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An angel will die, covered in white, closed eyes (hoping for a better life)

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Jeon jeongguk, taehyung thinks, is many things to him. He's the light that shines in eyes, that helps him get up and live through another day. He's his muse, the one that sparks his greatest ideas, his most vibrant creations. The one who asks about his day, and listens to him for hours.

But he's also the hammer that breaks his bones and the knife that tears through his skin. He's the one that lets taehyung bleed all night long and comes back the next morning to build him up, just to break him again. The one that smiles seeing taehyung bleeding and torn below him yet kisses the bruises and cuts the following day. The one who whispers I love you while ripping his heart and mind apart but also while pressing pecks all over his face and body. Jeongguk makes flowers grow in his lungs and although they're beautiful, he can't fucking breathe.

But today, taehyung thinks, jeon jeongguk is the one that gives him the final push. The one that wills him to climb up the tower. Up and up despite the sharp rust digging into his palms, despite the iron tinging the air as the blood leaves tracks down his arms. The one who's words make him look down at the waves crashing below him. Who makes him smile at the thought of jumping, of the water blearing his vision and muffling his cries because he would finally, finally be able to reach serenity. The one who makes tears rush down his face as he staggers closer and closer to the edge until he's falling with the wind rushing past him . Taehyung looks over to jeongguk, his boyfriend, his love, yet also his brutal murderer. Sees him leaning against their car, the car that they had barely collected enough money to buy last year. It had been before the madness, before jeongguk had started coming home drunk, before he started using taehyung to take out his pent up frustration and the car has so many intimate moments trapped inside that it makes his head hurt. Jeongguk had been waiting for taehyung to finish his business, far too engrossed in his phone to notice him up on the ledge of the tower and people calling at him to come down. Taehyung yells out his name and smiles as jeongguks head bobs up, realization and shock flashing over his face. Before long, he's running, tripping over himself as he tries to reach taehyung but its too late, for he's already being swallowed by the tide. The people crowded around the edge gasping as he plunges below. The last thing taehyung sees before the blackness takes him over is jeongguks face, covered in tears. Despite the water barricading him on all sides, he feels the tears on his cheeks. He lets out one final breath and smiles, as the ocean consumes him.