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Bang, Bang!

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The blonde haired, blue eyed girl puts her arms around Matsuoka's shoulders. "You know I don't take no for an answer, right?" She leans in.

He smiles. "I didn't expect you to, Hotaru." His lips were about to touch hers when his alarm goes off, startling him awake for the day.

Sitting up, Matsuoka felt out of breath. He breathed in slowly and deeply for a few moments. He stretched and looked out to the early morning sky.

"Another day without you, Hotaru." He sighs. "Just where are you?"


He hears a camera go off. "That one will do, too."

Quickly turning toward the noise, he lets out a breath when he sees Yukimura Tooru. His partner in crime. His best friend. "Yukki!!" He yells. "Did you seriously just take a picture of me?!"

"...Yes, I did." Yukki answers stoically.

"Why?" His friend sighs and stands up.

"Blackmail. You keep talking about this Hotaru girl and I will show this," he sees a picture of himself hugging a pillow to himself and drooling grossly.

How did his friend get that picture? He didn't hear a camera go off...

"And this," another picture of himself dazed and looking out the window, "at the Verdant. Now get up and get ready, we're going to be late. Mei is waiting."

Matsuoka grumbles to himself about how... interesting his friend's tactics are.

"Let's go kick some Hoshishiro butt." He lightly punches Yukki and stands, walking toward the restroom to get ready.



Hotaru walks into the Verdant, scanning for her friends. She immediately sees Kanae talking up some boys by the bar, but she doesn't see her friend Haruki. Her friend happens to turn in her direction. "Oi! Hotaru!"

"Kanae!" She calls back, making her way through the crowd to her friend. Kanae puts her hair up into a ponytail.

"You're really late, you know."

She smiles and says, "I'm sorry, Kanae. I had to get someone to give me directions. He looked nice and like, well, someone I could approach. Besides, Haruki and I are just filling in--"

"You need to be more careful, Hotaru!" Her friend steps forward with a bin of red face paint.

"What would've happened had he been a creep?"

Hotaru sighs. "He wasn't, he wasn't. And I kept my distance. And I had that taser you gave me. But I'm sure he thought I was a guy. He kept winking at me like we both knew some indiscreet secret."

Kanae slips her finger in the paint and draws a line straight down the middle of her face. She groans, "That could be because you insist on wearing those baggy cargo pants you always do."

"They're comfortable!"

Her friend puts the paintbrush down. "I don't care if they're made of chocolate, they don't fit you," Kanae crosses her arms over her chest. "You're a girl, you need to wear dresses and skirts, not cargo pants and Holister jeans."

"Hmph." Hotaru looks away. "But he was kind overall. Had he not been, I would've beaten him up."

"Well, at least it sounds like he was nice to you." Hotaru can feel the circle her friend made around her right eye. "Was he cute?"

Hotaru doesn't have to think on that one. He was cute. He had dark green hair and sparkling eyes. He was tall, muscular, and unbelievably polite.

"I do have to say, he was my type. He gave me his number."

"Ooh girl!" Kanae feigns innocence, "He was your knight in shining armor! Metaphorically speaking, of course."

"Maybe he was," Hotaru whispers.

She leans forward when the pink-haired girl suddenly screeched. "Him! It was him!" She points at the man her friend had told her about yesterday. Apparently, he had cheated Kanae out of money the other weekend.

"And that's my old teammate." Haruki says from behind them.

Hotaru and Kanae both jump and turn to him. "HARUKI!!!"

He steps back, his hands up above his head in defeat. "My bad; sorry." He points to the blond who is now scanning his eyes across their team. "That's the guy who leads the team I was on."

Sensing that the blond man is about to make his move toward them, Hotaru shouts, "Aye yo DJ!" She grabs a pipe hanging low and pulls herself up to whisper in the DJ's ear. The music slows to a stop.

"Hold up! Hold up! Hold up, everyone!" He shouts, "We've got ourselves a Chance Challenge in the house!"

Everyone whoops and hollers, raising their glasses.

"So we've got..." He waits for Kanae and Haruki to come up to his station. "YoursCouncil!"

The audience cheers.

"Versus..." The DJ points back towards the blond man, "ToyGunGun!"

The audience booms with excitement, even the other dance floors pausing their matches to see what's going on.

He looks around the crowd, "Who wants to pick the song?!" He hands the mic to the green-haired man that she had spoken to earlier that day, the one who helped her with directions, his eyes piercing through her.

He opens his mouth, and a smooth, silky voice replies, "Bang Bang, JessieJ vs Done With Love, Zedd."

I start, looking at Kanae. She knows too. Those are my two favorite songs. "Okay, so maybe he's a bit of a creep..."

Haruki chuckles. "Midori IS a creep." He starts to paint his face in the mirror. "Why, do you know him?"

She was about to answer when the DJ called them to center stage.


ToyGunGun enters the dance floor, YoursCouncil lining up in front of them. It's Hotaru and the blond man, and Kanae was partnered with the shaggy guy.

Haruki is getting out his 'beat board', as he calls it. It's basically a sound board for dubstep, dance, and techno music.

The guy in front of her holds out his hand. "Let's make the best of this, huh?" Hotaru takes his hand but doesn't reply to his comment. He leans in, a dark smile on his face. "How about we make this more interesting?"

She opens one eye. "How so?"

"If we win, you join our team. You and your friend back there." He points to Haruki.

She turns to him and grins, "You don't even know if we suck."

He points back to a girl in the crowd. "This girl has seen you and your friend move, and she says you're good."

Hotaru pouts. So much for trying to get out of that. "Well what if we win?"

"If you win?"

He cups one hand around his chin. "Hmm..."

"How about you'll get on two knees and grovel?" Hotaru smirks.

He chuckles. "Well, if you DO win, I will definitely do that. I can't guarantee about Yukki over here though."

"Good enough!" This time, Hotaru holds out her hand and he takes it.


The music slows to a stop, the lights dimming and the world quieting. "Remember Asuna-Sensei's class on self defense?" Kanae whispers to Hotaru as she passes by.

Hotaru nods with a smile, both of them going absolutely still. Heads down, arms straight, legs only slightly separated, and feet facing forward.


-Heads pop up at ~BODY~, elbows straight down and hands in fists, doing three bends of their mid sections as if pulling a bar closer to their stomachs, backs bending, at ~HOUR GLASS~.

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"Thank you, Haruki." Hotaru grabs the towel Haruki had thrown at her and wipes her sweating head down. When she pulls the towel back, it's covered in face paint.

Her friend blushes when he sees her wiping the towel down her sides. "Y-You know, Hotaru, you were real great out there," he tells her.

"Well thank you again." She grins.

Haruki shifts on his feet. "So, what did you promise him that made him agree to battling us? ToyGunGun is #2 in the ranks and doesn't tend to like to battle needlessly."

Hotaru goes white. "Wait. They're #2?"

"Yeah. They're right up there with Hoshishiro." The man's eyes widen, "Hotaru... what did you promise them?"

She laughs nervously. "...Yeah. About that..." She won't look him in the eye.


He is cut off by a hand on his shoulder. "Yo, Haru."

"Don't call me that!" Haruki yells, fuming as he turns toward the voice of his old leader.

Hotaru watches as the blond haired man struts out of Haruki's space and stops in front of her. He grins. "That was pretty good."

"Thanks." She says emotionlessly, trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice. 

"You're welcome." He stares into her eyes. Again. 

That same questioning, longing stare he gave her when she had saw him in the crowd earlier.

Crossing her arms, Hotaru stomps her foot on the ground. "What?"

"Have we met before?" He asks, in a tone as if he expects her to say yes.

She hates those kinds of people. Expecting something when nothing should be expected.

Hotaru shakes her head. "No, I would've remembered meeting someone as hormonally awkward as you."

"BURN!" Kanae shouts, laughing loudly.

The blond man opens his mouth to say something else, but is requested by the DJ to return to his spot on stage.

He winks at Hotaru, turning heel and walking away. "Let us show you how it's done, little girl."

Hotaru sputters, "L-LITTLE?!" 

Once Matsuoka is back on his side of the floor, Haruki raises his eyebrows. "I'm surprised he knew you were a girl. I mean, you are wearing a bright orange fishnet shirt and these skinny tan cargo pants, but you wore something like that when we met, and I still thought you were a dude. Just a little risky kind of dude."

Kanae chirps in, "It took you like three months to figure it out. I wonder how he knew?"

"I don't have anything against him knowing I'm a girl. I do have everything against him looking at me like I'm a princess he wants to save."



Matsuoka knows. He knows. That's his Hotaru.

Yukimara leans over to his friend and whispers, "Is that...?"


His friend's jaw drops. "Wow..."

"I know."

"You know we're screwed if we lose, right? There's no way we'll get to Hoshishiro."

Matsuoka grins, "I know, but they're complete novices. There's no way we'll lose."

"But if we do?"

"I personally grovel at their feet." Matsuoka says indifferently.

"And if we win?"

He turns to his raven-haired friend. "They're mine!"



She watches them, the crowd's cheers quieting so they can watch this event in history.


ToyGunGun begins, Matsuoka singing and the black haired man on bass.


Matsuoka smiles at her and holds out his hand.


She feels the rest of the world disappear, his gaze holding hers, tight.


He pulls his hand back to his chest.


They precisely move according to the beat, their bodies...

The song goes on.

The world comes back to view, but she can't seem to hear anything but their voices. She can't seem to bring back that nostalgia.

Those two seem to be gliding, flying.


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Once ToyGunGun finishes their performance, crowds surround them, laughing and cheering.

They're finished.

She knows it.

YoursCouncil suffered a somehow not too humiliating defeat, but the words to pay attention to are not too...

Haruki interlocks his fingers around the back of his head and stretches. "Dang, this suucks!"

"We're sorry, baby!" The DJ yells, referring to them. "Next time, YoursCouncil, next time!" 

Hotaru watches in amazement as crowds flock to ToyGunGun. Girls are screaming their names and asking for them to sign their breasts and hips.

Hotaru rolls her eyes and lets out a shudder. "Yech!"

She sees the blond man wave at her, but she just she turns away and kicks a trash can. "Stupid!"

Her pink haired friend sighs, "AW!" But adds after a moment, "Then again we did pretty well."

Putting his hands on Hotaru's shoulders, Haruki asks, "So, what did you promise them?" She doesn't answer. He turned her to him. "Hotaruu?"

Pushing him away a little, she laughs uncomfortably. "Uhh... yeaah, about that..."

"What did you promise them? Because I swear, if you promised to forfeit our next match or something, I'll--"

"Don't worry, Haru," Matsuoka says, coming up behind them and smiling.

Haruki has an expression on his face that Hotaru can't read. Anger? "We're not throwing the next match, if you're wondering."

"It was nothing like that." He waves his hand nonchalantly. He looks at Hotaru. "Well?" His hand finds her cheek.

"A deal's a deal." She grumbles, as much as she wants to gives this guy a neute-- 

"You're right," he says, interrupting her from her thoughts. Matsuoka loosens and undoes his tie a bit. "And you're mine, Tachibana Hotaru."

"EEEH?!" Kanae and Haruki shout loudly, and when she says loudly, she means LOUDLY.

Everyone that could possibly hear a wink of what they were saying glare at them. Then they just go about their business.

She can practically see the steam broiling off of Haruki's and Kanae's heads as they go charging at the blonde man.

It took a good hour or two to get Haruki to stop threatening the man's life and to leave for the day.


Later that day, after everyone had come and gone, Hotaru walks over to Matsuoka. "Matsuoka-san, our deal was for me and Haruki. Why did you leave him be?"

"I could tell that you didn't tell him about what we spoke about, I didn't want to embarrass you any more than you already were."

Hotaru smiles at him. "Well that was nice of--"

The man interrupts her, "Plus I wanted you to myself, soo..." He trails off.

Stepping back, Hotaru yells, "Do I see an act of injustice coming forth?! My senses are tingling... I must convict you!" 

Matsuoka shakes his head, "NO! Nonononononono, that's not what I meant."

She narrows her eyes. "Then?"

"You're an amazing little dancer. You know that, right? We wanted you all to ourselves.

We? Ourselves? Hotaru thinks back to the shaggy guy with black hair.

Jaw working, Hotaru stomps on the ground, right by his face. He looks up at her. "Little?" She asks.

"Well, yeah."

She throws a punch to his face, twisting her knuckles into his cheekbones. "RUDE!"


He rubs his nose, staring at her with a sense of pride.. "Wow! You have a good arm!" Her really just wants to say, That's my girl!

Yukki comes into the room. "Hey, today's done. Let's meet back here tomorrow, bright and early."

Hotaru puts her hand on her chin, "Well, I guess I don't have school tomorrow since it's a Saturday."

He gives a thumbs up and they all leave to go home.


"Hotaru!" Matsuoka shouts outside her door. She throws her covers over her and slowly eases herself up from bed. She scowls at the door. It's Matsuoka, wanting her to come practice. Of course. No duh. "HOTARU!" He starts banging on her door.

But she did NOT expect him to think she'd be up at this hour. "WHAT?!" Hotaru bolts her door shut, not wanting him to bother her. "It's 4 AM! Give me another hour, PLEASE." Hotaru is not a morning person.

He laughs, swinging the door open. "No time!"

"H-How did you--?!"

He reaches for her hand, waving a key in the other. She reaches up to grab it, jumping to try to reach. "Give that back! How did you know it was there anyway?!"

"It was on top of your doorframe, Hotaru, " He says as he drags her down the stairs. "1) Everyone puts their emergency key there, so find somwwhere else unless you want somwhing to happen to you in the middle of the night. 2) Yukki said to be there bright and early, so let's head out to the center!"

"Wh-What?!" Yelled Hotaru as Matsuoka picks her up and places her on the back of his motorcycle. 

"Ready?!" He calls back.

She shakes her head obnoxiously, "NO! NO I AM NOT!" She jumps off, running back into her apartment and slamming her door shut. Hard. 

"What does he know anyway?! The hiding spot for my key is perfect!" She shouts as she pulls on her jeans. She thinks about putting on her make-up, but it'd be smudged because 1) she's in a hurry and 2) she knows Matsuoka is going to gun his bike. She knows.

She glances at herself in her mirror. "CRAP!! I'M STARTING TO THINK LIKE HIM WITH THE NUMBER THING!"


When Hotaru meets him down at his bike about 10 minutes later clean with new clothes on, she hissss, "I was still in my PJs, thank you very much."

Wow, he thinks, my girl is fast!

Normally the other girls he takes out make him wait on his bike for like an hour while they get ready.

"Matsuoka-san, please don't gun it. I want to still look like I at least tried when I got out of bed this morning. She clears her throat, "Eh-hem. Correction." She leans in and shouts in his ear, "When YOU woke me up!"

He jumps, but ignores her and starts up the engine. He grins, pulling back the handles and driving off. "Matsuoka-saaan!" He laughs when he sees people on the sidewalk watching them and smiling.

Smiling like they see a young couple.

God, please... Please let her be my forever girl!



"Hotaru, how high of a pitch do you have?" The man with glasses asks her.

She was still really tired, so she put her key back where it was this morning. She'll move it later.

Because, no matter how much she doesn't want him to be right, he is. That hiding spot for her key is like playing hide-in-seek with a three year old. They always hide where people can see them, and in this case, she'd be the three year old.


When she finally got to the bathroom after they arrived at the club, Hotaru puts on her make-up and stands back to look in the mirror. She laughed to find that she actually did well, despite just reaching in her closet and grabbing what she could find.

She wears a bright orange tank top, a baggy cargo-tan cardiagan, her same tan colored multi-pocketed pants, and a just-off color of orange-meaning compared to the tank top-for her flats.


She blanches, "I assume pitch meaning like pitch pitch? Uuh, pretty high."

"How high is high?" 

Trying to think of an example, she decides on a pretty well known song.

~PLEASE DONT CRY, WE BOTH KNOW THAT I'M NOT WHAT YOU NEED; AND I...~ she holds the note for a moment, and when he doesn't seem impressed, she releases it, ~WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU...~

She dials it down when the man, Yukimura--she heard Matsuoka call him that while she was singing--turns to the blonde man. "So it seems our friend Hotaru has a pretty flexible belt. Which is nice to an extent. There was that song by JessieJ and then just now the one by Whitney Houston."

Being so happy he complimented her, Hotaru decided to ignore the 'to an extent' comment. "Thank you, Yukimura-san!" She grabs his hands and smiles.

"Yeah, Hotaru, that was great!" Matsuoka claps for her. "I take back what I said about you being a good little singer. That was amazing."

"Thank you!" She flashes a smile at him.

"Alrighty, let's practice!" Matsuoka jumps to his feet and walks up to the stereo, ready to pick a song.

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Hotaru raises her hand. "Well, Matsuoka-san, since you two are giving out ideas, I've got an idea for a song too." Leaning back onto his hands, he makes a go ahead motion with his head, a smile on his face.

So she walks toward the BOSE box, plugging her phone in and choosing a song. She guides the tick mark toward the center, where she knows the chorus is hiding.

~...When I grow up, I wanna be famous! I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies! When I grow up, I wanna see the world, Drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies!
When I grow up, be on TV. People know me, be on magazines! When I grow up, fresh and clean, Number one boy when I step out on the scene...~

Pulling her phone out of the sound jack once the chorus dies down. Yukimura claps once and says in his usual monotone voice, "Way to go, Hotaru. You found Mayday Parade's cover of the Pussycat Doll's When I Grow Up."

"What's wrong with it?" She asks, raising a brow at his tone.

Matsuoka scratches his chin. "Nothing. It's just that we did that one the year before last."

Hotaru turns bright red. "Oh..."

"B-B-B-BUT THEre's nothing wrong with it!" He quickly tells her, throwing his hands up in the air. "We'll just have to find another one."

Giving him a grin, she walks back over to them and sits cross-legged. The boys are a lot nicer than she expected. "Okay, so how about Most Girls by Hailee Steinfield? We can make it into something like: Some guys, feel best in those Nike sneakers... You know? We could a parody of it!"

Yukimura shakes his head. "Let's keep that in mind for the finals. We don't have enough time to make a parody for our next competition. We barely have enough time as it is right now."

"Well when is it?" She asks him.

"The day after tomorrow."



By the time they finally picked a song, it was around noon. 

"Bye-Bye!" Hotaru waves back to her teammates as she exits the building. "See you tonight!" She yells and walks through the door.

After a moment or so, she heard a, "Hotaru, wait!" She turns, seeing both Matsuoka and Yukimura running to catch up to her.

Matsuoka catches up with her first, a big grin on his face. "We can walk you home!"

"How the hell did you even find out where I live?!"

He laughs and shakes his head slightly. "Ha, please," and says nothing else.

Hotaru groans loudly, whacking her forehead with the palm of her hand and says, "Why me?"

"What, don't want a handsome guy like me waking you up in the morning?"

"That's not what I meant. And you know it."

With a rise of his brow, he asks, "Oh, so you do like it?"

"No!" She shakes her head adamantly. "I just meant that like, oh, I don't know... that creep from earlier. Like that would scare the crud out of me. He's sketchy."

Before Matsuoka can respond, they hear a sharp, "Wait up! Wait for me! Not you, I don't even know you."

Trudging behind, the two slow to a stop so that Yukimura can catch up. He wheezes, crouching down to the floor. "Let me... Let me just..." 

With a sigh, her blond friend shakes his head. "You need to get off your butt and run and jump and work out, Yukki."

"Well excuse me," he breathes out. "I'm sorry that my job doesn't require that I do anything but sit on my bed and eat chips all day."

"What do you do for a living, Yukimura-san?"

"Author." Both of the boys say at the same time.

Eyes glimmering, Hotaru rounds on him. She clasps his hands in hers, pulling them up and down. "Wow, that is so cool, Yukimura-san! Really cool!"

"T-Thanks, Hotaru." He blushes.

"Hey, what about me?" Matsuoka pouts, crossing his arms.

Rolling her eyes, Hotaru tells him, "Well what do you do?"

Standing proudly, he puts his hands on his hips. "I work as a Host."

"A host? You mean like... like Tamaki or Mori?"

"We don't live in an anime!" He sputters, taken aback. "I can't believe you've seen those shows."

They round a market, one which Hotaru's friend Mei works at. When she sees the girl behind the counter, they wave at one another but Hotaru keeps walking after she sees Mei's mouth drop at the sight of the boys. Does she know them? "Yeah, I really like anime. What's wrong with that?"

It doesn't seem like Yukimura or Matsuoka saw Mei. Or, if they did, they didn't say anything.

"Anime is for nerds!" Matsuoka laughs at her.

"I know. And I will gladly tell you that I am a nerd. But I won't make you guys watch it or comment on how I think you should watch it, or anything. I'm not that much of a nerd." She winks at him.

With a blush, Matsuoka clears his throats loudly. "W-Well it looks like we're coming up on the complex soon!"

"Wow," Yukimura says, "That came up quickly."

Hotaru nods. "Typically my walk home feels like a half hour, not ten minutes."

"It's because you're walking with us!" Matsuoka proudly tells her.

They start up the steep stairs, watching to be sure they don't fall back. Hotaru gives them a smile. "Why don't we all eat at my place? I'm not that good of a cook, but I have a whole Lasagna that I need to eat."

Looking as though Yukimura might retort, Matsuoka slaps his hand over his friend's mouth and shouts stupidly, "W-We'd love to!"

Hotaru chuckles, turning heel and starting toward her home. "Well come on, then. We don't have all day." She sees out of the corner of her eye Yukimura and Matsuoka whispering to each other, but she elects to ignore it. "We don't have all day," she says again.

They freeze, having been caught, both of them rubbing the back of their heads nervously. 

Shaking her head, Hotaru grabs the key she usually carries on her from her pocket, aiming it for the door lock.

However, when she touches the door, there is a loud creaking sound. And when she says loud, she means LOUD.

People walking by turn toward them, doors open, windows slide up, heads poking out as her door falls to the ground and smashes in half.

Chapter Text

To say that they were surprised would be an understatement. Both Matsuoka and Yukimura hop in front of her, a defensive look on their faces.

She watches the dust file back in on itself, sucking out and away from their place in front of her home. "...who would do this?" Nothing seems out of place. Nothing. 

The boys obviously see the surprised look on her face, and she didn't care. They didn't seem upset when she pushed by them and walked in, her friends not far behind her.

"Oh, my goodness..." she slows to a stop when she sees a teddy bear hung by it's neck from a rope that leads to her ceiling fan, and around it's waist was her key and a note. She picks the note up.

You're in our town now. Go back home to your daddy, Floor Princess. Yeah, we know your alter-ego. You dress in all black and you even make us look like noobs. Want ToyGunGun to know? Want your ring back?

Throw the match.

She freezes at the mention of her father's ring.

Matsuoka waves a hand in front of her face. "Hotaru? Helloo?"

"Hotaru?" Yukimura says and takes a step forward.

The girl blinks at that and shakes her head. "Dad's wedding ring," she whispers. "Dad's wedding ring!" Immediately going on the hunt, she starts kind-of-cursing Midori out. "That bastard. That bastard! What the hell is the matter with that guy?!"

"We wish we knew, all of his tests come back normal."

She shudders. "Blech. This son of a shank better have not..." she mutters have not a few times digging through her drawers.

Matsuoka steadily steps forward and takes Hotaru's hand and says, "What are you looking for?"

"He has my father's wedding ring. It's the last thing I have from him..."

Just then, there's a knock on the doorframe. It's Haruki. He snarls and loudly proclaims, "I heard the whole thing, we'll get those assholes back!"


Once they are back at the training center, they go through a list of songs, finally deciding on Don't Trust Me, by 3OH!3.

They practiced a few times, finally leaving to head home, to go and get ready.

"This is going to  be so freaking awesome," Hotaru giggles. "That's gonna stump those hookers!" She shouts to the sky.

"...Only," Yukimura finally speaks up. "Only one of them is a woman."

"I know." She grins like the Cheshire Cat. "So, meet you guys back here in an hour?"

They all parted.


On their way back to their meeting place, Matsuoka and Yukimura talk about Hotaru.

"I had another dream about  her last night."

"Huh, really? What was it about?" The black-haired boy asks.

Marsuoka blushes. "Uh. She and I were in the middle of our wedding when all of a sudden, Midori appears and takes her away."

"Yikes. Did she go willingly?"

"Yep. They ran off together, leaving me on the altar."

Yukimura nods. "Well, it sounds like your afraid."

"Afraid of what, Yukki?"

"You are afraid that she will fall in love with you, and that Midori will steal her away. Kind of point blank, really."

Then there's a looming voice behind them, "What's point blank?"

They give a start, jumping as they turn around. "HARUKI?!" They both yell.

"So what's point blank?" He questions.

"N-Nothing." Matsuoka says, taking a seat outside of a closed diner so they can wait for Hotaru. "H-How do you do that creepy, appear out of nowhere trick, anyway?"

He gives them a smile and takes a seat. "Trade secret."


"It's midnight. Where is she?"

"Oh, calm down, I can smell your crush on her from over here." Haruki tells Matsuoka, laughing when the latter jumps upward with a start.

"WHAT? Me, like Hotaru...? Haha, no. No. Yeah, no. No. No, not me."

Yukimura grins and looks from Matsuoka to Haruki and then back to Matsuoka. "Seems like you boys are rivals."

Matsuoka pouts but Haruki just laughs.

"Though, she IS dancing with me tonight," the blonde remarks.

"Seriously, don't even play that card. You two the best one for this song, it's not like it's a love song or anything. So cliche--"

"Hey guys! I am so sorry! Lets go!" Hotaru doesn't even stop, she just keeps walking, and the boys get up and follow her.


They enter the club, the music blaring and bass bumping. 

The DJ shouts, "HEY, HEY, HEY! ToyGunGun is in the HOOUUUSEE!"

The crowds  cheers, throwing their hands up into the air.

Hotaru grabs a nearby pole, throwing herself around the thing twice, extending her arm and letting herself hang on it by a few fingers.

The boys all stand straight and tall, Haruki's got his hands crossed over his chest, Matsuoka's in his jean pockets, and Yukimura's in his sweater.

"Ready?" Matsuoka laughs, smiling at the girl in fring of him.

"Lets nail this bitch. Ready boys?" She asks Yukimura and Haruki. Both of them nod. "Alright, GO!!"

The light flips off, leaving them in complete blackness.

They get in position, Matsuoka and Hotaru on the dancefloor, and Yukimura and Haruki by their instruments.

Then the whole club bursts white, the song starting.


They spin out from one another,


Hotaru grips Matsuoka's fingers just before they let go,


Matsuoka pulls her in, allowing her to almost slam into him, her leg wrapping  around him.


They grind, he drops her with a disgusted look on his face as she waves at Midori, who right now is just them dancing in the mirror.


She stands, walking over to Midori. She puts her hand on his chest, smiling at him and singing to him. 


She'll offer her hand, and when he takes it,


She yanks her hand away.


When he stands up and walks toward her,  she smiles


And backs away. Just like they had planned. 


She twists around and rushes back to Matsuoka 


Who holds his arms out and catches her,


 Lifting her up into the air.


They turn and spin as she lifts a leg, 


Flinging it up into the air as the music dies.


The club is silent for a moment, then the crowd bursts out in cheers.

"TOYGUNGUN HAS DONE IT AGAIN!" The DJ shouts excitedly.

The crowd cheers.

"OH YEAH!" Hotaru shouts loudly at Hoshishiro. She races in their general direction, "BEAT THAT!"

They've been staring at the four of them, jaws dropped and eyes wide, for ten minutes. Hotaru pulls on Midori's tie and whispers in his ear, just loud enough for his other two teammates to hear, "You tell them who I am, I obliterate your score. And I tell that cute brunette that you keep waving subtly at earlier that you're a sociopath and we're waving at her shoes. Understand?"

Midori's mouth closes, and he shakes his head. "Uh--"

"Yeah, bring it on," Yukimura tells the dark-haired woman.

Her face skewers as she leans in and whispers, "It is on," she looks to Hotaru and snarls, "bitch."

Chapter Text

Hoshishiro is up, and Hotaru watches boredly as they glide and move.

The song is one that Hotaru knows, but it's been a while since she had heard it last. She doesn't particularly care for it.

Something about a girl being a sexy bitch.

Midori seems to look from Hotaru, to Matsuoka, back to Hotaru, and then back to Matsuoka. He gives the blond man a wink. Like tap that, man.

Matsuoka rolls his eyes. "Of course they'd choose this song."

"What do you mean?"

His face heats up. "Err, uh. Nothing! Just..."

Yukimura saves the conversation by continuing, "They're more of the intense songs, for lack of a better way to say it. The dirtier the better, but they also specialize in more popular songs."

"Oh," she shrugs. "I guess that makes sense."

Haruki comes over and pokes th girl in the back. "!"

"WAH!" She screeches, turning toward her friend who just laughs.

"What the hell, man?" Hotaru groans, "Not cool."

"We're up next. I got the DJ to let us keep going."

"But... we don't have any other songs prepared!" Yukimura complains. "What do we do?"

Hotaru seems to consider this for a moment before gathering them all close. "How good is everyone at improv?"

"Fairly good."


"Same, why?"

She flips out her palm, pointing to her brown-haired friend. "Haruki, I'll need you on the keyboard. I'm going to hook up my mic and sing."

"What do you want us to do?"

"Follow my lead," she tells them under her breath, giving them a wink.


Time comes for their turn on the stage, and Hotaru can't help but size up that woman, Ichi. She winks at Midori and says into the mic, "I won't throw the match, so might as well give me my ring. What do you say?"

Stunned that she announced it to the whole club, Midori leans in and whispers, "Nah, I like a challenge."

Hotaru turns her mic off. "Just so you know, I don't care if you tell them who I am anymore. It won't change my relationship with them, we'll always be friends."

The green haired man raises a brow. "Hm. Are you so sure?"

"Yeah, man." She turns and continues toward Haruki, handing him her phone. "Track 49."

The young man pulls it up and can't help the smile that forms on his face. "Got it, girl."

Hotaru joins Matsuoka on the floor, Yukimura hanging back for further instruction.

The lights fade.

"Go, ToyGunGun!"

"You got this!"

"Matsuoka-sama! We love you!"

The crowd yells.

Haruki starts playing, and the lights come up.

Hotaru reaches over, and Matsuoka does the same. They keep their movements stiff, arms stretched out until their hands catch one another, and they intertwine their fingers.

Their heads come up, looking straight ahead. They pause, then swiftly turn them toward each other.

Twisting his body, slowly, Matsuoka faces her, and she does the same. They pick up their left and right foot, mirroring each other as it lifts, then slides back down with a small clack.

I was thinking bout you, thinkin' bout me
Thinkin' bout us, what we gon' be
Open my eyes, it was only Just A Dream

They swing their free hands up and out, like a bird, then in to touch each other. She, his shoulder, he, her neck. Their heads dip down to look at their shoes.

Traveled back, down that road
Will you come back, no one knows
I realize yeah, it was only Just A Dream

She pushes away from him, skidding back a few steps. She turns toward Yukimura, lifting her arms to him. He takes to the stage, wrapping her in a hug and glaring at Matsuoka as he watches in silence. 

I was at the top and now its like I'm in the basement
Number one spot and now she find her a replacement
I swear now I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby

Matsuoka slowly, as if going through water, makes their way to them. They pull back to stare into each others' eyes, when Matsuoka yanks them apart,

And now you ain't around baby I can't think
I should've put it down, should've got the ring

He turns her toward him, falling-- actually falling-- to one knee. He opens a ring box. Hotaru's confused, wait, what..?

'Cause I can still feel it in the air
See her pretty face run my fingers through her hair

Her ring! She gasps, and looks to Midori, who's running his hands all through his pockets. Matsuoka puts the ring on her finger and pats it.

My lover, my life, my baby, my wife
She left me, I'm tied
'Cause I knew that it just ain't right

Matsuoka proclaims this to the heavens. When Yukimura moves to come back, Matsuoka stands, grabbing Hotaru with one arm and giving the raven haired man a hardcore STOP sign with the other.

I was thinking bout you, thinkin' bout me
Thinkin' bout us, what we gon' be
Open my eyes, it was only Just A Dream

He spins her around, hugging her tight. He pulls her back. She kisses him on the cheek, and they stare into each others' eyes.

So I traveled back, down that road
Will she come back, no one knows
I realize yeah, it was only Just A Dream

Their foreheads touch, but they don't smile. Their expressions revert to neutral as they step back, robot-like, simply leaving their hands together.

So I traveled back, down that road
Will she come back, no one knows
I realize yeah, it was only Just A Dream

Letting go of one another's fingers, oh so slowly, they simply let their arms drop as the music dies.


Everyone is speechless, but they don't mind. That, Hotaru thinks, was the best.

Sticking out her tongue at Hoshishiro, she laughs as the crowds cheer, as they always do.

"Another! Another!" Someone yells.

They look at the girl, and it turns out to be Kanae. Hotaru beams and runs to hug her friend, but stops when she realizes that she's all sweaty.

"Oh, girl, I don't care! Bring it in!" Kanae yells, squeezing her best friend as they talk about their performance.

"That was fantastic," Midori suddenly steps in, cutting off Kanae. "But they have an unfair advantage on their hands!"

Ichi smirks and continues before he can, "Tachibana Hotaru is the Floor Princess!"