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Morning comes, and Taehyung’s eyes flutter open. The red sunlight paints the sky, the rosy hues of dawn coloring their bedroom. His eyes flitter to the boy sleeping beside him, skin glimmering with sunlight and lips swollen pink. With a smile—his heart beats softly at the sight—he pulls Jeongguk in by the fabric of his shirt, snuggling closer to the younger boy. Taehyung presses kisses into Jeongguk’s hair, rubbing the skin at the back of his neck as the younger boy breathes softly onto his chest. He begins to nip at the cartilage on his ear, toying with all the piercings Jeongguk had forgotten to remove last night, and the younger boy starts to writhe in Taehyung’s hold, nuzzling his body closer.

“Guk,” Taehyung rasps softly, lips now against his neck.

The boy only presses his body closer.

Taehyung gazes at Jeongguk, fondly, as he kisses the boy’s sensitive collarbones, watching as his breath stutters at the sensation.

“Guk,” he repeats breathily, “wake up.”

“Mmmh—” Jeongguk whines quietly, lips pouting adorably and nose scrunching cutely. Taehyung giggles and places a soft kiss on his nose as Jeongguk mumbles, “No.”

Taehyung eyes the clock—6:37 AM, he reads.

“Jimin will be home soon.”

Jeongguk grouses, “Where is he now?”

“Took a night shift at the hospital,” Taehyung mumbles sleepily. “Said the pay was good.”

Jeongguk, eyes closed and lips pursed, says, “So he’s gonna be sleepy when he comes back, Tae.” He maneuvers Taehyung’s body such that his head can lightly rest on the older boy’s chest. “We should sleep, too.”

Taehyung frowns—though he knows the boy can’t see it. He brings a hand up to Jeongguk’s head, playing with the rough strands and gazing at how the sunlight shimmers onto his hair. Soon moving his thumb to Jeongguk’s cheek, Taehyung strokes his pretty skin.

He smiles, affectionately.

But that smile turns into something else, soon.

Taehyung whispers, “But I’m awake.”

“Then go to sleep, Taetae.”

His thumb lowers to Jeongguk’s lips, plump and soft and bitten like hell from the night prior—prettily swollen. Taehyung presses and pinches and plays with Jeongguk’s bottom lip, snickering as the boy whimpers. “But I’m bored, Gukkie.”


“Play with me?”

Jeongguk opens his eyes wide, lips parting when Taehyung drags his thumb down, opening his cute mouth.

“Taetae-hyung,” he whines, eyes glossy and innocent, blurry with sleep, “Jiminie-hyung will be mad if we—”

The older boy presses his thumb in, watching at how Jeongguk’s tongue dips out to catch it, lips closing around the appendage. Eyelashes fluttering prettily, Jeongguk sucks on Taehyung’s thumb easily, instinctually, needily.

Taehyung smiles again. “Play with me?”

Jeongguk presses his thighs together shyly, squirming a bit on the bed. Drool trickles from the corner of his lip, so Taehyung swipes his thumb over the dribbling mess, cooing at the boy. “Hyung—” he drags out the vowel sound, whimpering cutely when Taehyung wipes his thumb, wet with his own spit, on his cheek, “—I don’t, I don’t think Jiminie-hyung will be happy. I don’t wanna be bad, hyung. I wanna be a good boy.”

And Taehyung tilts his head, smiles wickedly, and says, “But you weren’t a good boy last night, when Jimin was gone, were you, Gukkie?”

Flustered, Jeongguk stutters, “T-Taehyung—!”

And he pushes Jeongguk down lightly, resting the younger boy down on his back and caging him in with his entire body. He leans down to Jeongguk’s earlobe, nipping at the pierced cartilage once more, revelling in the boy’s sensitive moans. He whispers, “When you pushed me down, sat on my cock, and rode me until you came all over your stomach? When you asked me to come inside?”

Blushing, he writhes against the bed sheets, blinking away some soft tears. “I’m, I—”

“Are you still sensitive, baby?” Taehyung mocks, dragging a hand down Jeongguk’s chest; he snickers when the younger boy gasps, the fabric rubbing against his nipples too suddenly. “Is your rim still sore? Sticky, maybe?”

Jeongguk looks terribly mortified from Taehyung’s obscenities, uttering a broken, “H—Hyung.”

“Pumped you full of cum last night, didn’t I?” he says, grinning. Taehyung’s hand dips lower and lower until he’s toying with the elastic of Jeongguk’s boxers, pulling it away from his body and letting go—he adores the way the boy squeals when it snaps against his skin. He slips a teasing hand inside the fabric, playing with Jeongguk’s wiry hairs and sensitive skin—he’s letting out breathy whimpers, biting his lip swollen to quiet himself down. But Taehyung doesn't touch his cock, just yet—instead, he traces circles into his skin, making his way to Jeongguk's ass cheeks. “Aw, baby,” he mocks, “your boxers are still wet, sticky with come, huh? What a mess you made.”

“I’m, I’m a good boy, hyung,” he whispers.

Taehyung grins, licking the boy’s earlobe, watching as he shivers in just the slightest. “Bet you're still dripping, baby. Bet you’re still gaping open,” he says, pushing into the bruises he’d left last night. “Should I check?”

“N—No, no, no, hyung,” Jeongguk whines. “Jimin-hyung will be mad and he’ll punish me and you and—”

“Jeonggukie,” Taehyung utters, pressing a single kiss to the younger’s open mouth—needily, “play with me, please?”

And he blinks, lidded eyes drooping sleepily and softly. “Taetae,” he whimpers.

“Wouldn’t Jiminie be more mad if he sees how dripping wet you are?” he whispers, placing another soft kiss on Jeongguk’s lips. “Sloppy with come, so messy that you didn’t even bother to clean up last night?” He lowers his hips, pressing them to Jeongguk’s writhing body. And at the same time, his hands roam down to Jeongguk’s rim, sticky with come, like he’d said. He grips the boy’s plush cheeks, grinding down and rubbing their cocks together. “Loose, wet, and filthy.

“Ah—!” Jeongguk whines. “H—Hngh, T—Taehy—”

Taehyung dips his finger into the sticky mess drying on the thin fabric of Jeongguk’s boxers.

“S—So good, hyung.”

Jeongguk pulls on the sheets bashfully.

“Can I play with you, Guk? Can I play with your pretty hole? Maybe put a pretty plug in, the bunny one with the tail, the one you like?”

Taehyung imagines the plug snug between Jeongguk's ass cheeks, pressing down on his prostate and causing him to whimper each time he moves. The younger boy was embarrassed when Taehyung and Jimin had gotten it for him—at first. But Jimin had just pulled him up on his lap—his naked skin rubbing against the oldest boy’s clothes—and let him bury his head in the crook between his shoulder and neck, whining and begging as he willingly lifted his ass, his hole puffy and trickling with lube.

Good times, Taehyung thinks.

Jeongguk breathes a quiet, “Y—Yes. Yeah, yeah—sure.”

And Taehyung grins in satisfaction, in victory.

He licks a filthy stripe up Jeongguk’s neck—the younger boy shivers adorably—before kissing his ear once more, whispering, “Wanna be pretty for Jiminie?”

He grinds down once more, and the younger boy releases a pathetically desperate moan.

“Fuck, f—”

Taehyung drags a hand up to Jeongguk’s stomach, pressing down right above his groin; he counters the action oddly, simultaneously kissing Jeongguk’s cheek with a gentle and affectionate smile.

“Lift your butt up, babe,” Taehyung giggles, pinching Jeongguk’s ass happily.

Embarrassed, Jeongguk buries his head by Taehyung’s collarbones, blushing a rosy pink as he lets the older boy pull his boxers off. He whines a breathy, “Hyung.”

His shirt falls down to his mid-thighs, so Taehyung lifts the ends of the shirt, exposing Jeongguk’s pretty cock. “C’mon, baby,” Taehyung says, “where’d you and Jimin put the plug, from last time?”

Flustered, Jeongguk coughs and mumbles, “In the drawer. Next to the lube and, and—” he looks away bashfully, eyes fluttering away from Taehyung, “—the other toy Jiminie got for us.”

Taehyung grins, shamelessly adding, “Ah, by the double-ended dildo?”


“Hm?” Taehyung asks, humming a sweet melody. “You weren’t so shy when you fingered me open, sucking on my cock so sweetly and—”

Jeongguk moves a leg around Taehyung’s, tugging him down lightly so that their bodies are pressed against each other. Taehyung releases a soft oomph at the impetus, mouth falling right down onto Jeongguk’s. The younger boy wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist, and the older boy grips onto Jeongguk’s ass. “Shut—” Jeongguk kisses Taehyung’s mouth, “—the hell—” He kisses Taehyung’s mouth again, “—up—” He presses their lips together one more time, “—hyung.”

Taehyung smiles, rolling off of Jeongguk with a giggle and reaching for the cabinet.

“Aw,” he whines once he opens the drawer, a soft pout on his face, “did you and Jiminie play without me?”

Next to the bunny plug, their lube bottle’s significantly less heavy than when they last used it, some slick trickling down the side from recent use.

Jeongguk blushes; quietly he mumbles, “You were hanging out with Hobi-hyung and Yoongi-hyung, and, and—”

“Was baby feeling needy?” Taehyung mocks.

“Shut up, hyung,” he grumbles.

“Did you at least take pictures?” Taehyung asks brightly. “You always look the prettiest when you’re coming.”

Cheeks as rosy as his lips, Jeongguk buries his head in his pillow, avoiding Taehyung’s gaze. “You do,” he whispers shyly. “But, Jiminie took some on his phone. We forgot to send them to you.”

Taehyung grins, seemingly innocently, bouncing back onto the bed, the plug and the lube bottle in hand. “I need a new home screen, after all.”

Jeongguk sits up, frowning. “Change it to something normal,” he demands.

Giggling, Taehyung comments, “A picture of you riding Jiminie is pretty home screen worthy, in my opinion.”

And he pulls Jeongguk closer, a fond smile on his face. Jeongguk looks so cute, sitting adorably, playing with the ends of his shirt. His cheeks are flushed, eyes dazed a bit with pleasure—he’s always so sensitive.

The boy pouts, now settled on Taehyung’s lap, knees bent and thighs pressed against the older’s waist.

Taehyung revels in the sensation of something wet and sticky dribbling down onto his legs, oonto the bed; he realizes that Jeongguk’s ass is spread right open in this position—he grins, happily. “Baby,” he begins, “you’re still so wet down there; you sure you still need lube?”

Jeongguk pinches Taehyung’s skin. “Shut up,” he yells, shifting on Taehyung’s lap. “Just, just do whatever you want, I don’t care.”

Taehyung smiles. “Okay, Guk. I will, then.”

He opens the lube bottle, flips it over, and fucking pours it into Jeongguk’s cock—it drips down his thighs to the swell of his ass as he shrieks.

Taetae!” he screams, cock pretty and glistening.

The older boy just pours more lube onto his hand, bringing it down so he can stroke Jeongguk’s cock. “Hm? You said I could do whatever I want, baby.”

Little ah-ah!’s escape Jeongguk’s mouth as he ruts up into Taehyung’s hand; his eyes are teary and drool begins to trickle down the side of his mouth again. He lets Taehyung pull his shirt off him, eyes glazed back and body pliant; all he does is whimper incoherently, a sloppy mess on the boy’s lap. “Taetae Taetae Taetae.”

“You’re a fuckin’ mess, Gukkie. Do you like it when Jimin punishes you? He will, you know.”

Jeongguk, mouth open and tongue out, whimpers, “N—No, hyung. I like it, I like it, mmhm, when Jimin-hyung, when Jimin-hyung tells me I’ve been a good boy.” His head lolls back when Taehyung rolls his thumb over Jeongguk’s nipple; the older boy runs his tongue up his neck, bruising the skin below his chin. Jeongguk continues to rut into Taehyung’s other hand, needy and pathetic when he cries, “I, hngh, I like it when Jimin-hyung rewards me. I like being a good boy.”

But the boy sobs when Taehyung removes his hand, rubs his sticky fingers all over Jeongguk’s skin, makes his way to the younger’s asshole.

Jeongguk kisses Taehyung’s mouth, wet with saliva and tears. “Taetae, Taetae,” he whines, “lemme, lemme take your clothes off—please.”

“Drooly baby,” Taehyung comments.

And when all his clothes are off, thrown off the bed hastily, Jeongguk sits back in his lap, moaning breathily when his asshole accidentally touches the head of Taehyung’s cock.

“Can you, can you put the plug in now?”

“Aw, I thought you wanted to be a good boy?”

Jeongguk pouts. “I wanna be pretty for Jimin-hyung,” he whispers, “please, Taehyungie.”

“Shh, baby,” Taehyung utters, “I will, I will.”

He grabs the plug from the side, slathering it with lube and pressing it to Jeongguk’s mouth. And, as if he were trained to do it, Jeongguk parts his lips, lightly sucking on the plug—lube and saliva and tears dribbling down his face.

He whines when Taehyung pulls it out, coating it with more lube, and bringing it back down to his ass.

A line of saliva connects Jeongguk’s mouth and the plug—it’s sloppy and it’s disgusting but Taehyung’s heart beats affectionately.

“Can you spread your cheeks for me?”

Jeongguk nods, blushing cutely as he reaches behind himself and pulls his cheeks apart. He hides his face by Taehyung’s collarbones, panting and quivering.

“Is, is that—”

“Yes, yeah, baby. You’re perfect.”

And, there’s this obscene squelching noise when Taehyung inserts the plug into Jeongguk.

Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Jesus, calm down, Guk.”

Jeongguk pouts again, but he’s so cute that Taehyung can’t take him seriously. “Fuck you, you’re the one that cries every time Jimin fucks you.”

Taehyung shoves the entire plug into the hilt angrily, pressing it in as far as it can go. The younger boy’s eyes go wide and glazed. His body goes lax, a broken moan coming out from between his lips where his tongue’s already slipped out.

“So greedy,” Taehyung whispers. “Can’t even talk, can’t even beg. Not full enough, huh?” Jeongguk whimpers when his fingers accidentally slip into his own ass, slippery with lube and sensitive like usual. Taehyung presses their lips together, licking into his mouth and stroking his cock—the boy falls apart in his hand, thrusting into Taehyung’s hand uncontrollably, crying and moaning when Taehyung presses the plug further. “Is the bunny plug not enough? Need me in your ass and Jiminie in your mouth? Need to feel fucking full, babe?” Taehyung hums, pulling the plug in and out, watching as Jeongguk ruts up into the other’s hand and rocks back onto the plug. “Pathetic.”

“Fuck you,” Jeongguk spits. “When Jimin comes home, he’ll—”

“He’ll see how pretty you are, Gukkie,” Taehyung says, kissing his blushing cheek.

He’ll punish you, hyung.” Jeongguk’s hands go away from his ass—he quivers a bit, when his fingertips brush against his rim once more—and he holds onto Taehyung, gripping soft bruises into the other’s waist. “He’ll punish me too; he’ll say we’ve been bad and he’ll get angry and—”

Taehyung hums; he’s always had a penchant for punishment, anyways—especially when it comes to Jimin. And he grins, too.


He eyes his phone sitting on the bedside table.

7:21 AM

baby are u and gukkie awake yet?
i got a ride from a coworker!!!! ^_^
im not in those ugly scrubs anymore!
hehehe i also napped a little in the car
and i napped at the hospital too heheh
baby wake up

[image attached]
[image attached]
[image attached]


Shit, too much coffee, Jimin thinks. I overdid it.

He turns the key in the lock, hears the click, then pushes the door open. Jimin thinks about the images Taehyung had sent him—those fucking images of Jeongguk sitting in his lap, Jeongguk sucking on his fingers, Jeongguk and that plug.

So Jimin licks his lips, runs his hand through his hair. And as he steps into the apartment, he can hear them: he can hear Jeongguk whimpering, Taehyung whispering—it all races through his mind and it’s maddening.

There's a wet, slick pop—like someone's mouth slipping from a cock—before he hears “Hyung.” The youngest’s voice is airy, raspy, and wrecked; Jeongguk’s always been easy to ruin—always such a good boy, always so well behaved. “Hyung was that the door—?”

But Taehyung, not so much.

Jimin slams the door shut, smirking and grinning, chuckling lightly. He lets his tongue peek out before pressing his lips together with a loud sigh.

“Oh my,” he utters, walking into their bedroom, pushing the door open and letting it bang against the wall. And, it’s quite a sight to see: Jeongguk, lips stretched and eyes rolled back, drooling all over the other’s cock; Taehyung, kissing up and down the younger’s thighs, sloppily running his tongue over the bruises. Jimin can’t help but think that Jeongguk looks adorable like this, mouth open and eyes shy, with Taehyung’s cock pressed to his cheek and his own in Taehyung’s hands; he can’t help but think that Taehyung looks adorable like this, shameless and cocky.

Jimin’s gonna have to fuck it all out of him.

—he knows that’s what Taehyung likes.

“Hey, Jimin,” Taehyung rasps, “welcome home.” His lips are swollen like hell—pink, puffy, plump—perhaps from sucking and licking and slobbering and drooling all over Jeongguk's cock. All Jimin wants is to see tears and saliva and come dripping from them—wet, slick, and filthy, like he deserves. “We missed you.”

“Hm, baby boy?” Jimin asks. “Doesn’t look like either of you missed me too much.”

Taehyung smiles and Jimin’s skin burns.

But Jeongguk pouts, sighing like a brat. He presses his thighs together shyly, but it only makes the butt plug more present—the bunny tail jutting out. “Hyung,” he whines. “Help me, please. Please touch me, fuck me, please. I’m so, it’s so—”

Jimin laughs. “Pretty baby, so needy, huh?”

“Yes, yes, yes, please,” Jeongguk begs—it’s becoming a bit incoherent, his words slurring and his voice getting high pitched. “I’m a pretty baby, I’m, I’m, please.”

Jimin walks closer, humming at the two boys.

“But you two seemed pretty content,” he says, rolling his sleeves up and sitting down in an arm chair opposite the bed. “Don’t let me ruin the fun.”

Taehyung whimpers—but it’s not enough. Jimin wants to fuck him raw until all he can do is drool and sob and beg incoherently; he wants to see his pretty face filthy with tears and cum and spit, he wants to see his body shuddering from overstimulation, dirty with pleasure and obedience. Jimin needs to fuck him into obedience. “But, Jiminie,” he whispers, “we waited so long for you to come back home.”

“But neither of you were very good in the time I was gone, were you?” Jeongguk’s eyes and mouth go wide, and he’s so wet everywhere. “Why don’t you two just continue what you were doing before, huh?”

“Jimin-hyung,” Jeongguk rasps, “please.”

“Oh, baby,” he says to the boy, offhandedly, “you look so pretty with that plug in you.”

And that’s all he says. He sits back in the chair, pulls out his phone, and scrolls through his notifications as Jeongguk obeys, tongue slipping out of his mouth, slobbering like a dog as his lips fall around Taehyung’s cock.

“Good boy,” Jimin utters, going to the camera app.

But Taehyung looks ready to cry, so Jimin smiles.

“Aw, sweetheart, don’t cry,” he mocks.


He snaps a picture of Taehyung, zoomed in on his pretty face. The volume’s on full, ringer high, and it makes Taehyung flinch in shame. So he pouts, closes his teary eyes. He presses soft and gentle kisses onto Jeongguk’s thighs, whimpering as the boy moans on his cock.

“Oh, darling, can’t you do better than that?”

Taehyung blushes, embarrassed. “Jimin, I—”

“Let baby fuck your mouth, sweetie,” he orders. “Would you like that, baby?”

Jeongguk whines, drooling and slobbering on Taehyung’s cock. He tries to speak, but he just chokes on the other’s cock, spit dribbling down his lips.

“Baby, so messy. Speak clearly.”

“P—Please,” Jeongguk cries, speaking around Taehyung’s cock in a weak and raspy whisper.

“Ask Taehyungie, now. Ask nicely.”

The boy only sobs harder, pressing his thighs close together, writhing atop Taehyung. Jimin snaps another photo, sighing and giving him a smile.

Jeongguk shudders, crying again, “Please, Taetae.”

And, though it’s unintelligible, Taehyung nods his head, lets the youngest push his cock into his open mouth. Jeongguk thrusts in weakly, hips juttering softly—and it’s pathetic, the way Taehyung’s head lolls back, the way his eyes tear up, the way he can’t even speak. The butt plug inside Jeongguk squelches each time he fucks into Taehyung’s mouth; Jimin thinks he sees lube dripping down his quivering thighs.

“Keep going, baby. Keep going.”

But Jeongguk stills, pulling off Taehyung’s cock.

“Hyung, I, I can’t. I’m gonna come, I—”

“Shh, baby,” Jimin hums. “Just keep going. Come in Taehyung’s mouth, if you need. You’d like that, right, darling?”

Taehyung moans around Jeongguk’s cock, fingertips dipping into the younger’s skin. And he nods; tries to, at least. Jimin snaps a picture; he thinks Taehyung looks lovely like that, lips pretty around cock, eyes glimmering and lashes fluttering.

Jeongguk fucks his cock into his mouth softly, whining when he starts to suck on Taehyung’s cock again, whimpering each time he hears a click come from Jimin’s phone. His moans get louder and louder, pitch high and breathy. His hips begin to stutter, the plastic of the plug below the bunny tail glistening with lube.

“So full, baby boy, huh?” Jimin asks, chuckling when Jeongguk’s eyes meet his, pupils blown up. “Taehyungie’s cock in your mouth, the bunny plug in your ass. Cute.”

And the boy pops off Taehyung’s cock—lips pink and pretty—and babbles, “Hyung, hyung, I’m too wet, I’m too sensitive, I’m gonna come, I’m—”

“Pretty baby,” Jimin hums. “It’s okay, bun.”

“Jiminie-hyung, can you, can you—?”

So Jimin goes to Jeongguk, pets his hair as he comes in Taehyung’s mouth—the older boy takes it all, lets it run down his tongue and down his lips. Jimin presses a soft kiss to Jeongguk’s open and wet mouth, whispering, “Pretty baby, so good, so pretty.”

Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle, pupils wide, when he asks, “I was a good boy?”

He smiles, and so does Jeongguk. “Yes, Gukkie, you were a good boy.” He kisses the younger’s nose, scrunched up from his smile. He pulls Jeongguk into his lap, eyes soft as the boy hugs him tight and holds onto his clothing like he’s trying to pull them off, jittering from his orgasm and grinding softly down onto Jimin’s jeans, down onto Jimin’s cock. But his eyes roam to Taehyung; his tongue’s slipped out of his mouth, cum dripping from his lips and Jimin knows he loves it. “Oh, baby, look at Taehyungie. Look how much of a dirty slut he is.”

Taehyung licks his lips, grinning at Jimin.

But Jimin wants to see Taehyung smiling stupidly, smiling because he’s been fucked so dumb, smiling because that’s all he can do—take it. His cock’s pink, throbbing, and leaking; Jeongguk’s spit and tears glisten on his skin. Jimin picks his phone up, takes a photo, smiles when Taehyung gasps.

“What do you think, Guk?” he begins, pressing fluttering kisses to Jeongguk’s neck, petting his hair and rubbing his skin. “Think I should send these photos to Taehyungie’s friends? Think Hobi-hyung and Yoongi-hyung would appreciate it? You think they’d get off on it?” Taehyung whimpers, lips parting and pupils widening when Jimin scrolls through the photos. “Would you like that, Taehyungie? Think Yoonie-hyung would get all red when he sees them? Think Hobi-hyung would let Yoonie sit in his lap, finger him till he’s crying just like you? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Jimin grins when he sees Taehyung rutting into his own hands, whining and moaning into the pillows. “Hobi-hyung’s fucked you too, huh, Taetae? Such a slutty baby, everyone’s fucked your slutty hole, huh?”

Taehyung’s so far gone, dazed and sobbing a little into the pillows and sheets, hiccuping, “Y-Yes, I’m, I’m a slutty baby. Hobi-hyung’s fucked me and, and my slutty hole.”

“But you’re mine now, right? Mine and Gukkie’s?”

He nods, gasping and hiccuping and sobbing.

“I’m yours, Jimin, I’m yours and Guk’s.”

Taehyung’s still got cum and spit and tears dribbling down his cheeks; Jimin smiles lovingly at the sight, heart warm and soft. “You look lovely, honey—sobbing ‘cause no one will fuck you, ‘cause you’ve been a slut.”

“I’m, I’m your slut,” he gasps. “Jimin, I, I—”

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

Fuck me, fuck me dumb, fuck me stupid, f—”

Jimin sighs. “Honey, say please, won’t you?”

Taehyung just cries into the pillow—drooling all over himself, dirtying the bed. He rolls over onto his stomach and ruts his cock against the sheets, fucks the fabric, and babbles and hiccups and sobs—a messy, dirty, needy slut, humiliated like he deserves. “Please,” he whimpers, “please fuck me, hyung. Please.”

“Are you crying?” Jimin asks, petting Jeongguk’s hair—the boy’s now watching Taehyung too, pupils blown up again.

“Y—Yeah,” Taehyung answers, sniffling.

“Didn’t I tell you not to cry?”

Taehyung nods with puppy eyes and pouty lips.

“Then why’re you crying?”

“B—Because, because you won’t fuck me.”

Jimin laughs and it’s loud.

“Just wanna be fucked like a slut, huh? Just wanna be fucked dumb and stupid, be my dirty baby? Just wanna be full with mine and Jeonggukie’s cocks?”

Taehyung sobs from the humiliation, the shame.

So, he pulls the plug out of Jeongguk completely, brings it to the youngest’s lips for him to suck on. He looks cute like that, pretty eyes sparkling and pretty lips pink, gasping at the emptiness when the lube trickles out—Taehyung just continues fucking the sheets, sobbing into his pillow. Jimin nips Jeongguk’s earlobe as if Jeongguk were a toy, sucking on his pierced skin as if he were a doll, looking at Taehyung as if Taehyung were a pet. “C’mon, bun—” he presses his fingers deep into Jeongguk’s empty hole, kisses his cheek when he whines, “—since our Taehyungie wants to be fucked like a slut, why don’t you sit pretty on his cock? He’s just a toy, a doll to be used, our pet.”

Jeongguk nods, pulling off his lap—his empty hole pink and fluttering and glistening with lube.

“Hyung,” Taehyung whines, fidgeting when Jeongguk sits on his stomach and grinds his hole against the other’s cock, coating and slathering him with lube—when Jimin sits between his legs, picks up his phone, lifts Taehyung's thigh, and snaps a picture. “Hyung—” Jimin takes another photo, Jeongguk rubs the head of Taehyung’s cock against his rim, “—please, fuck me, I, I—” Jimin puts down his phone and grabs the lube bottle, Jeongguk pushes down until he’s filled to the brim and gasping at the thickness.

Taehyung’s eyes are big and pretty, his lips are plush and parted. “O—Oh. Oh,” he breathes.

So big,” Jeongguk whimpers. “Ah—! So, so big, so thick, ah, so—hngh, nng—so big, ah.”

Taehyung blushes, goes shy, but fucks up into Jeongguk anyways—breathless and dazed. But Jimin smacks him hard, because of it.

“Stay still, sweetheart, like the pretty doll you are. Stay still or I won’t fuck you.”

Taehyung goes still, tries to, at the very least.

Jeongguk doesn’t even move—just sits pretty on Taehyung’s cock like Jimin told him to, stays still like like a good boy—but Taehyung’s so fucked out, so fucked up. “I, uh, I—”

“Thought you wanted me to fuck you, honey?”

Jimin opens the lube bottle and pours the liquid into his hand, letting it coat his skin and drip down onto Taehyung’s thighs.

“Don’t want me to fuck you anymore?” Jimin rubs Taehyung’s inner thigh, slicking his sensitive skin with lube—it’s rough and it’s sudden and Taehyung just moans brokenly. “Just want Jeonggukie to sit on your cock all pretty?”

Hngh, nghh,” he whimpers. “Hyung, please, mgh, please fuck me, I, I want your fingers, your cock in me, hh—”

Jimin sighs again, dragging his finger through the messy pool of lube on Taehyung’s thigh, tracing his skin all the way up to his rim.

“Do you want my fingers in here?”

“Yes, yes, hyung,” Taehyung utters, now rutting into Jeongguk and rutting back against Jimin.

But Jimin slaps his inner thigh, hard—maybe it’ll even bruise—even Jeongguk whines, pretty and quiet, sitting on Taehyung’s cock obediently. “Stay still,” he orders. “I even told you to stay still. But did you?”


Jimin smacks him again, closer to his ass.

“No, hyung,”

Jimin pinches the bruising and reddening skin.


Taehyung gasps, jittering uncontrollably. “Because, because I’m a, I’m a slut.”

Jimin rubs his thigh, soft and gentle touches.

“I’m sorry, hyung.” And, with big puppy eyes full of tears, he asks, “Will, will you still fuck me?”

Jimin plays with his rim, humming a sweet melody to accompany Taehyung’s little, breathy ah-ah!’s. “Maybe,” he voices, pushing a finger in, “maybe if you’re good,”

“I can, I can be good,” Taehyung stutters, head lolling back. “I wanna be good, I wanna be fucked.”

Jimin hums, unaffected.

And soon, Jeongguk speaks up in a small and shy voice, turning to look at Jimin with his sparkly eyes. “Hyung, can I kiss Taehyungie? Please? I want to kiss him.”

Jimin smiles fondly when he sees that Taehyung and Jeongguk are holding hands, even now. “Sure, baby—” Jeongguk giggles happily; Jimin’ll fall in love with his little bunny smile anyday, everyday.

Jeongguk leans down, pressing his and Taehyung’s lips together in a hot bliss of feelings, the kiss messy and open-mouthed and Jimin feels a little more than content. Each time he pushes his finger inside Taehyung, each time he adds another finger inside Taehyung, the boy moans and he’s so cute when he’s fucked stupid.

Two fingers in. “Please, please, more, I—”

Three fingers in. “H—Hyah, hngh, hyung.”

Four fingers in. “Oh, so f—so, I’m so full, ungh—”

And at four, Jeongguk starts to fuck down on Taehyung’s cock—small and slight bounces as he drools onto the other’s chest, rubs his cock against Taehyung’s stomach—pressing needy kisses all over his skin and all over his heart. He never asked for permission, never got permission, but Jimin lets him—he’ll indulge their baby this time.

Taehyung’s so lost, so gone that he doesn’t notice that Jimin’s slipped in his thumb, slipped in his entire hand—but when he does, he cries, “Oh, I, I, it’s too much, I wanna, oh, I’m gonna come, I, I—”

“Don’t come yet,” Jimin orders, dragging his fist in and out, fucking his hand in—slow and controlled and he’s sure that he’s hit Taehyung’s prostate too many times. “Gonna fuck you first, gonna fuck you loose and stupid, gonna fuck you full, Taehyung.”

“No, I, mngh, hnah, I’m, I can’t—”

“Come now, and I’ll have to punish you.”

Taehyung whines, responsive in every way. He’s trying to keep still, but Jeongguk’s little bounces and Jimin’s slow thrusts make his mind go dumb and make his body feel alive. Jimin loves seeing him like this, adores the way he talks big but acts little—the way he gives everything in its entirety, his body and his mind and his love.

Jeongguk goes to kiss Taehyung, small and sweet. “Taetae-hyung,” he whines, “does it feel good?”

“So good,” Taehyung moans; so, Jeongguk gives him this smile, but it’s neither small nor sweet. He sits up and begins to ride Taehyung’s cock as if he were on a sugar high, fucking down with all he’s got. And it’s adorable, how he spends Jimin’s indulgence, how he breaks character sometimes: not so shy, not so sweet, not so good—vengeful and playful, if anything.

So Jimin laughs, matching Jeongguk’s rhythm when he fucks his fist into Taehyung. Baby’s trying to get his hyung in trouble, huh? Cute.

“Feel good, Taehyung?” he asks again, licking into the other’s open mouth.

And, oh, Jimin thinks, they’re still holding hands, they’re still holding hands, they’re still holding h—

I’m, I, o—oh, I—” Taehyung hiccups dazedly, unexpectedly coming into Jeongguk’s ass, clenching wildly around Jimin’s fist. “Ah, ah, h—hyung, oh, I’m, I came, I came, I, I—”

Jimin pulls his entire hand out, lube gushing and pouring out and Taehyung’s gasping and sobbing uncontrollably—the youngest boy continues riding him, fucking down unforgivingly. “Oh, Taetae, you came.”

I’m sorry—”

“Jeongguk, you can get off his cock, now.”

Taehyung wails, new tears running over his dried and faded ones, “Wait, no, I’m sorry, I’ll—”

Jeongguk whimpers when he sits up from his cock, all his cum flooding out and Taehyung’s mortified.

“Jiminie-hyung,” Taehyung whispers, body pliant from his orgasm, cock twitching and dripping with lube and cum. “Please fuck me, I’m sorry, I’m, I’m your slut, your toy, please please please please.

“I’ll Jeonggukie fuck you first. Only fair since you came. And baby does seem like he wants to come again—” he says, looking down at Jeongguk’s cock, coated in precum and slathered with the excess lube, “—right?”

Jeongguk whines, “Yes, please, please, hyung.”

Taehyung quivers, lifting his thigh and letting his empty and loosened hole be seen again, glistening prettily. Pride and dignity—so—gone, he tries to smile, lips dirty with cum. Hands empty, no longer holding Jeongguk’s, he brings them to his own rim. “I’m so loose, I, I’m so empty,” he says breathily, gasping when he slips his fingertips in easily. “Please, please fill me up, I w—want, I want cock, I want to be fucked here.”

“Quiet, sweetie,” Jimin hums, patting Jeongguk’s butt, “Jeonggukie will fuck you, and then so will I. You can have both our cocks, okay?”

—because, there really is nothing Jimin likes more than spoiling his babies.

“O—Oh,” Taehyung stutters, embarrassed. “Okay.”

And when Jimin kisses him, it’s soft and sweet and it’s short— it makes Taehyung’s tongue slip out and head loll back and eyes go dazed, it makes him hold onto Jimin’s clothes and pout like a puppy.

Jimin then goes behind Jeongguk. “C’mon, bun,” he whispers. “Taetae’s all open for you. Be a good bun and fuck him good for me, okay?”

“I will! I will!”

Jimin takes Jeongguk’s cock into his hand, guiding it to Taehyung’s hole. Jeongguk fucks Taehyung in a fervor, with hot and heavy breaths, with cute and whiny moans, with weak and erratic thrusts. And as he does, Taehyung’s cum leaks out of his ass, sticky and wet and filled to the brim; he whimpers at the sensation, whining and moaning and trying to keep quiet, trying to be a good boy, as he fucks the older into overstimulation—it’s graceless and it’s sloppy but Taehyung sobs through it all.


So Jimin pushes two fingers into Jeongguk’s ass, pressing them to his prostate and cooing at him.

Jimin-hyung, I can’t, I, I—”

But he keeps fucking into Taehyung, keeps fucking back against Jimin’s fingers. Taehyung holds onto his hands, moaning when Jeongguk fucks into him with everything’s he’s got—rough, like he doesn’t mind if Taehyung bruises, if Taehyung cries, if Taehyung comes again and’ll have to be punished.

“G—Guk, Gukkie, ungh—uh, ah—!”

Jeongguk falls atop Taehyung when he comes, whimpering as he pulls out, sated but jittering like crazy as the euphoria sets in, rolls over his body.

“Good boy, good boy, Guk.”

Taehyung kisses him, wet and messily, and Jimin pets his hair, whispering praises and gentle words.

“I’m gonna fuck Taehyungie now, okay?” he asks, rubbing the tears on Jeongguk’s cheek, smearing the drool all over his lips.

Jeongguk nods, puckering his lips for another kiss—Jimin indulges him, like he always does.

Taehyung whines, cum and lube dripping from his ass, when Jeongguk sits up and goes to watch on the clean side of the bed. His eyes go big and he blushes shyly and bashfully, Taehyung always does, when Jimin begins to pull off all of his clothes; his shirt comes first, then his pants, then his boxers. Taehyung almost whimpers at the sight of Jimin’s cock, pink and throbbing and leaking.

“Jiminie-hyung,” he rasps, puppy eyes and pouty lips, “you, you’re gonna fuck me now?”

“Yes, honey,” Jimin answers, smiling and kissing his swollen and puffy lips. Taehyung’s giggly and happy; Jimin's heart softens and melts like snow.

The sunlight makes Jimin’s naked body look golden, but he thinks that it’s nothing compared to Taehyung who seems to glitter gold and embody beauty even like this—eyes gone and lips parted.

He rubs his cock in the in-between of Taehyung’s thigh and his hole, slippery with lube and cum. It catches on his rim, open and gaping.

Hyung hyung hyung,” Taehyung wails, wrapping his legs around Jimin’s waist, falling hard down into a warm daze, into the glorious heat. “F—Fuck me, fuck me open, I’m, I’m so wet, fuck me dumb.” Everything but Taehyung is out of focus. He’s too pretty when he cries, when he drools, when he’s being fucked. “I’m so empty, I, I wanna be filled w—wi—”

So Jimin presses his cock to Taehyung’s hole. “Sweetheart, is this what you want?” he hums.

“Ah, ah, yes, yes, please,” Taehyung sobs.

Jimin smiles, spreads Taehyung’s thighs wider than they can go—he knows the boy likes the stretch, likes the pain, likes being used like this, likes feeling soft and small and hazy and dizzy. “Like this, darling?”

Taehyung gasps into the pillow, turning his head and looking at Jeongguk, sitting quietly and a little dazed—his orgasms still washing over him. And it’s cute, the way he whimpers shyly after he comes.

Jimin pushes in slowly, letting Taehyung breathe and moan and sigh at the feeling—he goes slow, goes slow at the beginning, always does. He pushes in till the hilt, until Taehyung’s filled and fucked. Open-mouthed, Taehyung’s tongue slips out again and everything is incoherent—his moans are a mess of words and curses: of Jimin, Jeongguk, hyung, too much too big so good and more more more.

“Baby,” Jimin calls, “let Taehyungie suck on your fingers, will you?”

Jeongguk nods, in a soft and sated haze. He slips two fingers into his mouth easily; Taehyung sucks on them, slobbering and drooling. He leans down and kisses Taehyung’s forehead, pets his hair with his other hand, a warm smile on his pink lips.

But once Taehyung’s mouth and ass are filled, Jimin fucks him dizzy—doesn’t go slow, doesn’t let him breathe. It’s a wash of sensations and it’s mess of feelings. Jimin’s so hard and Taehyung’s so wet—it’s addicting and easy, to fuck like this, to be fucked like this.

Jimin fucks him dizzy—fucks him stupid, fucks him till all he can do is sob and moan incoherently.

Jeongguk pulls his fingers out, smearing his mouth and skin with spit—it’s dirty and it’s disgusting but there’s a ghost of a smile on Taehyung’s lips.

Taehyung lets himself fall back and fall forward with each thrust—dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. He’s so far gone—he’ll do anything, say anything because all grace is forgotten and he’s a dizzy mess of pleasure and bliss. Jimin hums, fucking in deeper and deeper until Taehyung’s unraveled and unwounded and he’s gonna come, gonna cry, gonna spill all over his skin and dirty the sheets.

“Sweetheart—” Jimin knows that Taehyung likes being called that, likes the pet names, “—how are you doing?”

“Oh,” he whispers, licking Jeongguk’s fingers like they’re keeping him grounded, keeping him here on earth and not up in the skies, up in the heavens. He’s breathless, gasping in a daze. “Can, can I, hyung, can I come? Can you make me come?”

Jimin hums, pressing his fingers to Taehyung’s rim. “Should I, Gukkie? What do you think—?”

Jeongguk blinks at him. “Uh—”

“Taetae’s been kinda bad today, don’t you think?” Jimin asks. “Putting the plug in you, sending those pictures, coming when he wasn’t supposed to, not listening to his hyung again and again.”

Taehyung sobs and hiccups, hands almost going to his cock—but he doesn’t want to be bad, not now. So, he pulls Jeongguk’s fingers back to his mouth, sucking on them quietly as Jimin fucks him into a dirty haze. He closes his eyes and lets the tears fall.

“What d’you think, Guk?”

Jeongguk looks at Taehyung, his body and his hues that make up his skin, and looks at Jimin, eyes all sparkling. “Taetae looks so pretty when he comes, don’t you think?”

Jimin grins. “Yeah, he does.”

“Can I take some photos of it?”

Jimin laughs. “Sure, baby. Get my phone.”

Taehyung whines when Jeongguk pulls his fingers out, when Jimin fucks him apart and fucks him empty, mouth open and his moans loud—he’s shameless and graceless but still so, so pretty.

His eyes are closed, so he flinches when he hears the loud clicking noise from beside him; they go open, they go wide, and he fucking gasps when Jimin touches his cock—he shudders and fucks up into his hands and fucks down onto his cock. The drag is wet and sloppy, but Taehyung loves it—he loves it.

Click. Click. Click.

“Oh, oh, oh,” he whispers.

Jeongguk snaps countless photos of his eyes fluttering open, of his mouth going open, of his head lolling back, of him coming—his cock twitches and pulsates, stains the sheets with cum, dirties his body and Jimin’s with cum. And Jimin keeps going, keeps thrusting and stroking his cock and it’s wet and sticky and dirty. Jimin fucks him like a doll, like he won’t break, like he won’t care if he does. And he’s close too, he’s close too but the pace doesn’t weaken—it gets erratic and out of rhythm but it’s everything.

He growls a little, moaning when he comes.

Taehyung’s quivering from the overstimulation of it all, and Jeongguk’s giggling—taking a disgusting amount of photos, but Jimin just smiles, knowing he’ll won’t delete a single one.

Jimin pulls out, cum pooling on the sheets.

Jeongguk snaps more photos, zooming in on Taehyung’s cum-and-lube-filled ass, on Taehyung’s pretty face, washed with euphoria.

“Ah, so pretty, sweetie,” he hums, sated and high from his orgasm. “My pretty baby.”

Taehyung smiles a dumb and boxy grin; Jeongguk captures it—his pretty smile and his big, fond eyes.

“I’m yours, both yours.”

Jeongguk drops Jimin’s phone—it falls off the bed but none of them really care—and goes to lie atop Taehyung’s body, still sensitive and jittery. There’s cum everywhere: on the two of them, on the fabric, but Jeongguk kisses him, all giggly and happy.

Jimin sits up, smiles at the two, and sighs when he realizes that they’ll want to go back to sleep instead of cleaning themselves up—he thinks he might indulge the two of them, again.

It’s a pink and purple wash of light in their room this morning, filtered through the curtains messily. Jimin thinks the light must be in love with them, glittering off Taehyung’s golden skin and sparkling in Jeongguk’s dark hair—and he’s just as in love.