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Pack Family

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Gabe: Babe can you come down here

Emily: Yeah babe whats wrong 

Gabe: Nothing but we have to get to the concert we go on in an hour

Emily: Ok just let me finish getting ready 

*at the concert*

Emily: Next we are going to sing Congradulations

Gabe: No we aren't 

Emily: What why aren't we

Gabe: Because we aren't

Emily: Ok then what are we doing

Gabe: Something

Emily: Ok then what

Gabe: Something

*He gets out from behind his drumset and comes up next Emily then gets down on 1 knee* 

Gabe: Emily will you marry me

Emily: NO

*runs away and Isaac runs after her*

Isaac: Emily what's wrong 

Emily: Everything

Isaac: What do you mean

Emily: This wasn't supposed to be like this 

Isaac: What do you mean 

Emily: I didn't want that to be Gabe up their proposing to me I wanted it to be you

*Isaac kisses her and she kisses back*