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Blessing or a Curse

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It was like every other halloween. There were few clouds out, the wind was blowing slightly. The sun was setting and the moon was slowly finding it's way to the sky. Kids were starting to gather around in crowds knocking on doors and asking completely random strangers for treats to fill their goodie bags and pillow cases because that was normal, right?

A witch about 5 ft 2 with a tall black hat found herself at the first house of the soon to be candy filled night . She skipped up to the door of the blue house with only a pumpkin that had been decorated with a knife and some fake blood. She went up slowly one step at a time like her mom told her earlier that day. "Unless you want to look like the sheriffs son when he fell on his face from hopping up the steps at beacon hills high school , take them one at a time." Malia thought about the incident and laughed.

When she made it to the door she rang the bell and waited , swaying her black hair side to side. After a few seconds she knocked on the door to quickly be interrupted by a loud scream for help from the inside of the house. "Please!" A raspy worn out voice yelled with what sounded like the last breathe before complete silence.

Malia looked at the door in complete horror and backed away slowly. Before she got off the third and final step she heard a scratching on the door . She turned around and ran into the street to join the rest of her friends , only turning around to look at the house once before going to the next street over.


October 4th , 2013

Today has been boring. The pack and I have done nothing but try to find some ghost that joggers say they have been seeing on the trail. Living in Beacon Hills means it could be possible . Which would highly suck. We have werewolves, a banshee, a kanima , mutant alpha twins, and to top it off a Darach that just recently tried to kill my dad for her own good. Stuff just has no chill but i guess that is my life now . Time to grow up.

Stiles closed his journal and flipped it over onto the desk. He wasn't quite used to writing in a journal because the last time he had to was nearly ten years ago when his mom died. But Since the whole sacrificial nematon bath , Stiles had been instructed to write in and keep a journal for all the things going on for Deaton to look at and figure out how to further guide the darkness from within him out. After taking his nightly medicine he started to doodle on the back of his journal which was nearly filled with random sketches and pen markings.

A knock on the door made Stiles turn his music on mute and yell "Come in!" . His father walked in and sat on Stiles' bed.

"What are you up to tonight kiddo?" His father asked , picking up a pen and twirling it. Stiles shrugged. He hadn't really made plans with anyone because usually everyone is either busy with supernatural stuff or just with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

"Nothing. The pack is busy tonight so i'm just going to be here doing what i always do, write. OH YEAH I FORGOT!" Stiles opened a drawer and removed a small notebook . After handing it to his father he grabbed a pink pen and slid it through the spirals. "I've felt bad recently about not telling you about all the supernatural stuff... So I made you a little bestiary with everything I know, and everything that i had to lie about." Stiles looked down, guilt emanating from him as his father skimmed through the book.

"Stiles, this really was sweet. But i don't want you feeling that way." His father said putting the notebook into his shirt pocket. "You were protecting me, not lying. There is a difference bud." Stiles pulled his father into a hug and gripped the back of the shirt tight , hiding his face in the crease of his shoulder.

"I love you dad." Stiles said pulling away from the hug and wiping his face.

"Don't worry about it kiddo. You know you can tell me anything now, right?" He put his hand in Stiles hair and ruffled it. "Especially if you turn into a kanima." He finished laughing , causing Stiles to crack a smile.

"I will dad. Don't worry." His father got up to walk out of his room and Stiles stopped him. " You have your mountain ash and wolfs bane laced bullets right?" He asked raising an eyebrow at his newly fully equipped father.

"Yes son. You think I want to nearly be killed by your english teacher again? " he asked with a stern face.

"You kissed her, not me." Stiles said throwing a look of pure amusement to his father. The sheriff went to say something and just stopped put his hand up to wave and shook his head as he walked out.

"I guess i'll watch american horror story." Stiles said to himself pulling the show up on his laptop. He turned the lights off, laid down, and pressed play.


Stiles picked up his phone "Hello Mrs.Martin." Stiles said in a snobby accent. "Hello mister Stilinski , what are you doing on this fine evening?" "Nothing, trying to watch my show . What are you doing?" He went back to his normal tone.

"I'm on my way to Aiden's house. I wanted to call to see what you ate doing tomorrow because Derek wants to have a meeting about the host jogger." Stiles just sighed and shook his head.

"Why does Derek never text me himself?" Stiles asked frustration clear in his voice. Lydia chuckled on the other line. "Stop laughing! I'm serious . It's like out of the whole pack he chooses to never tell me anything directly. I bet he hates me."

"Derek doesn't hate you Stiles." Lydia said tone back to serious. Derek and Stiles have never really been close. Stiles tried getting him arrested a few times and Derek has threatened to kill him , but yet nobody knows why they are like they way they are now, distant. "Well look. I'm at Aiden's house so We will talk later!" Lydia hung up the phone before Stiles could even think of saying bye.

"Well alrighty then." Stiles murmured to himself. He looked at his phone,

*One new measage*
Derek: Pack meeting tomorrow at 6

"So now you text me ." Stiles thought to himself as he replied.

Stiles: Thanks D. You busy?

Once Stiles sent the message he shut his laptop and went downstairs , carrying all the dirty Dishes from his room to the sink.

*One new message*
Derek: No.

"One word answers how sweet." Stiles huffed out furiously typing on his phone and rates quicker than the average genius.

Stiles: Why do you hate me ?

The reply came quick.

Derek: I don't hate you Stiles.

Stiles: I think you do.

Derek: I'm on my way.

Stiles: For what?

Derek: I need you to look at something.

Stiles: So glad I was volunteered.

Stiles finished the dishes and went to the TV to watch Breaking Bad until Derek arrived. After about 15 minutes a knock on the door snapped Stiles out of the trance the show had him in. He walked to the door , fixed his hair , then opened.

"Hey dude." Stiles said smiling at the grumpy beta only to get a stern look and an eyebrow raise.

"Hi Stiles." Derek said quickly before opening the map on the table. It covered a large portion of the table and was so unique. It had many symbols and pictures to show different things. It was even color coded completely. Stiles looked at Derek in confusion. He was genuinely surprised by how detailed the marks were and how organized it was. "What?" Derek snapped.

"Nothing , nothing. I'm just surprised at how amazing this is." Stiles said running his finger along the sharpie made trail . "It is really cool Derek." Stiles looked up at Derek and offered him a smile. Derek seemed to loosen a little , but still didn't smile.

"Thanks." Derek said before looking around the room and then back to Stiles who was still smiling at him. "When you are done being weird I'll explain why i'm here." Derek said crossing his arms . Stiles put his arms in the air as if surrendering , which caused Derek to unfold his arms and start explaining to Stiles that he had put all the info about the "ghost jogger" but that he wasn't sure of the plan or motive. He said that they need to figure out the next place he is going to be so they can figure out a way to get rid of him.

After a while of going over the map and all the symbols Stiles had enough. He shushed Derek, and started folding the map.

"We are done with this for now." Stiles said placing the map on the counter. "I will look at it and give you all the 411 at the meeting tomorrow. Okay?" Derek just looked at with an eyebrow raised like he always does and stood up.

"Ok. See you then." Derek made his way towards the door when Stiles said his name in a sincere tone. Derek turned around and eyed Stiles.

"Uhmm . Do you maybe want to stay and hang out? My dad is working so I am going to be alone for a while." Stiles wasn't nervous. Wasn't excited. Wasn't praying he said yes. And definitely wasn't Crushing on Derek. At least that is what he was telling himself. Everyone in the pack saw that the few times they were together, they would stare at the other ... Just without each other noticing. Once, Scott even called Lydia and asked if they were dating because when they were erasing the security footage from the night at the hospital with the alphas , Scott saw Stiles grab his face before the footage deleted and thought they had kissed.

"I guess." Derek said moving back towards his spot on the couch. "So what have you been doing all night?"

"Watching netflix. What were you doing before you decided to come visit your least favorite human?" Stiles asked , the edge of his lips slightly pointed up in a smile.

"Why do you think I hate you so much Stiles. Did I do something to you?" Derek didn't sound mad. Just confused. Stiles thought about it, he and Derek never actually "hung out" with another pack member being around. And if no one was around, Derek was in some kind of danger.

"I don't know." Stiles said as he started tapping his fingers together. "I guess I just assumed that all the shit we went to through would have made you hate me." Derek shot Stiles a stern look.

"I've never hated you Stiles." Derek added sliding slightly closer onto the couch. "You may annoy me sometimes. And make me want to hurt you, but... I have never hated you." Stiles felt the realness in his tone and just let all the blood rush to his cheeks.

"Oh." Was all Stiles said. Derek let his sight off Stiles looked as if he was scanning the room. "What are you looking for?"

"I don't know." Derek stood up and continued looking around eyes glowing blue. "I feel like somebody is here but I can't catch their scent." Derek sat back down still looking around .

Once Derek calmed down Derek offered to order pizza which Stiles gladly agreed to. It wasn't often that Stiles and Derek actually hung out. It could be considered rare. But whatever it was , Stiles liked it. He liked being able to spend time with someone that despite the hate he got everyday from many people, he still helped. Even after trying to arrest him, he still kept his cool on Stiles. Maybe this is all normal , or maybe not. But either way Stiles realized that what was blossoming was going to be a very good thing.