writing stories and playing around with ideas, it was nice to be around people who understood the struggles of being an author. The group I was put in had May, Patty, a punk looking girl with heavy eye makeup, two boys that were obviously loaded with money, a scene looking boy, and a guy that looked to be around seventeen-ish.

We all introduced ourselves, awkwardly, might I add. Yeah, it's just something about knowing you'll probably be turned into a character makes you wanna not mess up the first impression you'll have on another...


On the second day we met at the lake, with our "Senior Leader", a twentyone year old girl that seemed like a big sister that was also a cheerleader and popular, and were to do a trust exercise.

"Alright everyone! My name is Abby, and I was a writer here when I was eighteen!" She said, introducing herself with a bright smile. "Unfortunately I wasn't chosen as an author, but I'm now studying Literature at Uni and am studying to become a journalist!"

"Our exercise today is to line up our kayaks together and have the person at the end make it across to the other end, hop in the kayak!" She laughed, "It's pretty simple, but can end in disaster as well, and we'll need an extra kayak, too!"

We got in our kayaks and paddled around for a bit, until we got the hang of it, and then lined up. Unfortunately, I was first, and was dreading the fact that I had to run across to the other end, that was beginning to look longer with every second I stalled.

As I finally gulped my fear down, I stood on my kayak, before quickly bending my knees as I felt as though I was going to fall, then slowly turned to face the other kayaks, and ran for the other end! As I made it towards the end, I got cocky and over-estimated the step, and jumped straight into the water...

To say I was embarrassed was an understatement...

As I sunk to the bottom of the lake in my embarrassment and shame, I wanted nothing more than to drown... I could even hear everybody laughing at my epic fail... I sighed, which resulted in some bubbles forming and floating up to the surface, and I finally decided to face my embarrassment and swim up.

As I swam up though, something caught on my foot, making me blink in confusion and surprise, I swam down to try and untangle myself, only I'm incredibly weak and it was thick rope! I was confused as to exactly how I didn't notice my foot get stuck and tangled up in rope, when realisation struck me. I was under water, and I couldn't get up... not only that, but I stupidly sighed, which meant I had even less air than before!

My eyes widened when that little bit of information sunk in...


I tugged on the rope more, my heartbeat reverberating through my head and scaring me even more! My lungs burned with a need to breath as I started crying with fear. As I continued to tug, struggle, and thrash around, I kept letting bubbles of air escape accidently, making me all the more fearful. By then my vision was tunneling...

Finally I couldn't hold onto the air anymore as it became corbon, and as I watched the bubbles leave me, my world turned black and a sudden splash was all I heard next...


"Is she gonna be okay?"

"I dunno!"

"Someone get an adult! The-the nurse!"

My eyes suddenly flew open and I coughed up the water I'd swallowed the wrong way, breathing in the beautiful thing we humans called air. Everything came back to me and I sat up slowly, looking around, why wasn't I dead...?

"What-" I coughed, cutting myself off. My voice was scratchy and my throat was sore.

"You got some rope stuck around your ankle and blackout." The seventeen-ish guy said, and I instantly noticed he was dripping wet. "I'm the one that saved you."

I nodded, embarrassed that something like this happened to me, oh god, wait till my mum hears about this.

"Geez Bellanie, I didn't know you'd go to such drastic measures to get a guy to kiss you!" May giggled.

My face turned red when it sunk in, and I was horrified that my first kiss was stolen because I drowned... My red face only made May laugh even more...


When I'd finished my shower after dinner, I went to sit on my bed and grabbed a notepad and pacer, then started writing. We had homework each night, to write a short story on anything really, I wrote about the people I met, turning them into interesting characters, writing about funny adventures, horror, romance.

"Urgh!" Gabrielle, the girl that wore a lot of makeup, yelled, throwing her notepad at the wall with frustration. "I CAN'T DO THIS! MY MIND IS LITERALLY BLANK! I CAN'T EVEN WRITE ABOUT GAY SEX!"

"Wait... Are you a-"

"Fudoshi? Yes! Now what can I-" She stopped mid sentence and turned her head towards me, "How do you know what a fudoshi is? Are you a-"

"Fudoshi? Yes." I replied with her answer, smiling at Gabrielle, who, for the first time since meeting her, smiled back at me.


It was nearing the end of the camp, just a few more days now until we find out who gets published and who would be featured. Although the camp was fun, it had it's bad sides, too... Like no dishwasher, and the campers having to do all the chores... The group I was in were on dishwasher duty today, and seeing as there were a lot of us writers here, we had a serious amount of work to get through if we wanted to make it in time to get our homework done before lights out.

"Abby, Bellanie, May, Patty, Gabrielle, Thomas, Hunter, Wesley, and Zach, please proceed to the office immediately!"


All nine of us stood outside of the double doors leading to the office, where we were told to wait. The volunteer was the one to lead us here, though she seemed... Different. I didn't really dwell on that, nor did I dwell on the horrible feeling in my stomach, thinking it was just butterflies. A part of me, however, felt that it wasn't those pesky bugs.

It was like something bad was going to happen...

The feeling reminded me of churning waters, or the darkness within a cave, an unknown fear... Like you would drown and die within the unforgiving darkness. It was the evil we faced in our dreams.

The woman showed up again, a shrewd smile on her lips, her eyes reminded me of a sly and cunning fox, as she said politely, "Congratulations, authors, you will be published by our company! And your Senior Leader will get a job in our magazine once she's finished her studies! To celebrate, we'd like to interview you all! So please follow me!"

She lead us through the double doors, walking down a hallway, where nine doors awaited us, each had one of our names on them. "Please go through the door with your name, and once again, congratulations!"

For some reason, her smile seemed fake. It was like she was hiding something from us, and that something was a bad something...

We walked up to our doors, and after taking a deep breath of encouragement, walked into the rooms at the same time. A mixture of emotions surged through my body, excitement and happiness, but uncertainty and caution was present as well. This somehow didn't seem right, and I couldn't help but want to go back to my safe little cabin...

I looked around my surroundings, a chair behind a desk and laptop were before me. I walked up to the desk, my finger tips gliding over the dark wood, the smell was musky, it was like heaven to me. The room was slightly dark, almost like it was nighttime outside, which was perfect for me, that was when I got my ideas for characters and stories. A small smile graced the features on my face, and I sat in the seat, looking at the screen on the computer.

Several questions were on a Word Document, with instructions to answer each and every one of them. I found this weird, but decided to answer them. What was the harm in answering them? They were probably for the magazine the company published... I think...

What is your blood type?

"Huh?" I mumbled out, my eyes squinting at the computer, looking at the question with confusion. Why would they need to know my blood type? I mean, I'm not Japanese, so it couldn't be the fortune/date thing... With a sigh, I answered the question.


How long have you been writing for?
2-3 years

Favourite genre?
Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and drama

First character you created?
Iroha Hanami

I giggled to myself, finding it funny I named a character after a song I heard. I was such a weeb.

I continued answering the questions, and eventually got to the last one. They were mainly about characters and writing, though some were weird like the first one. It disturbed me that people wanted to know such personal information on me, but I guessed, since this magazine was published world wide, those questions were culturally okay to ask, and thought nothing of it... Fuck... God, why did I think like that?

What eight (8) fictional worlds would you want to visit the most?

I blinked a few times, trying to sum it down to nine, though finding it rather difficult. I mainly read on and Wattpad, and really only wanted to visit anime world's, a few books were exceptions, they didn't specify though... I started typing...


Vampire Knight

Diabolik Lovers

Deltora Quest


Black Butler

Dramatical Murder

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

I saved the document, and leaned back into the chair, relaxing slightly. I looked at the Anime and books I wanted to go into, well... two books. I chuckled to myself, wondering what fictional worlds the others would want to visit. Patty always talked about The Hunger Games, so maybe she'd want to be in that world? No, as much as we'd think we could take on others, us pampered kids would die instantly!

A pop up on the laptop appeared, informing me that designers were going to get me ready for a TV interview. They got me in a beautiful outfit with a red jacket, the skirt a light grey and the rest of the outfit a mixture of light blues and white. I felt like a modern day princess, maybe even a magical school girl? Like Sailor Moon! Either way, I felt beautiful. They did my makeup and hair, styling it so that it had a slight curl to it, and took me into another room, pushing me in. I heard the door click as their left, them mumbling something I couldn't hear...

"What's going..."

A man pushed me into a seat, strapping me in by my wrists and ankles, before leaving as well. The feeling came back, only much, much worse, and I started to hyperventilate as I looked around, trying to find a way out. I needed to calm down, or I'd never get out of here. As I started to calm a bit, a women in a lab coat walked into the room, holding a tray with a needle, what I presumed was different medicines, and a tablet. She placed the tray on a table next to me, smiling with pride.

The woman looked at whatever information was on the tablet, a shrewd smile on her lips. "Don't worry! We're not going to hurt you." The women chuckled, "I just need you to turn into your character."

"My what..." I choked out, trying to get away from the woman.

I watched in horror as she filled the needle up with a white substance, then, grab my arm, around my elbow, and put what ever it was in my blood system! I screamed, from both pain and fear, trashing around in my seat. I called out, for my parents and friends, and then I realised that the others were probably going through the same pain! I cried, my tears hot and almost burnt my skin, and it finally sunk in that no one was going to help me...

"Let me go! Please! I'll do anything!" My crying was obnoxious and loud, but I didn't care.

"Stop thrashing around, you're just making it hurt even more!"

"Stop! Please!"

She pulled the needle out, making me gasp before panting for my breath. My hair fell before my eyes, and my eyes widened when I saw its colour! White... It was white, like it had aged years and years. The woman injected another substance, this time it hurt my eyes... I screamed once more, and the process of her slowly changing my body with whatever chemicals she used continued five more times, all painful and frightening in some way or another. By the end of it, I gave up...

The man from before untied me, handed me my bag, and guided me to another room. I saw the others, and quickly recognised that they were the other authors... Their eyes looked glazed over, lifeless. It looked like they gave up, just like I did... I began crying again, clutching my bag with whatever was left of me, I just broke down, I couldn't take it!

A thought crossed my mind, making my crying even louder! May... I was the one that convinced her to come, and now look at what's happened! We were probably never going to see our friends or families again, we probably weren't going to even live to tell the tale. I'm such an idiot!

The room we were taken to had machinery everywhere, and in the centre, was what looked like a portal. They lined us up, and put a bracelet on our arms, though, like in The 100, they pierced our flesh, and we weren't able to take them off.

They shoved us towards the portal, laughing at our misery and fear. The others went first, and as their bodies disappeared, I heard them all scream, as if they were falling. Finally, it was my turn, and as I was shoved to the portal, I let one last tear slip, then, I was falling.

As I fell, I saw a city, but to me, it looked like a parasite, it seemed to be sucking all the life from everything around it. It was full of life and happiness, but everywhere else looked depressed and lifeless. It had beautiful gardens, whereas the land around it was full of trash and had no grass.

And it was at that moment I realised I was inside a book...

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I screamed as I fell from the sky, watching as the portal to here disappear. 

My only hope disappear...

Turning my head to the side slightly, I saw I was falling towards the market area the people in West Block created. It was dirty, cold, and there looked to be lots of dead bodies lying around! If I survived the fall, I'd die from the diseases from the dead people here, that I knew for sure!

I breathed in, turning my gaze up again to try and calm myself, maybe if I relax everything would be okay? Well, I could only hope... even if it was a false hope... I brought my arms and legs towards my body, making myself smaller than I already was, and prepared for impact.


I landed on someone, and from the sounds of it, the impact hurt them as much as it hurt me... I looked up to find myself sprawled across a niveous haired boy with crimson eyes. My face was as red as his eyes in seconds... If May knew about this, she would blackmail me with it!


"You bitch!"

I looked up to find the barrel of an old rifle pointed inches away from my face, rust littering it here and there... Oh dear god, what have I done? What have I gotten myself into?!

"You two were helping those kids, weren't you?!" The man yelled, his spit landing on my face. "So now, you two can-" He blinked, leant in real close to my face, and squinted as his beady little eyes scanned me, before a smirk made it's way upon his face. "Oh I know how you can repay me now, Missy, and you can repay for your little boyfriend or... whatever he is to you..."

I gulped, this didn't seem good.

"Stand up, or I'll shoot that pretty little head right off your shoulders," He turned to the white haired boy, and jerked the end of his gun up quickly, "you too, pretty boy."

We did as told, and the man circled around us, sizing us up. A crowd gathered around, muttering under their breathes, but from what I could hear, they were making bets on how we were gonna die... Then out of the blue the man with his rifle pinched my butt! I obviously squeaked and jumped from the touch, which earnt snickers from not only the old perverted shopkeeper, but the people who had gathered around! Especially from the men.

The shopkeeper leant in really close to my face again, making me blink to try and force the blush on my cheeks down. He all of a sudden gripped my left wrist, squeezing it tight, to the point it start hurting!

"Let go!" I yelled, trying to pull my arm away from him, but my efforts were fruitless...

"You can pay me back with your body..." He snickered, starting to pull me with him.

"Let her go!" The boy next to me kicked the man where the sun doesn't shine, making the shopkeeper fall to the ground as he held his crown jewels. 

The boy grabbed my wrist, a lot more gentle than the shopkeeper, and ran off with me. We were suddenly pulled into an alleyway once the shopkeeper was out of sight, and I was glad, I could not run any further! I was a writer! Not an Olympic Champion! Thank you very much.

We caught our breaths, and I turned my gaze to a woman with a voluptuous body, and tight fitting clothes, the smell of sex and sweat coming from her body. The alleyway she pulled us in smelt just like her, which was saying something, seeing as there's a dead body in here, two actually. One of the walls were beginning to crumble and barely had any paint on it.

The woman walked up to the boy, caging him between her chest and the wall behind him, caressing his face and twirling his hair in a sensuous way as she bit her bright red lips. "You have such unusual hair, boy..." She said, then started leaning in. "Say... wanna have a little fun?"

'I have to stop this!'

"W-w-w-what're you doing to my o-onii-chan (1)?!" I yelled, pointing at the obvious prostitute. She turned her gaze towards me, glaring when she saw me. "Do-do-d-don't you know? He's gay!!!" I yelled, my face as red as his.

"Ugh! God damnit! Not another one!" She yelled, stepping away.

"Sorry about that." A man with black hair in a small ponytail and silver eyes said, "but could you return him?" His gaze fell upon me. "And her..."

"Yeah! Onii-chan belongs to him!" I chimed in, my cheeks slightly red, I ran behind the man for protection, and poked my tongue out at the prostitute, which made her make an annoyed face.

She pushed the boy towards us, before flicking her hair behind her shoulder, and stuck her nose up high, "You? No wonder..." She sauntered up to the man, her hips swaying from side to side, "Fine, but I'm charging for saving them, and it's gonna cost you double, seeing as there's two of them."

I stuck my tongue out at her again, which made her face red with rage.

"Keep that up, little girl, see what happens!"

"Oh~! I'm so~ scared~!" I giggled.

"Hmph!" Was the reply I got.

Before I could even open my mouth, the man grabbed the prostitutes chin and kissed her, I covered my face, which was red again, to save my innocence, whatever was left after I discovered the internet, that is...

The man whispered the the woman, "Keep the change..." Before walking away.

The boy who saved me from before grabbed my hand, and followed the man silently, hoping over the dead man in the alleyway...

There was a lot of grabbing going on...

I didn't know where we were, but I was glad to have someone to hold onto, whatever those scientists gave me still hurt, I just didn't notice it from the adrenaline running through my body when I was falling and running from crazy (not to mention perverted) shopkeepers.

The boy seemed to notice this, and turned to me slightly, "Are you okay...?"

The man stopped once he heard that sentence, and turned around, a frown on his face when he saw me. "Shion... You do realise that she isn't some stray cat you can pick up from the street! Why would you bring her along? She's only going to slow us down!"

"But Nezumi! She's just a little girl!"

At that, I kicked his shin. "I'm not a little girl! I'm fifteen!" I yelled, then clutched his arm, my legs feeling wobbly. "There goes the adrenaline..." I whispered to myself.

"Found ya!" A burly man with a beard said, cracking his knuckles. There was a man slightly behind him, with his hair greased back. "Thought that little stunt would count as payment?"

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." I whined, which gained his attention.

"Oh?" He walked up to us, and leant in like the shopkeeper did, a hand to his chin as he inspected me. "This chick isn't half bad..."

"Half bad? She looks like she's an... whadya call 'em... idol!" The greaser smirked, "Give us a little service and we'll call it even." He went to hold and caress my cheek when Nezumi whacked it away, before punching the greaser, and turning on his heel to kick the bearded man.

"Run!" Nezumi yelled, speeding off ahead of Shion and I. Shion held my hand again, and we followed Nezumi, though I kept tripping, which made it harder to keep up. I looked back, hearing the greaser and bearded man yell at us to come back.

We made it all the way to a more structured area, the buildings here taller than at the market area from before, some were even skyscrapers, standing tall. There were a less amount of people here, and there were definitely no cars in sight! The whole place was man made, no trees or plants to be found...

Shion and I were panting to catch our breath, while Nezumi looked amused, until he realised I was with them... again...

"Shion... Why do you keep bringing her?" He asked, pointing at me. "You could have left her with those guys and your debt would have been paid!"

"But Nezumi, that's so mean!"

"Also..." I breathed in deeply, "isn't it your debt?"

He just grunted in annoyance, then turned to Shion, "She's your responsibility now."


Why don't I have a say in this?

"Well... guess you saved us again," Shion chuckled, "you talk about her like she's annoying when you saved her twice."

Nezumi turned his gaze towards Shion's, and shrugged, "Sorry, but I was saving myself." He stepped away from the wall he was leaning against, and looked up towards the building looming next to us. "At any rate, we're here."

Shion and I followed Nezumi's gaze, our heads cranked up to see the top of the building. It had cracks here and there, stains and marks from things I'd rather not know are from. Some of the windows were broken, others had their blinds shut and the lights off. All and all, it looked like something you'd see in an apocalypse movie...

Seeing as the elevators were broken, we had to take the stairs... Oh what joy... I was huffing and puffing, and I swear I could have been the next 'Big Bad Wolf' from The Three Little Pigs, all the way to the top.

"What's wrong with you?" Nezumi asked, quirking an eyebrow at me.

"First..." Gasp. "World..." Gasp. "Child..." Gasp.

He nodded.

When we finally made it to our destination, I was thanking every godly deity I knew of, before I heard sounds that made me think there was a murder being committed in the room we were heading to. God damnit! Or Satan bless it! Either all...

We barged in, finding a screaming woman in nothing but her bra and underwear straddling a man and holding a knife, that was about to meet the old man's heart...

"Help me!" The man yelled once he saw us, gasping for breath.

"ARRRRR!" The woman yelled, "YOU LOWDOWN-"

Nezumi stepped in, taking the knife away from the woman and pulling her away from the old man. He seemed to be grateful, as he gently massaged his throat and sat up on the floor. Shion and I went over to him, making sure he was okay.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" The woman yelled out at Nezumi, struggling to get free.

"It's very dangerous to be swinging something like that around, ma'am." Nezumi said, kicking the knife towards us. I quickly picked it up and put it in my bag, not wanting the woman to find it and stab everyone to death... thirty seven times in the chest...

"LEAVE US ALONE!" The woman yelled, thrashing around.

"Um... Are you Rikiga-san...?" Shion asked as the woman continued to scream and make our ears bleed. "You used to be employed at a newspaper in Latch Building...?"

"Yeah, that's him." The woman began to smile sinisterly, I guess hoping we would kill him... "That's the name of the lazy, good-for-nothing! He used to be a reporter, but now he's the owner of a crappy porno rag looking to turn a profit for his booze!"

"You're the one that pitched a fit, because this 'good-for-nothing' wanted to break up with you!"

"I feel like Taylor Swift could turn this into a song..." I mumbled to myself.

The woman's eye twitched visibly, oh dear babah-jebus, nothing will save us now... "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SAID YOU WANTED TO GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE!"

The old geezer turned his gaze away from the woman, "Well... like I said, some things came up and now I can't."

The woman's face turned red with rage as she continued to yell the older man's ear off, she didn't seem to notice Nezumi leave her side and walk up to the older man.

"Father?? Is she going to be our new mother??" Nezumi's face was bright and excited, and I'm pretty sure I saw doki-doki/moe flowers around him.

The woman's face fell with realisation, "Fa... ther...?" She mumbled out, eyes as wide as saucers.

"Yup! We're his children!" He turned to Shion and I, "Right, Otouto (2), Imouto (3)!"

It took me a second, but I quickly recovered, "Hai (4), Onii-san!" And gave the woman a bright smile.

Thank god it was compulsorily to do all subjects for junior high schoolers back home, including drama... because otherwise I'd have sounded like I belonged inside a computer with a monotone voice.

The old man coughed, "Indeed, these are my children!" He coughed again, "And I've got to take them in now, so..."

"It's because our mother died, we had to travel a long way to get here you see, and will need a place to stay at." I looked down, thinking of Nagisa and Ushio and pretty much every anime Key Animations has made, making tears appear in my eyes, "It was her last wish for us to all see Papa again..."

The woman seemed taken back, and blinked slightly, tears in her eyes.

"Anyways, life's gonna get tougher now is all... And I wouldn't want to cause you trouble..." The old man said, nodding his head up and down slightly.

"I... I see..." The woman got up and took her jacket, "Then I suppose I'll break up with you. I'd rather not get involved with a middle aged man with kids anyways..." She ran off, yelling, "See ya! It was fun while it lasted!" And closed the door.

I sighed, that was intense...

"Geez..." The old man chuckled as he looked around the small apartment, "she really did a number on this place..." He turned towards Nezumi, a slight smile on his face, "You really helped me out. First. let me give you my thanks." As he got up, he continued, "But I can't say it was an act befitting a star of the stage, Eve."

"Oh...?" Nezumi questioned, "So you know me then?"

"I'm a fan!"

I was half tempted to cough out 'boy'...

"Eve? Is that your real name?" Shion asked, walking up to Nezumi.

"Hardly. It's my stage name." Nezumi replied.

Shion's eyes were wide as he continued, getting closer to Nezumi. "Then that! That means you're an actor of som-"

Before he could continue and attack Nezumi with more questions, Nezumi pushed his face away, his gaze locked onto Rikiga's. "I don't suppose you know a woman by the name of Karan?"

"Hm?" Rikiga turned to look at Shion, and walked up to him. "Karan...? You know Karan?" He flapped his arms around like a bird, almost animatedly, "You guys know Karan?"

"... She's my mother..." Shion said, making Rikiga's mouth practically drop to the floor. "I'm Shion, I'm Karan's son..."

He walked up to Shion, and held his face while he leant in, getting a better look. It was obvious that Shion wasn't comfortable with the close proximity Rikiga was to him. "I can see the resemblance..."

"Come this way!" Rikiga said, using a fingerprint system to open a secret door. He started asking us if we were hungry and what we wanted to eat or drink, ushering us in.

The room looked like it came from a mansion, with nice decorative plates and flowers that weren't dead. There was carpet under my feet, as well as an intricate looking rug. There was a coffee table between two lounge chairs, as well! I couldn't help but stare in awe!

Rikiga turned to look at me, "What about you?!"

"Huh...?" I asked.

"You two look exactly like each other!"

"Oh... Um... That's just coincidence, we met today..." I freaked out, not liking confrontation and just wanting to sit down and have a nice cup of tea wrapped up in a thick blanket like a Bellanie burrito of some kind with a good book in my hand... whilst it rained down in thick sheets... 

(I think I just described heaven...)

"Oh..." He fetched us some tea, which was nice and warm, and went well with the pie he served.

"So... How does a guy like you know my mother?" Shion asked, leaning into the seat more in interest.

Rikiga began to cry as he looked at the letter Shion had, mumbling about how Shion's mother hadn't forgotten him. It touched my heart and I couldn't help but smile slightly as I watched him.

"You two were close?" Nezumi inquired, crossing his arms and leaning back into the couch.

Rikiga turned his head down, blushing slightly, "She turned me down when I asked her out..."

I giggled at the way he said that, trying to hide my amusement, however Nezumi didn't and laughed out loud. "That's not surprising..."

"You have a sharp tongue, Eve, better watch it."

"Just answer Shion's questions..." Nezumi glared back.

Rikiga handed Shion and Nezumi a picture, it had a man and woman standing next to each other. It was obvious that it was old, with the photo fading and the edges crinkled, but it was also obvious that it was taken care of.

"That's Karan and me." Rikiga said as Shion and Nezumi leant in, taking a better look at the picture. "She was still a student when she came to see me about a column I'd written."

This little bit of forgotten information sparked my interest. "Column?"

He nodded his head, "It was on No.6..." Rikiga explained. "No.6 had already begun to change by the time I had become a reporter..."

Rikiga began explaining about how he doubted the city was going to become a utopia, the strict rules, it was beginning to sound like the world the character I'd become lived in. Maybe I should change a few things...?

"Hope my ass!" Rikiga said, bringing me out of my reverie, "I'm sick and tired of hearing about the Holy City!"

"But can you say you aren't like that city at all?"

"Damnit Eve! There was no bigger fan of yours than me!" Rikiga yelled, glaring at Nezumi.

"Past tense?" Nezumi asked, tilting his head to the side a bit with a knowing smile on his lips like he enjoyed crushing the expectations people had of him.

"I'm not anymore," Rikiga sat on the seat on the other side of the coffee table, "You turned out to be an arrogant prick, I lost interest."

"Cynical much, old man?" Nezumi chuckled slightly, "But then again you won't get much with just lip service. A nice room like this and tasty food are hard to come by... I can't imagine you'd be able to afford it selling a few copies of dirty magazines..."

"What are you implying?" Rikiga asked, meeting Nezumi's gaze head on.

"You've found a nice alternative income, right?" Nezumi looked around the room, nodding, "I heard No.6 officials slip through, and you're pimping out girls to horny little No.6 officials." He smirked.

"Who told you that...?" Rikiga's gaze was dark, this was leading to something bad...

"A little dog, I suppose..." Nezumi said, shrugging. "You have a good eye for business. The people in No.6 need to go down and release. End result? You get to live in luxury."

Rikiga smirked, "You want a piece?"


"No.6 is an awfully dull place, no beggars or whores allowed in." Rikiga explained, his smirk widening with each word that slipped past his mouth. "So they all come here to spread their wings a bit. They can have a good time with my girls, even find happiness reaffirming that they lived a privileged life."

"They enjoy themselves a bit, and then go back to their dull lives. But their limit knows no desires!" Rikiga laughed, "They keep piling on more requests!"

I turned to Shion slightly, he wasn't looking to good...

And then...

"I'm sure you could make quite the profit!"

All hell broke loose...

Chapter Text

"You want me to whore myself out to your clients?" Nezumi asked, chuckling at the mere idea of it.

"Their appetites know no bounds..." Rikiga simply replied in turn, smirking at the boy haughtily like he had caught him in a mouse trap.

I turned to look at Shion, whose eyes were wide in silent horror and rage as they locked onto their next victim, his shoulders shaking though the others didn't say a thing as they were too busy insulting each other to notice the shit storm brewing within the boy. His fists clenched and unclenched repeatedly, his knuckles turning as white as his hair. Aw shit... This wasn't going to turn out good if the conversation continued on any longer... As I was about to cut in and stop the conversation, Rikiga signed his death certificate with his next idiotic comment...

"No need to act all pure and innocent."

I wasn't able to get a hold of Shion in time, as he pounced on Rikiga and started choking him out of rage and anger. It was pretty much the scene from before, where Shion was Rikiga's ex and started hitting him with with a cup, only Shion looked terrifying right now... As much as I wanted to step away from Shion's range, Nezumi and I struggled to pull Shion off of Rikiga, calming him down.

"That's enough, Shion!" Nezumi said, holding him back.

"Calm down!" I said in a soft voice, standing in front of Rikiga, "He's definitely sorry! Okay! Super sorry! So you can calm down now."


The niveous boy blinked, finally snapping out of his fit of rage. I sighed from relief, along with Nezumi, as we realised Shion seem relatively fine now. He turned towards Nezumi, glaring at him.

"Why?!" He suddenly yelled, "Why aren't you angry?!"

"Angry?" Nezumi asked, quirking an eyebrow and earning a nod from Shion, "If I let stuff like that get to me, I'd be pissed 27/7." Nezumi said with an annoyed sigh as he moved his arms from their pacifying gestures to cross over his chest.

That didn't seem to be the right answer for Shion, his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion, he looked so upset to hear a reason like that. The boy breathed in deeply and yelled out angrily, "Idiot!"

"Why am I the idiot?" Nezumi said, not expecting a reaction like that at all.

"You're an idiot! He wasn't just teasing you! So don't say you're used to it!" Shion said, tears forming in his eyes from frustration.

"Shion..." I said, my shoulders slumping down, it was breaking my heart to see him crying like that...

"Geez Shion, don't cry!" Nezumi said, obviously not knowing how to deal with a crying Shion. Oh this gives me an idea for a story... Heheheh... "Let's go home..."

At this, I was slightly confused, I couldn't exactly say, 'what about me'? That'd not only be rude but also self centered! They didn't explicitly say I was allowed to tag along, did they? Oh god! What was I gonna do if they didn't take me along with them? I had no money or connections! I'd never had a job, so I had no experience in a working field! I have nothing to eat. I had no home to go to! Hell! I didn't even know how to get home, or where I was for that matter... Was I going to have to sell my body out to make money and ends meet? Oh god! No! No no no no no! I didn't want to live like that! This's gotta be a dream, right? A horrible dream that I'll wake up from any moment now!


When I didn't walk out with them due to my anxiety, Shion turned towards me.

"Aren't you coming...?" He asked, making me brighten instantly! The fear of what I'd have to do to survive in this world.

I nodded, my anxiety melting like candied honey as it left my body, "Coming!" I said a little too quickly for my tastes.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Rikiga said, turning towards us, "You looked just like Karan when she'd get mad!" He had a desperate look in his eyes, "Let me take care of you! I'm sure Karan would want it to be that way!"

We turned towards him, looking at him with pity, before we actually saw what had happened to the room... The table was turned onto its side from Shion flipping it in his rage, the lounge chair Nezumi, Shion, and I were sitting on was on its back as well, most likely from us jumping up so quickly to get Shion off of Rikiga.

Shion sighed, a look of guilt laced in his eyes, then started cleaning the place up. Both Shion and Nezumi put the chair back and the table up right, whilst I picked up the broken shards and pieces of the plates that had fallen due to Shions rage. It hadn't been too long into us cleaning the room that Shion had found a picture of a group of people. We all gathered around the picture, curious to get a look at it. Rikiga sighed with fondness and longing, you could tell how old the man was within that moment.

"That was the last photo of me in No.6..." He explained, a soft and subtle smile graced the features of his face, the man breathed in deeply and exhaled through his mouth heavily.

"Who's this man?" Nezumi asked, pointing to one in a lab coat and glasses, his voice cold.

"Huh? Who was he...." Rikiga started, pondering on the thought as he held onto his chin. "I think he mentioned being in the biology research institution...?" Rikiga explained, feeling a little doubtful in his answer. "Why? You know him, Eve?"

"I think so..."

"How?" Shion asked, looking at Nezumi with wonder and concern.

"He's the man that named me..." His voice was devoid of emotion, but there was an underlining of... something that was foreign, and most certainly not a good foreign. I just couldn't put my finger on it...

He walked away before we could question him any further....

Shion had been badgering and pestering Nezumi on the way to their place nonstop, his relentless assault of questions made me realise why Nezumi would be constantly annoyed by them. Shion was exactly like a two year old watching a movie and asking 'why' with each action and decision the characters made. At first it was cute, but after awhile it got a bit annoying...

"How long have you been living here?" Shion continued as we walked down the stairs to enter their place, "You weren't raised here, right? Where were you born...?"

Nezumi turned towards Shion, glaring at him slightly with annoyance.

"Ah... I'm sorry..."

"If you plan on hanging around for a while, do something about that nosiness." Nezumi said, walking inside. "It's pissing me off how you have to stick your nose into anything and everything."

"I'm not being nosy!" Shion explained, "I'm just curious!"

"That's called being nosy!"

Shion was about to retort with something, and as much as I wanted to watch these two fight like an old married couple, it was raining, and I was freezing in my mini skirt!

"Let's go inside! It's cold, so let's eat something to warm up! How about I cook?" I asked, even though all I knew how to cook was one pot stew...

I should probably do something about my limited knowledge in cooking...

Nezumi nodded and we walked in, the small room looking quant. There was a dusty chair sitting next to a little pot to cook with, a couch with an old and worn blanket thrown over it and a small pillow. Against the wall was a bed with a pillow and blanket, it looked extremely comfortable! There was a piano next to us against the wall, as well as a stool to use when playing. I'd definitely play it later! But what got me was the miniature library Nezumi had.

Upon spotting the wide range and assortment of books, I rushed in, kicking the nonexistent dirt off the ground and scaring the little mice away from my path, running my hand over the spines of the books in their little library! It was definitely small, and had room to grow, my family definitely had more books, seeing as our library took up most of our living room. Nezumi and Shion had so many books, some classics like The Magic Faraway Tree or The Wishing Chair and some a little more modern like Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo and even Dorothy Must Die! And then my eyes spotted Romeo and Juliet.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." I mumbled, looking at the offending book, or rather play, in disdain.

It wasn't anything personal, it was just... I don't think being introduced to Shakespeare in a high school setting was the best way to do so. The unit was boring, Romeo was just plain creepy, and who the fuck in their right mind recommends faking your death to a prepubescent girl so that she can be with her 'one true love'...? By the way, they decide to get married the second time they meet.

Fucking Twilight was a better love story than Romeo and Juliet.

"Something not to your liking, ohime-sama (1)?" Nezumi asked, mocking me.

"I get Shakespearean plays and pieces are classic, and I respect that, but I kinda wish his stories would just die like him..."

"Oh really? You're probably jealous because you can't even string an articulate sentence or even write a story that would entertain children."

Shots fired.

Shots were definitely fired.

Before I could clip him up the side of his head, an idea popped up in my head. "I ran up the stair case in the house, taking two at a time, desperately hiding from him. My heart thumping in my chest loudly, to the point I thought he would hear..." I started, thinking off the top of my head. "Hiding in the closet, I held my breath, hearing him walk into the room I was in."

"The floorboards squeaked under his weight, and I heard him walk up to my hiding spot. Calming my raging heart, I jumped out and slashed him with my knife, laughing hysterically as he cried. The police were too late when they came."

"So you can talk the talk and walk the walk..." Nezumi said, looking slightly amused and surprised.

"That was amazing! How did you do that- wait... we don't even know your name!" Shion said, eyes widening at his rudeness.

"It's, erm..." I stopped myself from saying my real name, and brought the bracelet on my arm up in my line of sight. What if No.6 was in on this too? If I said my real name, they could find Nezumi and Shion, and I'm sure they'd be killed... "Call me Iroha... Or Iro for short." I said, looking up at the two of them. They had somehow changed how I looked to look like the character, so I might as well and call myself that...

"What's with the bag, by the way." Nezumi asked, nodding towards it, "You attract so much attention with it."

I looked down at the bag I'd been holding ever since the scientists gave it to me. It was cute, definitely cute! It was pink, and had a handle to hold at the top, that I'd been holding all this time, and what looked like detachable handle to turn it into a shoulder bag. There were frills made out of a leather material, and to open the bag to had to undo the buckles on it that were shaped into hearts.

How I hadn't noticed the bag was beyond me...

"They just gave it to me..." I explained, there was no other way to explain without telling the truth. "I didn't really have a choice in the matter..."

"Who gave you the bag?" Shion asked, taking a step closer to me.

I turned my gaze up, my expression serious. "Shion, Nezumi, what would you do if I told you I'm from the future?" I asked, getting ready to answer the quick fire questions Shion had for me. They looked at each other, concern and confusion lacing their expressions.

"How far into the future?" Shion asked, turning to look at me again.

"Only a few years." I replied. It was the truth. Technically...

"How's No.6?" Nezumi asked, "Is it gone, or still standing?" It was obvious that he wanted to know if his enemy was alive, or if his efforts in destroying No.6 would be fruitless.

"What are you talking about, there is no such thing as No.6, the Holy City, in the future, though there is a book on it. I'm reading it." I said, recalling that I had the light novel on my wattpad account. If I was being completely honest, I started reading it when I found out that Shion and Nezumi do the frickle frack in it... am I a bad person because of that...?

"How different is the future to now?" Shion asked, sitting in the old chair.

"Our technology isn't as advanced as it is in No.6." I began to explain. "Where I'm from, we have countries and the cities aren't corrupt. We're free to leave the country, and are able to contact others without worrying the government is watching our every more."

"I live in a place before No.6."

They stared at me with shock, seeming confused.

"What if..." I paused and took a deep breath. "What if I told you you were fictional?" I finished.

Chapter Text

They both stared at me for the longest time, none of us saying anything at all. The tension was high, to the point where we were drowning in it, you'd be able to cut it with a butterknife. It was like time had frozen, and not in the 'Let it go' sense... Nobody said a thing, letting the information sink in.

Nezumi snickered, breaking said silence and gaining both Shion and myself's attention, before it grew into a full on hysterical and insane laughter, where he was hitting the couch he sat on, desperately gasping for air as his face began to turn red. "That's gold!" Nezumi said, gasping again, "You'd get a job at the theatre with that act!"

"Nezumi..." Shion started, turning to the mouse boy, his tone was that of a wife who was trying to shut up their husband. "This's serious!"

"Don't pour water on me again!" Nezumi said through his laughter!

I ship it...!

"You're insane if you think I'd believe you!" Nezumi continued, falling on his side and hitting the couch even more. He finally stopped, his laughter dying down, then walked out the door, grabbing his jacket and scarf, snickering every now and then, leaving Shion and I to stare at the closed door he left from.

The two of us blinked from complete and utter shock.


After a while, I snapped out of the afore mentioned shock, and was finally able to speak. "He thinks I'm insane... doesn't he...?" I mumbled to myself, rubbing my face and sitting on the old bed. It creaked from my weight. "Finally, someone realised I was..." I joked more towards me than anyone else, chuckling slightly to myself. It was funny to me, okay!

Shion turned towards me, concern lacing his expression, "Are you alright?" He asked, walking up to me and sitting next to me.

I brought my face away from my hands, looking up at the niveous haired boy, before nodding with a sigh, a small smile gracing the features of my face, "I'm fine. Actually, I'm surprised you even believe me." I said, standing up and going to rummage through the food Nezumi and Shion had, going about my way to cook one pot stew.

"When I was a student they made us study everything until we were twelve, from then on we would have been allowed to choose what we wanted to study." Shion explained, "One of the things I studied when I was about eight was space and time, and it was hinted at that there were other dimensions, so it's not that hard to believe."

I nodded, "The 'Other Worlds Theory', right?"

Shion hummed, "Yeah, that's the one."

Finally finding some meat and veggies to cook with, I turned towards the coffee table to place them on, they were obviously on a plate. "You're not gonna ask a lot of questions?" I asked, turning to Shion for a moment, before going to cut some carrots.

"I have so many, I don't know what to ask..." Shion chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck with a sheepish smile.

"How about the one that's nagging you the most?" I asked, putting the meat in the pot, letting it brown for a bit, before adding onions.

By the time Nezumi came back, I'd answered nearly all of Shion's questions and explained I was an aspiring writer, and that there were probably others like me out there. I told him the exact differences between my reality and his, from the history to cultural norms and current events that were happening. He seemed really interested, and when Nezumi stepped through Shion asked his final question.

"Why are you here?"

Nezumi closed the door rather loudly when Shion finished.

I looked down, gathering my thoughts and figuring a way to answer, and breathed in some courage, "I went to a Teen Writers Camp, and the company hosting it lied to the group I was in, telling us they were going to publish our work, but..." I breathed in shakily, "it turns out we were just part of their twisted experiments..."

"And what's worse, my family don't know, I haven't been able to contact them yet, and they won't recognize me! I look like the first character I created now...!" My knuckles were white by the time I'd finished, I was desperately trying to keep the tears in. I hated crying... it made me feel weak and horrible, and I hated how my throat hurt as well!

Shion rubbed my back in a soothing manner, telling me it would be okay. I finally calmed down, luckily without shedding any tears. Shion turned towards Nezumi, and stood up, a serious expression placed on his face, "Nezumi, I really think you should listen to Iro's explanation!" He encouraged, "I know you'll believe her!"

Nezumi looked towards me for a moment, then turned to Shion again, "Like I'd believe an insane person."

I was about to retort something back at him, when a syringe landed in my hands, making me blink as I looked at it. The liquids hue would change, first red, then going through different colours until it turned purple, and did so for other colours. I shivered at the horrid, frightening, and fresh memory of having something exactly like that sticking in my skin, not to mention multiple times! Vaccinations are gonna be so much fun when I get back home.

... if I get back home...

I was about to throw it away, when there was a buzzing coming from my bag. It continued, and sounded familiar, before stopping for a few seconds and starting again. This happened until I realised why that sound was familiar, and I went searching through the bag. I found it weird that things like electric guitars, katanas, my laptop, a mirror, and other things that were seriously weird were inside it, or even able to be held in it, considering the bag was tiny, but finally found my phone! I didn't check the caller ID and just answered the stupid thing.

"Hello?" I asked, my voice desperate. This could be my last hope and chance to get back home!

"Ah! Seems I've finally found the right number..." A woman's voice said, laughing slightly, I could hear her smirk on the other line. "Remember me?"

My eyes widened when I realised who she was. "You're the..."

"Put the phone on speaker, so we can prove you aren't entirely insane." The woman said, waiting for me to do as told. Once I had, I placed my phone on the worn out coffee table, along with the syringe, and the woman started talking. "So, Nezumi, was it? Let me get this straight..." She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts, "You're saying that my experiment is insane?"

"Experiment...?" He whispered, as if testing the word. It seemed awkward, the way Nezumi said experiment, I couldn't really explain why though. It just... was?

"Yes, experiment." She finalised, I imagine she nodded. "My name's Selina, and no, I wasn't a teenage witch. I'm the one who brought the writer to your world." I heard her walking around, it sounded like she had high heels on, and then started typing something on a computer, before something that sounded like a printer started doing whatever it was programmed to do, I couldn't tell if it was copying or printing...

"So let me get this straight." Nezumi said, sitting on the couch and leaning towards the phone slightly, "You're wanting to tell me that I'm a fictional character?"

"Well... to me, yes." Selina said, "The author that 'created' you just had a vision into your world. Things like books, movies even, are just visions into another world that could have been ours, and the people that write or share their visions just call their visions book and/or movies."

"My scientific team just discovered this, and realised that some authors, if the right D.N.A is awakened and, if need be, changed slightly, are able to, quite literally, turn into their characters, no matter the gender. They'd become the ultimate weapon, we'd be able to stop wars with these kids! Get help to those in dire need of it! The camp was just a setup to test and see who were capable to do this, and the girl before you has just transformed into one of her many characters."

More typing was heard, then Selina sipping at what I presumed was coffee, "God I need a holiday..." She groaned out. "Ugh... I think I'm coming down with a cold..."

"I wish I could bitch slap you..." I mumbled, my fingers twitching slightly at the urge. This woman forced me to take part in her experiments, turned me into my character, all without my permission, and this bitch was complaining about coming down with a goddamn, mother fucking cold?

"I heard that." Selina said, "Anyway, the contents in that syringe need to be in your body sooner rather than later, or you'll die Be-"

"Iro!" I shouted, cutting her off.

"Whatever, 'Iro', as I was saying, if you don't, you're gonna die, painfully might I add." Selina explained to me, "The medicine in the syringe will make your body stable, and able to take the changes your body will take on."

I looked at the syringe, cringing at the thought as I bit my lip, I seriously didn't want to do this, and I had a good reason to not want to as well. I sighed, and picked it up.

"Put the syringe up to your neck, it'll be easier to get the medicine into your bloodstream." Selina advised, it sounded like she was stacking paper on her side.

I held the syringe up to my neck, getting ready to put whatever was inside it in my bloodstream, my hand shaking to the point I thought I'd miss. I finally inserted the needle of the syringe, flinching at the pain, and slowly pushed the plunger to put the chemicals in my body, my eyes stinging from unshed tears and a burning pain in them. I pulled the syringe away once the content was in my body, and opened my eyes that I hadn't noticed were closed so tightly.

"What's the colour of her eyes?" Selina asked.

"They're going through different colours..." Shion said in awe, making me blink at him.

Uhh... What?

"Now they're red." Nezumi said, "Iro and Shion could be siblings, they look so alike."

"Good, that's what the information says on my screen..." Selina said, "Oh, and Shion, before you ask, when it does happen, Iro, the character, has eyes that change when she wants them to."

"What do you mean...?" Shion asked from confusion, though that made sense, my characters were complex and an explanation like that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg.

"Iro...?" Selina said, sighing.

"It's just something that tells others that're like her what she is." I explained as I played with my nails, blushing a bright red. I'd always get embarrassed when I talked about my stories, I couldn't help it... "She's supposed to be a shapeshifter."

"Oh..." Shion said, looking down.

"Hmm... I feel like I'm forgetting something that I need to tell you..." Selina mumbled, tapping her nails on a hard surface. "Whatever! I would remember if it was important!"

"If this has to do with me then I'm guessing it's important!" I exclaimed, glaring at my phone.

"I'm getting a bit of hostility over here, so could you just take it back a notch?" She mocked.

"Well, as much fun this was, I need to get going. There's a lot more research to be done, and I need to make your new medicine, too." Selina said, it sounded like she stood up. "See ya!"

And with that, she hung up on us...

My eyes traveled over to Nezumi, "Believe me now?" I asked, leaning in closer, and taking my phone, turning it off and putting it in my bag.

"Um... yeah..." Nezumi said, looking away.

I turned my attention to the stew, Shion and I had left it to simmer and cook for a bit, though it seemed ready now. I smiled to myself and walked over to it, the stinging in my eyes fading away, and lifted the lid from the pot, breathing in the delicious smells.

"So..." I started, "who wants dinner?"

Chapter Text

Shion and I were washing the dogs, thoroughly might I add, while Inukashi kept yelling at us. Though I'm grateful she- um I mean he let me help out and gave me a job myself, though the closest thing I got to washing a dog was washing my nintendog when I was little.

I was a terrible Nintendogs owner...

"Wash faster, damnit! There's still a bunch of dogs left!" Inukashi yelled, annoying me. "You're both spending forever on one dog! The sun'll set before you even finish half!"

"We're washing the dogs as fast as we can, idiot!" I yelled, pointing to the great dane I had just finished drying.

"Don't call me an idiot! I'm your boss!" He yelled, pointing his thumb to himself.

"But you rent these dogs as blankets, right?" Shion asked, washing a huge dog that had fallen asleep. "So we should be sure they're clean!"

I started washing another dog, only this time smaller, I think a long haired chihuahua, and splashed it with a bucket of water, which made it run away. I chased after it, diving to catch it. Thank god Inukashi gave me some clothes to wear while washing the dogs, otherwise my clothes would have been ruined! I carried the chihuahua with me to where Shion was, and rubbed the chihuahua with soapy water until it looked like an ugly drowned rat.

"It doesn't matter! Just half ass it! It'll be fine." Inukashi exclaimed, waving Shion's suggestion away. "My customers are all as dirty as strays themselves."

"You shouldn't talk about your customers like that." Shion said, rubbing the dog he had been washing dry before letting it walk off.

"What are you?" Inukashi asked.

"Your mum." I answered, laughing.

"How'd you know what I was gonna say?" Inukashi asked, staring at me intensely. The onomatopoeia chii showing up in big bright hiragana letters? Sounds? Either way, I stared at it back, dubiously.

"Um... because I'm immature and like replying to things with 'your mum' or 'your face'." I said, saying it slowly since I was kinda confused... Why would you ask that?

We continued washing the dogs in silence, Shion and I washing them properly, while Inukashi just watched us. He kept staring at Shion, though seeming to be slightly absent minded, like he was thinking about something really hard. After a while I started humming, the silence was killing me.

Finally, Inukashi spoke up. "Why?"

Shion and I looked up at Inukashi, confused. What was he asking about? Inukashi turned and looked Shion straight in the eyes, his own serious. "Why shouldn't I badmouth my customers?"

"Because they're human, like us."

Inukashi's eyes widened for a bit, before he started laughing hysterically, making some of the sleeping dogs wake up. "Human?" He laughed out, "You seriously believe that Shion? I've never heard anyone say that before!" Inukashi walked up to us, specifically in front of Shion. "Then my dirty customers and the brats that come scoop water from here are the same as us?" Inukashi asked.

"That's right." Shion said, looking dead serious.

"You're the same as me?"

"That's right." Shion nodded.

"The people in No.6 are the same as us?" Inukashi asked in a condescending way, not seeming to believe Shion thinking we were all the same.

"That's right."

Inukashi glared darkly at Shion for a bit, studying his body language to gage if the niveous haired boy was lying about his opinion on the matter, before sighing and walking away.

"You're done for."

He hopped up onto the frame of a building, swinging his legs back and forth.

Shion looked up at where Inukashi was sat, wiping some sweat away from his forehead, "Huh?"

Inukashi sighed, leaning on his right arm a little, "I can't wrap my mind around why Nezumi puts up with you..." He turned his gaze up, looking at the sky. "Naive idiots who are all lip service... Nezumi can't stand those..." Inukashi said, turning to lock his gaze on Shion's. Then turned his gaze to me. "Not to mention pampered princesses..."

"I didn't choose the impractical outfit, it was given to me." I explained as I started washing another dog, bringing my hands up to protect my face from the foam and soapy water the dog was shaking everywhere.

"Oh... and what about that bracelet? You refused to take it off!" Inukashi jabbed, pointing to the thick piece of... well, whatever the thing was made of.

I looked down at it for a second, "It's not that I don't want to take it off, I just can't." I explained, meeting Inukashi's gaze.

"Oh yeah? How come?" He sneered, glaring at me.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at him, he was such an annoying brat sometimes. In all honesty, I had no idea how I was gonna explain it was literally impossible for me to take the stupid thing off.

'Yes, well this weird ass lady said she'd make me a writer and I got tricked into having this (forcefully) put on my wrist and it, like, is stuck in my skin!'

Yes, that'll go down well.

"Um... Let's just say I was tricked into putting it on."

He looked at me like I was an idiot, knowing full and well that wasn't the whole story. He grunted in return, crossing his arms over his chest like a child having a temper tantrum.

It was another while until any of us spoke again, and I could tell Shion was practically dying to ask a question, more specifically about Nezumi. He was more distracted and wasn't paying as much attention and care he was before while washing the dogs. It was bugging him, to say the least.

"How long have you and Nezumi been friends?" Shion turned towards Inukashi, who stared at him for a moment.

Another passed before Inukashi started cracking up, laughing! "Friends? What a load of shit! Only an idiot would want to be friends with that heartless bastard!" He exclaimed. "He only comes around when he wants information! I give it to him and he pays me. That's all." Inukashi turned to look at Shion, then turned his gaze for a bit, blinking a few times and then sighing.

"Well... I sometimes have him sing for me." He turned his gaze to avoid Shion's as a blush began spreading across his cheeks from embarrassment.

Shion looked up at him curiously, batting his eyes a few times. He shifted in his seat, sitting crossed legged. "Sing?" He asked, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"When one of the dogs dies..." Inukashi started, rubbing the back of his head, "It's fine if I wake up one morning and they've drifted off in the night. But for those that are suffering from sickness or wounds..." Inukashi sighed softly, sadness lacing his voice as tears welled in his eyes. "It's tough." He shrugged his shoulders.

"In cases like that, I have him sing to them. I dunno the name of the song... but it's kind of like... how can I put it...? I'm not sure, it's just..." Inukashi sighed again, seeming to give up.

"What would you compare it to?" Shion asked, smiling up at Inukashi, shocking the young man.


"His song! His voice!" Shion explained, smiling brightly like the sun, "What would you compare it to?"

I turned my gaze from Shion to Inukashi, watching his reactions. He seemed to think about for a second, then a small smile graced the features of his face as he looked out to the horizon and pointed out to it. "The wind... The wind... blowing from far away..." Inukashi said, bring his hand back towards him. "His song carries off souls that are struggling, unable to move on... Like a wind scattering flowers... He frees the soul from its mortal confines..."

"Sort of poetic in a way..."

"No matter how much pain they're in, any dog that hears his voice will close its eyes and grow quiet, but the quietness only means they're no longer breathing." Inukashi explained, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Like the wind...?" Shion repeated, looking down for a bit, a frown on his face as he pondered on the thought.

Inukashi crouched down and started patting one of the dogs close to him. "That's what happened when my mother died..."

"Your mother's dead?"

"She was a dog."

Shion gasped quietly, his eyes widening slightly in surprise.

"A dog raised me..." Inukashi started, lightly scratching a dog's snout, "as a baby, I was abandoned here, but my mother kept me warm through the cold night... fed me her milk like I was her own..." Inukashi smiled warmly as he remembered his mother.

"But she was a dirty mutt!"

I turned around and saw Nezumi sitting on some rubble like it was his throne and he was an almighty king, his smirk ever present as he jumped down. I stood up and walked up to him, I might be smaller in size, but that didn't mean I was afraid to speak my mind.

"Say that again." I dared, glaring up at Nezumi.

He quirked an eyebrow up, then laughed in my face, "She was a dirty mu-"

He never got to finish his sentence as he collapsed to the ground, holding his sides and stopping himself cry like a little bitch from me kicking him where the sun doesn't shine.

There are so many perk to being a midget.

"Oh that felt so good!" I exclaimed, laughing as Nezumi glared up at me from the ground.

He sweeped around, knocking my feet out from under me, and I gasped as I fell to the ground, screaming like a little girl and landing on my back. I groaned from the pain, hearing Nezumi laugh at me, before he turned his gaze from me to Inukashi.

He sauntered up to where we were washing the dogs, his hands stuffed far in his jacket pockets. Inukashi, seeming to still be mad at Nezumi, stood up and glared at him. "What was that about me mother?!"

"Don't get so mad." Nezumi said, "or kick me, apparently midgets are good at that..." He added as an afterthought.

"It's because we're the perfect height!" I called out, unable to keep my comment to myself.

"What's going on here, anyway? Telling Mr. Oblivious and Little Miss Princess your life story?" Nezumi asked as he cocked his head to the side, "That isn't like you."

"Why're you here anyway? If you're here to pick up Shion and Iro, you're early." Inukashi smirked, pointing at Nezumi with an accusing finger. "Don't tell me you got worried about them!" He chuckled.

"Pick them up? Don't make me laugh!" Nezumi assured, "I was only checking to see if they were any help to your fine establishment." He continued, adding emphasis for 'fine'.

He finally stopped walking as he stood in front of Inukashi.

I walked up to stand next to Shion, watching the scene before us play out.

"Somehow I doubt that." Inukashi denounced, glowering up at the taller boy.

Where Shion and I were, it looked like a little chihuahua barking and growling at a great dane, who knew he was bigger and stronger, which obviously wouldn't end well for the chihuahua... The dogs started growling at Nezumi when they sensed their master's agitation, being the faithful dogs they were.

"Hamlet!" Shion exclaimed with a smile next to me, looking at the mouse on his hand. When did it get there? "Y-you came, too!"

"Hamlet?" I questioned, quirking an eyebrow up at Shion, who flushed up from embarrassment. I wanted to pinch his cheeks! He's so cute!!!

"Hamlet...?" Nezumi repeated in disbelief.

Shion looked up at Nezumi, "I call him that because he likes listening to Hamlet and other plays by Shakespeare." Shion explained with a fond smile gracing the features of his face.

"Don't name my rats!" Nezumi exclaimed, looking a little awkward.

"You refused to give them names, so..." Shion started. The other rats showed up, making Shion bright up even more. "Hey, Cravat! Tsukiyo!"

The look on Nezumi's face

The look on Nezumi's face... OMG I think I died trying not to laugh! I obviously failed, and burst out laughing. My face ended up red and I fell to the ground as I pointed at Nezumi, then hit the ground and held my side to stop from bursting.

"OH MY GOD!!! Y-YOUR FACE! IT'S JUST LIKE 'DEFAQ?!" I continued to cackled like a dying witch, sighing and wiping away from tears of joy, before snickering every now and then.

At this point, Nezumi looked a little red in the face from me laughing at him, coughing into his fist and averting his eyes. Aww...! He's shy!

"Shion, care to explain why you called the rats Cravat and Tsukiyo?" I asked, turning to face said boy.

"Cravat is a deep fried pastry, and his fur is the same colour!" Shion started, earning a squeak from the small mouse. "I named this one Tsukiyo because he reminds me of a moonlit night!"

Nezumi sighed, before pinching the bridge of his nose, "Talking to you gives me the worst headache..." Then started walking away.

"It's because you're so irritable..." Shion mumbled, looking down at the mice in his hands.

Nezumi quickly turned around, glowering at Shion, "And why do you think I'm so irritated?! You're the one who's..." His eyes widened as he turned slightly to look at Inukashi, before he sighed and walked off without another word.

"Ah? N-Nezumi!" Shion yelled, looking half tempted to run after Nezumi.

"Shion..." Inukashi started, staring off at the general direction Nezumi was going. "Are you two always like this?"

"Oh I can answer that question!" I said, "They fight like an old married couple, sometimes I think they should get married already."

Shion flushed up from my comment, looking at Nezumi, before turning to look at Inukashi. "Why d'you ask?"

"Because I've never seen him this way..."

Oh... oh shit, I forgot about the next episode...

Chapter Text

I sat by myself near the stove with a cup of hot soup, an old, but warm, blanket wrapped around me to keep the slight chill at bay as I waited for Shion to return with Nezumi. If I remember correctly, we're at about episode four or five, meaning Inukashi was going to try and jump Nezumi.

I took another sip from my cup, the mice gathering around me, deep in thought. What if my presence changes some canon events in the series? What if Shion gets hurt whilst looking for Nezumi, or Nezumi gets hurt and Shion can't find him...

I knew I was being paranoid, but they've been gone for a while now...

I sighed, thinking a book would be the best way to distract myself. I placed my cup on the coffee table softly, and walked up to the slightly dusty bookshelves, my blanket wrapped around me tightly and trailing on the ground behind me. I traced my fingers over the old, used, and frayed books, it vaguely crossed my mind that I loved the smell of dead trees, before I heard an urgent knock on the door...

My head whipped around as a slight gasp slipped past my lips, and I watched the door cautiously. Nezumi and Shion wouldn't knock, they'd just walk right in... Whoever it was, knocked again, though it seemed like they were agitated or desperate.

I blinked slowly, wondering if I should open the door, when they stopped knocking. I shrugged to myself and turned to pick up a book with the title Lady, Go Die, when I dropped it from the surprise of hearing the person banging on the door, only louder this time. I cussed under my breath and picked up the book, put it back in its place and decided to go answer the door.

As I opened it, a woman was about to knock on the door with her right hand again, her mouth open in what I could only assume to call out. She was in a navy blue winter coat, black leggings with a striped pattern that suited her figure well, clean heeled boots, with a black book bag slung on her shoulder casually. She looked like she didn't even belong in West Block...

The woman turned her gaze down to my height, and blinked a few times from what I could only guess was confusion, her smile twitching slightly before she patched up her facade and smiled down at me in an irritated manner, like you would to a child that annoyed you and wouldn't listen.

"Oh... Hello!" She started, bringing her hand down and clasping it with her other in front of her. "I didn't know Eve had a little sister!"



With my white hair?

"Um... I don't know if you've noticed, but 'Eve' and I look nothing like each other." I explained awkwardly, "We're not related."

"Oh... I see... Well, um... is he home?" She asked, pushing her way inside and past me. She looked around, quickly finding her answer, but nonetheless looked towards me to answer, her smile twitching every now and then.

"Uh, no." I riposted, blinking at the weird lady.

"Oh? But he said he'd be here, I'm supposed to help him with-"

"With what?" I interjected quickly, not wanting to hear her excuses. This woman was just plain creepy. Simple as that.

But oh boy does this she have it bad...

She sighed, "Look, I just want to help Eve, and you're making this very difficult!" She started yelling at the end of her sentence.

"Listen here, bitch! He's obviously not here, so why don't you-"

"How dare you call me a-a bitch!" She yelled, breathing in deeply and saying the word 'bitch' awkwardly, like it was her first time swearing at all... Honestly it was kinda funny. "I've been nothing but polite to you, and you go ahead and insult me!"

"Polite? You barged into someone else's house, make excuses and now you're yelling at me!" I returned, glaring at the woman in front of me.

This lady needed to leave, ASAP. Was she part of the story? No... I never remember reading about her. She must be here because of me then, because of my presence... Should I ask Selina about this? Does Selina know about it? Did she know it would happen? That new characters would be introduced if I went to another world?

"This is your fault! You're the reason why Eve hasn't been to the theatre lately! You're the reason why I was kicked out!" The woman yelled, panting to catch her breath, her hair falling in her face and making her look creepy, like a witch or ex-wife...

She clenched and unclenched her fists, breathing in deeply to calm herself as she started to slowly walk up to me, the look in her eyes told me I was in danger... I matched her step for step as I went backwards, hitting the bookshelf with a light bump and wincing from the pain. I turned to look behind me, then at the woman that was starting to look like a crazed monster.

She brought out a dagger from her book bag, which glowed an ominous purple... She started laughing at this point, insanely so, mumbling this and that, most of which I either couldn't hear or understand.

"Y-you're gonna pay... heheh... f-for lying to me-hehehehe!" She giggled, her voice shaking uncontrollably. Her facade fell and what was left was a murderous monster. "I'll make sure you pay~..." She sang out, grabbing my throat in a tight snake-like grip.

I gasped from shock, my hands reflexively grabbing hold of the woman's wrist. My bracelet started flashing red as spots started appearing in my vision, but no matter how many times I blinked, they wouldn't disappear.


"Hey..." I began, smirking at the woman who stopped her screaming to listen to what I had to say in my small voice. "What chu gonna do about it?" I laughed, making the woman scream even more!

I know, I'm such a little shit...

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!" She yelled, bringing her dagger up into the air, going to stab me in the stomach.

I awaited pain, and it came as promised by the dagger, making me cough up blood. She let me go to bleed out on the floor, chuckling to herself quietly, then it turned into a full on hysterical and evil laugh. She sighed as a content smile slowly made its way on her lips, seeming to be sated for the time being. The woman cast her gaze down at my form, looking at me with disgust from my mere presence.

By now, I was swimming in an ocean of my own blood...

"Just so you know, there was fast acting poison on that dagger, Snakes Venom to be exact." She then started heading towards the door.

To both of our surprise, Nezumi and Shion walked through the door before the woman got a chance to leave. My gaze landed on Shion and Nezumi's expressions, filled with shock, concern, and anger. The woman gasped, her eyes widening when they made contact with Nezumi's. Shion looked down towards me, realising what had happened to me.

"IRO!" He yelled, rushing over to see if I was okay.


"Yumei, what're you doing here?!" Nezumi yelled, outraged.

"E-Eve... I was... This is... Sh-she..." The woman, now dubbed as Yumei, said, at a loss for words. She looked like she was going to cry and break down, like Nezumi was falsely accusing her.

"GET OUT! NOW!" Nezumi yelled, pointing to the door.

Yumei bit her bottom lip and bowed her head in shame, tears running down her face, before she glowered up at Nezumi. "No! I'm not!"

Nezumi started towards Yumei with a murderous look in his eyes, grabbing her by the wrist and throwing her out. She yelled, but he shut the door in her face, causing Yumei to bang on the door. She kept trying to say something, but she seemed to have no explanation for what she did.

"Please! I can... This is just..." She cried out, banging on the door.

Nezumi walked up to Shion and I, crouching down to look at the damage done. He took the dagger out of me, blood pouring out of me like it was going out of fashion... Shion cringed, looking extremely upset and disturbed from the sight.

"You have... such lovely... fans..." I mumbled out with a faint smile, giggling softly.

Nezumi smiled lightly, "She's been banned from the theatre for a while now..."

"I'll go get the first aid kit!" Shion decided, going to the back of the little library to get the kit Nezumi stole from him.

As he rushed back with it back, a glass cup appeared on the coffee table, but apparently only I noticed it, as Shion started sounding like a doctor and asking me questions. I think I answered most of them, I don't know. I was put up against the book shelf so Shion could clean the stab wound and bandage me up.

I was on autopilot at this point.

"Iro, do you know if the dagger was dipped in poison?" Shion asked, worry evident on his expression, "Was there anything dripping from it?"

I looked up at Shion, his figure blurring in and out, "Sna..." I started, but was too tired to finish answering him though.

"Sna?" Nezumi repeated, then his eyes widened in realisation, "Snakes Venom..." He whispered, staring at me in shock.

"Nezumi...?" Shion asked, looking up from tying the bandage around my stomach.

"She's gonna die..." He mumbled, looking at my bandaged wound. "Shion... She's gonna die."

"What...?" Shion asked in disbelief.

Oh... I'm dying...

That makes sense.

I started giggling and lolling around a bit, probably from lack of blood, but to me, this was funny.

I survived going through a different dimension, but I was dying because some fangirl went Yuno Gasai style on me. I was so stupid... An idiot! Half baked! Moronic even!

"It's a drug that people here use to kill others, shop owners usually slip it in their rivals merchandise so that customers won't want to buy their food." Nezumi explained, "No.6 will sometimes use it to bring the population of West Block down."

"Well then... What're we gonna do...?" Shion asked, looking up at Nezumi for answers.

"There's nothing we can do, she'll be dead in the morning..." Nezumi informed Shion, looking down at the ground.

I looked up at the two of them, smiling sadly. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted...

Nezumi sighed, picking me up and laid me down on the bed while Shion cleaned up the blood. We were silent for the longest time, the silence was deafening... It was scary, seeing my world vanish and having no sound to grasp me in it... If that even made sense...

I started humming a song so that there was some noise, anything was nice compared to silence... But... which song? I had no idea... Nezumi joined in, soon followed by Shion, who took held of my hand and rubbed his thumb on the back of it. It was peaceful, I felt like I was floating.

The glass cup filled with a fogging liquid from out of nowhere, a note appearing with it. Nezumi picked up the note, but looked at it confused. From the light I could see through it, just barely, but it was enough for me to know it wasn't Japanese...

"What's it say?" Shion asked softly, shifting slightly towards Nezumi.

"I don't know, it's in a different language..." Nezumi replied, looking up from it towards Shion.

"Ah..." I started, but my voice failed me.

I needed to drink that, whatever it was...

"Iro...?" Shion turned to me, looking concerned. "What's wrong? Hey... Are you okay?"

I wanted to yell at him, I needed to drink that! Didn't he understand at least that? I looked up at Shion with pleading eyes, and after a while of him just staring at me in concern, it finally clicked in his head.

"Nezumi! Give me that glass!" Shion demanded, turning towards Nezumi quickly, seeming to be desperate.

"What? What're you gonna-"

"Just hand it to me!" Shion said, squeezing my hand reassuringly.

Nezumi looked at the two of us, before handing Shion the glass. Shion let go of my hand, only to sit me up and help me drink. He put the cup up to my lips, my hands just barely holding onto his wrist. I drank it all, becoming even more sleepy, my vision clouding.

Shion took the cup away from me, looking at how I was doing, only to panic even more when I swayed back and forth, almost like I was drunk... I certainly felt drunk... I think. I was a minor, so I'd never gotten shitfaced before.

I turned to look up at Shion and Nezumi, smiling softly up at them before I collapsed and lost consciousness.

Chapter Text

I breathed in deeply and sighed just as deeply, opening my eyes slowly and seeing the cream coloured ceiling of Nezumi and Shion's little room, smiling to myself faintly. Well... I guess I didn't die.

Holy shit! I survived being stabbed in the stomach by a psychopathic bitch! Fuck! It hurt like a son of a bitch, and I'd definitely have a scar there now, but god fucking damn it! I'm fucking alive!

I laughed softly to myself, covering my face with my hands to stop myself from crying. I just couldn't believe it, it felt so surreal! I couldn't describe the emotions flowing through me, I was so happy and grateful, I was alive! And I just didn't believe myself that it was true! It felt like if I closed my eyes, even for a second, all this would turn black and I'd be stuck in darkness...

What a sick joke that would be...

I slowly sat up, being careful and slow, my stomach hurt whilst I moved and I couldn't help but cringe from the pain. I then put my feet on the ground gently, quickly bringing them up from the floor being unexpectedly cold. I giggled to myself through the pain and placed my feet on the ground once more, being prepared for the cold, and sighed in contentment.

I looked up, surprised to see two children watching me intently.

"Um... Hello..."

They smiled up at me, then turned as the door opened to reveal a disheveled Shion, his eyes had dark circles under them and his face was a sickly pale colour. He dropped his little pale of water as soon as he saw me, collapsing to the ground, his shoulders shaking.


"Oh thank god..." He breathed out a sigh, looking like a load of stress had been taken off his shoulders. "We thought you might never..."

"Huh?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow at Shion, "How long was I out for?"

"Um... nearly two weeks..."

"T-TWO WEEKS?!" I yelled, standing up, only to regret it as my world spun around, and sat back down again whilst holding my head and groaning. "I feel like I have a hangover..." I then thought about it for a second, realising I'd never actually had alcohol before because I'm a goody two shoes, "I think..."

After Shion got the two children to leave and go back home, he turned towards me and looked me over as concern laced the reflection of his eyes, "Are you okay? Are you in any pain? Do you need me to- to get you anything?"

"I've got a headache, I'm slightly parched, my head is spinning and I'm light headed," I informed him, then thought about it for a second, "My body is also starting to ache a bit and my legs feel really weak, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to walk..."

Shion nodded his head, then walked up to one of the book shelves and went through them, before picking a book out and skimming it. He stopped at multiple pages, taking in the information quickly, as he walked around the small room, his lips mouthing out the words quickly.

"Hmm..." He said after a while, blinking in confusion. "I think that the poison might have done this, I mean... Nezumi said you'd die..."

"Side effects?" I offered, raising a eyebrow.

"Probably... though they should fade away soon enough, so you don't need to worry about that at the very least." The niveous haired boy replied as he turned the faded and old page of the book, nodding curtly. Shion sighed as he sat on the couch, scratching his head, "I can't find anything exactly on 'Snakes Venom' but there is some information about fast acting poisons. Some side effects are a weakened immune system and such..."

"So meaning I'll be getting sick more often?" I asked, blinking in confusion. If it was just that then I'd be relatively fine, it's not like I can't build my immune system back up again... But then again this was West Block and getting sneezed on basically meant death.

"Well... from what I'm reading, it's more than just that..." Shion explained, his eyebrows knitted together. "You'll feel fatigued more regularly, and might collapse randomly... There's a lot that could happen, we just don't know what."

"Hmm..." I hummed, deep in thought and looking down at the ground in front of me. That wasn't good, if I was sent out on an errand then collapsed suddenly, who knows who I'd insult or irritate, not to mention how then men kept talking about me, and all because of my clothes!

"Also... One thing that seems to keep popping up... is that you won't be able to have children..."

My eyes widened in disbelief when I met Shion's warm stare.


I blinked a few times, not fully comprehending everything. I couldn't be a parent? That's what happened to me? I didn't know how to feel, I mean... right now, I wouldn't want to be a mother, but later on... I breathed in and out deeply, trying to collect myself, and met Shion's eyes.

And with that, a heavy silence filled the air. It was thick and heavy and weighed down on the two of us.

As I was about to say something, anything to cut through the high tension, Nezumi walked inside by slamming the door unnecessarily loud. He looked pissed, to say the least... His face was in what looked like a permanent frown, he continued to glare at any living thing - of course his mice were excluded from this treatment, and he looked like he was ready to murder everybody with a fork...

Or spoon, if you're weird that way...

How about a spork?

His eyes finally landed on me, widening and blinking slowly as he processed that I, in fact, hadn't died. And... although it was slight, I saw his shoulders sag faintly. Whether it was because he was concerned about me or having to tell Shion I wasn't going to make it, or even both, I didn't know.

"Ah! Nezumi!" Shion smiled, turning to the dark man, "Iroha's awake!"

"I can see that..."

I gulped, realising what might be happening soon if my hunches were right... I blinked slowly, and whilst Shion was busy telling Nezumi about his day and asking him non-stop with questions left and right, Nezumi seemed to realise I knew as well...


But then... does Shion know yet...?

Shion turned towards the stove with the intent to serve us all up a cup of soup, humming and continued on about his day. Nezumi, on the other hand, shook his head from side to side, obviously he didn't want Shion to know...

I replied with a curt nod, he was going to find out anyway, the least I could do was be there for Shion when he did...

I turned towards said boy of question, smiled politely and started, "erm... I probably stink... So I'm gonna have a shower." I stood up, feeling a little wobbly, but otherwise fine. I wobbled my way over to get my impractical bag, and then proceeded to walk out the door. My legs must look like a forest...

"Why'd you need your bag?" Shion asked, quirking his head to the side in the adorable way he always does.

"I'm hoping there's a razor or something like that..."

"Why would you need a razor?"

I sighed, "Shion... Were Safu's legs smooth or rather hairless?"

He thought about it for a second, blinking a few times, then shrugged. "I never really paid attention to her legs..."

I groaned to myself. "This is why you're gay..." I whispered. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself down. "Girls -for some unknown reason, even I don't know why, and I'm a girl! - shave their leg hair off to have the smoothest of legies, and before you ask 'why', I'm gonna go and leave that to Nezumi."

I waved good bye, and left Shion to Nezumi, who I knew wanted to kill me at that very moment.

Surprisingly, the water was warm, and I was grateful of that, and proceeded to do what normal girls do. I'm so glad that my bag actually had a razor in it, and took my time shaving my hairy ass legs, not wanting to accidentally cut them like I usually did. Did you know how hard it is to shave your whole leg? And god damn it, shaving took too long! Not to mention I had to do my fucking toes!


Definitely TMI...

I used the cake of soap to wash my hair and everything else, since my hair was getting greasy, then patted it dry. My hair was fabulous, I didn't want to ruin it! By the way, I smelled like lavender now. Like an extremely strong lavender smell, which calmed me, but like I said, the smell was extremely strong, and made me scrunch my nose up a bit. I was half tempted to hop into the bath again because of it!

I looked through my impractical bag, hoping some fresh and clean clothes were in there, my towel wrapped around me securely. But I couldn't, for the life of me, find any damn clothes!

I pulled out a guitar from it, but god fucking forbid I find clothes! What the hell was that logic? A shitty kind, that's what! Goddamn stupid ass, impractical frilly bag!

I groaned and slouched my back in disappointment, picked up my stuff in one hand and held my towel around me secured in the other, and walked back to the main room, hoping Nezumi might have some clothes for me.

I opened the door, "Nezu-" my eyes landed on Nezumi and Shion, and within that moment my jaw dropped, my face turned as red as a ripe tomato, my eyes as wide as dinner plates, and I instantly forgot what I was gonna ask the boy in question... or rather, in this moment, the boy in Shion, if you get what I mean...

They were both naked on the single bed I woke up on, doing the frickle frack together, their eyes staring back into mine, as wide as mine, too! Nezumi looked like a deer caught in headlights, while Shion looked so embarrassed and ashamed of himself that he looked like he might cry...

I screamed, shut the door and leant against it, sliding down slowly. Shock taking over me as what I saw sunk in slowly.

That was not how I expected my first time seeing a man naked would be like...


"AND ONE MORE THING! YOU GUYS AREN'T THE ONLY ONES LIVING HERE ANY MORE! SO BE CONSIDERATE OF ME, WILL YA?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, some bits and pieces around the room shaking from how loud I was, I was sure anyone outside could clearly hear me.

"Yes Iro..." They both replied, heads bowed with a new little mound growing out of them from where I hit them both.

I was still in only a towel, lecturing them for about half an hour now, while they only wore underwear, Shion hugging a pillow to his body for support while Nezumi crossed his arms over his chest.

I think I got my point across.

"Why are you only in a towel, Iro?" Shion asked, looking up at me.

"My clothes are disgustingly dirty-"

"Is 'disgustingly' even a word?" Nezumi asked, smirking.

"Shut up! It's not got that weird broken red line thingie under the word, so it's a real word!" I huffed, glaring at Nezumi. "As I was saying, they're dirty, so while I wash them I was wondering if I could borrow some clothes." I explained.

"Sure, knock yourself out." Nezumi said, walking over to a chest and handing me a shirt that nearly reached my knees.

"As long as you haven't knocked around in them with Shion." I replied, before skipping back to the bathroom and going to wash my impractical clothes.

"I-Iro!" Shion yelled from embarrassment, his face as red as a beet!

I giggled to myself from the reaction I received. I could already tell that today was going to be an eventful day, and I was only about two hours into it...

Chapter Text

"For in my garden of paradise, this little bird of mine shall sing forever more. And in my city of gold, the happy prince shall praise me." Shion read out loud to the two little children that stared at me when I woke up, a soft, disarming smile gracing the features of his face. His hair swished as he subtly swayed back and forth, the movement almost unnoticeably.

Nezumi laid on the worn out bed, trying to sleep or read with his back towards us. He would twitch every now and then, his ears moving a bit to catch what Shion was saying. I knew that Nezumi and Shion would argue afterwards, but it was clear that in the moment he enjoyed listening to Shion read out loud.

Dear god, these two are adorable!

I smiled to myself at the thought as my eyes continued to read, I couldn't help it! I kept noticing these little things they'd both do!

Whenever Nezumi read, he'd read on the couch and leave enough space for Shion to sit next to him and lean on him. They once fell asleep like that... Whenever Shion cooked, which wasn't a often any more since I took over that chore for him, Nezumi would always stand behind him and look over his shoulder, his hands on his hips, and help out like that. Nezumi would come home from work tired and Shion was reading on the couch, Nezumi would take off his jacket, undo his hair, and take a nap on the couch, his head placed upon Shion's lap.

As you can tell, Nezumi is quite the possessive boyfriend...

Whenever those things happened, Shion would always smile and seem to melt a bit from the soft touches Nezumi would leave across his skin and hair. He played with Nezumi's hair and would lean on him whenever the darker boy was within touching distance.

The two, when they thought I wasn't looking, tried to constantly touch each other, not in a sexual or sensual way, but just so they knew where the other was.

"The End." Shion finished with half lidded eyes, looking up at the little children, the girl, Karan, blushing slightly. Oh that's right, she has a little bit of a crush on him.

"That was great!" She exclaimed, smiling brightly.

"Can we come back tomorrow?" Karan's brother asked, his voice softer than his sister's.

I'd noticed that he was more quiet than his sister, and that he'd try to hide some bruising on his body. I didn't know if the two of them have a father, because he isn't mentioned in the story or anime, but I did know Karan didn't have any bruises, so I took a guess that he was being bullied. Either way it saddened me that he was covered with them, and that they were probably the reason he was so quiet...

"Of course!" Shion smiled down at the little boy, closing the book gently, so as to not ruin the already old and fragile book. Shion always seemed to take great care into making sure Nezumi's books were in the best condition he could keep them in. It was kinda cute how he went out of his way to make sure they were well looked after.

"Hey Shion, don't we have some extra soup?" I asked, my eyes still focused on the pages of the book in front of me. I'm sorry, but I've just gotten to the gay sex in it. 'Nough said.

Shion's eyes sparkled in complete and utter delight, an idea forming in his head as he got up and went to fetch some soup. He loved doting on these two... didn't he? Kinda makes me wonder what he'd be like if he was a brother, older or younger. To me, he seems like a younger brother.

The two children then stared at me like they did the day I woke up, an inquisitive stare glistening within their eyes, brows furrowed in concentration and a frown set in place unknowingly. I looked up from my book and blinked a few times at them, then yawned, causing them to yawn as well. I giggled quietly at that, they didn't even notice.

"Are you sure you aren't Shion's sister?" Karan asked, leaning in a bit and squinting her eyes at me in a dubious manner.

I blinked again, an idea forming in my head. I had to stop myself from smiling at the little prank. "You caught me, Shion and I are siblings, but we don't see each other as brother and sister for we are star crossed lovers blessed with being born together. Our love for each other is so overwhelming and strong that the fact we are indeed related by blood is nothing but a minor detail of our relationship."

I saw Nezumi shake on the bed a bit from the corner of my eyes, it looked like he was trying not to laugh. The reaction I got from the two children before me was hilarious. They looked at each other, like the situation that they would be lovers played in their heads, before they had a look of disgust and horror.

"EW!" The two of them yelled, running out the door and past Shion who came back from getting a container for the soup for said children.

The niveous haired boy blinked owlishly, completely confused by the situation, a frown made its way upon the boyish features of his face as he tried to come up with the answers for himself, something I'd seen him do on many occasions since living with Nezumi.

"Wh..." His frown deepened before he sighed, his shoulders sagging. "I feel like I missed something really important..."

"You did." Nezumi and I said in unison, not wanting to give Shion any details as his expression was too priceless. Dear god, Shion is too precious!

His shoulders slumped a bit at that, as he realised we would never tell him what had happened between myself and those poor children that I've probably scarred for life, now that I think about it. Ops... My bad... The three mice all ran up his arms to sit on his shoulders, snuggling into Shion's soft white hair in what I could only guess was to make the niveous haired boy feel a little bit better.

"You're still a fool..." Nezumi said, facing his wall as he cut the warm air surrounding us abruptly short, "the both of you, actually." He added as an after thought.

"We are? Why's that?" Shion asked as he put the soup away, forgetting all about the secret between Nezumi and I as his hair became the colour of gold from the light of the lamp. The boy walked up to Nezumi, his steps soft and quiet. Nezumi still refused to face him, which caused Shion to look at me, as if to ask for answers.

I merely shrugged my shoulders, having no idea as to why Nezumi was acting the way he was.

"Random acts of charity have no place here." Nezumi explained for us, making it clear. "Then that makes you a fool."

Ah... I forgot about this scene...

I brought my legs up to my chest and rested the side of my head on my knees, wrapping my arms around my shins and still holding onto my book. "But then again, it was quite foolish of me to open the door to someone when you've warned us before." I explained.

My stomach still hurts from the mere thought of the memory, my throat constricting my air flow if I tried hard enough to remember the sensations. It made me shiver from fear, knowing if Shion and Nezumi had been a few minutes later I would have died on that cold night. It was terrifying to remember...

Nezumi turned his upper body for the moment, squinting at me in a dubious manner, "I only warned Shion, we hadn't met you yet."

"Remember: to me, you two are fictional characters." I reminded, wagging a finger from side to side.

Nezumi turned to face his wall with a grunt.

I sighed, "Regardless of what you think, I'm the most foolish one out of Shion and I. My life might have been cozy up until recently, but I should of had the smarts to know better."


With that said, the argument was over, and I had won. I smiled to myself, feeling a bit miffed and proud of myself. It wasn't everyday that one could say they had won an argument against Nezumi from the story No. 6.

"And you also showed Karan and Riko charity." Shion went on from where I had interjected, bringing his arms up and gesturing with them. "You're no different than I am, really." The boy shrugged.

Nezumi was quiet for a bit, contemplating, I guess.

"That sweater Karan was wearing was the same one I gave you four years ago."

Nezumi tensed when he realised what Shion was saying was true; he was kind. I could tell his eyes were wide with the realisation of it all. Shion hit the mark, right on bulls eye. It was funny, watching Shion see through all of the walls Nezumi would put up when a touchy subject came up, the boy didn't even know. Maybe in the end he was more foolish than me?

"When did you give it to her?" Shion asked, sounding a bit pissed off, like he was possessive of Nezumi and jealous of the fact he showed such kindness to that little girl.

Nezumi sighed quietly to himself from irritation as he sat up, stayed like that for a bit, before going towards the door. His dark scarf and jacket around his neck in no time, the air around him irritable.

"Going to work?" I asked, ignored by the boy completely.

"You've been going in daily lately..." Shion said, worried and concerned for Nezumi's well being.

"Cause there's this softy in my house who has the need to invite the neighbourhood kids over, because one shares the same name as his mother..." Nezumi said, glaring at Shion darkly. It was safe to say the boy was angry at us, more so towards Shion than me. "I need to make some money, so I can move out before you turn it into a preschool."

"Rude." I muttered under my breath, my eyes once again captivated by the pages of the book I was reading.

"I heard that!"

"You were meant to!"

Before Nezumi could leave, Shion called out, "Can I come with you?"

Nezumi tensed visibly...

"I've been wanting to-"


I turned my gaze from the book I was reading to look up at Nezumi and Shion, watching the whole thing take place quietly. It looked like Shion had once again over stepped one too many barriers Nezumi had up in his hunger to learn more about the mysterious boy... The poor naive boy looked completely and utterly shocked by Nezumi's reaction to his request, having no idea as to what he'd done wrong and no idea as to how he should fix it. His body shook slightly, almost unnoticeable, from what I could assume was slight fear.

It looked like the boy didn't even notice how his body was reacting to the situation...

The sleeping dog that had gotten Shion his first job woke up from the noise, lifting its head to see what had caused his slumber to be disturbed. The dog blinked slowly, it's muscles taut and hair standing on edge, ready for anything that may hurt it or Shion.

"You may have gotten used to life down here, but you're still a clueless sucker... who ran away from No. 6 - city of the foolish..."

And with that, he slammed the door closed with a bang! Making the two of us flinch from the sound, as the rumbling thunder warned us of the storm to come.

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"Thirty-nine degrees Celsius." I said, reading out the number displayed on the thermometer and adjusting my bra strap to be more comfortable, honestly not surprised, considering the downpour we were currently receiving. "This is what you get for working so much."

Shion placed his hand on Nezumi's forehead, his eyes laced with concern for the other boy. A sigh escaped his pink lips. I couldn't help but feel slight jealousy about his femininity...

"Shut up, Iro." Nezumi sulked, shivering under the mountain of blankets we'd tucked him in.

"Well this's just great," I exclaimed, putting all the weight on my left leg as I crossed my arms over my chest, "We ran out of food, and you can't go and get them..." I took the thermometer and put it back in the first aid kit the mouse boy had stolen from Shion. "If you give me a list, I can go and get everything, and Shion can take care of you while I do."

I started going through Shion and Nezumi's clothes to find something that didn't make me look like a steampunk princess just waiting to get mugged. I had no idea what I was gonna do with my hair, as in how I was gonna hide it. For now, at least, I just needed to find some goddamn pants.

"Are you sure you can do it all by yourself?" Nezumi said in a haughty voice as his sharp eyes followed my every movement, "With your looks, you'll probably be kidnapped and sold as a sex slave."

Wow... what a backhanded insult!

"Nezumi!" Shion exclaimed in horror, his eyes as wide as saucers and cheeks a prominent red from the thought. "Don't say that when she took care of you!"

The mouse boy grunted in annoyance.

I glared at him for a second from the other side of the room, my eyes as sharp as broken glass. Crossing my arms over my chest, I began tapping one of my fingers on my forearm.

"I think you're forgetting that we actually kinda need food, seeing as we ran out, and that in the conditions we're all living in right now, you won't survive without it." I began, feeling particularly pissed off today. "Considering the situation, now's not the time to sass me like the salt shaker you are."

"I bet I could get them done before dinner needs to be made!"

"And what're you betting?" Nezumi coughed out, smirking up at me.

"I'll pay for all of the food we eat for a week." I said, not thinking about it. "And if I win, you have to..." I looked around, taking in the entirety of the room. Shit... I didn't really think about this... and then my eyes caught sight of the piano. "... teach me how to play the piano!"

The boy glowered at me once I'd finish, his usually grey eyes seemed to glow liquid silver. Neither of us relented in our staring contest, before he sighed and pointed past Shion and towards the bookcase.

"Fine. Just don't be too disappointed when you lose."

It had then occurred to me that there was what appeared to be a box. Shion walked over and picked it up, before walking back and placing the box on the coffee table in front of the worn couch. The niveous haired boy lifted the lid of the box, revealing a notebook, pencil, a fountain pen, quill, and ink.

The quill was old and looked dirty, dust covering its white feathery tips. The ink bottle was round, its lid made of a silver coloured metal, though I wasn't sure what kind. The handle, if you will, was squared, rust covering it here and there in small spots. The fountain pen was beautiful, hand crafted and glossy from the finish on it.

Nezumi took the note book and the pencil as he began writing things down, before handing me the piece of paper. I scanned over it, surprised Nezumi wrote in English. It was a list of everything we needed, from meat to carrots.

"Uhuh, right, we'll see about that." I replied, reading over the list again.

Having found appropriate clothes to wear in West Block, I got changed. I attempted at trying to make myself look like a boy - well, one that apparently had boobs- and hid my hair in a beanie Shion gave me to borrow. I changed my eyes to a chocolate brown colour, cursing myself for not making this character more of a Mary Sue that could change the colour of her hair as well, before stuffing the list of food in my jacket pocket. In a mix of Shion and Nezumi's clothes, I looked shabby, but wasn't that the point? To not stand out?

I just hope nobody thinks it's weird these clothes are way too big for me...

Either way, I still needed to go out, so this would have to do. I walked to the front door, before giving one last wave to Shion with a small smile placed upon my face. With the door behind me, closed and locked, I took a deep breath before walking up the stairs and making my way to the market.

The clothes seemed to work and no one noticed me with my head down, at least to the best of my knowledge...

My face felt frozen from the cold, having not been used to winters cold enough for snow. I could see my breath in front of me, which meant it was seriously cold! My nose, ears, and cheeks flush a bright red from the drop in temperature, I tried combating this by bringing Nezumi's scarf up around my ears, but this did little to help, and keeping it up was harder work than shivering in my boots.

It didn't help that it was drizzling, but it wasn't so hard that one needed an umbrella, which - for me at least - would be a bit of a challenge, considering I'd need both hands to hold the shopping. The rain was cold, though, almost like the air was trying to freeze it on its way down from the sky. I knew if I didn't hurry I'd be as sick as a dog... Or in my case, a mouse. That would put a damper on things...


Was that a pun...?

I giggled quietly to myself at that as I bartered the price of the carrots down to a few copper coins, batting my eyes and leaning onto the boy selling them when his mother wasn't paying attention. I felt bad, it was obvious they needed the money, but a silver coin for two carrots? No thanks.

I hummed to myself as I left his store, feeling proud that I'd almost gotten half of this chore done. Nezumi was gonna eat his words!

I made my way to the store that had rice on sale, knowing we could use it in almost everything, but also knowing I would have to carry it all. Plus, it wasn't on the list... Would Nezumi and Shion mind if I hijacked the shopping for rice? Shion would be fine with it, if anything, he'd know how we could store it for a longer period. Nezumi on the other hand... Ah shit. I was gonna hear about this for awhile, wasn't I? A part of me died on the inside when I realised, but food drove me to push myself. Paying for the rice and thanking the gods that the bag had a handle, I shrugged it on my shoulder and began walking away, my head down as I pulled a few stray strands of hair back in place.

The nostalgic smell of rain washed away the smell of rotting flesh from the market, bring with it clean air that I knew would be short lived. Soon this place would smell of death and sex again, wouldn't it...? A frown pulled at the corners of my lips as I realised this. How sad...

Hadn't I written something similar to this? At least the weather and shopping during winter part... Iro had wished at a fountain I think, or did I change it? I couldn't remember, it was a long time ago.

I smiled to myself, I do remember it raining, but it was a lot har-

Thunder crashed before me.

The rain was no longer a slight drizzle, it was like heaven had opened up! It crackled from the thunder and lightning, striking buildings and the ground. Fire caught alight and a rush of people started screaming in fear as they came forth like a wave of a tsunami towards my general direction, pushing me the wrong way. I was stuck and if I didn't go along with the flow, I'd be trampled upon!

The rain pelted me, I was sure the food was gonna get wet and ruined if I didn't find shelter soon. I began making my way to the side, in between two buildings standing strong and tall. At least the lightning will hit the buildings first before it hits me... I crouched down, breathing in deeply as I tried to slow my breaths. My hair was falling out of my beanie, but at this point I didn't care.

I took one last deep breath before standing up and ultimately leaning on the building behind me for stability. It would probably be better to stay as small as I could, but I felt confident that I wouldn't get hit by the lightning. I kept in the shadows, though, knowing that I wasn't safe from the other people here, especially with my hair...

And then I saw it... Black hair. Jet black hair that I recognised from my imaginations and stories. It's unforgettable spikes and curls and unruliness! My eyes widened in amazement and shock. I hadn't written about him in forever. I was shaking, it was like reuniting with a child taken off of you and meeting them for the first time. Just seeing them...

I chased after him, trying to catch up! I needed to catch up, I needed to know why he was here! Why would he be here? How did he even get here? What was his purpose? I hadn't turned into him, and if anything I would, seeing as he's my character. I mean... that makes sense, right? It should make sense, shouldn't it? Was he... bad? Like I'd written him to be?

I needed answers, I needed them now!

I began to hesitate, he hated Iro, he wanted to make her hurt. Would he try to hurt me if he saw me? Or would it be like how I'd written him to be later on? Would he turn possessive and keep me?

Another crackle was our warning before the next strike of lightning hit the building in front of me, wires and electricity swinging about as it made following him impossibly dangerous...

A part of me wanted to scream in frustration, I was so close, I had almost caught up to him! Another part of me felt tired as adrenaline fled my system. I sighed, closing my eyes as I tried figuring a way to get back home as I hid between the shadow of another building. It was too dangerous in a storm to continue for today or even follow him, and the food was getting wet like this... It'd be ruined if I didn't get home soon, and what a waste of money that would be.

Looking around for any viable way to get home, an alleyway in the general direction I wanted to go caught my eye, and I weighed the pros and cons... I could get mugged or worse, but it was a better route than heading towards where the prostitute picked Shion up at... I still have a "debt" to her pimps as well, didn't I...?

Welp, the answer's pretty clear, like hell I'm gonna go back there.

I adjusted the handle on the rice, and began walking through the alleyway, hoping to god my beanie would keep people from getting interested in me...

Oh boy was I wrong...