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On the High Wire

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Lucy had just spent the better part of two weeks behind closed doors, arguing with armchair generals and draft dodging politicians over the importance of the DEO’s discretionary budget, even as arrests were going down in favor of support and rehabilitation. There was only so much xenophobia she could handle with a blank face and without wanting to strangle someone, and she had hit that limit last Thursday.

Stepping out of that room and coming face to face with General Sam Lane was pretty much Lucy’s worst nightmare, and the last thing she wanted to deal with.


“Major.” The General paused. “Lucy. Do you have time for lunch or are you flying out?”

The lie was at the tip of her tongue. She’d spent days arguing with the same kind of men, ones who’d rather sacrifice an entire city than let an alien help fight other aliens, the thought of another one was enough to put her off food entirely.

She and her father hadn’t spoken much since Myriad.

Lucy had, in fact, spent much of her free time dodging him while she navigated the garbage infested waters of Washington, and she knew that he was likely aware of that.

She also knew he was probably well aware of her duty-approved flight plans.

“I’ll need to swing by my hotel and get my bags from bag check so that I can leave right after. Did you have somewhere in mind?”

The harsh lines of the general’s face softened in something that, on a better day, Lucy would liken to relief. “There’s a whiskey bar not far from here. The club sandwich is good, and you probably need a drink after that.”

She couldn’t stop the snort. She’d need one for dealing with lunch with her father just as badly.

“That sounds fine,” she lied. “Text me the address and I can meet you there in 45 minutes or so?”

He nodded, stepping out of her way.

Lucy was proud of herself, not dropping her shoulders until she was safely inside the Lyft and well out of sight of the Washington vultures.

“Two stops today?”

“Beacon Hotel to grab my bags and the Root Cellar, yeah.”

“You got it, Ma’am.”


Tucked away in a quiet corner of the bar, ensconced in leather seats and warm, quiet mid-afternoon atmosphere, Lucy noted that she needed to drag her best friend here one day. The place was right up Danvers’ aisle, provided she didn’t mind splurging for the night. She sipped at her bourbon and pretended that she and her father hadn’t been sat in a stiff silence for the whole ten minutes since she had arrived.

The bourbon was excellent, but it usually was when her father was paying.

“Is the DEO treating you well? I heard the martian moved into the city base.”

“Mmhmm. J’onn and I split the responsibilities. I like the desert base, it gives me time to get the paperwork in order without worrying the place is going to be attacked every ten seconds.”

Supergirl moved over there too?”

“Most of senior command did, active teams too. Made sense to take them where the action is and let me build my own team,” Lucy smirked. “I wouldn’t let them take Vasquez though. They hired Winn Schott, they have their own comm tech instead.”

“Olsen’s friend?”

“Winn’s a genius, but I need someone with a little more work ethic.”

He frowned. “The thing lets them slack off?”

She tossed back the rest of her drink. “No, J’onn runs a tight ship. Winn just has attention problems. He gets the job done.”


Lucy set the glass down a little harder than she should have. “Look, General, is there a reason you wanted to meet with me?”

“I’m your father, Lucy.”

Her laugh was sharp and bitter. “You haven’t been my father in years. It’s well past time I realize that.”

“Been talking to Lois, have you?”

“No.” No, they hadn’t talked in years, not really. Aside from two separate conversations about breaking Jimmy’s heart.

She had hung up only minutes into each, because of course Lois had taken the side of her husband’s best friend over her estranged sister. Lois had had her chances to rebuild her half of the bridges burned between them, and Lucy wasn’t coming further than halfway.

It wasn’t just her father she had lost when her mother died.

“What do you want?”

“A man can’t catch up with his daughter?”

“I’m not going to be your mole within the DEO.”

“I’m not asking you to, Lucy!”

Her father sighed and finished off his own glass. He stared at her for a minute before shifting uncomfortably. “You remember CADMUS?”

“The black site you wanted to send J’onn and Danvers to? For illegal experimentation?”

He shifted again and ignored that. “They’ve gone off the grid.”

“What do you mean off the grid?”

“Rogue, Luce. They stopped reporting in around the time Lord just up and disappeared,” he said.

“Lord’s missing?”

“You can’t tell anyone this, Luce.”

“G-Dad this is serious.”

“I’m only telling you this much because they’re going after your city, and I want you safe, I want you watching your back, you hear me?”


“Now I still think aliens need to get off our planet,” he said. “But you and Lois call those capes friends, and you should know they’ll be some of the first a rogue CADMUS is after,” he said.


Lane looked around quickly. He leaned forward and kissed Lucy’s forehead before getting up to toss money on the table. “I have to go. Be careful, Luce.”

She called for him again, but the general waved her off and hurried away. She tilted her head back for a moment before rolling it to crack her neck. Judging by the amount on the table, she could afford another drink, and from the sounds of it, she was going to need it.


Lucy may have been a little drunk by the time she got on the plane. Between the message from Alex about the pod, the conversation with her father, and just the last year in general, all she wanted was to get home and forget for a minute. Her sparse, barely functional apartment sounded like heaven, and all she wanted to do was sink onto that bed and sleep for the next three weeks.

Or until her shift tomorrow, whatever.

Lucy might have had a few more drinks on the plane, just tipsy enough that she didn’t mind the taste of bottom shelf booze. If she was going to have a hangover, she wanted to do it properly. Especially as the businessman next to her would not take a hint and shut up. It wasn’t until she nearly broke his wandering hand and told him she was a lawyer that he scooted as far over as possible and let her have the last two hours in relative silence.

Danvers would have been proud of her.

Lucy really enjoyed copying the other woman’s “Maxwell Lord is nearby” bitch face. It worked like a charm every time, especially when combined with a twist of the wrist.

The rest of the flight was fine, really, although Lucy probably should have laid off the bourbon. But the thought of CADMUS going rogue, her father, everything really, was more than she wanted to handle.

She didn’t really regret crossing the line from tipsy to drunk when they hit the tarmac and she turned on her phone to seven voicemails and thirty-six texts from Alex.

Sometimes it was hard to believe that Sunshine Danvers and Alex were related. Other times, Lucy received text messages consisting purely of punctuation, and it became more obvious. Lucy was a little too drunk to bother trying to decipher them, choosing to shove her way past Mr. Handsy at the first opportunity she had to get the fuck off the plane. Her uniform might earn her a little leeway, but Lucy was ready for her least sexy PJs and a bath.

But Alex was waiting at baggage claim, and that could only mean trouble.

But Lucy was drunk, she’d had a shit day overall, and nothing was more fun than messing with Special Agent Badass.

Lucy swaggered, hips swaying to the bourbon beat, looking up and down Danvers as she approached. “Here to welcome me home, Danvers?”

“Did you get my messages?”

“I received them. I’m off duty until tomorrow. My plans tonight involve no work and a bubble bath,” Lucy paused only inches away so that she could more obviously take in the fantastic sight of Alex Danvers in civvies. “But I’d be more than happy to add you to the equation. Do you prefer lavender or rosewater?”

Alex Danvers had few tells, but Lucy was proud to know that the first of them was the reddening of the tips of her ears. That’s how Lucy realized Alex didn’t always miss the blatant come-ons. Just most of them.

“Shut up, Luce. A pod landed last night with an unconscious alien resembling a Kryptonian male.”

Lucy closed her eyes and let out a frustrated breath. “Danvers, I don’t care. I’ve spent two weeks in Washington arguing for your paycheck. I had lunch with my father. I’ve had too much booze to even think about extra duty right now, and you’re standing between me and my pajamas.”

“Your hangover, more like.”

“Move, buzzkill, that’s my bag.”

Instead of letting Lucy grab it, Alex shouldered it for her. “If you’d read my messages, you’d know I’m also here as your ride.”

“I’m not getting on your bike in this skirt.”

Alex’s gaze strayed to Lucy’s legs just a little too long. Lucy raised an eyebrow and waited patiently for Alex to remember she was straight.

“I didn’t bring my bike. Your hands wander.”

“And absolutely no one would blame me for it, Danvers,” Lucy laughed. “I’m not getting in a DEO car and heading to either office, Danvers, I just spent six hours on a plane.”

“I’m taking you home, whiner.”

“Mmmmm...Now that’s what I like to hear. My place or yours?”



Unfortunately, Alex left Lucy on her own once they’d reached Lucy’s minimalist apartment and she’d shoved a bottle of water in Lucy’s hands.

That was the last memory she had before waking to her cold apartment alone at 5:30 in the morning, and she was fairly certain she’d never gotten around to that bath, which was decidedly unfortunate. As she got older, Lucy found that long distance travel no longer agreed with her spine, even in the one instance that being shorter than average actually came in handy. Her spine popped and crackled as she got ready for the day, thankfully in DEO black rather than her uniform. Boots were far more comfortable than her dress heels, even if she did have to stand on things to reach Vasquez’s hidden snack pile in the break room.

Her phone nearly buzzed itself off the counter while she brushed her teeth. She flipped it over and nearly choked on the foam.




Lane, you better be awake.

Lucy, I’m downstairs, hurry up

Don’t make me come up there

You forgot I was bringing you to HQ didn’t you

Useless drunk

Don’t make me come up there

Lucy laughed as the messages got more and more harried. Really, Danvers was lucky Lucy had set her alarm so early, because she had zero recollection of any conversation involving the city base.






Keep your pants on Danvers, unless you do come up here where pants are optional.

She could only imagine the sputtering that happened downstairs while she gargled.  

Lucy took her sweet time meandering down to the ground level, all three floors to it, and then had to go do it again when she realized she forgot her sunglasses. Alex was waiting for her outside, arms crossed as she leaned against the black SUV and tapped her foot impatiently.

“I hope you’re ready to relive my punk rock phase at full volume, Lane.”

“Bring it on, Danvers, I’ll be sure to get the incriminating photos from your sister.”

Lucy reached for the overhead handle to haul herself up into the vehicle and ignored Alex’s teasing offer of a hand up. They teased each other all the time, but Alex didn’t actually turn on punk rock or up the volume to levels louder than a whisper.

There was even a coffee waiting for her in Alex’s extra thermos, almost like she knew Lucy would be late. It was almost like they were friends or something, driving in near silence with the occasional muttered curse from Alex when they missed a light.

Silence with Alex was much more preferable to the awkward silence that had encompassed most of her lunch with the general. Silence with Alex was rarely heavy with disappointment, rather it was a sense of contentment and familiarity.

It was nice.

It was a kind of bubble that surrounded them as they moved past security and into the normal chaos of the DEO. The halls towards medical were quieter, with fewer armed agents stomping past in regulation boots. Lucy was so content with following Alex’s lead in the less-familiar halls of the inner city DEO that she almost ran into the other woman’s back when she stopped suddenly.

Alex laughed, “You alright, Lane?”

“I’m hungover and you know it,” Lucy said, following Alex’s eyes to the large observation windows. “That’s Superboy?”

“We don’t know he’s Kryptonian.”


“I can’t ethically use that without his consent.”


“His skin shows similar resistance to damage, and the vitals we can track are similar to Kara’s.”

“No feeding tube?”

“He doesn’t seem to be suffering for it. I can’t get his mouth open-- he’s unconscious and it’s worse than that time I tried to force-feed Kara brussel sprouts.”

Lucy snickered, “You couldn’t sell that one as an experiment, huh?”

“She told you about the potato canon?” Alex grinned.

Years seemed to fall off her friend when she smiled. Lucy didn’t have a reply, just soaking in Alex’s smile with a smile of her own.

They were startled from their impromptu staring match by J’onn.

“Lane, good to see you. Danvers, any change?”

“Hi, J’onn.”

“No, sir. He’s stable, but no change.”

“If he is Kryptonian, his stomach should wake him up soon enough,” J’onn muttered. “How was your trip, Major?”

“For the millionth time, J’onn, my name is Lucy. And the trip went well, I think we’ll get all the non-existent money our non-existent organization could hope to get our hands on. And my father definitely does not say hello.”

Lucy paused. Her father said to tell no one, implied there were CADMUS moles in the DEO and didn’t specify where. She glanced at Alex, then back at J’onn and decided to hold her tongue for now.

J’onn and Alex didn’t notice the pause, already deep in conversation about Superboy. Moderately attractive typical white male hominid, Lucy found herself largely uninterested. She’d grown up with Lois fawning over Superman and then dated a man she had only half-jokingly referred to as Superman’s secret boyfriend. Junior held little interest for her until he woke up and opened his mouth.

“Hey Luce, you wanna catch up on the shows you missed while you were gone tonight?”

“No Kara? I thought you’d want to watch the Venture launch with her.”

“Oh,” Alex’s eyes widened. “Um. She’s watching it with James.”

Lucy tilted her head. “Oh! Good for them!”

It hurt a little, that James moved on so quickly. But a bigger part of her realized they both began moving on long before she moved to National City chasing the ghost of their relationship. Moving here was a great idea, but not for any of the reasons she did it.

Alex was still staring at her, the slightest crinkle between her eyes.

“Alex, I’m fine, I promise. Movie night sounds good.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.”

“Great,” J’onn interrupted. “Lane, let’s head to my office and discuss the budget changes. I’m sure Danvers has some experiments running.”

Going over facilities budget predictions with J’onn was only slightly better than dealing with DC. Granted, there was less sexism and a nearly endless supply of Choco’s, but it was still pretty high up on Lucy’s favorite things to never do. Really the best part was when J’onn would go off on a tangent describing something one of the Danvers sisters did and why they needed precautions against it ever happening again.

She couldn’t help but think he was just handing her a lifetime of blackmail material, and as that thought passed through her mind, he winked.

Still, four hours was a long time to discuss numbers on spreadsheets. A delivered lunch allowed them a short break, and Lucy once again considered her father’s words. She considered them silently, however, knowing that J’onn’s office was far from secure thanks to his open-door policy.

J’onn frowned at her, and reached into his desk to retrieve a detector. He’d only just flipped it on when one of the greenies poached from the FBI burst in, panting.

“Sir! Ma’am! There’s a… situation… The Venture-”

Lucy shared a look with J’onn before shoving back from the desk and her half-eaten sandwich. They headed for the control room, the greenie at their heels.


“The Venture took off as planned, sir. But there’s been an explosion. Supergirl is enroute,” Winn said, glancing up. “Oh heeeeeey, Lu- uh, Co-Director Lane.”

Winn handed her a comset to slip into her ear, and Lucy did so quickly. Quickly enough to catch the tail end of Supergirl welcoming her cousin to the party.

Fantastic. James’ buddy was in town.

Superman ranked slightly above Lois, as far as Lucy was concerned. Clark wasn’t so bad, but with Clark came Lois, and if Lois was around, Superman wasn’t far behind. She shook her head, trying wipe clean the thoughts she had about why that was the case.

She let out a slow breath when the Supers got the passenger ship down safely.

She had faith in Supergirl, really, but the implications of a failed teamup were terrifying.

As it was, she’d probably catch a lot of flack the next time she was in DC because the team up happened without government oversight.

She did enjoy listening to Supergirl tease her cousin about changing his diapers, and added it to her list of blackmail material.

Alex joined them at the table, watching the dot that was her sister circle back towards them.

Winn was practically vibrating with excitement. That too, was getting added to Lucy’s mental vault. If she weren’t here in a professional manner, she would have whipped out her phone just to catch it on video. If Supergirl was a golden retriever after working with her cousin, watching Winn reacted to a Super teamup was like watching a chihuahua do a pee pee dance.

Supergirl was, of course, all smiles as she burst through the balcony door. “Hey everybody, I’m back! Listen up.”

Crowds of DEO agents who had gathered to watch everything they had on the Venture parted as Superman landed next, leaving a clear path towards Lucy and the rest. She took her time turning to face them, crossing her arms over her chest.

Superman nodded his greeting.

“This is my cousin, Su-” Kara laughed. “I guess you already know.”

Supergirl looked like a proud mama bear while her cousin pranced around shaking hands and saying hello. Lucy rolled her eyes, and was pleased to see Alex reacting much the same. J’onn too, looked less than pleased while Superman thanked the DEO agents for their service in his Truth, Justice, and the American Way manner.

Kara made a face. “Oh, brother.”

Lucy leaned into Alex. “Did you know she would bring him back here?”

“No,” Alex said. “J’onn?’

He rested his hands on his hips, looking every bit the space dad disappointed in the hooligans his child was hanging around with. “No.”

“Is that a problem?” Alex asked.

“More importantly, does he have clearance?” Lucy asked.

“No,” J’onn replied.

To which question, Lucy wasn’t sure.

“Oh my god, he’s heading towards me,” Winn muttered.

Lucy really regretted not recording this.

“Winn, this is my cousin, Superman,” Kara said, waving her hand excitedly.


Winn latched onto Superman’s outstretched hand, “I have a million questions.”

Lucy almost felt bad for Superman.

Alex, snickering, clearly did not.

“Okay… When Lex Luthor set off the earthquake in California, did you gauge the focal depth with your x-ray vision?”

Superman glanced at his cousin for help. Winn still hadn’t let go of his hand.

“Winn!” said Supergirl. “Breathe.”

Winn stepped back and let go, offering a very nerdy thumbs up.

Alex pushes away from where she’s leaning on the table and heads over. Lucy follows just behind her.

Superman sees Alex first and greets her with a smile. “Alex, it’s good to see you.”

“You too,” Alex says, the traitor leaning into Superman for a hug.

“Kara told me your father might still be alive. And you know your father means a lot to me, so… If there’s anything I can do…”

Lucy wondered how many NDA’s Pam would be handing out this afternoon. Superman just flying in on the heels of his cousin’s boots, Superman just tossing out Supergirl’s secret identity and relation to Alex like everyone in the damn world was aware of it-

“Thank you, Clark.” Alex said.

Lucy froze.

Not again.


It couldn’t be.

She didn’t know Kara that well when she dumped her secret identity on Lucy. That’s the reason Lucy didn’t recognize her new friend in the Superhero. That’s the only reason the glasses worked.

There was no way she, a professional bullshitter, missed that her brother-in-law, dopey, clumsy Clark Kent was secretly Superman.

Superman who was...constantly saving her sister from certain death.


Superman froze, and Lucy felt really stupid. He and Kara had the same deer-in-headlights look.

Alex turned to look between her and Clark. “Lucy?”

“How’s Lois, Clark?”

Clark chuckled nervously. “She’s fine.”

Alex raised her eyebrows.

A throat cleared.


Lucy hadn’t thought it was possible for J’onn to look more like a disappointed father than he had earlier. She was wrong.


J’onn sounded less irritated the last time Lucy’s father was in town.

“Nice to see you again,” J’onn said.

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t be staying long,” Clark sassed.

“Never know what trouble Lois will get into without him,” muttered Lucy.

“Uh….I just invited Superman to visit our mystery guest.”

“Did you get clearance for that?” Lucy asked.

“He’s Superman?”

“And Superman was a toddler when he left Krypton. If you don’t recognize podboy, why would he have clearance to come stare at an unconscious alien?”

“He’s my cousin!’

J’onn snorted, “Follow me.”

Lucy stared at Kara as the two men walked away. “We have rules and procedures here, Kara. You work with us, remember?”

“Yeah, fine, got it. Sorry, Lucy, I just got excited.” Kara shrugged. “What’s up with those two?”

Alex leaned into her sister. “No idea.”

Lucy almost missed the devious smile on Alex’s face.

She’s glad she didn’t.

“Your cousin smells terrific.”


Kara looked absolutely disgusted.

“Just be glad you never walked in on him and Lois, kid.” Lucy shuddered. “Hey, question.”


“Did he have that mark on his ass when you changed his diaper or is that a more recent thing?”

“Enough!” Kara said, stomping off.

Alex appreciated Lucy’s humor. They shared a laugh for a moment before the chuckles drifted off and Alex nudged Lucy.

“You okay, Lucy?”

“Clark Kent is Superman.”


“My brother-in-law is Superman.”

“You’re saying this like it’s news to you-” Alex froze. “Oh my god it’s news to you.”

Lucy pursed her lips. She leaned into Alex for a minute before shifting away with a decided nod.

“Mhm. Right. Jimmy is a dead man.”

“Wait, Lucy- slow down!”


Lucy sat in the conference room going over the budget forecasts for Supergirl cleanup, and vowed to give a talk to Kara about damage control. She was staring at the trends from the last year and her eyes were ready to bug out of her head. How could one alien cause so much collateral damage?

J’onn startled Lucy out of her budgeting induced panic. “What’s on your mind, Agent Danvers.”

“I know why you and Superman aren’t the best of friends.” A folder slapped the table. “Operation Emerald.”

“What’s Operation Emerald?” Lucy asked.

“How’d you find out about that?”

Alex hugged herself tighter and shared a look with Lucy. “I cross-referenced your personnel file with Superman.”

Sometimes Lucy forgot where Kara learned to break the rules. Kryptonians had a very strict society, or so she’d heard. And then Alex Danvers would show her Slytherin side, and Lucy would suddenly remember the one that always came back to bite her in the ass.

J’onn sighed and flipped through the file before handing it over to Lucy. “Back when I first took over the DEO, we got a report about a meteorite coming down in the desert. Superman would work with us back then, so we both headed out to investigate. We got there, it was dark and… But I could see something down in the crater. Green, glowing like an emerald.”

“Kryptonite,” she and Alex said in tandem.

J’onn nodded. “It didn’t affect me, but Superman got down there and he started heaving. Passed out.”

“I named it that,” he sighed. “Superman wanted to destroy it all.”

“But you kept it,” said Alex.

“He wasn’t the only Kryptonian out there,” Lucy muttered as she flipped through the file. “How many had you caught from Fort Rozz at that point?”

“Not enough, clearly.” J’onn shook his head. “Their powers are limitless, and we had all of Astra and Non’s forces to deal with. We needed a way to protect ourselves from them.”

“Except “them” includes my sister, while the rest of them are gone.”

“Alex,” Lucy said. “Lord is still out there somewhere, and with him is more synthetic Kryptonite. We can’t just toss away our only hope of stopping her. It’s how you saved her, remember?”

Alex’s jaw twitched.

Whatever her response was, Winn interrupted as he quickly walked into the room.

“Um, we may have a problem. I’ve been going over the data from Luthor Corp. Now, the oscillator that exploded on the Venture, it was located underneath the main passenger cabin, right? In fact, it was housed under seat 23B.”

“The point, Schott?” Lucy sighed.

“According to the manifest, guess who was supposed to be sitting in seat 23B?” he paused. “Lena Luthor.”

“Lena Luthor wasn’t behind the explosion.” said J’onn.

“She was the target,” Alex agreed.

Lucy was beginning to wish she had stayed in the desert. Shit like this didn’t happen out there anymore, not with Supergirl in the city.


Lucy was unwinding with three fingers of something with a delicious burn as she tried to forget the dumpster fire of the past few days when she got the call.




“Hey, yeah, you have a minute?”

Lucy looked at her nearly empty glass. She took a deep breath and refilled it. “What do you need, Mr. Liarpants?”

“Mr. Liarpants?”

“Mmm. I found out something interesting today.”

“What’s that?”

“That your boyfriend and my sister’s are one and the same. Clark Kent, the bumbling farm boy himself, is Superman.” Lucy took a drink. “Very nice of you and Lois to keep that from me.”

“I-Lucy, it wasn’t my secret to tell,” he protested.

“They’ve been married for years, Jimmy. You and I dated for most of that time.”

“You and Lois aren’t exactly close, Lucy, but you were close to your father.”

“Don’t bring him into this, James. You know I was close to him because Lois walked away,” Lucy snarled, the glass hitting the counter harder than she intended.

“Look I’m sorry you’re upset-”

“But you’re not sorry for keeping it from me.”

“This isn’t why I called, Luce.”

“Why did you call,” Lucy asked.

“I just wanted you to know that Kara and I broke up.”

The phone in Lucy’s hand buzzed angrily. She pulled it away from her ear, setting it on speaker phone so that she could talk to her idiot ex and check her messages at the same time.

Because of course it was Kara.

“Can you break up if you haven’t even been on a date?” she asked absently.



So I know you said you didn’t mind me and James

I’m sorry that sounds bad

I mean

You know what I mean

I probably shouldn’t be bothering you with this

With you and James and me and James

“She said she needs to find herself.”

“Maybe she realized she’s a lesbian.”

“That’s not funny, Lucy.”

Lucy wasn’t entirely sure she was joking.





Jimmy said you two broke up.

So much is changing!

I don’t do well with change!

Lucy what do I do?

I think I hurt his feelings

I hurt MY feelings


Kara, I’m not the one you should be talking to about this

Alex doesn’t date!

Lucy snorted.

“What’s so funny, Lucy? I called you for advice.”

“The fact that my ex is calling for advice to get back the woman I stepped aside for is hilarious, James Olsen.”


Give him some space Kara

Figure yourself out first, figure out what you want

If you’re meant to be, he’ll be there


 Thanks Lucy

Lucy sighed. “Look, James. Clearly she’s got some stuff to figure out. Give her the space to do that.”

“You sound like a bad chick flick.”

“The only thing that makes them a chick flick is the presence of two or more women in them, Mr. Olsen.”

James laughed. “Sorry, Lucy.”

“Go hang out with your boys, James. Either you and Kara will work out in the end or not, that’s up to you guys.” Lucy filled her glass again. “If you’re looking for real advice I have some for you: don’t call your ex girlfriend about it.”

She hung up without waiting for him to say goodbye. The days since returning to National City had been inching towards  the levels previously only felt on the Hill, and Lucy was sick of it. She briefly contemplated calling Vasquez over for pizza and whatever women’s soccer they could find on TV before she realized Vas was on shift.

She thought about it for a moment.

She reached for her phone.






Get over here

We need to drink to baby Luthor saving your life

And you being alive

Also your sister is an idiot

I’ll be over in 15

You’d better get the good stuff out

You have to earn the good stuff, hot stuff



The best thing about Alex Danvers was that she came with her own bottle.

“And you brought me a pizza!”

“How much have you had to drink, Lane?”

“I can drink you under the table and you know it, Danvers.”

“I have video that says otherwise,” Alex grins, sliding uncomfortably close as she squeezed between the doorframe and Lucy.

Lucy smacked Alex’s ass, making sure to get a quick grab in at the end. She loved the little squeak Agent Badass made, and the little jump she did to get out of Lucy’s reach was even better. “Oh, Danvers, I’d do that dance for you sober if you asked.”

“You’re trashed, Lane. What’s up?”

“James called.”

Alex frowned. “To apologize about Clark? I’m sorry, Lucy, I thought you knew-”

“We don’t have to remember how big of an idiot I am, thanks. No, he called about Kara.”

“Date ideas or…”

“They broke up, apparently.”

Lucy slid a plate in front of Alex before taking her seat and digging in. She watched as Alex frowned, staring deeply into the pools of grease in the cheese. Alex wrinkled her nose, squinting in disbelief.

“How do you break up without going on a date?”

“That’s what I asked!”

“And why didn’t Kara call me?”

“Probably ‘cuz you don’t date,” Lucy said, shoving pizza into her mouth.

“I date!” Alex made a face, “That’s disgusting, Lane, you could at least chew it first. Are you part Kryptonian?”

“Mm no, but yours said you don’t date, and I’ve never seen you date, so empirical evidence says you don’t date.” Lucy nodded.

“Correlation isn’t causation, if you weren’t Army you would know that. When did Kara say I don’t date?”

“When she texted.”

Alex stared at Lucy. “She called you?”

“She texted. Which was good, because I was on the phone with Jimmy.”

Alex looked at the beer in her hand. She looked back at Lucy. Without a word, she handed it to Lucy and got up to grab another one. “They both wanted to talk to you about them?”

I know.”

“I can see why you were drinking.”

“Mmhmmm.” Lucy reached for the remote.

“If we’re celebrating me being alive, shouldn’t I get to pick what we’re watching?”

“I had to listen to your sister and my ex boyfriend freak out about their break up. We’re watching soccer.”

“No, anything but soccer. That’s as boring as golf!”

“Shut your mouth, Danvers, the women who play golf never take their shirts off.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Lane?”

“Shhhhh. It’s starting.”

Lucy felt Alex’s confused stare all throughout the game. She didn’t care, jumping up and shouting when the refs made bad calls, yelling obscenities at the screen anytime the cameras paused on the US coach. Alex didn’t say a word though, even if she was a good sport when Lucy spilled her beer on her after the winning goal.

Lucy didn’t miss the way Alex’s eyes widened when half the team ripped off their jersey’s to celebrate.

“And that is why we watch women’s soccer.”

“It’s still pretty boring, Lane.”

“You willingly stare at mold for hours, Danvers, your sense of fun is warped.”

Alex snorted, but didn’t disagree.

“Speaking of warped, maybe we should invite the Junior Luthor to join the club.”

“Wait, what? Who? What club?”

“Lena Luthor. You know, crazy brother tried to kill her? I mean, your sister’s a superhero, mine won a pulitzer and is apparently married to a superhero, hers is a world famous psychopath who tries to kill superheroes. I feel like we’d have a lot in common.”

“I feel like you’re drunk off your ass, Lane.”

“Why yes, people do get drunk off my fantastic ass, thank you for noticing, Danvers.”

“It’s not that great.”

Lucy smirked and waited for Alex to catch up with her thoughts.

She wasn’t disappointed in the slightest when Alex’s ears went red and she started sputtering.


“Save it, Danvers.”

“You’re the worst, Lane.”

Lucy cackled. The stress of the last few weeks, the weirdness of earlier with James and Kara, it all washed away, at least for a little while, as she laughed at the scowl on Danvers’ face. That look might scare baby agents away, but Lucy had seen the badass melt over pictures of her sister surrounded by dogs in supergirl costumes. If anything, the face Alex made at her had Lucy laughing harder, sliding off her seat with tears in her eyes.

Seeing Lucy roll around in hysterics was enough to get Alex to join in.

“You’re a mess, Luce.”

“That’s why we’re friends, Alex.”

“I still can’t believe you didn’t know Clark was Superman,” Alex paused. “Have you really seen him naked?”

“Can it, Danvers,” Lucy said. She rubbed gingerly at her aching ribs. “I stopped by once, in Metropolis, after Lois had to be rescued. I wanted to check on her. They left the door open. I don’t know what he did with his suit, because it was his work pants hanging around his ankles.”

“Ew.” Alex shuddered.

“Ew is right. There’s a European game on soon. You sticking around?”

Alex nearly knocked her beer over. “Uh, sure.”

Lucy snorted, and reached for the remote to change it to the correct channel. The Danvers sisters were going to be the death of her.

She wouldn’t miss it for the world.