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Codes, you follow codes and break them 
For a love is only what does suit you most 
Hope, I hope and pray for love to reign 
For love is what I give through my own codes 

But  you  sin as  you   wish 

Because I'm in Bethlehem 
I've got a seat in heaven 
And though I'm heaven sent 
I can do as I want and you don't have the right to choose 

Declan  Mckenna  -  Bethelem 


Sister Jude awoke with a little headache. Her body and soul were both exhausted from something she couldn't really put her finger on. With her eyes closed to protect them from the burning sunlight she was feeling on her skin, Judy tried to move away from her bed, but something prevented her from doing so.
Jude reluctantly decided to open her eyelids. She lifted her head up from the pillow and some of her questions found themselves answered.
A dozen of bottles of wine and other decadent liquors were scattered between her desk and her bed, giving a strong hint of what direction her last evening had taken. She rubbed her eyes and turned her head to the left. She discovered Frank, the head of Briarcliff's security, laying by her side and lightly snoring. His left hand was casually resting between her legs, and she suddenly became aware that she wasn't wearing any clothes.
Jude closed her eyes for a moment, trying to remember what happened during her last, drunken night. An arm tightened around her waist, and she was awake enough to know it couldn't have been Frank's. She turned to the other side of her bed and opened her eyes to discover in horror Monsignor Timothy Howard. He had an arm wrapped around her body while the other was under his head.
Jude closed her eyes again and let her let her head fall back down on her pillow. Neither of them was awake at the moment, but she knew it could be a matter of minutes. Judy was impressed by the way they were all able to fit in her small bed.
She wondered what to do. Which one to wake up first. She was also trying to recall the events of the night. She had some graphic memories in her mind, but she wasn't sure if they were real or some old fantasies. The headache was beginning to fade away and Jude realised how good she was feeling inside. She hadn't shared her bed with male company for an eternity, and now, she was sharing it with two handsome men.
After hesitating for a minute, she decided to wake Frank up. She draped her body with a bedsheet, squeezed his shoulder and whispered:

"Frank. It's Jude. Wake up."

The security guard yawned and rubbed his eyes, removing his hand from between her legs. He seemed to be in pain as well but as soon as he noticed Jude, he smiled.

"Good morning Sister."

She smiled back. At least he didn't run away.

"Good morning Frank. You'll never guess who's on the other side of the bed."

Frank stood on his elbow and glanced over her, then suddenly fell back on the pillow.

"Oh shit."


She said, trying not to giggle.

"But more seriously Frank, do you have any memories from last night?"

He frowned, trying to focus as his head was still painful.

"All I remember is being a very happy man..."


"Nah I'm serious Jude, I don't recall exactly what we've done, but I remember we enjoyed it. All of us."

The way he said all of us made her shiver. Like if the entire asylum was gathered in her bedroom last night.

"What do we do about him?"

She asked, pointing at the Monsignor.

"Wait for him to wake up. What else can we do anyways?"

"Seriously Frank, is there really nothing you can remember?"

He scratched his head.

"I remember ... celebrating something I think. The three of us... And I remember... well I believe it's not that important..."

"No no, everything is important. Tell me Frank."

"I remember your body every curve of it. How soft your skin was. How sweet your mouth tasted like."

When he realised Jude was blushing, he apologised. 

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"Don't be. It's... It's nice of you to say that."

They smiled at each other and rested their heads on the pillows, Jude putting her forehead against his bare shoulder. Frank's fingers were idly playing with her hair. 

They remained like this until they heard the Monsignor moving. Timothy woke up to two inquiring faces.

"Good morning Monsignor."

Both Jude and Frank said as one.

"Oh God... My head... What... what are we doing here? Why are we in a ... in a bed?"

Jude pursed her lips.

"Actually Father, we were hoping you'd give us a rational explanation..."

They all sat up and Timothy realised we was fully nude except for a pair of underwear. His face turned so red that Jude couldn't contain herself anymore. It began with a light giggle but quickly escalated to a loud and franc laugh. Frank joined her and even the Monsignor had to laugh at his own embarrassment. When then finally got rid of the tension accumulated and their laughs began to fade away, Jude's head dropped on Timothy's shoulder. 

"I'm sorry Monsignor, I don't even know where to start..."

The delicate smell of her hair reached Timothy's nostrils and he suddenly saw flashes from his last night. He saw parts of Jude we wasn't supposed to be seeing. He remembered the sweet taste of her inner thighs. The man of God wished he didn't remember all that, but the other man felt suddenly filled with pride.

"You okay Father?"

Frank asked, a bit puzzled by the way he had simply accepted the events without getting mad.

"Yes, I remember drinking a lot yesterday and I think I still have a lot of alcohol in my blood." 

"I think we all do."

Jude spoke from against his skin. Frank nodded in silent. 

"You know what we should do?"

She asked, and the only answer she got was two intrigued faces. She carried on:

"I think we should just all lie back until we're sure the alcohol is gone, then leave and pretend all of this was just a dream."

"Yeah, I guess that's something we should do."

Frank answered, and the Monsignor nodded, his chin resting now on Jude's head. The nun smiled and pushed Timothy back on the pillow with the tip of her head while her left hand brought Frank's arm around her waist. They remained in the same position for a while until the security guard poked Judy's hip softly.

"Jude, I have to ask you something..."


"I know last night seems to have been a drunken night, but I sincerely hope I didn't... we didn't force you to do anything unpleasant..."

Jude turned around to face Frank. She cupped his chin with her free hand and smiled before putting a light kiss on his lips.

"No Frank. You didn't force me to do anything. Neither did you Timothy (She patted his thigh). Even if I don't remember all the details, I remember being... hum... fulfilled."

"Are you sure? I'd never forgive myself if -"

"Frank. I'm telling you I've enjoyed it. To be fair, I haven't felt so at peace in such a long time."

She was smiling, and the security guard could see she was telling the truth. Timothy wrapped an arm around Jude's waist. 

"Can I just... add something?"

He asked. For a second, they realised he was still awake. Judy's head brushed against his chest.

"I'm not sure I want this to be a dream... I'd rather keep this as a memory."

The delicious smell of Jude's hair was floating around his nose against. He knew nuns weren't allowed to wear any kind of extravagant beauty products, but it seemed like Sister Jude made a little exception. If his request sounded odd at first, she couldn't help her smile as she felt a comfortable kind pride settling in her heart. 

"Well... I'm honoured Father."

Timothy didn't know what to answer, so he simply put a light kiss on her cheekbone. Frank decided to help him out, so he kissed the other side of her face. Judy laughed, barely hiding the happiness she was feeling, lying between two adorable men. 

Timothy and Frank fell asleep almost together, but Jude needed more time. She was still dazzled by the delighting combination of being loved, wanted and craved by two men of different types and tastes, and to be honest, she was certainly not going to get over it.