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Izuku felt himself being pulled farther and farther away from his slumber as the first rays of sunlight poured into his room.


Wanting to return back to his deep sleep, he buried his cheeks deeper into his pillow hoping he could get away from the offending light.


It didn't work.

And he was running out of oxygen.


So he sleepily turned onto his left side, slowly opening his eyes so they could adjust.


Izuku saw Todoroki directly across from him, eyes still closed and breathing deeply. Bright red and white hairs in disarray.

His expression looked so calm and at peace, Izuku couldn't help but smile.


He slowly shimmied closer to Todoroki as not to disturb him and gently grazed his nose against his.


He lightly placed one hand on his bare chest and used the other to carefully smooth down all the messy strands of multi-colored hair.


Izuku became aware that his actions seemed to alert Todoroki as he saw his nose twitching and his eyes shift from under closed eyelids.


A small smile creeped onto his face as he slowly wrapped himself around Izuku's warm frame.


Izuku couldn't contain his giggles as he felt him nuzzle his face deep into his neck.


"..good morning, bunny." His voice was heavy with sleep and his warm breath ghosted over the valley between his neck and his shoulder.


"Hey no fair Shoucchan, your eyes were closed. How were you so sure it was me?" he countered, finding Todoroki's gaze.


"I don't think Bakugou would ever be so affectionate this early in the morning." Todoroki smiled repeatedly kissing the corner of Izuku's mouth.


He hummed happily against Todoroki. "I guess you're right."


"Damn straight." Katsuki growled, voice slightly muffled by his pillow. "Now would you two shut the fuck up?"


Izuku and Todoroki shared another laugh before glancing over to the bundled up half naked blonde that was currently glaring daggers at them.


"Good morning Kacchan!"


Katsuki easily ignored him until Izuku readily launched himself on top of him, throwing his arms around his neck. Successful in forcing the angry boy to give him the attention he wanted.


"The fuck is wrong with you?!" he shouted at Izuku's smiling face, but still firmly held the smaller boy by the hips so he wouldn't fall.


Thus giving Izuku the 'OK' to kiss him good morning.


It started as just a soft peck until Katsuki flipped them over with little difficulty, leaving heated kisses all over the freckled boys face. He barely came up for air and quietly mumbled something along the lines of, "..mornin 'zuku."


Todoroki smiled as he watched the affectionate scene take place. He felt fortunate that he could spend his Sunday mornings quietly, (depending on how foul a mood Bakugou was in) with his two most favorite people.


When the three finally had the means to move in together, Izuku insisted that they each had at least one collective day off so they could spend it together.


Bakugou had a fit as usual, saying they wouldn't need it seeing as he was now 'forced' to see them everyday.


But Izuku still got his way as usual, and they never heard blonde complain about it since.


Most of the time, they would spend the majority of the morning in bed together, until Katsuki would finally get sick of the other two and leave to make breakfast (or lunch depending on how late it was). Izuku and Todoroki would clean up, then they would all watch a movie together and just relax, spending the rest of the day in each other's company.


Sundays soon became their favorite.

Katsuki's too, even if he wouldn't admit it.


"Kacchan~ let go I have to pee!" Izuku gasped through a fit of laughter while Katsuki continued attacking his neck with bites and kisses.


"Shou-chan, help!"


He over dramatically shot his hand out to the other for him to grab.


In one quick swoop, Todoroki successfully yanked Izuku away from Katsuki's grip.


And once he was 'rescued' he gently guided him out of their bed, pecked him on the cheek and pushed him towards their bathroom.


"What the actual fuck, half n' half?"


He was clearly upset at seeing Izuku go, but still managed to look twice as upset when Todoroki gracelessly flopped on top of him to prevent him from going after Izuku.


Todoroki felt a sense of accomplishment at seeing the sour look on Katsuki's tired face, because for some reason he felt as if his morning wasn't complete until he got under the explosive blonde's skin at least one time before breakfast.


"Get the fuck off of me, Half a' brain." Teeth grinding as he stared up at Todoroki.


"Behave yourself. Izuku said that he's meeting up with Ochako today, and he can't get ready with you bothering him."


"All the more reason to let me go. Deku knows that he spends Sundays with us, not with Floaty Mc-"


He pressed his lips down hard, effectively silencing Katsuki's ranting, and despite still looking visibly angry, he kissed back with just as much fervor.


Katsuki rolled himself on top of Todoroki, pressing him down into the soft sheets as he deepened the kiss.


Kisses quickly became more wet. Bruising.


Katsuki started biting his way into the other's mouth, making sure to pull on Todoroki's bottom lip with his teeth a couple times in the process.

Todoroki mindlessly clawed at his bare back in response; a known weakness for the explosive teen. A weakness that was no doubt working as he felt the blonde dig his nails into his own hips as he pressed him down.

The two grew more and more heated. Warm skin sliding against each other under the sheets, lips slotting together desperately. Only pulling apart momentarily to break for air, but never separating far enough to where they couldn't feel each other's heated breath against their lips.

Katsuki was the first to completely break off their make out session.


Todoroki almost whined.




But stopped himself, not wanting to give the already cocky blonde the satisfaction.


Instead he simply glared at him through messy bangs as Katsuki positioned himself over Todoroki.


"..what do you think you're doing, Shou?", he seethed, cherry colored eyes narrowing at the body below him as if instructing him to choose his next words carefully.


Feeling brave, Todoroki propped himself onto his elbows to look directly at the other teen.


"..distracting you." He countered confidently, watching Katsuki's eyes follow his lips closely.


Katsuki's face broke out in a knowing smirk. He already knew that he was buying time for Izuku to get ready to leave, but it was hard to get angry about it he thought, already dipping down for another kiss.


"I'm ready!"


The other two snapped out of their haze and turned their attention Izuku's excited voice. Both prepared to say their goodbyes and send him on his way.


Or that was until they got a good look at him. More specifically what he was wearing.


Izuku came out of the bathroom wearing a short flowy crop top paired with undoubtedly the tightest pair of all black workout pants they had ever seen.


As he walked back and forth around the room, there was almost always at least a small sliver of skin showing from underneath his shirt.


Easily giving any onlookers a small taste of the hard earned physique that Izuku had trained to achieve.


The pants however were nothing to sneeze at either.


They looked as if they had been painted on the way the hugged on to every curve of Izuku's hips, thighs and calves.


Katsuki and Todoroki wanted to ask how Izuku even put them on, much less walked around in them, but decided it'd be more beneficial to concentrate their efforts on keeping their mouths from drying up.


Both boys struggled at what to focus on seeing as both pieces were doing their job at showcasing Izuku's best assets .


For the world to see.




After gathering their already waning self-restraint, they looked away from Izuku and glanced at each other, for once successfully reading each other's minds.


Todoroki broke the ice first.


"Hey bunny, where did you say you were going again?"


"I promised Uraraka that'd I'd do some strength training with her today." He said noticeably distracted with packing his still empty gym bag.


"And you're wearing that?" Katsuki asked bluntly.


Not picking up on his tone, Izuku looked down at what he was wearing and looked back up smiling.


"Yeah! Momo made these for me the other day. Cool right?! She said she thought they made me look cute."




"I can ask her to make some for you two if you want."


That's not all they wanted.


Shaking off his already spiraling thoughts, Katsuki attempted to speak again only to have Todoroki beat him to it.


"That's sweet of you Izu-kun, but I think what Bakugou meant was tha-" Izuku's phone went off signaling that he had a text message.


"Thats probably Uraraka! I'm gonna make some breakfast really fast and then take off." Izuku said hurriedly slinging his duffle over his shoulder.


"Promise I'll be back soon! Love you guys, bye!"


And just like that he was out the door, but not before the other two could sneak another mesmerizing glance at Izuku's backside.


Perhaps it was too mesmerizing, or Todoroki would've noticed the fist that readily flew into his arm.


"Nice going asshole." Katsuki said snarling at the other. "Maybe you don't have the balls to do it, but I'm putting a stop to this shit right now."


Katsuki was already throwing the bedsheets off himself, still half-naked and fuming towards the door.

Todoroki of course, appeared in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.


"Wait a second."


"What now?!" Already a few seconds from eruption.


"Just listen." Still trying to calm him down.


"While I agree that I'm not exactly comfortable with Izuku wearing that outfit in front of others either, we can't just tell him no."


"Like fuck we can't!" He yelled and made a second attempt to push past Todoroki.


" Listen ." Todoroki said using more force to make Katsuki stay put.


"Izuku is more hard headed than you are. If you go out there screaming bloody murder, he'll just get upset and leave anyway."


As much as he hated it, Todoroki was right. Katsuki knew first hand how bull-headed Izuku could be, and as much as he wanted to, yelling would only make things worse.


"Ok then what do you have in mind shit for brains?" Katsuki countered and Todoroki frowned at the nickname, then turned away sighing.


"..I don't know." He said it small and under his breath, clearly embarrassed by his lack of a well-thought out plan.




They couldn't let Izuku leave the house wearing that outfit. It was far too suggestive for him to wear it anywhere other than at home. In their bed. With the lights off.


Just thinking about a bunch of horny gym rats stumbling around waiting to see what their little lover looked like bent over some gym equipment, was more than they could take with out contemplating mass homicide.


And knowing how unsuspecting and innocent Izuku was, he wouldn't even notice all the meat-headed sharks that would try to close in on him until it was too late.


So the safest plan was stop him from leaving the house. A plan that would prove to be difficult since Izuku most likely wouldn't cancel plans with Uraraka without good reason.


To be fair, protecting their sweet freckle-face boyfriend from a gym full of ogling slime balls, was a fantastic reason.


Just not one that Izuku would approve of.


Suddenly the much eluded lightbulb went off in Katsuki's head.


" What ." Todoroki must have noticed it too, glaring suspiciously at the malicious grin that split across his face.


"We don't have to stop Deku from leaving."


Todoroki eyebrows rose up at the other. This coming from the guy who was just seconds away from dragging Izuku back to their room like some caveman, had him more than a little surprised at his change of heart.


Before Todoroki could ask what brought this on, Katsuki slammed him into the door, roughly holding his hands above his head.


After getting over the initial shock, he tried to ask Bakugou what the hell he was doing, but the question died in his throat, coming out as a breathy moan as Katsuki roughly bit his collar bone.


After sucking on the spot long enough to where he was sure that he had left a mark, he pulled back slowly, smiling at the wet red mark he had left.


Katsuki found Todoroki's gaze, cheeks slightly pink with embarrassment and arousal. Staring into heterochromatic eyes, he whispered against his still kiss bitten lips.


"We just need to distract him."