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How Naruto and Sasuke Met

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The four friends sat together within the warm comforts of Sakura’s house nursing drinks in their hands. The house was exploded with with colors and diy projects. there were potted plants, hanging baskets, and various other greenery thriving with life under the owner's care. Bottles scattered the kitchen counter, and dining room table filled with a variety of colors, some bubbling and other look molten as some duel liquids squirm passed each other. Cook books and scrap books were scattered in the house written in multiple colors and contrasting colored sticky notes jumbled with side notes.

A cauldron bubbled in the background on the stove brewing up a new concoction. if you looked closer there was a wooden spoon stirring the pot on its own. Sakura hoped it actually turned out this time. Last time she had to beat the slimy blob with a frying pan to keep it from latching onto her pet toad, Gamabunta, that Naruto gifted her. The air practically sang with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

There was a shelf in the wall overflowing with jars of various herbs scrawled with name tags. It seemed there was not enough room on the shelf as there were numerous other herbs tied to dangle along the top of the wall in easy reach while cooking.Mirrors and bells hung around the walls and ceilings, sometimes the bells would quietly jingle and a small smile would tug at the girl’s lips. The house thrived with live, a mixture of modern and her ancestors way of living, the life of a witch.

Naruto laid sprawled out across a massive hot pink beanbag and Sasuke’s lap letting his legs dangle off the edge. The blonde was dressed in athletic pants untied, but the elastic held Naruto would argue, hanging low on his hips with a thin hoodie shirt and the pocket across the middle and a blue crystal dangling on a black thread necklace. He made sure to be careful not to spill his hot chocolate in his fidgeting to get comfortable against the styrofoam balls within their seat. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the blonde's childish taste in drinks. The raven sat sunken in the with Naruto resting his head on his chest. He was dressed in a sleeveless black shirt, also having a (high collared) hood which Naruto would exclaim he was a copycat, and dark blue jeans.“If you spill your drink on me I will shove you off the couch." Sasuke muttered as he sipped his tea. The blonde scoffed with a grin and wink.

“You couldn't possibly burn from it Sasuke.” An inside joke from the millennium they've known each other. Sakura laughed from the neon green love seat in her house. She wore her short pink hair down and green baggy overalls with a white crop top underneath and bright pink socks that ended above her knees.

“You know, I’ve never heard the story of how you guys met. I’m a little heart broken, we’ve been friends for centuries and I haven't heard!” She declared while sipping her bubbling sky blue drink. The guys weren't sure they wanted to know what she was drinking. She called them it was an adult drink anyway, they learn to it being more of an acquired taste.

“I’d like to hear it too.” The grey haired man started as he joined Sakura on the loveseat. He man was dressed in a white button up, grey tie, and a black vest accompanied by black slacks. The weird man also had a mask that started under his shirt and covered the lower part of his face. Sasuke and Naruto glanced at each other with a low chuckle.

“it’s not exactly a love story..” Naruto commented as her returned to looking at the other two. Sakura scoffed loudly and crossed her arms superiorly.

“Neither is ours. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.” She states with a sly smile and a wink. Her partner chuckles while the other two smirk rolling their eyes at their friend.

“Fine.” The raven and the blonde look at each other grinning.