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Darla Meets Xena: Warrior Princess

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The next day came...

Cherry was measuring Atticus while he was lifting an arm weight in both hands and would switch on occasion.

"This for my wrestling outfit?" Atticus asked.

"Coffin," Cherry replied. "You want it open or closed?"

"Don't you realize that I'm a god now?" Atticus reminded her.

"Does that matter?" Cherry replied.

Atticus raised his fist and Cherry ran off with an innocent giggle, and he then simply rolled his eyes. Cherry soon came back.

"I'm attempting to learn the recipe of ambrosia," Mo said to Atticus. "I hear it was the food of the gods as they drank nectar."

"Sounds nice." Atticus said.

"I believe in you, Atticus, I always have..." Mo cooed. "You're the Luke to my Leia."

"They were revealed to be siblings." Cherry smirked, killing the moment for the couple.

"Out." Atticus glared at Cherry.

Cherry walked off the other way.

"Now, where were we?" Atticus asked Mo.

"I was trying to bake some ambrosia," Mo replied. "I'm very excited about visiting Mount Olympus with you guys."

"I'm excited too." Atticus smiled.

"Oh, but Atticus, what if the gods and goddesses don't like me?" Mo trembled.

"Who wouldn't like you?" Atticus replied. "You're an amazing and special girl, that's why I love you so much."

"Aw!" Mo smiled.

Atticus smiled back. They were about to share a kiss until Darla came between them.

"Uh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I was just wondering how soon until we're going." Darla told her big brother and his girlfriend.

"In a little while." Atticus said.

"Okay... Sorry for interrupting..." Darla said to them before skipping off.

Atticus and Mo blushed to each other before then kissing once she was gone.

After an hour passed, Drell and Chris arrived. Chris came toward Atticus with a sharp glare in his eyes. Atticus glared back, trying to stay brave which wasn't difficult for him.

"Alright, let's get going." Drell said.

"Yes, Drell." Atticus replied.

"Cherry?" Drell looked around.

"Surprise, Mother--" Cherry jumped onto his back with a smirk.

"Yep, you're ready." Drell said.

Cherry pouted as she couldn't scare him.

"Now, get off before you get hurt." Drell smirked.

Cherry then got off quickly and nervously.

"Now, let's get going." Drell said.

"Yes, sir." Cherry replied nervously.

Drell took out his wand and sent them to where they were to go.

Darla rushed over to join them so she wouldn't be left behind, and of course luckily, she was successful. "I'm coming, Princess Xena!"

They were soon in ancient times and thanks to Drell's magic, they were in the appropriate clothes. They all looked around until there was bubbles coming from the top of a river and they were shown a strong man on the back of a sea monster.

"Uh, is that Hercules?" Darla asked.

"Hmm... This can't be right..." Drell pondered. "I meant to take you guys to the Hercules universe with Megara."

"What now?" Chris asked.

"I guess we'll just make do with this." Drell replied with a modest shrug.

"Fine." Chris groaned.

"One of you should help this universe's Hercules." Darla said.

"I think it's certain who'll be doing that." Cherry commented as Atticus was already on his way to the sea monster and strong demigod.

Chris soon ran off to try and get to the sea monster before he did. They both soon latched onto the monster. Atticus smiled and waved to who seemed to be this world's Hercules. This world's Hercules looked like he didn't want their help as he was the strongest demigod in that world.

"Pardon me, but is your name Hercules?" Atticus asked the strong man.

"Yes, I am, but I don't need any help, kid." Hercules scoffed almost arrogantly.

"I think you might need it with this big guy." Atticus said.

"I think I can handle it better than a little punk like you." Hercules scoffed.

"I am not a punk!" Atticus glared as he was about to grow giant before calming down.

"You're right, Herc, he's just a dopey kid." Chris smirked to the demigod.

All three of them were soon underwater with the sea monster.

Atticus was about to hold his breath, but he soon had his tail fin, turning him into a young merman. "Oh, right." He then said to himself, feeling stupid for a minute.

Chris was soon floating in the water due to being a warlock. Atticus came up beside him with a smirk before whacking him in the face with his tail fin. Chris glared at him for that. Atticus chuckled as he then swam away.

"Get back here, you Wiccan!" Chris snapped.

Atticus soon joined Hercules. "Come on, Hercules, let me help you, I'm stronger than I look." He told the strong demigod.

"I said go away, kid!" Hercules glared.

Atticus could only hear gurgles from Hercules. He then went under the water to help Hercules with the sea monster as he took him under the water, and where the sea monster thought he could beat them. Chris and Hercules were soon thrown off the sea monster. Atticus then lunged high in the water and tackled the sea monster while latching onto him as he went up and down in the air.

"Not getting rid of me that easily." Atticus said.

The sea monster snarled as it had a huge chunk in its mouth.

"What is this, a rock?" Atticus pondered as he looked at the chunk in the monster's mouth. He soon had an idea of who launched it into the monster's mouth.

Hercules soon came out of the monster's snout with Chris.

"Guh!" Chris grunted in disgust. "Monster mucus!"

"Serves you right!" Atticus glared.

"Well, at least that showed you weren't strong like a god." Chris said.

Atticus glared as he then grabbed the rock to pull it out of the monster's mouth. The monster didn't seem to be breathing.

Hercules smirked smugly as he saw that the monster was defeated. "Must have been something he ate," He smirked before seeing Atticus send the sea monster flying into space. "Well... I'll be..."

"What the?" Chris asked.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Troublefield." Atticus smirked.

"I could do that with my eyes closed." Chris bragged.

Atticus stuck his tongue out and they soon heard the crowd cheering for Hercules and they came to see him.

"Wow, that was fantastic," A blonde man said, coming behind Hercules and patting his back. "Nice job with the monster."

"Who are you?" Darla asked the blonde man.

"Hello, little girl," The man replied. "Shouldn't you be at home, cooking with your mommy?"

"I'm with my big brother." Darla said.

"You're just a little girl, run off and go cook and clean now." The man told her.

"Excuse me?!" Darla glared at his sexist behavior. She soon saw Atticus and had a sneaky idea. "You know what?" she crossed her arms with a smirk. "You're not even worth my time."

"Shoo now." The blonde man shoved Darla away like she was useless just because she was a girl.

'And Atticus should be coming to deal with him in 3, 2, 1.' Drell thought to himself.

Darla came to her big brother and told him everything. Atticus patted her on the head gently and soon stormed toward the blonde man in a huff for picking on his little sister.

"This should be entertaining." Drell smirked.

"Excuse me," Atticus came to the blonde man. "Who might you be?"

"The name's Iolaus." The man replied.

"Another Iolaus?" Drell asked, unimpressed.

"Seems like every Hercules but the one Cherry and I first met had an Iolaus." Atticus shrugged the the warlock before looking back.

"Your father?" Ioalus asked about Drell.

"Nope, he's our guardian angel," Cherry said. "But right now, Atticus has a bone to pick with you."

"More girls?" Iolaus scoffed.

"You leave my best friend and my little sister alone if you know what's good for you or I'll do worse to you than that sea monster." Atticus grabbed Iolaus's collar and forced their eyes to meet as he looked aggressive, but not too terribly so like he would against bullies in school.

Iolaus soon looked down and gulped as he was lifted off the ground.

"I am your worst nightmare and I can be worse if you don't do as I say." Atticus warned.

"Batman!" Cherry coughed randomly.

"O-Okay, I won't mess with them anymore." Iolaus gulped.

"No more sexist jokes." Atticus replied.

"I won't, I promise..." Iolaus shivered nervously. "Please stop staring at me, it's really scary!"

"Okay." Atticus said as he set him back on the ground.

Iolaus shivered and dashed behind Hercules.

"Oh, brother..." Drell rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, I got here as soon as I could," Ioalus told Hercules. "I would've jumped in, but I think you were doing okay."

"Says the man who's scared of a small child." Hercules teased.

"He's as big as you." Iolaus said.

"Thanks, buddy." Hercules replied before punching him in the arm which pushed him back.

Darla giggled as she felt like Iolaus more or less deserved that.

"I think Hercules should have a lifetime supply of fish." Drell smirked.

"Oh, do ya like fish?" One man asked.

"Well, sure," Hercules shrugged. "I--"

The man then whistled and gestured for some fish to be given to Hercules as a reward, and where the demigod was soon given a big fish that looked like a lifetime supply.

"And there's plenty more where that came from," The man replied. "Any fish any time you want. The big guy is right, a lifetime supply!"

"Thanks, but I think this is a lifetime supply." Hercules replied as Iolaus soon got up and dusted himself clean.

"I agree." Drell smirked.

"Come back anytime, Hercules!" The man called out as Hercules and Iolaus took their leave. "You're the best!"

"Thanks, G.I. Joe." Cherry whispered quietly at her own little inside joke.

"We'll have to split from here; half of us will be with those two and the other half with Xena." Drell said.

"What if the girls go with Xena and the boys go with Hercules?" Darla suggested since she was very anxious to meet the warrior princess up close.

"Sounds good to me." Drell shrugged.

"Yes!" Darla beamed. "I'm gonna meet Xena!" she then gasped. "I hope Nora Thunderman doesn't get jealous..."

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll still be friends with you." Drell said.

"Oh, I hope so..." Darla replied.

"What about Piper Hart?" Drell asked.

"Ugh! No way!" Darla cringed. "That girl screams all the time and she's a spoiled brat, worse than me!"

"That, she is." Cherry agreed as she remembered a lot about the bratty little sister of Henry in Swellview.

"I agree." Atticus nodded.

"All right," Drell said to the girls. "See you later then."

"Okay, yeah, bye." Cherry replied to him.

Drell rolled his eyes and left with the boys while the girls went their own way.

"Uh, where do we find Xena?" Mo asked.

"That, I do not know," Darla frowned. "Hmm... If I were Xena, where would I be?"