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Dangan Ronpa: Everlasting Despair

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The legendary Hope's Peak Academy, a high school that stood in the very centre of Tokyo although you could be forgiven for thinking that it was at the forefront of the world itself. Only the elite of the elite are invited to attend; compromising of only a small group of students each year.  Having a school career at this school is considered to guarantee success in life; simply graduating is enough to make you sought after by the wealthiest and most powerful corporations. They say that if you are accepted into Hope's Peak Academy then you're already on the fast track to enormous success in your future career.  


Such a school has their own strict enrollment criteria; rumors suggest that thousands of external scouts, employed by the school itself, search the world looking for potential students based on this principle. According to these rumors, there are only two qualifications required for being accepted into Hope's Peak: 1) you have to be a high school student, and 2) you have to be "Super High School Level" in whatever your specific field is. That means that Hope's Peak select students who are the best in the world at what they do. You can imagine the type of student the fits this criteria…  


And I'm one of them. It's official! Trust me, I was as shocked as everyone to find out that little old me was worthy of possessing such a talent. That is to say you hear the rumors and see them on T.V, maybe you even wish to be like one of them, but to actually have it happen to you…it’s the single most important event of your life! I already knew some of the students that have been selected this year as that information normally gets leaked weeks in advance. Yet this year seems different with only a few students being mentioned so far, and even then it was only rumours.  


As everyone that goes to Hope's Peak Academy has a "Super High-school Level" talent, I guess you would be forgiven in thinking I would be some sort of hero. It’s not the case, at least in my case it isn't. In fact my talent is a little… embarrassing. First things first, I think an introduction is in order.


Suki: The name is Suki Nishimoto. My friends call me Suki, or I tell them to anyway. From this moment onwards I guess you could call me the Super High-School Level Fiction Writer.




I'd like to think it's a useful talent, but apart from writing a few short stories here and there I haven't actually done anything you would consider to be world changing. Not that it's a problem! I'm sure that Hope Peaks Academy will coach me and this talent into something that could actually help people. There are plenty of people who don't think they have anything special or unique about them, and they go on to save the world. Well, in my stories they do. I like to write about stories whereby you identify with the characters, to laugh and cry when they do, and then to grow alongside them. It sounds really cringe worthy when said it out loud, but I guess that’s just how I feel.  


So heres the thing; this is my story. I am essentially at page one which means I get to write this brand new chapter of my life however I want. With new people to meet and places to see, you would have to be crazy not to feel excited. I felt my chest tighten as I approached the entrance to Hopes Peak Academy. It still doesn't feel right, like I’m a stranger who is breaking and entering or something silly like that. Just being in the presence of such a grand and omnipresent place is enough to make my knees feel weak and heavy to the point of collapsing. Ignoring those feelings, I pushed through the big double doors at the front of the enormously tall building and found myself in what looked like a big entrance hall.


That is to say I think it was anyway. I got exactly one good before everything went sort of fuzzy. At the time I thought maybe it was the nerves, but my entire body began to ache and feel weirdly weightless at the same time. I don't think I collapsed to the floor, but I was definitely falling. No, that's not right; I was floating. Floating somewhere far far away. My mind...


suddenly gone.


I couldn't think.


After another second, I couldn't see.


I felt...


What's the word?




I think that's when the world went dark around me.


No lights.


No sounds.


Just nothing.








Then the light slowly began to reappear...


Suki: Where am I...?


My head is thorbbing and there's a sharp pain in my stomach. It feels as though i'm lying down in the fetal position, so whatever hit me must have hit me hard. Strange, I don't remember how I eneded up like this. What exactly is going on here? Judging by the pain spreading throughout my body, I don't think I’ll bemoving from this spot for a long time.


That was what I thought until I heard a soft tapping sound that was coming from somewhere behind me. Using some strength I didn't know I had, I attempted to roll over to face towards the strange sound. Realizing that it was coming from some sort of door, I begrudgingly decided to head towards it.  


Suki: I'm on my way, just give me... like a few...  


I hope no one can see me right now. My lower body feels so stiff and that’s not accounting for the vomiting sensation I feel. Yet, the door is getting closer. I just need to…need to focus.    


Suki: Almost there!   


Whatever was in my system mercifully and mysteriously started to fade. As a result, I  was able to stumble my way over towards the door whereupon I was able feel the outline of the handle. Thankfully, the door proved relatively easy to open. It was as the door swung outwards that her face appeared into my line of vision. Well, technically not a face, more like a helmet. To my disbelief, in front of me was a person wearing some sort of medieval armor. Needless to say I was a little shocked.


Suki: [Surprised] AHHHHHHHHH!


???: .........


Suki: .....


???: It appears as though you are able to move. [Smiling] That is most beneficial.


Suki: .....


???: Do you require any assistance at this present moment in time?


Suki: ...Probably not. I think.


???: Most pleasing. I shall direct your attention to the canteen situated at the end of the corridor [pointing towards a door]. Please make your way there immediately to greet the others.


Suki: [Confused] Others?


Unfortunately I didn't get a reply; the mystery knight had proceeded to move away from my room. Rather obediently, I decided to head towards the canteen as instructed. The hallway itself had a rather grand and shiny feel to it, almost as if it had recently been built. I walked past various rooms which contained names sign-posting which rooms belonged to which person. This was achieved by the presence of pixelated faces being drawn underneath a name, perhaps in case some of us couldn't read?


Weird that the word 'us' came to my head. So far I had only seen a stranger wearing fancy dress up, so how did I know there was an ‘us’ exactly?


Heading in a straight line, I arrived at a large set of double doors sign-posted as the Canteen. I had to take some deep breaths to work up the courage to enter. If the previous door had a knight on the other side, did I want to know what was going on behind door number 2?


Suki: Okay, well here goes...something. A one...two...three!


I gave the doors a heavy push and they opened much easier than I thought they would. Inside was.... a bunch of high school student. I let out a visible sigh of relief and headed on over. I noticed that the conversations which had died as I entered had begun to quietly resume. Observing a friendly wave by a smiling boy in a blue suit, I gleefully took the chance to rush over.


???:  [Bowing] Greetings and welcome. This place is blessed by your presence my dear.


Suki: ...erm, sorry. I don't think I quite understand.


???: Haha, don't worry about it. [Smiling] I've worn out my standard welcome greeting so thought it would be nice to try something different


Someone should tell the poor guy that different doesn't always mean better.


???: Let me be the first to both officially welcome you and introduce myself.


???: [Straightens tie] My name is Mototsune Okada, and I am the Super High-School Level Politician.




Suki: [Excited] Oh, I know you! You are the representative for *that* region. You broke all kinds of records including receiving 93 percent of all the votes!


Mototsune: [Blushing] Its always nice to meet a fan. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m famous but it makes me happy to know that people have heard of me. [Serious face] Did you know I already have plans on how to convert the remaining 4 percent when re-election comes round?


Suki: [Confused] ....You mean 7 percent, right?


Mototsune: [Puzzled] Huh, what do you mean?


I think it might be for the best to let this one go. We probably have more important things to discuss.


Suki: It's nice to meet you Mototsune. [Scratching back of head] I guess it’s my turn now.


Suki: [Straightens up] My name is Suki Nishimoto, and I am the Super High-School level Fiction Writer.


Mototsune: Ah, what a splendid talent Miss Suki. I have no doubt that you will make a fine addition to our group. [Gesturing behind himself] Would you like me to introduce you to the other students? I find it's helpful to have a third party break the ice at events such as these.


Suki: Yeah! That would be great.


I clapped my hands together a little bit too eagerly and ignored the heads that turned to stare. Mototsune directed my attention to a smartly dressed girl sitting slightly aloof next to us. She had her hand resting on her glasses, as if she was concentrating on something rather important. Following her gaze, I noticed that she was observing the other students. I did my best to smile as we caught her attention but was met with a blank neutral expression in response.        


Mototsune: Hello there Miss Hikari. I have a friend that I would like you to meet.


Hikari: [Sighs] It's a little too early to call yourself 'friends', and I would appreciate it if you would let me introduce myself. I am most certainly capable of such a task.


Mototsune: Of course! My apologies; I would never presume such a thing and will be more careful in the future.


Hikari: [Neutral expression] Of course you will. [Turns to face Suki] My name is Hikari Suou, the Super High-School Level Psychiatrist. I would advise that you make a strong first impact as this tends to make a lasting impression.




Giving how my first impression of her was watching her criticizing Mototsune for an honest mistake, she should probably think about following her own advice. 


Suki: [Smiling] I will take that into account. Thanks for the advice.








What's up with the sudden silence? They are both staring at me like they expect me to say something....oh shi -        


Suki: I was the Super High School Level Fiction Writer. [Panicking] I mean to say that I am the Super High School Level Fiction Writer. And Suki Nishimoto has always been my name.


That…did not go to plan.




Hikari: I see. Well, I will make sure to remember you. I can say that you certainly leave a *impression*.


My cheeks felt a little hot as Hikari turned her attention back to watching other members of the group. Definitely not the introduction I was going for. I could have done with a moment to gather myself, but Mototsune was already leading me on to the next person.  


Mototsune: [Smiling] The small group over here will probably be easier to talk to. [Scratches the back of his head] Erm, I sort of stepped on your toes with Hikari so I’ll try to take things a little easier this time.


Suki: [Cheeks flushing] Yeah, sure.


Glancing backwards, I couldn ’t help but notice how Hikari seemed to be sitting alone. Her eyes were so intense that I was completely thrown off when she spoke to me. I guess that is what you expect from the High-School Level Psychiatrist .


Mototsune: [Causally] Here we are guys, guess who I found?


Compared to earlier, Mototsune had completely changed his tone and mannerisms. He suddenly seemed so casual and friendly, not to say that he wasn't friendly before; it was less professional and more personal. This, however, didn’t stop him from sneaking a hand behind my back and giving me a gentle nudge forwards.


Suki: [Bowing] My name is Suki Nishimoto, with the title Super High-School Level Fiction Writer. It's a pleasure to meet you all.


???: NOW THAT IS AN ENTRANCE! [Hands on hip] You can tell that this young lady has been eating a well balanced diet.


Suki: [Confused] Thanks?


???: You are most WELCOME! In fact, it is only fair that I return such a honest greeting.


Before me stood what I could only assume must be the Super-High School Level Wrestler. He stood well over 6 feet 4 inches, my usual guideline for giants, and possessed muscles upon the already abundance of muscles. I didn't think it was even possible to get to this level of fitness and the result was one intimidating figure. Obviously proud of his physique, he was wearing a casual t-shirt with some kind of cartoon regarding the phrase ‘let’s go Bananas’.


???:  [Bellowing] THE NAME IS KATAI FUSA . I have the honor of being the Super-High School Level Nutritionist.




Almost recoiling from his roaring introduction, I couldn’t help but smile at how genuine he seemed.


I can’t say I have heard of the Super High School Level Nutritionist before. How very…quirky.  


Katai: ALL RIGHT! Lets keep this show on the road. [Turning to the person to his side] YAKUMO, introduce yourself as the High School Level Artist. [CLenching fists] Now is your chance to DEMONSTRATE YOUR PASSION!


???: [Nervously fidgeting] erm....Katai . I t-think that... I mean y-you just told her-


Katai: [Shocked] -Ah SHIT!    


Katai: [Turning towards Suki]. I guess I should apologise; I was just trying to help.  A short while back he managed to embarrassed himself upon introducing to that person.


???: [Staring at feet] E-embarrassed? I didn't think.... I mean it wasn't..... w-was it?


The poor guy looked like he was about to break down in tears.  By a considerable margin, the shy and awkward boy standing in front of me was the smallest person in the room. This was only exagerated when he stood next to Katai. With messy long brown hair and an unbuttoned shirt, he looked to be no older than 12. 


I wonder if they were talking about that person.


Suki: [Turning towards Katai] You aren't talking about Hikari over there by any chance. I seriously like, totally just made a fool of myself over there.


Katai: [Confused] OF COURSE NOT! I was clearly talking about.....


Like some kind of ninja, Mototsune appeared next to Katai and gave him a friendly jab in the ribs. He appeared to have a great sense of when to ‘nudge’ things in the right direction.


???: [Eyes widening] R-really? You too? At least I wasn't y-you know... the only one.


 Suki: Honest and true. Ask Mototsune over here for the full details. [Smiling] Just maybe when I'm not around to hear them.


 ???: It might not mean much for n-now, but my name is Yakumo Hashi; the Super-High School Level Artist.




Suki: It's nice to meet you Yakumo. [Tilting head] I hope we become fast friends.


Yakumo: [Embarrased] Yeah... I hope so t-to.


???: I hope so too.


What was that? Is that…is that a parrot?        


???: I hope so.


Wait, did this parrot seriously just read my mind?


???: [Deadly serious] He sure did. Mr Raven-san can read minds you know.


Suki: [Confused] Mr Raven…san?


???: That's correct Suki. Allow me to introduce ourselves. Over here is Mr Raven-san, my parrot companion, and my name is Reiko Wakabayashi. You shouldn't be surpised to know that i'm the Super High-School Level Bird Tamer.




I didn't expect to see a pet on school grounds but then again I never really expected to be here in the first place. Reiko looked to be a regular school girl, although I can't say that walking around with a Parrot is exactly normal. Judging from her casual and happy vibe, I totally wouldn't have guessed that she would have such a cool talent.


Raven: [Serious] Mr Raven-san can read minds you know.


Suki: Please ask Mr Raven to stop; I'm starting to get a little bit scared.


Raven: [Angrily flapping wings] Mr Raven-san! Mr Raven-san!


Suki: Sorry! I meant Mr Raven-san.


Reiko: [Smiling] Ahhh, but you're like best friends all ready.


I wouldn’t have gone that far. In fact for a Raven he sure does look hungry…


Reiko: [Scratching head] I was just messing with you by the way. He can't really read minds. [Serious expression] He can control them however.


As if I wasn't already freaked out by talking birds.


Reiko: Say, do you like birds by chance Suki?


Katai: [Sighing] Here we go again.


Mototsune: It's a fair question, Mr Katai.


Raven: [Agreeing] Fair question!


Okay, so this is happening.


Suki. I would have to say.....yes.


Reiko: [Relieved] Phew, I'm glad. [Thumbs up gesture] I guess this means we are now officially friends.


Suki: Friends?


Raven: Friends!


Reiko: [Beaming] Of course. Anyone who is a friend of bird kind is a friend of mine.


Suki: [Startled] That's...that’s your only criteria?


Reiko: Yep.


Suki: [Speechless]


Suki: Has anyone by any chance responded with a 'no' to that question?


The group suddenly went quiet which answered my question in itself.


I wonder who would be crazy enough to tell the Super High School Level Bird Tamer that they didn't like birds?


Mototsune: Well, thanks for your introduction guys. Unfortunately we have some more people to meet and greet. [Waving farewell] If you need anything, we will be floating about with the other students.


Suki: Of course. [Turning to face the group] It was nice meeting everyone.


I politely waved goodbye and tried to catch up to Mototsune who was already on the move. I couldn’t help but smile to myself thinking about how nice it was to meet some students that seemed like regular normal people.


Of courseconcentrating on this thought resulted in my immediate loss of spatial surroundings. That is to say I ungraciously bumped head first into a quiet looking boy with short black hair. He was wearing out-door activity clothing, as if he was about to go on a hiking expedition, and didn't seem at all fazed by my clumsiness.


Suki: [Bowing] Nishimoto Suki, High-School level Fictional Writer. Sorry about bumping into you just now.


For a second he just stood there and looked at me, not saying a word. As the seconds dragged on I couldn't help but feel increasingly awkward.


What is this guys deal, I apologized didn't I?        


Mototsune: [Noticing what just happened] Ah. I shouldn't have left you behind. It's mostly my...


???: Ito. Iwane Ito. Some advice, stop what you're doing. It's going to get you killed.




And with that, Iwane proceeded to walk away to the furthest table available whereby he promptly sat. I was so shocked that it felt like the room had gone quiet. As it turned out, this was exactly what had happened. For the second time, the entire room went silent staring at either myself or the student calling himself Iwane.


Mototsune: [Motion Suki forwards]. Ah, there you are. Come on, I have someone you need to meet.


Mototsune never seemed to miss a beat. He gently steered me towards the other side of the room and away from whatever social disaster I had just manufactured. For a second time he had managed to rescue me from an awkward situation.


Mototsune: [Under his breath] That's the first time he has introduced himself. For the past hour, all he has done is watch and give death stares to anyone that approaches. I can't believe he even spoke to you, let alone introduce himself.


I wouldn't call it an introduction, more like a warning. And a serious one at that. Still, I guess I owe Mototsune a lot and arguing back with him is the last thing I want to do.


Suki: Me? Why am I so special?


Mototsune: Not sure. [Sly smile] Maybe it's just your charming personality.


Suki: [Neutral expression] That's not an answer. And what was up with the warning anyway?


Mototsune: [Sullen] It seems fair given our circumstance.


Suki: Our 'circumstance'?


The look Mototsune proceeded to give me was a confused one, but unfortunately we didn't have time to talk any further. Standing before him was a tall woman dressed entirely in a army uniform. The all green pattern looked a little like a camouflage attempt but I'm not sure what purpose it served in a school cafeteria.


 Suki: Hi, my name is...


 ???: [Saluting] Sumiko Fujima, Super High-School Level Sergeant, at your service.




 Suki: Hi...again. My name is, well, it's Suki Nishimoto. I am the Super-High School Level Fiction Writer.


 Sumiko: That is understandable. I wish you all the best in the future battles to come. Mototsune?


 Mototsune: Yes, Maam!


Sumiko: [Concerned] 'Maam' is not necessary. There appears to be a new member of our group. [Gesturing to door] It would be in all our interests if you could welcome and assist this member to ease and facilitate group cohesion.


Mototsune: Of course Miss Sumiko. It would be my honor.


Mototsune: [Turning to Suki] Good luck. You're on your own from this point forward.


Mototsune gave me a cheeky wink and made a dash towards the new student. Unlike me, he seemed to be in his prime greeting and talking to new people. As to be expected of the Super High School Level Politician; socialising in new groups is in his nature.


I couldn't help but feel a burning set of eyes staring at my skull. Suddenly I realized that I was still waiting alongside Sumiko. Awkwardly shuffling my feet, the air suddenly felt a little tense.         


Suki: I....


Sumiko: [Clearing thorat] You would do well to engage with all members of the group. I believe there are some you have yet to introduce yourself to?


Suki: Yes, of course. I'll just... go this way.


She doesn't seem to have ill intentions, just a different aura to the one I'm used to. Maybe they don't have small talk as part of their daily routine in army camps. Either way, the pair in front of me seem to be having a relatively normal conversation.


Suki: [Bowing] Sorry to interrupt. My name is Nishimoto Suki and I'm the Super High-School Level Fictional Writer. It's nice to meet you.


???: Nice to meet ya Suki. My name is Yachi Miya and over here is Taira Sera.


Taira: [Intense] Did I give you permission to introduce me?


Yachi: Oh... sorry. [Awkwardly]  I guess I got a little carried away.


Taira: [Sternly] I want to make this very clear to you; never presume to speak on my behalf. Is that understood?


Yachi: [Looking away] I said sorry didn’t I.


Taira: [Blank expression] You won't get a second chance.


On that note, Taira proceeded to storm off. I was a little shell shocked considering that they seemed to be having a nice conversation before I interrupted. Every story needs some conflict to reach a satisfying ending but that doesn't mean I want to cause any issues.


Yachi: [Flushed] So, like, you know my name. You can call me whatever you want; i'm the High-School Level Actor. [Shuffling feet] I also think I'm sorry for what just happened.




Suki: I think I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to interrupt.


Yachi: I don't think you introducing yourself is what upset her. [Smiling] But it is nice to have someone willing to share the blame with you.


Suki: Either way, I hope we can all be friends. [Twirling hair] I mean we do have to live together for the next few years after all.


Yachi: [Looking into the distance] Yeah, that is if we last that long.


Well that's ominous.


Suki: Well, that's ominous


Yachi: Sorry, I should be more cheerful. Taira may have thrown me off my game. [Ruffling hair] Ahhh, I’m not great at meeting new people, especially so many all at once.


Shouldn’t the High School Level Actor be more composed? I guess improvisation isn’t his area of expertise.


Suki: [Smiling] I can totally relate, and especially when you think about some of their talents. I never really expected to meet people like that let alone in a place like this.


Yachi: I’m so glad we are on the same wavelength. [Lowered voice] You should have been here earlier, I tried to introduce myself but got my tongue twisted. It was so embarrassing!


Suki: It's happened a few of us already, so don’t worry about it. [Light bulb] Hey, we should totally start our own club!


Yachi: [Relaxing] Yeah, a club for people that suck at introducing themselves. Sign me up! Just don't expect me to act as president or something; I'm a small fish living in a big pond kind of guy.


Suki: Well, that's.... interesting. Personally, I would see myself more as a shark in such a metaphor.


Yachi: [Taken back] That’s…not normally an option. You know that's kinda scary, right?


Suki: [Serious] I'm being super deadly serious.


We then both proceeded to burst out laughing which made me feel a little more at ease. Yachi gave off the vibe as a regular High School Student. He looked a little scruffy in his appearance, which was definitely casual, with long hair begging to be cut and tidied.


Yachi: Hey, some friendly advice. [Nodding towards Taira] I would definitely go catch up with her now rather than later; she might be the type to hold a grudge.


Suki: [Waving goodbye] For your sake, I hope not.


I proceeded to run over towards Taira for introduction attempt number two but noticed she was with another girl wearing a kimono. To somehow stand out in a group like this was, well, an achievement in itself. A little more histantly, I began my approach. 


Suki: Nice to meet you both. [Puffing out chect] Suki Nishimoto is my name, Super High-School Level Fictional Writer is my game.


Taira: [Shaking head] Your first introduction was a lot more formal. It worries me that you can change your character this much in such a short space of time.


Definitely not the type to hold a grudge.


Taira: Regardless, my name is Taira Sera and I am the High-School Level Director.




I vaguely remember reading about a certain female director who was relativly successful in the film industry. It was the fact, however, that she was a female succeeding in a male dominated society which took everyone by surprise. That certainly accounts for her behaviour in the earlier discussion; she doesn't look like the subservient type.


???: Whilst we are on introductions, you may call me Mine Kiyota. I would hope you are already aware of my talent: the Super High-School Level Puppeteer.




I have never heard of either her name or that talent.


Suki: Wow, they are some amazing talents. [Scratching head] I can't help but feel a little intimidated in the presence of two famous people such as yourselves.


Taira: If you wish to succeed, I recommend you change that attitude of yours. [Staring intensely] You will never succeed if you praise others above yourself.


Mine: Yes, it is good advice. Taira is a massively successful individual. [Wagging her finger] It therefore follows that emulating her behaviour will be the first step towards improving your life. Might I suggest a change in hair style too?


Suki: [Taken back] My Hair??


Taira: I doubt such visual modifications would be sufficient. I would focus on the more obvious issues before proceeding to the superficial ones.


What am I, a punching bag? Where's my knight in shining armour when you need one?


Mine: [Surprised] Oh, it appears as though you are being summoned.


Glancing towards the far end of the cafeteria I could see that Mototsune, standing next to a shorter girl wearing dark clothing, was motioning for me to come over. Oh, and he was also standing next to the knight I saw earlier. Even though it was clearly meant as a metaphor, I decided to accept the help and rushed over.


Mototsune: Hello there Miss Suki, how are we progressing?


Suki: Erm, well progressing is a strong word. I would say that advancing is more appropriate.


Mototsune: [Smiling] A splendid choice of diction suiting the very High-School Level Fiction Writer herself. Speaking of splendid, I would like to introduce you to our latest additions.


Suki: [Bowing] My name is Suki Nishimoto , the Super High-School Level Fictional Writer. It is a pleasure to meet you.


???: You may recall me from earlier, my name is Hiroko Toyoda. [Standing proudly] I have the title of Super High-School Level Knight.




Suki: [Excited] A real life knight? I didn't think that knights still exist in this day and age.


Hiroko: [Proudly] Well, I can assure that we do. I am proof of such.


Suki: [Meekly] I didn't mean it as a insult. I was just, like, really surprised to see you.


Hiroko: You do not need to justify any opinions that you have so long as they are honest and truthful.


Hiroko seems to be the straight forward type who doesn't appreciate any messing around. I suppose she also might be the caring type; she did gather everyone here after all. Maybe it's the armor putting me off but there it feels like there is some kind of barrier separating her from the rest of us.


Suki: Well, erm, I would like to honest-fully thank you for earlier. It was very kind of you to go around making sure everyone was okay and that we could meet each other.


Hiroko: Your thanks is unnecessary, although I shall accept it regardless. [Turning to Mototsune] I have successfully retrieved all members from their rooms.


???: [Sarcastically] Yeah, I should be honestly thanking you too.


Hiroko: [Annoyed] As explained, your presence has been requested....


???: The funny thing about a request is that you usually let the person say no.


She makes a point, although her attitude doesn't help her case.


Mototsune: Apologies if this is of any inconvenience, but knowing who you are would help us in this potentially severe situation.


Severe situation?


???:  Whatever. It's Namie Fujikawa. I am the Super High-School Level Thief, not that it matters.




Mototsune: [Surprised] Oh!


Namie: [Squaring eyes] Oh?


Mototsune: I mean't nothing by that. I guess I mean to say that your talent is a little [trailing off]


Hiroko: [Bluntly] That is a particularly worrying talent.


Talk about being subtle…


Namie: [Gritting teeth] It's none of your damn business is what it is!


Before anyone could react, Namie decided to storm off clearly not happy with her situation. Locking eye contact with Mototsune and gaving him an inquisitive look, he proceeded to shrug his shoulders and give chase with Hiroko also in pursuit. I couldn't help but think they had different motives for following her.


Searching the room, I realized I still had a few more students to introduce myself to. Fortunately for me two of them appeared to be in a heated discussion. Figuring what could possibly go wrong, I decide to approach them.


???: You really think this is the time for food?


???: Isn't it obvious? Roku requires a lot more calories than normal to keep up his physique. [Snorting] It takes years of hard work to get to his level.


???:  I could think of many better ways to spend your time than eating. And do you have to talk like that?


???: Roku will speak however he wishes to.


It's either now or never. Here goes.....something .


Suki: Sorry to interrupt. My name is Suki Nishimoto, the Super High School Level Fiction Writer. It is nice to meet you.


On that note both heads spun around to meet me, neither of which looked particularly friendly.


???: Roku thinks that is a very boring talent. [Uninterested] For the record, his name is Roku Obara as well as being the Super High-School Level Sumo Wrestler.




I do remember reading about Roku. He recently finished second in the world championship albeit losing to the five time world champion in the process. Given his age, it is only a matter of time before he becomes world champion. I'm sure I know several people back home who would pay some serious money for his signature; I'll make sure to get a copy or two.


???: Well well, we agree on something. Books are for the passive and rather drool kind of people. I am the famous Kiku Ogata, the Super High-School Level Equestrian.




Another famous name. Kiku is the highligh of several magazines which is not just limited to Equestrian. Despite not being as prolific as certain others, she is regarded as an iconic and important person in her own right across most areas. Even pop stars are envious of her success! Talk about some high profile people.


Kiku: Actually, you may be of some use to us… Duki, was that your name?


She's forgotten my name already…


Kiku: [Examining nails] Not that it matters. Given our current situation, you would agree that rationing one's food supply is a sensible option?


Roku: [Frustrated] Roku has told you that is simply unacceptable. He will not tolerate anyone holding him back from his full potential! Roku has strict dietary needs that will  be taken into account.


Kiku: That is simply ridiculous.


Roku: Roku thinks that your attitude is the one that is ridiculous.


Suki: Erm... what are you guys talking about?


For a second they both just stared right at me before seemingly giving up.


Why would we need to be rationing any food supply? I'm sure that Hopes Peak Academy has taken something like food inventory into account.


I quickly decided that this was not a safe place to raise such a issue, so I began to awkwardly shuffle over towards the last face I had yet to meet. Fortunately, neither Roku nor Kiku seemed to notice my departure.


Suki: So...erm, hi.


Smooth as always.


???: Ah, why hello there. Another friendly face I hope.


Suki: [Smiling] I was thinking the same thing. My name is Nishimoto Suki, the Super High-School Level Fictional Writer. Although I'm not sure it counts for much.


???: Why wouldn't it; it sounds like a splendid talent. My name is Bokkai Iori and I am the Super High-School Level Lucky Student.




Now this talent I was aware of. Every year a raffle is held across the country whereupon a single student receives the lucky ticket inviting them to Hopes Peak Academy. Unlike the other talents, the Super High-School Level lucky student applies to several different people at the same time. The chances of recieving such a ticket is insane!


Suki: [Awestruck] That's amazing! I always wanted to have the luck talent; I think it's one of the more interesting and useful ones to have.


Bokkai: [Smiling] I could see why you think that but in truth it doesn't seem to have a major impact in life. I would easily swap it for something more practical.


Suki: Like the Fictional Writer?


Bokkai: Erm, well. Perhaps not.


Suki: [Disappointed] Oh.


Bokkai: [Alarmed]  I mean no disrespect. it's just that, well, I'm more practical and logical than... creative. If you will.


Suki: I never really thought of the Super High School Level lucky student being so logical driven. I'm sure that makes life super interesting.


Bokkai: [Nervously] I wouldn't go that far.




Without warning, an odd sound filled the room as everyone stopped their conversation. It sounded like static coming from a television set, which made little sense as I hadn't seen a single television yet. Following every-ones  gaze, I noticed a monitor had been hidden in the top right hand corner of the room.


It was only then that I  noticed the windows appeared to have been barred shut with some kind of metal.


What the Hell is up with that?


The screen suddenly came alive, yet revealed a dark room  with a single large silhouette standing in the centre. I couldn't tell what the figure of the silhouette was supposed to be, but before I could ask the surrounding people, I was struck silent by the sound of a voice coming from the monitor.


???: Mic check... Mic check... Um, is this thing on?


???: Ahem. Attention, students! This is an announcement from your Academy Principle!        


???: If you would all please gather at our gymnasium, I have a special welcome announcement that you will be dying to hear. Fu fu fu fu.        


???: Please hurry, but remember that running in the Hallway is against school rules.


It was a cold, empty high-pitched voice that was somehow almost condescending.


I felt as if my entire body were being pierced by that chilling voice and the equally chilling content of its announcement.


Wait? Shouldn't it be Headmaster, not Principle. And what a strange greeting, who would chose to make an introduction like that?


I had a lot of questions, and a depressing feeling that I knew exactly where to go to get them. That voice ...was certain that something awful was about to happen.