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Rebel Love Mermaid

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“Did you see which way it went?” Hank asked.

“No,” Nick replied leading the way through the woods before suggesting that he, Hank and Captain Renard split up.

“Okay then,” the Captain replied, “Just make sure to radio for back-up if you spot her...”

They nodded before going down their own separate paths.

They had been trying to get the Liebes-bote Meerjunfrau for the last few days. Rosalie and Monroe said it was something similar to the Krampus that they tracked at Christmas, except this time it had to do with Cupid.

They said that the Wesen legend was about Cupid’s mermaid messengers who he used to send out on special errands. Cupid would place them in locations that they would be needed. Antony and Cleopatra were rumoured to have sent love letters to each other using one of the love creatures because they couldn’t trust any other methods.

Such stories were thought to have been made up love myths, but just like the Krampus they proved to be true. Nick consulted the books in his trailer but there was only an entry from one of Antony’s most trusted soldiers, who coincidentally was a Grimm, explaining how he had fallen in love with the love mermaid. He even took to seeing her when Antony didn’t require his assistance.

She could come onto dry land but it would always be for short periods of time before she had to return to the ocean. Unfortunately, it ended horribly when the mermaid was killed by Caesar after he got wind of Antony and Cleopatra’s love affair. 

There was nothing in the books about the appearance of the creature. The soldier had been told by the mermaid that the love messengers were individually picked by Cupid himself. It was of the highest order to be selected for as a messenger between lovers whose epic love story would be told for years to come.

However the case they were working on recently, had presented them with some interesting information. This time though, the mermaid seemed to be doing things that benefitted her own selfish gains.

Recently three people were claiming that they were hypnotised or said that they had no clue of what they were doing when they were caught stealing expensive jewellery.

They all had common threads in their story however, that had forced them to take on the case. The victims had said that they all went on dates with this beautiful woman whereby after a week of dating, they would start losing chunks of their memory. The victims would experience blackouts that would always start after being kissed by the mermaid and then be confused about missing hours from their day, with no recollection of what they did during those times. Once the victims were arrested, and being questioned about the robberies, they would have no clue of ever committing such crimes.

They had discovered information that connected the three crimes- they were all dating the same girl. When they brought the woman in for questioning, they discovered that she was indeed the one responsible but she had always been too careful to implicate herself during the interrogation. She did slip up during the interrogation when she temporarily lost her cool and revealed her Wesen status. It was also then that she noticed that Nick was Grimm. They were forced her to let her go since they didn’t have enough evidence to warrant arresting her.

Wu had been the latest victim of the Wesen. He was one of the three men that she had been seeing. He had been off during that week and when they had to arrest him, it was one of the hardest things that Nick and Hank had to do. When there had been another robbery in town, Nick and everyone else was shocked to find out that Wu was the one responsible. The whole station knew that Wu honoured the law too much to ever break it, and once they discovered the mermaid’s true nature, they orchestrated a plan to take her down.

They had finally caught a break in the case when they had managed to trace the call they helped Wu place to an abandoned cabin. They almost caught the Wesen but she had taken off before they could arrest her, escaping into the woods behind her cabin where Nick, Hank and Captain Renard had gone after her.

Nick heard the breaking of a branch and suddenly dashed off in the direction that he heard the sound. He slowed down, thinking that maybe he had misheard it, when he suddenly saw the perpetrator running further into the woods.

“I think I’ve got her,” Nick voiced over the radio, “she is heading east towards the river.”

He moved cautiously once he got closer to where he thought he had seen the woman.

“You have nowhere to run,” he called out. "It’s better to turn yourself in and then you can avoid making this worse for yourself.”

Nick stalked forward, inching closer towards the river. He spotted her once she came out of the trees with her hands up, slinking her way closer to Nick. He raised his gun and was about to tell her to freeze but he couldn’t.

He was suddenly paralysed. He didn’t know that the mermaid had such powers to do this.

“You are quite attractive,” she purred at him. “Don’t worry you are going to be fine. It’s just my private collection of romancefleur that you’ve walked into that's causing your temporary paralysis. The flowers are harmless to humans, but when you pour salt water onto them, they become a wonderful weapon.”

She came closer to Nick, standing right in front of him.

“Oh my,” she smiled, “you really smell divine. I wonder how you would taste.”

Nick could do nothing to stop it. Her lips were suddenly on his, kissing him ever so passionately while he just was forced to endure. Nick didn’t know what was happening but he could sense that his body was reacting somehow, he couldn’t feel it but he might have been getting aroused.

“You taste even better,” she smiled after breaking their kiss, “I don’t kiss with tongue because my victims wouldn’t be able to survive the side effects, but I’m sure you will manage fine. Won’t you Grimm?”

Her wicked smile was the last thing Nick saw before he passed out.

He heard his name being muttered over and over again, though he wasn’t sure if he was awake or dreaming.

“Nick,” he heard again.

He felt his body being shaken, as if someone was trying to wake someone up from a deep sleep.

He eventually started moving, regaining his senses and then his memory came back to him. Nick sat up urgently, with his gun at the ready. He found that he was still in the woods, but apparently he had been moved.

“Come on Nick, time to get up.”

Nick looked up into the face of that voice and was surprised to find that it was his Captain Sean Renard who woke him up. He quickly lowered his gun when he realised who he was pointing it at.

Nick was caught off guard by the Captain’s beauty; he had always known that Renard was an attractive man but he didn’t truly realise how beautiful he was until that moment. He couldn’t help but feel a sudden flood of emotion. Even his groin came to life at the sight of the Captain before him.

“Let’s help you up,” he said gripping onto Nick to help him.

Nick could feel the muscular arms and the strength that the Captain hid away underneath his suits. He certainly was in impeccable shape by the looks of things.

Nick was surprised by the type of thoughts that filled his mind; clearly something was up if he was starting to see Captain Renard as sexually attractive. He cleared his thoughts and tried regaining control of his body, hoping that he would soon start feeling like himself again.
Nick almost fell over when he moved too fast and had it not been for the man holding him, he might have.

“Careful there,” he said.

“What happened?” Nick asked.

“She got away,” he sighed, “disappeared into the water.”

“Damn it,” Nick sighed, “there goes our only lead...”

“I wouldn’t have believed it, if I didn’t see it for myself,” Captain Renard stated. "I got here just as she was making her way away from your body, I almost thought you had died. I had to make sure that were alright before I went after her. I almost caught up to her, but she vanished into the sea. I'm just sorry that I couldn’t catch her.”

“It wasn’t your fault Captain,” Nick said. “So now what?”

“Now we get you checked out by the EMT’s,” Renard replied.

“Why? I feel fine,” Nick said.

“You might feel fine, but let’s be safe and get you check out so that there isn’t any long term damage from whatever you were exposed to.”

“I meant about the case though sir,” Nick pressed.

“We will make it clear to the DA that the real perpetrator escaped,” the Captain said, “and that the victims were hypnotised and they were innocent. After that unless we find her the case will go cold.”

Hearing that didn’t install any good feelings in Nick and he hated when these things happened but there was nothing to be done - cold cases are a part of the job.

“Burkhardt, make sure that you get checked,” the Captain added, “You might be a Grimm, but you’re not invincible, we don’t need another zombie Nick issue.”

“Wouldn’t be better to see Rosalie then?”

“That is where we are going after the EMT’s check you out.”

Nick was reluctant to get checked out, but he did feel unexpected warmth towards the Captain for taking such an interest in his wellbeing. It was great that he wanted to make sure that Nick was alright; Nick couldn’t help but feel like he was starting to see a softer side to the Captain. He was usually very stern and uptight, but the level of compassion and care that he was showing Nick made him see the man differently. There was no arguing that Captain Renard was a complicated man; there were so many layers to him and sometimes the more you keep peeling away, the more you can’t help but see him differently.

“You got the all clear?” the Captain asked.

“Yes,” Nick said smiling unexpectedly. “What happened to Hank?”

“He started having an allergic reaction to one of the plants he walked into,” Captain Renard said, “and needed to be rushed to the hospital. He will have to stay overnight for observations....”

“Is he fine?”

“He will be okay, Nick.”

“I was able to find out a little more information,” Rosalee stated as they stood in the store.

“Which is?” The Captain questioned.

“According to lore, the Liebes-bote Meerjunfrau is whom Cupid selects to be his messenger of love over the Valentine’s Day season,” Rosalee explained, “They are most active during the month of love but on special occasions Cupid deploys them for special love stories that he takes an interest in...”

“Except that our mermaid had no interest in spreading the love and only had interest in spreading the size of her pockets...” Monroe added.

“Unfortunately, what Monroe says is true,” Nick stated.

“What about Nick?” the Captain asked, “Is he going to be okay?”

“Not exactly,” Rosalee shyly said.

“What do you mean?” Nick asked.

“There are some side-effects about the way that she kissed you.”

“What side-effects?” Monroe eagerly asked.

“It is stated that, a kiss from the Liebes-bote Meerjunfrau has many different purposes,” Rosalee said. “Depending on the way the love mermaid kisses you, it can either make you forget or  be used as weapon to save themselves. If they kiss you for long enough you can die from it.”
“Yes, but what does that mean for Nick?” the Captain asked.

“He will fall in love,” Rosalee started.

“I’m already in love,” Nick argued.

“You will fall in love with the first person you see... temporarily.”

“What?!” Nick spluttered.

“The first person you see, you will be in love with them, temporarily,” she hurriedly said. “It’s not infatuation or lust but sex-crazed love.”

“Sex-crazed love?” Nick laughed. “Now I know you’re joking with me...”

“Unfortunately not,” Rosalee coyly answered.

Everyone shifted uncomfortably.

“Is there any way to break this love spell?” the Captain eventually asked.

“No, Nick will just have to let things run its course.”

“Just for clarification’s sake,” Monroe started, “who was the first person you saw Nick?”

“It was uhm...”

“Some paramedic,” the Captain interrupted.

“Do you know who the paramedic was?”

“Not really,” Nick said awkwardly.

“Well then that seems to be fine,” Monroe smiled. “Maybe it will run out your system and then before you know it you will be fine?”

“Let’s hope so...”

“You going to tell Juliet?” Rosalee asked.

“No,” he said. “She finally got to visit her parents and take a much needed vacation from all the Wesen related drama, so I will not cause her to worry about this unnecessarily.”

“So it’s just you alone at home?”

“Yes,” Nick said.

“You sure that is such a good thing?” Monroe piped up. “What if you end up wandering the street in search of your paramedic and you end up going all Grimm-like and causing problems?”

“He has point Nick,” the Captain said.

“You can always stay with Rosalee and myself?”

“Thanks for the offer but you guys just moved in together,” Nick stated, “and you just sorted out the issues with your parents so I don’t want to impose.”

"You wouldn't be imposing," Rosalee replied.

“Nick could always stay with me,” the Captain offered. “I would prefer to have you under my eye, because while I might not be the best of security but I at least will be able to protect you somewhat.”

“Captain, thanks for offer but I don’t feel comf-”

“That’s a great idea,” Monroe explained. “Your boss knows you and your Grimm issues. Hank is unavailable, so it all works out.”

“So we’re all set?” Rosalee asked.

“Seems that way,” Nick sighed heavily.

Nick struggled to keep his eyes from drifting to the Captain during the car ride. He found himself noticing the man’s lips, his forearms and how the pants fitted around his crotch. He was constantly refocus his attention on whatever was happening outside the car- which wasn't a lot.

“You okay?” the Captain asked bringing his attention back to where he was. “You didn’t say a word on the drive here or even as we got inside.”

“Sorry,” he said noticing the apartment, “just my mind’s been pre-occupied and I’m beat. It’s been a long day.”

“I understand,” the Captain nodded. “You can use the spare room; I’ve locked the door and armed the alarm, so if you leave I will know.”

“Good to know,” Nick laughed. “Hopefully I will be able to sleep right through the night.”

“Let’s hope.”

The Captain led Nick to the spare room which was fairly close to his room. After saying goodnight, Nick quickly settled in and got undressed until he was just in his briefs, hoping that sleep would come soon.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. His mind started wandering to thoughts about the Captain, particularly about how beautiful the man had looked in the car ride and how muscular he was.

Nick started wondering how it would feel to have those muscular arms underneath his hands, and what it would feel like to have Renard's hands on him in return. He couldn't stop from wondering what his lips would taste like, and how he would kiss, forcefully at first? Or slow and gentle?

Just then he heard the sound of the shower going on, followed by the sound of clothes falling to the ground, and water hitting the floor differently as a body was now standing underneath the spray of water.

Nick had no clue what he was doing, but he climbed out the bed and slowly walked towards where the Captain was showering. He was suddenly standing by the bathroom door and peeked inside. He couldn’t make out anything and before he could stop himself he slowly entered the bathroom.

Seeing the Captain and his naked form made Nick realise how beautiful he was. It also caused Nick’s eyes to flash red. He then slowly found himself moving closer towards the shower where the Captain was. He stopped, doing nothing but just admiring the man in the shower. He had made sure that he was deadly quiet as he entered the bathroom and also as he inched closer to the man in the shower. He dropped his briefs and climbed into the shower.

The Captain suddenly sensed that someone was in the shower with him, and pushed the stranger against the wall. He was surprised to see that it was Nick.

“Nick??” The Captain asked, “What are you doing in here?”

Nick didn’t answer him; instead he leaned forward and kissed the Captain.

The kiss changed everything.

Initially Captain Renard had pushed him away but then Nick noticed a brief flash of red in his pupils. They were standing in the shower, both naked, staring at each other. The water from the shower formed droplets on the Captain’s body. Nick was surprised when the man suddenly returned his kiss with intense fervour. Caution was thrown to the wind and instinct took over.

They furiously kissed each other; their bodies tightly pressed together. Nick felt himself relax at the Captain’s touch; enjoying the feeling of having someone’s muscular hands holding onto him and his body.

The hot water of the shower running down their bodies, only heightened their sensations. Nick was so turned on by the kiss that he could feel his erection trapped between their bodies. Nick started kissing along the Captain’s neck and down to his nipples, flicking his tongue over sensitive spot causing a groan to come from the man before him.

Ever kiss and every touch felt intoxicating, he wanted more. He took both of their erections in his hand and started palming them together; combined with the warm water that was hitting them from multiple directions, it was a sensory overload. The kissing, the groping, the water warming their bodies and the friction of their members moving against each other was driving both men to the edge.

It wasn’t long before they had both erupted, Nick first with the Captain following not long after seeing the reaction of an orgasmic Nick. As he went in to kiss Nick again, he couldn’t help but blow his load. Nick was pressed tightly again the wall against his back and the Captain’s body pressed up against him.

“That was...”


“Euphoric...”the Captain countered, “and amazing.”

Nick let himself enjoy the feeling of the water washing down their bodies and the way their lips moved together. Soon enough both their erections had returned and they were back to square one. Nick was hoisted up, so that his legs could wrapped around the Captain’s waist and not long after he was being carried out the shower to the bedroom, their lips still connected and their bodies still dripping wet.

He gently placed Nick down onto the bed continuing their enjoyable kissing marathon.

The Captain slowly started making his way down from Nick’s lips to his chest, following the treasure trail, until he got to Nick’s shaft. He slowly took it into his mouth, not rushing and just taking things at a slower pace, allowing them both the time to catch their breath.

Nick gasped out. The warmth of the Captain’s mouth and the feeling of the cool air as bobbed up and down on Nick’s penis was creating havoc. He really loved the sensations. The Captain was really taking his time, driving Nick crazy in the process. He couldn’t resist the temptation to gingerly start exploring Nick’s entrance; taking his time to really work Nick open. He first got in one finger, and then another, followed by a third.

Captain Renard just marvelled at the sight before him.

He was spell bounded by the look of utter bliss on Nick’s face; it was quite something to see. He didn’t anticipate just how much he would enjoy it, because it gave him great joy knowing that he was the reason Nick was writhing in pleasure.

Nick reluctantly pulled the man off of him, scared that all their fun would be over too soon, and he certainly didn’t want that- he was having too much fun. He was ready to take it up a notch. He kissed the man intently, switching positions as they did so, to make Renard lay flat down on his back.

He firmly placed his hand tightly around Captain Renard’s erection and was stroking his member deliberately while also lapping his tongue over the head of the shaft. The sensations of the deliberate movements and the feeling of Nick’s tongue working in unison created a brilliant feeling for the Captain. It wasn’t long before he was the one squirming in ecstasy; the feeling of Nick’s tongue was unbelievable.

The Captain made Nick stop and he got up because he couldn’t wait longer. He pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube from his drawer, and was about to put on the condom himself but Nick took it from him. Nick placed the condom on the top of the Captain’s shaft and used his mouth to roll it down. Captain Renard relished in the sensation.

He quickly put lube onto the condom and on Nick’s entrance, then grabbed hold of the man and positioned him so that he was straddling the Captain. He would let Nick dictate the pace but as he did so, he also wanted to kiss and play with Nick. He was kissing one nipple as Nick lowly started his descent onto the Captain’s shaft. It hurt Nick in the start but he let him do it at his own pace.

Nick continued as the Captain kept kissing and licking parts of his body that drove him crazy, it wasn’t long before they were fully connected to one another. He slowly started moving and it hurt a lot at first but not long after the Captain started taking control, and started moving his hips in sync with that of Nick’s.

Nick was surprised by the immense firmness of his own penis, as he rode the Captain. Soon the pain dissipated and was replaced by a pleasure he had never experienced. The Captain’s girth and length filled him and it only made every sensation that much more amazing. It didn’t take long for them to pick up the pace and soon enough going at it as if they couldn’t get enough of one another.

“Vous, vous sentez incroyable,” he whispered. “I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

“You and me both,” Nick gasped out.

The kissing the playful biting and the movement of their slick bodies, it was incredible. It wasn’t long before it had sent Nick over the edge making him come all over their bodies, crying out in pleasure as he did so. Seeing this had sent Captain Renard over the edge too.

They didn’t move for a while, both breathing heavily as they felt the tremors of their orgasm still lingering in their limbs. The Captain had been holding onto Nick while also resting his neck on his shoulder. Eventually he moved his head to claim Nick’s lips...

“Tu est magnifique,” The Captain said.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Nick laughed before kissing him again.

“Parles-tu français?”

“No,” he laughed, “I just guessed using my limited understanding of the language to figure out what you said.”

The Captain laughed as he kissed Nick again, the kissing was so intoxicating that they both felt like they couldn’t get enough. They reluctantly broke apart and cleaned up before going to sleep. Nick fell asleep as Captain Renard was kissing his shoulder, spooning with him naked and bare on top of his bed sheets.

It was total perfection.