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Lands across the sunset seas

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In  the  memoirs  of  Lord  of Farwynd :


The storms grew exceptionally strong today. The fisherfolk on the lonely isle have seen no good days this past week. Most have fled together with their families to Pyke or Great Wyk. Only those remain who missed the half day's calm and have no means of escaping this storm.

I must note that this is a most queer storm. The Iron isles have seen storms before, but I cannot recollect any storm that ever centered around one island. It is as if the Storm God wishes to punish the Farwynds alone. But there is something more mysterious about this storm. I believe a great force is making its way upon us.


I warged into a dolphin today and made my way westward swimming with my pod. The creatures of the sea, can look further and deeper than man. Mayhaps they know secrets of lands beyond the sea that we don't ? Our house has mastered the art that I am told, only wildlings and Northmen know of. This power, one must use it else wise it will whither. That much I have learned seeing my own lord father, who once claimed to warg into a whale, but before he died, could not so much as warg into a goldfish. There is great disdain for magic in this world and those who possess its knowledge are not well respected.. nor feared truly. Otherwise, it would be a Farwynd and not a Black king that sat on the sea stone chair !


When I swim among the fishes in the sea, there is a feeling of great adventure, beauty and freedom ! But today... I felt different emotions. The Storm has thrown my friends of the sea into a panic. A feeling of doom seemed to overwhelm us all. In that storm I struggled against the waves to swim westward in vain. There was no sun to guide us, and the fishes have lost sense of direction in the midst of lightning and thunder and rain. But something more ominous frightened us... something unusual and unworldly.


A large school of fishes swam before us and my pod. My brethren hunted them down, and I with them. It was a good hunt... till a loud booming noise sent ripples through the waters. I thought at first it must be the lightning or thunder. But what thunder would send ripples through the water ? It had to be lightning then, but there was something peculiar about this. It was not the sound that lightning would make when it struck water. This sound was a low heavy boom. In the water, we were thrown back by this tremendous and mysterious force.


I swam back, leaving a mass of dead fishes behind me. Fear and uncertainty gripped us all. We swam as fast as we could. I instinctively swam back eastward, only once turning to see what lay behind me. The grey skies and the darkness clouded my vision. I could not see the thing for what it was, till the lightning illuminated the sky, and the shadow of the behemoth showed itself.


A great ship, bigger than the biggest dromons I had ever seen. I would swear, its sheer size would allow three galleys to easily fit inside its hull. And I saw it heading East, raining an explosive death on seas below.


I have sent a raven bearing this story to King Harren requesting longships and fighting galleys be marshaled to the defense of the Lonely Light. I wait in reply for the king in all his wisdom to pay heed to my warnings... but alas! I do not think my warnings will be heeded. Our people have conquered the riverlands, and rule the Sunset sea coast from Bear Island to the Arbor. The troubles of this world worry our king more than the fantastical ramblings of a lesser lord.


This was not my first sighting of the great ship. Earlier, I swum far and long into the distant horizon whence the skies were clearer and storm had not yet come. There I saw a ship in its likeness moving across the horizon with the sun setting in the west. It did not move due east but headed North, moving with the current. Across the setting sun, it seemed a thing of beauty. Its stern glistening like an ornate jewel bathed in the golden light of the sun. The sigil of our house coming to life. I knew then that the fabled lands across the sunset sea was real. I knew then that these people existed, serene, beautiful and majestic, but today, they came as a terror in the dark.


I am certain that it can be no other ship but the ship I had seen then by the setting sun. They were beautiful, majestic and serene, that they could also be destructive I did not know. What powers do these people possess to rain down such a fiery death ? What knowledge could they posses to build such magnificent vessels ? Whatever they know, whatever they have, we will know soon. They are coming here, to the lands of Westeros.


I look across the window in my chamber, seeing the grey skies. Awaiting this behemoth of the seas. I wait in watch as the people of the fabled lands beyond the sunset seas finally reveal themselves. I know not what will happen ....