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[podfic] Hunting the Snark

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So, this is about a YEAR late bc of podblocking family and procrastination. I apologize in advance for the editing snaffus - I don't usually re-record parts after the fact bc evening out the amplitude is fucking impossible so. :|

This fic is AMAZE and I LOVE TSUKINOFAERII and all she is and does, especially when it involves Derek/Allison in ANY COMBO AT ALL. I NEEDS MORE. ALL THE MORE. NEVER ENOUGH. PRECIOUSSSSSS. *_______*

Song used is called Tongue Tied by The Antlers. Lyrics included in podbook. Um. IDEK. PLS TO BE VISITING ME ON THE TWITTER/TUMBLR/AO3 PLACES, KUPO? <3

OH YEAH! I finally tried that auphonic site and it fixed up the amplitude like WHOA. VOLUMIZING. Sweet. Let me know what you think if you get a chance/feel inclined. ♥