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She knows you think it’s wrong. But name one thing about life in Troy that isn’t?

They want her body. She wants their money and their knowledge and their power. It’s fair trade. At least, it is to her. Whether it’s doing sex work, stripping in front of a web cam as a lonely, pathetic human jerks off, or shagging a bloke to get closer into Fabien’s circle, it’s all the same thing. It’s using her sexuality to get power.

You might think its wrong or whatever to use her body to gain power and get money and double cross naive, stupid men who just look at her tits and can’t remember how to speak coherently, let alone remember who they are actually in allegiance with. But she doesn’t care.

And you try living in Troy. If you can get by without using a man’s libido to get him to do whatever you want, good on you. But you can’t. You’ll end up selling fur and get killed in a gang war. You’ll die. But Lilyhot will live. Because she’s smart. Because she knows how to survive in a hellhole like Troy. It isn’t pretty. But what about Troy is?