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Nintendo Dimensions

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            An infinite void of nothingness. Lightning crashed throughout the dark dimension. This was the void amid all dimensions, the center of the multiverse. Purple clouds covered the abyss. Whirlwinds of white energy swirled in the background. It almost appeared as if there was a large, black hole in the distance. Suddenly, a bright blue-colored rift broke the infinity. The star-shaped portal, covered in smaller stars opened. A unique-looking robot and a featureless holographic figure appeared from inside the rift. The figure stepped onto the nothing. The robot immediately started flying around, scanning the clouds. Soon enough, the robot stopped. It scanned among the clouds, finding something. The tiny light on top of its head lit up green.

            “Hey! I found something! I mean… anomaly located, master.” The automaton said with a robotic voice. The blue figure floated over to the tan-and-red-colored robot.

            “Yes…hahahaha!” the featureless figure laughed. “I’ve finally found it!”

            “You found it…?”

            “After all these years of searching, it actually exists! Subspace!” the figure said with a wave of his staff. Clouds disappeared in front of him. Small picture frames started appearing, depicting objects such as cake and a helmet. “These depict the Foundation Elements, artifacts from the start of time, scattered across the dimensions. Only I can gather them in one place!” the figure explained.

             “I’m sure you know, but the Foundation Elements are the cornerstones of time and space…so they’re kind of… important to the entire multiverse…” the robot said with a shaky laugh. The figure turned to face the robot.

             “Your services are… no longer required.” he said, waving his staff. Another star-shaped rift appeared behind the robot, pulling it in.

            “But the Elements can’t be harnessed! It’s too dangerous! And what about my pay raise…!” the robot cried as the rift fully engulfed it, breaking apart in the rift.

            “Heh heh heh…ha ha haha! I will have them all! I will control their power! I will make universes collide! Hahahahahaha!” he bellowed, as he suddenly started coughing. His entire being started to scrunch up, and his entire body suddenly grew to an enormous size. “NO! I WILL NOT BE DENIED PERFECTION… ANY LONGER!” he shouted, as his body turned back to a normal size. “MY DEDICA-tion to this work has taken its toll… Not for much longer can I freely pass between dimensions… ACK!” he cried, roiling back in pain. “Ack…but there is…another way…” With a wave of his staff, the clouds surrounding him dissipating, fully revealing the pictures. Walls started to form around him. A floor appeared underneath the pictures, as thunder cracked in the distance. “Hahaha… HAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHA!”




            -World of Peace - Dream Land


            Blue skies, pretty grass, life was simple in Dream Land. Their pink hero laid beneath a tree.


            Pink Puffball – Kirby


            The pink puffball ate an apple whole, as his best friend Bandana Waddle Dee fished nearby.


            The One Brave Dee – Bandana Waddle Dee


            The Waddle Dee had a piece of shortcake next to him, uneaten. “Isn’t this the life, Kirby?” he asked. He turned to Kirby, seeing that Kirby fell asleep.

            “Poyah…” Kirby sleepily murmured.

            “Of course, it’s always naptime with you.” He said, as his line started biting. “Ooh! I’ve got a bite!” the line tugged very deeply, as a larger-than-life Blipper came out of the water. “Woah! That’s a big one!” Bandana Waddle Dee stuck the fish near his tackle box. The Waddle Dee then cast his line out again. As he did, the line went further into the water than before. “Wow! I already caught a big one!” Waddle Dee said. The water started to swirl around, before creating a whirlpool. “What the…” Bandana Waddle Dee tried to say before a star-shaped rift revealed itself under the water.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said drowsily, slowly waking up. The rift started pulling Bandana Dee and the shortcake in. The massive Blipper flew into the rift. Waddle Dee desperately tried to escape.

            “Woah, Kirby, help!” Bandana Dee wailed, as he was taken in fully by the rift.

            “Poyo!” Kirby cried out, chasing after him, and the shortcake.



            -Haildom of Ylisse - Border Pass


            “Yours is now a haven of hypocrisy! Now give me the Fire Emblem!” the mad king Gangrel said to the Shepards of Ylisse. Currently, he and his assistant Aversa captured Maribelle, one of the Shepards.

            “No, Your Grace! I’d sooner die than act as bargaining chip for this filthy reprobate!” Maribelle said, with an axe to her neck.

            “No, Maribelle…” Emmeryn, exalt of Ylisse said. Her brother Chrom, and sister Lissa were standing behind her.


            Shepard’s Prince – Chrom


            A black-robed amnesiac tactician stood behind Chrom. He had white hair, and stood just barely under the blue prince.


            Amnesiac Tactician – Robin


            The rest of Chrom’s army, the Shepards, stood behind them. “Ugh… Taaaaaaaalk talk-talk-talk-talk. It’s time to speak louder than words! This negotiation is over. Your Luminosity! I shall have the Emblem if I have to pry it from your shiny dead hands!” Gangrel said, as two brigands ran towards Emmeryn. Suddenly, a rift opened above them all, distracting everyone.

            “Woah! What is that?” Lissa said in surprise.


            Summon: Kirby


            Kirby popped out of the rift, in front of the brigands. The Blipper that Bandana Dee fished up appeared beside him, flopping around. “Poyo…”

            “What is that thing…?” Gangrel said. “No matter! Dispose of it!”

            The brigands started walking threateningly towards Kirby. “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he started inhaling.

            “Wah, woah!” the brigands said, as Kirby pulled their weapons from them. A sword flew into his mouth. Donning a floppy green hat, Kirby became Sword Kirby. He slashed at the brigands, sending them back into Gangrel and Aversa. The force of the brigands running into the two knocked them over.

            “Is that a declaration of war if I’ve ever heard one…?” Gangrel said, dazed. The rest of Gangrel’s army left, leaving Maribelle alone.

            “Nice!” Robin said, walking over and picking up Kirby. “Aren’t you cute!”

            “Poyo!” Kirby said gleefully. Suddenly, a rift appeared behind Emmeryn.

            “Oh my! What is this?” Emmeryn said. As she did, the Shield of Seals, also known as the Fire Emblem, started to float out from beneath her robes. It started to float towards the rift.

            “No!” Chrom said, running after the priceless artifact, being pulled into the rift himself.

            “Chrom!” Lissa and Emmeryn cried at the same time.

            “NO! Chrom has the Fire Emblem! If it gets into the wrong hands, who knows what could happen!” Robin said, following Chrom into the rift.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, jumping into the rift with Robin. The rift closed, leaving everyone stunned. The Blipper kept jumping up and down.

            “What…just happened…?” Lissa said.

            “I’m not sure…” Emmeryn said. “Chrom…”

            “Ahahahaha! Your brother is no longer here to protect you! All right, men, attack!” Gangrel said, as Aversa tapped his shoulder. “What is it?” Aversa pointed behind them. Gangrel’s army had run off. “Ugh… you win this round, Exalt!” he said.

            “I… think it’s best to go… sis…” Lissa said, putting her hands on Emmeryn’s shoulders. As Emmeryn and Lissa walked away, Donnel of the Shepards picked the big Blipper up, licking his lips. Miriel, another Shepard, shook her head in disapproval.




            -BOTTLE SHIP – Control Room


            “Regarding auxiliary weapons, the use of bombs has been authorized. As for your other weapons- “

            “Yeah, yeah. Power bombs are bad. I get it. I know how my weapons work, Adam.”


            Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire – Samus Aran


            “Right, anyway. I need you to investigate-” Adam continued.


            Military Commander – Adam Malkovich


            As Adam continued talking, Samus interrupted him again. “Yes. I know. I’ve heard this monologue a few times already. It’s getting a little tedious.”

            “I’m just going to ignore that. I want all of you to be especially careful as you execute your missions.” Adam said to everyone else present.

            “Understood, Adam. No objections, of course.” Samus said, as a rift opened behind Adam.

            “Huh, what the…?” Adam said, as he was pulled in.

            “Adam!” Samus yelled, as her Varia Suit suddenly failed. She quickly jumped up to the platform Adam was standing on. By that time, Adam was already gone. “No! First the baby, and now Adam?”

            Another rift opened above her, dropping out Robin and Kirby. “Ow…my back…” Robin said.

            “Who are you!?” Samus shouted, pointing her paralyzer gun at Robin, shooting him. Robin’s entire body convulsed, and they fell to the ground smoking.

            “OW! What was that for?" Robin demanded.


            “What did you do with Adam?”

            “Who…?” Robin asked in a stunned state.

            “My superior! The one who went into that rift!” Samus yelled.

            “We don’t know anything about an ‘Adam’. Me and my buddy… ‘Kirby’ here were taken here against our will.”

            “…so, you didn’t have anything to do with that rift…?” Samus said. "Erm... sorry about the tazing..."

            “It's fine.” Robin said, getting up. “We’re looking for our friends. You haven’t seen a blue-haired guy pass through here, have you?”

            “I have not. That strange rift took my commanding officer, Adam.” Samus said. She then looked at Kirby. "I can't help but feel we've met somewhere before..."

            “Well, we’re all looking for our friends, how about we go out and look together?” Robin said.

            “Alright then.” Samus said, reactivating her Varia Suit. "I'll go fire up my gunship and..." she tried to say, before a rift opened up underneath them.

            “Ahhh!” they all said, being pulled into the infinite abyss of the multiverse. Everyone else in the room stood still, unsure of what just occurred.

            “I suppose we’ll just wait for them, then?” Anthony Higgs, one of the 07th Platoon members, said.



            -Another Dimension


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby flew through the dark blue depths in between the dimensions. Blurry images of other dimensions flew past them. Simple shapes dotted the interdimensional tunnel. Large, rainbow-colored crystals floated indiscriminately around the infinite space. A spherical purple-colored creature known as a Sphere Doomer flew by. It looked at the three, almost appearing to laugh. The Doomer quickly flew off. “I’d say we’re at the whim of some unknown entity! I don’t like where it might be leading us… we need to get out of here!” Robin said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby agreed.

            “Alright…” Samus said, activating her scan visor. “If I can locate whatever is generating this rift, I might be able to disrupt it.”

            “Do you understand any of this…?” Robin asked Kirby.


            “What do you mean? Low power? Now?” Samus complained.

            “Here!” Robin said, throwing the bounty hunter an Elthunder tome. The electricity from the tome gave Samus’ suit enough energy to disrupt the interdimensional tunnel.

            “That should do it!” Samus said, as a hazy rift appeared next to the three. It appeared to depict a floating island. The rift pulled the three in, and then shut.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            A small, brick-built ring stood in the middle of an expansive, floating isle, sitting above a greying sea, surrounded by a cloudy sky. Ruins covered the floating island, with a distant mountain. Dotting the landscape were many decrepit figures, resembling robots. Five small, individually-shaped stones dotted the upper part of the vertical ring. Whiter-colored mechanical pieces were attached to the gateway, with hints of red. The bricks started shaking, with the cracks glowing bright blue. A rippling rift appeared inside of it. Voices cried out from within the rift, before Samus, Kirby, and Robin flew right out of it. The three each landed in separate parts of the island. Samus turned around, as the gateway started shaking. Bricks started to dislodge from the Gateway. The Gateway then exploded, and flung the trio to various points in the ruins. Samus violently crashed into a pillar, causing sparks to fly up her suit. Many of her power-ups began to fail. The Gateway broke into three pieces, and the rift imploded, taking the small stones with it. All that was left was a small piece of the rift generator.

            “Well…I don’t know how you did it…but we’re alive!” Robin said, upside-down, back against a rock. He rolled over, sitting.

            “Poyo…poyah…” Kirby sputtered out, getting up. Samus struggled getting up, and eventually got to her feet.

            “This technology looks quite ancient…but advanced… My guess? That gateway created the rift that brought us here…” Samus said.

            “Which gateway?” Robin asked, investigating a strange, metal circle underneath their feet.

            “The one that imploded.” Samus said.

            “Well, in that case, we should rebuild it!” Robin said.

            “All right, let’s split up. There should be enough pieces to rebuild it.” Samus said.

            Kirby went first, noting that a large piece flew onto an overhang that the other two can’t reach. He jumped up there, using his ability to puff up in the end. He landed next to the piece, and attempted to push it. He failed, and saw a large stone nearby. He inhaled it, and donned a rocky hat. Kirby had become Stone Kirby. The pink puffball jumped above the piece, and formed into a statue. His stone transformation was him, Samus, and Robin standing on a pedestal. He crashed into the piece, dislodging it. It fell to the ground, followed by Kirby.

            “Poyo!” he said, grabbing the large piece of the gateway. “Pyah!” he continued, taking the piece over to the remaining Gateway. The piece then attached itself to the bottom of the gateway, glowing blue in the cracks.

            Robin then saw the second piece, stuck inside of a cliff. “Hm…that looks pretty deep in there… Ah! I got it!” they said, pulling out their Thunder tome. “Thunder!” Robin cried, firing a bolt of thunder towards the piece. The chunk then fell out. “Perfect!” they said as they grabbed the piece, dragging it back to the main gateway. The piece attached itself opposite of Kirby’s piece. "I wish I had some kind of movement spell or something…” he continued, wheezing.

            Samus noted that the last piece was also inside the wall. “…that crash caused so much damage to my suit… I hope my Grapple Beam still works.” The bounty hunter created a beam from her arm cannon. The beam attached itself to the large piece. “Hrrgh!” she grunted, pulling it out of the cliff.  She took the piece to the main gateway. The piece floated towards the rest of the gateway, and attached itself to the other two pieces, creating one whole Gateway. Each of the cracks glowed blue, fusing the entire ring together.

            “Alright…that’s a whole gateway!” Robin said. “I’m not sure how to activate it, though…” Samus walked up to it, and noted an opening the size of her arm cannon. The bounty hunter stuck her cannon into the hole, activating the Gateway.

            “That should do it.” Samus said, as two power-ups entered her suit. “Huh, I got two new upgrades. ‘Suit Changer’ and ‘Friend Adaptation’…?” as she spoke out loud, a voice boomed from the Gateway.


            “Limited power…? Am I going to lose a leg if I go through that thing?” Robin asked.

            “It does look mostly unstable…I saw some glowing parts fly into it, though. They must be important.” Samus responded.

            “Poyo! Poyah!” Kirby stated.

            “Whatever you say, buddy.” Robin said. Samus scanned the Gateway.

            “Well, there’s definitely something through there…” Samus said.

            “It could lead to the missing stones!” Robin said.


            “Wada dee!” Kirby cried.


            “Poyu…” Kirby said, as a different voice emanated from inside the Gateway.

            “…irb…rby! Kirby!” a voice said, sounding like Bandana Dee.

            “Wada dee!” Kirby said, jumping straight into the rift.

            “Wait, come back!” Robin said, following.

            “This is why I work alone…” Samus groaned, following suit.


Chapter Text

            -Bionis’ Leg – Guar Plains


            A rift opened above an open plain. Samus, Robin, and Kirby flew right out of it. Samus landed perfectly, as Robin and Kirby landed on their faces.

            “We definitely aren’t in Ylisse anymore…” Robin said, getting up.

            “Now that… is a titan!” Samus marveled, looking upon the distant Mechonis. “I’ve never seen a place so beautiful!” she continued, looking around the Bionis. Interesting creatures of all shapes and sizes ran around the three.

            “I haven’t seen animals like these at home…” Robin said, studying a Bunnit. “So, what exactly are we here for, again?”

            “This one wanted us to go here…” Samus said, referring to Kirby.

            “Wada dee!” Kirby shouted, running off.

            “Wait! Don’t go running off on your own! We need to work as a team…and he’s gone.” Samus said, running after Kirby. Kirby ran until he found three people walking on their own.

            “…that has to be where Juju is.” a blond-haired boy with a strange sword, was saying to his companions. He was grouped with a buff, orange-haired guy, and a darker-skinned girl with black hair. Kirby ran up to the group, babbling is his baby-like language.

            “Po! Poyo! Po poyah! Poyah!” Kirby tried to explain to them.

            “Oh, hello there! You’re one adorable Nopon...? What’s your name?” the girl asked.


            “Puyo? What a really weird name for a Nopon.” The buff guy said.

            “Kirby! Get back here!” Samus yelled from a distance.

            “A Mechon! It must be after this Nopon!” the boy said, activating his sword, the Monado.

            “Is that guy with the laser sword threatening me?” Samus said.

            “I don’t know.” Robin said.

            “Back Slash!” the boy shouted, jumping in the air, slashing Samus with his sword. However, Samus was completely unaffected. “What…? But, it should work on Mechon…”

            “Was that supposed to do anything…?”

            “This must be one of those Faces!” the orange-haired insinuated.

            “What the heck is a Mechon…?” Samus asked, deactivating her helmet.

            The boy backed down. “I’m quite sorry, we thought you were a Mechon. I’m Shulk of Colony 9.”


            Foreseer – Shulk


            “I’m Reyn, the backbone of this group!” Reyn embellished.


            Boisterous Joker – Reyn


            “We all know that isn’t true, Reyn.” The girl said. “I’m Sharla.”


            Caring Medic – Sharla


            “So what exactly are you all doing?” Shulk asked. “And what is this armor…?” he continued, checking Samus’ armor, clearly enamored. “I’ve never seen anything like it…”

            Samus pushed Shulk back towards his friends. “Alright, buddy. Hands off the merchandise. We’re on a mission to save our friends from some kind of interdimensional problem.”

            “Y-y-you’re from another dimension!?” Shulk stammered. “This is a breakthrough in science!”

            “That can’t be right, Shulk.” Reyn said. “After all, they just look like Homs.”

            “What’s a Homs…?” Robin asked.

            “Based on that comment, I don’t think they’re lying...” Sharla said. “Well, we’re off to go help my brother, Juju. It’s been nice meeting you, I hope you find you-” she tried to continue, before a rift suddenly opened up behind the three Bionis natives. “It’s a trap, I knew it!”

            “The Monado didn’t predict this!” Shulk said, as they were pulled in.

            “But it was Reyn Time!” Reyn cried out, before the three were gone.

            “What in the gods just happened?” Robin asked, dumbfounded. “I was just beginning to like them, too…”

            “I’m not entirely sure, but my computer is pointing out an energy source at a lake nearby. I think it’s one of those Gateway pieces.” Samus said. The three walked over to a small lake, where a stone laid in a small crater. It was a spherical stone, which appeared to be changing from pink, to blue, to yellow. A light blue aura seemed to surround it.

            “This seems way too easy…” Robin said, as a metallic laugh filled the air.

            “You had to say something…” Samus said, putting her palm to her visor. A large, mechanical monstrosity slammed down of the ground in front of the crater. It appeared almost skeletal. A massive cannon sat on the robot’s back.


            Infernal Faced Mechon – Metal Face


            “I don’t think I’ve seen your mugs around here! Well anyway, I hate to take and run, but this looks like a nice toy! Now that Monado boy’s out of the way…” Metal Face said. “But it would be a shame to leave without playing with you first…”

            “Watch out!” Samus said, as one of Metal Face’s huge clawed hands dug into the ground where the heroes were, narrowly missing them.

            “Elthunder!” Robin said, firing an electric blast at the Faced Mechon.

            “Ow! Hey, you’re not supposed to be able to hurt me!” Metal Face said.

            “Keep wailing on him!” Samus said, strafing the massive machine. She fired a Power Shot as she did. “I wish I had my Missiles…”

            “Agh! Take this!” Metal Face said, charging up an electrical ball on his cannon. “Ah ha!” he fired it right at Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, powering up a Super Inhale. He inhaled the ball electricity, becoming Spark Kirby.

            “What? No matter, I’ll make mincemeat of you anyway!” Metal Face said, slashing at them all with his huge claws.

            “I’ve seen worse creatures than you…” Samus said, firing a Charged Shot at him. The blast from her shot created a huge gash in the Mechon’s face.

            “Agh! Hey, that’s not very nice!”

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, firing a giant ball of electricity right into Metal Face’s torso.

            “Urk… well, would you look at the time, see you, kiddies!” Metal Face said, grabbing the Gateway piece.

            “No you don’t!” Robin said. “Elthunder!”

            Robin’s shot missed, as Metal Face changed form. He became more jet-like, and flew off.

            “See ya maggots! Haha!” Metal Face laughed, flying off. As he did, a small canister fell from the Mechon. Samus pointed her arm cannon at Metal Face, firing a tracking device onto his leg.

            “Let’s go!” she ordered, followed by Robin and Kirby. As they began to move, Samus stopped. “Wait… is this…?” she said, touching the leftover canister. It appeared to meld with her, and Samus pointed her arm cannon towards the sky. The tip of the cannon folded open, and a Missile fired out of it. Samus had obtained a Missile Launcher. “Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get after that Metal Face.” She said, as the three moved on.



            -Eryth Sea – Ninth Hovering Reef


            Night fell as Samus, Robin, and Kirby finally made it to the ninth hovering reef of Eryth Sea, a body of water held up by a protrusion on the Bionis’ neck. In the distance, there was a large city hovering over the reef, the imperial city of Alcamoth. The reef overlooked another tall, floating island, known as Prison Island. “Am I the only one who noticed that the sun just kind of disappeared…?” Samus wondered. “No, I must be going crazy…”

            “Poyah…” Kirby marveled, taking in the beauty of Eryth Sea’s nighttime views.

            “…I hope this is it… It feels like it’s taken days to get up here…” Robin said. “It was nice of those ‘Nopon’ to let us through.”

            “The tracking signal is coming from over there. My scanners are also picking up some kind of powerful force. Must be the Gateway piece.” Samus said, pointing at Prison Island. It floated high above the sea, with no bridges leading to it.

            “How are we supposed to get in there…?” Robin asked.

            “I’m not entirely sure…” Samus said. She looked around, and saw a person with large wings attached to their head. “Hey, excuse me, sir!”


            “You wouldn’t happen to know how to get to that island over there, would you?”

            “Well, you’d have to go to the Central Seal Island, release the Soltnar and Khatorl seals, but there’s so many monsters roaming around there, I wouldn’t recommend it.” The High Entia said.

            “There we go!” Robin said. “Er…how do we get there…?”

            “Well, from the Central Seal Island, the Khatorl Seal Island is to the north, and the Soltnar Seal Island is to the south.”

            “Thanks, bud.” Samus said. “Come on, we need to get to that island!”

            “You’re going to die.” The High Entia warned.

            “Don’t worry, we’ve dealt with worse.” Samus replied, winking at him.




            -Eryth Sea – Soltnar Seal Island


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin climbed up to the first seal, coming face-to-face with a group of Kromars. The three caught the humanoid lizard’s attention.

            “You know what to do!” Samus said.

            “Poyo yo!” Kirby said, activating a Super Inhale, taking all the Kromars down in a fell swoop.

            “And that guy said it would be hard…” Robin said, releasing the seal. A tall, blade-shaped structure rose from underneath the Central Seal Island. “One down, one to go.”



            -Eryth Sea – Khatorl Seal Island


            As with the Soltnar Seal Island, the three made it up to the top. A strange flying creature known as a Pelargos Ekidno awaited them. The head was made of mostly a mouth.

            “This one looks too big to inhale!” Samus said, firing a Missile at it. The Ekidno roared, flying down at the three.

            “Well I’ve learned that electricity takes down flying things…so...Elthunder!” Robin said, firing a beam of electricity at it. The Pelargos Ekidno fell off the side of the tower, crying out as it did.

            “And that’s that.” Samus said, walking up to the second seal. It appeared to be covered in stone. “Huh, weird” she said, scanning it. “Ah, of course. Brinstone. I’ve got this.” She continued, firing a Missile at the seal. The stones blasted off, activating the seal. As the seal activated, another blade-shaped structure rose from the Central Seal Island, connecting with the other.



            -Eryth Sea – Central Seal Island


            The three made it up to the top of the structure, and reaching the Prison Island Seal.

            “With this, we’ll be in that island with the unnecessarily large chains!” Robin said. Kirby jumped to the seal, and with it, a teleporter appeared at the tip of the island.

            “And away we go!” Samus said. As soon as they did, the teleporter failed.

            “That’s not a good sign…” Robin said. A cry filled the air. The three looked up to see a manta ray-like creature floating from above.


            Fish of the Sky – Skyray


            The Skyray cried again, and rushed down at the three. The three jumped out of the way, firing upon the sky manta. The Skyray then turned, breathing darkness on the three. Samus fired a missile at the sky fish. “So much power!” she said. The Skyray rushed down at the three. Samus melee-countered the beast. “Robin!”

            “Got it…” they responded, firing an Elwind at the Skyray. The sky manta fell to the ground, giving the trio the window to attack. Two stars appeared on the ground where the Skyray fell, which Kirby inhaled. The pink puffball spat them back out, hurting the sky manta. Before long, the three destroyed the beast. As they did, the teleporter came back online.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as the three moved on.



            -Eryth Sea – Prison Island


            The heroes teleported onto the island. Right when they got in, a pink-colored rift appeared above them. Metal Face flew out of it.

            “Well, what do we have here?” he said, transforming into walking mode. “This new device is great!” he added, pressing a button on his suit. Three rifts opened, one blue, one pink, and one yellow.

            “Why can’t you do that?” Samus said to Robin.

            “Well first off, I can’t exactly use stuff without the right tome…” Robin stated.

            “Well, hate to ruin the party, but I’m going to slice you all up!” Metal Face said, slashing at the group.

            “I’m already tired of this!” Samus said, firing a Missile at him.

            “Nope!” Metal Face said, flying into the pink rift. The Missile flew past the rift, exploding in the distance. He then appeared out of the blue one, firing a barrage of electrical balls from his cannon.

            “He’s moving too fast for us to get him!” Samus said.

            “I’ve got an idea! Kirby, inhale an electrical ball!” Robin commanded. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Spark Kirby. “Alright, now aim for my sword!” Robin said, holding out a Bronze Sword. Kirby gave the sword an electric spark, imbuing it with the power of electricity.

            “What did you just do?” Samus asked.

            “I figured that imbuing weapons with elemental powers would be a good idea. I don’t know why… though…” Robin explained.

            “Think that’s clever, do you?” Metal Face said, attempting to slash at Robin. The tactician dodged, slashing at the Faced Mechon with their new Zap Sword. “Why, you little…” Metal Face said, flying back into the rifts.

            “Maybe that’s what the ‘Friend Adaptation’ is… Kirby!” Samus said, holding up her arm cannon. She charged up a small Power Beam, to which Kirby electrified. Her Power Beam turned into a Wave Beam. “Alright, focus fire on all three of those rifts!” Samus said, firing her Wave Beam at the yellow rift.

            “Gotcha.” Robin said, using an electrified Sword Beam at the blue rift.

            “Poyah!” Kirby added, focusing a stream of lightning on the pink rift.

            “AH! That’s not fair!” Metal Face said, as all three attacks hit him at once.  The Gateway piece dislodged from the Faced Mechon’s body, rolling to the ground.

            “There we go…” Samus said, as the three rifts closed. Metal Face stood, sparking.

            “No… no!” Metal Face cried, drawing his claws out.

            “Take this!” Samus said, firing her Wave Beam at the Faced Mechon. “Robin!”

            “On it!” the tactician said, firing an Elthunder at Metal Face. “Kirby!”

            “Poyah!” the pink puffball cried, firing a beam of electricity at the Mechon, knocking him to the ground.

            “Agggggh! You… insufferable… brats!” Metal Face said, falling to the ground. The Faced Mechon laid motionless, and Kirby walked up to the Gateway piece. The pink hero then stuffed the piece in his mouth.

            “Kirby, what the heck! We needed that.” Robin said. Small explosions took place on Metal Face’s body, dropping out a bearded human. Coughing, the man spoke.

            “This isn’t the last you’ve *wheeze* seen of me! I, *cough* Mumk…k…khar, will have my revenge!” He continued to wheeze, as a rift opened underneath him, taking both him and the mechanical monstrosity.

            “Alright, let’s go!” Samus said, jumping into the rift. Robin and Kirby followed her.



            -Subspace – Mysterious Palace


            A large palace was being constructed above the clouds the mysterious figure found. Many Primids were created as expendable minions. In the middle of the figure’s palace was a small indent in the platform, with several objects depicted within. A throne formed in front of the figure, which he sat upon.

            “Ah…a temple built for a king.” He said, as a rift opened in front of him. 


            Summon: Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla


            “Good guys?” The figure asked.

            “What? Where are we? Mechonis?” Reyn asked.

            “To the right please.” The figure said, motioning towards the Primids to carry them off. The three struggled, as the Primids overpowered them. “Oh, and you won’t need that Monado anymore my dear boy.” The figure waved his staff, and the Monado detached itself from Shulk’s back.

            “No, the Monado!” Shulk yelled, as he was thrown into a cell with Reyn and Sharla. Bandana Dee, Chrom, and Adam sat in cells nearby. The Monado floated to the top of a pile with the cake, the Fire Emblem, and Adam’s helmet.

            “Hey, do you have any idea where we are?” Bandana Dee asked.

            “I’m not sure…but I know it isn’t the Bionis…they took my Monado…”

            “They took my shortcake.”

            “They took the Fire Emblem.” Chrom said.

            “They took my helmet for some reason…I didn’t think it was that important…” Adam said.

            “Heh heh heh…” the figure chortled. With a wave of his staff, each of the objects in the pile moved to their respective portraits. When the Monado landed, it activated, showing a strange letter, 斬. Another rift opened in front of the villainous figure. Two people came out. A large, turtle-like creature and a slender blond-haired woman walked out.


            Summon: Bowser and Lusamine


            “Ah, villains? To the left, please!” the figure said.

            “I, Lusamine, President of the Aether Foundation, am no villain! All creatures from around the world and worlds beyond are deserving of my love!” Lusamine said. Bowser gave a laugh under his breath.

            “Look! An Ultra Beast!” the figure cried out, pointing his staff behind Lusamine.

            Lusamine turned around quickly. “Where! Where is my beast? I’ll do anything for it!” She looked around, seeing no sign of any Ultra Beasts.

            Bowser laughed. “Not a villain, huh?”

            “Well…um…ahem.” She said, composing herself.

            “Anyway, you’ve got all kinds of tools at your disposal…” the holographic figure said, motioning his arm towards a pile of strange tools that some Primids were messing with. There were tools from across space, including bows, Levin Swords, tomes, spears, Metal Boxes, Splattershots, and almost anything a villain could need. One Primid picked up a Fire tome, setting itself on fire. Another picked up a Metal Box, covering itself in a cloak of shining metal. “All you have to is work with me.”

            “We’d have to be crazy to refuse that offer!” Bowser said, with a twitch in his eye.


            “It means we’re in.” Bowser replied. He then jumped into the pile of weapons, messing with anything he could. Lusamine walked over to him, joining.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The main trio returned to the Isle. The dark clouds surrounding the isle disappeared, replaced by a bright blue sky. “Almost lost a tome that time.” Robin said.

            “Poyah…” Kirby said, as a part of his stretchy body suddenly grew a point, pointing at the Gateway. “Puh...puyo…” he groaned as he spat out the Gateway piece. The piece floated up, moving towards the Gateway. It then attached itself to the bottom-left hole in the Gateway. It fit perfectly into the hole, and a flash of light blue accompanied it.

            “Ah, good job! You got the Shift Stone back!” the Gateway said in its deep voice.

            “So that stone actually does something? I just thought it helped stability.” Robin said. 

            “I guess we’ll find out soon enough.” Samus said, as a new rift opened.


Chapter Text

            -Alolan Sky


            The rift opened high in the sky, dropping the three into the air.

            “Where are we…!” Robin said.

            “Some kind of island group!” Samus said, as the three flew through a group of Wingull.

            “Peeekooh!” the seagulls cried. The trio continued flying down towards a bustling city, complete with a large beach.

            “AHHHH!” they all screamed, crashing into a beach.



            -Melemele Island – Hau’oli Beachfront


            “So I hear they made this really popular game about Pokémon you can play on your phone! You can catch them without doing any of the work!” one Swimmer girl said to another.

            “That sounds really dumb.” The other said. As they spoke, they heard screaming coming from the sky. Looking up, they saw Samus, Kirby, and Robin speeding towards them.

            “AH!” they both cried in unison, running away. The three crashed into the sand, creating a small crater. A young blonde girl with a hat noticed from the road.

            “Oh my!” The young girl said, running down onto the beachfront. “Are you all right?”

            “Oh…that shouldn’t be sticking out…” Robin moaned.

            “That was quite a long drop.” Samus said.


            “Here.” The girl said, holding her hand out.

            “Thanks…” Robin said, grabbing her hand. Kirby jumped up, as Samus got up herself.

            “Oh… that’s interesting…” she said, looking at the strange six-eyed marking on Robin’s hand. She then let go in embarrassment. “Erm… you all took a long drop.”

            “We noticed…” Samus said.

            “Anyways…my name is Lillie!”


            Mysterious Girl – Lillie


            “Nice to meet you!” Robin said. Suddenly, Lillie’s bag shook, and a starry and cloudy creature popped out.

            “Pew! Pew pew!” the cloud said.


            “What…is that?” Robin asked.

            “Oh, this is Nebby, a Cosmog.” Lillie said. “I’m…taking care of it.” Nebby floated towards Kirby.

            “Poyo!” Kirby greeted happily.

            “Pew!” Nebby said back.

            “Aw, that’s so cute! What Pokémon is that?” Lillie asked.

            “It’s…um… Kirby.” Samus quickly answered.

            “What’s a ‘Pokémon’…?” Robin whispered to Samus.

            “I don’t know…”

            “Pew pew! Pew!” Nebby said, as a Spearow flew by. It grabbed Nebby with its talons, taking the poor Cosmog away. “Pew pew pew pew!”

            “Nebby!” Lillie cried, giving chase. A small rift opened up next to Samus, dropping out a small box with what appeared to be a Shift stone inside it.

            “This box has a Gateway piece inside of it… must be connected to the Gateway… Somebody’s trying to help us…” Samus guessed, activating the box. Three separate rifts appeared, colored blue, pink, and yellow respectively. One rift appeared above Nebby in the air, another appeared on top of a truck, and one last one appeared on top of a palm tree.

            “How exactly are we supposed to use these…?” Robin asked, as a pink rift pulled them into the rift above Nebby.

            “Spear! Sper!” the Spearow cried, as it flew away from Robin, roosting top of the palm tree. It continued to peck at Nebby.


            “It must be controlled by some other, stronger entity, capable of re-writing the rules of time and space.” Robin guessed.

            “Nah.” Samus said, as the blue rift took her to the palm tree.

            “Sper! Row!” the Spearow cried, as it took Nebby to the top of the truck. Kirby was then pulled into the yellow rift, which placed him on top of the truck. Kirby fell right onto the bird Pokémon. This agitated the Spearow enough to attack Kirby. It left Nebby, focusing on the pink one.


            BATTLE TIME!


            A wild Spearow appeared! Kirby doesn’t know what to do!

            “Kirby, use Inhale!” Robin commanded. Kirby then inhaled the bird, spitting it back out and becoming Wing Kirby. The Spearow used Peck, which wasn’t very effective. “Use… um… Condor Dive!” Robin commanded again. Kirby quickly flew up in the air, and dove right into the Spearow. It was super-effective! Spearow fainted!




            The Spearow lay dazed on the ground. “How did I do that…?” Robin wondered.

            “Pew pew!” Nebby said, thanking Kirby. Kirby picked up Nebby, and walked it over to Lillie.

            “Aw, thank you!” Lillie said. “This is why I want you to stay in the bag, Nebby…”

            “So, Lillie, have you seen anything…suspicious…lately?” Samus asked.

            “Well, besides you all falling from the sky, and all those magic portals you opened, and that unique Pokémon…there hasn’t really been anything.” Lillie said.




            -Melemele Island – Hau’oli City


            The trio and Lillie walked into the city, looking for anything suspicious. “Hey, you there!” a voice called out behind them. A Youngster ran up to Robin. “C’mon! Let’s battle!”

            “What? Battle?” Robin asked, confused.

            “A Pokémon battle. It’s where two Trainers battle with their Pokémon. I personally don’t like watching Pokémon get hurt…” Lillie explained.

            “That sounds familiar… but I don’t have a “Pokémon”.” Robin explained.

            “Isn’t that a Pokémon?” the Youngster asked, pointing at Kirby.

            “Poyo?” Kirby said.

            “Uh… I guess… Kirby’ll do it?” Robin said. “It’ll be like that bird.”

            “Yeah! Let’s go!”


            BATTLE TIME!


            Youngster Kevin challenged you to a battle! Youngster Kevin sent out Grubbin! A small grub flew out from a Poké Ball, letting out an adorable cry.

            “Go, Kirby!” Robin said, sending in Kirby.

            “Poyo!” Kirby cried.

            “Kirby, use Inhale!” Robin ordered. Kirby inhaled the Grubbin, copying it. Kirby spat out the Grubbin, becoming Beetle Kirby.

            “Grubbin, use Vice Grip!” the Youngster demanded. The Grubbin rushed at Kirby, gripping him with its mandibles. This caused a bit of damage to Kirby.

            “Kirby, use Horn Flurry!” Robin ordered. Kirby ran at Grubbin, repeatedly slashing at it with his horn. This caused Grubbin to faint.

            “Aw, too bad…” the Youngster lamented.


            VICTORY! Kirby leveled up! Pinkness increased by 2! Roundness increased by 5! Not that it really matters.


            “That was fun!” the Youngster said, running off.

            “Okay then…” Robin said.

            “You seemed to be very much in-sync with Kirby.” Lillie said.

            “This battling is a waste of time. We need to find the Gateway piece!” Samus said. As she said that, many people walked past.

            “Did you hear?”

            “Some kind of stone crashed down into the street…”

            “They had to close it…”

            “Some kind of ‘dimensional anomaly…’”

            “Perfect, there we go!” Samus said, following the crowd of people. Robin and Lillie shrugged at each other, following.




            Samus, Kirby, Robin, and Lillie made their way towards the commotion. A moderately-sized crowd of people gathered around some police tape. In the middle of the tape, there was a stone. The stone appeared as three circles overlapping each other. It was orange, pink, and blue. The stone gave off an orange-colored aura.

            “Please, stand back! We need to wait until a researcher from the Dimensional Research Lab gets here to safely remove this thing!” one officer said.

            “I think we found the Gateway piece…” Robin sarcastically guessed.

            “Hm…I don’t know how we’re supposed to get to it without causing some panic…” Samus said. As soon as she said that, a star-shaped rift appeared above the stone.

            “Is that an Ultra Wormhole? Did she…?” Lillie said.

            “Huh? She?” Robin asked. Out of the rift, a humanoid figure appeared.


            Summon: Space Pirate


            A Space Pirate appeared from the rift, letting out a strange, garbled cry.

            “Space Pirates!” Samus exclaimed. The pirate cut the police tape, and proceeded to grab the Gateway piece.

            “Hey, you can’t do that! Growlithe, use Ember!” a police woman said, throwing a Poké Ball. A orange dog appeared, assumed to be Growlithe.

            “Growl!” Growlithe cried, as it spit fire at the Space Pirate. The fire bounced right off. The Space Pirate let out another cry, and kicked the Growlithe away.

            “Growlithe!” the police woman cried, running up to her canine Pokémon. “Go back inside…” she lamented, putting the Growlithe back inside of its Poké Ball.

            “No you don’t!” Samus said, firing a Power Shot at the pirate. The pirate proceeded to float up, and fly off. “That little coward!”

            “Uh…Samus…” Robin said. “I think there are bigger problems here…”

            Out of the still-active rift, more flying Space Pirates appeared. They started blasting things. A group surrounded Lillie, and grabbed her. “No, wait, please let me go!” Lillie pleaded.

            The pirate holding her gave out what appeared to be an order, and the small group flew away.

            “Where are they headed?” asked Robin.

            “A very large floating structure in the middle of these islands…” Samus said, using her thermal visor to track them.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, pointing towards the sky.

            “What is it?” Samus asked. A yellow streak appeared across the sky, landing right in front of the trio. A vaguely humanoid Pokémon with two halves of a larger shell, appeared before the three.


            Land Spirit Pokémon – Tapu Koko


            “What are you…?” Robin asked.

            “Tapu Ko-ko-ko!” Tapu Koko said, holding its scoop-shaped arms in a bowl.

            “I think it wants us to climb on…” Samus said, going into the bowl.

            “Are you sure it can handle all that weight…?” Robin asked, joining. Kirby quickly jumped on, as well.

            “Tapu Ko-ko-ko!” Tapu Koko said, as they all flew towards the floating structure in the distance.



            -Aether Paradise – Exterior


            Tapu Koko dropped the three off right outside of the Aether Paradise.

            “Thank you!” Robin said, waving back to Tapu Koko, along with Kirby. The Land Spirit Pokémon nodded at the three, and flew back towards Melemele Island. Samus looked around, and found a sign.

            “Aether Paradise… a VLFS (very large floating structure) that provides sanctuary for Pokémon…” Samus read off the sign. “Can’t be that great if there are Space Pirates here…” The three walked into the Paradise, greeted by two workers.

            “Oh, I’m sorry, we’re not open for business right now…” a female employee said.

            “I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to leave…” a male employee said.

            “Not on our watch!” Robin said. “Kirby, I choose you…? Why did I say that…?”


            BATTLE TIME!


            Robin is challenged by Aether Foundation Employee! Aether Foundation Employee sends out Mudsdale! Robin sent out Kirby.

            “Go, Kirby!” Robin said. “This feels… weird.”

            “Mudsdale, use Rock Tomb!” the Aether Employee commanded.

            “Kirby, use Inhale!” Robin said. Kirby inhaled the rocks, and stockpiled them.

            “I’ve never seen a Pokémon like this… No matter! Mudsdale, use High Horsepower!” Mudsdale slammed into Kirby, causing a small HP drop.

            “Kirby, use Spit Up!” Robin said, as Kirby spit the rocks back out at Mudsdale, causing only a moderate drop in HP.

            “Mudsdale, counter with High Horsepower!” Mudsdale ran right towards Kirby, only to miss. “What? It missed?!”

            “Yeah, now inhale that beast, Kirby!” Kirby obeyed, inhaling Mudsdale, and spitting it back out. The process turned him into Stone Kirby.

            “You may have copied Mudsdale, but you’re still weak against it! Mudsdale, High Horsepower!”

            The blow dealt a lot of damage to Kirby, who managed to stay up.

            “Alright, drop your ability, and spit it right back at ‘em!” Kirby did so, firing a projectile right at Mudsdale, causing it to faint.

            “What? No…” the Aether Foundation Employee said, backing down.


            VICTORY! Kirby leveled up! Rosiness increased by 5! Puffiness increased by 2! Not that it matters…


            “How exactly do you know what he can do?” Samus asked Robin.

            “I’m…not entirely sure. It just felt like I knew it with all my heart, like he and I were becoming one.”

            “These multiverses are weird…” Samus said, while Kirby sighed.

            “You actually beat him? Well, you’ll have to get through me next!” the female employee said.


            BATTLE TIME!


            “Go, Vanillish!” the employee said, sending out a Pokémon heavily resembling an ice cream cone.

            “Alright, go Kirby!” Robin said, sending out Kirby again.


            “Vanillish, use Mirror Shot!” the employee said, as Vanillish fired a beam of bright light.

            “Kirby, use inhale!” Kirby inhaled the light, and became Metal Kirby.

            “What? Oh…use Ice Beam!” the employee commanded. A beam of ice hit Kirby, barely leaving a scratch. “Oh no…”

            “Kirby, use Metal Ball!” Robin said. Kirby’s metal body became smooth, and it rolled right into Vanillish, causing the Pokémon to faint.

            “No! The president won’t let me off easy this time…” the employee said.


            VICTORY! Kirby leveled up! Roundness increased by 4! Attitude increased by 6! (Not that it matters.)


            “Fine, go right through. But I’ll warn you that our defenses are capable of much more!” the employee said.




            -Aether Paradise – Bridge


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby made their way outside to the bridge. A large mansion stood in front of them.

            “There’s a power source emanating from there…” Samus said.

            “Well, it looks like we have guests!” a voice said. “I, Aether Foundation Branch Chief Faba, cannot let you go any farther!”


            Aether Branch Chief – Faba


            “Oh look, company.” Robin said.

            Across from them, a man with an affinity for green stood. “I’m the highest in the Aether Paradise. I’m irreplaceable. The president would be mad if I let you into the mansion. That’s why I hid the key in a super-secret place you’ll never find!”

            “It’s in your pockets.” Robin said, bluntly.

            “How… how did you know?”

            “I have the ability to see what people in the battlefield are carrying, it’s weird.”

            “Well, it’s not going help you anyway, I’ll defeat you all here!” Faba said.


            BATTLE TIME!


            “Go, Hypno!” Faba said, sending out a Hypno.

            “Again, Kirby!”

            “Kirby, use Inhale!” Robin ordered, as Kirby inhaled Hypno. Spitting him out, Kirby became ESP Kirby.

            “What…?” Faba said. “Use Hypnosis!”

            Hypno tried to use it, but it failed.

            “Well. Anyway, Kirby, use PK Electroshift!” Kirby created a large ball of psychokinetic energy, firing it at Hypno, causing moderate damage.

            “Hypno, use Hypnosis!” Unlike before, Hypno’s Hypnosis worked, sending Kirby to sleep.

            “Oh no… don’t fall asleep now!” Robin lamented.

            “It fell asleep? Perfect! Hypno, use Nightmare!” Hypno used Nightmare, which caused a nightmare to go on in Kirby’s mind. Kirby’s face started to look worried. But immediately, Kirby woke up.

            “All right, use PK Electroshift!” Robin said.

            “Poyo!” Kirby yelled, as the already huge ball of psychokinetic energy became bigger, and flew down towards Hypno.

            “Uh oh…” Faba said. The blast made contact with Hypno, making it faint. “No! I’ll lose my status for sure…”


            VICTORY! Kirby leveled up! Squishiness increased by 3! Not that it matters.


            “No! I cannot let you go further. I might have the key, but how are you going to get it out of me?” Faba taunted.

            “NULL!” a voice cried out from the air, seeming to command something. A masked, chimeric creature appeared in front of Faba, growling at him. A blond-haired boy appeared from behind the trio. He wore a black hoodie with a weird red mark on it. “You never change, Faba. Give me the key.” He commanded. “Or, I’ll let Null have a crack at you.

            “Fine. Here, take it. I’m sure she’ll take care of you…” Faba said, throwing the key at the three. Samus picked it up, as Faba left.

            “Thank you for the help.” Robin said.

            “I’m Gladion.”


            Skull Enforcer – Gladion


            “Please, save my sister for me. I know my own limits. You three look like you can take her down. I don’t know why she would do something this horrendous…”

            “Thanks… I guess.” Samus thanked, as the three made their way towards the Aether Mansion. As they got there, Samus tried to put the key into the lock. She kept missing, and accidentally bent the key. “Blah! Who needs a key?” Samus said, firing a Missile at the door. She broke open a pathway.

            “Why did you do that? We had a key!” Robin chastised.

            “It wasn’t working!” Samus responded, as the three walked into the Aether Mansion. Type: Null almost seemed to sigh.

            “…I’m starting to think I made a bad decision.” Gladion said, as Space Pirates started to surround him. “Let’s go, Null!”



            -Aether Paradise – Aether Mansion


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin walked into the Aether Mansion. There was a large, locked door at the other end of the room. A switch was located nearby, covered in a blue, radioactive substance. “Phazon…” Samus said. “If only I had my Phazon Suit…” The bounty hunter searched through her upgrades, finding a ‘Suit Changer’. “Well, it’s worth a shot.” She said, firing a small disc onto the ground. The disc then grew, becoming a large cylinder. Samus walked into it, becoming bathed in light.


            Suit Change: Phazon Suit


            Samus stepped out of the suit changer, donning a black and red suit. “A suit made of pure Phazon. Totally safe.” Samus said, walking over to the Phazon-covered switch. She flipped it, opening a panel on the wall. A button showed up, covered in light energy. “I don’t know how to deal with this…” As she said that, dark energy started to surround Robin. The symbol on his hand began to glow. When the shadowy energy left them, purple light surrounded Robin. Their eyes were colored red.

            “I… AM… GRIMA… I AM DESPAIR!” Robin yelled, now possessed by the soul of the fell dragon Grima. Grima fired a blast of dark energy at the button, dispelling the light. “HAHAHAHAHAH!” Grima laughed, before leaving Robin’s body. Robin put their hand up to their head. “…what just happened…?” they said, before pushing the button. The door leading deeper into the Aether Mansion opened.

            “Shall we move on?” Samus asked.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, running inside. Samus and Robin followed.



            -Aether Paradise – Mansion Interior


            “So…where’s this President they mentioned?” Robin asked, as they walked into a lavish-looking minimalist room. There was only a bed, a table set, and a mirror.

            Kirby jumped onto the bed. “Poyo! Poyo!”

            Samus scanned the room in X-Ray mode. Her eyes floated to the mirror. She readied herself, and fired a Missile on the mirror. It completely shattered, revealing a warp pad.

            “Well, I found the way forward.” Samus said.

            The trio walked onto the warp pad, being teleported away.



            -Aether Paradise – Trophy Room


            The three ended up in a fully-enclosed room, covered in entirely white. There were spires of ice with various Pokémon inside.

            “That’s just creepy…” Robin said, as the three walked up to the central platform in the room.

            “Nothing I’m not used to…” Samus said.

            “Poyo….” Kirby said, looking over a frozen Pikachu.

            “Well, look what we have here!” a voice said.

            Samus, Kirby, and Robin looked towards the end of the platform.

            “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” A tall, blond woman said. The three looked towards her.


            Aether President – Lusamine


            “You must be the president that Faba guy mentioned.” Samus said.

            “What do you think? It’s my private collection. My precious babies…they’ll be preserved for all eternity.”

            “Miss, that’s just a bit screwed up…” Robin said.

            “I’m afraid I cannot let you interfere with my plans, so I must silence you all quickly.” Lusamine said, venom entering her words. Lusamine pulled out an Ultra Ball.


            BATTLE TIME!


            Lusamine threw her Ultra Ball, sending out her Clefable.

            “Kirby, go!” Robin said.

            “You’re getting really into this…” Samus said.

            “I am a good tactician, after all!”

            “Clefable, use Moonblast!” Lusamine said.

            “Kirby, Inhale!” Robin commanded.

            Clefable powered up a large blast, which Kirby inhaled. Kirby then gained small wings and a halo, becoming Cupid Kirby. “Poyah!”

            “Kirby, use Heavenly Wrath!” Robin said.

            “How do you even know the moves Kirby can use?” Samus asked.

            “Tactician’s instinct!”

            Kirby proceeded to fire three arrows at Clefable, damaging it decently.

            “Clefable, use Cosmic Power!” Lusamine said, as Clefable’s defenses rose.

            “Kirby, use Arrow Judgement!” Robin said, as Kirby charged up an arrow.

            “Insolent fools! Clefable, use Moonblast!”

            Kirby dodged the blast, and fired an arrow right through Clefable’s defense.

            “What? No!” Lusamine said as Clefable fainted.

            “Good job Kirby!” Robin said.

            “Whatever. Go, Lilligant!” Lusamine said, sending out Lilligant.

            “Kirby, discard your ability!” Robin said.

            “Lilligant, use Stun Spore!”

            “Kirby, inhale the spores!”

            Kirby inhaled the spores, becoming Leaf Kirby.

            “Lilligant, use Petal Dance!” Lusamine commanded. Lilligant created a gust of wind, sending many cherry blossom leaves towards Kirby. They damaged the pink puffball, surrounding him.

            “Kirby, Leaf Rain!” Kirby rained leaves down on Lilligant, which didn’t do much damage.

            “Your ability to copy is cute and all, but it’s not going to do much damage.” Lusamine said with a grin.

            “Kirby, discard!” Robin said, annoyed. Kirby discarded Leaf, and went back to normal.

            “Lilligant, use Petal Dance!”

            “Kirby, inhale and spit it back out!” Kirby inhaled the barrage of leaves, and sent a star-shaped projectile at Lilligant. Despite being a Grass-type projectile, Kirby managed to land a critical hit. “That’s it!” Robin said.

            “Lill…lee…” the Lilligant murmered, falling over. Lusamine called her Pokémon back.

            “No! No! No no no!” Lusamine yelled. “Go, Bewear!” Lusamine sent out Bewear.


            “You can’t get any projectiles out of this one! Bewear! Use Hammer Arm!”

            “Kirby, Super Inhale!” Robin commanded. Kirby started to inhale greatly, swallowing the Pokémon whole.

            “What?” Lusamine said, surprised. Kirby spit out Bewear. Kirby donned a red headband, becoming Fighter Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, punching his nubs in the air.

            “Kirby, use Rising Break!”

            Kirby used a large uppercut, devastating Bewear.

            “No! Bewear!” Lusamine said, summoning Bewear back to her. “This isn’t the end!”


            VICTORY! Kirby leveled up! Cheekiness increased by 5! Pinkness increased by 3! Not that any of it matters.


            “That’s it, if I can’t defeat you myself, I’ll just have to use my newfound help. Pirates!” As soon as she said that, a few hatches opened around the sides of the room. Space Pirates flew in, grabbing the heroes. “Bring me the girl!” she said. One Pirate came in, holding both Lillie and Nebby.

            “Mother!” Lillie said, in an extremely nervous voice.

            “Pew pew…” Nebby said.

            “That witch is your mother?” Robin yelled.

            “Witch? Me? How rude! First, you break into my paradise, and then you call me a witch? You’re all incredibly rude! Anyway, I need that bag and that Cosmog of yours, Lillie.”

            The pirate handed over Nebby, who was visibly afraid. “Pew…” Another pirate handed her Lillie's bag. Lusamine pulled out a case. It was rhombus-shaped, matched the aesthetic of the Aether Foundation. It opened, and the Aether President shoved Nebby inside.

            “I’ve seen Cosmog create an Ultra Wormhole with just gases. Imagine what I could do with the full body!”

            “Mother, no! Nebby will die!” Lillie yelled.

            “No…it won’t. It’s not Nihilego I need, I need this.” Lusamine said, holding up Lillie's bag.


            “Quit calling me that! You denied my love for you!” Lusamine snapped, as she pulled out a Poké Doll from Lillie’s bag. "There we are."

            Lusamine set up the case with Cosmog. “Pew pew…!”

            “Quiet, you!” Lusamine said, pressing a button on the case. “While I'm here, imagine all the wormholes I could open with Cosmog’s whole body!” As she said that, Gladion teleported into the room. He quickly sent out Type: Null, and defeated a few Space Pirates. He faced his mother, an enraged expression covering his face.

            “Mother! Don’t do it! You’ve already destroyed Alola!”

            “Oh, you decided to show up too, Gladion? What a pity. You cannot stop the inevitable.” Lusamine said. The container holding Nebby started to glow, releasing a ball of light. It floated up towards the ceiling, creating a portal. A tall, octopus-like creature started to float down from the Ultra Wormhole.

            “Yes, yes! Come to me, my beast!” Lusamine said, a wicked smile covering her face.



            UB-01 Symbiont – Nihilego


            “What in the heck is going on?” Robin asked. As they did, screens lit up all around the room. It showed the decimated Alola, with Ultra Wormholes hovering over them. Other strange beasts appeared from inside them.

            “They’re on Akala and Poni, even Melemele Island!” Nihilego continued to float towards Lusamine. “Come, come to me my beautiful beast!” Lusamine said. “Oh, yes, my mission.” She said, holding up Lillie's Poké Doll. Cosmog's case opened. What now appeared was a star-like creature with the face of Cosmog. It was also somewhat heavier.

            “Nebby!” Lillie yelled.

            “Mother, how could you do this?!” Gladion yelled.

            "I got the Element!" Lusamine yelled.

            “Element…?” Samus wondered aloud.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, as a small pink, platform-like creature settled next to Lusamine. It almost looked like a thin plane.


            Summon: Trowlon


            “Anyway, it was nice meeting you all, but I must be going.” said Lusamine, walking onto the platform creature. The Aether President pulled out what appeared to be a phone, holding it up to her ear. “Tell him it’s time to go.” She ordered, putting the device down. “Oh, miss Aran, an old friend is here to see you! Buh-bye! Come with me, my beast!” The Trowlon then started to float upwards, followed by the Nihilego. All the Space Pirates in the room flew up with her.

            “Wha-?” Samus tried to say, as suddenly, an explosion rocked the room, and a large purple streak grabbed the main trio. The streak broke through the ceiling, taking the three with it. Lusamine laughed evilly, a rift opening above her. Her Trowlon moved in, followed by Nihilego. Gladion ran down next to his sister, Lillie. He looked at the rift, angry.

            “I will never understand how you could do this…”

            "Nebby..." Lillie lamented, holding Nebby in her hands. It changed from Cosmog to Cosmoem. "You're so heavy..."



            -Aether Paradise – Roof


            The streak dropped all of them off at the roof of the Aether Paradise. All around, the islands of Alola were covered in smoke. When they reoriented, Samus was struck in horror.

            “No… it can’t be! I killed you on Zebes! The planet blew up!” Samus yelled in utter disbelief. An enormous purple pteranodon-like creature floated in front of them. Long, spindly arms, and wings larger than the creature’s body.


            Her Mortal Enemy – Ridley


            Ridley roared, shaking the entire roof. Samus started breaking down.

            “No… he was finally out of my life… and now… no…” she said, as she fell to the ground in emotional distress. Traumatic memories welled up inside of her. With tears streaming from her eyes, her Varia Suit deactivated. "He... he... was killed with Zebes... he's destroyed everything I've ever cared about..."

            “All right, Kirby, we need to get rid of this thing!” Robin said. They looked over Ridley flying in the air, and spotted the Gateway stone attached to Ridley’s chest. “He’s got the Gateway piece! We need to get it back!” Ridley flew right towards the group, fully intent on battle.



            BATTLE TIME!


            Ridley appeared!

            “Let’s do this!” Robin said, as Kirby came out. Ridley started out with a stream of flames.

            “Kirby, use inhale!” Robin said, as Kirby inhaled the stream of fire. Kirby then became Fire Kirby.

            “Okay, use Fire Breath!” Robin said. The fire breath caused a small amount of damage to Ridley. Ridley then responded by trying to claw at Kirby, which missed. Ridley roared in annoyance.

            “Use Fire Breath again!” Kirby caused small amounts of damage to Ridley again. Ridley roared, and used Slash. This caused a moderate amount of damage to Kirby.


            “Use Burn!” Robin said, as Kirby dashed towards Ridley in a ball of fire, causing more damage than before. Ridley responded with another Slash, causing more damage to Kirby.

            “This isn’t good… finish him off with Searing Burn!”

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, creating an explosion. This explosion was enough to deal with Ridley. The reptilian creature flew away.


            VICTORY! Kirby gained two levels! Puffiness increased by 10! Squishiness increased by 12! Cuteness increased by 8! Not that it matters.


            Ridley then roared, and flew high into the sky.

            “I don’t know if we can beat him!” Robin said, as a battle cry filled the air.

            “TAPU KO-KO-KO-KO!” Tapu Koko flew in, followed by other creatures that vaguely resembled it.


            Summon: Guardians of Alola


            “TAPU LE-LE-LE-LE!” The guardian of Akala Island, the surprisingly cruel Tapu Lele, cried. They were pink, with a shell resembling a butterfly.

            “TAPU BU-LU-LU-LU!” The benevolent guardian of Ula’Ula Island, Tapu Bulu, cried. Their red shell looked similar to a bull.

            “TAPU FI-NI-NI-NI!” The pure creator of water, guardian of Poni Island, Tapu Fini, cried. They were mainly blue, their shell looking like a swordfish.

            The Tapu went to the corners of the building. As soon as they did, large, yellow figures appeared. Each was topped with the shells of the Island Guardians. They stood up on the building, and each grabbed Ridley. They then smashed him down onto the building with enough force to break the roof open. Ridley and the heroes fell down into the Conservation Area. The bodies of the Tapu dissipated, leaving just the Guardians themselves. They each left for their respective islands, as Tapu Koko stayed to watch.




            -Aether Paradise – Conversation Area


            Ridley, Samus, Robin, and Kirby fell onto a walkway in the conservation area.

            “Okay, I think I’m good now. He'll never die...” Samus said, wiping tears from her eyes. Ridley was knocked out on the ground. Samus reactivated her Varia Suit, and carefully walked over to Ridley's chest. She tore the Gateway piece from his chest, waking the Space Pirate. Ridley let out a cry, grabbing Samus. "Let go of me, you monster!"

            “Elthunder!” Robin said, hitting Ridley square in the nose, causing him to cry out in pain and let go of Samus. Ridley fell over, with a rift opening under him, taking him away.

            “Let’s go!” Samus said, jumping after Ridley into the rift. Robin and Kirby then followed.



            -Subspace – Mysterious Palace


            “And then, despite me using that ‘Ridley’ creature you told me to use, they still managed to grab that stone and defeat him! But at least I got my beast…” Lusamine said to the man, with a Nihilego behind her.

            “Chance meetings and setbacks to your failure are not of my concern. We have the Foundation Element. That’s all that matters.” the figure said, holding up the Poké Doll.

            “Venomenon!” Nihilego cried.

            “My beast seems concerned about those three…” the Aether President said. “I wouldn’t underestimate them.”




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The three flew out of the Gateway once again. The stone being held by Robin floated up, and attached itself to a spot next to the other Gateway piece.

            “Ah, the Phase keystone! Perfect.” The Gateway said.

            “Let’s see what this one is all about.” Robin said. "So what exactly is up with that purple lizard thing?"

            "I'd... rather not get into it right now." Samus responded.



Chapter Text

            -Phoenix Mountain – Landing Site


            The rift opened next to a cliff overlooking an ocean of lava, facing the cliffside. Samus and Robin jumped out, right next to the edge.

            “Woah, that was a bit close…” Robin said, almost tripping over the edge.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, flying out of the rift. He flew into Samus and Robin, knocking all of them off.

            “Ahhhh!” they all screamed, until they landed on a small shore that was immediately under the cliff.

            “Well…that was convenient…” Samus said, getting up. “Ah, a large volcanic area. This is very familiar…”

            “Let’s move!” Robin said, walking towards a door in the distance.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, as they were greeted by a couple of Petribombers. They started throwing rocks at them.

            “Watch out!” Samus said, countering them. “And you know…probably watch out for lava pools…” Kirby inhaled one of the exploding rocks, becoming Stone Kirby. The pink puffball hovered over one of the Petribombers, and transformed into a statue depicting the two titans Bionis and Mechonis. He crushed the Peteribomber, defeating it. Samus fired a missile at the other one, defeating it as well. They eventually reached the door, which opened automatically for them. When they went through, they a young angel beating up the fish-like Wave Angler. It was defeated, and the trio caught the angel’s attention.

            “More Underwold baddies! Um… they look different…” he said.

            “Underworld? What?” Robin said.

            “We’re… travelers!” Samus said.

            “What do you mean they’re not bad guys? They’re with us?” the angel said, seemingly talking to themselves. “Okay, Lady Palutena says you’re not bad. Hi there, my name is Pit!”


            Captain of Palutena’s Guard – Pit


            “I’m Samus, Samus Aran.” the bounty hunter introduced.

            “Robin, Tactician of Ylisse!”

            “Kirby! Kirby!”

            Suddenly, a rift appeared behind Pit. “Woah, woah, woah, WOAH!” Pit cried, as he was pulled into the infinite beyond.

            “He only just introduced himself.” Robin said. Soon enough, a voice echoed throughout all of their heads.

            “…testing, 1,2,3. Is this thing on? Perfect.” The voice said.

            “What’s going on?” Samus asked. As she did, a projection of a tall green-haired woman appeared above them.

            “Hello there! I’m Palutena, Goddess of Light. I’ll guide you through this volcanic landscape!”


            Goddess of Light – Palutena


            “And you’re communicating with us through our heads?” Robin asked.

            “Oh, yeah. Definitely. Fully divine. I’m sad to say I lost my best friend and pawn… I mean… captain, Pit. I know he’s still alive out there, but I’m concerned for his safety. But I must continue this mission. You all will do. Firstly, we need to defeat the Phoenix of this mountain.”

            “Why exactly?” Samus asked.

            “Does that pink one not talk…? Oh, yes. The Phoenix. It has the Wish Seed, a powerful artifact which could cause a war with all humans. Something about granting any wish.”

            “Okay. Sounds fake, but okay.” Samus said.

            “Ah, look who made it!” another voice, a male one, said. Another projection followed Palutena’s. A demonic purple-skinned man with fiery hair appeared.

            “Oh no, here he is…” Palutena said.

            “Aw, did pretty Palutena lose her little Pitty-Pat?”

            “Hades…” Palutena said.


            Lord of the Underworld – Hades


            “Oh great… another one… ugh…” Samus sighed.

            “Come on! I already have enough voices in my head!” Robin interjected.

            “So, the little heroes covet the Wish Seed, too? Tell me, goddess, what do you wish for?” Hades asked Palutena.

            “Let’s just ignore them and move on…” Samus said, walking towards another door. As the three did, a rift opened up in the distance, above them.


            Summon: The Jambastion Mages


            Three differently-colored mages appeared from the rift. A fiery red one, an icy blue one, and an electrifying yellow one. They all appeared to wear the same outfit, including a cap with a bat-like symbol on it. The negative space almost resembled a heart. The only difference in the outfits were color. “Where is that ‘Foundation Element’…” the yellow one, assumed to be the leader, wondered out loud.

            “Poyah!” Kirby angrily yelled. This caught the attention of the yellow one.

            “If it isn’t the pink interloper himself. I see you’ve made a few new friends. Bonjam, I am Zan Partizanne, eldest of the Jambastion mages. These are my Sisters Flamberge and Francisca. Our new lord has tasked us in finding a special artifact from here. I assume you’re going to get in the way. Francisca, deal with them.” Partizanne said. The blue one, Francisca, started to float down towards the three.

            “Jambuhbye! Please be careful, my dear Francisca!” Flamberge said, waving.

            “Come, Flamberge. We must find the Element.” Zan said, floating off with Flamberge.

            “What kind of Underworld generals are these…?” Palutena asked.

            “Not any I’ve ever seen.” Hades responded. Francisca laughed.

            “Bonjam. That is how we greet people on my planet. I am Francisca of the Jambastion Mages. We were given a task by our lord to find some kind of ‘Wish Seed’.”

            “They’re after the Wish Seed! We need to defeat them!” Palutena said.

            “Let us cut the chatter. If you get in my way, I’ll have to put you on ice… FOREVER!”


            Frozen General – Francisca


            Francisca started out by creating an icy axe out of thin air. She rushed at the three, slashing at them. Kirby discarded his Stone ability, and quickly inhaled one of the blue stars the Jambastion mage left behind. Kirby then turned into Ice Kirby. Robin pulled out their Elthunder tome.

            “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Robin nodded, and fired an electrical blast at it. Samus’ Power Shot became a Wave Beam. Francisca continued to slash at the three, who attacked her back. They eventually stunned the ice general, angering her. She then floated up above the ground, creating many pointed chunks of ice. She rained them down upon the three. Robin kept firing electrical magic at Francisca. She then pulled out a blaster that looked like a soda bottle. She shook up the blaster, firing a stream of icy water all around Phoenix Mountain. Samus fired a Wave Beam into the stream, creating an electricity flow. The energy flowed all the way up to Francisca, overloading her blaster. The blaster then exploded in Francisca’s face.

            “Aiiiyeee!” Francisca yelled, stunned. She fell to the ground, where the three attacked her relentlessly. They eventually managed to hit her enough times to send her flying off in the distance. “Agggggggghh!” the frozen general yelled as she continued to fly away.

            “That takes care of that.” Samus said.




            -Phoenix Mountain – Hot Spring Entrance



            After some walking and enemy destruction, the trio made it too a door.

            “Let’s do this!” Robin said, who tried to open the door. The door wouldn’t open. Suddenly, three boulders fell from above, covering the door.

            “How are you supposed to get through now...” Palutena said. “I’m sure there’s some way to open it…”

            Suddenly, a Skuttler appeared behind them, holding a Gateway box.

            “Get him!” Samus said, firing a missile at it. This destroyed the enemy, making it drop the box. This Gateway box had a green sphere inside of it. When Samus broke it, three beams came out. In the surrounding area, small rifts depicting other dimensions showed up.

            “What did you just do…?” Palutena wondered. Samus became bathed in a blue light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: Mechonis Field


            Samus summoned a few platforms. A small Mechon laid underneath a platform with a switch. “That switch is too high… I wonder how I’m supposed to get up there… Maybe…” the bounty hunter wondered, firing a Suit Changer onto the ground. As it rose, Samus entered it. She stepped out again, dressed in a much thinner suit.


            Suit Change: Fusion Suit


            “I wonder if I can still eat ice cream…” Samus wondered out loud. With her new acrobatic skills, she jumped up to the switch platform, grabbing the edge. She climbed onto it, activating the switch. The M45/VIOLA came to life, firing a beam at one of the boulders. It destroyed one of them. The other two boulders settled in, leaving the path blocked. As Samus left, the phase disappeared. Kirby then became covered in yellow light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: Phaaze


            Kirby summoned in a portion of the planet of Phazon. A small little mushroom sat in the middle of the field. Kirby blasted it with ice, causing a large rumble. An organic supercomputer tunneled out from under the ground.


            Summon: Aurora Unit 313


            “Poyah!” Kirby cried in surprise. The Aurora Unit faced the boulders, firing a giant energy ball, destroying the second boulder. The supercomputer tunneled back into the ground, as Phaaze disappeared. “Poyah!” Robin became bathed in yellow light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: N’s Castle


            Robin summoned a platform with a single, black stone sitting upon it. “I wonder what a zap of electricity would do…” Robin thought, firing an Elthunder at the Dark Stone. The stone then shook, floating up into the air. It then started to morph into the Deep Black Pokémon, Zekrom.

            “Bazzazzazzazzsh!” Zekrom roared, firing a giant bolt of electricity at the final boulder, obliterating it. “Bazzazzazzsh!”

            “It’s so beautiful!” Robin marveled, as N’s Castle phased out. The door opened, creating a way through.

            “Amazing! You created a way through!” Palutena said. The three then walked into a large hot spring. “There’s a hot spring waiting inside for you.”




            -Phoenix Mountain – Volcanic Ridges


            After a small break in the hot spring, and making their way further into the mountain.

            “Oh Palutena! Pretty Palutena! Can you hear me?” Hades asked.

            “Of course I can hear you.” Palutena responded.

            “You never told me your wish! Even after I bared my soul out to you!”

            “Yeah… I don’t buy it. In fact, it makes me doubt this whole story. Tell me, does the Wish Seed even grant wishes?”

            “You’re a sharp one! How’d you guess?” Hades said.

            “Oh, it’s a fake? Darn, I had a few wishes…” Robin said.

            “Of course, it all makes sense to me now. I mean, the idea of an all-powerful Wish Seed is pretty far-fetched. Something with that much power could easily make somebody more powerful than the gods themselves.” Palutena said.

            “So if it doesn’t work, why are we after it?” Samus said.

            “Of course! Hades plans to make us believe it is real!” Palutena pieced together.

            “Can’t get anything past ol’ Professor Palutena, now can we? If there’s something you can predict about humans, it’s their greed. It’s impossible for them to resist the lure of a wish-granting object!” Hades explained.

            “And they can’t reach the Phoenix to see it’s a fake… you need them to think that somebody had made off with it.” Palutena said.

            “At that point, they’ll drive themselves to extinction fighting over it! And that’s good for my business. It’s an ingenious plan if I do say so myself!”

            “I’m sorry to say this, but you’ll need to truly defeat the Phoenix…” Palutena said.

            “Trust me, we’ve dealt with worse.” Robin said.

            “We’ve fallen right into his trap…” Palutena lamented. As she did, a voice called out from behind the three.

            “HEY, YOU!” The three looked around, only to find Flamberge. She almost seemed to be exploding with anger. “How dare you lay a hand on my Francisca!”

            “I’m sorry, but you know the thing you’re after is a fake, right?” Samus said.

            “OF COURSE I KNOW THAT! But I could care less! But you’ll burn for being so rude to Francisca! Jamblasted! I’ll burn you all so hard, Star Lavadom will look like a frozen wasteland!” Flamberge yelled, creating a sword. The blade looked like a flame itself.


            Blazing General – Flamberge


            Flamberge immediately attacked by waving her sword at the three. She missed, however. Robin pulled out an Elwind tome, firing wind magic on the blazing general. “Kirby!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, breathing ice upon it. Samus’ Power Shot became an Ice Beam. With their new super-effective attacks, the three whaled on Flamberge. Eventually, the hot-tempered mage became even angrier. She created a large cannon with a long fuse. She laughed, and charge up the cannon. Kirby blew ice on it, putting out the fuse. Flamberge’s cannon started to overload.

            “Uh oh…” Flamberge lamented, as the cannon exploded on her. The force of the blast knocked her to the ground, stunned. Samus fired a charged Ice Beam on her, defeating her.

            “Noooooo!” Flamberge yelled, flying out of the Phoenix Mountain.

            “There should only be one left now.” Palutena said.



            -Phoenix Mountain – Phoenix’s Domain


            The main trio made it to the final door to the Phoenix.

            “The Phoenix is right up ahead.” Palutena said.

            “Go die now!” Hades said.

            They walked into the arena, being greeted by a certain electric user defeating the Phoenix. “Ah hahaha!” Zan Partizanne laughed, taking the Wish Seed. She turned to face the three. A red stone hung from her neck, with what appeared to be a wireframe behind it. The stone itself gave off a red aura. “Juh? Oh, it’s you three. I see that my beloved Franny and Berge were not enough to stop you three. I have obtained the item my master has ordered me to get.”

            “Unhand that Seed!” Robin said.

            “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I will protect this with my life.” Partizanne said, getting into battle position. She created an electrified partisan to fight the three with.


            Lightning General – Zan Partizanne


            “Let’s get her!” Samus said as she fired missiles at her. Partizanne deflected the shots.

            “Huh, I’m surprised she defeated the Phoenix all by herself…” Palutena interjected. Zan Partizanne moved around the arena at lightning speed, damaging the heroes where she could. “She’s quite nimble. Watch out for that.” Partizanne then started to spin her partisan around, creating a thundercloud. The thundercloud shot small bolts of lightning around the arena.

            “Whew! She is quite speedy.” Samus said, firing an Ice Beam at her. Eventually, the three managed to stun her.

            “Ow! Jamblasted!” Zan said, moving towards the middle of the arena. She appeared to charge up, and created a set of Thunder Drums behind her back. She then started to fire balls of electricity all around the arena. “Baaahahahahaha!” she laughed. Dark energy started to surround Robin. They were once again taken over by the soul of Grima.

            “DIE!” Grima yelled, firing a blast of dark magic at Zan Partizanne. Grima left Robin once again.

            “Ahhhhh!” Partizanne yelled, stunned. Samus then aimed her arm cannon at her, and fired. The Ice Beam knocked both the Gateway piece and the Wish Seed out of her. Partizanne fell to the ground, dazed. “Jam…blasted…” Zan Partizanne said. Suddenly, a rift opened next to Zan Partizanne. A large holographic hand came out, and grabbed her.

            “YOU HAVE FAILED ME, PARTIZANNE!” a voice boomed, taking Zan into the rift.

            “What the heck was that?” Robin said.

            “I…don’t know.” Samus said.

            “SCRAW!” a cry pierced the sky. The heroes looked behind them, seeing a certain bird starting to get up.


            Guardian of the Wish Seed – The Phoenix


            The Phoenix got up, spreading its wings. “SCREE!” the Phoenix cried, as it started to take off into the air, and flew towards the Gateway piece. Crashing to the ground, the Phoenix ate the Gateway piece, swallowing it. The Phoenix started to glow with a pink aura. As it did, an Ultra Wormhole-shaped rift appeared beyond the Phoenix platform.

            “Oh no! The Phoenix is more powerful now!” Palutena said. The Phoenix flew around the arena. It flew down towards the trio, grabbing them with its talons. It then slammed them down into the ground. It then hovered in the air, covering itself in a pink light.

            “SCREEEAAW!” the immortal bird cried. The background rift reacted, glowing pink. Blue lava flew out of it, covering some of the area.

            “It’s summoning… more lava?” Robin wondered. Samus fired her Ice Beam on the lava, cooling it.

            “Time for some divine intervention!” Palutena said, summoning a Phase box to them. Kirby ran over, breaking it. Rifts of other dimensions appeared. Kirby became covered in yellow light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: The Cake Royale


            Kirby phased in a room with the Kirby Printer. “Poyah!” Kirby said, activating the Kirby Printer. Pointing the front of it at the Phoenix, a stream of differently-colored Kirbies fired out of it at the Phoenix, damaging it. The Phoenix flew towards the printer, grabbing it. It then flew it towards the lava, dropping it in. Robin became covered in pink light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: Four-Fanged Offense


            A grassy field with a large ballista appeared. “Oh, a ballista! Perfect!” Robin said, manning the artillery weapon. They fired a massive arrow at the Phoenix, damaging it greatly.

            “SCRAWWWW!” the Phoenix grabbed the ballista, flying it into the lava. Samus became bathed in blue light, summoning another dimension.


            Phase: Desert Ruins


            The inside of a cave appeared, with a strange statue, appearing to be some kind of Pokémon. Suddenly, the statue came to life, revealing itself to be a Regirock. “Zara zari za!” the Regirock cried, before using Stone Edge on the Phoenix. Sharp, jagged rocks thrust into the Phoenix, downing it.

            “SCRAAAW!” the Phoenix cried out in pain, falling to the ground.

            “How’s that for a rocky ending?” Palutena taunted.

            “SCRAaaaawww…” the massive bird tried to cry. It then threw up the Gateway piece, which Robin grabbed.

            “Ew…” Robin said, picking it up, and sticking it in their coat. A rift opened up under the Phoenix, taking it away. Samus grabbed the Wish Seed, which amazingly wasn’t destroyed in the battle.

            “I have a weird feeling we’ll need this…” she said, walking towards the rift. “Shall we?”

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, jumping in, followed by Robin.

            “Well… that was a weird ending.” Palutena said.

            “Oh well, I got my wish after all!” Hades said. “War with the humans is inevit-”      

            “Ah, ah, ah! You seem to forget that this fanfiction is just going to forget about this point in the plot.” Palutena said.

            “Well, you’re not wrong.”




            -Subspace – Mysterious Palace


            The long arm of the figure pulled Zan Partizanne out of the portal. “I’m very disappointed in you, Partizanne.” He said, dropping Zan onto the ground in front of the other villains.

            “Well it wasn’t my fault! You should have warned me that pink interfering interloper and his buddies were there!”

            “Kirby? Again? Well…if mice are scurrying through my property…then I better put down some traps…” he said, grinning.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The trio came out of the Gateway. The stone flew out of Robin’s coat, attaching itself to the highest hole in the Gateway.

            “Nice, you found the Rip Gateway stone! You can rip up the fabric of time and space now!” the Gateway said.

            Samus held the Wish Seed. “I need to put this somewhere safe…” she said, leaning it up against a rock near the Gateway. It started to roll off, until Samus stopped it with another rock. "Perfect..." she said, turning away. The rock dislodged, and the Wish Seed rolled away.


Chapter Text

            -Another Dimension


            The trio flew through the rift between dimensions, heading to an unknown dimension. Robin thought about it, and thought they were travelling for an elongated period of time. “Shouldn’t we be there by now?” Robin asked.

            “Yes, here, let me scan for the end…” Samus said.

            “Scanner offline.” the bounty hunter’s Varia Suit stated.

            “Uh oh… my scanner is offline…”

            “Well, what do we do?” Robin asked.

            “I suggest you stay still!” a light, almost child-like voice said. A ship started to fly by them. Three built-in oars dotted the sides of the marine-looking space-ship. A large sail with an odd-looking symbol stood in the middle of it. Two massive, but static wings were attached to the back.


            Summon: The Lor Starcutter


            The Lor Starcutter flew by them, as the same voice came from it. “Well, you don’t have much of a choice… You’re stuck in a rift loop.” Inside the ship, a small, egg-shaped creature grabbed a Levin Sword. The blue-robed creature stuck the sword into a slot on a controller. Electricity started to flow through the ship. The ship turned, and a tornado started to form at the emblem of the ship. The tornado pulled the three in.



            -Another Dimension – Lor Starcutter


            The three dropped down into the main room of the Lor Starcutter, landing in a pile. The blue-covered creature grabbed the Levin Sword out of the slot, meeting the three.

            “Well don’t just sit there, you’ve got some monsters to meet.”

            “Who are you? What did you do to us?!” Samus accusingly asked.

            “Is she like this a lot, Kirby? I thought I just caught you all at a bad time before.”


            “My name is Magolor.”


            Reformed Halcandran – Magolor


            “I locked onto your Varia Suit, Samus. Remember that.” The alien said, holding a weird scanning device.

            “Before? You said before.” Samus questioned.

            “Ah, yes! I almost forgot! Welcome to the Lor Starcutter! It travels through the fabric of space and time. I’ve met you all, especially Kirby, but you haven’t met me yet! That’s some space-time travel for you.”

            As Magolor was talking, Robin wandered on their own, enamored by the technology. A weird button on the control panel caught their attention. When they pressed it, their entire body changed into the opposite gender. They then pressed it again, going back to normal. “Um… okay.”

            “We’ve seen some crazy stuff today, but that’s a bit… out there.” Samus said to Magolor, referring to the space-time machine, ignoring Robin.

            “Well, here’s your proof!” Magolor said, pulling out the Levin Sword. “Here’s their sword.” He added, throwing the sword to Robin.

            “I didn’t know there was more than one…” Robin said, comparing the two swords.

            “Clearly a copy.” Samus said.

            “No, space-time machine, not a duplication machine. Just make sure they give me their sword later.” The bounty hunter sighed. The main screen inside of the Starcutter lit up, appearing to depict an island floating in space. A large volcano took up most of the island.





            A rift opening appeared above an island in the middle of space. The island had a huge volcano on it.


            Summon: Lor Starcutter


            The Lor Starcutter appeared from the rift, and floated down to the surface of the planet. A bridge appeared from it, letting the main trio and Magolor out.

            “Where… are we?” Samus asked, overlooking a volcanic planet as well as a massive amount of machinery in the distance.

            “My home planet, Halcandra. Me and Kirby had some… history here… but that’s all in the past.” Magolor said, as he handed a cell phone to Robin.

            “What the heck is this thing…?” Robin asked, messing with it.

            “It’s a cell phone, and you’ll use it to call me later. I’ll swoop in and help you out! I’m nice like that! But… I kind of forgot to charge the battery, so don’t use it until you need it.”

            “Right.” Robin said. “I understood none of that.”

            “Look, normally I’d come with you, but I’m not exactly prepared for fighting or anything, so I’ll leave you be. Anyways, good luck!” Magolor said, going back inside the Lor. The spaceship started to take off, and a beam fired out of the emblem on the front. It flew a ways from the planet, opening a rift. The Starcutter flew into the rift, disappearing.

            “What…was that all about…?” Robin asked, visibly confused at everything that just happened.

            “I’m not entirely sure, but my scanner is picking up something in the machines. Must be a Gateway piece.” Samus said, pointing to Egg Engines.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, running off towards the industrial complex. Samus and Robin followed.

            “What’s a ‘machine’…?”



            -Halcandra - Egg Engines


            The three arrived in a large factory complex with a purple sky. The entire ground was made of steel.

            “This place is so much different than anywhere I’ve ever seen…” Robin said, looking over everything.

            “Poyo! Poyo!” Kirby yelled, getting the attention of Samus and Robin.

            “What is it, Kirby?” Samus asked. Kirby pointed towards the purple sky, where a dolphin-shaped robot flew into the distance. Samus quickly scanned it. “It’s emanating some weird energy. I think it’s got the Gateway piece!”

            “So we’re going to chase it?” Robin asked.

            “Right on the credits.” Samus said. The three made their way through the hordes of enemies protecting the industrial complex.



            -Egg Engines – Midsection


            The three heroes made their way further into Egg Engines, going inside of a factory. Many grates and gears covered the area.

            “This seems surprisingly easy…” Robin said, slashing a Halcandran Dee. Suddenly, a ball of light appeared above the three.

            “You had to say something.” Samus said, as a mini-boss spawned.


            Halcandran UFO – Dubior


            A large, UFO-shaped enemy appeared above them. Dubior started up an electrical barrier, and charged at the three from the floor. It missed, as Samus fired some Power Shots at it. Dubior floated above the floor, and started firing lightning bolts down.

            “Elwind!” Robin said, firing powerful wind magic at the mechanical UFO. This was enough to knock it out of the sky, defeating it. Kirby ran up to it, and inhaled it, becoming Spark Kirby. Dubior also dropped a Gateway box, which had the Rip Gateway stone inside of it. Trying to move on, they were met with a cracked wall.

            “Well, I guess we’ll see what this one does…” Samus said, breaking the Gateway box. A stream appeared from it, creating a small rip. Suddenly, the rip opened, creating a wireframe look with pink and yellow. It grabbed the three, pulling them in.


            Pink Rip: Ancient Halcandra


            The rip dropped the three in an alternate dimension. Oddly, it was an island resembling Egg Engines, before it was a large factory complex. It floated in the middle of a pink void. Ancient Halcandrans were floating around, messing with electronics. They were mainly purple, with bulging eyes and ears. One appeared to be using magic, to the dismay of the Ancients surrounding him. He had an almost crazed looking going for him.

            “We must be in some alternate dimension…” Samus said, noting some dynamite in a barrel. “Perfect…” she said, picking up the barrel. It floated into the rip, going through.


            Plain Rip: Egg Engines


            The dynamite barrel flew into the cracked wall, settling at the bottom of it.


            Pink Rip: Ancient Egg Engines


            When that was over with, the three were pulled into the rip once again, being pulled into yet another alternate dimension.


            Yellow Rip: Distant Future


            The trio were pulled into a future version of Egg Engines, which appeared to be covered in grass and life. A small campfire was burning, implying that sentient life still existed.

            “I guess we can use this…” Robin said, picking up a stick. They ignited it, and threw it into the rip.


            Plain Rip: Egg Engines


            The fire stick flew through the rip, and set the dynamite on fire. The dynamite exploded, creating a way forward. Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared from the rip, which then closed.

            “Let’s get moving.” Samus said, as they moved on.




            -Egg Engines – End Section


            The three continued to move through the mechanical metropolis. Climbing up a tower, the trio were met with many drilling platforms. “These look dangerous…” Robin said. Avoiding the platforms, Samus, Robin, and Kirby came across a Waddle Doo. Unlike most of the cycloptic creature’s kind, this one had longer hairs and a pattern around its eyes.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, inhaling the Super Waddle Doo. As he swallowed it, and donned a hat similar to Beam Kirby. However, the floppy parts of the hat were much longer. The puffball’s Beam Wand was bigger.

            “Woah!” Robin said, as Kirby had obtained the Super Ability Flare Beam. Kirby held up his Beam Wand, and created a massive electrical ball. He moved it around the tower, destroying enemies.

            “That’s… powerful.” Samus marveled. Kirby continued to move up the tower, destroying many of the drill platforms. There were many lantern-like objects dotted around the tower. Using his Flare Beam, Kirby lit each of them up.

            “He’s just going at it alone, huh.” Robin said. As the pink puffball lit more lanterns, an elevator activated nearby.

            “Pyah!” Kirby said, stepping onto it. Robin and Samus joined, and the elevator moved down under the tower. The elevator stopped in front of a hallway. The trio moved in. As they did, a rift tore open in front of them.

            “What? A rift, here?” Samus said, as the rift pulled them in. Kirby lost his Flare Beam in the process.




            -Another Dimension – Pocket Realm


            The three appeared in a strange, altered version of Another Dimension. The entire world was colorless, and it took on the form of Egg Engines. “Where are we…?” Robin questioned. As he did, a wave of purple dimensional energy moved towards the three.

            “No time for that!” Samus said, firing a Missile at the energy. As the Missile impacted, the energy flow receded a bit. Before long, it continued forward. “We’re not going to stop it, but we can outrun it!” She said, as the three ran. They ran as fast as they could, and eventually came across a set of conveyer belts.

            “What are these moving contraptions?” Robin questioned. The three ran through the conveyer belts, which moved in a different direction than they did. Samus continued to fire Missiles onto the energy wall, keeping it at bay as best she could.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, pointing in the distance. There was a black arched door with a star above it.

            “You want us to go in there?” Robin questioned.

            “Better than nothing!” Samus said, as the three entered.



            -Another Dimension – Sphere Doomer Realm


            The three appeared on another set of conveyer beats, the dimensional wave gone. “Phew… we’re safe.” Robin said.

            “Hmmm… not quite.” Samus said, as the belt moved them towards a strange, white creature.


            Icy Sphere-Eater – Sphere Doomer


            A sphere-shaped creature with dark blue eyes appeared. With a flap of its wings, the Sphere Doomer roared at the three. “It’s one of those things!” Samus said, firing a Charged Shot at the Energy Sphere-eater. The Doomer surrounded itself with four icy spheres. It fired them down towards the three. Kirby inhaled one, and became Ice Kirby.

            “Poyah!” the pink hero cried, jumping up in the air. He sprayed icy wind, hitting the Sphere Doomer. Robin pulled out his Elwind tome, and fired a blast of wind at the icy foe. As the three attacked it, the Sphere Doomer folded its wings in on itself. A frigid aura covered it, as it slowly moved towards them. Samus, Robin, and Kirby moved out of the way as the frigid air exploded into an icy storm. The icy foe continued the explosions before flying away. It summoned more spheres around itself, and quickly rushed towards the three. Samus melee-countered the Doomer, defeating it. The icy foe dissipated.

            “Whew. That was easy.” Robin said.

            “Let’s get out of here.” Samus said, as an exit rift appeared before them.



            -Egg Engines – Elevator


            The three appeared inside an elevator. As they did, it started to move upwards. “What’s going on?” Robin asked.

            “We’re moving up…” Samus responded, as the elevator continued to move upwards.



            -Egg Engines – Boss Stage


The heroes reached the top of an open tower. The purple sky lit up bright behind a large, white moon. In front of them, a dolphin-like, bipedal robot laid in front of them.

“What is that…?” Robin asked. As soon as they said that, a spark ignited on the bot. The yellow eyes on the bot activated, and it pulled out a glowing sword.

“It’s not giving off the signal…but I don’t think it’ll let us go without a fight!” Samus said, powering up her cannon.

“Poyo!” Kirby said, punching forward.


            Protector of Egg Engines – Metal General


            Metal General started immediately by firing small missiles at the gang, with Samus firing Homing Missiles back. Kirby inhaled a missile, and became Bomb Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby yelled, throwing a bomb at Metal General. The bomb caused decent damage towards the automaton.

            “Elthunder!” Robin yelled, sending a powerful bolt towards Metal General, knocking the robot back. As they did that, the robot let out large amounts of steam, and the robot pulled out a few large missiles, grabbed onto one, and flew off into the hazy air.

            “Where’d it go…?” Robin asked, on guard.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, pointing off the side of the tower. The unmanned missiles hit the ground and exploded, however, this didn’t effect out heroes.  After that, Metal General came right at them with its missile. Kirby dropped the Bomb ability, and started inhaling. The inhale became huge, and Kirby inhaled the missile before it hit them. Metal General flew off, landing several meters away.

            “Nice job!” Samus said.

            As she said that, Kirby swallowed the missile whole. Donning a dome-like hat. The pink hero had become Crash Kirby. “Pooooyaaah!” he said, charging up.

            “We need to move!” Robin yelled, as both they and Samus took cover behind a metal sheet. A blinding white light filled the area, and bits and pieces of metal flew past the cover. Once the blast was over, Robin and Samus peeked out from the top of the sheet, which the front was now fully charred, and saw Kirby standing in front of a defeated Metal General.

            “Did we kill it…?” Robin asked.

            “I think so…” Samus said with a shrug.

            The robot then moved. It shook a little, and then got up to its feet.


            Metal General ignored them, however, and flew off.

            “I guess that’s it...” Robin said.

            However, a large shadow fell over them, and when they turned around, a large robot with a drill hand appeared. The top of the bot opened, which Metal General flew into.


            Familiar-Looking Robot – HR-D3


            “Look!” Robin said, pointing at a green spot on HR-D3’s chest. A stone resembling a puzzle piece was attached to the front of HR-D3. It appeared to be split down the middle, with a blue side and pink side. The stone glowed with a lime green aura.

            “That’s the Gateway piece! It’s going to use it to power itself up!” Samus exclaimed.

            HR-D3 thrust up its arms, slamming the drill down into the ground trying to crush the heroes.

“Poyah!” Kirby said.

            The large robot slammed its giant fist into the ground. Samus fired a few missiles at it, seemingly destroying it.

            “That was…pathetic.” She said.

            “I don’t think that was it…” Robin said.


            HR-D3 rose back up, sparking. It appeared to be more angered.

            “Well, this is bad!” Robin yelled.

            HR-D3 tried body slamming down, almost crushing the trio.

            “Just fire everything at it!” Samus said, firing a Charge Shot at it. This didn’t seem to affect it.

            “The Gateway piece must give it serious defense.” Robin said.

            HR-D3 slammed the drill down into the ground, letting off electricity. Kirby inhaled it, becoming Spark Kirby.

            “Poyo!” he said, trying to fire thunderbolts at the automaton.

The giant robot pulled out a laser cannon, firing a huge beam down at the three. After enough hits, many parts of HR-D3 broke off. HR-D3 fell over with a massive thud. “All right. Now to get the-” Samus tried to say, before a dark force covered the defeated robot.

“What the?” Robin questioned, as the darkness absorbed the Gateway piece, opening a rift. The dark force flew in.

“Poyah!” Kirby cried out, jumping in quickly. He was quickly followed by Robin and Samus.



            -The World of Drawcia


            The three appeared in a twisted world of paint. “Where are we…?” Samus questioned.

            “Po poyo!” Kirby said, pointing ahead of them. The dark mass that contained the Gateway piece floated in the distance, before flying away.

            “Let’s go!” Samus said. The three ran further into the twisted canvas-covered world. Spikes covered many of the walls, and many paintings hung on the wall, staring at the three.

            “I’m getting the creeps…” Robin said, visibly shivering. The three made their way higher and higher, until they caught up with the swirling mass of darkness. The mass flew into a strange-looking painting, disappearing.

            “Let’s go… into the painting…” Samus said, confused.



            -The World of Drawcia – Drawcia’s Domain


            The three entered an empty world, which started to draw itself in. A very odd background painted itself in. They landed, meeting the darkened mass. The mass flew off. “Hey! Get back here!” Samus said, before a giant robed figure stopped her. A pink scarf covered most of the figure’s face.


            The Artistic Witch – Drawcia


            A bewitching individual appeared. “What the…” Samus said. The sorceress let out a laugh. She summoned a canvas from above them all. She flipped it around, revealing another witch. This one had paintbrushes for robes, and bore an uncanny resemblance to Drawcia. The witch started to rise from canvas.


            Vengeful Painting – Paintra


            Paintra also let out a shrill laugh. The two artists looked at each other, and nodded, signifying an alliance.


            Separated at Birth – Drawcia and Paintra


            “Oh great, now there’s two of them!” Robin said. Drawcia and Paintra went to different sides of the arena, firing energy balls at the three. Samus melee-countered one of the balls, knocking Drawcia down. Samus and Robin attacked the stunned sorceress. Kirby inhaled some of the energy balls, spitting them back out at Paintra. Paintra flew off, and rushed across, covering the area in paint.

            “I can’t see very well…” Samus said. Drawcia went back up, and created a few canvases. Paintra started to paint iron balls on them. One of the balls looked more like a drawing than the rest. “Quick!” Samus shouted, as the three canvases floated up, dropping the iron balls. One of them floated down like paper, however. Samus fired a few missiles at Paintra, defeating her. Paintra let out a shrill cry, and exploded into little tiny stars. This angered Drawcia, who fired a barrage of magical paint orbs at the three. Samus melee-countered one of them, stunning Drawcia again. The three whaled on her, defeating her. Drawcia floated up, letting out an even more high-pitched shriek than Paintra, and exploded into stars. The entire world seemed like it started to melt.

            “Let’s go!” Robin said, as the three ran from the melting world. A rift appeared before them, which they jumped into before the world became fully erased.      




            -Gamble Galaxy - Dark Star


            The rift appeared inside a very dark void, above a set of rainbow-colored hexagonal platforms. Samus, Robin, and Kirby jumped out. Nearby, the dark mass floated. “There you are!” Robin said, walking over to it. It then towards the darkness, and started to grow. It formed into a large sphere. Angelic wings grew from the mass. A massive halo appeared above the darkness. The dark mass turned white, and appeared to have a smiling face. “Aw, it’s kind of cute in a weird way!” Robin said. The face then morphed into one massive eye with a deep red iris. “I take everything I just said back.”


            Reborn Leader of the Dark Matter – 02


            “Poyo!” Kirby said, in a determined voice. Many smaller one-eyed creatures accompanied the large fallen angel.


            Summon: Dark Matter


            “That thing has the Gateway piece! We need to destroy it!” Samus said. Dark Matter swirled behind 02. The enormous creature fired rings from its eyes. It tapped into the power of the Gateway piece. 02‘s body glowed a faint blue. Its eye turned violet. It created a large slab out of its Dark Matter minions, slamming it down onto the platform, narrowly missing the three.

            “What kind of power is that…?” Robin questioned. Samus fired a Missile straight into 02’s blood red eye. Blood oozed from the eye. “Ew…” Robin grimaced. 02 created a massive sword. It then cut the platform in half, leaving a pit into the bottomless void. The three attacked the eye, until they stunned the Dark Matter creature. It started to face down, pointing its halo at the trio.

            “Poyah!” Kirby cried out. The three attacked the halo, which changed colors. After making an entire revolution around the rainbow, 02 reeling back in intense pain, falling back, revealing a large, green, cactus-like tail.

            “Now, while we have the chance!” Samus said, as the three attacked its tail. Poisonous gas spewed from the tail. Kirby inhaled the gas, becoming Poison Kirby. 02 eventually got its bearings back, and then faced the three. Small streams of blood came from its eye. 02 tapped into the Gateway stone again, creating giant Dark Matter creature. The fake Dark Matter fired electrical spheres from its eye. Samus melee-countered it, breaking the creature apart. 02 lit up again, turn its minions into a draconic creature. The dragon flew swiftly into the area, hitting all three of them.

            “Ow…” Robin said. The three attacked the eye again, stunning it. They attacked the halo again, forcing 02 back. Its vulnerable tail became exposed again. The trio attacked it until it exploded. 02 faced the three again, weakened quite a lot.

            “One more hit should probably do it.” Samus said. As she said that, a single Dark Matter appeared next to her, beginning to attack. “Hey!” she said, destroying it. A Rip box appeared from the evil being.

            “That’ll do.” Robin said, as Samus broke it. Another Rip rift appeared, taking in the three.


            Pink Rip: Asteroid


            The three appeared on top of an asteroid, surrounded by a pink vortex. On top of the asteroid, there was a single Gaw Gaw. “Poyah!” Kirby said, discarding his Poison ability. He then inhaled the Gaw Gaw. Kirby donned an animalistic suit, becoming Animal Kirby. Kirby then found some soft dirt, and started to dig into it. He then pulled up a sturdy, hard rock. “Poyo!” the rock floated over to a white-colored rift, appearing back in the Dark Star. The three were then pulled back into the rift, being pulled into the yellow rift.


            Plain Rip: Dark Star


            The extremely hard stone dropped into the hexagonal platform, confusing the Dark Matter and 02.


            Yellow Rip: Candy Constellation


            The three appeared inside of a small space station, floating in a yellow void. Rusty metal panels covered the area, along with a pile of rocky rubble. “Poyah!” Kirby said, digging with his Animal claws, uncovering a giant glove from the rubble.

            “What did he just unearth?” Robin wondered. The giant glove came to life, revealing itself to be Master Hand. The hand was pulled into a white rift, appearing back in the original world.


            Plain Rip: Dark Star


            Master Hand appeared inside of the Dark Star, and flicked the sturdy stone right into 02’s eye, stunning the massive collection of Dark Matter. Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared, seeing the stunned 02. “There we go!” Samus said. 02 then shook itself, and proceeded to glow blue. It appeared to start charging up.

            “I don’t know if we’re going to get out of this one…” Robin lamented.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, having an idea.

            “What is it, Kirby?” Samus said, pointing her arm cannon at 02 , who was charging up for a devastating attack. Kirby then climbed on Robin.

            “Wha, hey! Get off!” Robin shouted. Kirby then pulled out the cell phone Magolor gave them. He opened it, and made a call. 02 was about to fire its attack.

            “I don’t know if Magolor will come…” Samus worried.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said with determination. Suddenly, a large laser blast hit the Dark Matter leader, blasting its iris out of its head in a gruesome, bloody display. The Gateway piece flew out of it, hitting Robin in the head. With the piece gone, 02’s eye became blood red again.

            “Ow…” they said. Kirby picked up the stone, as the Lor Starcutter flew overhead.

            “I can’t believe it…” Samus said. The Starcutter landed, letting out a ramp. Magolor floated out of it, confused.

            “I was in the middle of something…” Magolor said, looking around and noticing the heroes.

            “It’s about time you showed up, Magolor.” Samus said.

            “Wait, have we met somewhere before…?” Magolor said.

            “Yes and no. I’m Robin – we’re the ones who summoned you.” Robin explained.

            “I see, well, come aboard!” Magolor said, ushering them all aboard the Lor Starcutter. “Anyway, somebody start talking. Why is Kirby with you…?” he said as they all went inside the ship.  The Lor Starcutter fired up, and opened up a rift to the Isle of the Ancients. 02’s iris still laid upon the ground in all of its bloody glory. It almost seemed like it was sighing in defeat.




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            A rift opened above the Isle of the Ancients, letting out the Lor Starcutter. The ship landed, and let out the bridge. Magolor floated out first, with a small scanner, scanning Samus’ suit.

            “Okay, I should be able to lock onto this without a hitch.” He said. Taking the scanner with him, he scanned the Gateway. “Someone’s using this rift technology like a clockwork star. They’re messing with all of time and space...”

            “We’ve noticed.” Samus said plainly.

            “But this…should stop whoever’s tracking you. No more rift loops.” Magolor said, sticking a weird device resembling an Energy Sphere onto the Gateway. “Which reminds me, you’re still stuck inside one.”

            Robin pulled out their Levin Sword. “Here, take this!” Robin said, handing Magolor the ‘copy’ of the Levin Sword. “It’ll help prove this space-time confusion.”

            “Thanks.” Magolor said. “Well I’ll go take care of those Dark Matter creatures and the lot.” He said.

            “And we’ll take care of the rest.” Samus said.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, going up to hug Magolor.

            “…a-anyway…” Magolor said, “See you all later!” he said as he levitated back into the Starcutter. The Starcutter flew off into a rift.

            “What a weird fellow…” Robin said. The blue stone flew from underneath their robes, lodging itself in the Gateway.

            “Ah, the Creation stone. Let me take care of this…” the Gateway said.



Chapter Text

            -Halidom of Ylisse – Ylisstol


            A crater sat in the most central part of Ylisstol, capital of Ylisse. A star-shaped stone sat in the center of the crater. It was white, with a radar-like symbol on the front of it. A white aura covered the stone. Soldiers surrounded the crater, putting up wooden barricades. Emmeryn, exalt of Ylisse, stood by, urging people to stand back. “Please, everyone stand back! This stone that fell from the sky could be dangerous.” Emmeryn said, pushing people back. Suddenly, a blue flash appeared. A purple, egg-shaped man with a large mustache in a floating chair appeared. He started to float towards the crater, catching the attention of everyone around him.

            “Please stay back…what the? Who are you…?” Emmeryn exclaimed, noting the floating chair.

            “Ah, yes. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max Profitt Haltmann, president and CEO of the Haltmann Works Company.”

            “Haltmann Works Company…?”

            “Now… native primitive. Take a look at this!” Haltmann said, snapping his detached hands. Two massive, spherical automatons known as Invader Armor fell from the sky. The two robots crashed into the ground, shaking the ground around them. The crowd surrounding the crater fled in fear. Emmeryn fell to the ground, with a look of complete shock covering her face. “I’m afraid I’m going to need to take that stone.” He said, pointing at the pit.

            “Resistance!” Emmeryn cried, summoning a shield around her. The Invader Armors punched right through the shield, knocking Emmeryn down. “Ahh…”

            “Hohohohohoooo!” Haltmann said, grabbing the star-shaped stone. He raised it up to the sky. The stone started to glow, and a rift opened up where the stone pointed. A spherical object with five long legs tipped with spikes appeared from the rift.


            Locate: Access Ark


            “Hohohoohooooooo!” Haltmann laughed, as Access Ark plunged its spires into the ground. Shadow covered Ylisstol, as the bottom of the Access Ark opened. Dozens upon dozens of Invader Armors flew out of the bottom. They hit the ground, beginning to grab the citizens of Ylisstol. “Initiate the Mechanization Occupation Project!”

            The citizens of Ylisstol fled in whichever direction they could. In the distance, a blue-haired, butterfly-masked person looked up at the Access Ark. “This isn’t good…” they said, pulling out their sword.




            -Halidom of Ylisse – Ylisstol Outskirts


            Another rift opened on the outskirts of Ylisstol, letting out Samus, Robin, and Kirby. “This looks like Ylisstol!” Robin exclaimed, and noticed Access Ark above it. “But, I don’t remember a giant… sphere covering it…”

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, angrily. “Poyah!”

            “What is it, Kirby?” Robin asked.

            “Halt… mann!” Kirby tried to say.


            Samus jumped up to the top of a nearby tree, overlooking Ylisstol. She scanned around the capital city, until coming upon Haltmann sitting in the middle of the square, laughing. She zoomed in on his hand, seeing the Gateway piece.

            “Well, I can see him. And he’s got the Gateway piece. Let’s go!” Samus said, jumping off the tree.

            Samus, Robin, and Kirby raced towards Ylisstol, the Access Ark looming over them.



            -Halidom of Ylisse – Ylisstol Gate


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin came upon a field in front of Ylisstol. Invader Armors were surrounding the capital city.

            “Well it looks like we’re not getting inside unopposed.” Samus said. All three noted a drill-shaped robot with a pink haired girl inside near a gate leading into Ylisstol.

            “I didn’t expect to see native inhabitants all the way out here…well, one native.” The girl said.


            Executive Assistant – Susie


            “How can we hear her…? She’s all the way over there.” Samus said.

            “I don’t know. Usually just happens around here…” Robin answered.

            “Excuse me! Don’t interrupt me! Oh, excuse my manners. Let me introduce myself. My name is Susie, executive assistant of the Haltmann Works Company. Pleased to make your acquaintance. We were looking for a nice, shiny stone to add to our collections, and we thought, while we’re at it, why not help the native people of this planet by thrusting them into a mechanical revolution? At any rate… our Mechanizing Occupation Project is underway… and you’ve all been identified as obstacles. Our most sincere condolences, and I’m sorry you had to come out all this way… but I’m afraid… you must be destroyed! Invader Armor, destroy them all!” Susie explained. Her robot changed form, and floated down in front of the Ylisstol gate.


            BATTLE START! Objective: Rout the Enemy


            "From experience, battles usually end when we rout the enemy, so let’s get busting." Robin explained.

            "Let's kick some bot!" Samus said. 



            PLAYER PHASE


            Samus moved forward, initiating battle with an Invader Armor. "You're mine..." Samus said, firing a missile at the invader, destroying it. Robin also made their way forward, destroying an Invader Armor.

            "That's it." Robin said. Kirby started a battle with an Invader Armor, inhaling the pilot. Kirby then took over the Robobot Armor, turning the grey, spiky armor into pink-colored, spike-less armor vaguely resembling Kirby himself.

            "Poyah!" Kirby yelled.


            ENEMY PHASE


            Invader Armors started to converge on Samus, Kirby, and Robin. They were all quickly defeated, however. At the end of their phase, three people walked into the battlefield. “Mae, I’m pretty sure you have no idea where we are.”

            “Shut it, Boey! We’re fine. I know how to find my way around!”

            “You two stop fighting, we’re never going to get out of this debacle if you keep arguing.”

            “Sorry, Celica…”

            A red-haired priestess, a pink-haired mage, and a white-haired mage walked onto the battlefield.


            The Pilgrimage – Celica, Mae, and Boey


            “I’m still not sure where we are, I haven’t heard of any place that has a large metal sphere hovering over it.” The boy, Boey, said.

            “Well we are in another dimension, after all! At least, I assume that’s what that random portally-thing was.” The pink-haired girl, Mae, said.

            “Look over there! There’s people in trouble! We should help them!” the other girl, Celica, said.


            PLAYER PHASE


            Kirby, now donning Robobot Armor, punched another invader with a powerful punch, defeating it. "Poo-yah!"

            Samus walked over to Celica. "Hello there!" Samus greeted. 

            "Oh, why hello, what interesting armor you have. What's your name?" Celica asked.

            "I'm Samus Aran, bounty hunter extraordinaire."

            "A bounty hunter?! Please stay away from me!" Celica cried, running away from Samus. 

            "What was that all about...?" Samus wondered. As her conversation ended, Robin attacked another Invader Armor, destroying it.


            ENEMY PHASE


            An Invader Armor moved towards Mae, attempting to attack her. It tried to punch, but missed. Mae, counter-attacked with an electrical blast, destroying it. "I'm pretty strong, y'know." Another invader moved towards Celica. It attacked her, doing some damage. "I'm not about to stop here!" Celica cried, firing Seraphim magic at the invader, decimating it. More invaders tried but failed to defeat the heroes and Celica's army.


            ALLY PHASE



            "I'm still hyper, let's go!" Mae said, attacking an Invader Armor. Celica and Boey also moved, attacking the invaders of Ylisse. "All thanks to the mother." Celica said.


            PLAYER PHASE


            As soon as the phase started, a Gateway box warped in. “A Shift box? I wonder what this’ll do…” Samus said, moving to break the box. Three rifts appeared in different parts of the battlefield.

            "Try me." Robin walked up to Boey, initiating conversation. 

            "Hey there!" Robin greeted. 

            "Oh, hello there." Boey responded. "Who might you be?" 

            "Robin, tactician of the Ylissian Shepards." 

            "I'm Boey, friend of Celica. We got here through some weird portal thing from our home in Zofia. Where is here, exactly?" 

            "This is Ylisstol, capitol of the Halidom of Ylisse."

            "Interesting. I don't know where that is... but neat." As Robin was speaking with Boey, Kirby greeted Mae. 

            "Poyo!" Kirby greeted. 

            "Um... hi there. Who are you?" Mae asked. 

            "Kirby! Kirby!" Kirby responded. 

            "Kirby, huh? Nice to meet ya! I like your giant, metal body." 


            "Say, do you think lightning is better than fire?" Mae asked.

            "Poyah!" Kirby answered.

            "You like them both equally? Well, I guess that’s half a win..."


            ENEMY PHASE


            As before, many Invader Armors moved in towards the groups. "Back off!" Robin yelled, countering one with an Elthunder. "Here I come!" Mae said, firing an electrical beam into an invader, obliterating it. Another attacked Samus, punching her hard. "Be still..." Samus said, picking it off with a Missile barrage. One armor tried to punch Celica, but missed. "I fight to protect what is dear!" Celica said, destroying it with Seraphim.


            ALLY PHASE


            Celica moved towards Samus, and used Recover on her. "Thank you very much." Samus said. Boey and Mae went and attacked some of the invading forces.


            PLAYER PHASE


            Samus walked towards Celica, initiating conversation. "You ran off earlier, what was that all about?" Samus asked.

            "I'm quite sorry. You see, I'm on an important mission. Being a princess… I mean, an important figure where I come from, I'm always the target of bounty hunters."

            "Perfectly understandable. I've had my fair share of betrayal. You seem skilled with magic. You wouldn't happen to know a way up to that giant sphere in the sky, would you?"

            "Not at all. I'll tell you if I come up with anything, however." As the two conversed, Kirby moved into a Shift rift. He appeared out of the pink one, close to Susie. Kirby then moved to attack her.

            "Ah, I see you finally made it up to me. But I'm afraid I cannot let you through!" Susie said, as Kirby attacked her.       

            "Poyah!" Kirby said, punching Susie’s business suit with his Robobot Armor. Robin also moved in to attack Susie.

            "Time to tip the scales!" Robin yelled, activating a critical hit. A huge blast of lightning fired through Susie, destroying her Robobot Armor. 

            "No... this isn't what the Mother Computer planned..."


            BATTLE COMPLETE! Heroes: Samus and Kirby


            "This isn't over!" Susie said, pulling out a small remote. She pressed a button on it, summoning a small drone. She grabbed the bottom of it, and it flew off. "See ya!"

            "We made it to the entrance, thanks to the help of those 'Zofians'. Zofia... that sounds oddly familiar..." Robin said.

            “Well, let us move onward.” Samus said, walking into Ylisstol. Kirby jumped out of the Robobot Armor, leaving it behind.

            “Poyo…” he said, holding his nubby arm to the armor, before turning away. After the main trio left, Celica, Mae, and Boey walked up to the gate. “Where did those weirdos go?” Mae asked.

            “Mae, that’s just rude. If anything, we’re the weirdos.” Boey said.

            “Stay on your guard, you two.” Celica said, as some more Invader Armor showed up. The three took out their swords, taking a defensive stance.




            -Halidom of Ylisse - Ylisstol


            Robin, Samus, and Kirby made it inside Ylisstol, seeing the mechanization up close. Buildings were made of metal, and many of the occupants had mechanical upgrades attached to them. Access Ark loomed above them. A rift opened up in front of the heroes. A large, golden robot and a dark-skinned woman appeared out of the rift. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Robin!” the woman said.


            Unlikely Team-Up – Heavy Lobster and Aversa


            “You’re that woman who was with Gangrel earlier!” Robin responded.

            “Well, if it isn't little old Robin. I can see you're trying to interfere with his plans. Can't be having that!”

            Heavy Lobster opened its claws, firing beams at the three.

            “All right, those are beams of pure energy…” Robin said.

            “Yeah, we figured.” Samus said.

            Heavy Lobster made a mad dash the trio, missing them.

            “Ahahaha!” Aversa laughed at the top of the machine.

            Heavy Lobster turned around, and spewed out a small blob.

            “What the…?” Robin said.

            “Poyo!” Kirby happily said, as he inhaled the blob. Kirby then transformed into Paint Kirby.

            “Is there anything he can’t be?” Robin said.

            “I don’t know…” Samus responded.

            Kirby raised a paintbrush, and lots of paint spewed out of the brush, covering the entire area in large amounts of paint. Samus and Robin appeared from behind a rock.

            “Thankfully we didn’t get covered in that.” Samus said.

            Aversa shielded herself, and looked down to see that Heavy Lobster was now completely red, and the eyes covered with paint. “What?” Heavy Lobster started running wildly about, crashing into buildings. “What are you doing? They’re over there!” she said.

            “I think Kirby blinded it!” Samus said, firing another missile at it.

            Heavy Lobster started breaking down, deactivating. “No! No!” Aversa said. “I guess it’s time to take things into my own hands!” she said. She jumped off the decrepit Heavy Lobster. She pulled out a purple-colored tome. “Goe-” she was about to say, before a sword flew through the Goetia tome. The tome pierced into the ground. A weak, black flame appeared from the tome, before going out. “What the-?” Aversa questioned, looking up at the Ylisstol rooftops. The figure wearing the ornate, butterfly mask stood, arms crossed.

            “I’d suggest you leave.” The person said in a cold voice.


            Mysterious Swordsperson – Marth


            “Who are you?” Aversa demanded. The person jumped from the roof, landing in front of Aversa, grabbing their sword.

            “That isn’t important, Aversa.” They said, pulling the book off their sword, throwing it at Aversa’s feet.

            “Ugh. Whatever.” Aversa conceded. A rift appeared behind her, which she stepped into. “I haven’t finished with you!” The masked figure looked back towards the group, specifically on Robin.

            “Goodbye, Robin. I hope you save him.” They said, running into the destroyed city. 

            “Was that… Marth?” Robin wondered. "'Him?' Were they referring to Chrom?" Samus looked around, and saw a Gateway box and a canister were Heavy Lobster once stood.

            “What does this one do?” she said, holding the Gateway box. She then looked at the canister. “Is this…?” she continued, grabbing it. Samus had obtained the Super Missiles. “Perfect.”

            “There you all are!” a voice from behind them said. The trio turned around, diverting attention from "Marth". Celica, Mae, and Boey walked up behind them. "We were just looking for you!"

            “Oh, you all.” Samus said. “How come you’re still here?”

            “We wanted to see if we could help you get inside that giant ball in the sky!” Mae said.

            “And we figured out that Celica could do just that!” Boey said.

            “Go on…” Samus said. Celica pulled out a small, pocket-watch looking device.

            “With the help of Mila’s Turnwheel, we could summon something to help you.” Celica said. “Mother, please, give us something to help these three on their journey!” The Turnwheel sat still, doing nothing.

            “Huh, is Mila unable to hear us?” Boey asked.

            “I have an idea…” Samus said, activating the Gateway box. A beam of light appeared from the front of the box. Samus pointed it at Heavy Lobster’s remains, as well as Mila’s Turnwheel. The two items started to float, and started rapidly spinning around each other. The two then started to fuse together. They morphed into something like a podium. Heavy Lobster’s claws formed a base, as well as any inner workings. Celica’s Turnwheel sat on top, electrified.


            Create: Heavy-Power Turnwheel


            “I wonder…” Celica said, touching the new machine. “Mother! Hear our wish! Let these three pass!” As soon as Celica finished her request, a stream of light flew from the turnwheel. It created a large rift in the sky. An astral projection of a young girl appeared next to the rift.


            Summon: Viridi and the Reset Bomb


            “Good riddance human scum! The world’s better off without you!” Viridi said, letting out a Reset Bomb onto Access Ark. The bomb flew into the headquarters, failing to truly go off. Despite not going off, the Reset Bomb still managed to give a beautiful pink explosion. “Ahaha…oh…it was a dud! Arrrgh!” she said, as the rift closed. The Access Ark crashed into the ground, with the bottom opening. As it did, a rock with a yellow rounded point fell from the massive headquarters, landing in front of Kirby.

            "It's like a cherry blossom of destruction!" Robin marveled, as tiny pink leaves started to fly around them.

            “I don’t know why… but she sounds familiar…” Samus said. “Anyway, how are we supposed to get up there?”

            “Warpstar! Warpstar!” Kirby said, touching the strange stone. The bounty hunter quickly scanned it.

            “It’s encased in Cordite… I’ve got this.” Samus said, activating her Super Missile launcher. She fired the powerful missile at the Cordite, breaking it apart. A rounded star appeared, floating above the ground.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, jumping onto the Warpstar. As he did, the star began to shake.

            “I guess that answers your question.” Robin said, joining him. Samus shrugged, and jumped on as well. The bottom of the Access Ark started to close.

            “May the Mother walk with you.” Celica said, as Samus, Robin, and Kirby took off towards Access Ark. They barely made it through before the Haltmann Works Company closed on them.

            “Now, to figure out how to get home…” Boey said. A rift opened beside the three.

            “Well, I guess we’ll see where this one takes us.” Mae said, as they went in.



            -Halidom of Ylisse – Access Ark


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin made their way up into the highest parts of the Haltmann Works Company. As they got to the top, they were met with a purple-skinned sorcerer.


            The Leader of the Grimleal – Validar


            “Ah, Robin, my child. It’s so nice to see you again!” Validar said.

            “Excuse me…? Child?” Robin replied, confused. “I might be amnesiac, but I’m pretty sure I’d remember my father being so ugly.”

            “Tsk. What a rude way to refer to your father.”

            “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’m sure you’re just trying to mess with us.”

            “I see you’re trying to get into that man’s office. I’m afraid I cannot let you go through. I will do what I must, even if I lose Grima’s vessel.”

            “Grima’s vessel…? What does that even mean?” Robin said.

            “I’d also like to introduce you to my secret weapon.” Validar said, holding out a canister with a purple blob inside of it. “This is made with your DNA, Robin. I introduce you to…” Validar said, opening the canister. The purple blob slither to the ground, and started to take form. It then shaped itself into a clone of Robin. The clone had dark blue skin, purple eyes, and wore a lighter purple robe. “… the Robin clone!”

            “Is that… me? Is that what I actually look like?” Robin wondered, looking over the clone. The Robin clone then started to shake like gelatin, and spawned another Robin clone, almost exactly the same as the original one.

            “I will use these clones to defeat you, my child. They will be a good enough vessel for Grima.”


            BATTLE START! Objective: Defeat the Boss


            Validar stood in front of the door to the Heart of the Company. Two Robin clones flanked him. Two white robots appeared at the side of the battlefield, emblazoned with the logo of the Haltmann Works.


            Summon: Security Force


            “Those other robots look like that Metal General… I think they’re going to be extremely tough.” Samus mused.


            PLAYER PHASE


            The three moved closer to Validar, unable to reach any of the enemy force.


            ENEMY PHASE


            The two clones moved to attack, unable to reach the three either. The Security Force moved closer, one attacking Robin. The dolphin-like robot created a sword, rushing towards Robin. It hit the tactician, causing quite a bit of damage. As they finished, a masked figure appeared nearby. “Is that you, Marth?” Robin asked.

            “Yes. My work on the ground is finished. I will assist you now.” Marth said, pulling out their sword.


            ALLY PHASE


            Marth moved to attack one of the Robin clones. “The future is not set!” they said, slashing the clone. The clone fell over, defeated.


            PLAYER PHASE


            Samus moved to attack the other Robin clone. “You’re mine…” she said, firing a Power Shot at the clone. The attack missed, however. “Oh, come on! I had an 80% chance to hit!” Kirby also moved to attack, inhaling the Robin clone. Spitting it out, Kirby became Spark Kirby. Robin attacked the Security Force, firing an Elthunder at it. The robot sparked, defeated. In a last-ditch effort, the robot pulled out a button. It then pressed it, exploding in a suicidal fashion. The fire hit Robin, causing moderate damage.


            ENEMY PHASE


            Validar created two more Robin clones to assist him. The Robin clones moved closer to the four. The original clone attacked Kirby, using Elwind on him. Kirby swiftly dodged the attack. The remaining Security Force attacked Samus, firing missiles at Samus. The bounty hunter countered the missiles, defeating the Security Force. The automaton pulled out a button, self-destructing. A wave of fire flew towards Samus, causing little damage.


            ALLY PHASE


            Marth moved in to attack a Robin clone. She slashed it with their Parallel Falchion, defeating it.


            PLAYER PHASE


            Samus attacked the Robin clone, initiating a critical hit. “No objections!” she cried, firing a more powerful blast at the Robin clone, destroying it. Kirby moved in to attack the second Robin clone.

            “Poyo!” he said, firing an electrical blast at the clone. Robin moved away from the clone, towards Validar. They attacked the clone from a distance, defeating it with an electrical blast.


            ENEMY PHASE


            Validar created two more Robin clones. The clones moved to attack Robin, the closest unit to them. They both missed, and Robin defeated them both.


            ALLY PHASE


            Marth moved towards Validar, unable to reach him.


            PLAYER PHASE


            Robin moved in to attack Validar. “My child, you’ve come to defeat me?”

            “You seem familiar, but I have no idea who you are. All I know is that you’re in between me and my goal, so I’m going to have to defeat you.” Robin said.

            “So be it.” Validar said. Robin fired an Elthunder at Validar, causing around half damage. Validar retaliated by firing a spell from Grima’s Truth, causing a good amount of damage to Robin. Kirby moved to Validar. “You dare defy me?” he said, as Kirby fired another electrical blast at Validar, defeating him. “You cannot… delay… the inevitable…”


            BATTLE COMPLETE! Hero: Robin


            Validar laid defeated in front of the door to the Heart of the Company. “What a weird dude. Could you imagine if he was my dad? That’d be stupid.” Robin said. Samus looked down in confusion at Kirby, who gave an equally confused look. “Thanks for your help, Marth.” The tactician continued, turning to Marth

            “You’re quite welcome. I must depart. Please, save my fath- I mean, Chrom.” They said.

            “Wait, how did you-” Robin tried to say, before Marth ran off. “That was weird…”

            “C’mon, let’s go.” Samus said, as the three walked into the highest part of the company.



            -Access Ark – The Heart of the Company


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin entered the central office of the Access Ark. Susie awaited them.

            “This is the Haltmann Works Company’s head office. This is the heart of the company. And here you are, as if it’s your own living room… you natives need to be taught manners. Anyway…I met someone who caught my attention. She was of a noble heart, quite literally, in fact. But she seemed too delicate, so I decided to give her a complete remodel! And now she’s the company’s faithful security guard. She’s got a prescription for pain, and it seems she has some affection for you!” Susie said, pointing at Robin.

            “Wait, no, it can’t be…” they said.

            “I bet you can’t wait to reunite!” she said, as she pressed a button. A robotic human figure fell from the ceiling, landing in the office. “I introduce you to…” she said, as the robot raised its head, revealing a light-flesh colored face with a large, robotic eye. The machine had light yellow metal pigtail-looking things on the side of its head. “Haltmann Machine FE-13: MECHA-LISSA!”


            Sprightly Mechanized Cleric – Mecha-Lissa


            “No! Lissa!” Robin shouted.

            “Hi-yah!” Mecha-Lissa said in a metallic voice, pulling out a large, black-colored staff.

            “No, I don’t want to fight you…” Robin said, as Lissa threw her staff at him. It stuck into the floor in front of Robin.

            “Well, have fun!” Susie said, backing away.

            “I’m sorry Robin, but we need to defeat her. I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Samus said.


            “…I’m not going to like this, but you’re going down, Lissa!”

            “Huyah!” Mecha-Lissa said, as she quickly rushed towards her staff. She then waved it around, creating an array of electrical balls. Samus countered one at her, causing damage.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, inhaling an electric sphere. Kirby then became Beam Kirby. He charged up, and fired a beam right into Lissa. Samus fired a Suit Changer into the ground. A cylinder rose from the ground, creating a container. The bounty hunter quickly ran into it, changing her suit. She reappeared, covered in a dark-colored suit with slightly different shoulder pauldrons.


            Suit Change: Dark Suit


            “Kirby!” Samus said, firing a Dark Beam at Kirby. The pink puffball held up his Beam Wand, letting it become covered in darkness. Kirby’s Beam had become Shadow Beam. Kirby charged up, and fired a massive blast of darkness at Lissa.

            “Aah!” Lissa yelled. Robin pulled out an Elthunder tome.

            “Elthunder!” Robin cried, firing a blast of electricity at their mechanized friend. Samus fired a missile at her, knocking the cleric over.

            “Ooo-ow…” Lissa groaned, getting back up. She was sparking, and her mechanical eye glowed a bright red. She held out her staff, and cried out. “Hyah!” she yelled, as her staff became a massive axe, with an electrified blade.

            “I don’t remember her having an axe!” Robin said. Lissa then started spinning around, swinging around the room.

            “Poyah!” Kirby cried, as the three jumped over the attack. Mecha-Lissa stopped, dizzy from spinning around so long. As Robin fired an Elthunder and Samus fired a Dark Beam, Kirby fired a shadowy Beam Blast. The mechanized cleric took immense damage. Mecha-Lissa got her bearings back, and swiped at the three with her axe. Two cubes appeared from Lissa’s shoulders, firing missiles at the three. Samus countered one, making it fly right back in Mecha-Lissa’s face.

            “Heeya!” Lissa yelled, as she started spinning her axe around. She spun it around quickly enough to become a small tornado. Mecha-Lissa flew around, attempting to suck the three in. She then became dizzy once again, and fell to the ground. “Eeeehhh…” Lissa said, as she got herself back together. “Hi-yah!” Lissa started charging up her weapon, creating a large, purple energy ball. She then fired it at the ground, only to have it countered by Samus. The ball flew right back at Mecha-Lissa, hitting her. The cleric fell over, defeated.

            “Ah! …I-I’m sorry…I can’t go on…” Mecha-Lissa tried saying, as she got up. Her axe exploded, and her mechanical eye broke off. She then jumped up into the ceiling, disappearing.

            “I’m so sorry, Lissa…” Robin said, as Lissa disappeared.

            “I don’t believe this! A machine made by the Mother Computer, lost! Well, I guess I’ll have to take things into my own extremities!” Susie lamented, moving back into the office. She pulled out a remote, and almost pressed a button on it.

            “That’s enough, Susie.” A voice said before Susie pressed the remote. All attention focused on a desk and chair at the front of the room. The chair turned around, revealing an egg-shaped mustached man, one who resembled Susie.

            “M-Mr. Haltmann! Sir!” Susie said, bowing to her superior.

            “Hello. I must thank you all for looking after my secretary.” Haltmann said, with his chair floating towards the trio. “Susie, dismissed. You’re done here. You may step down now.” The man said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

            “…yes, sir…” Susie said, backing away, leaving the office.

            “Well then…” the President said, focusing on the trio. “I am the president and CEO of Haltmann Works Company. My subordinates call me… President Haltmann.”

            “So, you’re the one destroying my home!” Robin exclaimed.

            “Destroying is a bit of an… extreme view on it. I’d refer to it more as… improving the quality of life. Now…take a look at this.” Haltmann said, clapping his hands together. The floor divided, separating the president from the trio. A large platform rose up from underneath the office. A giant cylindrical object appeared, wing-like structures on the sides of it. A heart-shaped insignia with a crack down the center was depicted in the middle of it. “Absolutely incredible. Indeed. It’s truly marvelous! We’ve analyzed the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. And with that knowledge, we have reactivated this… The Mother Computer… Star Dream!” President Haltmann continued to explain.


            The Mother Computer – Star Dream


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin walked over onto the platform, looking up at the massive Star Dream. “This seems eerily familiar…” Samus said.

            “Well… Allow me to elaborate. In compliance with the business plan drafted up by Star Dream…and other parties…effective today, you are…” Haltmann said, clapping his hands together. A suit of golden armor fell down from the ceiling, crashing down behind Haltmann. Haltmann floated into the armor, pressing what appeared to be a keyboard. The suit activated, and a visor materialized on the President’s face. “…TERMINATED!” The hands of the machine attached to the floor, raising a platform above. Small statuettes of Susie materialized around him. “Ohohoho!”


            Money Machine – President Haltmann


            “He’s got a mechanized suit!” Samus said.

            “Ohohoho!” Haltmann said, firing down the Susie drones at the heroes. Samus fired a Missile at the executive suit, damaging it. Kirby fired his beams of shadow at the egg-shaped president.

            “Ohohoho!” Haltmann laughed, spinning around the arena. The three jumped over the president. Kirby charged up, and fired a blast of shadow at President Haltmann.

            “Ack!” the president groaned as he flew onto the platform, inserting his mech hands into it. “Hrrgh!”

            The platform descended back down into the floor, and with a flash of purple, reinserted itself back into the main arena. “Take this!” Haltmann said, pressing a button on his control panel. The executive suit rose in the air, and a small robot known as a Yesman appeared in the area.

            Samus fired a missile at the Yesman. The robot exploded, and Haltmann floated back down to begin another spin.

            “Ooooah!” he laughed as the President spun through the stage. “Oooooaaah!” After many of the president’s attacks, there were a few rounded stars.

            “Where do all these stars keep appearing from?” Samus asked.

            “Poyo!” Kirby responded, as Haltmann floated back up into the air, firing the ruby at the bottom of the suit down.

            “Enough!” Samus said, as she fired a Missile at Haltmann. He flashed, and became angry. He flew up, and smashed through the middle of the arena, leaving a large hole in the middle of it.  He floated back up.

            “Ohohoho!” he chortled, summoning a stream of Susies to rain down upon the heroes. The Secretary-bombs landed one after the other in a circular pattern around the arena, leaving small bursts of electricity where they hit. As soon as all the Susies were gone, the floating hands on Haltmann’s suit released large amounts of money.

            “What the-? Paper?” Robin said, dumbfounded.

            “It’s money!” Samus said, as some of it fell onto her visor. “Agh, it’s obscuring my vision!”

            “Really? Money made out of paper?” Robin questioned, as Haltmann started spinning around the now donut-shaped arena. Another Shadow Blast by Kirby impacted the president, damaging him.

            “Errgh!” he said, activating something. A large cube appeared from the hole in the stage. The faces of the cube opened, leaving the cube mostly open. Haltmann flew inside of the cube, and a transparent field seemed to cover it. Two sides of the cube started lighting up.

            “Look out!” Samus yelled, as a huge, cubical beam fired out from the lit-up sides.

            “Poyah!” Kirby yelled.

            The cube spun around, and all the sides lit up. Beams fired from every face of the cube, almost covering the entire battlefield. “AHAHAHAHA!”

            “Enough of this!” Samus said, firing a Missile at Haltmann. The Missile made direct contact with Haltmann, creating a massive hole in his suit.

            “Agggh!” he yelled as his executive suit malfunctioned, and started to blow up. The machine blew up, leaving burnt Haltmanns flying around the area. Haltmann himself fell into the background, dazed. Haltmann rubbed his head, while surrounded.  “Ugh…” Haltmann’s face turned red. “You all need to be taught your place!” Haltmann slammed his fists down on the armrests of his chair. “Savages! Savages! Savages! Savages! You’re all wild savages!” Haltmann’s chair took off, floating near Star Dream. “Your insolence must be punished!” Haltmann floated to a small opening on Star Dream, jumping off of his chair, and into a seat in the supercomputer. “Watch me activate Star Dream, the most powerful machine in existence. You filthy natives will be ERADICATED!” he said, as a helmet materialized above him. As soon as he did that, a pink blur took the helmet right away from him. “What!?”

            The pink blur landed next the heroes. “Yippee! I thought this day would never come!” she said. It was Susie, holding the control helmet.

            “Susie, what? What is this treachery?”

            “What do you think? I’m like a cool corporate spy, don’t you think?” Susie said, looking at the three. “You probably have no idea what I’m talking about…”

            “What is going on…?” Robin asked Samus.

            “I have no idea…” she responded.

            “Star Dream is all mine now, Mr. Haltmann. Some start-up company will pay top dollar for this!”

            “What…?” Haltmann questioned.

            “Mecha-Lissa!” Susie yelled. Mecha-Lissa jumped down from the ceiling, landing on top of Star Dream. She then grabbed President Haltmann, throwing him down to the ground.

            “Anyway, I must be off now! I gotta get this computer somewhere else!” Susie said, putting on the control helmet. The helmet sparked to life. “Activate, Star Dream!” Susie commanded. The yellow eye on Star Dream turned on, and the computer addressed her.

            “What is you command, admin?” the robotic voice of Star Dream asked.

            “Activate the Space-Time protocol!” Susie commanded.

            “As you wish.” Star Dream responded. “3… 2… 1…” a rift appeared next to Star Dream.

            “Now, go into the rift!” Susie commanded.

            “As you wish.” Star Dream responded, slowly floating into the rift.

            “See you all later! Come on, Mecha-Lissa!” Susie said, following Star Dream into the rift. Mecha-Lissa appeared again, and spoke.

            “See ya, Robin!” she said, as she followed Susie into the rift.

            “What…just…happened?” Robin asked, very confused.


            Haltmann got up, with his floating chair coming to him. He crawled up into it. “Arrgh! YOU’RE ALL SAVAGES! ALL OF YOU!” he screamed, summoning another robot suit, this time, a black colored one. “Well, I’ve still got the advantage!” he said, pulling out a small white stone.

            “The Gateway piece!” Samus said.

            The stone glowed, opening a rift. A small platform came out from the rift.


            Locate: Chaos Island


            “Agggh!” Haltmann yelled, as the platform flew out of the Access Ark, breaking the side of it.



            -Halidom of Ylisse – Skies


            The Chaos Island flew out in front of the Access Ark. The force of the platform crashing out of the Access Ark caused a massive crack to from in front of the sphere. The crack the deepened, and broke the front of the central hub. It then revealed that the Access Ark had a face similar to a cat.

            “Bring out the secret weapon!” President Haltmann said. A floating platform with a blue-haired cyborg on it came out.


            Mechanized Songstress – Mechazura


            “Mechazura active. Initiating Operation: Noble Haltmann.” The mechanized songstress said in a monotone voice. She then started to sing in an auto-tuned voice. The song appeared to power up Haltmann.


The Noble Haltmann feat. Mechazura

Noble Haltmann, we adore him     
Noble Haltmann, we adore him        

Kingly lord of time and space!        


Every day we wish him glory,   
Every day we wish him glory,             

Gazing on his noble face!                   


Master, crush the competition!           
In your presence let us stay!                  

Yours is every star and planet
Now and ever, night and day!


We implore you, dear Haltmann
We implore you, dear Haltmann

Bless our work and be at ease!


 “Ohohoho!” Haltmann said, holding up the star-shaped stone. The energy emitting from it activated the Access Ark, opening its eyes.

“MRRRROOOOOWWWWW!” Access Ark wailed.

 “I’m now more powerful than ever before!” Haltmann said. As he said that, a small, parasitic creature appeared from under the platform.


Sower of Chaos – Chaos Kin


BATTLE START! Objective: Defeat the Boss


 “Woah! What is that thing?” Robin asked, referring to the Chaos Kin.

 “I don't know, but it's probably dangerous.” Samus responded.

 “Poyah!” Kirby cried. The Chaos Kin then created a few Aurum Tribytes, and three Rezdas that surrounded Haltmann. 

"It looks like it creates enemies!" Robin noted.




Samus started by battling a Tribyte. "Be still..." she said, firing a Power Shot at it, destroying it. Robin made their way close to the Chaos Kin, and fired an Elthunder at it, causing a bit of damage. 

"Poyah!" Kirby yelled, as he inhaled a Tribyte. Swallowing it, Kirby became Spark Kirby. 




The Chaos Kin summoned more Tribytes. President Haltmann used a Susie bomb, firing it at Robin. Mechazura sang, and gave Haltmann another attack. Haltmann then fired another Susie bomb, this time at Samus. 




"That extra attack is going to destroy us. We need to take down that songstress!" Robin said.



            “On it!” Samus said, moving as close as she could to Mechazura's platform. She fired a Missile at the Vallite princess. The Missile hit the songstress, breaking off the mechanical parts. The un-mechanized Azura shook her head.


            Princess Out of Time – Azura


            “Where am I…?” Azura asked, before looking over the battlefield. “Oh, those three look like they need my help.” she noted, singing again. “You are the ocean’s grey wave…”


End of All (Land)


You are the ocean’s grey wave…


Sing with me a song, or conquest and fate

The black pillar cracks beneath its weight

Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone

Lost in thoughts all alone


You are the ocean’s grey waves

Destined to seek life beyond the shore, just out of reach

Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time

The path is yours to climb…


You are the ocean’s grey wave…


You are the ocean’s grey wave…


Sing with me a song, or conquest and fate

The black pillar cracks beneath its weight

Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone

Lost in thoughts all alone


You are the ocean’s grey waves

Destined to seek life beyond the shore, just out of reach

Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time

The path is yours to climb…


You are the ocean’s grey wave…


You are the ocean’s grey wave…


Sing with me a song, or conquest and fate

The black pillar cracks beneath its weight

Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone

Lost in thoughts all alone


You are the ocean’s grey waves…

A rejuvenating melody filled the area, invigorating the three. “She shouldn’t be a problem anymore.” Samus said. Kirby then attacked the Chaos Kin, this time, defeating it. Robin then attacked a Rezda, destroying it. This left Haltmann defenseless.




“Agggh!” Haltmann groaned. Haltmann pulled out the Gateway stone, and opened a rift. An orange ship flew out of the rift, crashing onto the platform.


Locate: Samus’ Gunship


“My Gunship! How dare he!” Samus said, as the ship fell to the side of the platform near Samus. All of the Tribytes converged on the three, but were dispatched just as soon as they attacked.




Despite being an ally, Azura couldn't do much from where she was.




Samus proceeded to run up to her ship. Pressing a few buttons on it, she was able to fire one of her ship's missiles at Haltmann. Haltmann then blasted the ship off of the platform with a Susie bomb. Kirby and Robin attacked the other two Rezdas, nullifying Haltmann's defense.




Haltmann tried using the white stone again, attempting to hit one of the heroes with an object. 


Locate: Fire Orb


Out of the rift flew a Fire Orb, which hit Robin. It caused a bit of damage, but Robin stayed alive. 




"I wonder what this does..." Robin said, using the Fire Orb. It fired a blast of fire at Haltmann, causing a bit of damage. Angered, Haltmann fired a Susie bomb at the Orb, destroying it. Kirby and Samus whittled down some of Haltmann's health.




Haltmann held up the stone again, creating three rifts.


Locate: Blade Knights and Super Blade Knight


Two Blade Knights and a Super Blade Knight appeared from the rift. The Super Blade Knight attacked Kirby, who countered by hitting it with an electrical blast. This left a pointy star in its place, with a sword depicted on it. The other two Blade Knights tried, but failed, to defeat Samus and Robin.




Kirby walked into the star, and in a flash of light, giving him the Super Ability of Ultra Sword. “Poyyyah!” Robin and Samus whittled down Haltmann's health some more.




Out of ideas, Haltmann resorted to attacking Kirby. In the background, Access Ark tried to help. "MRRRROW!" it wailed, which magically powered up Haltmann. He fired a Susie bomb, which ended up missing Kirby completely. Kirby then retaliated by using the Ultra Sword. "Poy...AH!" Kirby cried, creating a very large sword. He then slashed through Haltmann’s suit.

"AUUUUGH... NO! No!" Haltmann wailed.


BATTLE COMPLETE! Heroes: Kirby and Robin


            With Haltmann defeated, Kirby then flew towards Access Ark, the Ultra Sword becoming bigger. "Poy-yo-yah!" Kirby cried.

            “MRRRROOOOOOWWWW!” Access Ark wailed, bringing up a heart-shaped shield. Kirby slashed through it. Access Ark summoned more shields, but Kirby slashed through them all. Kirby then floated above the Access Ark. The Ultra Sword became even more massive than it was before, bigger than the Access Ark itself.

            "Pooooooyyyyyy....oh!" Kirby cried, as he slashed right through the copycat NOVA. It then exploded, with one last wail.

            “MRROOOOWWWWwwwwww…” the Access Ark wailed for the last time. With the destruction of the Access Ark, all of the mechanization of Ylisse became undone. On the ground, "Marth" looked up at the Chaos Island. They took off their mask, revealing their feminine face. Her left eye had the Mark of Naga inside of it.

            "Thank you..." Lucina said. A piece of the Access Ark flew towards her. She jumped out of the way, disappearing into the city.

            “Noooo!” Haltmann yelled, slamming his fists into his seat extremely fast. The immense amount of stress caused Haltmann to faint. A rift opened next to him, pulling him away. The Chaos Kin appeared from under the platform, following.

            “Take that, you talking egg!” Robin said, throwing a rock at the rift. Azura’s platform floated down to the three.

            “Thank you so much for freeing me from the grasp of that maniac.” she said, as a rift took her away. “May we meet agaaaaaiiiiinnnnn…”

            “Well, that’s the end of that!” Samus said. The Gateway piece started floating towards the rift.

            “Samus!” Robin yelled.

            “Gotcha!” She said, activating her Grapple Beam. Samus then fired it, grabbing onto the stone. She then took it into her hand.


            “Well, I guess that’s that.” Samus said, as a large holographic hand appeared out of the rift.

            “Woah! Watch out!” Robin said, as the hand smashed into the platform. The three were forced to the edge of the platform, Samus hanging off the side. She then pointed the stone down towards Ylisstol. As she did, a rift opened.

            “Let’s go! Into this rift!” Samus said, as Robin and Kirby followed her inside, before the hand slammed down on them. The rift closed, and the holographic hand shook its fist.



            -Subspace – Mysterious Palace


            President Haltmann, still passed out, fell out of a rift in front of the mysterious figure. “…ugh…Susanna…bleh…” he moaned. The Chaos Kin flew out, and landed on Bowser’s head. Bowser proceeded to try and smack the insectoid off of him.

            “My, President Haltmann, you look 8-bit beat-up.” The figure insulted.  A Broom Hatter walked onto the scene, sweeping Haltmann past the other villains.

            “Well it would seem the mice have escaped my maze, and for whatever reason, I cannot locate them. So, Bowser, what do we do if we can’t locate them?” the featureless figure said to Bowser, who was failing to swat the Chaos Kin off him. Lusamine and Zan Partizanne stood behind him, the latter pouring Jamba Sauce onto a hamburger. Bowser knocked both of them over trying to get the insectoid off him.

            “Uh…we get them…to find us?” Bowser responded, finally throwing the Chaos Kin off.

            “Precisely.” The figure floated up, and stepping onto the ground. He started walking out of his palace. “I’m going out to get a breath of fresh air. Try not to destroy anything in my absence.” In a flash of blue light, the figure disappeared. Zan looked longingly at her ruined burger, and angrily looked at Bowser. She got up, summoning her partisan.

            “What?” Bowser asked.

            “Jam… BLASTED!” Zan yelled, hitting Bowser over the head with her partisan. They started to scuffle each other. Lusamine sighed, putting her head to her palm.




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The heroes flew out of the Gateway once again, landing in the main hub.

            “Well, we would probably be in a pinch had you not opened that rift…” Robin said.

            “Yeah…I think this Gateway stone will probably be quite useful.” Samus responded. She held the Gateway piece in her palm, and it floated up towards the Gateway itself.


            “We should probably find a way to use that Gateway piece properly. It seems more powerful than the other ones.” Robin said. The Gateway piece attached itself into the final hole on the Gateway.

            “Ah, the Locate stone. Perfect, now I can find my gaming controller. Just kidding, maybe later.” the Gateway said.

            “And with that, we’ve completed the Gateway. Now… we need to find our friends.” Robin said.




Chapter Text

            -Hyrule Kingdom


            A rift opened high above an expansive, desolated kingdom. The dream team fell out, plunging into the kingdom.

            “AHHH!” Robin and Kirby yelled, Samus staying silent. They fell quite quickly into the side of a mountain. Rolling down the mountain, the three formed into a ball, trundling into the village below.



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Kakariko Village


            A small village was set up inside a small canyon-like structure. A white-haired girl was conversing with another person.

            “Don’t you think Link is just the dreamiest…?” the girl asked.

            “Paya, I could honestly care less about how dreamy he is.” A loud bang came from behind a house, surprising the two. Samus, Robin, and Kirby walked out from the smoke. Robin’s robes started bumping up, and a Cucco popped out.

            “Foul creature!” Robin exclaimed, as the chicken-like creature fired an egg at their face. “Anyway, are you able to lock onto that power signal you were talking about?” Wiping the broken egg from their face.

            “They don’t even seem to have electrical power…” Samus said.


            “…electrical power...?” the white-haired girl asked. “I hear some places in the Gerudo Desert have that…” she continued, walking up to the three.

            “Excuse me, are you in charge here?” Robin asked. The girl gasped, blushing at the mere sight of Robin. Her vision filled with hearts around them.

            "A... boy…!” she said, covering her face in embarrassment.

            “No, I'm a-” Robin tried to say, before Samus cut them off.

            "Are you in charge here?" Samus asked.

            “…no…that’s my…grandmother.” She said. “I’m…Paya…”


            Timid Sheikah – Paya


            “Anyway, have you seen anything… ‘weird’, around here?” Samus asked.

            Paya surveyed Kirby and Samus. “Well, I…um…er…”

            “We’re just going to look around…thank you.” Robin said.

            “…oh! Okay…just…watch out for things like the Yiga Clan…they’re completely dangerous! It’s best to watch your back at all times…”

            “We’ll be fine, thanks.” Samus said.

            “Well…enjoy Kakariko Village…” Paya said, walking away from them, blushing over Robin.

            "I couldn’t imagine having somebody fawn over me like that…” Robin said. “Anyway, let’s ask around for information.”

            "Agreed." Samus responded, as the three made their way into the village proper.



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Mabe Prairie 


            The three helped a man find his chickens, found a group of fireflies for a girl, and found an extravagant fairy fountain, but were unable to get any information. Unable to find any leads, Kirby, Robin, and Samus made their way out of Kakariko Village. They walked quite some ways from the village, following the Hylia River.

            “So, this kingdom is called… Hyrule… huh? I wonder what it looked like one hundred years ago…” Robin wondered.

            “Come on, let’s stay focused.” Samus said. They eventually crossed Rebonae Bridge, coming face-to-face with a strange figure dressed in a strange red outfit with a white mask with one large eye on it.

            “Is that one of those Yiga that Paya girl mentioned?” Robin asked.

            As soon as they said that, there were many soft popping sounds behind Robin. The three turned around, seeing many figures wearing red. They wore masks looking similar to the figure. “You, halt! You look like…” one member tried saying, before noting the mysterious person on the other side of the heroes. The figure let off electricity from holographic hands. The Yiga Clan screamed, and immediately disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving the same symbol on their masks behind in fire.

            “What was that all about…?” Robin asked, perplexed.

            “Whatever it is, they’re the source of the power signature…”

            “Poyo…” Kirby said, as if he felt the evil emanating from it.

            “Well if it isn’t you. You’re the ones I’ve been looking for!” the figure said, removing their mask.

            “Oh, are we now?” Samus said, cocking her arm cannon.

            “I’ve got business here, and I’m thinking you want to mess it all up!” the figure said. Small walls started to appear around them in a straight line.

            “Well, I guess we’re going to mess it all up!” Robin said, pulling out their Levin Sword.

            “Shing!” The figure said, pulling out a shiny blue staff with a star-shaped ring on top. “Here’s a technique I’ve learned from my father’s mother’s father!” he said, creating a rift in the sky. A large amount of small, monkey-faced creatures flew out, shaped like a ball. The ball sat atop a tall hill.


            Summon: Waddle Dee Ball


            The large hill crashed into the ground, with a large ball of Waddle Dees falling off. Like a boulder, the ball of Waddle Dees started to chase the three. The force of the Waddle Dees gouged out a small, indented pathway.

            "Run!" Samus said, as the Waddle Dees caught up to them, knocking them away like bowling pins. The Waddle Dee ball crashed on the Rebonae Bridge behind them, demolishing it. Waddle Dees flew in every direction.

            “Syuk! Seeyay!” the clear figure said, dropping a small building onto the ground, blocking the way completely.


            Summon: Alolan Pokemon Center


            The door of the center opened, with a dark-skinned boy peeking out.


            Summon: Hau


            The boy looked around. "Woah... where am I?" he wondered, as young boy retreated inside. The three walked through the center, which now had a huge hole in the backside of it. As he did, the doors started to malfunction.

            “I don’t think we’ll be able to get through…” Robin said. As they did, rifts appeared all around them.


            Summon: Simirror, Grimleal, Space Pirates


            Many enemies appeared in front of the Pokémon Center. Kirby inhaled a Simirror, donning a jester-like hat, becoming Mirror Kirby. Quickly, all the enemies were defeated. Once they were beat, a Rip box appeared. Samus broke it, initiating a rip. The three were pulled into the pink rip.


            Pink Rip: Divine Beast Vah Naboris


            The three appeared in a small chunk of the Divine Beast once driven by the Gerudo champion Urbosa, one hundred years ago. An electrical power unit sat in the middle of the rip. A singular Guardian Scout stood inside. The three appeared inside, immediately attacked by the Guardian Scout. “Hey, we just got here!” Robin said, attacking the Sheikah tech. The three destroyed it, with the Guardian Scout dropping a few screws.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, using his Mirror ability on the electrical unit, pushing it into a white-colored rift. As he did, the three went into the yellow rift.


            Plain Rip: Hyrule Kingdom


            The green generator dropped a ways from the Pokémon Center, too far to power it up.


            Yellow Rip: Oman Au Shrine


            The three appeared inside of an ancient shrine, with a metal slab sitting inside of it. Another Guardian Scout appeared. As the three appeared inside of it, they immediately attacked the Guardian Scout, destroying it. “That’ll do.” Samus said. Robin went over to the long, metal slab.

            “How are we going to move this?” Robin wondered, attempting to pick up the heavy slab.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, discarding the Mirror ability. He then super-inhaled the metal slab. Despite how heavy it was, Kirby inhaled it. As he did, the pink puffball became chunky, having a steely look. Kirby had become Metal Kirby. Kirby rolled into the white rift, followed by Samus and Robin.


            Plain Rip: Hyrule Kingdom


            The three appeared in front of the Pokémon Center. Kirby walked up to the electrical unit, touching it. Due to his invulnerability, he could touch it. Kirby slowly pushed it closer to the Pokémon Center, until he got close enough. Kirby then touched the Pokémon Center door, transferring electricity through his body into the door, forcing it open. “Good job!” Robin said, as the three went through. The entire backside of the center was broken. The figure stood far away on the other side.

            “And now! For my next trick!” the figure said, opening up a few rifts. One to the right of the heroes threw out a large statue.


            Summon: Large Chozo Statue


            A tall, bird-like statue flew out of the rift, missing the heroes by a long shot, falling over. Another rift opened up above the three.


            Summon: Aurum Battleship


            A blue battleship appeared from the rift, crashing down into the ground. Many parts flew off, sticking into the ground. Many parts almost impaled the three.

            “Woah, that was close!” Robin said.

            Samus scanned the battleship, unable to find a way through. “I think we’re stuck…” she said. As she did, many enemies appeared.


            Summon: Clown Acrobot, Mechon M64, Plasma Grunts


            Clown Acrobots appeared, along with a couple of Mechon M64. Two grunts of Team Plasma showed up, sending out a Liepard and a Watchog, respectively. Robin attacked the two Mechon, making quick work of them. Kirby discarded his Metal ability, and inhaled one of the Clown Acrobots. He donned a hat similar to a circus tent, becoming Circus Kirby. The pink puffball started creating balloon pop art, creating a balloon shape of the Balloon Pokémon, Jigglypuff. He popped it, defeating the other Clown Acrobot. Samus shot a Power Shot at a Liepard, making it faint. Robin pulled out his Bronze Sword. Kirby quickly jumped through a flaming hoop, giving the tactician a Sizzle Sword. Robin slashed at the Watchog, taking it out. Without any way to defend themselves, the Plasma Grunts gave up. As they did, a Gateway box appeared. This one had a white stone inside of it. “I wonder what this one does…” Samus wondered. She broke it, and a stream of light poured from the box. A rift appeared at the end of the stream. An object located from across time and space appeared.


            Locate: Stoneborn


            A stone creature made from evil Nohrian magic appeared. The strangely-faced creature punched the Aurum Battleship, tearing a pathway through it. “What power! I wonder if I could use something like that…” Robin wondered. The Stoneborn then receded into the ground, disappearing. Kirby, Robin, and Samus traversed through the narrow battleship wreckage, seeing the blue figure on the other side.

            “Your stories end here!” He said, raising his staff up. With a single wave, the figure created a large rift above the three.


            Summon: Castle Dedede


            The great castle from Dream Land crashed down to the left of the three, crushing an unsuspecting Bokoblin. As the castle crashed down, King Dedede himself fell out of the castle, unconscious. More rifts opened nearby.


            Summon: Dawn Dragon; Formula Skell


            A draconic statue depicting the Hoshidian royal ancestor appeared, and an enormous mech appeared. Each toppled on top of each other, blocking the way. “As you can see, nothing is safe from my reach!” The figure yelled from the other side. As he did, another rift appeared above the dimensional debris.


            Summon: Tree


            A tree flew out of the rift. As it landed, the roots attached themselves into the ground, as a face appeared on the tree.


            Guardian of the Forest – Whispy Woods


            “Poyo…” Kirby sighed, knowing that Whispy was doomed. The three immediately attacked the tree. Kirby juggled a few batons, eventually setting them on fire. Samus held her arm cannon on it, turning her Power Shot into the Plasma Beam. With the power of fire, the three caused massive damage to Whispy Woods. Kirby created another piece of balloon pop art, creating a visage of the legendary Monado. It exploded upon Whispy Woods. The tree winced, and became angry. Whispy grew to a much more massive size. Whispy summoned a barrage of apples, covering the ground. It wasn’t enough, however, as the three attacked Whispy Woods with the power of fire, setting the tree on fire. Whispy panicked, before going down. As he did, he dropped a Shift box. “Pyah!” Kirby said, opening it. A pink rift appeared on the balcony of Castle Dedede, a yellow one appeared on top of the Dawn Dragon, and a blue rift appeared on the ground. As the Shift rifts appeared, a Poppy Bro Jr. appeared on top of the Dawn Dragon. Kirby was pulled into the yellow rift, appearing next to the Poppy Bro Jr.. Kirby discarded his Circus ability, inhaling the Poppy Bro Jr.. Kirby then became Bomb Kirby. Kirby was then pulled through the pink rift, appearing on the balcony of Castle Dedede. Kirby saw a cannon, and threw a bomb into it. The cannon then fired, blowing up the Dawn Dragon and Formula Skell. On the other side, the Yiga-clad figure stood. The three approached the mysterious figure.

            “All right, how much more can you possibly have to throw at us?” Samus said, pointing her arm cannon at him.

            “You’re still here? Fine then.” He said, holding up his staff. A circle of lightning started to cover the area. Tan walls started to rise in a circular formation, trapping Samus, Kirby, and Robin, as well as the figure. The walls created a circular arena around them all, trapping them inside.

            “These walls look like the structures in the Gateway…” Robin said.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said, with a determined, angered expression.

            “And now, for my last, and final trick of the night!” the figure said, pointing the staff towards the sky, creating a massive rift. He floated away from it, as a giant, oddly-adorned cocoon fell out. It landed on the ground, settling.

            “Oh no… a giant cocoon. This isn’t good.” Samus warned.

            “It’s just an egg, how bad could it be.” Robin said, as a bright light appeared from the cocoon.

            “I’m sorry… I can’t hold on any longer…” a girl’s voice said from the cocoon.

            “Who said that…?” Samus wondered, as a giant leg broke out of the cocoon. It was then followed by five more. The entire egg broke, revealing a grotesque, spider-like creature. Many blue, glowing weapons appeared from it, dropping towards the ground, creating a small rumble. The creature then turned around, revealing a human-like face.


            Scourge of Hyrule Castle – Calamity Ganon


            Calamity Ganon roared at the heroes. “What in Naga's name is that!?” Robin cried.

            “I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s harmless!” Samus said, pointing her arm cannon at the Scourge of Hyrule Castle. Dark clouds started to cover the sky, bringing rain along with them. Large bolts of lightning struck the distance.

            The figure floated on top of it, creating glowing blue reins. “Well, it seems we have a surprise guest!” The figure said. Ganon roared, slashing at the heroes, narrowly missing everyone.

            “All right, focus all your attacks on this thing!” Samus yelled.

            “Now, go, my calamity! Destroy them.” The figure commanded.

            Robin dodged many attacks, getting up close. “All right, here we go!” they said, slashing Ganon with the Levin Sword, which immediately broke. “What? It already broke? But I haven’t even used it that much!”

            “Pathetic.” The man said.

            Calamity Ganon roared, slashing with his large fire sword, slamming Samus into the barriers. “My goodness…he’s insanely strong…” Samus said, getting up.

            Ganon pointed the Guardian Shooting arm, aiming for Kirby. “Poyo!”

            Kirby started to inhale. A Guardian blast flew towards Kirby, which was inhaled. Kirby then swallowed it, becoming Crash Kirby.

            “He can inhale lasers…?” Samus wondered. Kirby started glowing, and charged up.

            “POYO!” he said.

            “Samus, quick!” Robin said, hiding behind a rock. Samus quickly followed, as Kirby let out an intense battle cry.

            “POYAHHHHH!!!” Kirby yelled, letting out a huge explosion, heading right for Calamity Ganon.

            “AGGGH!” the figure cried out. Ganon roared, as the blast died down. Samus and Robin peeked out over the rock.

            “Is it dead…?” Robin asked, as a Locate box fell off of Ganon. Kirby picked it up, breaking it. A stream flew from the box, opening a rift. The rift summoned what appeared to be a guy on a horse.


            Locate: Link – Hero of Hyrule


            Link pulled out a bow, and fired an Ancient Arrow at Ganon, slamming him right in the face. “Hyah!” Link said, as his horse jumped out of the arena. Ganon fell to the ground again, seemingly defeated for good.

            “That guy must have defeated it…” Samus said.

            The Scourge of Hyrule Castle then rumbled. Calamity Ganon rose up, creating an orange barrier around itself. 

            “Never mind, he made it more angry!” she said.

            Calamity Ganon leaped to the edge of the barrier. “Ah hah hah HA!” the figure laughed. “The great Calamity Ganon cannot be defeated by a simple arrow!” Calamity Ganon readied the Guardian beam.

            “Look out!” Robin yelled, as all three ducked behind a larger rock.

            “Poyo!”, Kirby said, picking up a rock, to inhale, when a Korok popped up.

            “Yahaha! You found me!” it said, dropping another box in front of all of them.

            “Well there’s something we can use…” Samus said, breaking the box, and summoning a rift.  Out of the rift, a large creature covered in blue came out.


            Locate: Omega Pirate


            The Omega Pirate started towards Calamity Ganon. Ganon held up two legs, as the Omega Pirate grabbed the legs. The two got in a small scuffle, pushing each other back and forth. The Omega Pirate then grabbed Calamity Ganon, holding him up into the air. It then threw Calamity Ganon down to the ground, weakening its shield. Ganon’s barrier started to flicker. The oversized Space Pirate walked back through the rift.

            “That seems to have done something…” Robin said.

            “The Omega Pirate only seems to have done some damage. We’ll need something more powerful.” Samus said.

            “Quit using my own tricks against me!” the figure shouted.


            The three continued to hide behind the rock as Ganon fired beams at it.

            “Okay, that tree creature gave us a Gateway box for finding it, maybe there are more hiding in this battlefield.” Samus said.

            “Yeah but that was probably the only one here…” Robin said.

            “Yahaha! You found me!” a slightly different looking Korok came out of a small pit with a boulder in it, which Kirby pushed. Another box was given to Kirby.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, breaking open another rift. A large green dragon flew out.


            Locate: Rayquaza


            “Kiryararararahhh!!!” Rayquaza cried, surrounding itself in a large, rocky casing. It broke out of the casing, revealing it to have Mega Evolved into Mega Rayquaza. “Kiryarassshhhaaahhh!” The Sky High Pokémon flew up in the air, covering itself in a green-colored light. It flew towards Ganon, using Dragon Ascent. Mega Rayquaza made a beeline for Ganon. It flew straight into Calamity Ganon, followed by smaller, arrow-like shooting stars, knocking it into the ground in a huge, green explosion. “Kiryarararaaahhh!” Mega Rayquaza flew back through the rift, leaving Calamity Ganon without a shield.

            “I think the shield is down!” Robin said. “One more attack should do it!”

            “Alright, search around for another tree creature!” Samus yelled.

            Robin ran towards the left side of  the arena, noting some small leaves floating around. Examining them, another Korok popped out. “Yahaha! You found me!” it said, giving Robin another block. They smashed it, summoning one last rift. A large, rocky creature came out.


            Locate: Cragalanche


            The familiar voice of Viridi sounded in the air. “Cragalanche crush!” she said, commanding Cragalanche to defeat Calamity Ganon. The rock-creature punched Ganon, defeating it. “Ah ha ha!” Viridi said, as Cragalanche was pulled back through the rift. Calamity Ganon roared, and screamed up into the air. Ganon’s body then started spewing large amounts of black and purple liquid out of it. A large amount of it splashed onto Robin.

            “Ew, ew, ew! Bleh, why do we keep getting covered in blood! I just got this robe cleaned!” they yelled.

            “Eh. Could be worse. You ever puked up pure Phazon?” Samus retorted.

            Calamity Ganon started disappearing, turning into little specks.

            “And that’s the end of that chapter.” Robin said, as the figure fell to the ground, getting up.

            “I think we’re forgetting something.” Samus said, pointing to the figure.

            “Well, I didn’t think you’d be able to take on the Scourge of Hyrule Castle.” The figure said.

            In the distance, a large, boar like creature started to spawn near a castle, with golden light flooding the area. Suddenly, Link came back through the area, running through the man. “Ack!” he said, stunned. He shook his head, and angrily looked at the three. “If the Great Calamity cannot destroy you, I’ll just do so myself!” he said, as he stuck his staff out. He stuck it into the ground, cracking the ground beneath his feet. A rectangular platform started to form beneath the three.


            Create: Final Destination


            A blue platform rose from under the ground, taking the heroes up into the sky. The platform started moving closer to the Dark Beast Ganon.


            Mysterious Dimensional Meddler – ???


            “Ha ha ha!” the figure said, as he turned into a blade resembling a shark.

            “Watch out!” Samus said, ducking. The other two followed suit, as the blade missed them. The platform reached Dark Beast Ganon, and circled it from a distance. At its feet, Link was circling it with his horse, with a bow of pure light.

            “And now, for my next trick!” the man said, pulling out a chain of light, waving it around to catch the heroes. It almost caught Kirby, but passed him.

            “Look out!” Robin said, as the humanoid turned into something resembling a dragon. It started powering up a laser, and covered the entire bottom of the battlefield in a laser. Samus and Robin jumped over it, as Kirby ducked. The figure went back to normal, to become a larger size again. He then went to the side of the arena, and started shooting lasers from his eyes, covering the area. The trio dodged almost effectively, until he caught Robin, causing a moderate amount of damage. “Ow…”

            The figure teleported above the stage, where his arm became a blade of pure energy. He then made a curved dive across the arena, almost scratching the ground. He hit Kirby, who almost knocking him off the arena. Samus continued to fire missiles at the man, damaging him. He then teleported back towards the platform, putting himself in the middle. He then started to create many clones of himself, who shot out in random directions.

            “Watch it!” Samus said, barely dodging them.

            “Thoron!” Robin said, firing a beam of electricity right into the figure, defeating it.

            “Ack!” he said, doubling back. The Final Destination started to fall down near the Dark Beast Ganon. It crashed into the ground, crumbling beneath the three. Link was seen flying in the air, firing a Light Arrow right at the head of the dark beast. A rift opened next the three heroes.

            “He’s too powerful, we need to leave!” Robin said. The three ran towards the rift, as the figure made his hand bigger. He rose it into the air, and tried to slam the heroes into the ground. The figure rose his hand, revealing that the three escaped into the rift.

            “That’s it! Run along home! It’s a dangerous universe out there!” the prismatic figure said. “Now… if I were a Sheikah Slate… where would I be…” he added, as the Dark Beast Ganon roared in the background.



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Central Hyrule


            Golden light filled the entire kingdom of Hyrule, and the whispy boar-like creature imploded into the light. A woman stood in the middle of Hyrule Field.


            100-Year Protector – Princess Zelda


            “I’ve been keeping watch over you all this time.” she said, as Link walked up behind her. “I’ve witnessed your struggles to return to us as well as your trials in battle. I always thought-no, I always believed-that you would find a way to defeat Ganon. I am surprised, however, that others defeated the Calamity. But anyway, I never lost faith in you over these many years…” she turned around. “Thank you, Link…and thank you to those three heroes who took down the Calamity…the heroes of Hyrule. May I ask… do you really remember me?” Zelda asked.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The three recently titled heroes of Hyrule flew out of the Gateway.

            “Running away…my favorite tactic.” Samus sarcastically said.

            “It was a tactical retreat!” Robin said.

            “Isn’t that the same thing?” Samus retorted.

            “I don’t run…” Robin said, continuing to argue with Samus. Kirby heard a small rumble in the gateway. Kirby saw tan, newer looking robot remains attached to the Gateway. The remains shook again, and Kirby punched them. They sparked, and breaking off of the Gateway.


            “Kirby, did you break the only way out of here?” Robin asked.

            “No, it’s still working, fully functional.” Samus said, scanning it.

            “Well, then, what are those…?” Robin asked, as the small robot parts started gravitating towards each other. They started to piece together, creating one whole robot. The light on the robot’s head glowed green. Its arms rose, coming online.

            “Finally! You all kinda connected my parts to the Gateway, so I couldn’t exactly escape.” The robot said.

            “That… automaton is… speaking. Odd.” Robin said.

            “Says the guy who doesn't have any feet.” The robot noted.

            “I'm pretty su-” Robin tried to reply before being interrupted again.

            “I was worried that you all weren’t seeing my S.O.S. signal! My name is R.O.B., short for Robotic Operating Buddy.”


            Robotic Operating Buddy – R.O.B.


            “I’m the voice you’ve been hearing in your head when you collect the stones and whatnot. It’s different than the voice that tells you to kill your best friend.” the robot said, directing his statement at Robin.

            “What?!” Robin exclaimed.

            “Well, thank you for helping.” Samus said.

            “You and your sweet arm-cannon are welcome. So here’s the deal: now that the Gateway Stones have been installed into the Gateway, you must gather all of the Foundation Elements immediately. It’s like a gotta-collect-‘em-all thing. Like that one dimension you’ve been to.”


            “Please get to the point. Where’s Chrom and the Fire Emblem?” Robin demanded.

            “Right, the Fire Emblem. That’s one of the Foundation Elements identified in Subspace. I think Tabuu has his little, Tabuu-ey hands all over it.”

            “I’m going to guess that’s the guy from that Kakariko place. Does he have our friends, too?” Robin asked.

            “Well, if they possessed Foundation Elements – and judging by the kinds of people you all hang out with, I’ll bet they do – then yes, they’re probably in Subspace.” R.O.B. said.

            “Then stop talking and open a rift there!” Samus demanded.

            “I wish I could. But there’s a catch: Subspace’s location has been erased from my memory…along with my music playlists and save data. It’s painful. But with enough Foundation Elements, I may be able to recalculate it. Also – as an added bonus – getting all of the Foundation Elements will stop Tabuu’s plan to collapse all the dimensions into one! It would be like a bunch of brothers smashing together.” R.O.B. said.

            “Does one of you get that last part?” Robin asked.


            “I’m going to guess that collapsing all dimensions together is bad news, right?” Samus asked.

            “Oh yeah, real bad. To put it in a way each of you would understand, it’s like if…Grima was summoned and successfully destroyed the world…o r the Space Pirates successfully created Metroid soldiers… or if King Dedede actually beat you for once.”

            “What the heck is a 'Grima'…?” Robin asked, confused. “Why does that sound so familiar…?”

            “So obviously, you have to collect all of the Foundation Elements.”

            “But what are they…?” Robin asked.

            “Important, unique objects found only in specific dimensions.” R.O.B. said

            “The Fire Emblem…” Robin said.

            “I don’t really know what Adam would have… Helmet, maybe?” Samus wondered.

            “Short…cake…” Kirby said.

            “Tabuu desires them with all of his heart. When it comes to ruling the entire universe, he can be quite a hoarder.”

            “All right, we’re in.” Samus said. "Where are they?"

            “Look, I can only be so helpful.” R.O.B. said. “But I can get you started. For there is one element that I can think of to start off with!”

            “And that is…?”

            “Just a rock! One that looks like a fish. Anyway, let’s get rift open for you!” R.O.B. said, as a rift opened in the Gateway.




Chapter Text

            -Octo Canyon – Tentakeel Outpost


            The rift opened in Tentakeel Outpost, letting out Kirby, Samus, and Robin. They immediately laid eyes upon a white-haired woman with a parasol.

            “Hmm… The Octarians…” she said, as she turned around. “Oh! I… uh… was expecting someone else… er…”

            “Hello there! I’m Robin, this is Samus, and this cute one is Kirby!” Robin said.

            “Where exactly are we…?” Samus asked.

            “Uh…I guess you’ll do…” she said. “Welcome to Octo Canyon. I’m Marie. I know you might be starstruck, but I’ll need you all to get over it.”

            “Starstruck...?” Samus asked.

            “Yes, I’m THAT Marie. You know…from the Squid Sisters.” Marie said, as she put her arms up, letting her hands free.


            Laid-Back Squid Sister – Marie


            “Who…?” Robin said. Marie looked shocked.

            “You’ve never heard of me? For eel?”

            “Did you literally just say ‘for eel’?” Samus asked, laughing.

            “Well, you’re all are obviously uncultured, but you’ll have to do.” Marie said. “See, I’ve got a little…thing I need help with.”

            “And that is?” Samus asked.

            “By now you’ve heard that the Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis Square is missing.” She explained.

            “First I’ve heard of it.” Robin said.

            “Shut it, fashion disaster. Anyway, it’s not just missing – it’s been squidnapped by the Octarian menace!”


            “How would I know this? On the surface, I may just look like an absurdly talented pop star… but in truth … I’m Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, a secret society of heroes who save the world from Octarians!”

            “This sounds interesting and all, but what do you want help with? These Octarians?” Samus asked.

            “You’re all really impatient. I kind of wish I got a silent one... I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the Octarians in my downtime, but I’m a busy girl.” Marie said, followed by a small murmur. "If only Callie were around..."

            “What was that last part?” Robin asked.

            “Nothing…ahem…I need YOU to go get the Great Zapfish back from those slimy Octarians! What do you all say? Are you in?” Marie asked.

            “Well, we’ll do it under one condition.” Samus said.

            “Name it!”

            “We need a piece of metal. One that looks like a weird fish.”

            “Sardinium? I’m sure you can find one lying around somewhere…”

            “Well, if we can get one of those, we’ll do it.”

            “That seems like a small reward for such hard work…but okay.” Marie said. “Well, welcome aboard! You’re now…hm…I was expecting one person…you’re all collectively Agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. I don’t think this brand-new Hero Suit will fit on any of you, so…erm… you'll be fine!"

            “Now, let’s go tear these Octarians limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from- Well…you get the idea.” Marie said.  “Oh, yeah – the entrances to the Octarian realm are invisible, so you’ll have to ink them to reveal them.

            “Ink…them…?” Robin asked, confused.

            “You all really can’t tell me you haven’t used a Splattershot or anything…?” Marie said, shocked.

            “No…” Samus said.

            “I’ve made a mistake…” she said, handing Robin a Hero Shot. “It’s really easy, just fire this thing. Turn into a squid to restore ink.”

            “I can’t turn into a squid…” Robin said. 

            “Are you not Inklings?”

            “No. I’m a human.”

            “’Humans’ haven’t been around for thousands of years. That can’t be true.”

            “But I am…”




            -Tentakeel Outpost – Return of the Octarians


            Kirby, Robin, and Samus spawned on top of a floating platform inside of a large dome.

            “Wow! This place is really pretty!” Robin said, peering down at an expansive Octarian city.

            “Let’s just do our job and get out of here…” Samus said.

            “Hello, Agents 4? Is this thing on? Good. I’ll be talking to you through my disembodied voice.” Marie’s voice said.

            “How…?” Robin asked.

            “Figure it out.” Marie responded. “Just remember to swim in the ink.”

            Samus walked onto the light blue ink, and crouched. “Yeah…swimming will be a bit hard…”  

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, practically skating on the ink, until he got to a Launchpad on the other side of the platform. “Poy ya?”

            “Erm…well, since you can’t turn into squids…” Marie said. “I wonder if just crouching would do it…”

            “Well, only one way to find out…” Robin said, crouching into the Launchpad. Suddenly, a huge force of ink forced Robin into the air, firing them to another platform in the distance. “WAAAH!”

            “Well…” Samus said, joining. The three were forced towards another platform. The platform was covered in purple ink.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, skating in the ink.

            “You can run through enemy ink normally…? Odd.” Marie said. Kirby skated towards the other side of the platform, coming face-to-face with an Octotrooper. The Octotrooper was taken by surprise, as Kirby immediately inhaled it. He then turned into Artist Kirby, donning a beret and paintbrush. “You… inhaled the Octarian…?”

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, pulling out a paintbrush. Putting it to the ground, Kirby flew forward, leaving a trail of minty blue paint behind him.

            “Ah, well. That’ll do.” Samus said. 

            “He doesn’t lose ink either? What kind of supercod is he?” Marie said.

            There was a Shielded Octotrooper in front of the three.

            “Erm…I would say to distract it with a bomb… but you don’t have any.” Marie said.

            “Nah, we’ve got something that’ll work.” Samus said, as her suit started to fold in on itself, becoming the Morph Ball.

            “I didn’t know she could do that…” Robin said. Samus rolled around the Octotrooper, distracting it.

            “Poyo!” Kirby yelled, as he pulled out an easel. He painted a crude picture of King Dedede. The painting flew off of the easel at the Octarian, splatting it, revealing a Shift box. Kirby broke it, creating three colored rifts. One appeared on a higher platform, as another appeared atop the small tower next to them all. Kirby was pulled into the pink rift, being pulled to the top of the tower. There was a button there.

            “I don’t remember that being there…” Marie said. Kirby pressed it. A stream of light appeared, going to the circle where the Octotrooper was. Samus was pulled into a blue rift, appearing in front of a group of Octotroopers.

            “Uh… hi.” Samus said, blasting them all with a missile. There was a button behind them. Samus pressed it, as it activated a Launchpad where the Octotrooper was.

            “There’s a lot less splatting than I would have thought.” Marie said. The three went to the Launchpad, and were launched in front of the Zapfish. “That was… very short.”

            Samus fired a missile at the Zapfish, breaking the barrier around it. Kirby grabbed it. All three of them jumped for joy, holding the Zapfish.



            “Good job Agents!” Marie said through her disembodied voice. “A lot faster than I was expecting…”

            Radio static started to take over. “…ea….ve” a voice said.

            “Hey! Get off of our radio!” Marie said.

            “Leave…” the voice said.

            “Hey…wait… is that… Callie?”

            “Nuh… no!”

            “Callie? What are you doing with them?”

            “Leave. Bye.”



            -Octo Canyon – Tentakeel Outpost


            “Good job on your first mission, Agents.” Marie commended. “You’ll find your next objective in there.” She added, pointing to a more ornate-looking teapot.

            “What’s in there?” Samus asked.

            “The most destructive, malicious, and overall scariest thing you’ll ever see. An oven.” Marie said.

            “Uh… okay.” Robin responded.

            “Crust me, you’ll knead all the luck you can get.”



            -Tentakeel Outpost – Industrial Toast


            The three appeared on a large, industrial platform, hovering above a sprawling city. In the middle, there was a big purple ink puddle. Above it, there was another Zapfish.

            “I thought there was supposed to be something threatening here…” Robin noted.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said. As he said that, a large maroon tentacle rose out of the ink. A glowing green X shape covered part of the appendage. It snatched the Zapfish, pulling it under the ink. Sparks started to fly from underneath the ink. A thick, cylindrical machine slowly started to rise, many ovens dotting the side of the machine. Suddenly, many of the ovens opened, thrusting out faced bread. An implanted red sensor stared down at the three. Each piece of bread roared.


            425 Degrees of Pain – Octo Oven


            “What the heck?” Robin yelled.

            “It looks like the tentacle at the top is the source of the trouble.” Marie’s voice said.

            “Well I guess we’ll need to get to the top.” Samus said. All the ovens opened, thrusting out large loaves of the Octarian bread.

            “The end of the loaves look deadly. That’s why I never eat end slices.” Marie said. Under the bread, there was ink. Kirby inhaled the ink, turning into Artist Kirby. All the bread stayed out, giving Kirby the perfect chance to attack. Kirby climbed up on the loaf, and then flew up onto the top of the oven. Kirby started creating a tall sculpture. It appeared to depict the Vallite princess Azura. Kirby slammed it into the tentacle. “Donut stop! You knead to keep going!” Marie chanted. Kirby slammed the tentacle once again, destroying both his sculpture and the tentacle. The tentacle exploded, leaving ink gushing in the air. Kirby flew off, landing on the ground below. The Octo Oven became quite angry. Many of the panels on top of the Octo Oven flew off, and three air ducts appeared from the side. The small red sensor was replaced by a much larger one. Many balls of ink flew from the tops of the ducts. They all landed, creating columns of flowing purple ink.

            “Woah! That’s a lot of ink!” Samus said, dodging one.

            “MMM! Churros! Oh, wait. Those are columns of ink.” Marie noted. “I know you probably don’t need it… but there are less walls to climb.”

            “Thanks.” Robin sarcastically stated. All the loaves appeared from the oven, creating a way for Kirby to get up. Kirby splattered ink on the loaves, and climbed up to the top. As he got to the top, he created another sculpture. This sculpture appeared to depict the goddess Palutena. Kirby slammed it into the tentacle once again, causing it to explode in a torrent of ink. Kirby flew off again.

            “Good. But doughn’t start loafing around, or things might go a rye.” Marie stated. As soon as Kirby landed, all of the Octo Oven’s loaves appeared again. For whatever reason, the loaves gained some armor. “Wait… armored bread? Armor… on bread?” At the same time, an ink shower appeared off on the side of the oven. “Uh… Some kind of… glazing machine… has appeared.” The ‘glazing machine’ spun around the field, chasing the three. Eventually, it stopped. The machine thrust out all of the loaves, with Kirby jumping back up to the tentacle. Kirby created one last sculpture, one appearing to depict the Alolan form of the Coconut Pokémon, Exeggutor. The pink puffball slammed into the tentacle, destroying it for good. Kirby quickly jumped off. “Yeah! This guy’s toast!” The Octo Oven started to spark, releasing the bread. All of the bread was burned. The entire oven then exploded in a splash of minty blue ink. It covered all three heroes.

            “Why does every possible liquid cover us…?” Robin asked, trying to shake off the ink.

            “Look!” Samus said, pointing to the middle of the arena. There was a lightbulb with a Zapfish inside of it.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, firing a ball of paint at it, destroying the bulb. All three of them grabbed the Zapfish. They then jumped up in the air, ready for the next mission.




            -Octo Canyon – Tentakeel Outpost


            “Well, that went a lot faster than I thought it would.” Marie said.

            “Anyway, where to next?” Samus said.

            “Well…” Marie said, as a walkie talkie went off inside of her kimono. Pulling it out, a voice yelled at her. “What is it? WHAT? You’re squiddin’ No? Okay, we’ll be there. Bye, Sheldon.” Marie put down the communicator. “Okay, I need you three to go to these coordinates, now.” She said, giving them the directions to Inkopolis Plaza.

            “Um… okay?” Samus said.




            -Inkopolis – Inkopolis Plaza


            The three walked into Inkopolis Plaza. Robin was coughing a lot.

            “We had… to walk… through a sewer!” 

            “Try doing it for a living.” Samus told him.

            They were met with a large group of Inklings surrounding the plaza, blocked off from the middle of it. They almost seemed like they were anticipating some huge event. Samus, Robin, and Kirby were allowed into the plaza. As they made their way into the plaza, they were met with the back of an Inkling girl. She turned around, revealing herself to look similar to Marie, but with long black hair.

            “CALLIE?” Marie said, in her disembodied voice.


            Hypnotized Squid Sister – Callie


            “So you decided to show up after all.” Callie said, wearing an odd pair of sunglasses. They lit up with an interesting pattern.


            “You leave me no choice… Prepare to be rocked!” Callie said, posing with her hand behind her. She thrust her arms up in the air, pointing upwards. “HEY DJ!”

            Suddenly, the ground started to shake, and a giant robot rose from underneath the ink. A large octopus sat in the middle, complete with stylish ladder shades.


            DJ Octavio feat. Callie – OctoBot King II


            At the bottom of the OctoBot King, a huge eel-looking thing was sucked into it. The OctoBot King II started glowing heavily, sparkling in its huge electronic glory.

            “Octavio is in da hooooouuuuuse!” DJ Octavio said. “GYAH HA HA! I remixed Callie’s brain!”

            “Time for our first song of the night: BOMB RUSH BLUSH!” Callie said.

            “Time to drop the beatdown!” Octavio said, pulling out two stalks of wasabi.

            “Spin it, DJ!” Callie said, pointing her arms up in the air. Music started blasting from the OctoBot King.


Bomb Rush Blush (DJ Octavio feat. Callie)

Megeparabi gera weriweriweriweri bora


Megeparacho gera merimerimerimeri nyu



Chore chorekkirabakerati dericchonnyu rumeru


Rikkyorakkyo wiriwirinyu nyuru me me meremerenyu


Dekyanshii dera ricchere cherira boreboreborebore wekeraponi



Chorape chorapenape yucho morabinyu


Dekkyanshii dera ricchere cherira geregeregeregere meranyuru


Chorape chorape yoricche nyurumeri.


Megeparabi gera weriweriweriweri bora


Megeparacho gera merimerimerimeri nyu





Chore chorekkirabakerati dericchonnyu rumeru


Rikkyorakkyo wiriwirinyu nyuru me me meremerenyu


Dekyanshii dera ricchere cherira boreboreborebore wekeraponi



Chorape chorapenape yucho morabinyu


Dekkyanshii dera ricchere cherira geregeregeregere meranyuru


Chorape chorape yoricche nyurumeri.



As Callie started to sing, one hand of the OctoBot King fired at them.

“Oh no you don’t!” Samus said, melee countering the punch. The fist flew back into Octavio, damaging him.

“That’s it! Show no mercy!” Marie said.

“Blushing faces covered in pink… Rushing bombs, exploding ink!” Callie sung.

“Watch out for spinning punches!” A new, nerdier voice said.

“What the…? Who is that?” Samus asked.

“Oh, I haven’t introduced you, but that’s Sheldon. We, erm, had to Bomb Rush things…” Marie said.


Military Fanatic – Sheldon


“Glad to be of service!” Sheldon said. Octavio continued to try and punch the heroes, but each punch was just flung right back into his face.

“HNNGH! Come on, Octavio!” Callie said.

“SNAP OUT OF IT, CALLIE!” Marie cried. The OctoBot King II then fired a Bomb Rush at the three, which did almost nothing. Octavio, in anger, fired two fists at once.

“Robin, to your left!” Samus said, as she blasted back the right one.

“Arcthunder!” Robin said, as he fired the fist back to Octavio. This was enough to knock Octavio out of the OctoBot King. When it punched Octavio, a Phase box appeared. Kirby broke it, creating three rifts behind the OctoBot King.

“Octavio is exposed! Now is your chance, Agents!” Marie said. Kirby became covered in blue light, phasing in another dimension.


Phase: Water Temple


Kirby phased in a strange pool of water. As he did, a watery tentacle appeared.


Summon: Morpha


Morpha’s tentacle moved towards Octavio, and jabbed at Octavio, leaving him dazed. Callie was also stunned, but quickly regained her senses.

“Callie, it’s me! Your cousin Marie! Try to remember!”

“DJ! DROP THAT SPICY WASABI BEAT!” Callie said. Octavio then got back up.

“GYAH HA HA! Comin’ in with that hotness!”

“Don’t hold back…Agents.” Marie said. The OctoBot King rose up, making it harder to aim.

“Of course. I love this game.” Samus said. Octavio tried the punching tactic yet again. Samus fired a missile at them, flinging them back. Octavio lowered again, as he started another attack.

“Something’s coming! Can you shoot it down?” Marie said, as the OctoBot shot out weird calamari bombs. Robin and Samus shot a couple, as they erupted into small purple ink tornadoes. The OctoBot started firing more bombs, however, they were Suction Bombs. They stood in place, while the trio dodged them. Octavio rose into the air.

“He’s going to hit you with a shower attack!” Marie said, as a shower of ink covered the three, doing nothing. “Or…not…”

Samus flung the punches back at Octavio. “GRRRAHK!” Octavio said in rage.

“Don’t worry Agents, I’ll be there soon!” Marie said. “Hold out just a little longer!”

After a couple more hits, Octavio was stunned. Robin became covered in yellow light.


Phase: Burned Tower


Robin phased in a charred tower, with a Suicune standing inside of it. “Susuii!” the Aurora Pokémon cried. It faced the stunned Octavio, and fired an Aurora Beam at Octavio. The beam hit, flipping over the DJ.

            Suddenly, Marie showed up on a flying truck driven by Sheldon. The truck was blasting music out, overshadowing the Bomb Rush Blush. “I’m here! Hold on!” she said, as she pulled out a Hero Charger.


Tidal Rush: Callie Vs. Marie!















 Rikkyorakkyo wiriwirinyu nyuru me me meremer-


Dekyanshii dera ricchere cherira boreboreborebore wekeraponi

Chorape chorapenape yucho morabinyu

Dekkyanshii dera ricchere cherira geregeregeregere meranyuru


 Rikkyorakkyo wiriwirinyu nyuru me me meremer-


Dekyanshii dera ricchere cherira boreboreborebore wekeraponi

Chorape chorapenape yucho morabinyu

Dekkyanshii dera ricchere cherira geregeregeregere meranyuru-

She aimed for Callie’s face, and hit her dead in the Hypnoshades.

“NO! The Hypnoshades!” Octavio yelled.

“Yes! A direct hit with my special low-tide ink!”

“Uhnnn…” Callie said, dazed and confused.

“Now Agents! While Callie’s stunned! Make DJ Octavio pay!” Marie said.

“Time to turn the tables! Spicy speed mode!” Octavio said.

“He’s fast! Watch out for a dash punch!” Marie said, as Octavio threw a dash punch.

“Agents, keep it up! I’ll sing from here!” Marie said.

Octavio kept throwing punches, each getting returned, further scorched from the missile blasts. Octavio threw more calamari bombs at them. Kirby blasted them with his poisonous ink, destroying a few of them.

“Wait… how is she still singing despite being stunned up there?” Robin asked.

“I have no idea, but this music is really getting to me. I don’t know if I like it or not.” Samus responded, firing more missiles.

“Inng…” Callie said, still dazed.

“WAKE UP, CALLIE!” Marie yelled.

“A few more hits should do it.” Samus said, flinging another punch back at Octavio.

After a few more punches were slammed into Octavio, he fell down.

“Now’s your chance, get him, Agents!” Marie said. Samus became covered in blue light, phasing in another dimension.


Phase: Reset Bomb Forest


A pink, twisted forest appeared. A single Dibble Dop floated inside of it. Samus attacked it, provoking it. The Dibble Dop started to shoot water at Samus. Samus jumped in front of Octavio, as the enemy spouted water. The ball of water hit Octavio, flipping the entire OctoBot over.

Wanoyurashueru tiretirenu narinushu

Wanoyurashururu miremirenu furimukuyu

Raretyurare tyutte mieruni uneratune

Medekyura kyuera kerarunife



Wanoyurashururu miremirenu furimukuyu

Raretyurare tyutte mieruni uneratune

Medekyura kyuera kerarunife


Wanoyurashururu miremirenu furimukuyu

Raretyurare tyutte mieruni uneratune

Medekyura kyuera kerarunife



            “My… my head…” Callie said, shaking her head around.

            “The low-tide ink is working!” Marie said, as she pulled out a small boombox. “Callie! Remember!”

            A beat started playing across the plaza, as Marie spoke to Callie again.

            “That heavenly melody!” Marie called out to her cousin.

            “The one and only…” Callie said, as she put her hand up to her ear. “I… I remember…” Callie suddenly jumped off of the OctoBot King II, seemingly flying towards Marie. “YEAH!” Callie yelled.


Spicy Calamari Inkantation!

Ya weni marei mirekyarahire
Juri yu mirekerason

Kire hyari yoriherahe nyurahera
Nunnyura unera yurawera nyimerani

Chopperipo shurashurafe
Nannyurunire nifaferahi

Nannyuruni weranira shuraharahi
Nyurunirehara fe fe fe

Ya weni marei mirekyarahire
Juri yu mirekerason

Kire hyari yoriherahe nyurahera
Nunnyura unera yurawera fimera

Na nire jute mirekyarahara ni yu mirekerason-

Callie suddenly changed outfits, and started singing with Marie.

“The Squid Sisters are back!” Sheldon exclaimed.

“Well isn’t that nice.” Samus said, as a small drone passed by her head. She jumped to grab it, and another weapon came out.

“Agents, I brought you all a modded Rainmaker! Give it some pressure, and blast Octavio with an Ink Missile!” Sheldon said. “Show me what you can do!”

“Rainmaker!” Octavio yelled, floating up to the sky.

“Follow him, Agents! End this!” Marie said. A launcher appeared in the center on the plaza. The trio got on it, and got blasted onto a couple of Inkrails that appeared above Inkopolis Plaza.

“Rain on his parade!” Sheldon said. Samus used the Rainmaker first. One of Octavio’s arms started firing towards her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Samus said, firing an Ink Missile at the fist. This blasted it right back into Octavio, as it did normally. “Robin!” she yelled, throwing the Rainmaker to Robin.

“Got it!” Robin said, jumping over a spinning punch. Grabbing the Rainmaker, they fired an ink missile into Octavio’s punch, blasting it back at him.

“Kirby!” Robin said, throwing the Rainmaker.

“Poyah!” Kirby said, as he fired another missile into Octavio’s hand.

“I CAN’T RESIST THE GROOVE…ANY LONGER! Splat you Squid Sisterrrrrrrrs!” Octavio yelled.

“Let’s finish this!” Samus said, grabbing the Rainmaker. She fired one last shot to pierce Octavio’s defenses. This knocked a fist into Octavio yet again, this time, it was too much.  Octavio’s OctoBot II started to break down. It fell to the center of the plaza, and crashed.

“Now’s your chance, Agents!” Marie said. “Head for Octavio on the inner rail!”

A new inkrail appeared the center of the circle, and led down to the stunned Octavio.

“Now! Jump and finish him!” Marie yelled. Kirby, holding the Rainmaker with both of his nubs, jumped off of the Inkrail, and right onto Octavio. The powerful weapon hit Octavio, defeating him.




            “Guh… Not again…” Octavio said, shaking. The OctoBot II started floating slowly away, sparking. It didn’t get too far, until it started heavily expanding. Then, in a tremendous and spectacular way, the OctoBot II exploded in a huge wave of ink, absolutely covering the plaza. Small pieces of the OctoBot fell to the ground. A small, fish-shaped sat in the middle of the large ink puddle, as well as the Great Zapfish. The Great Zapfish started floating up towards Inkopolis Tower, and started resting. The Inklings watching the event cheered, completely unaware that it wasn’t a specialty show.

            “There it is! The Foundation Element!” Robin said, grabbing the leftover Sardinium.

            “Oh, thank goodness, we get to leave. The sheer amount of weird music is getting to me.” Samus said. Suddenly, a disturbance rippled in the ink.

            “Nuh… no… I won’t let it end like this!” a voice said. The green-covered body of DJ Octavio crawled out of the ink, armed with his trusty wasabi. Kirby then tried to inhale him, sucking in some of the wreckage of the OctoBot II. Octavio’s ladder shades flew off as well, both flying into Kirby’s mouth. Kirby then donned a pair of headphones, becoming Mike Kirby.

            “What the…?” Robin wondered.

            “Oh… oh no…” Octavio wimpered. Kirby then pulled out a desk mike, and let out a wave of pure sound energy at Octavio, letting out a natural Killer Wail. Octavio evaporated, leaving a small little spirit to fly away. All around Kirby, many Inklings splatted, leaving behind a lot of gear. Sheldon’s truck fell to the ground, dropping Callie and Marie to the ground. Samus and Robin also fell to the ground, ears practically bleeding.

            “Ah…ah… ow…” Samus said, with her helmet’s functions covered in static. A rift opened  under her and Robin, taking them away. Kirby jumped in after them.

            “Thu…thanks… for the help…” Marie thanked.

            “Wha…what do we tell Grandpa…” Callie asked.

            “We’ll… blame Agent 3.”




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The three arrived safely back on the Isle of the Ancients. Samus and Robin fell to the ground, face-first. R.O.B. hovered up to them. “So, did you get the… oh… what happened?”

            “He… he… happened…” Samus said, pointing at Kirby.

            “Did you get the Sardinium?” R.O.B. asked. Robin held up the Sardinium weakly, which R.O.B. grabbed.

            “I don’t think I can hear anymore…” Robin said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, oblivious to his friend’s exploded eardrums.



Chapter Text

            -Mushroom Kingdom – Princess Peach’s Castle


            Princess Peach’s Castle laid desolate in the middle of Toad Town. The castle was surrounded by enemies, like Bokoblins, Goombas, and Waddle Dees, led by the tyrant Bowser. On the roof of the castle, Bowser juggled a Power Star, the Foundation Element.

            “So, we got the thing… Why don’t we go back to Subspace…?” a Goomba asked.

            “I’ve finally taken over the Mushroom Kingdom! It’s a great day for the royal Koopa line!” Bowser said. Many of the enemies surrounding him seemed to groan. Behind a statue, a small spherical creature with a star above it peeked out.


            Recurring Star Sprite – Starlow


            “I don’t know what he’s up to, but it can’t be good…” Starlow said.



            -Mushroom Kingdom – Toad Town Gate


            The Toad Town gate was covered in various debris from other dimensions, creating a barrier to keep people out of Toad Town. A rift opened up in front of it, letting out the dream team of Samus, Kirby, and Robin.

            “This place seems welcome enough.” Robin said.

            “Well, it sure looks like a nice place to be…” Samus said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, pointing at the gate. Many Bokoblins, Octorians, and other enemies appeared from the other side of the dividing wall.

            “Never mind, warm welcome cancelled!” Samus said, shooting a few missiles at the enemies. A voice sounded over the area.

            “…is this thing on? Testing…one, two, three…got it. Hello! It’s me, Bowser! I see you’re trying to get into my kingdom. Well I’m not going to let that happen! Minions, destroy them!” A group of Bokoblins then closed in on the superstars, initiating a battle. Suddenly, a transition took place, which started the actual battle.


            BATTLE TIME!


            Blocks appeared above Samus. “What...just happened?” Samus wondered.

            “I’m not sure, but I’m really liking this background music!” Robin said. A Toad appeared from a bush in the background.

            “Hello there! My name is Toad. I’ve just been hiding behind this bush.”


            Man of Many Talents – Toad


            “You seem like you don’t know how to battle! Want me to teach you about Action Commands?” Toad said.

            “Sure, why not?” Robin said.

            “Usually, I don’t get an actual response…okay then. Space lady, hit ‘Fire’!” Toad said. Samus jumped up, and fired a Power Shot at a Bokoblin. Right before it hit, Toad magically froze it. “STOP! Right before the shot hits the enemy, press A!”

            “What does that even mean…?” Samus said, as the shot became suddenly more powerful as it caused a bit of damage to the Bokoblin.

            “Perfect!” Toad said. “Okay, robe dude, hit ‘Slash’!”

            “Okay…” Robin said, jumping and hitting the block. He suddenly lunged forward towards a Bokoblin, and raised his Levin Sword up.

            “STOP!” Toad said. “Right before you make your slash, press B!”

            “Okay…?” Robin said, as he then slashed twice in a row, hurting the Bokoblin. “Nice!”

            “Good job! Okay, pinky, jump and hit ‘Inhale’!” Toad said. Kirby jumped, and hit inhale. He ran up to the last Bokoblin, and opened his mouth. “STOP! All right, when you open your mouth, press Y!” As Toad said that, Kirby started to Super Inhale, gobbling down the entire Bokoblin. “Yeah! That’s it!” Kirby then turned into Sword Kirby.

            The Bokoblin’s turn initiated.

            “Okay! The enemy will tell who they’re going to attack!” Toad said. One of the Bokoblins winked, with one eye pointing towards Samus. The Bokoblin wandered towards Samus, and raised its club. “STOP! Okay, space lady, at the right time, press A to counter-attack the enemy, right before it bashes you!

            Samus fired a missile, right before the Bokoblin attacked. The Bokoblin then took damage, and went back to the other one. The other Bokoblin didn’t blink at all, and ran towards Kirby.

            “STOP! Alright, tactical guy, give Kirby with the power of fire!” Toad said. Robin selected a box labelled ‘Bestow’, and used an Arcfire on Kirby. Kirby’s sword then became a Sizzle Sword. “Alright, pinky. You’ve got more attack power! Let ‘er rip!” Toad said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, using his Sizzle Sword on a Bokoblin, destroying it. “Nice! All right, your turn. There’s one more thing I can teach you for now: Location! All right, space lady, select ‘Locate’!” Samus selected the ‘Locate’ box, and opened a rift. The rift summoned a small, round creature.


            Locate: Riki the Heropon


            “Leave it to Heropon!” Riki said. “F-f-freezinate!” he said, firing an ice blast at the Bokoblins, defeating them. “Nyapakapow!”

            “Yeah, now you’re getting it!” Toad said. “But don’t forget that you can only do that once per battle! And the effect is completely random.”




            The battle then ended, as a Locate stone device popped out. 

            “All right, we can use this!” Robin said, breaking the box. A rift opened up, and a turret popped out.


            Locate: Ink Cannon


            Samus jumped into the Ink Cannon, firing many ink missiles at the barricade. A large part of it got destroyed, leaving a grate. Suddenly, a horn sound blasted through the air.

            “Watch out!” Robin yelled, as a small ship was thrown from behind the wall, and fell onto the Ink Cannon, destroying it.


            Summon: Arwing


            The Arwing laid there in pieces with the Ink Cannon.

            “Well there goes our way in…” Samus said.

            “Look fast!” Robin said, as more Bokoblins jumped out of the gate, initiating a battle.

            “I guess we’ll just use the same stuff that Toad guy taught us.” Samus said, using the Fire Action Command. All the Bokoblins were soon defeated, leaving a Creation stone device.

            “A Creation box! Perfect!” Samus said, activating it. The destroyed remains of the Arwing and Ink Cannon started to fuse.


            Create: Smart Ink Bomb Launcher


            “All right, time for some destruction!” A larger missile fired from the device, destroying the gate and any of the enemies that stuck around.

            “We have a way through now! Let’s go!” Robin said.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, going in. Robin and Samus soon followed suit.



            -Mushroom Kingdom – Toad Town


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby walked into Toad Town, noting the vast amount of Airships surrounding Peach’s Castle. The sky was covered in grey clouds, with a hint of orange underneath them. Any water that once surrounded the castle turned to lava, and a great many buildings were destroyed.

            “This town is all destroyed…how depressing…” Robin said.


            “Ah ha ha ha! Look who decided to show up!” a child’s voice said. A small floating vehicle with a clown face came down, with a creature resembling a turtle showed up.

            “Who are you?” Samus said.

            “Only the son of the greatest tyrant who ever lived! Bowser Jr.!” Bowser Jr. said. “I can’t let you ruin Papa’s plans! So I’ve got a surprise for all of you! Come on out, Guzzlord!”

            Suddenly, a large monster crashed down from the sky, right into the Toad Town square.


            UB-05 Glutton – Guzzlord


            The beast roared with a sound unable to be described, with a huge, wide-open mouth. “Ha ha ha! See you all later!” Bowser Jr. said, leaving the scene. A battle then ensued.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The scene transitioned to a boss battle. Then, Toad popped in. “Whoops! I almost forgot to teach you about Bros. Attacks! Well…erm…I guess with three of you, it’ll have to be Trio Attacks!” Toad said, throwing a bunch of puzzle pieces to Samus. “Alrighty, space lady, select ‘Trio Attack’!”

            Samus selected ‘Trio Attack’, bringing up a menu that only had ‘Trio-nado’ written on it. She selected it, and suddenly, the three heroes stacked on top of each other, moving far away from the Ultra Beast. A small trail of empty Gateway boxes showed up. The three heroes then spun in a line, gathering up the boxes. They then spun into Guzzlord, causing a lot of damage.

            “Good job! Well, my work here is done! See you all later!” Toad said, leaving the scene.

            Robin selected ‘Slash’, and slashed Guzzlord with his Levin Sword, which caused little damage.

            Guzzlord moved one arm out, which seemed like it glowed pink for a second. It then opened up the mouth on its arm, using Gastro Acid on Kirby. A blob of poison flew towards him, which Kirby inhaled. He turned into Poison Kirby. Kirby then selected ‘Attack’, and spewed a powerful stream of acid at Guzzlord, causing a moderate amount of damage.

            “I’ve got an idea!” Robin said, selecting ‘Locate’. They opened a rift, and summoned a small, imp-like creature.


            Locate: Midna


            Midna laughed, as her hair turned into a giant hand. She then grabbed Guzzlord, and threw the Ultra Beast high up in the air. She then followed Guzzlord, and slammed it back into the ground.

            “That’s the ticket!” Robin said. Samus selected ‘Trio Attack’, and initiated the Trio-nado.

            “Let’s do this!” she said, as the group spun towards the extra-dimensional creature. The attack caused major damage to Guzzlord, knocking out one of its arms. Guzzlord then attacked again, and raised the uninjured arm. It glowed orange, and powered up a Hammer Arm above Samus. “No you don’t!” she said as she melee countered.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he attacked the central Guzzlord. He spewed another stream of acid in Guzzlord’s face.

            “I think one more Trio Attack should do it!” Robin said, initiating the Trio-nado. The three then slammed into Guzzlord, which defeated it. Guzzlord exploded into a massive display of flashing stars, before it was revealed it was still there.

            “I thought that would destroy it…” Samus said, as a rift took Guzzlord away.




            “You defeated that Ultra Beast!?” the familiar voice of Bowser Jr. said, as flying back down. “Errgh! Papa won’t be pleased about this! Not one bit! I guess I’ll just have to defeat you all myself! Yah!” he added, as another battle initiated.


            Heir to the Koopa Line – Bowser Jr.


            BATTLE TIME!


            “Oh boy…” Samus said. She selected Fire from her attack options, and fired a powerful blast at the young prince. Robin followed suit, slashing at the adolescent Koopa.

            “Agh! You’re all so annoying!” Bowser Jr. said, as his Junior Clown Car sprouted wheels. “Wahoo!” he said as he started spinning around in circles under the trio.

            “Jump over him!” Robin said, as the three continuously jumped over Bowser Junior.

            “Wagh!” Jr. said as he started driving right towards Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he inhaled the Clown Car. He donned a backwards cap, becoming Wheel Kirby.

            “Yaaargh!” Jr. said, as he stood opposite them all. Robin pulled out an Arcfire tome, and used it on Kirby. Kirby’s wheel then became a Sizzle Wheel. Kirby turned into a flaming wheel, and sped over to Bowser Jr., causing moderate damage.

            “Let’s do this!” Samus said, activating the Locate power. She opened a rift, which summoning a duo of warriors.


            Locate: Lucina and Morgan


            “Morgan!” Lucina yelled.

            “Time to even the odds!” Morgan said, using Arcwind on Junior.

            “The future is not written!” Lucina said, as a weird portrait covered the area, while Lucina slashed at Bowser jr.

            “You’ll pay for that!” Junior said, pulling out a bomb and throwing it at the trio.

            “Hit it back!” Samus said, firing a small Power Shot at it, deflecting it back towards Junior. The bomb exploded on Junior, knocking him over. 

            “Bleargh!” Junior said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, using another Wheel attack. Bowser Jr. jumped up, and pulled out a remote, and summoned a new Junior Clown Car.

            “Gah ha ha ha!” Junior said, jumping back in. “Full speed ahead!”

            “Let’s just end this already!” Samus said, firing a shot at Junior, defeating him.




            “Darn it! Darn it! DARN!” Junior said, fleeing. “Dad’s gonna be so angry… You’ll all feel his wrath at the castle. Wahahaha!”

            “What an annoying brat…” Robin said.



            -Mushroom Kingdom – Peach’s Castle Grounds


            The three moved closer to the castle, battling many foes on the way there. They finally made it to the bridge outside the castle., when they were confronted by a new foe.

            “Hee hee hee!” a voice said, as a robed Koopa appeared in front of them, floating above the bridge. “It looks like you managed to beat the junkivore and the young prince! But I, Kamek, cannot allow you to go any farther!” the Magikoopa said.


            Blue Wizard – Kamek


            “And just how do you plan to stop us?” Robin said with a grin.

            “Like this!” Kamek said with a wave of his wand. A large, stone block with eyes appeared, and blocked the bridge leading to the castle.

            “Oh…” Robin said.

            “Mwe he he he he!” Kamek said, flying off back towards the castle. He quickly came back. “Oh, and I almost forgot, here’s something to keep you occupied!” he added, summoning a large robot before leaving again.


            Sheikah Tech Gone Bad – Guardian Stalker


            The Guardian appeared from the geometrical magic, and the seams on its body glowing a bright pink. A small laser started up, and started to fire towards the three.


            BATTLE TIME!


            “Time to tip the scales!” Robin said, initiating a battle. The Guardian started first, with its eye glowing a brief pink. It fired a huge beam at Kirby, to which he swallowed. He then became Crash Kirby.

            “Oh boy…” Samus said, as Kirby chose ‘Crash’.

            “See ya!” Robin said, as they and Samus fled from the battle.

            “Poyo ya!” Kirby said, creating a large explosion, causing massive damage to the rogue Sheikah tech. The Guardian’s head spun around, and two of its six legs broke.

            “Yeah!” Samus said, returning along with Robin. Robin proceeded to select ‘Trio Attack’. A new attack appeared upon the list, titled ‘Friend Cannon’. As he selected it, the three ran out of the area. A golden winged cannon appeared in front of the three, faced upwards. Samus, Robin, and Kirby jumped into the cannon. The cannon charged up, and blasted the three out. The three were joined in a Friend Circle, speeding towards the Guardian. They kept speeding up, eventually reaching maximum speed. They slammed right into the Guardian, knocking out the last of the legs. The Guardian started to smoke and spark. It spun its head around, temporarily stunned.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, activating the ‘Locate’ option. A rift appeared.


            Locate: Ash-Greninja


            A Greninja with extra adornments resembling a certain Pokémon Trainer appeared from the rift, and created a Water Shuriken. “Gre… ninja!” It cried, firing the Water Shuriken at the Guardian Stalker, causing super-effective damage on it. The Guardian Stalker then exploded, defeated.




            A Gateway stone device along with a strange, shell-like object appeared from the Guardian.

            “Huh…it looked more threatening than it actually was…” Samus said. She leaned down, and picked up the shell-like object. It melded with her suit, giving Samus a new upgrade. The bounty hunter used her Charge Beam, and fired towards the castle. As the beam flew, it split into many parts. Samus had been given the Diffusion Beam. “Nice. Never had this before…” Robin grabbed the Creation box, and broke it. The pieces of the Guardain floated up, and began to create a large hammer.


            Create: Guardi-hammer


            The Guardi-hammer floated towards the block, and smashed it with the force of Guardian blast.

            “All right, let’s move!” Samus said, as the three raced inside.



            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Foyer


            The three walked into the castle. In front of them stood a door with Bowser’s face on it. Three giant locks covered the door. “Well, well, well. It looks like you all made it through my minions. Well let’s see if you can beat me! But… it would be a shame to just let you in.” Bowser’s voice said.

            “Well, let’s do this.” Samus said, walking into the bottom-left room.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Library


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby walked into the bottom-left room, which appeared to be a library. When they got in, there was nothing in there. Suddenly, a swirly pink-and-yellow vortex appeared. There was a strange, otherworldly feel to it. Robin was about to walk in, before Samus stopped them. “I have a feeling we shouldn’t go in there yet…” she warned.

            “Alright.” Robin responded.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Foyer


            The three walked back into the foyer, and made their way into the bottom-right room.



            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Kitchen


            The three fought many enemies on their way to the kitchen. When they got there, they saw a large painting, which seemed to depict a familiar menace, complete with large claws. “What an interesting painting…” Robin noted. They reached out to touch it, and their hand went into the painting. “Woah…”

            “I think we need to step into the painting… portal…” Samus said, as the trio stepped in.



            -Mechonis – Sword Valley


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin were dropped off in the middle of a mechanized arena. “Fancy seeing you lot!” a familiar voice called from the sky. A large Faced Mechon crashed down to the platform from above. “It’s been a long time!”


            Rebuilt for Revenge – Metal Face


            “Metal Face!” Samus yelled. Metal Face had many more parts connected to him, appeared much more threatening. His claws had highlights of green running through them.


            BATTLE TIME!


            A battle started between the heroes and Metal Face. “Let’s get things started!” Metal Face taunted. He slashed at the three with his claws, causing an immense amount of damage.

            “Those claws are made of something different…” Robin noted.

            “You catch on quick! These claws were especially designed to decompose you Homs. No, wait, anything natural. Something about ether and whatnot.” Metal Face explained. Robin fired an electrical blast, and Samus charged up her new Diffusion Beam. Kirby, however, couldn’t attack. Metal Face pointed his large cannon at the three. It powered up, and fired a large electrical blast. Kirby super-inhaled the blast, and became Beam Kirby.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said. Metal Face tried slashing at the three with his claws again. The three jumped over the claws, taking no damage. Kirby used his Beam Whip on Robin, turning Robin’s Bronze Sword into a Zap Sword. Robin slashed at Metal Face, causing super-effective damage. Samus fired a Diffusion Beam at Metal Face, causing moderate amounts of damage.

            “Come on, fight harder you little maggots!” Metal Face taunted. He fired another electric blast at the three. Samus countered it with a quick melee counter. Robin selected an option labeled ‘Dark Tranform’. Robin became covered in dark energy, flowing with the power of Grima.

            “YOU’RE NOTHING COMPARED TO A GOD!” Grima said, firing a powerful blast of dark magic at Metal Face. Kirby used a Beam Blast, firing a stream of tiny beams on Metal Face.

            “You’re mine…” Samus said, activating a Locate box.


            Locate: Masked Dedede


            The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, donning a metal mask appeared from the rift, and fired a stream of missiles from his mechanical hammer. All of them hit Metal Face, destroying him. A small present sat where the Faced Mechon once stood. A key popped out of it.




            “Ack!” Metal Face groaned. “No… no… NO!” Metal Face yelled. Samus, Kirby, and Robin stepped back. Metal Face charged up an attack, and fired an electrical ball at the three. Samus jumped on Robin and Kirby, knocking them down. The blast missed them, and proceeded to hit a spire up above them. It broke it, and the spire started to fall. It then thrust through Metal Face, barely missing the Homs inside. The force of the spire hitting the ground caused the platform to crack underneath them. The three heroes stepped back, but Metal Face was nailed in place. “No, no! NO!” Metal Face cried out, as the platform fell into the Infinite Sea below.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Foyer


            The trio appeared back in the foyer. One of the locks disappeared. “One down, two to go.” Samus said. The three made their way to the top-left room.



            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Courtyard


            The three made their way into a courtyard. The grass was browned, and trees dead. In the middle of the yard, there was a painting on the ground, facing the sky. It depicted metal-covered creature with glowing wings. The three jumped in, warped to another area.



            -Tallon IV – Chozo Temple


            The three appeared on the ancient Chozo Temple of Tallon IV. “This is the Chozo Temple…” Samus said. Her eyes widened. “Oh no, that can only mean one thing…” she added. As she did, a terrifying shriek rang from the sky. A familiar being crashed down in front of the three.


            Reborn Yet Again – Meta Ridley


            “Ridley!” Samus said, holding up her arm cannon. “I’m not going to let you leave here alive!” she said.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The three initiated battle with the souped-up Ridley. Samus started to charge up a Power Shot. “Aim for the chest!” she said, firing at Ridley’s chest. Robin fired an Arcthunder as well, hitting most of Meta Ridley. Due to the robotic components, Ridley took more damage. Ridley then attacked with his Kinetic Breath Weapon, firing a plasma beam from his mouth. Kirby inhaled it, becoming Plasma Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, charging up. Samus fired a missile at Ridley’s chest, breaking off the armor covering the chest, revealing a glowing yellow heart.

            “Now’s our chance!” Samus said. Robin fired an Arcthunder, causing massive damage to Samus’ nemesis. Ridley then fired a stream of missiles at the three. They were all countered back at Ridley. Kirby then fired a massive blast of pure plasma energy at Ridley, breaking his wings. Ridley cried out in pain, falling over. Samus activated the Locate function, creating a rift.


            Locate: Rex and Pyra


            An oddly-dressed young boy holding a strange, red sword and a very well-endowed girl with red hair and an emerald on her chest appeared. “Pyra!” the Cloud Sea scavenger commanded.

            “Mhm!” Pyra responded, as a stream of golden light formed between Rex and Pyra. Rex’s sword became engulfed in flames, becoming more powerful. Rex then slashed the downed Ridley, defeating him. Ridley exploded, leaving a present. The present opened, leaving a key.




            Meta Ridley stumbled over to the edge of the Chozo Temple. He then toppled over the side, falling into Tallon IV’s Impact Crater. “Good riddance…” Samus said.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Foyer


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared back in the foyer, where only one lock remained. “One to go.” Robin said, as the three walked into the last room.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Bedroom


            The three made their way into a lavish bedroom. On the wall behind the bed, there was a painting, depicting a familiar mage. “Well… let’s-a-go.” Robin said, jumping into the painting. The other two went in.



            -Jambandra Base – The Divine Terminus


            The three appeared inside of a strange altar. A staircase leading up to a crystalline heart stood in the background. Strange, blue flowers dotted the area. Samus, Kirby, and Robin looked around. “Stop right there!” a voice said from beyond the altar.


            Bringer of Shock – Zan Partizanne


            Zan Partizanne floated down towards the three. “Partizanne…” Samus said.

            “Jamblasted… I didn’t expect to see you again. We never got to finish our battle on Phoenix Mountain. I serve under Lord Tabuu now. His one true dimension will be a reality, jonto. It was through orders by Lord Tabuu himself, that NO ONE INTERFERES!” Zan Partizanne yelled, creating her electrified partisan.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The battle started out with Zan zipping around. She quickly moved up to Samus, who deflected her back with a melee counter. Robin pulled out his Arcfire tome, using it on Samus. Samus’ Power Shot then became a Plasma Beam. She fired a blast of fire energy at Partizanne, causing a bit of damage. Kirby was unable to do anything. Zan then created a cloud of thunder, moving it towards the three. Thunderbolts rained down from the cloud. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Plasma Kirby. Kirby charged up, and fired a massive bolt of energy at Partizanne. Samus used her Plasma Beam, causing more damage. Dark energy started to surround Robin, turning them into the vessel of Grima.

            “FOOLISH MORTAL!” Grima yelled, firing a massive blast of dark magic at Zan. Zan Partizanne then became enraged, and created her signature Thunder Drums. She then fired many electrical balls, damaging the three.

            Kirby fired another blast at her, and Grima fired another blast of dark magic. Samus used a charged up Plasma Beam, angering Zan even further.

            “Jamblasted!” she yelled, putting her Thunder Drums in front of her. She then created a laser beam of sorts, and fired a massive laser at the three. The enormous blast devastated the three. They were left with very little HP.

            “Let’s finish this…” Samus said, selecting ‘Locate’.


            Locate: Magnus


            “Sorry I’m late, I had other business to attend to.” Magnus said. He rose his club-like sword, and slashed Zan Partizanne with a powerful blow. The blow was enough to defeat her.

            “Ma…jaja…?” she muttered, becoming an array of multi-colored stars. A present fell out, revealing a key.




            “Japologa vun… Lord… Tabuu…” Zan Partizanne said, as a rift opened up underneath her. The rift took her away.

            “That’s all of them. Let’s go.” Samus said.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Foyer


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby appeared back in the foyer. After they returned, all the locks disappeared. The door then slowly opened, revealing the path to the throne room. “Let’s go.” Samus said, as the three walked in.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle – Throne Room


            The three reached the throne room of Peach’s Castle. Parts of the room were covered in a strange, blue substance. "Phazon..." Samus noted. The three looked towards the ceiling, seeing a woman trapped in a cage.

            “MARI-oh…?” she yelled, noticing that it wasn’t Mario. “Oh…um… I wasn’t quite expecting this…”


            Pink Princess – Peach


            “It’s okay, we’ll get you down from there!” Robin said, firing an Arcthunder at the chain, knocking the cage down.

            “Ow…ouch…” Peach said.

            “Sorry about that…” Robin said.

            “You should probably leave while you can.” Samus said.

            “Thank you very much. I’m normally used to Mario saving me…” she said, as she left the throne room.

            “Huh…I could have sworn there’d be a huge villain or something here…” Samus said, scanning around.

            “Well! It looks like you’ve finally made it to the end of the level!” a voice said, echoing throughout the throne room. “It wouldn’t exactly be a good entrance if I didn’t at least show myself! Oh, and I brought a friend with me, too.”

            Suddenly, Starlow appeared. “Watch out! Bowser has a-” she tried saying, before the wall at the back of the throne room broke open, revealing Bowser and a large, grotesque creature.


            King Koopa and the Phazon Monster – Bowser and Metroid Prime


            “What do ya think? Isn’t it beautiful?! And to think, it was all I really needed to get this!” Bowser said, pulling out the Power Star.

            “Metroid Prime? I could have sworn I destroyed it!” Samus said.

            “Well you did it once, you could do it again!” Robin said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said. Metroid Prime roared, initiating a battle.


            BATTLE TIME!


            “You know, that Tabuu wanted me to get this Foundation Element to him as fast as possible, but I’m sure he’d love it if I destroy you all first! Eat up, girl!” Bowser said, throwing the Power Star at the overly-large Metroid. It grabbed the Power Star with its claws, seemingly eating it. The massive Metroid roared again. He then jumped up on top of the Metroid. The corrupted beast then had a rainbow hue.

            “We can take it!” Samus said, selecting ‘Fire’. Her Power Shot made it to the Phazon-corrupted beast, but did absolutely nothing. “Uh… that could have been better.”

            “Here’s how it’s done!” Robin said, trying to slash at the four-legged creature. This also did no damage. “Um… never mind…”

            “We can’t even damage this thing!” Samus said. Starlow then appeared from the side of the battlefield.

            “Hello yello! I’m here to help!” Starlow said. She then started glowing, and used Supernova Sparkle. The blast destroyed the shield blocking the giant Metroid. The rainbow hue left the beast. “Huff… puff… whew! There you go! Oh, and here’s something to help you!” she added, handing a pile of bits to Samus. Metroid Prime roared, and the opening of it turned white. The creature then pointed towards Kirby. A huge beam of ice fired towards Kirby, to which he inhaled. Kirby became Ice Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, blowing ice onto Robin. Robin’s Bronze Sword then became a Blizzard Sword.

            Samus selected ‘Trio Attack’, which now had ‘Stasis Feast’ listed on it. “I wonder what this does…”

            When she used it, a bunch of sweets went into Kirby’s mouth, bloating him to a humungous size. “Poy…o…” Kirby said, as he was rolled off by Samus and Robin. Samus stationed herself at the bottom of Kirby, who suddenly glowed yellow, freezing. Robin jumped up on top of Kirby.

            “Let’s do this!” Samus said, firing an array of shots at Kirby. The enlarged Kirby slowly turned a deep red. Kirby’s stasis ended, all of the potential kinetic energy blasting him forward. Robin balanced himself on top, pulling out his sword. Kirby blasted towards Metroid Prime, slamming into it with massive force, making him swallow all the sweets. Robin jumped, and stabbed it as well, causing some extra damage.

            “Checkmate!” Robin said, activating a ‘Locate’. Using a rift, two portly plumbers came out.


            Locate: Mario and Luigi


            “Wahoo!” Mario said, pulling out his hammer. He slammed Luigi into the ground, and they both went towards Metroid Prime. Luigi jumped up out of the ground under him, giving Mario some extra air. Mario then hit Metroid Prime a number of times in quick succession, causing a huge amount of damage before being sucked back into the rift.

            “Argh! Work harder!” Bowser said, punching Metroid Prime on the head. The super-Metroid then grew angry, glowing red. One of its claws went up to Bowser, and grabbed him. “Huh? What are you doing?”

            Metroid Prime then threw Bowser at Robin, which he deflected back with his sword. Metroid Prime hit Bowser back towards Samus, who melee countered him. Bowser flew right into Metroid Prime, causing damage. Bowser then flew into the background, unconscious.

            “Ugh…ergh…” Bowser groaned. Metroid Prime then suddenly started chasing the heroes. Its openings started glowing purple. The creature started chasing them down an infinite corridor. All three of them ran in a horizontal line. Metroid Prime appeared behind them, and started firing Wave Beams at them. A beam appeared in three parts, and slowly started to move under the three. They all jumped over it, effectively dodging it.

            “There we go!” Robin said.

            The battlers moved back into the battlefield.

            “He should be almost finished!” Samus said. Kirby breathed ice on her arm cannon, giving her an Ice Beam. She fired one last shot at Metroid Prime, defeating it. The overgrown Metroid then exploded in a fashion of stars, dropping a present. A singular Mushroom popped out of it.

            “We’re probably not going to need this…” Robin said, throwing it away. Bowser then got up, and rejoined the battle.

            “You defeated that thing? Ugh. I guess I’ll just have to defeat you all myself!” he said. He fired a fireball at them, to which they jumped over.

            Samus activated another ‘Stasis Feast’, rolling Kirby away, forcing him into a Stasis, and firing him towards Bowser. The weakened king of the Koopas was swiftly taken care of.




            “N-n-no…” Bowser said, as the Power Star appeared from his body.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, grabbing the bottom of it.

            “No! That’s mine!” Bowser said, as he got up. “Give it to me!” Bowser then grabbed it from Kirby, and ran up towards the top of the castle.

            “After him!” Robin said.




            -Princess Peach’s Castle - Balcony


            Bowser stood on the balcony of Peach’s Castle, with no way of escape. “The jig’s up, turtle guy!” Samus said, pointing her arm cannon at him.

            “No, with this Power Star, I have more power than I need to defeat you all!” Bowser said, before a large brick fell on his head, knocking him out, and making him drop the Power Star. The trio looked up, and saw Princess Peach floating back towards the roof.

            “And good riddance!” Peach said. Bowser fell off of the balcony, and right into a rift, taking him away.

            “We got it!” Robin said, as the three posed around the Power Star. What seemed to be triumphant music played, and text appeared.

            “You got the Star!” it said, as everything faded to black.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The three flew through the Gateway, floating, and then landing. The Power Star floated in front of them, before shooting into R.O.B.’s arms.

            “I see you got the Foundation Element!” R.O.B. said. “Very good. I’m sure this one is more powerful than the other one-hundred-and-twenty.”

            “Alright, less references we don’t get, more Foundation Element collecting. It’s in my veins! Where do we go next?” Samus asked, clearly quite ready to move on.

            “Sometimes I worry about her…” Robin said to Kirby.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said as R.O.B. snuck up on them, surprising them both.


Chapter Text

            -The Town of AAAAA – Train Station


            A rift opened up beside a train station. Samus, Robin, and Kirby appeared from it. They looked around, seeing a small village.

            “This seems so… small… compared to our other ventures…” Robin said. Soon enough, a small, yellow dog walked up to them.

            “Why hello there! Welcome to AAAAA! I’m the secretary to the mayor, Isabelle.”


            Workaholic Secretary – Isabelle


            “AAAAA? What kind of name is that…?” Samus asked.

            “We… uh… weren’t exactly the ones that named the town... Anyway… we should get you settled in! You should go see Tom Nook, he’s at Nook’s Homes, up on Main Street! You’ll get a home from him!”

            “We don’t want a home, we just need a fruit, a perfect one.” Robin said.

            “Well, you can deal with that later. You need a home first!” Isabelle said, ushering them off to Main Street. As she did, rubble covered the path to Main Street, burying the town train. “What? When was there a landslide?” Isabelle wondered, with a question mark appearing above her head.

            “I guess we’ll just have to find the Foundation Element…” Robin sarcastically lamented. As he did, a Creation box floated by on a balloon. “Oh…” Samus shot the balloon out of the sky, and broke the box. The train floated out of the rubble, and broke apart.


            Create: Train Shovel


            The train transformed into a shovel, and shoveled all of the dirt and rubble away. “Wow! How did you do that?” Isabelle said with an emotion of disbelief. “I guess it doesn’t matter. C’mon, let’s get to Nook’s Homes!” Isabelle said, pushing the three up to Main Street.




            -The Town of AAAAA – Southern End


            “So, show me where you want me to set up your home!” a tanuki following the group, Tom Nook, asked the three.


            Real Estate Raccoon – Tom Nook


            “We should just look for the Element and get out of here…” Robin whispered to Samus.

            “Let’s humor them, it’ll go faster.”

            The three led Nook to a small area with nothing around. “Ah, would you like to build here? Yes? Perfect. Let me just set something up…” Nook said, as a fence suddenly appeared. “Oh, but I can’t just leave you without a place to put your head…” then, a tent appeared, with a mailbox. “Ta-da! There you are!”

            “Poyah…” Kirby said, walking into the tent.

            “So how much is this going to cost us?” Samus asked.

            “Well, I’ll get back to you on that.” Nook said. “And with that, goodbye!”

            “This world is so weird…” Robin said.

            “Alright, now that we have a place, we need to look for the Foundation Element. Now where could it be…” Samus said, scanning around. Suddenly, a huge rift appeared above the town of AAAAA. The sky suddenly turned deep red. Every animal villager looked up to the rift in fear.


            Summon: Vaati and Skull Kid


            “So… what are we here for, again?” Skull Kid, wearing Majora’s Mask, asked.

            “I think he said to get a ‘perfect fruit’.” Vaati responded.

            “Hm. Well, I suppose we should get the locals to find it for us. Enslavement?”

            “Enslavement.” Vaati agreed. With a snap of his fingers, the rift expanded.


            Summon: Bokoblins and Moblins


            A slew of Bokoblins and Moblins descended upon the town of AAAAA. They started to break houses and other buildings, and knocking down trees as well.

            “Hm. Not enough.” Vaati said, as the rift expanded again.


            Summon: Temple of Time


            A large temple crashed down next to the train station, blocking Main Street. The force of the temple’s landing destroyed the Train Station. Any villagers nearby fled the scene, scared. Porter appeared from the Train Station. “Woo-hoo! Day off!” he cheered, running off. Dark energy covered the Temple of Time, blocking access. Vaati’s laugh echoed throughout the village.

            “I’ll admit, I’ve been caught slightly off guard.” Samus said bluntly. As soon as she said that, a small horde of Bokoblins surrounded them. A strange field of energy surrounded the area, trapping them inside.

            “It seems we’ll have to beat them to leave…” Robin said, firing an Arcthunder at a Bokoblin. One Bokoblin let out a cry, attempting to hit Kirby with its Boko Spear. Kirby inhaled the Bokoblin, becoming Spear Kirby. The three dealt with the Bokoblins, making the field disappear. After defeating them, a Locate box appeared.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, storing it in his mouth. The three moved on, coming across another group of Bokoblins. A blue cat and a purple squirrel were trapped in a cage.

            “Help us!” the blue cat, Rosie, pleaded. Another field covered the area. Kirby skewered one Bokoblin with his spear, followed by Samus firing a Missile. Kirby held up his spear. Robin pulled out an Arcwind tome, bestowing Kirby with a Bluster Spear. More Bokoblins kept coming in, eventually cornering the heroes.

            “Kirby, now!” Robin demanded. Kirby spat out the Locate box, breaking it. A rift appeared above the Bokoblins.


            Locate: Partner Cap Pikachu


            The Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu, appeared from the rift. It wore a familiar-looking red hat with a green symbol on the front of it. “Pika!” it cried, glowing with the light of a Z-Move. Pikachu flew up into the air, as clouds started to cover the area. Electricity charged around the Partner Cap Pikachu. “Pika, pika pika!” it cried creating a rainbow of seven thunderbolts. They rained down on the Bokoblins, destroying them all in a beautiful explosion. Pikachu then landed on the ground safely, scratching the back of its head. Kirby ran over to the cage holding the two animals.

            “Thank you so much. Here, take this.” The purple squirrel, Static, said, giving Kirby a Locate box.

            “Bye!” Rosie said, as she and Static disappeared. Kirby, Samus, and Robin walked over to a Moblin horde, who were trapping a stitched bear and a plain-looking dog by chaining them to a tree.

            “Please, save us!” the bear, Stitches, pleaded. The Moblins started to gang up on the three, as Kirby broke the Locate box.


            Locate: Diggernaut


            A massive rogue Chozo mining robot appeared from the rift. It drilled into the ground, attacking the Moblins, immediately destroyed them. “I’m surprised it didn’t attack us.” Samus said. As Diggernaut was forced back into the rift, Robin freed the innocent animals.

            “How can we thank you?” the dog, Goldie, asked. “Oh, I know!” she continued, handing Robin another Locate box.

            “This’ll come in handy.” Robin said. Stitches and Goldie fled the scene. The three moved closer to the Temple of Time, coming upon one last group of enemies. The Moblin and Bokoblin group were tying up a white wolf and yellow hamster with rope.

            “Help!” the hamster cried out. The enemies focused in on the three heroes. Robin broke the Locate box.


            Locate: Kat and Ana


            Two small ninjas appeared. “Katana!” they both cried, as they slashed through all the enemies with their katanas. After all the enemies were defeated, the two gave each other a high-five, before disappearing. Robin untied the rope, freeing the animals.

            “Please, take this as thanks.” the wolf, Whitney, thanked, handing Robin a Locate box. As they did, many trees fell around them, creating a path towards the AAAAA Town Hall. The three walked towards the building. As they did, the entire building started to break apart. Town Hall exploded, revealing a massive, portly, cycloptic creature.


            Largest Monster in Hyrule – Hinox


            A blue Hinox broke out of Town Hall, levelling the building. The monster was holding Isabelle in one of its hands. “Let go of me!” Isabelle cried. The Hinox smelled the yellow dog. “Ew…” The lazy beast then looked down at the three, and started to lumber towards them. It started to stomp on the ground, trying to squash the three. Samus quickly turned into her Morph Ball, rolling away. She quickly morphed back into human form, and shot a missile towards the Hinox. The missile hit the lumbering beast square in the eye, hurting the creature. It then fell over, stunned. Samus, Kirby, and Robin attacked the pig-faced creature. The Hinox then got up, and continued to attack. It grabbed a nearby tree, pulling it from the ground, roots and all. It tried to swing at the three, missing. Robin pulled out the Locate box, breaking it. A rift opened above the Hinox’s eye. A white Pegasus flew out of the rift, with a blue-haired young woman sitting atop the mythical creature.


            Locate: Caeda


            The pure-hearted princess of Talys held out a lance. “I’ll handle this!” Caeda said, throwing her lance into the Hinox’s eye. The enormous Bokoblin-like creature fell, letting go of Isabelle in the process. The Hinox exploded into a purple-colored puff of smoke. “Someday, the fighting will be over, I know it.” Caeda said, flying back into the rift. Isabelle let out a sigh of relief.

            “Thank you so much for freeing me. There’s some things a town secretary can’t do.” Isabelle said, running off. The three turned towards the Temple of Time, and made their way towards the building.    




            -The Town of AAAAA – New Temple of Time Courtyard


            The three made their way to the temple courtyard, coming face-to-face with Skull Kid.

            “Oh look, visitors!” Skull Kid said.


            “I can't let you through.” Skull Kid said.

            “You’re just a child…” Samus said. As she said that, Majora’s Mask separated from Skull Kid.


            Ancient Deity in Mask Form – Majora’s Mask


            The mask started to glow, and many tiny tentacles appeared from it. The size of the mask increased.

            “That’s just a bit disturbing.” Robin said. Majora’s Mask started to spin rapidly, and laid flat.

            “Jump!” Samus said, as the three jumped over the demented mask. The mask started lazily floating around again. With more missiles fired, Majora’s Mask got angrier. It started to fire beams at the three. Kirby inhaled it, and became Beam Kirby. Kirby charged up a Wave Beam, and fired it at Majora. This damaged Majora enough, knocking it down to the ground.

            “That was…short…” Samus said. Suddenly, Majora’s Mask grew a pair of spindly legs and arms. One eye appeared above the mask.


            Incarnation of the Ancient Deity – Majora’s Incarnation


            “What the heck?” Robin said. Majora’s Incarnation started to run around the courtyard.

            “Watch it!” Samus said, as the incarnation attempted to ram into them. Shrieks came from the creature, as it ran around.

            “This is getting annoying…” Samus said, firing a Super Missile at the incarnation of Majora, knocking it down. “I think I have an idea…” she said, firing a Suit Changer onto the ground. She stepped into it, and changed her suit.


            Suit Change: Light Suit


            Samus came back out with a white suit, light pouring out of it. “Let the Light of Aether bless you!” she said, changing to the Light Beam. Kirby held up his beam wand. Samus fired her Light Beam into the puffball’s beam wand, which became empowered with light. Kirby’s Beam Whip had become Photon Beam. Kirby dashed up into the air, raining many balls of light down on Majora’s Incarnation, knocking it down. Majora screamed, and got up. The incarnation started to morph, and became bulkier. Two whip-like tentacles appeared in its arms.


            Wrath of the Deity – Majora’s Wrath


            “Okay, like what the heck?” Robin said. Majora’s Wrath flung its whip at Robin, grabbing him. It threw him up in the air, and slammed him into the ground. “…ow.”

            “Take this!” Samus said, firing more missiles at the wrath. Majora’s Wrath roared, and started to spin around. The whips spun around as well.

            “Woah!” Robin yelled, barely dodging the whips. Majora’s Wrath stopped, and started a barrage of whipping. Then, Majora’s Wrath threw a spiked top at them all, which Kirby jumped on top of. Kirby then made a beam, which spun around. This hit Majora’s Wrath, making it scream. The wrath fell over, and started to disintegrate. As it did, a circular object with a large Z on it appeared. It was colored purple.

            “Well that was disturbing.” Robin said. Skull Kid woke up.

            “What…happened…?” he said, as a rift opened next to him. It took him away.

            “Is this what I think it is?” Samus said, touching the circular object. It began to fuse with her. The bounty hunter’s suit began to morph. The large shoulder attachments became even larger, and parts of Samus’ suit became purple. “Oh, yes… the Gravity Suit. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Well, let’s make our way inside.” Samus said, as she, Robin, and Kirby walked to the front of the temple, met with a dark force covering the temple.

            "Uh…” Robin said. Kirby charged up a Photon Beam, firing it at the darkness. It appeared to weaken it a little bit, but to no avail.

            "Hm... I wonder how we're going to get in..." Samus said, as she noticed a balloon floating by. There was a Phase box attached to it. "Never mind." she said, firing a Light Beam at it. The box fell to the ground, which Samus broke. Three small rifts depicting other dimensions appeared. Samus became covered in a pink light, summoning in another dimension.


            Phase: Grand Windchamber


            Inside of the small chamber, there was a strange missile-shaped upgrade. “I remember this place…” Samus said. She grabbed the upgrade, sticking it inside of her arm cannon. “Only enough energy for one shot…” she said, firing a massive Sunburst at the dark energy. It seemed to weaken the grip the darkness had on the temple. “Perfect…” she said, as the upgrade left her cannon. The phased-in dimension disappeared. Kirby then became covered in blue light. He then summoned another dimension.


            Phase: Ghost House


            A haunted house appeared, with a few boxes marked with a question mark. Kirby jumped under one of them, revealing them to be Light Boxes. Kirby took one out of the area, as the dimension disappeared behind him. Robin became covered in yellow light, summoning one last dimension.


            Phase: Megalo Tower


            A pained Necrozma laid atop a tiled tower. Robin picked up the Light Box, sitting it next to Necrozma. The light seemed to power up the Prism Pokémon. The Necrozma floated up, and became covered in an endless amount of pure light. “Lie… lie… LIGHT!” Necrozma cried, as it became bigger. Four wings started to float off of the beast, as it became much taller. Necrozma had undergone an Ultra Burst, becoming Ultra Necrozma. The Prism Pokémon roared, and created a tiny ball of light. The ball became much bigger, as it started to suck in all of the light of the world. The light formed into a massive ball of light. Necrozma then fired it at the temple, causing a giant explosion of blinding light. As Necrozma’s dimension disappeared, Samus, Robin, and Kirby looked upon the temple. The darkness previously covering the temple had fully disappeared, creating a way in.

            “Let’s go.” Samus said, as the three tried to walk in. As they did, a shady kitsune blocked them.

            “Ahahah! I’m afraid I can’t let you through!”


            Black Market Salesman - Crazy Redd


            “…Con…?” Kirby tried to say.

            “Nwehehehe! In exchange for stopping you three, that Vaati said he’d give me as many Bells as I want!” Crazy Redd explained. Robin looked down, and saw a rock next to him. He picked up the rock, and threw it at Redd’s head. “Ow!” Crazy Redd said, as he was knocked unconscious. Samus and Kirby just stared at the tactician, confused.

            “What? He was blocking the way.” Robin said, walking in. Samus and Kirby followed.




            -The Town of AAAAA – Temple of Time


            Upon reaching the inside of the temple, Samus, Kirby, and Robin came face-to-face with Vaati.“Hm, it looks like we have visitors. I knew that Redd character wouldn’t have stopped you.” Vaati said, as he pulled out a Perfect Apple. “Well, you’re too late. I’ve already got the Foundation Element. It was just growing on a tree.”

            “Unhand it!” Robin said.

            “I’m afraid I cannot do that. In fact, I cannot let you go any farther.”

            “A small, evil child. What else could go wrong?” Samus said. As soon as she said that, dark energy surrounded Vaati. Vaati grew to a larger size. Robes draped down Vaati’s new body, and the sorcerer looked remarkably more human.

            “He’s bigger now.” Robin said.



            Former Minish Sorcerer – Vaati Reborn


            Two orbs started to surround Vaati. An eye in the middle of Vaati’s body opened, which Samus fired a Power Shot at, damaging Vaati. Vaati summoned a ball of dark energy, and threw it to the ground. It started moving around the perimeter of the temple.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, inhaling it. After swallowing it, Kirby became Bomb Kirby. Kirby bowled a bomb under Vaati. The bomb exploded, and revealed Vaati’s eye. Samus fired a missile at the exposed eye, damaging him.

            “Ack! Enough!” Vaati said, as he floated up to the ceiling. “I see you’ve got some fight in you… I commend your bravery. But you can’t handle this!” as Vaati Reborn floated back down. He started to morph again, and became a large shadow. One giant red eye formed in front of it. More orbs appeared around the eye. Vaati Reborn had transformed once again. “THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!”

            “I feel like we’re supposed to get that…” Robin said.


            Remains of the Sorcerer – Vaati Transfigured


            Vaati summoned many spiked balls. They stuck to the ground, as an obstacle.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he discarded his Bomb ability. He inhaled the Bomb star, and fired it at Vaati, causing no damage. Kirby then sucked up a spike ball. He then became Needle Kirby. “Poyo!”

            “I don’t know how we’re supposed to damage him!” Robin said, firing blasts of electricity at Vaati. No damage was being was being dealt. Samus charged up a Diffusion Beam, and fired at one of the orbs surrounding Vaati. Two of them turned red, each revealing an eye.

            “I think I have an idea!” Samus said. She fired another shot next to the exposed eye, revealing another eye.

            “I see!” Robin said, firing an Arcthunder at Vaati, revealing two eyes.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he fired four needles at each of Vaati’s eyes, damaging him. Vaati then jumped up in the air, and pounded the ground. Many bricks started to fall from the ceiling. Samus fired another barrage of Power Shots at Vaati’s eyes, and Robin fired Arcthunders. They revealed another set of eyes. Kirby fired more needles into the eyes, destroying them.

            “ACK!” Vaati said, as more dark energy surrounded him. “No matter, you won’t get this Foundation Element!” Suddenly, a window broke to the side of the Temple of Time. A stack of villagers, topped by Isabelle, broke into the temple.

            “We found a way to help!” Isabelle said, pulling out a slingshot, and shot right into the one eye of Vaati Transfigured. The sorcerer’s remains were then stunned. “And here, we have this!” she continued, throwing a beehive in front of Robin.

            "What is that puny thing supposed to do?" Vaati boomed.

            "I don't know, but here goes nothing!" Robin said, kicking the hive at Vaati. It hit Vaati in the head, doing nothing. It dropped the ground, breaking apart harmlessly.

            "Hah! Is that the best you've got?" Vaati deeply laughed. A faint buzzing noise became audible from inside the broken hive chunks. "Uh oh." A swarm of bees flew out of the hive, immediately attacking the former Minish. "Ah, it stings! Get them off me!" Vaati yelled. The bees eventually dispersed, reverting the sorcerer to his original form. He fell to the ground, dazed. He was covered from head to toe in bee stings, and his left eye was heavily swollen. The former Minish dropped the Perfect Apple, which rolled to Samus’ feet.

            “I’ll take that!” Samus said, picking up the golden apple.

            “…one solitary Foundation Element isn’t going to help you when Tabuu comes for you…” Vaati hissed. “You are as doomed as I…”

            “We’ll see about that.” Samus said. A rift opened underneath Vaati, taking him away.

            “Poyah…” Kirby said.

            “Yeah, I’m feeling starting to feel pretty squirrely too.” Robin said, as both they and Kirby shared a laugh.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as he and Robin followed Samus into the rift.

            “Bye!” the villagers said, as the rift shut.

            “I sure hope the mayor doesn’t mind the mess…” Isabelle lamented, as a plank of wood fell from the ceiling. It landed with a dull thud.




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            R.O.B. was holding the Foundation Element. “Another Foundation Element. Nice work! You’ve exceeded my expectations!”

            “Yeah, I do that a lot.” Samus said. “Well…most of the time. There was this one time where-”       

            “Anyway, what do you want to do now? Kick back, maybe have a Tapu Cocoa, play some video games…” R.O.B. interrupted. 

            “We want to do is rescue our friends and save the entire universe!” Robin interrupted.

            “All right, all right. The next Element is located inside of a trans-reality pocket dimension.”

            “And that means…?” Samus asked.

            “It’s a smaller dimension. It could also be a bit… weird.”

            “Po poyah…”

            “Yeah, I agree. Have you seen who we’ve been hanging out with? Metal monstrosities, talking animals, weird isn’t a problem.” Robin said, as Samus shrugged.


Chapter Text

            -PNF-404 – Garden of Hope


            A rift appeared inside a large, broken flower pot. As per usual, Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared from it.

            “This flower pot is huge!” Robin immediately said.

            “Or we’re quite small.” Samus said, scanning around. A small power signature appeared in the distance. The three walked out of the pot, seeing a giant strawberry in the distance. “I found our Element.”

            “Huh, no opposition… at all… weird…” Robin said. As the three walked closer, they noticed it was up high on a cliff. “I take it back.”

            “Here, let me try something…” she said, activating her Grapple Beam. She fired the beam at the Sunseed Berry, but the beam couldn’t attach. “Must be something here that can be useful…” Samus looked around, and saw a Locate box buried in the ground, near Robin. “Hey! A Locate box! Perfect!” Samus said. “Robin!”

            “On it.” Robin said, trying to grab the box. It wouldn’t budge. “It’s… pretty deep in there.”

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, trying to Super Inhale it. It still wouldn’t move.

            “Huh. I wonder how we’re going to get it…” As soon as Samus said that, she saw a small, red thing peeking out from behind a ceramic shard.

            “Aww! Hey there! We don’t want to hurt you!” Robin said, soothing the creature. The little thing made a cute noise, and ran up to Robin. “Aren’t you just cute!”

            “Hey, maybe we can use this thing!” Samus said. She scanned around some more, and saw four more of the things in the distance, trapped under a glass cup. “There we go!”

            Samus ran over to the glass cup, and pushed it over, freeing the little creatures.

            “I kind of want to call them Pikmin… I don’t know why…” Robin said. The Pikmin gathered in a small group, and dug up the Gateway box.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, activating the box. Another stream appeared, and opened yet another rift.


            Locate: Duck Hunt Ducks


            A flock of ducks appeared from the rift, flying right into the Sunseed Berry. The ducks eventually knocked the berry off, landing it in front of Samus.

            “This seemed… too simple…” Robin said, as a rift suddenly opened above the Sunseed Berry.


            Summon: Poppant


            A creature with a large pair of pants filled with presents appeared. It grabbed the Sunseed Berry, sticking it in there.

            “Hey! Get back here!” Samus said. The Poppant ran, until a rift opened. The Poppant jumped into the rift. The trio followed suit.



            -Infinite Glacier – Icicle Mountain


            The rift took the three to the bottom of a strangely built mountain. Blocks covered the sides of the area, and there was no sky. Samus turned off her helmet, seeing that her hair had become a forest green.

            "Why is my hair green...?" Samus asked herself.

            “This is weird…” Robin said. “Where did my depth go…?”

            “I’m sure all we need to do is get to the top.” Samus said, jumping. Her jump broke a chunk of the mountain, making a way up. “Well that works.”

            The three jumped their way up the mountain, avoiding many of the native Topis along the way. After reached the top of the mountain, seeing a condor. The Poppant was being carried by the avian’s talons.

            “There you are, you little cretin!” Robin said, firing a few Arcthunder blasts at it. Each one missed. A rift opened in front of the red bird. The condor flew inside, taking the Poppant with it.

            “Let’s go!” Samus said, grabbing both Robin and Kirby. She activated her High Jump Boots, and the three jumped up to the rift.



            -Brain Age – Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!


            The rift appeared inside a small menu. The three popped out, landing on a menu option labelled ‘Download’.

            "Oh, hey, my hair is back to normal." Samus noted.

            “Where did that little thief go…” Robin said, as he looked up. The Poppant was sitting on an option labelled ‘Quick Play’. The Poppant screamed, and went into Quick Play. As soon as they did, they were taken to a screen with an equation on it.

            “2 + 3? That’s five.” Samus said. When she said that, the entire column of equations went down.

            “I guess we just need to solve all of them. Probably very fast…” Robin said.

            “5 – 4? 1.” Samus said. The more equations they solved, the further they got to the bottom. Eventually, they caught up with the Poppant. The Poppant cried out, and a rift opened up for it.

            “Is this ever going to end?” Samus said, as the three jumped into the rift.



            -New Donk City – 25m


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared at the bottom of a construction site. The sky appeared to be pitch-black. Samus’ hair turned green again. “HELP!” a voice cried from the top of the construction site. At the very top, a woman in a pink dress and a large gorilla stood at the top.


            One of the Original Arcade Villains – Donkey Kong


            “Don’t worry! We’ll rescue you!” Samus said. Donkey Kong started to throw barrels down at them.

            “Jump over the barrels!” Robin noted. The three jumped over barrel after barrel, making their way to the top. At the bottom, the barrels flew into an oil drum, becoming living fireballs. The three eventually reached the top, meted the lady and Donkey Kong. Kirby jumped up towards the woman. Suddenly, the lady fell over, revealing her to be cardboard. Behind the cardboard, the Poppant cowered. A tiny rift appeared behind it, pulling it in.

            “After it!” Samus said, as the three followed it in. Donkey Kong appeared completely confused, climbing further up the construction site.



            -Wii U – Miiverse


            The next rift dropped the three off on top of a white curved rectangle. "Well this is certainly...odd..." Robin said. He tried to turn around. "What the heck? Where did my depth go?"

            "There he is!" Samus said, pointing to the post above them. The post read as follows: "which character are you main" Samus read aloud. "What does that even mean...?" The Poppant jumped to the next post above, which was a picture of what appeared to glitched-out Yoshi.

            "That's just disturbing." Robin said, as the three jumped to the next post.

            "What kind of sick person would write that...?" Samus said. The post was extremely obscene. It's so bad, it can't be put into a child-friendly setting. As they climbed higher and higher, they were gaining no distance on the Poppant. “There’s got to be a better way…” she said, as a Locate box appeared next to her. She broke it, creating a rift.


            Locate: Balloon Fighter


            “Grab him!” Samus said, as the three grabbed onto the small fighter. The Balloon Fighter struggled, but managed to carry them quickly up the forum. As they floated up, many more posts floated past. Post after post of nonsense that even science couldn’t comprehend, until they eventually reached the top of the forum. A rift opened up to take the Poppant away, with Robin and Kirby following suit. Samus hesitated, and looked at the post under her. It appeared to be an extremely well-done drawing of herself. "That's adorable!" Samus said, jumping into the rift.



            -Wuhu Island – Sky


            The rift appeared above the wings of an airplane. The three climbed onto the wing, barely hanging on. “Where’d… that thing go…?” Robin asked. A small wimper cried from the other side of the plane, revealing the Poppant to be there. All of them got up on the wing, facing each other. The Poppant turned around, revealing it had a small, Poppant-sized parachute. The large-eared creature jumped off of the plane.

            “Dangerous much…” Robin said.

            “Poyo!” Kirby cried out, jumping after the Poppant.

            “Kirby!” Robin yelled.

            “Don’t worry, I’ve got an idea…” Samus said, grabbing Robin. The two jumped off, falling towards a medium-sized town. In the air, Samus and Robin met with Kirby.

            “Poyo!” Kirby greeted.

            “What were you thinking, jumping off of a plane like that?” Samus chastised. Samus grabbed Kirby, and dove down towards the town. The three fell through many other skydiving groups. One diver flew up next to them, holding a camera. The trio smiled into it, as the person took a picture. They fell for quite a while, getting closer and closer to the ground.

            “Are you sure you had a plan for this!?” Robin asked, voice full of terror.

            “Of course.” Samus said, flipping around, activating the thrusters on her suit’s back. The thrusters let out an explosive flare, slowing their descent greatly. Samus then gracefully landed on a road, releasing Robin and Kirby. Robin fell face-first into the ground, feeling quite sick. Many of the local native Miis surrounded them. Samus looked at one, which bore an uncanny resemblance to her. “That’s a bit creepy…”

            “Poyah?” Kirby questioned, looking at one with a face comprising of only a picture of Kirby.

            “How…interesting.” Robin said, getting up. The Mii crowd dispersed. “Anyways… where is that thief at?”

            “Hm… I’m not sure. He could be anywhere…” Samus said. As she said that, the Poppant ran past them, clearly panicking. “Found it.”

            “Why did it run past us…?” Robin asked.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said. Robin and Samus turned around, and saw that a bunch of go-karts were motoring towards them. 

            "Run!" Robin yelled. The three chased the Poppant while being chased themselves. Many Green Shells flew past them, barely missing. They eventually made it out of Wuhu Town before a rift opened up to take the Poppant away. 

            "Quickly!" Samus said, as the three ran in quickly, before many of the kart racers flew past them.



            -Excitebike Track


            The next rift dropped the three off in the middle of an exciting motorbike race. Samus' hair turned green again. 

            “Woah!” Robin said, as many bikes started to race towards them. The three got off of the track, and noticed that the Poppant commandeered a bike. “Aw… how are we going to get it now…?”

            All of the bikes passed them again, with no indication that they even turned.  

            “Hm… I’m not sure.” Samus said. Suddenly, a rift appeared next to them, dropping a Locate box. “Uh… never mind.”


            Locate: Giant Ultra Hand


            The giant Ultra Hand stretched out, and blocked the track. The bikers came to the hand, and stopped. The Poppant, however, was too smug to notice. By the time it reached the Ultra Hand, it was too late. The bike hit the ancient toy, flinging Poppant off the bike. A rift opened, saving the Poppant right before it hit the ground.

            “Oh, come on!” Samus said, as the trio jumped in, after it.





            The rift appeared in a weird puzzle. “Oh, a puzzle. Interesting.” Samus said.

            “I think we need to get to that goal…” Robin said, noting a flag icon at the top. Robin walked up to a piece, and pulled it out. “Oh.”

            “Hm…” Samus said, pulling out another block. This created a staircase for Robin to walk up. Robin walked up the newly made stairs, and pulled out the block with the flag, revealing the Poppant. The Poppant cried. Kirby jumped up to the Poppant, in an attempt to catch it. It summoned yet another rift, taking it away.

            “Poyah…” Kirby said, falling into the rift with the Poppant. Robin and Samus quickly solved the Pushmo puzzle, and jumped into the rift. As they left, the creature Mallow appeared. The pudgy creature looked up at the completed Pushmo puzzle, confused.




            -Nintendo DS – Pictochat


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin came out of the rift, stepping onto a black platform. A white wall sat behind them, with grey lines periodically appearing throughout. They looked beneath them, seeing the statement “Now Entering: Samus”.

            “How come you get the introduction?” Robin said. Kirby tapped the wall, creating a black line.


            “Where could that thief be…” Samus said, looking above her. She saw the Poppant above them, sitting on a drawn platform. “How in the…?”

            “Hm…” Robin wondered, putting his hand to the wall. He drew a poorly crafted catapult, complete with a circular rock. The catapult fired, hitting the Poppant’s platform. The rock fell off, leaving the Poppant in a worried state.

            “I think I have an idea…” Samus said, drawing up a box shape, with a Locate stone inside of it. It then broke the fabric of Pictochat, giving Samus a Locate box.

            “I could have done that…” Robin responded. Samus broke the box, creating many smaller rifts. A set of transparent leaves appeared from each of the rifts.


            Locate: Hanenbow Leaves


            One other rift stayed to the side of the drawing board. A circular purple creature appeared from the dimensional rift.


            Locate: Hanenbow


            A stream of Hanenbow bounced off the leaves, eventually leading to the Poppant. A Hanenbow hit the present thief, knocking the Poppant down. As it hit the ground, it panicked. It then turned towards the white wall, and drew up a rift. It broke through the fabric of the writing board, creating an actual rift. The Poppant jumped through, escaping. “Onwards…” Samus said, as the three entered the rift.



            -Tetris Matrix


            The three appeared in a tan-and-black rectangle. "Where are we...? What happened to my color?" Robin panicked. 

            "Where is that thing...?" Samus wondered. A 2x2 block appeared above them, slowly falling down towards them. "I have the feeling we don't want to be crushed by that." More blocks appeared from the top of the matrix. They started to stack on top of each other. They eventually created a staircase, which they walked up. More blocks filled in the area, eventually creating a full line. The line deleted itself. 

            "Oh my." Robin said. As he said that, a Tetromino with a Locate box attached to it appeared.

            “Grab that!” Samus commanded. Robin nodded, and grabbed the Locate box before the Tetromino landed. He broke it, summoning a rift.


            Locate: Jill and Drill Dozer


            A pink-haired, kindergarten-aged girl riding inside of a small mech suit appeared. “Hi ya!” Jill cried, activating the Drill Dozer’s drill. She flew up towards the top of the matrix, an started drilling back and forth, destroying any of the blocks in her path. Eventually, a Tetromino with the Poppant appeared, immediately destroyed by Jill. The Poppant cried out, falling to the bottom of the matrix.

            “Gotcha!” Robin said, as another rift opened underneath the Poppant, taking it away,

            “Should have guessed…” Samus said, as the three followed it.




            -Tomodachi Island – Mii Apartments


            The three appeared atop a simple roof. Many spaced-out buildings surrounded the apartment complex. A seemingly infinite ocean covered all sides of the island. “Now where did that little thief go…” Samus wondered, scanning around. Her eyes eventually fell on a door leading into the apartments, with the Poppant trying desperately to open the door. “There you are!” the bounty hunter yelled, firing a missile at the creature. It screamed, finally opening the door. It escaped inside, right as the missile hit.

            “After it!” Robin said, as the three moved deeper in the Mii Apartments. They reached a hallway, and many different doors. “Oh no…”

            “Split up, we’ll find it eventually…” Samus said, as the three started looking through doors. Samus opened a door, coming across a monochrome interior. A Mii stood in the center of the room, playing with a paddleball.

            “Hello friend.” The Mii greeted. Samus closed the door. Robin opened another door. He came across a room covered in fast food.

            “What kind of stuff is this…?” they wondered. A swing was hanging in the room, with a Mii swinging on it. “I’m just going to go…” Kirby entered a room covered in pure white, completely empty in every way. Two similar-looking Miis were practicing a ballerina routine, before they turned to Kirby. They stared at the pink puffball with creepy expressions.

            “Play with us.” They both said in a monotone voice. Kirby slowly closed the door, creeped out beyond relief. The three met up again, with only one door left. Samus, Kirby, and Robin entered the room, immediately met with the Poppant playing a Nintendo 3DS XL along with another Mii.

            “There you are!” Samus yelled, pointing her arm cannon at the present thief. It panicked, dropping the 3DS on the ground. A rift opened behind it, taking it away. “After it!” Samus said, as Robin and Kirby followed. The other Mii sat by in disappointment.




            -Castle of Darkness – Roof


            The rift dropped the three heroes on top of a tall, foreboding castle. “Where did that little creep go…” Robin wondered. As the three got up, they heard crying coming from above them.

            “I found him…” Samus said, pointing towards a cage hanging from the sky. The Poppant laid trapped inside.

            “I have a bad feeling about this…” Robin said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby cried. Out of nowhere, a draconic ghost creature appeared.


            The Ultimate Form of Darkness – Dark Lord


            The green ghost roared, breaking the Poppant’s cage. It then grabbed the thief, holding it behind itself. The Dark Lord roared again, starting to fly around the tower. Samus fired a Missile, as Robin fired an Arcthunder. They both collided with the beast, as it continued to fly around. The Dark Lord then created some strange purple magic, shaking the entire area. “That isn’t good…” Robin said. More dark energy surrounded Robin, releasing the power of Grima. “YOUR POWER IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MINE!” Grima yelled, blasting the Dark Lord with a powerful blast of dark magic. The Dark Lord was unscathed. “NO!” Grima yelled, turning back into Robin.

            “I don’t think we can beat that thing in our current state…” Samus lamented. Suddenly, a rift appeared next to Kirby. A Locate box dropped out of it.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, breaking the box, creating another rift.


            Locate: Chibi-Robo


            A tiny, cylindrical robot with dotted eyes and a power cord for a tail appeared. Without a sound, it flung its power cord at the Dark Lord, lodging the cord inside of it. Chibi-Robo then proceeded to send a bolt of electricity through the cord, shocking the Dark Lord. Roaring in pain, the Dark Lord fell to the ground. The beast let out one last roar, before freeing the Poppant. “Now we’ve got you…” Samus said, as a rift appeared underneath the Poppant.

            “How convenient…” Robin dully said, as the three followed to Poppant.



            -LEGO City – Cherry Tree Hills


            The next rift appeared in a bustling city. Samus, Robin, and Kirby appeared from it. Robin looked around him, noticing the LEGO brick-built cars and minifigure citizens. “Everything here looks like it’s made of building blocks…” Robin said. Samus peered around, looking for the Poppant. A red area appeared in her scanner, inside of a garage.

            “There we go…” Samus said. The trio made their way to it, and Samus punched it. The Poppant freaked out, and climbed into a Valkyrie. The car suddenly sped off, surprising the the heroes. 

            “How do we catch up with it now? It took off in that automated carriage!” Robin lamented. A small rift opened up next to him, leaving a Locate box.

            “That’ll do.” Samus said. Robin broke the box, creating a rift.


            Locate: Blue Falcon


            The trusty F-Zero machine of Captain Falcon appeared. It looked as though it was about to take off. “Let’s go!” Samus said, jumping on. Robin and Kirby jumped as well, before the hovercraft sped off.

            “Toooooo faaaaaaaast!” Robin said, facing flapping in the wind.

            “Poyoyoyoyoyo!” The F-Zero machine gained quickly on the Poppant, chasing it down the Heritage Bridge. The F-Zero machine eventually pulled up beside the Valkyrie. Noticing the short distance between the two, Robin pulled out a tome.

            “Arcthunder!” Robin said, firing an electric blast at the Poppant’s car. The car carrying the Poppant exploded into many pieces, leaving the Poppant only holding a steering wheel piece. A rift appeared to take it away.

            “After…” Samus said, as she looked to her side. A weird blue portal appeared in front of the Mercy Hearts Hospital. A large, bat-clad man, a robed wizard, and a punk-style girl looked at the three, and they started staring. “…it…”

            “I think we’ve been through too many gateways...” The punk girl said, as the other two nodded, and followed her into their respective portal.

            “That… was weird…” Robin said, as they went into the star-shaped rift. Beyond all of them, resident super-cop of LEGO City, Chase McCain, stood extremely confused.

            “Well there’s something you don’t see everyday…”



            -Ribbon Ring


            The rift appeared above a very pink and purple arena. Lights covered the entire area, a large crowd cheering in the background. The rift dropped the three inside of the ring. “Ugh…” Robin said.

            “All right, where is that little thief now?” Samus said. At the other side of the ring, the Poppant appeared, sporting a pair of stretchy, spring-like arms.


            The Present Thief – Poppant


            “Oh, it has arms now. Perfect.” Samus continued.

            The Poppant threw one punch, which Kirby inhaled. He inhaled one of the arms, and became Fighter Kirby. Weirdly, where Kirby’s nubs were, there were two springs, topped off with a punching glove.

            “That’s…weird…” Samus said, as she stepped back. Robin followed. The Poppant’s arm then regenerated.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, throwing a punch at the Poppant, landing a direct hit. The Poppant then responded by throwing a curved punch at Kirby. Kirby and the Poppant kept punching each other, until Kirby finally knocked down the Poppant. The springy arms the Poppant had disappeared, but it looked as if the Poppant wasn’t quite done yet. Angered, it reached into its pants.

            “Hey! This is a family game!” Robin said. The Poppant then pulled out a Locate box of its own.

            “Oh no! It could summon anything from across time and space! This isn’t good!” Samus exclaimed.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as the Poppant laughed evilly. It broke the box, creating its own summoning rift.


            Locate: Nintendog


            A golden retriever appeared from the rift, barking in glee. Samus, Robin, Kirby, and the Poppant stood still, dumbfounded. The puppy then looked around at the Poppant and barked at it. It jumped onto the Poppant, licking its face.

            “Aw… it likes you!” Robin said. The constant loving from the dog caused the Sunseed Berry to drop from inside of the Poppant’s pants. Samus walked over to it, grasping it tightly in her arms. The Poppant looked like it was in no position to resist further, to Samus’ relief.

            “All right… let’s get out of this nightmare…” Samus said, as a rift opened up next to her.

            “I will say, I liked that one with the cute, colorful creatures.” Robin said, as the three heroes walked in. The rift closed, leaving the Poppant behind. The Nintendog jumped off of the dazed Poppant, as a rift took it away. The Nintendog sat there, completely content with life.



            -Subspace – Tabuu’s Palace


            Many of the villains stood around Tabuu’s throne. The Poppant was standing in front of Tabuu, and had an expression of pure fear on its face. A giant arm smashed the Poppant into the ground, obliterating it. Bowser and President Haltmann looked at Tabuu in sheer horror.

            “HOW DO THEY KEEP FINDING MY FOUNDATION ELEMENTS?! Every time I send one of you fools to retrieve one, they’re always right behind you!” Tabuu yelled, pulling in his arm, intimidating the rest of the villains. “I have to find out how they’re doing it… find out where they’re hiding…” Tabuu added, looking at one of the Foundation Element pictures, one that looked like a winged egg. “…and I think I know exactly how to do it…”



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared from the Gateway. R.O.B. hovered over to the Sunseed Berry, grabbing it. “Nice job! Congrats. To think, some of those adventures would cost a fortune today.”

            “I still wonder why my hair turned green…” Samus questioned.



Chapter Text

            -Nowhere Islands – Unknown Valley


            The rift appeared in a weird valley. Samus, Kirby, and Robin exited, and saw weird chimeras roaming around.

            “Uh…” Robin said.

            “I’m scanning around… the Foundation Element is to the north. Kind of in the direction of that really large tower in the distance.” Samus said, pointing at a large tower firing bolts of lightning.

             “Poyah…” Kirby said. The trio walked for a while, until coming across a bunch of holes, until a chimera jumped out and attacked them.


            BATTLE TIME!


            Parental Kangashark attacked! 

            The entire scene shifted into a very trippy and psychedelic background consisting of a turquoise rippling effect. Samus started by firing a missile at the kangaroo-hammerhead shark chimera. Robin used an Arcthunder.

            Kirby stood around!

            The Parental Kangashark drop-kicked Samus, causing a large amount of damage. Samus and Robin attacked again.

            Kirby stood around!

            The Parental Kangashark’s child cheered for its mother, healing it. Samus and Robin attacked again, defeating it.


            YOU WON! The Parental Kangashark dropped Beef Jerky! Kirby took it.




            “That was a weird thing…” Robin said.

            “What kind of monster would mix two innocent animals together…?” Samus questioned. The three moved one, coming up to a hole in the ground.

            “Well, nothing else to do.” Robin said, jumping down a hole. Kirby and Samus shrugged, and followed. They fell into a cave system.

            “Oh boy. Caves.” Samus said. They worked their way through the caves, and exited. When they did, they came across three people and a dog. They were huddled over a clay figure, covered in moss.


            Saviors of Nowhere – Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney


            “Yeah, it’s still here.” Duster said, as a large bolt of lightning struck the clay figure. The blast flung the guy away from the clay, worrying his friends.

            “Duster, are you okay?” Kumatora asked.

            “Yeah… I-I’m fine…” Duster responded. “Was that lightning just now? Whew, that was close…” he added, walking back up to the clay figure. Suddenly, the clay person got up, surprising the local group. The clayman started to shake, and ran in place. It then ran off, leaving the group behind.

            “It took off with the egg!” Duster said.

            “We gotta go after it!” Kumatora said. Their little group got in a single-file line, starting with a short, blond boy, then the girl, then Duster, and then the dog, and they took off. Samus, Robin, and Kirby walked to the place they just were.

            “How did they not see us…?” Robin asked.

            “I don’t know, but I have a hunch that that clay person has our Foundation Element.” Samus said. “And I don’t think we have too much time.”

            “Poyo!” Kirby said. Oddly, the group left in a single-file line as well, led by Samus, and ending with Kirby.




            -Unknown Valley – Thunder Tower Area


            The three stayed maintained some distance from the local group, in an attempt to not get caught. Robin was taken aback by how tall the Thunder Tower was, and that it was shooting lightning.

            “Wow! That’s one tall tower!” Robin said. A powerful bolt of lightning shot from the top of the tower, crashing into the far distance.

            "'A Tower of Love and Peace. Stay Away!'" Samus read from a sign. "That doesn't sound right."

            "Poyo!" Kirby cried out, pointing into the distance. The moss-covered Clayman could be seen running off into the distance, followed closely by Lucas' group.

            "Let's not get too distracted." Samus said, as the three took off.



            -Unknown Valley – Thunder Warehouse


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin made their way towards a warehouse, sneaking past many of the local enemies.

            “So where exactly are we going…?” Robin asked. As soon as he did, they walked into the parking lot of the warehouse. Looking around, they saw stacks upon stacks of crates and a few trucks blocking the rest of the road, and the Thunder Warehouse’s door was shut.

            “It looks like there’s no way through…” Samus said.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, pointing into the crate pile. A Rip box just sat on the stack of crates. Kirby broke it, creating a rip. The rip pulled the three into the pink.


            Pink Rip: Natural Nowhere Islands


            The three appeared in a version of Thunder Warehouse, where the warehouse did not exist. A fallen tree laid inside. The three appeared inside of the pink-tinted rip. Robin and Samus pushed the tree towards the white rift, putting the tree into the original dimension. They were pulled into yellow rip.


            Plain Rip: Unknown Valley


            The tree crashed into the warehouse’s parking lot.


            Yellow Rip: Earthbound (circa. 1999)


            The three appeared in the yellow-tinted landscape, consisting of a minecart and track, along with the rest of a cave. Kirby jumped into the minecart, donning a small miner’s hat. The minecart moved, rolling out of the rip. Robin and Samus flew back into the rip.


            Plain Rip: Unknown Valley


            Kirby flew out of the rip in the minecart, landing right in front of the tree. Samus and Robin quickly appeared again, closing the rip. “Now how do we use these properly…?” Samus wondered.

            “Hey! W-what are you doing?” A voice yelled behind them. The three turned to see a Pigmask holding a large blaster at them. “I… I’ll have you k-know you’re tr-trespassing on private property!” the pig masked person said, initiating battle with the three.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The scared Pigmask attacked! Samus fired a Missile at the Pigmask, and Robin fired an Arcthunder at them. Kirby tried to inhale the Pigmask, but failed. The Pigmask then fired a blast at Samus, causing little damage. The three then attacked again, defeating the Pigmask.




            The Pigmask fell to the ground, dropping a Creation box. “A Creation box! This’ll be perfect.” Robin said, breaking it. The tree and the minecart started to float up, breaking apart.


            Create: Battering Ram


            The minecart turned into the frame for a battering ram, the ram being the tree. The three pulled the tree forward, and let it loose. The tree bashed into the trucks and crates, knocking them all over. The three walked through, seeing a light blue Pigmask ushering the mossy Clayman into a garbage truck. Once it did, the garbage truck took off. “How are we going to catch up with it?” Robin asked.

            “If I had to guess, I’d say it’s going to a waste dump. I imagine we’ll eventually find one. C’mon, let’s go!” Samus said. Robin sighed, and Kirby went along with no objections.




            -Pork Highway – Garbage Dump



            The three made it to a garbage dump next to the highway. A garbage truck was parked on an unloading ramp. It dumped the mossy Clayman into the pit, and left.

            “There it is, a garbage dump.” Samus said.

            “Eww… it smells terrible…” Robin stated, plugging his nose. The three went down into the putrid-smelling garbage pit. Samus reached towards the moss-covered Clayman. Rustling came from another mound of clay.

            “Poyo!” Kirby cried out. Samus and Robin turned to see the other mound rising up, creating a grotesque Clayman.


            Discarded, Unloved Clayman – Forlorn Junk Heap


            The Forlorn Junk Heap cried at them. The three stepped back, as the junk heap lumbered over to them.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The Forlorn Junk Heap trapped them in a battle. The garbage dump changed into a blue triangle and trapezoid-patterned background. Samus and Robin started to battle by firing a Power Shot and an electrical blast. Kirby tried to inhale the living junk. A glob of garbage flew off the Forlorn Junk Heap, which turned Kirby into Poison Kirby. The heap of garbage swung a huge lump of garbage at the three, causing damage to Samus. Samus fired a missile, which caused massive damage to the rubbish pile. Robin fired another electrical blast, with Kirby following up with a glob of poison goo. The Forlorn Junk Heap cheerfully threw scrap at the three, causing minor damage to each of them. Samus fired a missile, Robin fired an Arcthunder, and Kirby fired a poison blast, forcing the Forlorn Junk Heap to stop moving.




            The Forlorn Junk Heap fell over, returning to being a pile of clay. Samus looked at the mossy Clayman. She reached into the Clayman, and pulled out the Egg of Light. “Here we g- “ Samus tried to say, before a large bolt of lightning struck the three.

            “AGGGH!” they all cried, falling over. A Pigmask climbed down into the garbage pit, walking over to Samus. He grabbed the Egg of Light from her hand.

            “Thank you very much.” He said, climbing up the ladder out of the pit. Samus, Robin, and Kirby got up, looking at the mysterious Pigmask.

            “Hey, that’s ours! You low-down swine!” Robin said.

            “Well, finders keepers!” he taunted, getting into a Pork Bean, escaping. Samus, Kirby, and Robin climbed out of the pit.

            “After him!” Samus said, as the three raced off after the pig trooper. As they left, the other group arrived at the dump, disguised as Pigmasks. Duster walked down into the pit, and searched the Clayman. 

            "What the? It's not here anymore!" Duster yelled.

            "Bark! Bark borf! Bark? (Did we spend too long doing pointless sidequests?)" Boney questioned.



            -Pork Highway – Thunder Tower Base


            Samus, Robin, and Kirby eventually reached the entrance of Thunder Tower. A door leading inside was visible, with the mysterious Pigmask standing in front. “There you are!” Samus yelled.

            “Oh no, you got me! Whatever should I do…?” The Pigmask said in a very floaty tone. “Oh, I know!” With a snap of his fingers, the doors opened, letting him inside. They closed, locking.

            “Quick, aft-” Robin tried to say, before an ear-piercing roar sounded throughout the entire area. A large hole appeared in the wall, with a strange chimera with the largest set of teeth imaginable stood.


            Ultimate Killing Machine – Ultimate Chimera


            “What the heck is that thing?” Samus yelled, pointing her cannon at it.

            The Ultimate Chimera roared again, initiating a battle.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The scene transitioned to a battle with a very unusual black background with a weird red thunderbolt-like effect on it. The Ultimate Chimera immediately went first, causing massive damage to Robin immediately, almost knocking him out. Samus fired a Super Missile, as Robin fired a powerful Thoron spell. Kirby tried to inhale the beast, but it was too powerful. The Ultimate Chimera swiftly rushed towards Samus, biting her with a powerful crunch. Kirby tried to inhale again, managing to suck the tiny bird off of the chimera’s head. Kirby spat the bird back out at the Ultimate Chimera as a star, causing minor damage. Without the bird, the Ultimate Chimera flew into a fierce rage. Samus fired another Super Missile, as Robin fired another Thoron. In its rage, the Chimera bashed all three of the characters, causing a large amount of damage. Samus fired another Super Missile, and Robin fired a Thoron.

            The Ultimate Chimera was defeated!


            VICTORY! Robin leveled up!


            The chimera collapsed on the ground, exploding. The explosion revealed a Phase box. “Poyo!” Kirby said, breaking it. Kirby suddenly became covered in blue light.


            Phase: Rhythm Route


            A purple-colored road appeared before them, with a single Walky standing in the middle of it. Kirby inhaled it, becoming Mike Kirby. “Oh no…” Robin said. As he said that, his body becoming covered in yellow light.


            Phase: Rogueport


            A papercraft area with a fence phased in. A paper-thin Mario slept on the fence. Kirby immediately let out a massive cry from his microphone, waking up the poor plumber, as well as blasting out Samus and Robin’s eardrums. The plumber panicked, jumping off of the the fence. Flailing his arms back and forth, Samus became covered in pink light.


            Phase: Guardian Field


            A small field with a single, inactive Guardian appeared. Mario, in his panicked state, ran over to the Guardian, hitting it with his hammer. This woke up the Guardian. The Guardian them took aim at the door, firing a powerful beam into it. The way opened, as the phased-in dimensions faded. “I wish Kirby would tone himself down a bit…” Samus complained.

            “What?” Robin asked.



            -Thunder Tower – Lower Section


            The three walked in, and were immediately met with three Pigmasks.

            “Who are you? Why did you destroy our door? Attack!” One of the Pigmasks shouted, and initiated an attack.


            BATTLE TIME!


            The scene then transitioned to battle with a yellow, rippling background. Samus started off by firing a Power Shot at one of the Pigmasks. Robin then attacked another Pigmask with a Levin Sword. Kirby tried to fully inhale a Pigmask, and failed to, only causing one damage. The Pigmask’s turn then initiated. With one of the large blasters they carried, they all attacked Samus. With Samus’ high defense, it did nothing. Samus fired a missile barrage, attacking all of the Pigmasks at once. Robin used Arcwind, attacking the Pigmasks, defeating two of them. Kirby tried inhaling one again, taking its blaster. Samus fired one last missile, defeating the Pigmask.


            VICTORY! You got a Bag of Pork Chips!


            The Pigmasks laid defeated on the ground.

            “You know, I don’t think we’re going to fare well without a disguise…” Robin said.



            Out of a side door, three… odd looking Pigmasks walked out.

            “I’m not so sure about this disguise…” Samus said. The bounty hunter wore the outfit over her Zero Suit.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, only able to properly wear the mask.

            “I mean, these troops don’t seem all that smart.” Robin said. The three made their way much further into the Thunder Tower base, looking mostly unsuspicious. As they went further in, they saw a suspicious Pigmask walking around.

            “I think that’s our guy…” Samus said. The troop went up the tower, passing a much larger Pigmask. The three made their way to a ladder. One Pigmask stopped them.

            “You… might not want to go up there. The boss is pretty scary.” The Pigmask said.

            “We’ll be fine.” Robin said.

            “Your funeral.”

            The three made their way up, and came face-to-face with a large, silver-colored Pigmask.

            “Yo. How’s it going.” The Fierce Pork Trooper greeted.

            “Um… hi! We want to go up higher.” Robin said.

            “Sure…why don’t I… wait.” The Pork Trooper said. “I smell… something way too happy.”


            “Hey, you there! In the back! You’re not one of us! Wait, all of you smell weird. You’re not real Pigmasks!” the fierce one said. “It’s Handle With Care time!”


            DCMC’s Biggest Fan – Fierce Pork Trooper


            BATTLE TIME!


            A battle initiated with the Fierce Pork Trooper. The scene switched from Thunder Tower to a plain red background with rectangular outlines. Samus attacked first with a missile barrage, causing a lot of damage. Robin also attacked, using an Arcthunder tome. Kirby checked his item bin. There were a few of Robin’s tomes and a Bag of Pork Chips. Kirby ate a Fire tome, and became Fire Kirby. This used up Kirby’s turn, letting it move to the Fierce Pork Trooper. The large Pigmask bum rushed Samus, causing a little bit of damage. The turn-based system went back to Samus, who used another missile barrage. Kirby breathed fire onto Robin’s Bronze Sword, turning it into a Sizzle Sword. Robin attacked the Pigmask, causing massive damage. The Pork Trooper fell over, defeated.


            VICTORY! You got a Pickled Veggie Plate!


            The Pork Trooper disappeared. “We have a way through now. Let’s go befo-” Samus tried to say, before she was interrupted.

            “Nwehehehe!” a voice said, getting the three’s attention. “You might think you’re good impersonators! But you can’t fool me!”

            A weird-looking man with an odd hat walked up, flanked by two Pigmask Captains.


            Banana Freak – Fassad


            “Oh. Wait, you don’t look like who I'm looking for. Excuse me.”  Fassad said, going away.

            “This place is a bit random…” Robin said.

            “Let’s go.” Samus said, as the three climbed up the ladder blocked by the Fierce Pork Trooper.




            -Thunder Tower –Scaffolding


            After climbing up the ladder, the three made it onto the scaffolding. They discarded their Pigmask disguises. The three each gave a sigh of relief.

            “That thing really doesn’t fit me at all…” Samus said, pressing a sigil on her breast. Her Gravity Suit reformed around her. The bounty hunter looked up, and scanned the top of the tower. “Much better.”

            “Yeah, they’re pretty ugly.” Robin agreed. “That pork smell is unbearable.”

            “Our Foundation Element is up there…” Samus stated, pointing up to the top of the tower.

            “Pyah…” Kirby sighed, as the three started to climb the tower. It was a very long climb.



            -Thunder Tower – King P’s Room


            After climbing the height of almost the entire tower, the three came across a weird room. There were toys everywhere, a star-shaped bathtub, and Yo-yo in a display case. There was also a robotic maid. Next to the Yo-yo was a ladder, leading further up. The robot maid introduced itself.


            “We’ll just be on our way, then.” Samus said, as the three made their way towards the ladder. As they did, Kirby suddenly tripped, pushing the Yo-yo over.

            “Oh no…” Robin said, as the robot maid turned its head a full 180 degrees, absolutely enraged. Her eyes lit up red with fury.



            King P’s Trusty Maid – Lil’ Miss Marshmallow


            BATTLE TIME!


            Lil’ Miss Marshmallow suddenly attacked! The scene changed to a wavy pink and yellow background. The maid started by spilling tea across the trio. Kirby inhaled the tea, becoming Leaf Kirby. Samus fired a missile at the robot. Robin fired an Arcthunder, causing massive damage to the robot. Lil’ Miss Marshmallow then activated her Ultra Ticked-Off System. A large pair of scissors and a drill appeared from her back. Ms. Marshmallow attacked wildly, causing more damage to the three. Kirby fired a barrage of leaves, which the robot resisted. Samus fired another missile, causing damage. Another Arcthunder was fired by Robin, defeating the robot. Lil’ Miss Marshmallow was totally scrapped!




            “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW SEW SO-SO GREETINGS CHEESE POPSICLE THE NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PORK CHOPS FROM EAST TO WEST IT GOES GOES BROKEN OH SO SOW SEW BROKEN…” Li'l Miss Marshmallow sputtered incomprehensibly, as she whirred and shook, falling over. The robot’s head then exploded. As the headless maid fell over, a canister appeared. It appeared to have a circular object with a Z shape on it, similar to the Gravity Suit. Rainclouds appeared inside the enclosed container. Samus went over to pick it up, and it melded with her suit. Two hexagonal patterns appeared on the bounty hunter’s shoulders. Samus had obtained the Hazard Shield.

            “I haven’t seen this in forever…” Samus noted.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, grabbing the Yo-yo from the display.

            “Are you sure you should take that?” Samus asked.

            “Poy.” Kirby said, storing it in his mouth.

            “We should go.” Robin said, climbing up the ladder.

            “Agreed.” Samus responded.




            -Thunder Tower – Apex


            After sneaking through the generator room of the Thunder Tower, the three made it to the top. A huge gun was firing blasts of lightning out of it. They came up to the suspicious Pigmask, who turned around. They held the Egg of Light in their hands.

            “Ah, you finally made it. Good.” The Pigmask said.

            “Hand that Foundation Element over!” Robin demanded.

            “I’m afraid, I cannot.” The mysterious Pigmask said, as the Thunder Tower fired a massive bolt of lightning, adding a loud boom.


            Enigma of Thunder Tower – Mysterious Pigmask


            BATTLE TIME!


            This initiated a battle. The scene changed to a very jagged grey background. The Pigmask carried no weapon, but had electrical attacks. It went first, and fired black lightning at Kirby. This caused a decent amount of damage. Samus responded by firing a Power Shot at the mysterious Pigmask. Robin also fired an electrical blast of Thoron at the Pigmask. Kirby ate the Friend’s Yo-yo, becoming Yo-Yo Kirby. Samus attacked with a missile barrage. Robin decided to forfeit his turn to imbue Kirby’s yo-yo with his Arcwind tome. Kirby’s yo-yo then became a Bluster Yo-yo. Kirby used it on the mystery Pigmask, causing more damage than the other two. They attacked back and forth until the Pigmask went down.


            VICTORY! Samus leveled up!


            The Pigmask, defeated, dropped the Egg of Light. Kirby picked it up. "Poyah!"

            “There’s our Foundation Element.” Samus said.

            “…heh… heh… heh.” The Pigmask laughed. “I bet you never figured it out…”

            “Uh…” Robin said. The Pigmask got up, and took its mask off.

            “Tabuu!” Samus said, getting into battle pose.

            “Yes, it’s me! I cannot believe you took my Foundation Element…” Tabuu said, spinning up in the air, discarding his whole disguise. A rift appeared behind the main three.

            “Hey! You got the Foundation Element! You should head back to the isle! Well, unless you don’t want to save the entire universe.” R.O.B.’s voice said.

            “Yes, yes. Go on along now. I don’t need that little trinket. I have your friends!” Tabuu said.

            Samus, Robin, and Kirby looked at each other, contemplating. Samus nodded at them.

            “Let’s go!” Robin said, as the three left into the rift. The rift closed, leaving Tabuu alone on top of the Thunder Tower.

            “So you’re the one helping them, are you R.O.B.?” Tabuu pondered, snapping his holographic fingers. A rift opened for him. “Now what dimension did I banish you to…” he thought aloud, going back into the rift. As soon as he left, the group led by the blond boy appeared on the roof. The tower started to shake, and the weird man followed them on.

            “Nwehehehe. You pathetic fools. There’s nowhere to run now!”



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            Holding the Egg of Light, the heroes came back through the Gateway.

            “Shut it down, shut it down!” Samus said, as R.O.B. quickly tried to shut off the Gateway.

            “Could have said ‘please’.” R.O.B. said, crossing his robot arms. Samus shook her head. “Relax, it’s shut down. What’s the problem?”

            “Oh, nothing at all, unless you count Tabuu as a problem!” Robin said.


            “Yeah, I noticed he was around. What?” R.O.B. said, grabbing the Egg.

            “Tabuu is up to something. We need to rescue our friends, now!” Samus said.

            “Yes.” Robin agreed. R.O.B. gathered up the Foundation Elements. The Wish Seed; Sardinium; Power Star; Perfect Apple; Sunseed Berry; and the Egg of Light. Each started to form into a circle, glowing as they did.

            “Well, here’s how you make a map where I’m from. I’ll use the Foundation Elements to calculate the dimensional coordinates of Subspace.” R.O.B. stated. “It’ll take me a minute, so just wait.”


Chapter Text




            The rift opened up above a blue, crackly-textured platform in the middle of a dark purple void. Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared, almost tripping off of the platform.

            “Woah! That was close!” Robin said. He looked off in the distance, seeing an ornate-looking door in the far-off distance.

            “I think we’re supposed to be over there…” Samus said. “So much for that video game accessory…”

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, pulling out the Pickled Veggie Plate. “Poyah.” he said, throwing it off the side. Suddenly, a pathway appeared from the darkness, lifting up the plate of food. “Poyo…” Samus walked onto the recently created platform.

            “It’s definitely solid…”

            “Ooh! Wait, let me see…” Robin said, pulling out a Bronze Sword. He threw it off the side, in the other direction. The sword fell into the infinite void, absorbed by the clouds. “Um, er, well we should probably watch where we step.” He said, as the three made their way along the presently forming path. It continued to form in front of them, before suddenly stopping. In the distance, another way forward appeared. Three transparent yellow cubes appeared above them, with buttons on top of each. In the distance, a platform appeared with a Shift box on it.

            “How are we supposed to do this…?” Samus wondered. Another small platform appeared next to her. Samus stepped on it, creating a path out of platforms towards the box. She jumped up the path, breaking the Shift box as she arrived. Rifts appeared above each of the cubes. Kirby went through each of the rifts, activating each button as he did. After he pressed the last one, streams of light appeared, firing down into the depths of Subspace.


            Summon: The Great Porky Statue


            A statue in the likeness of the great Porky appeared, holding up a platform, connecting the two paths. Kirby jumped down to join Samus and Robin. They continued on, until the path stopped forming. In front of the three, many platforms appeared, swinging like pendulums. They carefully jumped from platform to platform, until they reached truly solid ground. As they did, many strange enemies appeared.


            Summon: Bombed, Floow, Buckot


            Creatures with bombs for heads, ghostly humanoid things, and drones carrying buckets of hot gold appeared. “I haven’t seen enemies like these…” Samus said. The Buckots took their heads off, throwing them at the three. Kirby inhaled the heads, donning a party hat, becoming Bomb Kirby. Kirby held up a bomb, which Robin used an Rexcalibur on. Kirby’s bombs then became Bluster Bombs. The Floows attacked with an otherworldly scream. Robin destroyed them, covering his ears.

            “I thought Mike Kirby was annoying…” he quipped. Samus fired a Diffusion Beam at the Buckots, destroying them. After destroying all of the Subspace enemies, a larger enemy appeared.


            Summon: Armank


            A tank with a green blob creature inside appeared. It then covered itself, creating a dragon-like construction arm. “Aim for the arm!” Samus said, firing a Missile at it. Kirby threw many bombs at it. The wind created from the exploding bombs launched the Armank into the air. The Armank crashed back into the ground. The creature inside the tank exposed itself, clearly in distress. Robin fired a Thoron at it, destroying the tank. With the destruction of the Armank, a Locate box appeared. Robin walked up to it, and broke it.


            Locate: The Spirit Train


            Oddly-built tracks appeared from the rift, creating a way forward. A blue train also appeared from the rift, following the tracks. The incarnation of Link driving the train cried out in surprise. The three walked on the tracks, until they came across a staircase. Suddenly, a rift opened.


            Summon: Smart Bombs


            Round bombs with a ‘B’ printed on them floated towards the stairs, blowing it up. “How are we supposed to get up there…?” Robin wondered. A Phase box then appeared from a tiny rift next to him. Robin broke it, summoning a few rifts. Robin glowed with a yellow light.


            Phase: Float Islands


            A small island with a palm tree appeared. Robin hit the tree, dropping out a few coconuts. Robin grabbed one, and the phased-in dimension disappeared. Samus became covered in pink light.


            Phase: Yoshi’s Island


            A crayon-like field appeared, with a spotted egg in the middle. “Here, give me that coconut.” Samus said, grabbing the coconut from Robin. She walked it over to the egg, which jumped for joy. It then hatched, becoming a pink Yoshi. Wings appeared off of Yoshi’s back, and it almost appeared to have fire coming off of it. Samus phased-out the dimension, and Kirby became covered in blue light.


            Phase: Castle Krakenburg


            A dark, gloomy castle appeared. A strange aura seemed to emanate from the floor. Yoshi flew over to the castle, activating the Dragon Vein. A fireball appeared from the floor, flying into the depths of Subspace. A giant hunk of rock appeared from beneath the dark clouds, creating a way forward. With the disappearance of Castle Krakenburg, the three made their way forward. As they went forward, the path stopped. Out of the clouds appeared a bunch of transparent blue platforms, with the odd red one throughout. “Careful… we don’t want to break all of this…” Samus said. The three carefully treaded the treacherous path.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said. He looked around, and saw a Maxim Tomato encased in the blue blocks, only blocked by one red block. “Poyah!” Kirby cried out in joy.

            “Kirby, no!” Robin said, but it was too late. Kirby broke it, grabbing to tomato. All of the blocks started to break beneath them.

            “Run!” Samus said, as the three ran for it. The blocks continued to break behind them. They quickly reached the other end, as the blocks fully disappeared. “Your stomach is too much…”

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, as rifts appeared.


            Summon: Gamyga, Feyesh, Cymul


            A totem creature with an odd mask upon the top of it, tentacle-clad, one-eyed fish, and reflective robots with blades appeared. Robin fired a Thoron at the top of the Gamyga, causing more damage to it. The Gamyga fired lasers at Robin, barely missing. Samus fired a Missile at the Cymul, which reflected off. “Oh… joy…” she said. The Feyesh attacked Kirby, who inhaled one. Kirby then became Spark Kirby. Kirby then fired electric sparks at the rest of the Feyesh, destroying them. Robin fired another Thoron at the Gamyga head, destroying it, along with all its bases. Samus continued to struggle against to Cymul.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, firing a massive blast of electricity at the Cymul, destroying it.

            “Thank you…” Samus thanked. As she said that, another enemy appeared.


            Summon: Greap


            A weird-looking creature inside of a pot that looked like a baby toy, with massive scythes appeared. “Those are some massive cutters!” Robin said. The Greap rolled around, hitting its scythes into the ground. The three attacked the head of the Greap. The Greap then jumped up in the air, slashing the air with its blades, covering much of the ground. Kirby then fired an electrical blast at the Greap’s head, destroying it. A Locate box appeared from the Greap. Robin broke it, creating a row of rifts.


            Locate: Distortion World Platforms


            Rust-colored platforms appeared, with dry bushes on top of a few. The last rift in the row summoned something else.


            Locate: Giratina


            Origin Form Giratina appeared from the rift. “Biiiishaaaan!” it cried, flying towards the heroes.

            “Look out!” Robin cried, as Giratina flew right over them. Ghostly energy then emanated from the platforms, changing every so often. Robin, Kirby, and Samus jumped from platform to platform, before coming upon a Subspace platform. More cubes floated up from the depths. Buttons appeared on them, as they started to rotate. A Shift box appeared from the heavens, which Robin broke. Rifts appeared underneath each platform. Samus jumped through each rift, pressing the buttons as they went in front of the buttons. When all of the buttons were pressed, the cubes started to converge on themselves, creating a rift.


            Summon: Rainbow Road


            Pieces of a rainbow-colored racetrack appeared. They created a way forward. As the three worked their way to the end of the road of rainbow, the three reached a break in the path. A Locate box appeared, which Kirby broke.


            Locate: Qbby


            A box-shaped boy appeared. It then appeared to struggle, and created a staircase of blocks, attaching them to the other platform above. Once he did, he jumped for joy. Samus, Kirby, and Robin reached the top of the path, meeting with a Jump Pad. They went into the Jump Pad, flying off into a platform in the distance. The platform was bigger than the other ones they came across. As they landed, rifts opened.


            Summon: Nagagog, Puppit, Auroros


            Small blue creatures, a creepy marionette with large claws, and birds with rainbow wings appeared.  All of the Auroros dived down into the platform, their beaks piercing the ground. The Auroros then struggled to get out. “Okay then…” Samus said, grabbing an Auroros like a javelin. She then threw it at a Puppit, damaging it. Kirby inhaled an Auroros, becoming Wing Kirby. He then attacked the Nagogogs. All of them became angered, becoming larger and yellow. Robin fired Thorons at all of the Puppits, destroying them

            “Thank goodness I’ll never be a puppet. Heh heh. Eh…” Robin said. Kirby continued to attack the Nagagogs with a Condor Dive. The Nagagogs became even larger, turning red. Samus, Robin, and Kirby attacked the last of the Nagagogs, destroying them.

            “That’s th-” Samus attempted to say, before the platform under them started to shake. A large, purple hand grabbed the platform from underneath. Then, a giant cyborg appeared from underneath the platform, crashing down on the platform.


            Missile-Launching Tank Monster – Galleom


            “What in the heck is that?” Robin asked. Galleom jumped up and down, crashing on the platform. It then pointed its cannon at the three, firing many missiles at the three. Robin, Samus, and Kirby barely dodged. Kirby fired some feathers at the robot, causing little damage.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said, dropping his ability. As he did, Galleom stomped on him, flattening Kirby. “Poyo…” Samus and Robin continued to attack the robotic beast. Galleom then stood up stiff, and fell like a plank onto the platform. Galleom then transformed into a tank, and sped around the platform, hitting each of the three.

            “Ow… that really hurt…” Samus said, firing a Charge Shot at Galleom. Galleom slammed is hand down onto the platform, creating a shockwave across the ground.

            “That’s some serious knockback…” Robin said. Galleom transformed into a tank again, firing a few missiles. Kirby inhaled them, and became Missile Kirby.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, transforming into a missile. He aimed himself towards Galleom, blowing up on impact. This caused enough damage to Galleom to defeat it.  Galleom stood up, and fell into the depths of Subspace. It almost seemed to utter a cry of defeat.

            “Good riddance…” Samus said. The path appeared from the clouds of Subspace, leading to Tabuu’s door. The three walked up to the door.

            “Well, here we are. The final battle.” Samus said.

            “It’s been an honor to fight alongside you two.” Robin said, almost shedding a tear.

            “Poyo! Poyo!” Kirby said. Samus pushed open the large, ghastly door. The three walked in, prepared for one last battle with Tabuu.



            -Subspace – Tabuu’s Palace


            The door opened inside of Tabuu’s Palace, and the three heroes walked in. They saw a square-shaped dip in the platform. Pictures displaying each Foundation Element laid inside, and the Foundation Elements Tabuu already gathered placed upon their respective pictures. The three looked around, met with an empty room.

            “Where’s Chrom? And your friends too, of course.” Robin said.

            “I’m not sure… it’s empty…” Samus said. “But so was the Valhalla when I arrived… We need to be on our guard.”

            “Poyah…” Kirby said, staring down at the Foundation Elements.

            “Ahem.” A familiar voice said. The three faced the other side of the palace, coming upon a familiar figure. Tabuu sat upon his throne. “Nuh-uh-uh. Those aren’t for you.” He said, staff in hand. “No, these are for you!" Tabuu said, opening a few rifts.


            Summon: Primids


            “Oh, and I have an old friend of yours…” Tabuu yelled. The president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine, walked out from behind his throne.

            “It’s been quite a while.” Lusamine said. “It's time for revenge! Come out, my beast!” she said, pulling out a Beast Ball. She threw it up in the air, releasing a Nihilego.

            “Venomenon!” Nihilego cried, as it floated down towards Lusamine. Suddenly, Lusamine transformed, replaced by a large, monstrous creature. Lusamine sat in the center of the creature, as four tentacles appeared. It slammed its tentacles down.


            Ultra Parasitic Fusion – Mother Beast Lusamine


            “Woah, what in the Outrealms is that?” Robin said. “That’s just disturbing.”

            Lusamine slammed a few tentacles down, trying to hit the heroes. She then spun around, flinging the gross appendages around like a buzz saw. Lusamine then stopped, and summoned pointed stones from the ground. The stones floated around the Mother Beast. She then threw the stones at the three, which Samus countered. The stones flew back at Lusamine, causing damage. As Lusamine’s attack ended, she grabbed a Primid. She flung it at the three, hitting Robin. She then grabbed another Primid, one holding a beam sword. She threw it at Kirby, who inhaled it. Kirby then became Sword Kirby.

            “Did you really think you could waltz in and take your friends back? Pathetic.” Tabuu said.

            “Aim for the head!” Samus said, firing a missile at the Mother Beast’s head. Robin knocked out the front tentacles, lowering her defense. Kirby jumped up on the Mother Beast.

            “Kirby!” Robin said, pulling out his Thoron tome. “Thoron!” he said, firing a blast of electricity at Kirby. Kirby held up his sword, which then became infused with electricity.

            “Poyo!” Kirby said, slashing the gelatinous container with his Zap Sword, causing super-effective damage. Lusamine cried out in pain, and the Mother Beast became stiff. In a sudden burst of energy, Lusamine’s connection to Nihilego cut off, dropping her to the ground, unconscious. The Aether President was covered in a mysterious black substance. Nihilego floated away.

            “We need to get her to safety!” Samus said, grabbing Lusamine’s body, and placing her out of the way.

            “Why have an army when you have to do everything yourself!” Tabuu said, getting up off his throne.


            Lord of All Dimensions – Tabuu


            “It’s over, give up!” Tabuu said, slamming his staff into the ground. The sheer force cracked the ground beneath him. Many electrical spheres surrounded Tabuu like a tornado. “I’m one with the elements, I control them!”

            A rift opened near the heroes. “Hey, sorry guys. These rift calculations are taking a bit longer than I was expecting. Here, use this to distract Lord Tabuu!” R.O.B. said, as a Locate box appeared. Robin ran up to it, and broke it.


            Locate: Zygarde 50% Form


            A green-and-black snake-like creature with many hexagons covering it appeared. “Zeeehhhd!” it cried, and many small cells started to form into a sphere around Zygarde. Zygarde became 100% Zygarde, humanoid in appearance. It surrounded itself in green energy, and then fired a Thousand Arrows at Tabuu, destroying the tornado in one fell swoop. Tabuu fell to the ground, dazed.

            “No, no! NO! I am Lord Tabuu! This cannot happen!” Oddly, what appeared to be Bowser and many Goombas flew into the rift. As Tabuu was just about to be pulled in, he summoned a holographic spider web to keep him from flying in. A rift appeared.

            “Ah, what a cliché. Using a web to keep himself from tumbling into a rift. Here, use this.” R.O.B. said, dropping off a Locate box. “Now hurry! I can’t keep the rift stable for too long! I’m not very good at this…”  Samus broke the box, summoning a large, octopus-like creature.


            Locate: Octosniper


            An Octosniper appeared from the rift. It focused on Tabuu, and fired a large stream of purple ink at him, breaking him out of his web. However, the rift closed right before Tabuu could be pulled in.

            “I think that’s enough.” Tabuu said, pulling out his staff, whisking the Octosniper away. The heroes backed up a bit, almost backing into Lusamine’s unconscious form. A blast of lightning hit Samus by surprise, disengaging her Gravity Suit. She then reverted to her Zero Suit. Zan Partizanne, Vaati, and Mumkhar came up behind the heroes, grabbing them all. Tabuu created three rifts, summoning their friends to them.


            Summon: Adam, Chrom, and Bandana Dee




            “Kirby!”  All their friends appeared, trapped in separate cages. They were all quite visibly afraid. Waddle Dee’s eyes were quite wide.

            “Friendship is a weakness. You should have just destroyed your Foundation Elements." The friends of the heroes were pulling on their bars, desperately trying to escape. Out of an earpiece connected to Samus, R.O.B.’s voice was heard.

            “Guys – I’m under attack! It’s times like this I wish I installed the smashing program instead of helper…” R.O.B. said. It almost sounded like Bowser was laughing in the background. The feed then disconnected. As it did, a rift opened up next to the three.


            Summon: Bowser and Goomba Squad


            Bowser and his squad came in, carrying the Foundation Elements that Samus, Robin, and Kirby gathered.

            “There ya go.” Bowser said, dropping the Elements above the indent with the other Elements.

            “What did you do to R.O.B.?” Samus demanded.

            “Well, I gave him a nice makeover!” Bowser said, as he went around and grabbed Samus, along with Zan. The Foundation Elements the heroes gathered floated up above their depictions. The elements floated down to the pictures. As they did, a column started to raise from the ground. The elements started to float to the sky in a circle. All of the elements, the shortcake; the Shield of Seals; Adam’s helmet; the Monado; the Poké Doll; the Wish Seed; the Sheikah Slate; the Sardinium; the Power Star; the Perfect Apple; the Sunseed Berry; and the Egg of Light started to circle around each other. They whirled at the speed of sound, and created a beam of light. The beam then fired into the ground, revealing a hatch. The hatch opened, revealing what Tabuu was after the entire time.


            Create: The Foundation of All Dimensions


            A motherboard-looking device appeared from the hatch. “BEHOLD! The Foundation of All Dimensions!” Tabuu said. The board floated up higher.

            “All of this for a GREEN SQUARE!?” Samus yelled. Tabuu stepped onto the Foundation, and a burst of light covered all of Subspace.

            “I can see everything, feel everything!” Tabuu bellowed. Some black wings with rainbow highlights sprouted on his back. The cages holding Bandana Dee, Chrom, and Adam started to break down, and Adam, Waddle Dee, and Chrom started to float in the air.

            “Woah!” Adam yelled.

            “What the-” Chrom cried.

            “Kirby!” Bandana Dee cried.

            “Give us back our friends!” Robin yelled.

            “Oh, the last thing I want to do is… KEEP YOU APART!” Tabuu yelled. The friends started converging, breaking down the cages. Tabuu stuck a hand into his side, pulling a piece of himself out. He threw it up in air, where it started to pull in Adam, Bandana Dee, and Chrom.

            “Hey, now…” Adam said.

            “What in the gods?!” Chrom yelled.

            “Agggh!” Bandana Waddle Dee cried. The three started to converge together. Many other pieces of Subspace started to form along with them.


            Create: Trion


            “POYAAAHH!” Kirby yelled. A white gelatinous orb took the place of the three. It then proceeded to grow a large tail, followed by four arms. It then took shape into a large parasite. It crashed down onto the ground, and turned to face Kirby, Samus, and Robin. The faces of Bandana Waddle Dee, Chrom, and Adam were melded into the front of the beast.

            “What in Naga's name?” Robin yelled. The parasite roared at them. Zan Partizanne leaned into Bowser.

            “The next time we mess up… is he going to do that to us?” Partizanne asked, visibly scared.

            “Let’s not find out the answer to that question.” Bowser responded. “Let’s get out of here.” The villains then ran away, freeing Samus, Kirby, and Robin. Trion started to move towards the three.

            “Wada dee!” Kirby cried, looking at Waddle Dee’s face. The eyes of their friends took on a bright red.

            “WE ARE TRION.” The creature loudly stated, Chrom and Adam’s mouths moving at the same time. The voices of the three melded together.

            “C’mon, Chrom. Stop!” Robin said.

            “THERE IS NO CHROM, ONLY TRION.” Trion said, getting closer. Samus, Kirby, and Robin moved backwards, until the almost fell over the unconscious Lusamine. Trion attempted to crush the heroes, but a rift opened under them just in time. The rift took them away, along with Lusamine. Tabuu deeply laughed.

            “You can’t run forever! Every dimension is mine! And yours will be the first to suffer!” Tabuu taunted. With a wave of his staff, a green energy came out. It covered Trion, and Trion became much, much larger. “Destroy them! Then, destroy their worlds.” Trion almost covered Tabuu’s Palace. It then jumped away, flying into dimensions beyond. “Ahahahahaha!”




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            R.O.B. laid, destroyed. Samus, Kirby, and Robin jumped through the rift. Robin carried Lusamine out, and laid her against the Gateway. As soon as he did, he ran to R.O.B..

            “R.O.B.!” Samus said, running to R.O.B.’s side.

            “What did they do to you?” Robin asked, kneeling next to the robot.

            “Not everyone appreciates my somewhat carefree approach to saving the universe… Sorry I couldn’t save your-  But I programmed the Gateway. You must stop Trion. I think this is the end for me. Samus, don’t blame yourself. I can’t-” R.O.B. tried to say, before he went offline, with his robotic body going limp.

            “Poyo!” Kirby yelled, as he started to cry onto the robot.

            “What do we do now?” Robin asked, getting up.

            “We save our worlds. And get our friends back.” Samus said, re-engaging her Gravity Suit. “And then, we kick Tabuu’s sorry butt.”



Chapter Text

            -Above Tallon IV – Frigate Orpheon


            The rift opened up on the ceiling of a hallway. Samus, Robin, and Kirby appeared from the rift. The pink puffball and the tactician stood on the ceiling, as the bounty hunter stood on the floor. Her Gravity Suit was in effect. “How did you get up there?” Robin asked.

            “I could ask you the same question.” The bounty hunter responded. Samus scanned around, noting the familiarity. “This is the Frigate Orpheon… I could have sworn it crashed down onto Tallon IV…” she explained. Robin looked outside of a nearby window, looking upon the planet of Tallon IV.

            “Wow…” he said, marveling at the nearby planet. Small meteorites started burning up in its atmosphere. A massive crater caused by a Leviathan seed could be seen a great distance from the Wanderer-class planet. “I’ve never seen something so beautiful…”

            “Let’s focus on finding Trion. It’s already altering this dimension.” Samus said, moving on towards the Reactor Core.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, floating towards her.

            “Uh… okay…” Robin said, trying to follow.



            -Frigate Orpheon – Reactor Core


            The three made their way into the frigate’s reactor core. “This is the room the Parasite Queen was in… The reactor core…” Looking up, she saw the empty container of the former Parasite Queen facing a different direction. “The gravity must have changed again…” Suddenly, a giant rift opened inside of the Parasite Queen’s former container.


            Tabuu’s Fusion Abomination – Trion


            The grotesque creature broke out of the container, raining glass everywhere. The faces of Chrom, Bandana Dee, and Adam were on the front of a large, bug-like body. Their red eyes glowed. It crawled all over the broken central containment unit, roaring. Acid started spewing from it.

            “Woah! Watch out!” Samus said. “That stuff is extremely corrosive! Mostly to you guys, though. My Hazard Shield will hold up.”


            “WE CONTROL ALL THE ELEMENTS! WE CONTROL EVERY GATEWAY!” Trion spoke. Every time Trion spewed out acid, it left its tail exposed.

            “I’ve got an idea! Aim for the tail!” Robin said. Kirby inhaled some acid, and became Poison Kirby. He spewed acidic poison on the creature’s tail, damaging it.

            “That oughta do it!” Samus said, firing a few missiles at it. Trion cried out in pain. The grotesque creature jumped off of the containment unit, and started to crawl around the wall. "Watch out!" Trion attempted to ram the three, but failed. The creature left a trail of acid behind it. It then jumped back up to containment unit, continuing to spew out acid.

            “THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN BE DEFEATED!” Trion said, initiating a Shift, creating three differently-colored rifts. Trion crawled towards the pink rift, and spewed acid into it. The acid then spilled out of the other two rifts, covering two-thirds of the area in acid.

            “That’s a lot of acid…” Robin said. The acid dissipated. Trion then crawled towards the blue rift, spewing more acid into it.

            “Move!” Samus yelled, as the area was covered in more acid. “Quick, while it’s exposed!” Samus commanded, firing missiles into Trion’s tail, defeating it.

            “AHHHHHH!” it screamed. Parasite Trion morphed into its purest form, the gelatinous white orb. The orb then opened a rift, flying into it.

            “Let’s go!” Samus said, as the three followed.




            -World of Awakening – Grima’s Back


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared on the back of the Fell Dragon, Grima.

            “Huh…this place seems…oddly familiar…” Robin said. Shadows covered Robin, turning him into the vessel of Grima. “YES! MY POWER WILL BE UNLIMITED HERE!” The white orb of Trion floated onto the back of Grima, splitting into three parts. Each part took on the form of their friends, albeit completely black.

            “Splitting into dark copies of them? I think I’ve seen this tactic before…” Samus said. 


            Fell Shadow Clones – Trion


            Dark energy emanated from the clones, with piercing white eyes. Each of them took on a green hue. “AS YOU CAN SEE – NOTHING CAN STOP US. LORD TABUU’S ONE, TRUE DIMENSION WILL BE A REALITY!” all the copies said at once.


            BATTLE START!


            As soon as the battle started, many mages appeared at the side of the Fell Dragon.


            Summon: Grimleal




            PLAYER PHASE


            The battle began, with Samus and Grima defeating a few Grimleal. Kirby inhaled a sorcerer. He then donned a tall top hat, becoming Magic Kirby. "Poyah!"


            ENEMY PHASE


            The many Grimleal converged upon the three. Assassins and generals tried to defeat them, but were easily countered. 


            PLAYER PHASE             


            Samus reached the shadow clone of Adam, who was carrying a massive blaster. "Adam! Snap out of it!"

            "YOU CANNOT DEFEAT US!" Trion said. 

            "I'm sorry..." Samus lamented, firing a missile at Adam's clone. Trion reacted by firing a laser blast at her. It proceeded to miss Samus.

            Grima made his way to the Trion clone of Chrom. "PRINCE CHROM, ARROGANT MORTAL! I SHALL DESTROY YOU HERE AND NOW!” Grima yelled.

            "THERE IS NO CHROM, ONLY TRION!" Trion said.

            "YOU WILL DIE, MORTAL!” Grima said, firing a dark blast of magic at Trion. Trion retaliated by slashing Grima with his fake Falchion.

            Kirby encountered Bandana Dee's clone. "Poh poyo!"

            "IT'S NO USE, YOU CANNOT HOPE TO DEFEAT US!" Trion said. Kirby then fired a few cards out of his hat, hitting Trion. The malevolent entity then threw his spear at Kirby, causing a bit of damage.


            ENEMY PHASE


            The Trion clones attacked the three again. Trion rushed at Grima, trying to slash at them with its sword. Grima blocked the slash, taking little damage. “I WILL END YOU!” Grima yelled, firing a blast of dark magic at Trion. Trion tried throwing Waddle Dee’s spear at Kirby, missing. Kirby countered by letting out a flock of doves from his hat. Trion fired a massive blast at Samus, causing quite a bit of damage. Samus fired a missile, hurting Trion.


            PLAYER PHASE


            "Poyah!" Kirby said, starting a roulette. The roulette spun, until it landed on a golden sword.


            Summon: Meta Knightmare


            Meta Knight appeared from an unknown location, and slashed everything in the battlefield. The other Meta-Knights appeared, helping. After destroying everything, a massive explosion appeared. Meta Knight and his four other knights struck a pose, before they disappeared.


            VICTORY! Hero: Kirby


            "AGGGH! NO!" Trion cried, as the clones started to converge back into a singular entity. Trion then opened a rift, retreating inside. The dark force surrounding Robin disappeared, leaving Robin free of Grima. The three then followed Trion into the rift.



            -Floralia – Eternal Dreamland


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin landed on a hexagonal platform in front of the mythical Dreamstalk. The blub of the Dreamstalk sat in front of a large moon, basking the area in a milky blue light. Vines sprouted from underneath the cloud layer.

            “Puyoh!” Kirby said, being familiar with the location. Behind it, two rifts seemed to be melding into each other. A rift with Tallon IV and another with Ylisstol in it floated behind the oversized beanstalk, mixing together. The three heroes then looked upon the Dreamstalk.


            Summon: Trion


            The white orb of Trion floated over to the Dreamstalk. It then started to mold itself around the oversized beanstalk. White light filled the area, blinding the three. The light died down, revealing no change. “Uh-oh…” Kirby said, as the Dreamstalk bloomed, revealing the face of Waddle Dee. Two more vines grew from beneath Waddle Dee, each with their own buds. The buds at the end of each stem bloomed, revealing an individual face for each, Chrom on the left, and Adam on the right. The petals of the Dreamstalk started to change color, becoming blue and purple.


            Eternal Dreamstalk Fiend – Trion


            “That’s a bit…disturbing.” Robin said.

            “THIS IS IT. YOUR DIMENSIONS ARE BECOMING ONE. LORD TABUU WILL REIGN SUPREME.” Trion said, as small flowers with a single eye on the inside of the started surrounding them. Trion then initiated a Create. The flowers morphed into a giant sword, slashing down onto the platform. The Sectonia flowers then became themselves again.

            “Shoot the flowers!” Samus said, firing Power Shots at them.

            “YOU ARE ALREADY TOO LATE. MY WORK HAS BEEN DONE.” Trion said, as the small flower buds fired many seeds down. Many rifts were opening up all around them.

            “There’s so many rifts, all at once!” Robin said. One larger rift opened up.


            Summon: Ballista


            “Here goes nothing.” Samus said, manning it. She aimed it for the Adam bud, and fired a huge arrow at it. The Adam bud then fell down to the ground, wilting. The bud then exploded, leaving Adam on the platform, dazed and confused.

            “You got me out of there…save the others…urp…” he said, as a small rift opened up next to him.

            “Automated recovery rift established. Please enter, and keep all arms, legs, and oversized shoulder pauldrons in the rift at all times.” A pre-recorded voice of R.O.B. said, as it took Adam back to the Isle of the Ancients.

            “NO, I AM ONLY A FRACTION OF LORD TABUU’S POWER. HE SHALL RULE OVER EVERYTHING!” the remaining two heads of Trion said. The head with Chrom on it slammed down onto the platform, trying to bash the heroes. More Sectonia flowers started to come out, shooting lasers. Trion activated another Create, and turned the two Sectonia flowers into a large, floral hammer. The hammer slammed down into the platform, tilting it to the right. This almost knocked the three off of the platform. The flowers went back to normal, and the platform leveled out. Robin and Samus eventually destroyed the flowers, making the Chrom flower bloom. Eventually, a helpful rift showed up.


            Summon: Goal Game Cannon


            A golden cannon appeared. “Poyah!” Kirby said, getting into it. Two more Kirbys appeared at the sides of the cannon. The cannon pointed at Chrom’s bud, and Kirby fired at it. Kirby slammed right into it, knocking Chrom’s bud down. The flower crashed into the platform, wilting. The flower disintegrated, revealing the original Chrom.

            “…unpeeled orange…” Chrom murmured. A rift opened up next to him, taking him back to the Isle of the Ancients.

            “NGH!” the last head said. All that remained was Bandana Waddle Dee. The last of Trion summoned four Sectonia flowers. The four flowers grouped together, and started to rotate. They made laser cross. After this attack missed, they made an electric grid, starting to orbit around Kirby. Kirby guarded, as the three converged on him. Eventually, another helpful rift appeared. “YOU CANNOT… FREE THEM FROM MY BONDS…”


            Summon: RB176 Ferrocrusher


            A large piece of construction equipment appeared. “I wonder what this does…” Robin said, climbing onto it. Pressing a bunch of random buttons, he eventually fired a precision laser at the central Waddle Dee head. The central head didn’t wilt, but freed the loyal Waddle Dee. The Dreamstalk started to fall backwards.

            “Th…thank you… Kirby…” Waddle Dee said in a dazed state, before a rift pulled him back to the Isle.

            “We did it!” Samus said. As she said that, three vines grabbed them, carrying them up into the air. Samus’ Varia Suit disengaged, leaving her in her Zero Suit.

            “Nggh!” Robin cried. The Dreamstalk rose from the platform. It then bloomed, revealing the last remnant of Trion. All that was left of Tabuu’s fusion abomination was a white orb. A thunderbolt-shaped piece appeared on the front of the orb, making Trion resemble an eye. The vines started to squeeze the three.

            “That’s… a piece of Tabuu… alright… eck!” Samus said, as the vines started to constrict them.

            “What are we…urk… supposed to do now?” Robin asked, as the vine started to crush his ribcage.

            “Pyyyyyaaaaah!” Kirby cried into the sky. As he did, two beings entered the scene.


            Summon: Taranza and Dedede


            Queen Sectonia’s former liege and the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land appeared. “Wah!” Dedede said, throwing his arm up. Taranza nodded, spinning around. Taranza threw Dedede towards the pink puffball. Kirby looked up, greeting Dedede with an open smile. The king then slammed Kirby with his hammer, freeing the puffball. Kirby smashed into the ground, dazed. King Dedede knocked on Kirby’s head a couple of times, and looked towards Taranza. Taranza pulled out a Miracle Fruit, beckoning towards Dedede. Dedede picked up Kirby, and threw him towards Taranza. The spider-like puppeteer then threw the Miracle Fruit at Kirby. The two collided in the air, fusing together. Blinding light covered the area. Dedede and Taranza both smiled at Kirby, as Samus and Robin looked away.

            “Pyah!” Kirby cried, as all the color literally splashed off his body. The pink puffball became every color of the rainbow.

            “It’s so… beautiful!” Samus marveled. Kirby then started to inhale, which became infinitely more powerful. Kirby had become Hypernova Kirby. As he did, the vines holding Samus and Robin receded, freeing them. The two then fell to the ground.

            “Let’s leave this to him.” Samus said, as she and Robin got up. The remnant of Trion moved to the side of the platform, and started to charge up. It fired a massive blue laser towards Kirby. Hypernova Kirby started to inhale the laser, along with all of the petals surrounding Trion. Kirby’s body became bigger, filled with a massive laser. Both the remnant of Trion and Kirby started to stare each other down. The yellow terror then became angry. Kirby then spit the laser right back out at the remnant of Trion. Everything around Tabuu’s piece disintegrated, leaving just the piece itself. The piece started to convulse, releasing electrical energy. More distorted and faster cries emanated from the piece of Tabuu. The entire world started to shake.

            “I hope R.O.B. made sure to give us a rift!” Robin said.

            "He better have!" Samus yelled, as the piece started to explode.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said, as the Dreamstalk, and seemingly the entire world, imploded in on itself. 



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            Adam, Chrom, and Bandana Dee waited with anticipation outside of the Gateway. Lusamine slept next to the Gateway. Chrom and Adam looked at each other in worry. “C’mon… c’mon… c’mon…” Bandana Waddle Dee worried. The rift in the Gateway then sputtered, releasing Samus, Kirby, and Robin.

            “Hmph!” Samus said, sticking a landing.

            “Ow…” Robin said, lying onto the ground.

            “Robin!” Chrom said, picking up and hugging Robin.

            “Hey, Chrom…you’re crushing me…”

            Adam walked up to Samus. “Good job, Ms. Aran.”

            “Thank you, sir.”

            “Kirby! I missed you so much!” Bandana Dee said, as he hugged Kirby as tight as his little nubby arms could.


            “So, did you destroy the piece of Tabuu?” Adam asked.

            “Yes…but if that’s what a small piece of Tabuu can do, we’re going to need a lot more help…” Samus said.


            “From a few of our new friends…and maybe a few enemies…” Samus said, turning towards the still open rift.



            -Inkopolis – Inkopolis Square


            The familiar jingle of Off the Hook echoed throughout Inkopolis Square. “Y’all know what time it is!” Pearl said, as Inkopolis News started. A large screen lit up above the square. Both she and Marina made up the duo Off the Hook. They stood in front of a large wide-screen monitor.

            “It’s Off the Hook, coming at you LIVE from Inkopolis Square!” Marina said.

            “Check it! Here are the current Regular Battle- WAIT!” Pearl said.

            “What?” Marina said. A picture of both Callie and Marie appeared on the monitor.

            “Both pop superstars Callie and Marie are missing now? Huh, weird.” Pearl said.

            “Pearl, should we organize a search party?” Marina asked, worried.

             “Nah, I’m sure they’ll be fine.” Pearl responded. “Anyways, back to the battle stages…”




            -Planet Hocotate – Hocotate Freight Company


            Susie and Mecha-Lissa were standing in front of the president of the Hocotate Freight company. Mecha-Lissa had the cleric’s original outfit painted on her. Susie and Lissa both wore glass helmets, protecting them from the lack of oxygen on Hocotate. Star Dream sat next to the ex-executive assistant and the mechanized cleric. “…and that’s basically it. It’ll cost you… about… let’s say ten billion Haltmanns.” Susie said, trying to sell the supercomputer to the freight company.

            “That sounds like too much, but we don’t use ‘Haltmanns’, we use Pokos. What’s that convert to?” the president asked.

            “Erm… I’m not entirely sure.” Susie responded. “Lissa? Could you calculate that?”

            “About 63,000 Pokos.” Lissa calculated. The eyes on the Hocotate Freight president’s face grew quite wide in shock.

            “Six… sixty…sixty-three thousand?” the president sputtered out.

            “Hey, I’ve got a counter-offer!” a voice said behind the three. Susie and Lissa turned, looking upon Samus, Kirby, and Robin. The tactician was also wearing a glass helmet.

            “Robin!” Mecha-Lissa cried out, hugging her friend. She almost crushed Robin under the massive force of metal.

            “Let me guess, we’re needed for something.” Susie insinuated.

            “Yep. We’re going to need a supercomputer, and you.” Samus explained.

            “I was just about to make a deal with this company.”



            -Melemele Island – Ruins of Conflict


            Inside the Ruins of Conflict, Lillie appeared to pray to an Alolan statue. Samus, Kirby, and Robin stood on the platform below. The final form of Nebby stood behind them, along with her brother Gladion. The Pokémon Trainer had the unmasked evolution of Type: Null, Silvally. “Great Tapu Koko! We wish to receive your help to save all dimensions!” Lillie prayed at the top of her lungs. In a flash of light, Tapu Koko appeared.

            “Tapu Ko-ko-ko!” it said.

            “Well, there you go.” Lillie said to the main trio. “You wouldn’t mind if we tag along as well…would you? I’d like to see my mother.”



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Hyrule Field


            Zelda and Link stood in Hyrule Field. "I've heard Vah Rudania is suffering from some movement problems. Yunobo says..." Zelda tried to explain, before Link turned, pulling his sword out. Zelda turned, met with Samus, Robin, and Kirby.

            "Do you remember us?" Samus asked. Zelda and Link looked at each other, before nodding.




            -Deeprealms – My Castle


            A child born in Hoshido, raised in Nohr, Corrin, walked around their Deeprealm castle. They walked up to their maid, Felicia. "Uh, Felicia, you haven't seen Azura around here, have you?" they asked. 

            "S-she went off with some weird-looking people to go 's-save all dimensions' or something like that."

            "What...?" Corrin said, a look of confusion covering their face.




            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            Many characters were now occupying the Gateway. Chrom was pushing around a wheelbarrow, picking up R.O.B.’s parts. Lucas and the company stood around, unsure of what to do. Star Dream sat nearby the Gateway, being worked on by both Susie and Zelda.

            “This technology is so advanced! Who built this?” Zelda asked.

            “Um…nobody important.” Susie responded. The Squid Sisters were conversing with Azura, the Vallite princess. The two Squid Sisters were dressed in their agent uniforms.

            “So, you both sing as well?” Azura asked, drinking a cup of tea.

            “We’re one of the most popular pop idols of all Inkopolis!” Callie said, drinking some lemon tea.

            “Well, that might be pushing it…” Marie responded, rolling her eyes.

            “’Pop idol’?” Azura asked in confusion. Nearby the Gateway, Lillie was tending to her unconscious mother, along with Lissa. The cleric still had mechanical enhancements. Bandana Dee carried a tray of medicinal substance. Gladion stood nearby, hand on his Silvally.

            “This should help. I haven’t had much experience with brain poison, though…” Lissa said, holding up her staff. What appeared to be a healing circle surrounded Lusamine. Lusamine started to breathe properly again, and opened her eyes for a second. Lillie’s eyes lit up.

            “L-Lillie?” Lusamine stammered, holding her hand up to Lillie’s cheek. Lillie grasped her hand with an uneasy touch. “When… did you become… so beautiful…” Lusamine staggered, as she fell back to sleep.

            “Mother…” Lillie said, letting go of her. Silvally let out a grunt, Gladion closing his eyes.

            “She’ll hopefully be okay. Probably.” Lissa tried to assure Lillie. A rift opened above the Gateway.


            Summon: The Lor Starcutter


            The Lor landed on the Isle, extending its landing board. A purple Sphere Doomer flew out of the ship, Robin’s robe in its mouth. The tactician ran after it, holding a tome. “Thoron!” they cried, firing electricity at it. Magolor, Samus, and Kirby walked out of the ship.

            “So where’s the robot you want my help to repair?” Magolor asked.

            “Over here.” Samus said, grabbing the wheelbarrow from the Ylissian prince.

            “Hm. If you gave me a bit, I could probably do it.” Magolor said. 

            "I'd quite like to help, too." Zelda chimed in. Within minutes, the two completely repaired R.O.B..

            “Ah, yes! Perfect!” R.O.B. said.



            Later, Samus had her helmet off, eating a malasada. “Susie, have you figured out a safe way to get back to Subspace?”

            “Of course. There’s no chance of me getting hurt.” Susie responded, wearing the control helmet for Star Dream. Samus shook her head disapprovingly.


            "We've both figured out how to get there, WITHOUT harming you." Zelda said, looking down on Susie, mildly annoyed. The pink-haired secretary shrugged her off.

            “What does it matter? Tabuu controls the fabric of the entire universe! There’s no chance we can defeat him!” Robin said, eating out of a Cup of Lifenoodles.

            “But what if he wasn’t in a dimension? Remember when he trapped us?” Samus brought up.

            “Ah, using the old 'do what they did but even better' trick, eh? It could work.” Magolor responded.

            “Hold on a second, are you saying we should trap Tabuu in a rift loop?” R.O.B. sputtered.

            “It would have to be flawless, though. Not like that shabby one I rescued you three from.” Magolor reiterated.

            “Can you do it?” Samus asked Magolor.

            “Well, I could try.” Magolor said. “I’ll need a bit of time… C'mon, R.O.B..”

            “And we’ll keep Tabuu occupied.” Samus said, taking a large bite of her malasada.

            "Poyo!" Kirby said, eating the Bag of Pork Chips he'd been holding on to.



Chapter Text

            -Another Dimension


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin rode on the back of Nebby on their way to defeat Tabuu. “Samus, do you have a plan to keep Tabuu occupied when we reach Subspace?” Robin asked.

            “Yes.” Samus responded.

            “THEN IT’S TOO BAD YOU’LL NEVER GET TO PUT IT INTO ACTION!” a voice echoed throughout the interdimensional space. A small rift appeared next to the three.

            “Hey, I’ve got some bad news. Star Dream is detecting a-” Magolor’s voice tried to say.

            “Tabuu…” Kirby said, as Tabuu, much larger than he was before, came into full view of the three. A huge pair of butterfly-esque wings adorned his back.

            “I THOUGHT I’D SAVE YOU THE TROUBLE AND DEFEAT YOU HERE INSTEAD! I DON’T WANT THE MESS IN MY NEW WORLD! Tabuu yelled, throwing pieces of dimensional debris at Nebby. Tabuu floated away, summoning many enemies.


            Summon: Plasma Wisps and Monoeyes


            Small, green creatures made of plasma and Monoeyes appeared, shooting small electrical blasts at Nebby. Nebby rammed into them, destroying all of them. “This is too fast for me…” Robin said. Tabuu floated back in. Nebby fired a barrage of beams at him, releasing Locate boxes. Nebby flew over them, creating a rift.


            Locate: Tapu Koko


            “Tapu Ko-ko-ko!” the Tapu cried, as it flew near Tabuu. It fired a ball of lightning at the humanoid figure. Tapu Koko started to orbit around Tabuu.

            “HAHAHA! IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?” Tabuu taunted, as Nebby flew closer to him. Tabuu opened up a red-colored rift, powerful enough to start pulling the heroes in. Nebby flew as far as it could away, avoiding it. Tabuu floated out of view, summoning a few hordes of enemies.


            Summon: Buckots and Scope Primids


            Buckots flew into the scene, carrying some Scope Primids. The Primids tried to fire upon Nebby, but were quickly dispatched with a damaging dash. Tabuu floated back into the scene. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Nebby fired more beams at Tabuu, knocking more Locate boxes out of Tabuu. The Pokémon flew over the boxes, creating a rift.


            Locate: Marie and the Rainmaker


            The floating truck driven by Sheldon flew out of the rift, topped by Marie. The Squid Sister carried the Rainmaker, pointing it at Tabuu. “Take this!” she cried out, firing a powerful ink missile at Tabuu. The truck continued to fly around him, joining the Tapu.

            “ALL THAT WORK FOR A LITTLE GNAT? PATHETIC!” Tabuu yelled. Tabuu opened another dark rift, trying to pull Nebby in. Tabuu also tried to fire an eye laser, which Nebby dodged. Floating away, Tabuu summoned one last horde of enemies.


            Summon: Wavers and Fly Guys


            Small, spiky creatures and flying Shy Guys appeared. The Wavers moved up and down in a wave, whereas the Fly Guys homed in on Nebby. Doing a corkscrew spin, Nebby destroyed them. Tabuu returned. Nebby charged up, and fired a Hyper Beam at Tabuu, knocking Locate boxes out of him. “AARRR! YOU’RE REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES NOW!


            Locate: Palutena


            The Goddess of Light appeared from the rift. “Mega Laser!” Palutena cried, firing a huge laser at Tabuu. She joined Tapu Koko and Marie, revolving around Tabuu.



            Samus’ Phazon Clone – Dark Samus


            The doppelgänger of Samus, made of pure Phazon, appeared from the rift. “Dark Samus!” Samus spoke. Dark Samus flew around, immediately firing a Shrapnel Beam at Nebby. The beam covered half of the interdimensional tunnel, barely grazing the Pokémon. Nebby fired a beam at Dark Samus, damaging her. The Phazon clone retaliated by creating many Phazon columns, attempting to impale Nebby. All of them missed, leaving an opening for Nebby to fire a more powerful beam at Dark Samus. Dark Samus used a faux-Shinespark, dashing around quickly around Nebby. The Pokémon dodged the reincarnated Metroid Prime. Seeing an opening, Nebby fired another beam at the doppelgänger. This pushed Dark Samus over her boiling point. In her rage, the Phazon clone created a large ball of pure Phazon, firing it at Nebby. Nebby quickly avoided it, and fired a Hyper Beam at the dark clone, destroying her. “See ya!” Samus said at the defeat of her clone.

            “ENOUGH!” Tabuu yelled, coming back in. Nebby fired a few more beams at Tabuu, finally stunning him.


            Summon: The Lor Starcutter


            Magolor’s ship appeared behind Nebby. “Hey, Tabuu! You look a little bit stuck there! Here, let me give you a little push!” Magolor’s voice taunted. A beam fired from the emblem on the front of the Starcutter. The beam hit Tabuu, thrusting him into the end of the rift tunnel. Nebby followed Tabuu in.




            -Subspace – Tabuu’s Palace


            Subspace was in turmoil, as many blasts of lightning appeared around Tabuu’s temple. Many locations from other dimensions appeared falling through Subspace, breaking apart.


            Summon: Inkopolis Tower – Aether Paradise – Princess Peach’s Castle


            Many familiar locations crashed down into Subspace, breaking apart in the process. Nebby landed inside of Tabuu’s palace, dropping Samus, Kirby, and Robin off. Nebby cried out, leaving. Samus, Robin, and Kirby turned to face Tabuu and the Foundation of All Dimensions.

            “WELCOME TO THE END OF CHAOS… AND THE BEGINNING…OF PERFECTION!” Tabuu yelled, breaking off entire chunks of his own palace. More pieces were then created, making a bunch of puzzles surrounding the Motherboard. Tabuu stayed above his throne, behind the wall. Then, the Lor Starcutter started flying around his head. “IT’S PERFECT, ISN’T IT? ONE SINGLE DIMENSION WITH ONE SINGLE RULER. KNEEL TO ME AND I MAY GIVE YOU MERCY!

            The trio went to the bottom-right corner of Tabuu’s palace. There was a single Phase box. They broke it, covering Kirby in a blue light.


            Phase: Delfino Plaza


            A white-brick path appeared, with tropical-looking buildings around it. A smaller version of the Shine Gate sat behind it. A single F.L.U.D.D. sat in the middle of the phase. Kirby grabbed it, taking it out of the phase. Robin’s body became covered in yellow light, phasing in another dimension.


            Phase: Saturn Valley


            A pink hot spring appeared in front of Robin. A strange, pointy building sat behind it. A small, big-nosed, whiskered creature sat next to the spring. “Boing. Hello friend. Feel free using hot spring. Boing.” The Mr. Saturn offered in its strange, alien-like dialect.

            “Don’t mind if I do…” Robin said, grabbing F.L.U.D.D., dipping it into the spring.

            “Water tank full.” The water pump said. Robin took it out of the spring, as the Saturn Valley disappeared. Samus became covered in pink light.


            Phase: Summer Land


            A small beach with a single, blue colored egg with a red dot inside of it appeared. Water splashed on the beach. Samus aimed F.L.U.D.D. at the egg. The water pump sprayed the hot, pink water on the egg. The warm water caused the egg to start hatching. The egg then hatched into the mythical Pokémon Manaphy. “Mana!” it cried, firing a blast of water at the foundation, destroying the bottom-right corner of the foundation.

                        “LEAVE THE ‘FOUNDATION OF ALL DIMENSIONS' ALONE!” Tabuu, as the Lor Starcutter kept bugging him. Tabuu tried swatting it away. “YOU DARE TRY TO RUIN THIS DIMENSION? MY DIMENSION?” The platform the three heroes stood on broke apart, floating away.

            “The foundation is weakened, as well as Tabuu. Perfect.” Robin said. The three made their way to the bottom-left corner of the palace, coming to another Gateway puzzle. This time, a Rip box appeared in front of them. Kirby broke it, creating a rip. The rip pulled the three in.


            Pink Rip: Plain Subspace


            The three appeared on a small Subspace platform, with a Locate box sitting inside of it, trapped in a small cage.

            “Aw, it’s trapped in a cage…” Robin said, picking it up. It was then pulled through the rip. The rip then pulled the three in again.


            Yellow Rip: Plain Subspace


            The three were pulled into another alternate Subspace dimension. There was a sleeping Towtow laying on the platform.

            “Gently now…” Samus said, lightly firing a powerful missile into it. This angered the Towtow very much. The Towtow was then pulled into the rip.


            Plain Rip: Tabuu’s Palace


            The Locate box and cage were laying under the rip. Suddenly, the Towtow barreled out of the rip. In its angered state, the Towtow ran into the cage. The cage broke, freeing the Locate box. The Towtow ran off into Subspace, as the three showed up.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said, activating the Locate box.


            Locate: Mecha-Lissa


            Lissa, adorned in all her mechanical parts, appeared from the rift. “Here goes!” she said, activating her missile launchers. A barrage of missiles struck the Foundation of All Dimensions, destroying the bottom-left corner of it. “Well, that’s that!” Lissa said, jumping back into the rift. Tabuu turned around from swatting the Lor Starcutter, looking at the Foundation destroyed. The bottom-left corner of Tabuu’s palace was destroyed.


            “This foundation is the key… The palace is being destroyed along with it.” Samus said. The three made their way towards the top-left corner of the palace, nearly under Tabuu. They came across some Primids protecting chunks of debris. The three beat them up, revealing a Creation box. Robin broke it, and it picked up all of the debris.


            Create: Unnecessarily Large Splattershot


            The massive Splattershot shot towards the Foundation, destroying the top-left corner of it.

            “YOUR DISOBEDIANCE ONLY ANGERS ME FURTHER!” Tabuu yelled, as the top-left corner of the palace broke apart.

            “Only one more to go…” Robin said. The trio made their way to the last remaining corner. There was a power outlet, and what appeared to be a small Gateway. Enemies surrounded them.


            Summon: Plasma Wisp, Bytan, Galactic Grunts


            More Plasmas Wisps, spherical, a one-eyed creature with a wide grin, and spaceman-like grunts with blue hair appeared. Kirby inhaled a Plasma Wisp, becoming Plasma Kirby. The Galactic Grunts sent out a Skuntank and a Purugly. The Bytan then cloned itself, creating differently-colored versions. The three made quick work of the enemies. When they were fully defeated, Kirby charged up. He then fired an electrical blast at the outlet. The electricity powered up the smaller Gateway, creating a rift.


            Summon: Zelda


            "Hello there! I can see you're in need of assistance. Here, use this!" Zelda said, throwing out a legless Guardian Scout. The Guardian Scout activated, and aimed at the Foundation. It fired a small blue laser, destroying the Foundation of all Dimensions. After it was destroyed, Tabuu flew into a fit of rage.

            “NO! YOU’VE UNDONE EVERYTHING! YOU’VE DESTROYED PERFECTION!” Tabuu yelled, as his entire palace slowly broke apart. He broke apart some of his own palace in rage. The trio were stuck on the breaking platform, with nothing under them but an infinite abyss. Tapu Koko flew above them.

            “Tapu Ko-ko-ko!”

            “Jump!” Samus said, grabbing onto the bottom of the Tapu, with Robin grabbing her leg and Kirby grabbing Robin’s side.

            “OH…” Tabuu said, as he punched Tapu Koko and the rest. “I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!

            “AH!” the main three yelled, as they fell onto a small Subspace platform.


            “Do you think we annoyed him?” Robin asked.

            “Just a bit.” Samus responded.

            “NOW… HOW TO BEGIN…” Tabuu wondered.


            Last-Minute Desperation – Lord Tabuu


            “I WILL NOT BE DENIED RETRIBUTION!” Tabuu shouted. He fired lasers from his eyes, missing the three. For his second attack, Tabuu summoned a few rifts.


            Summons: Brick Blocks


            Many brick blocks fell down onto the platform, containing parts. Suddenly, a heavenly pair of voices filled the air.

            “Alright Agents! We’re here!”


            Summon: Squid Sisters feat. Azura


            The flying truck appeared again, with Callie and Marie standing atop it. Azura was also standing there, in the middle of the two. The Squid Sisters were both dressed in the traditional dancing garb of Regna Ferox.

            “We’ve got a grand finale that’ll knock your tentacles off!” Callie said.

            “We’re here for the headlining act!” Marie said. The truck started to create a best.

            “This might be too powerful for even me, but I must try. I’ll only get one shot at this… It was so nice meeting you all…” Azura said, with her worlds trailing off. A single tear rolled down her face, as she started to sing.


Lost in the Waves (feat. Callie and Marie)


You are the ocean’s grey waves.

(Ocean’s grey waves.)


You are the ocean’s grey waves.

(Ocean’s grey waves.)


You are the ocean’s grey waves, destined to seek, life beyond the shore, just out of reach!

(Out of reach!)

Yet the waters every change, flowing like time, the path is yours to climb…

(To climb…)


(You are the ocean’s grey waves…)


In endless dreams, countless realms collide,

Hope falls only to rise like the changing tide

But all dreams come to an end, just whispers in the wind.


You are the ocean’s grey waves, destined to seek, life beyond the shore, just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time, the path is, yours to climb…


(You are the ocean’s grey waves…)


You are the ocean’s grey waves…


The power of the song invigorated Samus, Robin, and Kirby. The song also started to weaken Tabuu. Water started to surround Azura, and her necklace started to float and glow.

“Here you go, Agents!” Marie said, throwing a Creation box at the platform. Robin grabbed it, and broke it.


Create: Brick Breaker


The bricks formed into a brick launcher. The catapult fired a giant brick at Tabuu, damaging him. One rift opened behind him.


“That did it.” Samus said. Tabuu opened up a giant rift above them, trying to pull them it. The three grabbed the platform, hanging on for dear life. Tabuu then proceeded to grab the platform, and tilted it heavily. The trio needed to hang on again. He quit, and let the platform go back to normal.

“Watch it!” Robin said, as Tabuu shot lasers again. Tabuu opened up another set of rifts.


Summon: Dream Land Debris


The Dream Land debris contained many pieces of food.

“Take this!” Callie said, throwing another Creation box at them. Kirby broke it, and the debris and food fused together.


Create: Food Cannon


The debris created a food cannon. The food fired right into Tabuu’s face, causing more damage. Another rift opened behind him. Tabuu, enraged, opened another large rift to pull the heroes in.


Tabuu tilted the platform again, which the heroes hung onto perfectly. He let it down, and opened up another set of rifts.


Summon: Norfair Chunks


The chunks of Norfair contained many pieces of metal.

“Here you are!” Azura said, throwing one last Creation box at them. Samus broke it, fusing the elements of Norfair.


Create: Laser Destroyer


Samus jumped into the seat of the Laser Destroyer, powering it up. It fired a shot straight into Tabuu’s torso. Tabuu’s core fell out, dropping to the ground. Tabuu doubled back in pain. Tabuu’s body started to fizzle. One last rift opened behind him, finishing the triangle of rifts.

“We… we need to go…” Azura stuttered, as parts of body started to become covered in water.

“Azura, are you all right?” Callie asked.

“We need to go!”

“You heard her. Hit it, Sheldon!” Marie said, as the truck started to speed off.

            “NO! I CAN REBUILD THE ELEMENTS… THIS ISN’T DEFEAT FOR ME! THIS ISN’T WHERE IT ENDS!” he said, as the rifts behind him converged into a larger, rainbow-colored rift. Azura’s song broke through Tabuu’s defense, stunning him completely. Tabuu's wings started to break down into tiny bits, pulled into the massive rift.

            “You’re right, Tabuu. But that is!” Samus said, pointing at the rift behind Tabuu. Tabuu turned around, and almost looked like he had a look of terror on his featureless face.

            “NO! YOU CAN’T WIN!” Tabuu said, as he was pulled fully into the rift loop. He tried to grab at the heroes one last time, but failed to. Tabuu was pulled out of Subspace, ending is reign. With his disappearance, Subspace started to shake, as the entire world started to crack apart at the seams. The Lor Starcutter flew over, and touched down the edge of the platform, extending a ramp. Magolor appeared at the door, frantic.

            “This place is slowly breaking apart on itself! We need to leave!” Magolor said, as the three made their way into the Starcutter. The Starcutter flew into the rift loop.



            -Lor Starcutter


            Susie awaited inside, with the imposing Star Dream.

            “Okay, I need to tie up that rift loop into a nice little bow, so Mr. Video Hologram can’t get out.” Magolor said, pressing many buttons on the Lor’s control panel. “And you…” he added, pushing the three towards the door. “…need to stand right there. Don’t move. Hold these.” He said, handing them each a small triangle.

            “So what can we do?” Robin asked.

            “Well, I suppose you can yell.” Magolor said, opening the door. The three flew out into the beyond.



            -Another Dimension


             Tabuu was shaking around at the end of the rift. The three heroes flew in a triangular formation, heading towards Tabuu.

            “You ready to go, R.O.B.?” Magolor asked.

            A small rift opened next to the heroes. “You really like to rush people. Okay, final calculations complete – uploading now.” R.O.B.’s voice said. “Samus, Kirby, Robin! Point those triangles at Tabuu!” Each of the three pointed their triangles at Tabuu.

            “All right, now Susie!” Magolor said. Susie faced Star Dream, and put on the helmet.

            “Let’s do this!” Susie said. “Star Dream, activate the Space-Time Protocol!”

            “Affirmative. 3…2…1…” Star Dream said, opening a rift behind Samus, Kirby, and Robin.


            Summon: Heart Spears


            The sacred spears meant to hold the Jamba Heart together appeared from the rift, surrounding the three. They then formed into a split-star-shaped vehicle. They had become the Star Allies Sparkler, Kirby in the lead.

            “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Tabuu yelled.

            “Giving you what you wanted, Tabuu. Perfection. The perfect prison!” Samus said, as the triangles formed into a Triforce.

            “NO! NO!” Tabuu yelled from the other side of the rift. As the Triforce started to converge on him, he created a shield.

            “Now, go! GO!” Magolor yelled.

            “Poooooyaaaaaah!” Kirby yelled, flying towards Tabuu. Samus, Kirby, and Robin combined their powers, and created a powerful laser. They obliterated the first shield, letting the Triforce through.

            “WHAT? NO! THIS CANNOT BE!” Tabuu yelled, summoning another shield.

            “Pooooooooyaaaaaaah!” Kirby yelled once again, as the three busted through the next shield, inching closer to Tabuu.

            “WITH THE LAST OF MY STRENGTH, I’LL STOP YOU!” Tabuu yelled, creating one last shield.

            ‘Poooyoooooyoooyoooooyaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Kirby yelled, blasting through the shield, firing on Tabuu in the process. The powerful force was too much for Tabuu to handle, and he rolled back in pain. The Triforce finally reached him, and started to cover him in golden light.

            “MARK MY WORDS, I WILL RETURN! I WILL DESTRRRRROOOOOY YYYOooouuuu…” Tabuu sputtered out, as the Triforce fully covered him. As it did, there was a large explosion of blue light from where Tabuu once was. Kirby quickly turned the Star Allies Sparkler around, and rushed away from the explosion. Another Dimension almost seemed to be collapsing behind them. As they raced away, the Lor Starcutter flew in front of them. It fired a beam from the emblem, creating a rift. It flew in, as Samus, Kirby, and Robin followed. As the rift closed upon itself, as the surrounding area collapsed in on itself.



            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            Everything appeared black. Voices started to fade in. “…Chrom…we have to do something…” one of the voices said, with a metallic hint. Eyes opened, looking upon a blue-haired man and a robotic-looking girl.

            “What do you propose we do?” the blue-haired one asked.

            “I… I dunno…” the other one responded. Eyes opened all the way, looking upon the two figures.

            “I see you’re awake now.” the blue-haired one noted.

            “Hey there!”

            “There are better places to nap than on the ground, you know.” The blue-haired one said, holding out his hand. “Give me your hand.” Another hand reached up to it, grabbing it. Pulling the hand up, the blue-haired man continued. “It’s all over now, Robin.”

            “C…Chrom? Lissa?” Robin weakly said, as Chrom pulled him up. “I’m feeling some serious déjà vu…”

            “Ah, nice to see you’re still in one piece.” Chrom said. Robin looked around, seeing Samus, in her Zero Suit, and Kirby getting up.

            “What… happened…” Samus wondered, rubbing her head.

            “You did it! You removed Lord Tabuu from this reality! Now he’s some other reality’s problem.” R.O.B. said, hovering up to them. Lusamine was finally awake, leaning on Lillie. Adam appeared to be saluting the three.

            “Poyah!” Kirby said.

            “Trapped with only himself for the rest of eternity.” Samus responded. “A fitting fate for such a twisted person.”

            “So, did everyone make it out okay?” Robin asked.

            “Thankfully. We almost thought you wouldn’t make it.” Magolor said, Susie standing next to him.

            “What about the Squid Sisters? Azura?” Samus asked. Callie and Marie walked onto the scene, without Azura.

            “We’re… not sure. She kind of just… disappeared in the rift…” Callie said.

            “Poyo…” Kirby said in a solemn tone.

            “You know, I think she’ll be all right. I believe.” Robin said, smiling.



            -BOTTLE SHIP – Control Room


            “So…do we just keep waiting for them?” Anthony Higgs asked, with the rest of Adam’s team. “Any minute now. I’m sure they’ll return…” he continued, as the rest of the team went to go do other things.



            -Melemele Island – Hau’oli City


            "Mother, I'm so glad you're back to your normal self!" Lillie said, walking along the streets of Hau'oli with Lusamine.

            "As am I, Lillie. I'm so sorry that I was so blinded..." 

            “It’s kind of weird that the city managed to repair itself so fast…” Lillie wondered.

            "Excuse me!" a voice called out from behind them. "Could you direct me to...huh?" a girl looking exactly like Lillie stood behind her.

            "Wait, are you… me?" Lillie exclaimed. "Oh no, we must be in the wrong dimension..."

            "Isn't this cute! Now I have two wonderful daughters!" Lusamine said, adoring the two.



            -Halidom of Ylisse - Outskirts


            Night skies fell upon Ylisse. Underneath a giant leftover chunk of the Access Ark, Donnel cooked the large Blipper over an open flame. Pieces of Heavy Lobster and Haltmann’s Suit surrounded him. “This’ll be some fine eatin’!” the villager said, licking his lips.



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Hyrule Field


            Link and Zelda sat in Hyrule Field, relaxing after the dimensional crisis. “Isn’t it just nice to just… relax... Link?” Zelda asked.

            “Gee, it sure is boring around here!”

            “Luh… Link?” Zelda stammered.

            “I wonder what Ganon’s up to!”

            “…oh no…”



            -Deeprealms – My Castle


            Callie and Marie walked in the Deeprealm castle of Corrin, dressed in their agent uniforms. They were met with Corrin themselves. “Hey, welcome to my castle. Who are you?” Corrin asked.

            “We just have… these…” Callie said, handing over Azura’s Blessed Lance. Marie held out Azura’s pendant. Corrin looked at the items, who immediately realized what it meant.

            “No… it… it… can’t be…”




            -Unknown Dimension


            In an unknown dimension, Susie sat with a frame in her hands. In the frame, was a picture of President Haltmann.

            “I’m so sorry, father…” she said, as she placed the picture on a flat rock.


            “You are the ocean’s grey waves…” Susie started to sing, having learned the song from Azura. “Destined to seek life beyond the shore…just out of reach…”




            -Subspace – Ruins of Tabuu’s Palace


            A single sparking shard sat in the middle Tabuu’s ruined palace. An unknown being walked up to it, and picked it up. As they did, the shard started to shake. The core started to meld with their arm, turning it transparent. The person screamed in agony, as their entire body got taken over.




Chapter Text

            -Isle of the Ancients


            The Gateway sitting in the middle of the Isle of the Ancients opened. Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared from it. As they did, a hatch opened nearby the Gateway. A smaller Gateway rose from beneath the ground. A sign on top of it read ‘The Arena’.  “Good job on destroying Tabuu! Here’s a bit of a reward.” R.O.B. said. The three entered the Arena.



            “The Arena is a gauntlet of all of your greatest enemies! Don’t worry, none of them are actually real. It’s just an extra challenge. You only get a certain amount of healing items, and all the bosses are in a random order.” R.O.B. explained, as the three went in.



            -Inside Toad Town


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin first appeared in the middle of Toad Town. “Ah hahahaha!” a familiar voice laughed.


            Heir to the Koopa Line: Bowser Jr.


            Bowser Jr. floated down from above, laughing as he did. His Koopa Clown Car sprouted wheels, and he raced forward. Kirby started to inhale deeply, catching the small car in his suction. It went into Kirby’s mouth, turning him into Wheel Kirby. Junior jumped around, being quite agile. He jumped out of the area, and gained a new Junior Clown Car. Kirby held his hand up. Robin used his Bolganone tome on Kirby, turning Kirby’s wheel into a Sizzle Wheel. Kirby raced into Bowser Jr., causing some damage. Junior became angry, and pulled a bomb out of his car. He threw it, and Samus deflected it back with a melee counter. It flew right into Junior, defeating him. “Owwww…” Junior said, as his vehicle blew up.



            -Arena Lobby


            After battling Bowser’s only son, the three appeared inside of a lobby. It looked like the Isle of the Ancients. There were a few Maxim Tomatoes sitting on pedestals. A picture of Lil’ Miss Marshmallow appeared above a door.



            -King P’s Room


            The three appeared inside of the room belonging to the great king Porky. A robotic voice yelled at them. “I’M MAD! MAD! MAD MAD MAD!”


            King P’s Trusty Maid: Lil’ Miss Marshmallow


            Lil’ Miss Marshmallow pulled out a tray of tea, and started to run. She then tripped, spilling the scalding tea across the ground. Robin fired a Thoron, causing super-effective damage. The robot maid already entered her Ultra-Ticked Off Mode. The robot yelled, and a drill and scissors appeared from her back. She moved the scissors forward, trying to cut the three. Robin fired another Thoron, scrapping the robot. Lil’ Miss Marshmallow fell to the ground, exploding.



            -Aether Paradise Roof


            The three appeared on top of the Aether Paradise. Smoke rose from the distant Alolan archipelago. A freakish shriek filled the air.


            Samus’ Mortal Enemy: Ridley


            Ridley shrieked once again, thrusting his tail into the roof. He dragged it across, creating a deep gash. The three continued to fire upon Ridley, as he flew off. He then rushed at the three from the background, barely scraping Samus. Ridley then flapped his massive wings, creating an artificial windstorm. The wind pushed the three back, almost off the roof. The three continued to fire on him. Ridley then grabbed Robin, and threw him onto the ground. Ridley then breathed fire, covering some of the roof in flames. As they continued to fire on him, Ridley flew up quickly into the air. He then crashed down onto the roof, breaking it. Samus, Robin, and Kirby fell into the conservation area. Ridley then crashed down again, barely missing the three. He then spun around, whipping his tail across the pathway. The three continued to fire on him, until Ridley was defeated. Ridley fell over the guardrail of the conservation area, falling into a pool of water underneath.





            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared inside of Ylisstol. The ground shook, as a massive robot walked in.


            An Unlikely Team-Up: Aversa and Heavy Lobster


            Aversa laughed from atop the mechanical lobster-like robot. Heavy Lobster opened one of its claws, firing a blue beam. The three jumped over it, as Heavy Lobster started to move quickly towards them. The three jumped over it once again, and the automaton released a miniaturized version of itself, which rushed at them. Heavy Lobster then jumped up and down, and started crashing into the ground multiple times. When it reached the other side, it released a strange, red blob. Kirby inhaled it, and became Paint Kirby. Kirby then covered the entire area in paint, as well as turning Heavy Lobster red. The automaton was then blinded. “What? No!” Aversa yelled. Heavy Lobster then moved around erratically, unsure of where its enemies were. The three continued to attack the helpless robot, and eventually defeated it. Heavy Lobster then fell to pieces. “Ugh! Fine!” Aversa said, pulling out her Goetia tome. She fired dark magic at the three, who jumped over. One Power Shot from Samus was enough to knock out Aversa. “…no…”




            -Final Destination


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared on the Final Destination, which was flying around the Dark Beast Ganon. A familiar… yet unknown figure suddenly appeared.


            Mysterious Dimensional Meddler: ???


            The mysterious figure turned into a pointed, arrow-like head. It almost resembled a shark. He rushed across the bottom of the arena, as the three jumped over. The figure then created a chain of golden light, waving it around. He caught Kirby, and whipped the poor puffball. The featureless man then created a draconic-looking cannon. It charged up, and covered the entire bottom half of the Final Destination. As the three tired firing upon him, he floated to one side of the platform. He then grew to an enormous size, firing lasers down on to the Final Destination. The three went to one side of the arena, dodging it. The mysterious dimensional meddler returned to his original size, and turned his arm into a blade of light. He dove across the arena, hitting each of the three. He centered himself above the Final Destination, and started to create images of himself. Each image exploded at a certain distance. Each one missed the three, and Samus fired a missile at him. Robin fired a Thoron at the figure, defeating it. The figure then doubled back in pain, and disappeared.





            -Heart of the Company


            The three appeared in the office of President Haltmann. As they did, the entire office morphed into a cubic battle arena. Star Dream rose up from underneath the floor, placing itself beyond the new platform. A certain man floated in, complete with his own Robobot Armor.


            Crazy President of the Company: President Haltmann


            President Haltmann started by attaching his executive suit’s hands into the ground, raising a column. He laughed, summoning four Susie-bombs. He fired them down upon the three. Kirby inhaled one, and became Spark Kirby. The arms of the executive suit stiffened, and started to spin like a saw. Haltmann then jumped down, and started spinning around the arena. The three attacked as he did that. After a certain amount of damage, Haltmann floated up to the top of the central column, lowering it. As he did, the arena became less circular. President Haltmann then summoned a single Yesman. The three swiftly destroyed the robot, as President Haltmann stiffened his suit’s arms again. He spun through the area from all sides, covering as much ground as possible. The three dodged this attack, however. The executive suit floated up, and the ruby at the bottom pointed down at the platform. The ruby fired off, and quickly created more to fire. Samus melee-countered one, firing it back at Haltmann. The three attacked Haltmann, until he became enraged. He then smashed into the middle of the platform, forcing the three away. He floated up from the middle of the donut-shaped platform, creating more Susie-bombs. As the bombs landed, the executive suit’s hands turned upside down, releasing an excessive amount of Haltmanns. The paper money blocked the vision of the three. Haltmann then spun around the arena again, barely missing the three. They continued to attack, until Haltmann became as enraged as he could handle. He then flew inside of the hole, and pulled out a column. He then jumped onto the column once, created holes on all of the faces. Haltmann flew into the cube, centering himself. Two Yesmen spawned on the platform, trying to punch the three. Haltmann then created a cubic beam from two sides of the cube, then the other. As a last attack, he fired a massive wave of energy from every single face of the cube, covering almost the entire area. He then flew out, and rushed into the cube. The speed caused Haltmann to warp to the other side. He then started to continually create Susie-bombs, and fired them in a wave across the arena. Despite his best efforts, the three still managed to defeat him. The cube sank down, as Haltmann’s executive suit started to malfunction. It fizzled and sparked, and then exploded. Burnt Haltmmans covered the arena, as President Haltmann himself fell to the ground.




            -Phoenix Mountain


            The three appeared inside of the domain of the Phoenix. “SCRAAAAAAW!”


            Guardian of the Wish Seed: The Phoenix


            The Phoenix flew around, and rushed towards the ground. Its talons scratched the ground, hitting the three. The three attacked, as the Phoenix circled back around. It then fired a few fireballs from its beak, covering a few parts of the arena. The Phoenix then turned a shade of pink, and an Ultra Wormhole opened behind it. Blue lava started to fly out of it, covering the sides of the arena. The three continued to attack, as the Phoenix started to flap its wings quickly. A tornado formed in front of the immortal bird, and the rapid wind started to fly around the arena. The tornado stopped just before covering the entire area. After a few more attacks, the three took the immortal bird down. As it crashed, the Phoenix exploded. A tall beacon resembling the Phoenix itself appeared.




            -Ribbon Ring


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared in the middle of Ribbon Ring. A familiar thief stood nearby.


            The Present Thief: Poppant


            Samus fired one missile at it, defeating the Poppant instantly.



            -Dark Star


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared inside of the deepest depths of the Dark Star. An angelic creature floated down near them, before revealing its true form.


            Reborn Leader of Dark Matter: 02


            Dark Matter started to swirl behind the fallen angel. 02’s body started to glow in a faint hue of blue. The leader of Dark Matter created a massive slab out of its Dark Matter minions, slamming it down onto the platform. Kirby inhaled one of the stars left behind by it, and spit it back at 02. Samus and Robin attacked the angelic creature, causing blood to start oozing from its eye. 02 then created a sword out of its minions, and slashed it through the middle. The cut severed the platform, creating a pit. After a few more attacks, the large amount of Dark Matter became stunned. It then started to face down, revealing its vulnerable halo. Samus and Robin both attacked the halo, turning it into every color of the rainbow. 02 reeled back in pain, revealing a gross, cactus-like tail. As Samus and Robin attacked the tail, it started to spew out gas. Kirby inhaled some of it, becoming Poison Kirby. 02 got its bearings back, and started to glow blue again. It then formed its Dark Matter minions into a single swordsman. The Dark Matter swordsman dashed through the arena, trying to slash at the three. Once it completed its run, is disappeared. The Dark Matter then became a dragon-like creature, and tried biting at the three. They dodged, as the Dark Matter dispersed. The three attacked 02 again, stunning it. The halo started to face down. The three attacked the halo, eventually causing the Dark Matter leader to reel back in pain. The cactus-like tail became exposed once again. The three attacked it, until 02 started to glow a bright white. Light started to spill from inside of 02, and the leader of the Dark Matter started to fall into the Dark Star.



            -Inside Toad Town


            The three appeared inside Toad Town once again. As they did, a massive beast crashed down from above.


            UB-05 Glutton: Guzzlord


            “Guzzzzz!” the Guzzlord cried, the blue inside its mouth glowing bright blue. The gluttonous Ultra Beast swiped at the three with its massive arms, missing. The three attacked it, as the Guzzlord opened its mouth. It spat out a massive glob of acid at the three, covering a good amount of the area. It then held out one of its mouth arms, and bashed Kirby. The three continued to attack the Ultra Beast. Guzzlord then opened its two arms, and started shoveling everything around it. Pieces of cobblestone flew into Guzzlord’s mouth. It managed to grab Robin, pulling him into its mouth. Guzzlord then chewed on Robin, spitting him back out. Guzzlord then spat out another glob of acid, which was inhaled by Kirby. Kirby then became Poison Kirby. The three continued to attack the junkivore, until it finally fainted. Guzzlord let out one last cry, falling over.



            -Hyrule Field


            The three appeared in Hyrule Field, met with a giant cocoon. The cocoon started to hatch, revealing many legs. A spider-like creature appeared from the cocoon.


            Scourge of Hyrule Castle: Calamity Ganon


            Calamity Ganon hatched from the cocoon, roaring. The sky became covered in clouds. Ganon slashed through the field with his Fireblight sword, covering it in fire. The three attacked the hand, doing damage to Calamity Ganon itself. Calamity Ganon then pulled out his massive Waterblight spear, thrusting it into the ground. He then did it again, covering the entire arena. The three continued to attack the premature incarnation, as he aimed his Guardian laser towards Kirby. It locked on, and fired. The laser blast barely missed Kirby, and Ganon slashed with his scissor-like swords. The Great Calamity then threw his Waterblight spear again, hitting slightly different parts of the arena. The continued to attack Calamity Ganon, until the beast went down. Calamity Ganon let out a weak cry, and got right back up. It let out a massive roar, covering itself in an orange shield. Calamity Ganon then went for a flurry of attacks, starting by scratching with his claws. He quickly transitioned to slashing the ground with his Fireblight sword, and quickly moving to summon a tornado to cover the arena. After the flurry of attacks, Calamity Ganon became tired. The orange shield disappeared, giving the three the opportunity to attack. Soon enough, Ganon got back up. The shield reappeared, and he launched another flurry of attacks. He fired another Guardian laser, followed by a quick slash with his Fireblight sword. He then finished off by creating Cryonis blocks, dropping them down onto the platform. Calamity Ganon overexerted himself, and became tired again. The three launched one last attack on the scourge, destroying it for good. Calamity Ganon started to fade into little Malice particles, which disappeared into the air. A small ball of darkness was all that was left. The essence of Calamity Ganon exploded, leaving no trace of the Scourge of Hyrule Castle.




            -Phoenix Mountain


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared in a different part of Phoenix Mountain. “Bonjam.” A voice said to them.


            Frozen General: Francisca


            “Hyuh!” Francisca said, creating a double-bladed axe. She quickly rushed down towards the three, attempting to slash them. Kirby inhaled a leftover star, becoming Ice Kirby.

            “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Robin used a Thoron on it, turning it into a Wave Beam. Francisca continued to slash at the three, who easily countered. They then stunned Francisca, enraging her. She created an array of pointy ice chunks. She fired them down upon the three. Samus countered one of them back at Francisca, hurting her. The frozen general then pulled out her signature soda blaster, and shook it up. A stream of icy water started to cover Phoenix Mountain. Samus fired her Wave Beam into it, causing electricity to flow back up the current. The electric flow reached Francisca, overloading her blaster. She panicked, as the blaster exploded in her face. She fell to the ground, dazed. The three attacked her, defeating her. The last hit by Samus sent Francisca into the deepest depths of Phoenix Mountain. “Aiiyeee!” Francisca cried, disappearing.



            -Castle of Darkness – Roof


            The trio appeared atop a twilit tower. A green, ghostly creature appeared, roaring at them.


            The Ultimate Form of Darkness: Dark Lord


            The Dark Lord roared again, rushing down at the three. They quickly dodged, firing at the ghost. “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Robin then fired a Thoron on it, bestowing Samus with the Wave Beam. The three fired on the beast, who started glowing with purple energy. The Dark Lord released it, causing an earthquake. After a few more attacks, the Dark Lord went down. The Dark Lord let out one last roar. It started to expel light, and exploded in a brilliant display of color.



            -Mini-Boss Rush


            The three appeared in a new area, one that resembled the Isle of the Ancients. As they did, a mini-boss spawned.


            Fairy Pokémon: Clefable


            Clefable appeared, firing a Moonblast. Robin used his Bronze Sword on Clefable, causing super-effective damage. Clefable fainted, disappearing. Another mini-boss appeared.


            Flowering Pokémon: Lilligant


            Lilligant appeared. “Lilli!” it cried, firing a stream of Stun Spores. Kirby inhaled them, becoming Leaf Kirby.

            “Robin!” Samus said, pointing her arm cannon up. Robin fired on it with his Bolganone tome, turning Samus’ Power Shot into Plasma Beam. They fired on Lilligant, quickly defeating it. Another mini-boss spawned in.


            Strong Arm Pokémon: Bewear


            “Bewear!” Bewear cried, rushing at the three. As it stopped, it smacked Robin with a powerful Hammer Arm. Robin countered with a Rexcalibur, defeating Bewear instantly.



            -World of Drawcia


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared in the twisted world of Drawcia. The eponymous character laughed, floating in. Another laugh came from the air.


            Separated at Birth: Drawcia and Paintra


            The two sisters moved to different sides of the arena, both firing balls of energy at the three. Samus countered one of them, hitting Drawcia. Drawcia shrieked, falling to the ground. The three attacked the stunned sorceress, as Paintra flew across the arena. Paintra covered much of the arena in paint, making it harder to see. Drawcia spawned four canvases, giving Paintra something to draw on. Paintra then drew the four dragons of Landia, one appearing more drawn than the others. The four canvases floated to the four corners of the arena. Three out of the four started to spit fire, as one harmlessly fell out of frame. Drawcia and Paintra returned, met with the three’s attacks. Paintra went down, shrieking as she did. Drawcia then became enraged, firing a barrage of magical orbs at the three. Samus melee-countered one, firing it back at Drawcia. Stunned, the sorceress floated down to the ground. The three whaled on her, defeating her for good. Drawcia then let out an ear-piercing shriek, floating to another part of the arena. Her robes fell off, revealing her true form to be a simple blob of paint. However, before she could react, her entire body exploded. One last scream accompanied her.     



            -Temple of Time


            The three appeared inside of the slightly ruined Temple of Time. As they did, a certain sorcerer laughed.


            Former Minish Sorcerer: Vaati


            Vaati became surrounded by dark energy, transforming into Vaati Reborn. Two orbs started to surround Vaati. Vaati’s robes opened, revealing a large eye. Robin fired at it with a Rexcalibur, causing damage to Vaati. The sorcerer then created a large ball of shadow, throwing it into the ground. It split as soon as it did, covering the ground. The three jumped over, Kirby swallowing one of the balls. He swallowed it, becoming Bomb Kirby. “Pyah!” he said, holding up a bomb. Robin fired a Rexcalibur on it, turning it from a regular bomb into a Bluster Bomb. Kirby threw a stream of bombs up at Vaati, causing more damage. The damage revealed the eye on Vaati’s chest. Samus quickly fired a Power Shot at it, damaging Vaati Reborn enough. Vaati then surrounded himself in dark energy, forming into Vaati Tranfigured. Vaati had become one massive eye, surrounded by orbs. Vaati created an array of spiked balls, dropping them around the arena. Samus hit one of the eyes around Vaati, revealing the orbs were red eyes. Robin and Kirby followed, revealing all the orbs. The orbs dispersed, leaving Vaati defenseless. They then attacked Vaati with everything they had, defeating him. The dark energy surrounding Vaati disappeared, dropping the sorcerer to the ground. As he fell, a rift took him away.



            -Inside Peach’s Castle


            The three appeared inside of Peach’s Castle, in front of Peach’s throne. An ear-piercing cry was heard from outside of the castle. A massive creature broke the wall of the castle, destroying Peach’s throne.


            King Koopa and the Phazon Monster: Bowser and Metroid Prime


            Bowser laughed from atop the massive Metroid, and Metroid Prime turned purple. It fired three Wave Beams, covering a third of the arena. Kirby inhaled a star left by it, and became Beam Kirby. Kirby held up his Beam wand. Dark energy surrounded Robin, who became possessed by Grima. Grima fired a powerful blast of dark magic on Kirby’s Beam wand, turning it into a Shadow Beam. Kirby used his Shadow Beam Blast, hurting Metroid Prime immensely. Grima used another powerful blast of energy on Metroid Prime, before reverting back to Robin. Metroid Prime then changed to a white hue, being able to use ice. The mutated Metroid used frigid breath on the three, managing to freeze Robin. Kirby continued to attack with Shadow Beam Blast. After enough damage, Metroid Prime turned a red hue. “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Robin used Bolganone on it, turning it to Plasma Beam. The combination of Bolganone and the Plasma Beam did super-effective damage on Metroid Prime. The Phazon-mutated creature fired its own version of a Plasma Beam across the ground. The three jumped over it, and continued to attack. Metroid Prime became angry, and threw Bowser at them. Samus countered Bowser into the background, and the three continued to attack the monster. Eventually, it went down. As Metroid Prime collapsed, its entire exoskeleton exploded, revealing the core. It almost resembled a human face. The core then exploded. Bowser got up, and tried to rush at the three. Kirby used his Shadow Beam Whip, and knocked the Koopa King out.




            -Top of Thunder Tower


            The trio appeared on top of Thunder Tower, in front of the Thunder Gun. A Pigmask surrounded by dark energy stood on top of the gun. It jumped down, landing in front of the three.


            Mystery of Thunder Tower: Mysterious Pigmask


            The Mysterious Pigmask fired black lightning across the ground. Kirby inhaled one of the leftover stars, becoming Spark Kirby. “Kirby!” Robin said, holding out his Bronze Sword. Kirby then used a quick electrical attack on it, turning it into a Zap Sword. Kirby also did the same to Samus’ Power Shot, turning it into the Wave Beam. The Pigmask covered itself in a shield of shadow, protecting them. The three attacked the shield, knocking it out. The Pigmask then created a ball of electricity, firing it at the three. Samus countered it back, causing damage to the Pigmask. The Mysterious Pigmask became annoyed, and started to float up in the air. It then created some familiar golden chains, cracking them down on the ground. It then created small balls of shadow, raining small bullets down. The three continued to attack the Pigmask, until it fell to the ground. As it did, the mask fell off, revealing the Pigmask to be Tabuu. A rift appeared under him, taking him away.



            -Mini-Boss Rush 2


            The three appeared inside of another mini-boss rush. One such mini-boss spawned in.


            Halcandran UFO: Dubior


            Dubior immediately surrounded itself with electricity, charging from above. The three quickly dodged. The bottom part of Dubior started to spin around, and it created a lightning bolt. It moved across the small island, hitting the three as it went. Robin then fired a Thoron at it, downing the mini-boss. Kirby then inhaled it, becoming Spark Kirby. As Dubior disappeared, another mini-boss spawned in.


            Drone of the Haltmann Works: Invader Armor


            One suit of Invader Armor appeared. It proceeded to punch at the three. Kirby quickly charged up a Spark Barrier, and shot a Spark Wave at the invader. Samus shot at the Invader Armor with a missile, followed up by Robin’s Thoron. The Invader Armor went down quickly, exploding. Another mini-boss spawned in.


            Clone of the Tactician: Robin Clone


            A purple clone of Robin appeared, holding an Elthunder tome. It fired a weak blast of energy at the three, who dodged. It then pulled out a fake Levin Sword, slashing at the three. Quick attacks from Samus, Kirby, and Robin brought the clone down to its feet. As the clone exploded, one last mini-boss spawned in.


            Leader of the Grimleal: Validar


            Validar laughed at the three, firing a spell from Grima’s Truth. The three jumped over, as Robin became possessed by the soul of Grima. “DIE!” Grima yelled, firing an even more powerful blast at Validar. The sorcerer went down quite fast. Another mini-boss spawned into the arena.


            Guardian of the Forest: Whispy Woods


            Whispy Woods spawned in, and started to drop apples on the three. Kirby inhaled an apple, spitting back out at the faced tree. “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Robin pulled out his Bolganone tome, and fired upon her cannon. Samus’ Power Shot became a Plasma Beam. The two fired upon Whispy Woods, setting the tree on fire. Whispy Woods then blew up, defeated.



            -Inkopolis Plaza


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared in the middle of Inkopolis Plaza. Inklings stood behind barricades, and a massive machine sat in front of Inkopolis Tower.


            DJ Octavio feat. Callie: OctoBot King II


            The OctoBot King II started out by firing its massive fists down into the ground. Samus countered one of them, sending it back to DJ Octavio. Both he and Callie became dizzy as a result. Octavio then sent out a spinning punch, which couldn’t be countered. It slammed into the ground, creating a puddle of purple ink. The OctoBot King II then revealed a few Splat Bombs, and started firing them out into the plaza. They left painful puddles of ink where they landed. Octavio then fired another punch, which was countered by Samus again. The DJ flew out of the protection of the OctoBot, landing in front of the three. They quickly attacked Octavio, sending him flying back into the OctoBot King II. Octavio and Callie became slightly angry, firing strange calamari bombs at the sides of the arena. As they landed, towers of ink sprouted up. As they did, the OctoBot King floated above the three, and started to rain ink. The three guarded as best they could as the OctoBot King flew over. The ink caused them very little damage, as Octavio fired another punch at them. Samus countered it once again, knocking Octavio from the OctoBot once again. They attacked Octavio, sending him forcefully back into the OctoBot King II. As Octavio got his bearings back, he hit his boiling point. He fired a flurry of punches down towards the three, which Samus returned with her melee counter. He fired more calamari bombs down towards the ground, covering more of the ground in ink columns. Octavio initiated another Bomb Rush, covering the arena in Splat Bombs. He fired once more punch, which Samus deflected. As it hit Octavio, the entire OctoBot King II flipped over. Callie fell off, landing on the ground. The OctoBot King II exploded, leaving a massive sheet of ink covering the entirety of Inkopolis Plaza. Callie grunted, and her Hypnoshades broke.



            -Chozo Temple


            The three appeared in the Chozo Temple of Tallon IV. A metallic shriek filled the air.


            Reborn Yet Again: Meta Ridley


            Meta Ridley floated above the Chozo Temple, firing missiles at the three. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Missile Kirby. Ridley then fired his Kinetic Breath Weapon, covering the arena in a plasma beam. Robin fired a Thoron into Ridley, exposing his yellow heart. The three attacked Meta Ridley, breaking the Space Pirate’s wings. Without a way to fly, Ridley resorted to whipping his tail around. He even tried to bite at Samus. Kirby fired himself into Ridley, knocking him over. The three quickly attacked, defeating Samus’ reborn nemesis. Ridley cried out in pain, standing up. He then stumbled back, falling from the Chozo Temple. An explosion could be heard once he impacted the ground.



            -Mini-Boss Rush 3


            The three appeared inside of the mini-boss area yet again. As they did, a mini-boss spawned.


            Unloved Clayman: Forlorn Junk Heap


            The Forlorn Junk Heap started to throw trash at the three. Kirby inhaled a piece of trash, becoming Poison Kirby. The three continued to beat upon the junk heap, until it melted away. Another mini-boss spawned in.


            DCMC’s Biggest Fan: Fierce Pork Trooper


            The Fierce Pork Trooper started to bum rush towards the three. Samus, Kirby, and Robin jumped over him, and fired at him. They quickly fired upon the Pork Trooper, quickly dispatching him. As the Pork Trooper disappeared, another mini-boss spawned in.


            Ultimate Killing Machine: Ultimate Chimera


            The Ultimate Chimera spawned in, roaring. It dashed at the three, its wide mouth open to the max. The three jumped over it, attacking the unknown genetic mixture. The Ultimate Chimera whipped back around, and tried biting the three again. The dodged, and the three took down the pink beast with almost no trouble at all. As the Ultimate Chimera was defeated, another mini-boss spawned in.


            One of the Original Arcade Villains: Donkey Kong


            Donkey Kong appeared, in all of his 8-bit glory. He threw barrels at the three. The three quickly fired upon him, quickly getting rid of Donkey Kong. Two more creatures spawned in at the sides of the area.


            Subspace Duo: Armank and Greap


            An Armank and a Greap appeared. Samus took aim at the Greap’s head, causing massive damage. Robin and Kirby focused on the Armank. Kirby spit acidic poison on the Armank, causing more damage. Samus destroyed the Greap, and started to help on the Armank. The tank sent out a long, snake-like arm, trying to bite with it. Robin destroyed it, causing the green blob on the inside to reveal itself. The three attacked, destroying it.



            -Phoenix Mountain


            The three appeared in Phoenix Mountain once again. An angry yell greeted them.


            Blazing General: Flamberge


            Flamberge created a sword of her own. She dashed at the three, trying to slash them. She missed, and the three counter-attacked. One of the stars she left behind was inhaled by Kirby, who then became Fire Kirby. Flamberge turned around, and tried dashing again. The three attacked Flamberge until she became even more enraged than she already was. The blazing general pulled out a massive cannon, one with a long fuse. She started to charge it up, but Robin used Rexcalibur on the fuse. With the fuse blown out, Flamberge’s cannon started to overload. It then exploded in her face, knocking her to the ground. The three attacked her, sending her deep into Phoenix Mountain. “Nooooo!” Flamberge yelled, disappearing into the distance.



            -Egg Engines


            The three appeared inside of Egg Engines, met with a certain robot.


            Rogue Robot of Halcandra: Metal General


            Metal General started to fire a few missiles at the three. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Bomb Kirby. Kirby held up his bomb, and Robin used Rexcalibur on it. Kirby’s bombs became Bluster Bombs. The three attacked Metal General, who pulled out a sword. He dashed at them, spinning his sword. The three continued to attack, until Metal General pulled out a massive missile. He then flew off into the distance, flying back in. Kirby dropped his ability, and started to super inhale. As the missile slowly fell to the ground, Metal General jumped off of it. Kirby inhaled the massive missile, becoming Crash Kirby. “Poooooooyyyyyaaaaaah!” Kirby cried, creating a massive explosion. The explosion was enough to decommission Metal General.



            -Phoenix Mountain


            The three appeared in the Phoenix’s domain, met with a familiar mage.


            Lightning General: Zan Partizanne


            Zan Partizanne started by thrusting her partisan into the ground, creating a small field of electricity. She moved around the arena at lightning speed. She started to spin her partisan around, creating a small thundercloud. It slowly moved across the arena, leaving small thunderbolts. Kirby inhaled one, and became Plasma Kirby. The three quickly moved to attack her, angering the lightning general. She then moved to the middle of the arena, and created her signature Thunder Drums. She floated above the arena, and started to fire a barrage of lightning balls out of the drums. “Baaahahahaha!” Partizanne laughed. She then floated up further, and fired a beam of light into the ground. Suddenly, a massive beam of electricity covered half of the arena, leaving aftershocks in its wake. With Partizanne occupied, the three attacked her from below, defeating the lightning general. “Ah!” Zan cried, as she fell to the ground. As she did, a rift opened next to her. A massive blue hand came out, and grabbed Zan. It pulled her in, closing the rift behind it.



            -Heart of the Company


            The three appeared in President Haltmann’s office. Unlike before, it was in its normal look. A familiar figure jumped down from the ceiling.


            Sprightly Mechanized Cleric: Mecha-Lissa


            “Hi-yah!” Mecha-Lissa yelled, creating a black staff. She swung it around, creating balls of electricity. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Spark Kirby. The three attacked the mechanized cleric. “Kirby!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon. Kirby attacked it, turning her Power Shot into a Wave Beam. With their electrical attacks, the three made quick work of Mecha-Lissa’s staff. The staff exploded in her hands, knocking her over. “Ow!” Mecha-Lissa cried. She then got back up, and created a massive axe. Lissa then started to spin the axe around at a rapid pace, covering the office in a cyclone of pain. The jumped over the attack, and Mecha-Lissa became extremely dizzy. The three used this window to attack, and Mecha-Lissa came back to her senses. She then swung her axe around, creating electrical balls as she went. The electricity covered a good chunk of the arena. She then held her axe above her head, and started spinning it around again. She took off like a tornado, spinning in circles. She eventually became dizzy again, falling to the ground. The three attacked her, defeating her. “Ah! …I-I’m sorry… I can’t go on…” she said, as she jumped towards the ceiling.




            -New Temple of Time Courtyard


            The three appeared in front of the Temple of Time, which was stuck inside the town of AAAAA. As they did, a mask started to float down from above.


            Ancient Deity in Mask Form: Majora’s Mask


            Thin red tentacles started to form from the back of Majora’s Mask. The mask laid flat, and spun around like a saw. Majora’s Mask floated down around the ground, covering it. Samus, Robin, and Kirby jumped over, and Majora’s Mask floated back up. It then fired beams. Kirby inhaled one, becoming Beam Kirby. After a few more attacks, Majora’s Mask fell. It then grew spindly arms and legs, and got back up.


            Incarnation of the Ancient Deity: Majora’s Incarnation


            Majora’s Incarnation started to run around, dancing in a weird fashion. Shrieking, Majora’s Incarnation started to kick at the three. They continued to attack, and knocked Majora’s Incarnation down quickly. Majora’s Incarnation started to stir, and its limbs started to enlarge. It then grew a head, and grew natural whips.


            Wrath of the Deity: Majora’s Wrath


            The new head roared, and Majora’s Wrath started to whip at the three. It then created a spiked top, and spun it at the three. Samus, Robin, and Kirby jumped over the top, as it spun out of the area. The continued to attack the fierce deity. Eventually, the wrath fell over, and started to disintegrate. The tiny pieces of Majora’s Wrath floated into the beyond.



            -Industrial Toast


            The three appeared inside of a floating industrial complex. A massive cylinder appeared from the background, revealing faced bread.


            425° of Pain: Octo Oven


            The faces of the Octo Oven cried out, and thrusted towards the three. The three jumped up on the bread, which then started to turn. The three jumped up to the next piece of bread. They eventually made it to the top, and attacked the tentacle. The tentacle exploded, forcing the three back down to the ground. The Octo Oven then roared, releasing some torrents of ink on the ground. The bread thrust forward again, creating a way up. The three moved up to the top, attacking the tentacle on the top. The tentacle exploded again, forcing them back to the ground. As the Octo Oven became angrier, the bread grew armor. As it roared, more ink columns rose from the ground. An ink shower appeared on the side of the Octo Oven, which started to move around the arena. It covered the three, causing minor damage. The armored bread thrust out of the oven, leading up to the tentacle on top. As the three tried to climb it, the bread was slippery. They reached the top, and destroyed the tentacle for good. As it blew up, the bread inside of the Octo Oven burned.




            -Peach’s Castle Grounds


            The three appeared in front of Peach’s Castle. As they did, a massive blast of blue exploded from the castle, destroying the door. A spider-like creature rushed out of the castle, turning pink.


            Sheikah Tech Gone Bad: Guardian Stalker


            The Guardian Stalker immediately started by firing a massive laser blast at the three. The three attacked the legs of the Guardian, destroying one of them. The Guardian seemed to panic, firing aimless lasers out in many directions. It then tried to focus on the three again, focusing on Robin. It fired another laser blast, this time covering more of the arena. The three continued to attack it, breaking another leg. The Guardian seemed to panic again, unable to focus. This went back and forth until all the Guardian’s legs were destroyed. With nothing else to do, the Guardian fired as many lasers as it could, but to no avail. Samus fired one last missile into it, destroying the Guardian Stalker. It blew up in a blue explosion, leaving behind a few spare parts.



            -Ylisstol Gate


            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared in front of Ylisstol’s gate. As they did, a set of unique Robobot Armor appeared from above. It revealed a pink-haired pilot.


            Executive Assistant: Susie


            Susie’s visor went on, and she started to jump around. She missed crushing the three, and went for turning her business suit’s arms into a saw, spinning around the arena. The three attacked her until she became angry. She then floated up above the ground, and aimed the drill bit on the bottom of her suit. She fired at the three. Kirby inhaled one of the drill bits, and became Bomb Kirby. The three continued to attack as Susie fired missiles at them. The three continued to attack until Susie was defeated. Her business suit started to malfunction, much to Susie’s dismay. It exploded, and Susie fell to the ground. She then got up, pulled out a remote, and pressed a button on it. A small drone floated above her, which she grabbed. She then flew away, laughing as she did.



            -Above Ylisstol


            The three appeared on the Chaos Island, orbiting around the Access Ark. A weird, grotesque creature flew by them.


            Sower of Chaos: The Chaos Kin


            The Chaos Kin started to flutter around the battlefield, creating a few Aurum Tribytes. The three quickly dispatched the Tribytes, bringing the sower of chaos back. It then landed on the platform, firing lasers at the three. The three jumped over, attacking the Chaos Kin. It then quickly rushed at the three, swiping at them with its soul-stealing tail. It missed, leaving ample opportunity for attack. It then fired a blast of dark energy, which Kirby inhaled. Kirby then spat the energy back out, hurting the Chaos Kin. The Chaos Kin then quickly charged at the three, but they jumped over. The Chaos Kin then released poisonous gas into the arena. Kirby inhaled it, and became Poison Kirby. Together, the three brought down to evil creature. It then exploded, leaving a trail of living ash. The ash flew off, never to be seen again.



            -Prison Island


            The three appeared on Prison Island. As they did, a certain Faced Mechon crashed down to the ground. “Fancy meeting you here!”


            Infernal Faced Mechon: Metal Face


            Metal Face slashed at the three with his massive claws. The three dodged, and started to attack him. A glowing aura covered Metal Face, and three rifts appeared behind him.  Metal Face flew into the pink one. He then dashed out of the yellow one, catching the three by surprise. Metal Face then fired a laser from the cannon on his back, covering the arena in a blue laser. He then flew through the yellow rift. He appeared from the blue one, landing on the ground. The three attacked Metal Face’s legs, causing as much damage as they could. Metal Face then created electrical balls, firing them down upon the arena. Kirby inhaled one, and became Spark Kirby. Robin then pulled out his Bronze Sword, and held it up in the air. Kirby hit him with a small spark of electricity, turning Robin’s sword into a Zap Sword. Kirby then hit Samus’ arm cannon with electricity, turning it into a Wave Beam. The three then attacked Metal Face with super-effective damage, downing the Faced Mechon. He fell to the ground, completely scrapped. As he did, a human fell out of the wreckage, coughing up a fit.



            -Arena Lobby


            After defeating Metal Face, the three appeared in the lobby again. However, it was nighttime. The sky was covered in a beautiful array of stars. You could almost see another galaxy. A picture of Galleom sat above the door. The three went in, ready to face the last few bosses.





            Samus, Kirby, and Robin appeared inside of Subspace, a short way away from Tabuu’s door. A massive automaton crashed down from the sky.


            Missile-Launching Tank Monster: Galleom


            Galleom jumped up and down, trying to crush the three. Galleom then stopped, firing missiles at the three. Samus fired on him with a few missiles, and Robin used his Bolganone tome. Galleom then stood up, stiff. He fell to the platform like a plank, crushing the three. As Galleom fell, he turned into a tank, rushing across the Subspace platform. Kirby inhaled a leftover star, causing little damage to the mechanical monstrosity. Galleom fired more missiles, which Kirby inhaled. Kirby swallowed one, becoming Missile Kirby. Kirby held his hand up, catching Robin’s attention. Robin used his Bolganone tome on Kirby, turning Kirby into a Sizzle Missile. Kirby launched himself at Galleom, causing damage. Galleom slammed its hands down on the platform, creating a shockwave across the platform. The three jumped over him, as Galleom transformed again. In his tank form, Galleom fired much faster missiles towards the ground. Samus countered one, firing it right back at Galleom. The impact of the countered missile was enough to defeat the Subspace guardian. Galleom stiffened up, and fell off the side of the platform, falling into the depths of Subspace.





            -Tabuu’s Palace


            The three appeared inside of Tabuu’s Palace, in front of Tabuu’s throne. Many Primids stood in the background. The insane president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine, stood in front of them. A Nihilego floated down upon her, fusing with her.


            Ultra Parasitic Fusion: Mother Beast Lusamine


            The Mother Beast roared at the three, moving her tentacles up. She slammed them down, trying to hit the three. She moved down, parallel to the platform. She then moved her appendages in a buzz saw-like fashion. The three jumped over, as Lusamine floated back up. She then grabbed a Primid, throwing it at the three. Kirby inhaled it, and spit it back at her. She then picked up another one, one holding a beam sword. She threw it, only for Kirby to inhale it. Kirby then became Sword Kirby. Kirby held his sword up, getting Robin’s attention. Robin used his Thoron tome on it, turning Kirby’s sword into a Zap Sword. Kirby attacked Lusamine, causing super-effective damage. The Mother Beast roared, grabbing another Primid. She threw it, only for Samus to counter it back at her. As it hit her, Lusamine became stunned. She then floated down to the ground, and separated from Nihilego. Lusamine fell over, unconscious. Nihilego floated off.




            -Trion’s Domain


            Robin, Kirby, and Samus appeared inside of the Frigate Orpheon, which was in a state of gravitational mess. As soon as they did, a gelatinous blob appeared from out of nowhere, and started to morph into a massive bug-like creature. As it began to take shape, the faces of Bandana Waddle Dee, Chrom, and Adam started to form. It then roared at the three.


            Tabuu’s Fusion Abomination: Trion


            Trion immediately started by quickly running around the reactor, leaving a trail of acid in its wake. The three attacked it, causing moderate damage. The three faces of Trion opened, firing blobs of acid. The tail became exposed. The three attacked the tail, causing more damage than before. Trion then glowed, initiating a Shift. It spewed acid into one of the rifts, covering much of the area in acid. Samus, Kirby, and Robin attacked the exposed tail once again. The parasite form of Trion roared, and morphed back into a blob. Frigate Orpheon started to break down, revealing a sunlit sky. The three fell towards the infinite beyond. As they fell, the massive form of Grima flew under them, picking them up. Trion’s blob form appeared once again, morphing into a shadow-covered clone of Waddle Dee.


            Shadow Clones: Trion


            The clone of Waddle Dee rushed at the three, spear in hand. It threw the spear, which landed in front of Kirby. Kirby inhaled it, becoming Spear Kirby. “Poyah!” Kirby said, pointing up his spear. Robin fired a Thoron onto it, turning Kirby’s spear into a Zap Spear. The three continued to attack the Waddle Dee clone, until it fell over. The Waddle Dee clone then formed into a clone of Samus’ commanding officer, Adam. The Adam clone pulled out a blaster, firing it at the three. Samus countered the shot, firing it right back at him. Kirby dash-jumped into the air, and rained electrical spears down upon Adam, defeating the clone. The clone then morphed into a dark clone of Chrom. The Chrom clone rushed at the three, swiping with his clone Falchion. Kirby rained down more electrical spears, and Robin fired a Rexcalibur at Chrom, knocking the fake down. The fake Chrom yelled, and morphed into a Trion blob. Grima then did a corkscrew in the air, flinging the three off it. The sky turned to night, and the three landed on a platform. The pale moonlight covered the area. The massive form of the Dreamstalk suddenly grew from beneath the clouds. Trion’s blob floated over to it, fusing with the Dreamstalk. White light covered the tall plant, eventually revealing a bud. Two more buds sprouted off it. All of the buds bloomed, revealing the faces of Bandana Waddle Dee, Chrom, and Adam.


            Eternal Dreamstalk Beast: Trion


            As Trion grew, two Sectonia flowers appeared. “Pyah!” Kirby said, holding up his Zap Spear. Robin then used Bolganone on it, turning it into a Sizzle Spear.

            “Robin!” Samus said, pointing up her arm cannon as well. Robin quickly fired another Bolganone, turning Samus’ Power Shot into a Plasma Beam. The three fired upon the plants, hitting them with super-effective damage. Trion activated a Create, turning the Sectonia flowers into a sword. The sword slashed down onto the platform, barely missing. The Sectonia flowers became flowers once again, and pointed down towards the platform. They fired seeds as fast as bullets onto the platform. The three continued to attack, hurting Trion enough. The bud of Adam moved closer, leveling with the three. Samus fired a charged Plasma Beam into it, destroying the bud. Trion roared in pain. More Sectonia flowers joined in, firing a grid of lasers. The three continued to attack the flowers, as the Chrom bud moved closer. It slammed down onto the platform, shaking it. The three dodged, as Trion activated another Create. It turned two of the Sectonia flowers into a large, floral mallet. It then bashed the side of the platform, tilting it towards the right. The force of the tilt almost caused the three to fly off. The platform leveled out, as the flowers became normal once again. The Chrom bud slammed down once again. The three continued to attack it, making the Chrom bud explode. The central bud of the Dreamstalk roared out in pain again, and became enraged. It then summoned four new Sectonia flowers, creating an electrical grid. The grid rotated around the area, before stopping. The three attacked the Sectonia flowers until Trion roared out in pain one last time. The central bud exploded, leaving just the bud of the Dreamstalk. It then fell back, becoming engulfed in the moonlit clouds.



            -Another Dimension


            The three rode on the back of Nebby, met with a familiar clone.


            Samus’ Phazon Clone: Dark Samus


            Dark Samus flew around, immediately firing a Shrapnel Beam at Nebby. The beam covered half of the interdimensional tunnel, barely grazing the Pokémon. Nebby fired a beam at Dark Samus, damaging her. The Phazon clone retaliated by creating many Phazon columns, attempting to impale Nebby. All of them missed, leaving an opening for Nebby to fire a more powerful beam at Dark Samus. Dark Samus used a faux-Shinespark, dashing around quickly around Nebby. The Pokémon dodged the reincarnated Metroid Prime. Seeing an opening, Nebby fired another beam at the doppelgänger. This pushed Dark Samus over her boiling point. In her rage, the Phazon clone created a large ball of pure Phazon, firing it at Nebby. Nebby quickly avoided it, and fired a Hyper Beam at the dark clone, destroying her. Dark Samus exploded in a bright display of blue light.



            -The Last Arena Lobby


            The three appeared in the final lobby. Clouds covered the night sky, weather turning to rain. A static image sat above the door. The three took the last healing item, prepared for the final battle.






            The three appeared on a platform in Subspace, which was currently breaking down upon itself. The massive form of Tabuu appeared from under the platform.


            Lord of Subspace: Tabuu


            Tabuu immediately created a row of rifts, dropping out some dimensional debris. The debris fell onto the platform, covering some of it. Kirby inhaled some of it, spitting it at Tabuu’s hands. The other two attacked with their normal weapons. Tabuu then grabbed the bottom of the platform, tipping it towards the depths of Subspace. The three hung on to the platform for dear life. Tabuu then put the platform back, and started to fire lasers upon it. The three expertly dodged the lasers, attacking Tabuu in the process. Angered, Tabuu summoned another set of rifts, dropping more debris into the arena. Kirby inhaled some of it, spitting it back at Tabuu. Samus and Robin both used their regular weapons on Tabuu. Tabuu became angry, slamming his hands down on the platform. He then grabbed the platform again, tipping it towards the darkness. He let go, firing lasers at the three. The three dodged again, hitting Tabuu with everything they had. Tabuu summoned another row of rifts, dropping more dimensional debris. The debris was on fire. Kirby inhaled it, becoming Fire Kirby. The three continued to attack Tabuu, who tipped the platform again. As he dropped it, he shot one last array of lasers from his eyes. He then held out his hand, and slammed it down onto the platform. This flattened Robin in the process. Tabuu then summoned one last attack, a massive ball of shadow. He threw it up in the air, letting it fall to the Subspace platform. Samus then countered it, turning it to light. Tabuu struck it back, turning it to shadow once again. Samus hit it, and fired it back at the twisted figure. It hit Tabuu right in his white core, defeating him. Tabuu let out a loud grunt, and proceeded to glow with a profuse light. He then exploded, leaving nothing but a small shard of himself. The shard flew down onto the platform, dormant. Robin then kicked it into Subspace, freeing the multiverse from Tabuu’s reign.





            “Hey, good job! You beat every single boss in a row!” R.O.B. congratulated. He handed the three a trophy. Samus rose it above her head in pride, as Robin and Kirby also cheered.


Chapter Text

            -World of Trophies – Isle of the Ancients


            The Gateway on the Isle of the Ancients activated, creating a rift. Samus, Kirby, and Robin jumped out of the rift. As they did, a hatch opened up nearby. Another, smaller gateway appeared. A sign on top of it read “Guest Star”. “Hey, you’ve unlocked the Guest Star mode!” R.O.B. said. “You can play as many different heroes in their own adventure!”



            -Bionis’ Leg – Gaur Plains


            A rift appeared slightly above Gaur Plain. Unlike the rifts beforehand, this one was reddish-purple-colored rather than blue-colored.


            Guest Star: Link – Hero of Hyrule


            The champion of Hyrule appeared, riding a horse. He jumped off the horse. The horse let out a neigh, and left. Link then made his way forward through Hyrule Field. Many enemies started to surround Link. He pulled out the Master Sword, slashing at the creatures of the Bionis. An M32 Scout Unit ambushed Link, shooting at him. Link then pulled out a bow, and fired an Ancient Arrow at it. The M32 Scout Unit then formed into a dark blue orb, imploding in on itself. Link eventually came across a lake. He pulled out a Sheikah Slate, and created a column of ice on the water. He climbed to the top of it, and created another one. He quickly moved across the lake, jumping from Cryonis column to Cryonis column. The hero of Hyrule eventually came across a massive boulder, with a line of Bunnits behind it. Link pulled out his Sheikah Slate, and froze the boulder in time with Stasis. He slashed at the rock with his sword many times, with the rock becoming progressively more red. The Stasis wore off, and the boulder took off quickly, crushing every single Bunnit in its path. Link made his way further into the Bionis’ Leg, until a laugh filled the air. “Haven’t seen your mug around here!” A massive mechanical nightmare crashed down in front of Link.


            Traitorous Mechanized Mumkhar: Metal Face EX


            “Don’t mind if I join, do ya?” All of the dark parts of Metal Face were silver. Metal Face slashed with his long claws, missing Link. Link then fired an Ancient Arrow into Metal Face’s chest, causing immense damage. Metal Face then charged up the cannon on his back, quickly firing a red laser. Link quickly held his shield up, parrying the shot. The shot flew right back at Metal Face, defeating the mechanized monster. “This ain’t how it’s meant to go!” Metal Face said, dropping to his knees. He then started to transform into a jet. “It’s been a good laugh, but I’m off!” Metal Face said, flying off towards the head of the Bionis. Link quickly took off after him.



            -Eryth Sea – Prison Island


            Link made his way into Prison Island, tailing Metal Face EX. As he did, another laugh filled the air. “Nice night for a stroll, don’t you think?” the familiar voice of Metal Face called out, crashing into the ground. “Time to cut you down to size!” Metal Face said, before a massive laser blast hit him. “Agggh!” he cried out, stumbling towards the side of Prison Island. Metal Face EX then fell, falling into the depths of the Eryth Sea. Link looked up in surprise, seeing another entity floating towards him.


            Reincarnation of Lady Meyneth: Face Nemesis


            The angelic form of Face Nemesis floated down towards Link. “The upgraded form of Metal Face could not defeat you. In accordance to my master’s orders, I will defeat all who stand in my way.” Face Nemesis said in a feminine voice, creating two curved swords. She then rushed down towards Link, attempting to slash him. As she did, Link quickly parried. As Face Nemesis was stunned, Link then used his signature Flurry Rush, and slashed at Face Nemesis with his sword. The amount of hits caused massive damage to the Faced Mechon. As Link finished his strike, Face Nemesis started to charge up the two rhombus-shaped insignias upon her head. She then fired a blue beam down at the ground, covering Prison Island. Link quickly jumped over it, firing an Ancient Arrow at the Mechon. This caused enough damage to defeat Face Nemesis. “Aah!” she cried, as she fell to the ground. As she crashed, part of the Faced Mechon exploded, revealing a young female adult with a few mechanized pieces attached to them. “I… can’t take it… anymore…” A purple-colored rift appeared underneath her, taking Face Nemesis and her human pilot away. The force of the rift was strong enough to pull Link in, taking him to further dimensions.




            -Unknown Dimension – Save Point


            Link appeared in an area resembling the Isle of the Ancients. A flat pedestal sat nearby, along with a star-shaped rift. Link stepped on the pedestal, saving his time. He then moved onto the rift, moving forward.




            -Melemele Island – Hau’oli City


            A rift opened right above the streets of Hau’oli City. Link appeared from the rift, ready for action. Seeing no danger, Link moved deeper into the city. As he did, a purple-colored rift opened in the distance.


            Summon: Space Pirates


            Space Pirates started to fly out from the rift, attacking the city. A few flew down in front of Link, roaring at him. Link slashed the pirates with the Master Sword, quickly taking them down. Link made his way further into the city, defeating Space Pirates as he went along. He eventually made it to the other side of the city, where a Warpstar sat. Link then jumped onto the Warpstar, flying towards the Aether Paradise.



            -Aether Paradise - Interior


            The Warpstar crashed down on the Aether Paradise, releasing Link. The Hero of the Wild quickly moved into the depths of the area. Space Pirates guarded the area, shooting at Link as he went along. The fearless Hylian took them all down as he went along, furthering his adventure.



            -Aether Paradise -Exterior


            Link made his way towards the outside, met with the Branch Chief Faba. Faba then sent out his Hypno. The Hypno appeared to be pink instead of yellow. It proceeded to fire a blast of psychic energy at Link. Link quickly dodged it, and quickly slashed at Hypno. Link then fired an Ancient Arrow, defeating the Hypno. Faba put his head in his hands, and dropped a key. Link grabbed the key, and made his way further into the Aether Paradise. He eventually reached the door of the Aether Mansion, opening it.




            -Aether Paradise – Trophy Room


            Link appeared inside of the Aether Paradise Trophy Room, immediately met with a familiar face. “It seems I’ll have to silence you.”


            Lillie’s Deranged Mother: Lusamine EX


            Lusamine immediately sent out her Clefable. “Clefable!” the Clefable cried. This Clefable appeared to be a lighter shade of pink, with green-tipped ears. Clefable waved her finger, firing a Moonblast at Link. Link parried the shot, firing it back at Clefable. Link then rushed at Clefable, slashing it. The steel of the sword caused super-effective damage, causing Clefable to faint. Lusamine stomped on the ground, and sent out her next Pokémon. A Lilligant appeared from her Ultra Ball. The Lilligant appeared to be a more saturated shade of green, with a pink flower upon its head.

            “Lilli!” the Lilligant cried, firing a blizzard of petals at Link. Link fired a Fire Arrow at Lilligant, causing massive damage. Lilligant then fired another blast of petals, this time being much larger than before. Link guarded against it, and slashed at Lilligant. “Lil…” Lilligant cried, fainting.

            “You’re nothing but an infernal brat!” Lusamine said, sending out her last Pokémon. A Bewear came out of her Ultra Ball.

            “Bewear!” the Bewear cried. This Bewear was a yellowish orange, rather than pink. Bewear quickly rushed at Link, trying to bash him. Link jumped over Bewear, firing an Ancient Arrow. The Ancient Arrow hit Bewear, causing it to faint.

            “How… how can you be so awful!” Lusamine yelled, clenching her fists together. Suddenly, a red streak grabbed Link, taking him up to the roof.



            -Aether Paradise – Roof


            The red streak dropped Link onto the roof. Link got up, looking upon the malicious beast.


            Leader of the Space Pirates: Ridley EX


            Ridley shrieked at Link. Ridley took on a red color scheme rather than his normal purple. Ridley then rushed down at Link, attempting to claw at him. Link parried Ridley, countering with an Ancient Arrow. Ridley then flew around the roof, flying towards Alola. Ridley then rushed back, hitting Link from the background. Ridley then flew around again, thrusting his tail into the ground. He dragged it across the roof. Link jumped over, as Ridley came back around. The draconic creature dragged his tail across again, missing Link. Ridley then breathed a bright blue fire, covering the roof. Link quickly fired an Ice Arrow into Ridley, hurting him. Ridley then became angry, and flew up to the sky. Ridley crashed down onto the roof with immense force, breaking through the ceiling beneath him. Both he and Link fell into the conversation area, crashing onto a walkway. Any Pokémon surrounding them both fled in fear. Ridley then whipped his tail around, trying to hit Link. The Hylian jumped over him, firing a Bomb Arrow at Ridley. The massive reptile then dashed at Link, moving in to ram him. Link parried Ridley, knocking him over. The Hylian hero pulled out his Sheikah Slate, and froze Ridley in place with Stasis. Link then rushed at the frozen Ridley, quickly slashing the reptile with his sword several times. After the Stasis wore off, Ridley cried out in pain. He then stood up, falling into water below. Link then struck a pose, flipping his sword around. As soon as the hero did, however, a noise caught his attention. Link turned around, only for an Ultra Wormhole to open right behind him. A crystalline creature started to move out of the rift. It was all black, minus some color for its eyes. It almost appeared to reflect all the light around it, like a prism.


            Prism Pokémon: Necrozma


            Necrozma gave an echoed cry. It almost sounded like it was in pain. The pitch-black Pokémon started to charge up, and fired a Prismatic Laser at Link. A radiant beam of light flew towards the hero of Hyrule, who quickly jumped out of the way. Link used Stasis on the Prism Pokémon, freezing it in place. He quickly fired a few arrows before Necrozma was freed. The pitch-black Pokémon proceeded to create a set of sparkling blue stones, and fired another beam at Link. The hero dodged the Power Gem, and continued to fire at Necrozma. Necrozma eventually roiled back in pain. Suddenly, a steely roar filled the air.


            Summon: Solgaleo


            The Sunne Pokémon known as Solgaleo flew into the Conservation Area. “La-lioooona!” It roared at Necrozma, who reciprocated the aggression. The two started to fire beams at one another, and the white lion slashed at the prism creature with its claws. Necrozma then grabbed the Sunne Pokémon with its disproportionate arms, and threw it into the bridge underneath them. The force was enough to break the bridge, sending Link and the two Pokémon down to the shallow lake. Ridley laid unconscious behind the two. Necrozma’s hands started glowing orange, and it almost seemed to suck the life out of Solgaleo. The two seemed to start melding together. Light filled the area, blinding Link. Once the Hylian could see again, all that stood before him was Solgaleo. However, many black crystalline parts covered the Sunne Pokémon’s body. It appeared to be brighter, but more faded than before. Two massive hands that looked like Necrozma’s sprouted from its back. The Prism Pokémon had fused with it.


            Dusk Mane: Necrozma


            Now in its Dusk Mane form, Necrozma roared with both it and Solgaleo’s voice. The Prism Pokémon slashed at Link with its back claws. Link parried the attack, stunning the light-hungry creature. He then slashed at it, hurting Necrozma in the process. The orange and black Pokémon got itself together, and dashed at the Hylian. Link quickly jumped over, firing a Fire Arrow towards the beast’s back. The beast turned again for another dash. Link pulled out his Sheikah Slate, and created a Cryonis column in front of Necrozma. This stopped the Pokémon prematurely, stunning it again. Link Flurry Rushed it again, defeating the Dusk Mane. Necrozma cried out in pain, and moved away from Link. The pattern on the Dusk Mane’s head started to move, and removed itself from the fusion’s head. It was a long triangular prism. Necrozma started to suck in some of the light around it, darkening the room in the process. The triangular prism then exploded, bathing the area in blinding light. As it subsided, the pitch-black Pokémon had become much taller, sprouting four wings and a tail. Its color went from black to a bright yellow, covering the area with light. The heat evaporated all of the water in the area, leaving just a puddle. “Lie… lie… LIIIIGHT!”


            Blinding One: Ultra Necrozma


            The Prism Pokémon had undergone an Ultra Burst, and became Ultra Necrozma. It roared, and gathered light to itself. It fired a massive blast of light at Link, who quickly jumped out of the way. Necrozma then tried again, creating another Photon Geyser. The Hylian dodged once again, firing arrows into the tall Pokémon. Necrozma then glowed a bright white, blinding Link. The Hylian hero couldn’t see the Prism Pokémon rushing down at him. Necrozma slashed Link, hurting him. The Hylian was able to see once more, firing more arrows into the Pokémon. Necrozma then surrounded itself in yellowish-orange light, and moved towards the middle of the arena. It then started to create a massive ball of light, sucking in any possible surrounding light. The world went dark as Necrozma’s enormous ball of light became as big as it could. The Prism Pokémon fired it down in the middle of the arena, creating a massive column of pure, damaging light. It almost appeared to destroy the Aether Paradise itself. Once the Light That Burns the Sky was over, Necrozma returned. Link used Stasis on it, freezing the Blinding One. He fired one last arrow into the pseudo-Ultra Beast, taking it down. Necrozma disappeared into a flurry of light particles, leaving a weakening Solgaleo in its wake. As the light disappeared, Link struck a pose of victory.





            -Unknown Dimension – Save Point


            Link appeared in the save point once again. He stepped on the flat pedestal, and then moved on.




Chapter Text

            -Phoenix Mountain


            A rift appeared within the volcanic mountain range known as Phoenix Mountain.


            Guest Star: Link – Hero of Hyrule


            As soon as Link landed, he took off. Underworld troops started to converge on the Hylian hero. A line of Monoeyes flew towards Link. He quickly fired an arrow at the leader, defeating the line quickly. A Petribomber stood in his way, throwing rocks at the young Hylian. Link parried the rock, defeating the Petribomber with it.



            Link moved further into Phoenix Mountain. As he did, a rift appeared in the sky above him.


            Summon: The Jambastion Mages


            The three Jambastion Mages, Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne, appeared from the rift. They were dressed fully white, with golden adornments lining their outfits. The symbol of the Jambandra Cult was purple for each of them. Zan Partizanne looked down at Link, and pointed. Francisca floated down to meet Link, as the other two flew off. Francisca summoned an axe, and pointed threateningly at Link.


            Boss: Bringer of Icy Doom: Francisca EX


            Francisca started put her axe in front of herself, and thrust quickly at Link. The Hylian quickly moved out of the way, and fired a Shock Arrow at the mage. Francisca then enlarged her labrys, and threw it to the ground. She quickly grabbed the hilt, and moved her weapon across the ground. A trail of painful ice was left behind. Link jumped over the attack, firing a Fire Arrow at his feet. As he did, some of the ice disappeared. The hero of Hyrule then fired another Shock Arrow at Francisca, angering her. The blue-haired mage pulled out a soda bottle-shaped blaster, and vigorously shook it up. She pointed it at the ground, and fired a powerful current of icy water towards the ground. The current hit the ground of the Phoenix Mountain, and reflected off towards the sky. It kept moving in a zig-zag pattern, as Link pulled out his Sheikah Slate. He used Cryonis on the current, freezing it in place. Francisca started to panic, hitting the blaster with her hands. Link then broke the Cryonis, surprising Francisca. In her state of slight confusion, Link fired a few Shock Arrows into the current. The electricity started to flow through the current, eventually reach Francisca’s soda blaster.  Her soda blaster started to overload, and exploded in Francisca’s face. The force of the blast was enough to knock Francisca to the ground. Link hit her with the Master Sword a few times, until she flew off into the depths of Phoenix Mountain. “Aiiiiiiiyeeeee!” the mage cried as she flew away. Link was now free to leave, and he gave chase towards the other Jambastion Mages.



            Link moved even further into Phoenix Mountain. He eventually reached an area with many rocky layers to it. As he did, a yell filled the air. Looking up, Link saw the blazing general Flamberge. The hot-headed mage summoned a wave-bladed sword, and slashed at Link.


            Boss: Bringer of Flame: Flamberge EX


            Flamberge jumped around the arena, attempting to slash Link as she went along. Link fired an Ice Arrow at the red mage. This appeared to cause super-effective damage to her. Flamberge floated towards the upper corner of the arena, and swiped her sword once. The slice created a wave of fireballs targeted directly at the Hylian. Link fired an Ice Arrow into the shots, hitting Flamberge in the process. The blazing general floated towards the ground, and thrust her sword into it. Similarly to Francisca, she sliced through the arena like cake. Link quickly jumped over her, firing another Ice Arrow at her. Flamberge became angrier than she already was, and pulled out a massive Oven Cannon. A long fuse landed on the ground near Link, as the cannon started to charge up. Link fired an Ice Arrow onto the fuse, putting it out. Without anything to set it off, Flamberge’s Oven Cannon started to overheat dramatically. It then exploded underneath her, stunning the Jambastion mage. Link quickly slashed at her while she was stunned, sending Flamberge packing. “Agggggh!” Flamberge yelled as she flew into the depths of Phoenix Mountain. Link then moved on.



            After many trials and tribulations, Link made it to the domain of the Phoenix. As he made his way forward, a massive bird appeared to fall into the lava below. Link looked to his side, and saw Zan Partizanne holding her signature partisan. “He-yah!” she said, waving her weapon at him.


            Boss: Bringer of Shock: Zan Partizanne EX


            Zan Partizanne quickly zipped through the arena, moving as fast as a lightning bolt. She hit Link a few times before he could react. Link tried to fire arrows at the lightning general, but was unable to land a hit. Zan Partizanne then moved in to attack Link, but as she did, the Hylian jumped back. Link then flew into a Flurry Rush, slashing at Zan like no tomorrow. Zan Partizanne then became angry, and quickly moved into the middle of the arena. She summoned her signature Thunder Drums. She quickly moved up towards the upper corner of the arena, and created a spear of lightning. She fired in a diagonal line down towards the ground, and electricity seemed to flow from it. Link quickly moved out of the way, as a massive beam of electricity covered half of the arena, leaving a trail of smaller shocks on the ground. Seeing an opening, Link fired an Ice Arrow up at the yellow-haired mage, causing as much damage as he could. Zan then moved to the other side of the arena, and started to charge up. “Hyah!” she cried, firing a volley of electrical balls at Link. The hero of Hyrule quickly parried one of the balls back at Zan Partizanne, causing moderate damage. She then moved to the middle of the arena, and started to charge up for a fountain of electrical balls. Link quickly slashed at her with his sword, defeating the Jambastion mage. “Aah!” Partizanne cried, as she fell to the ground. A rift opened up nearby, followed by a sizable, red, holographic hand. It then grabbed her, taking Partizanne into the rift. Link then posed heroically, as a heavy screech filled the air. Link turned around towards the lava behind him. A massive beacon of light resembling the Phoenix appeared from underneath the molten rock. The lava started to ripple, and a bird-like creature started to float up from underneath the lava. The Phoenix had been reborn.


            Boss: The Immortal Protector Reborn: Phoenix EX


            The Phoenix loudly screeched at Link. The Phoenix had been reborn a deep red color, and appeared to be giving off deep red fire. The Phoenix quickly descended towards the arena, scratching the floor with its talons. Link jumped over the attack, countering with a Shock Arrow. The Phoenix circled back around, slicing through the arena once again. As it flew away, massive boulders lined in blue fire started to fly out of the rift. They landed on the sides of the arena, cracking it a bit. As the fire died down, columns of lava flew up from the sides of the platform, leaving less room for Link to move around. The Phoenix flew into the background, and quickly started flapping its wings. The massive avian created a large tornado, which started to move through the arena. It cooled the lava fountains as it went along, and barely missed Link before it dissipated. The Phoenix opened its beak, and fired massive ball of fire down at the Hylian. Link moved to the sides of the arena, as a tall column of fire erupted from the fireball. The Phoenix flew back into the arena, and Link quickly used Stasis on it. As quick as he could, Link fired a wave of Shock Arrows at the Phoenix before it went down. The Phoenix fell back into the lava, ready to be reborn another day. Link struck a heroic pose, and was warped out of Phoenix Mountain.



            -Save Point


            Link entered another save point. Unlike the one before, this one appeared to be in the middle of the day. Link stepped on the save point, and moved on to the next stage.




            -Egg Engines


            Link appeared in Egg Engines. He was met with a few Halcandran enemies. He slashed through each of them with his sword, moving further into the mechanical complex.



            Link made it into a factory-like setting, battling any Halcandran enemies that stood in hi way. He eventually made it deep enough, and a mini-boss spawned in.


            Mini-Boss: Upgraded UFO: Dubior EX


            A new version of Dubior showed up. Its body was a colored in a pinkish hue, and it only had one eye compared to two. It quickly started darting around the arena, giving Link barely any openings to attack. Link quickly used Stasis on it, giving him the chance to fire a single Shock Arrow at the Halcandran UFO. Dubior quickly broke out of Stasis, moving in to ram Link. As Link jumped over, Dubior did a loop, hitting Link anyway. The UFO then spawned a great amount of Dubior Juniors. The tinier crafts moved towards the Hylian. Link quickly had an idea, and pulled out his Sheikah Slate. He then used his Magnesis rune on one of the Dubior Juniors, taking control of it. He waved it around, destroying the other crafts. He then flung the Dubior Junior at the bigger Dubior, causing moderate damage. Dubior started to fire lightning down towards the ground, leaving excess shock. Link then used another Sheikah rune, this time creating a Remote Bomb. He threw the blue-lighted bomb at Dubior, defeating the automaton. Dubior fell to the ground, exploding. Link then moved on through Egg Engines.



            -Egg Engines Boss Stage


            The hero of Hyrule moved up through the mechanical nightmare, eventually reaching the very top. As he did, he was met with a dolphin-like robot. The red machine then lit up, creating a strange-looking sword.


            Boss: Upgraded General: Metal General EX


            Metal General flew at Link, spinning its sword like a propeller. Link jumped over, firing a Shock Arrow at the automaton. Metal General hit the other side of the arena, and turned around for another drive. Link jumped again, barely dodging the Halcandran robot. The hero fired another Shock Arrow at the robot, causing more damage. Metal General then turned to Link, attempting to slash the hero with its sword. Link parried the attack, slashing the automaton with his Master Sword. Metal General then aimed its arm cannon at Link, firing a volley of mines. Link quickly pulled out his Sheikah Slate, grabbing one of the mines with Magnesis. He flung it back over at Metal General, causing an explosion on its face. Link then fired an Ancient Arrow into the machine, appearing to defeat it. Metal General started to spark, and fell off the edge of the platform. Link relaxed, but a massive mechanical noise caught his attention. He looked down, only to see another robot start to rise up from the depths of Egg Engines. The new, massive robot appeared almost like the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land.


            Boss: Dedede’s Forgotten Robot: HR-D3 EX


            HR-D3 opened its head, revealing Metal General at the controls. The massive mech raised its arms. However, a flash of bright light quickly slashed through the robot. A long, deep gash covered the entire front of HR-D3, bringing the robot down instantly. As it fell, Link looked to the sky in wonder. A masked angelic sphere floated down in front of the Hylian, with a cross-shaped symbol on their mask. The entity held a lance and a shield, and opened their piercing red eyes.


            Boss: Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy: Galacta Knight


            Galacta Knight quickly faced Link in a threatening manner, floating slightly above the ground. The warrior moved towards Link, trying to stab the champion with his lance. Link parried the attack, leaving Galacta Knight open for a Flurry Rush. Link slashed at the temporal warrior several times before the knight got back to his senses. Galacta Knight moved back, and stabbed with his lance faster than the eye could see, creating what appeared to be a beam of light. Link dodged the beam, countering with an Ancient Arrow. Despite the raw power of the Ancient Arrow, not too much damage was caused to Galacta Knight. Despite this, the temporal warrior became enraged. He then started to glow with an orange aura. Galacta Knight flew towards the middle of the arena, and slashed through the sky. This slash created a rip through time and space. Link quickly moved out of the way, as the powerful energy between dimensions spilled out in a concentrated laser. It almost looked like the Lor Starcutter was inside of the rip. The tear closed itself, and Galacta Knight returned to the battlefield. He flew into the middle of it, and summoned a circle of light blades. He then pointed his lance towards the sky, and each blade flew to the sky in what could almost be described as a wave. They then started to fly diagonally from the sky, missing the corners. Link hid towards the corners, away from the attack. Galacta Knight then moved in to attack Link. He slashed with his lance, before quickly backing off. This appeared to fake out Link. Galacta Knight then proceeded to stab Link, causing moderate damage to the Hero of the Wild. Link quickly used Stasis on the temporal warrior, freezing Galacta Knight in place long enough to use his sword. As the Stasis ended, tiny explosions seemed to rock Galacta Knight’s body, as the warrior glowed a pure white. He floated towards the middle of the arena, and a pink crystal began to encase the greatest warrior in the galaxy. Galacta Knight had been sealed away once again. A purple-colored rift opened above Galacta Knight’s prison, and the warrior was taken away. Link heaved a sigh of relief, before an orb of darkness flew in. Link caught wind of it, and began to follow the malevolent force.



            -Greater Halcandra


            Link continued to chase after the ball of darkness. As he did, he passed a rainbow-colored portal, not unlike the standard rift. It then pulled Link inside, taking him to another part of the same dimension.




            -Floralia – Royal Road


            Link appeared inside of the castle at the highest peak of Floralia. Link got up, and looked around. He appeared high above some purple clouds, and the Dreamstalk which normally grew in front of the moon was gone. Two tall columns holding tall axes stood in front of the view. A strange laugh echoed throughout the room. A spider-like creature floated down from the ceiling. The creature, known by the name Taranza, laughed. Unlike his usual look, Taranza appeared to be pink and purple, unlike his usual red and orange. His midsection was green. He summoned a ball of dark energy. Inside, there appeared to be a penguin-like creature. Taranza released him from his prison, but not before taking over the creature’s mind with a terrifying mask.


            Boss: Revenge of the King: Masked Dedede


            King Dedede was immediately given a mechanical hammer. The self-proclaimed king started spinning his hammer around himself, creating almost a vortex with it. He flew around the arena, missing Link in the process. Dedede then stopped, dizzy. Link took this opportunity to slash at the king several times, hurting Dedede a great deal. The king shook his head, and turned back towards Link. He held his hammer to the ground, and the front of it opened. A barrage of missiles started to fly out from the opening of the hammer. Link used Magnesis on one of the missiles, causing it to stop in place. He moved it towards Dedede, causing it to explode in his face. Dedede became dazed, and Link quickly took the opportunity to slash at Dedede. The mask on the king’s face exploded, leaving only half on his face. Taranza looked at the king in shock, and rose him with magic. He turned the masked king’s robes purple. King Dedede became enraged, and jumped into the background. He grabbed one of the massive axes from their columns, and wove it around. Two dark balls of energy appeared, firing into the other column. The other axes were decimated.


            Boss: Revenge of the Revenge of the King: Masked Dedede’s Revenge


            Dedede roared at Link, charging up his long battle-axe. He then spun in an even faster circle, covering the entirety of the room. Link barely dodged the attack, and fired a Fire Arrow at King Dedede, causing moderate damage. The king became dazed once again, leaving Link ample time to attack. As Dedede came to his senses once again, he started to swing the axe in several different directions. The axe’s reach almost hit Link, who then parried the massive weapon. Link used Stasis on Dedede, freezing him for a few seconds. Link attacked again, eventually defeating the king once and for all. Dedede stumbled back, and eventually fell to the floor, unconscious. His massive axe exploded next to him. Taranza moved towards Dedede, and looked at Link. An angry expression crawled onto Taranza’s face, and the puppeteer moved to attack Link.


            Boss: Royal Puppeteer: Taranza


            Taranza started by firing a barrage of projectiles at Link. The Hylian hero dodged them, firing a Fire Arrow in return. The puppeteer then created a dark ball of energy. He threw it at the ground, and in bounced up and down. Link used Stasis on the energy ball, stopping it in place. The hero then threw a Remote Bomb at it, turning it from yellow to red. The Stasis wore off, sending the ball of energy flying across the arena. Eventually, it hit Taranza, causing massive damage. The puppeteer mage became furious. He floated into the background, creating magical nets. He fired them at Link, one ensnaring the daring hero. Link quickly broke out, stunning Taranza. The puppeteer fell to the ground, dizzy. Link quickly slashed at him, defeating the mage. Taranza, floated up into the air, and moved his six hands around in a pattern. A pink circle appeared, with another inside of it. Six hearts surrounded the inner circle. A large, bee-like creature appeared from the rift, holding two staves. They were silver and gold, respectively. Four similarly-shaped wings on their back started to expand. The creature glowed with a radiant light. Taranza appeared happy to see them. The creature turned to Taranza, and pointed their staves at the puppeteer. Taranza appeared confused, as a beam hit the poor puppeteer mage. He flew from the building, reverting to his traditional color scheme. The creature responsible turned to face Link, the light leaving their body. It revealed itself to be blue-and-yellow, with large insectoid eyes, and a crown upon their head.


            Boss: Dirty and Beauty: Queen Sectonia


            Queen Sectonia started warping around the room, before settling in the upper-right corner. She waved her silver staff, creating sparkling circles as it waved. Link parried one right back at her, causing her little damage. Sectonia then warped around again, settling in the opposite corner. She floated down to the ground, and her staves turned into twin katanas. She quickly swiped at Link, who parried her attack. Stunned, the corrupted queen moved back. Link quickly Flurry Rushed her, causing as much damage as he could. Sectonia regained her senses, and warped to the middle of the arena. She held up her golden staff, and fired black electricity down at the ground. Quickly, Link fired a Fire Arrow, hurting Sectonia. She then became slightly angry, and summoned a circular portal similar to Taranza’s. A massive jewel appeared from the portal, moving towards the outside of the room. Smaller jewels started to surround the big one. Queen Sectonia then created an updraft, forcing Link onto the enormous gemstone. Queen Sectonia warped to the foreground, creating golden rings. She fired them upon the platform. She created several more rings, firing each down on the jewel. Link managed to dodge each of them. As he did, the corrupted queen warped above the gemstone. She created two smaller portals.


            Summon: Large Antrs


            Two large, red Antrs appeared, as Sectonia warped away. Link quickly dispatched the lowly guards. Queen Sectonia warped back in, firing a wave of black lightning from her golden staff. She circled around the arena, attacking with more lightning. The hero of Hyrule continued to barely dodge Sectonia’s attack. The sullied grace floated down towards the platform, creating her twin katanas once again. She jabbed quickly, creating many after-images with her attack. Link parried her once again, stunning the queen. He quickly slashed at her with the Master Sword, damaging Sectonia enough. The queen warped to the middle of the arena, powering up her two staves. She slammed them down onto the jewel, breaking it completely. The force flung Link high into the sky. Link back down into the arena, bouncing off King Dedede in the process. As Link got up, Sectonia started warping around indiscriminately, giving no indication of where she would appear. She quickly appeared next to Link, and slashed with her twin katanas. Purple fire covered the swords. Link quickly jumped out of the way, as Sectonia continued to warp. She appeared next to Link again, who dodged. She warped again, appeared next to Link again. She was upside down, uppercutting Link. She then stopped, and summoned five small portals.


            Summon: Smaller Antrs


            Smaller, blue Antrs appeared from the portals, landing in a line. Queen Sectonia warped into the background, creating a ring around herself. It was a large, golden ring that looked similar to her portals. She fired it towards Link, who jumped over it. Every Antr was destroyed by the ring. Sectonia fired more rings, which Link continued to jump over. Sectonia warped around again, attempting to slash Link with her katanas. During one of her appearances, Link parried her. Sectonia became stunned. Link then slashed at her several times, taking down the tyrannical ruler. Sectonia warped to the middle of the arena, and light appeared to leak from her. She then started to shake horribly, holding her hand above her head. She then fell to the ground, defeated. Link posed heroically, before a purple rift opened next to him. The rift pulled Link in.




            -Dark Star


            The rift dropped Link off deep inside of Dark Star. Hexagonal patterns covered to ground. Link looked around, before a large, white creature with a smiling face floated from underneath the platform. The smiling face morphed, becoming one red eye.


            Leader of the Dark Matter: 02


            02 looked down at Link with its dark red eye. 02’s eye then became large. The entire area then became covered in bright light, blinding Link. As soon as the hero could see again, he looked upon the area where 02 once floated. The leader of the Dark Matter had been replaced by a new entity. 02 had become a cloaked creature with a mask. It was covered in all white, minus a bit of gold trim. A golden halo sat behind the creature.


            The Leader’s New Form: 0 Swordsman2


            The new form appeared to have a sword similar to the fabled Galaxia, however this one was covered in rainbow. It started flying down at Link, slashing indiscriminately with its sword. Link ducked under, and proceeded to slash at the fellow swordsman as it flew by. 0 Swordsman2 turned again, and opened its robes. Disc-shaped energy balls flew towards Link, who deflected them with the Master Sword. They flew right back into the swordsman, causing it damage. 0 Swordsman2 floated around again, firing dark blasts from its fake Galaxia. Link dodged each, firing a Shock Arrow as a counter. The swordsman then created a green, prickly tail at its bottom, and tried to stab Link. The Hylian parried the attack, stunning 0 Swordsman2. Link quickly fired a barrage of arrows at the Dark Matter monstrosity, as it regained its senses. 0 Swordsman2 then tried slashing at Link with its sword again, which Link parried. The Hylian attacked the monstrosity until it became angered. It flew towards the middle of the arena, and thrust out a set of wings exactly like 02’s. The cloak and helmet fell to the ground, leaving just the fiery form of 0 Swordsman2. Droplets of blood splattered everywhere as its halo cracked. The center of its body was replaced with one, large eyeball, which was slowly oozing blood. It then turned to the young Hylian, angered. It rushed at Link, hitting him. Link turned and quickly used Stasis, freezing the monstrosity. He then slashed at the remains of 0 Swordsman2, before it became unfrozen. Little cuts appeared around its eye, firing little shots of blood at Link. The Hylian fired one last arrow into its eye, defeating the Dark Matter for good. As it went down, the swordsman moved towards the middle of the arena. It started to convulse before exploding. In the middle of its explosion was a small, red eye. The eye then exploded, leaving no trace. Link struck another victory pose.



            -Unknown Dimension – Save Point


            Link appeared at the save point. After saving his progress, he moved on to bigger challenges.






Chapter Text

           -Halidom of Ylisse – Outskirts


            A rift opened above the yellowing grass outside of Ylisstol.


            Guest Star: Link – Hero of Hyrule


            Link appeared from the rift once again, and started making his way towards Ylisstol. As he did, he noticed that the closer he got, the more metal everything had become. Trees were becoming covered in glass, resembling lightbulbs. The grass turned into sheets of painted metal. Link looked up, and saw a slew of Invader Armor heading his way. One of them landed on the ground, revealing its pilot. This Invader Armor was painted white, the Haltmann Works logo replaced with a cracked heart. The symbol appeared similar to the one plastered on Star Dream.


            Upgraded to Destroy: Invader Armor EX


            The upgraded Invader Armor moved quicker than before, reaching Link in a matter of seconds. It punched into the ground, missing Link. The Hylian countered by slashing at the invader, slashing through it like butter. The Invader Armor turned around, attempting the backhand Link. The Hylian quickly dodged, and fired a Fire Arrow into the Invader Armor’s front. The Invader Armor then activated the propulsion on its back, and flew above Link. It then slammed down, almost hitting him. Link then used Stasis on the invader, and destroyed the armor. The Haltworker sitting inside flew out, and blew up. Link made his way further into the halidom. As he did, more Haltworkers started to pop up, but were no match for the Hylian. Link eventually made it to the Ylisstol gate. He turned to the gate, seeing the Access Ark looming over Ylisstol. A feminine laugh filled the air, catching the hero’s attention. A drill shaped robot fell from the sky, crashing next to Link. He looked up at the pilot, met with none other than Susie.


            Susanna Patrya Haltmann: Susie EX


            Susie’s new business suit had been upgraded. It now sported a pink and peach color palette, along with many heart-shaped designs around it. Susie immediately moved into battle position, and began to jump around the area. She bounced unpredictably, but Link still managed to dodge her attacks. He fired a Shock Arrow at her, causing super-effective damage. The executive assistant jumped up in the air, and started to float. She pointed her drill-bit at the Hylian, and fired her bit. She continued her attack until she had only one bit left. She landed on the ground again, and started spinning her hands around like a saw. She started to wobble like a top, covering more ground. Link jumped over her, and fired another Shock Arrow at her. Susie then stopped, stunned. Link used Stasis on her suit, freezing her suit in place. Susie started to panic, as Link slashed at her suit. As her suit broke free of the Stasis, it started to malfunction. Susie’s visor came off, and her business suit exploded on her. The secretary fell to the ground, dazed. The Ylisstol gate then opened, letting Link inside the capital city.



            -Halidom of Ylisse – Ylisstol


            Link moved into the capital city. As he moved in, a large purple rift opened in front of him. A large, silver automaton started to walk out. Aversa of the Theocracy of Plegia sat on top.


            Validar’s Pawn and the Robot Lobster: Aversa and Heavy Lobster EX


            Heavy Lobster was colored in a shining silver color. “Ahahaha!” Aversa laughed from the top of the shrimp-like robot. It moved quickly towards Link, attempting to ram him. The Hylian jumped out of the way, firing a Shock Arrow at the robot. Heavy Lobster turned around, and open its claws. A stream of blue fire spewed from inside of the claws, covering the ground in superheated flames. Link fired an Ice Arrow down onto the fire, putting it out. Heavy Lobster leaned down, and rushed at Link like a tank. The hero jumped out of the way again, as the lobster-like robot turned around. It opened its claws again, spewing out three of its Mini Lobsters. Link slashed at each of them as they flew by, destroying the copies. Heavy Lobster then leaned down, and began to jump around. The heavy automaton almost crushed Link, before settling down. Aversa looked dizzy. Link fired another Shock Arrow into Heavy Lobster, as the robot opened its claws once again. It released a green-colored Paint Slime. The slime innocently moved towards Link, but could still barely move. The Hylian just fired another Shock Arrow into the Heavy Lobster, defeating the robot. As Heavy Lobster fell to pieces, Aversa became angered. She pulled out a dark tome. “Goetia!” she cried, firing a blast of dark energy Link’s way. The hero jumped out of the way, and fired an Ancient Arrow into her. The might of the arrow defeated the sorceress immediately. “Nuh…no…” Aversa moaned, falling to the ground. As she fell, Link looked up towards the Access Ark. A Warpstar started to float down from the enormous headquarters. The Hylian jumped onto the Warpstar, and flew into the Haltmann Works Company.



            -Halidom of Ylisse – Access Ark


            The Warpstar flew through the depths of the company, before landing in front of a diamond-shaped door. Link crashed into the ground, before getting up. Link was about to walk into the door, before it suddenly shut. A green force-field appeared in front of it. The Hylian looked around, before four rhombus-shaped crystals floated down from above.


            Holograph Defense System: Holo Defense API


            One of the leading defenses of the Haltmann Works Company appeared. A black and yellow crystal opened, and began to create a blue-colored hologram. It appeared to be a massive creature with a gaping mouth.


            Holo Beast: Holo-Guzzlord


            A holographic version of the Junkivore Pokémon appeared. “Guzzzz!” it cried, swiping its massive arms around. It then fired a glob of poisonous acid at Link, who parried it back to Holo-Guzzlord. The poison hit the junkivore, causing moderate damage. The holographic copy then rushed at the Hylian, who quickly dodged. He fired an Ice Arrow into the Holo-Guzzlord, destroying the copy quickly. As the hologram dissipated, the Holo Defense API showed up again. The yellow and black crystal exploded, leaving just a frame in its place. A pink and purple crystal took over, and created a new hologram.


            Ultimate Hologram: Holo-Chimera


            A hologram of the Ultimate Chimera appeared, roaring at Link. It rushed at the Hylian, its gaping mouth agape. Link jumped over the beast, using Stasis on the beast. He slashed at it, taking it down quickly. As the hologram exploded, the Holo Defense API appeared again. The crystal containing the Holo-Chimera exploded, leaving the frame. A green and tan crystal moved forward, creating a hologram of a familiar tree.


            Holographic Tree: Holo-Woods


            A holographic representation of Whispy Woods appeared, roaring at Link. Transparent blue leaves covered the ceiling. Holo-Woods shook, releasing three apples from above. Link parried one of the apples back at the Holo-Woods. Link then slashed at the holographic tree, angering Holo-Woods. The tree then jumped up, landing in the middle of the arena. It then grew to a larger size, covering the ceiling in holographic leaves. Holo-Woods then created a shower of apples, covering the entire arena in apples. Link used Stasis on one of the apples, causing any of the other apples to explode as they touched it. Link hit the apple towards Holo-Woods. As the apple became unfrozen, it fired right into the holographic tree, destroying it. The Holo Defense API floated back in, with the green and tan crystal exploding into a frame. The last crystal, a dark purple and black one, opened. It created a humanoid figure.


            Holographic Officiant: Holo-Validar


            A holographic copy of Robin’s evil father appeared. The copy laughed, pulling out a clear tome. He fired a blast of dark energy at Link. The Hylian jumped over it, firing a Fire Arrow at Holo-Validar. The hologram then fired another blast of dark energy. Link parried it back, quickly taking out the hologram. As he did, the Holo Defense API showed up again. Each of the crystals were now just frames, and the entire defense system was sparking erratically. It moved around haphazardly, leaving almost no room to attack. Link quickly used Stasis on it, freezing the programming interface. Link slashed it once, destroying the Holo Defense API. It flew around the area, before the entire system exploded. As it did, the force-field covering the door disappeared, letting Link through.




            -Access Ark – The Heart of the Company


            Link slowly walked into the main office of the Haltmann Works Company. As he did, a robotic cry filled the air. Suddenly, a robot crashed down in front of the Hylian.


            Mass-Produced Upgraded Cleric: Stock Mecha-Lissa


            A soulless copy of Mecha-Lissa appeared in front of Link. Unlike the mechanized cleric before, this one was entirely grey. Her right eye was replaced with a Robobot Armor-style eye. She almost appeared to be wearing a backpack, with a Star Dream insignia on it. The robotic copy created a black staff. Stock Mecha-Lissa jumped to the side of the arena, and waved her staff. A flurry of electrical balls flew out of her staff. Link parried one back at the soulless machine. It caused moderate knockback. Stock Mecha-Lissa’s staff then broke, exploding in her hand. Stock Mecha-Lissa then went through her anger program, and pulled out another staff. An axe blade made of energy appeared at the top, giving the soulless copy a new weapon. She then swung it at Link. She rose the staff above her head, and began to spin it around. The robotic copy started to float above the ground in an electrifying tornado. She flew around, missing the Hylian. She eventually came to a stop, her head scrambled. She quickly got back to her senses, and swung her axe around again. Balls of electric energy flew from her axe, covering the ground in her wake. Link parried one back at her, causing moderate damage. Stock Mecha-Lissa then rose her axe, making it even bigger than before. She moved forward, swinging her axe across the room. Link parried the axe, knocking the copy back. He slashed at her, eventually knocking the robot over. Stock Mecha-Lissa got up, and became angrier. Her ‘backpack’ opened, creating a massive third arm, complete with claws and all. She then thrust it up towards the ceiling, grabbing it with her extra robotic arm. She lifted herself off the ground, hovering above Link. The copy held her arms out, which turned into guns. She then shot beams at Link, burning a zig-zag pattern into the carpet. The Hylian dodged the attack, firing a Shock Arrow at the mechanical copy. Stock Mecha-Lissa’s arm moved down a bit, and missile launchers appeared from her shoulders. She fired a barrage of missiles at Link. The hero quickly used Magnesis on one of the missiles, stopping it in place. He jumped out of the way of the other projectiles, and then flung the missile back at the machine, knocking her arm off the ceiling. Stock Mecha-Lissa landed, arm intact. She then leaned forward, slamming her third arm’s fist down on the ground. Link slashed at her extension as she pulled it back. Stock Mecha-Lissa went again, slamming her third arm’s fist against the ground. Link slashed again, as the soulless copy thrust her arm into the air again. She then activated her red eye, and aimed at the Hylian. Red beams flew out of her eye, missing Link. One of them flew at him, which he parried back at the duplicate. It knocked her off the ceiling, sending her to the ground. In one last-ditch effort, Stock Mecha-Lissa tried to punch Link with her massive arm extension. As she got close, however, her arm began to explode. Her hand was no more, until the entire arm was gone. The copy then sparked, exploding itself. As soon as she did, the floor underneath Link split open. The Hylian jumped to the side, as a platform rose from underneath him. The cubic platform stopped, as the cylindrical supercomputer Star Dream also rose, stopping in the air. Link jumped onto the platform, slowly walking towards Star Dream. As he did, a massive business suit fell in front of him.


            Sorrowful Father: President Haltmann EX


            President Haltmann laughed at Link, creating a visor in front of him. His business suit was colored gold and black, with a shining diamond bottoming the suit. President Haltmann laughed again, inserting his suit’s hands into the ground. A platform rose from the ground, topped by the president himself. Haltmann then summoned six Susie bombs. He fired all six down at Link, who deflected them back towards the president. President Haltmann summoned six more Susie bombs, firing them at Link once again. The Hylian parried another bomb back at the president, hurting him enough to go into his second phase. Haltmann floated up above the arena, and summoned an upgraded Yesman. This Yesman had black coating on the bottom, and almost appeared to be wearing a suit, tie and all. Link fired a few Shock Arrows at the dapper robot, destroying it. The president moved back down onto the platform, and stiffened his arms. “YAAAAAAH!” Haltmann cried, spinning around the arena in a full circle. His arms electrified, leaving a trail of sparks in his wake. Link jumped over the attack, firing as many arrows as he could at corrupted father. Haltmann floated above the arena again, and fired his diamond down at Link. As it landed, the diamond left an electrified field on the ground. Haltmann kept firing more and more diamond bombs at Link. The Hylian parried one back at him, sending President Haltmann into his next phase. The president flew into the air, before crashing into the middle of the arena. The floor fell beneath him, surprising Link. President Haltmann floated back up, laughing as he did. He pointed his hands up in the air, and created a continuous stream of Susie bombs. They fell onto the platform, leaving an electrified field in its wake. Link parried one of the bombs back at Haltmann, hurting him. The deranged president then pointed his hands up again, releasing a huge load of Haltmanns. These Haltmanns were worth half as much as before, and had Susie’s face on them. One of them floated onto Link’s eyes, covering his vision. With the Hylian blinded, Haltmann spun his hands around in a circle once again, moving through the donut-shaped arena. He hit Link, who retaliated by firing a Shock Arrow. Haltmann continued to spin, jumping from one side of the platform to the other, until Link hit him with a Stasis. The Hylian slashed at the insane president, eventually sending him into his next phase. President Haltmann pressed a button in his business suit, summoning a cube into the middle of the arena. The sides of the cubes disappeared, leaving just a frame. Haltmann floated inside, as four upgraded Yesmen appeared behind him. Two faces of the cube started to glow, before firing a powerful cubic beam out. Every single Yesmen was destroyed, as Link dodged the attack. Haltmann then charged up every side of the cube, before it began to spin. Link quickly ran, as each face spewed out a cubic beam, covering the entire surface area of the arena. Haltmann stopped, and floated out of the cube. He then moved in front of one of the faces, as an electrical ball appeared. The insane president rushed into it, warping to the other side of the cube. He almost skewered Link, who quickly used Stasis on Haltmann. Link slashed at him multiple times, before Haltmann was defeated. As the Stasis wore off, the executive suit started to spark. “Gyyyahah!” Haltmann cried, as the arms of the suit exploded. Then, the entire suit went down. As it exploded, money filled the air. “Gyyyyyaaaaaah!” Haltmann cried, falling into the depths of the Access Ark. Link sheathed his sword, before the light of Star Dream lit up. The Hylian turned to the super computer.

            “L…O…A…D…I…N…G…” Star Dream said, starting up. “You must be… the new admin. As per my programming, I have been studying this world and worlds beyond. You possess great power. OK, I will have you supply your credentials through some of the greatest warriors on this planet… Initiating Black_Knight.EXE.” A container floated down from above, holding a purple-colored blob. It then broke open, releasing the blob. It expanded, forming into the shape of an armored human.


            Clone of the Sinister General: Black Knight Clone


            A clone of Daein’s best general formed, wearing a set of bulky armor. An insignia resembling Star Dream’s was plastered on the front of his armor. The clone of the knight rose a fake version of the legendary sword Alondite. He rose it towards Link, and slashed at the hero. Link parried the slice back, stunning the knight. He slashed at the Black Knight Clone, hurting the general. The clone then held up his sword again, slashing at him again. Link didn’t parry the slice, and fired an arrow at the Black Knight Clone. This caused very little damage. The clone then lumbered towards Link, attempting to slash at him again. Link parried, and slashed the armored clone down. The clone reverted back into a purple blob, and floated towards Star Dream. The purple blob turned into a humanoid figure with black hair, before fully exploding. “…Impressive.” Star Dream commended. Link looked at the supercomputer once again. “That may have been too easy for the new admin... Next up is one of the Divine Dragon tribe, who slowly went insane over the course of thousands of years. His powerful presence as a gold is commendable. He’ll be a fitting test.” Star Dream continued, as another clone container floated down from the ceiling. It broke open as the one before did, releasing another blob. It fell to the ground, forming into a draconic shape.


            Clone of the War Father: Duma Clone


            A clone of the fell god Duma appeared. The draconic creature looked as though its body was melting. Large wings with rips inside of them spread. The one-eyed dragon roared at Link, who jumped back in surprise. The Duma Clone started by summoned two tentacles, slamming them down on the platform. Link used Stasis on the dragon, slashing several times at the god. The Duma Clone unfroze, and summoned more tentacles. He slapped Link, and then moved his tentacles back. The Duma Clone then stomped through the arena, almost crushing Link. The Hylian rolled under Duma, who turned around. The clone of the fell god stomped on the ground, using his Upheaval skill. Link jumped as the Duma Clone’s earthquake went off. The clone then opened his one eye, aiming at Link. He then fired a pink beam from his eye, covering the arena with his Ocular Beam. The beam caused massive damage towards the Hylian. Link then slashed at the Duma Clone, taking down the fell dragon. The clone then morphed into a purple blob, moving closer to Star Dream. It then morphed into a green-haired human, before exploding for good. “You are mighty indeed.” Star Dream commended once again. “Now for the final test... This was prohibited by the previous admin... Preparing to boot the Space-Time Transport program... Let us bring forward a mythical dragon from an unmentionable kingdom. He may end up destroying a continent or two, but such is life. The benefits of this final battle outweigh the collateral damage. Prepare yourself... Executing Space-Time Transport... Extra-dimensional road... Booting... 3... 2... 1... ...BEGIN!” Star Dream said, opening a massive purple-colored rift. A sphere covered in many eyeballs appeared from the rift. It then turned towards Star Dream, and fired a massive beam of light at the supercomputer. An enormous hole appeared in the middle of Star Dream, right in the center of the computer’s heart. The pink glowing parts of Star Dream glowed red, as it fell into the depths of the company. The massive eyeball-covered ball turned to Link, and formed a mouth around the sphere. It floated down underneath the platform, glowing a bright blue. Suddenly, a clawed hand grabbed the top of the platform, followed by another. Then, a giant stone mask rose from underneath the platform, resembling a human face.


            Silent Dragon: Anankos


            The corrupted ruler of Valla dwarfed the platform Link was on. He swiped at Link with his claws. Link jumped over, and used Stasis on the Silent Dragon’s hand. He slashed at Anankos’ hand, taking it out. Anankos tried swiping at Link with his other hand. Link rolled under the hand, slashing at the dragon. Anankos swiped again, hitting the Hylian. Damaged, Link fired an Ice Arrow at Anankos’ hand, taking the dragon’s other hand out. The mouth of Anankos’ mask cracked open. The Silent Dragon started to create a ball of energy, firing a beam down at the middle of the platform. The whole room glowed with a brilliant blue light as Anankos rained down his wrath. Link dodged the beam, firing a Bomb Arrow into the masked dragon. The force of the explosion was enough to crack Anankos’ stone mask. The mask crumbled, revealing the sphere of eyeballs held inside of the dragon’s mouth. Anankos roared, as his wings spread behind him. The Silent Dragon turned around, and fired a beam at the window, destroying it. Anankos then flew up, destroying the entire ceiling of the Access Ark. With his four claws, Anankos grabbed the platform, dragging it outside. Anankos flung the platform out of the headquarters, almost throwing it down to the ground. Link’s platform evened out, floating around the Access Ark. The roof of the sphere was destroyed, Anankos taking up most of the space. A massive crack formed in front of the Access Ark, and broke open, revealing the cat-like face of the headquarters. Unlike before, it was colored golden. Anankos flew out of the building, and started to fly towards Link. He slashed at the hero with his claws, missing. Link fired more Ice Arrows at the dragon before he flew away. Anankos hovered nearby the platform, and fired a beam onto it. Link ducked near the side of the arena, Anankos’ blast missing. Anankos flew back towards the platform, grabbing it. Link slashed at the dragon’s hands as much as he could, as the beast slammed its head down onto the platform. Link moved out of the way, firing as many arrows as he could into Anankos. The silent dragon let go of the platform, and began to fly around the Access Ark. He then rushed towards the platform, grabbing Link. The Hylian hero struggled, eventually freeing himself from Anankos’ grip. As he landed, Link fired an Ice Arrow into the silent dragon. Anankos let out an ear-piercing cry, and appeared to fall towards the ground, defeated. Link struck a pose, but was interrupted by a beam firing at him. The hero turned, only to see Anankos’ eyeballs floating up towards him. The final form of the dragon fired more beams, as Link froze him in place. Link fired one last Ice Arrow into Anankos, defeating the dragon. The silent dragon’s sphere began to contort and morph, becoming a hooded human figure. Link could swear he almost heard the words “Thank… you…” White light covered the slain foe, as he disappeared into the ether. Link struck a final victory pose.




            -Unknown Dimension – Save Point


            Link appeared at the save point during the afternoon. He saved his progress, and moved on to a familiar setting…



            -Hyrule Kingdom – Hyrule Field


            Link appeared on Hyrule Field, ready for adventure. He moved through the familiar field, defeating many Bokoblins and Moblins as he went along. Soon enough, Link reached the bottom of a grassy hill. He looked up towards the top of the hill, only to see what appeared to be a member of the Yiga Clan. However, this one wore their mask ajar, revealing a holographic blue face. This mysterious figure rose a star-topped staff, and created a large rift.


            Summon: Alola Pokémon Center


            A Pokémon Center from the region of Alola appeared. The figure opened up a rift behind Link.


            Summon: Waddle Dee Ball


            A massive ball of Waddle Dees blocked Link from going backward. The Hylian hero moved through the Pokémon Center, appearing on the other side. Many enemies from other dimensions appeared. Link slashed through all of them. A rift opened in the background, releasing a tall statue.


            Summon: Large Chozo Statue


            A tall, bird-like statue fell to the ground, creating an obstacle for Link. The hero climbed on top of it. As he did, a larger rift opened nearby.


            Summon: Aurum Battleship


            A blue battleship appeared, exploding on the ground. Fire and debris covered the ground. Link fired an Ice Arrow onto the fire, extinguishing it. Link walked through the destroyed battleship. More enemies appeared before the Hylian. In one fell swoop, Link took down all the enemies. As he moved on, a massive rift opened above him.


            Summon: Castle Dedede


            The great castle of Dream Land fell. There was a massive hole on the underside. It fell on Link, forcing him inside of the castle. Link made his way through the large number of Waddle Dees swarming the building. He eventually reached the top of the castle, and pulled out his Paraglider. He glided off the castle balcony, landing safely on the ground. He made his way forward, as two rifts appeared in the background.


            Summon: Dawn Dragon; Formula Skell


            A draconic statue depicting the Hoshidian royal ancestor and an enormous mech appeared, toppling on top of each other. Link’s way was fully blocked. A small cloud floated over towards the Hylian. He looked up at it, and the cloud expanded. One eye appeared in the center of the cloud, and spikes appeared on the sides.


            Cycloptic Stormcloud: Kracko


            Kracko began by dropping out a single Waddle Doo. Link slashed at the enemy,  as Kracko began to cycle a beam around himself. The stormcloud then stopped, and rushed at Link. The hero ducked, and Kracko flew right over. The stormcloud then moved towards Link, and started to rain on the Hylian. He moved out of the way, as Kracko kept raining. The cycloptic stormcloud stopped, and moved to the corner of the area. He then fired a thunderbolt to the ground, moved across the ground as he did. Link fired a Shock Arrow at Kracko, defeating the boss. Kracko then shook, and split into two clouds.


            Dual Thunderheads: Twin Kracko


            There were now two Krackos. They moved close to Link, and creating a torrential downpour. Link fired Shock Arrows into the water, shocking one of the Krackos. They moved to a different position, and continued to pour water down on Link. The hero then used Cryonis on one of the Krackos, freezing it in place. Link fired as many arrows he could at the Kracko, defeating the Twin Kracko. Both clouds evaporated, leaving just their eyes. They looked forward, and exploded. As they did, the Dawn Dragon and Formula Skell fell over, giving Link a way through. He walked through, coming face-to-face with the mysterious figure. He waved his staff. Black brick walls formed around them, creating an arena. He then pointed his staff up in the air, creating a large purple rift. A massive cocoon fell out of the rift, colored a bright blue. A massive leg broke from the cocoon, followed by many more. The entire egg broke, revealing a grotesque, spider-like creature. It created a few weapons, colored in a bright red. It dropped to the ground, creating a small rumble. It then turned towards Link.


            Destroyer of Hyrule Kingdom: Calamity Ganon EX


            The Malice covering the Great Calamity appeared to be blue, and many of the Guardian parts on it were black like obsidian. Calamity Ganon roared at Link. The figure sat on top of it, creating glowing pink reins. Clouds began to cover the skies of Hyrule, rain falling. Calamity Ganon held up his Fireblight sword, slicing the ground with it. Link jumped over it, as the sword came back for another round. The Great Calamity held up its Waterblight spear, and threw it towards Link. It thrust into the ground. Calamity Ganon created another spear, throwing another at Link. Link broke the spear, damaging the calamity. Calamity Ganon then pointed his Guardian blaster at Link. A blue flash appeared from the blaster, but it delayed. It then fired a fraction of a second later, catching Link off guard. Calamity Ganon moved closer to Link, and swiped at him with his scissor-like swords. Ganon then slashed quickly again, hitting the Hylian hero. The scourge of Hyrule Castle then created three red Cryonis blocks. He fired them at Link, who broke them with his own rune. Calamity Ganon then threw his Waterblight spear into the ground, scraping it across the arena. Link jumped over, and destroyed the spear again. The scourge fell over, seemingly defeated. The figure on top whipped the reins, and Calamity Ganon got back up. He roared, covering himself with a red shield. Ganon held up his Fireblight sword, and swiped across the arena again. He then created a wide tornado, sweeping across the arena again. The winds covered most of the arena, only missing the very sides. Calamity Ganon pointed his Guardian blaster at Link. He paused again, and the fired. Link parried the shot back, lowering Calamity Ganon’s shield. Link slashed at him, causing moderate damage to the Malice monster. Calamity Ganon then created five red Cryonis blocks, firing them at Link. The hero broke them before they hit him. The Great Calamity then swiped across the arena twice with his Fireblight sword, burning the ground as he went. Calamity Ganon then threw his Waterblight spear into the ground, along with another shortly after. Ganon wasted no time whipping up another tornado, covering a great amount of the arena. He then pointed his Guardian blaster at Link, paused, and then fired. Link perfectly parried the shot, knocking Calamity Ganon’s shield out. Link quickly rushed at Calamity Ganon, destroying him. The scourge of Hyrule Castle doubled back, falling to the ground. He disintegrated into tiny Malice particles, and disappeared. The figure floated to the ground, greatly annoyed. He rose his staff once again, and the ground under Link shook with vigor.


            Create: Final Destination


            The half-red and half-blue platform rose into the air, taking Link with it. It started to fly towards a dark force in the distance. Calamity Ganon was reforming into Dark Beast Ganon. The sky appeared to be turning red. The figure from before warped into the area. He became covered in an orange aura, and his blue holographic body turned red.


            Dimension Destroyer: ??? EX


            The mysterious figure turned into a pointed, arrow-like head. It almost looked like a red shark. He rushed across the floor of the platform, attempting to slice the hero. Link jumped over the attack, firing an Ancient Arrow at the dimensional meddler. As he did, the platform Link was standing on reached the Dark Beast Ganon, and started to orbit around it. Golden streams of light seemed to fire from the ground. It looked like another Link was battling the monster. The figure warped back to the other side of the Final Destination. He created a shadow-covered chain, whipping it across the platform. Link dodged the attack, firing another Ancient Arrow at the figure. He warped again, appearing on the other side of the platform. He created a dark, draconic-looking cannon. He then fired a fast beam of pink light, which Link jumped over. The figure then grew to an enormous size, and fired twin blue lasers from his eyes down towards the arena. Link parried one of the lasers, firing right back at him. The figure then turned back to his original size, turning one of his arms into a blade. He dove across the arena once, turned around, and proceeded to dive once again. As he touched the ground, Link used Stasis, freezing him in place. He slashed at the figure with the Master Sword, causing massive damage. The figure unfroze, stunned. He warped the middle of the arena, and began to create images of himself. They moved around erratically, blowing up at a certain distance. Link fired another Ancient Arrow at the figure, taking him down. The figure roiled back in pain. He warped around the arena, before settling in a corner. He opened a purple-colored rift, and disappeared inside. As he did, the Dark Beast Ganon in the background also went down. Link struck a victory pose.





            -Unknown Dimension – Save Point


            Link appeared in the afternoon save point. After saving his progress, he moved on to the next challenge.