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Roses Grow in Winter

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I couldn't breath, all I could do was laugh an run away from Theon.  This was one of the few times I could ever have fun with him. I stole his sword after a battle and now I was being chased by him. I ran inside my bedroom but he flew in behind me closing the door. I laughed myself silly, Thyion locked the door and pushed me on the bed. He then did something strange. He had never done something like this before.

He crawled on top of me and he licked his lips panting hard. 

"Your doing it on purpose now bastard."

"Doing what? Besting you?"

"Being a little cock tease."

My eyes grew big, Excuse me? "M-me a cock tease? I think you've got the wrong idea."

"Do I?" 


His hand massaged up and down my now growing erection. 

"Ah your insulting me-your only half hard maybe if I was your brother you be screaming by now." Theon untied my pants and I pulled back grabbing his hand.

"Stop I don't want this-you don't even like me." 

"I don't have to like you to fuck you. Your a pretty face, prettier than most girls."

"Fuck off!" Jon pulled away and Theon pined his hands over his head. Jon kneed him good.

"Ahh! You little fucking cunt!" Jon unlocked the door. 

"Leave." Jon said, Theon limped out the door. "Your going to regret not letting me fuck you. Bastard." 

Once he left I was alone. I changed the sheets quickly as if I had something to hide. I don't know why it was just the sheer thought of Theon on top of him touching him that made him sick. It shouldn't be him it will never be him.

He got in bed and what Theon said angered him. "half hard maybe if I was your brother you be screaming by now" How did he know? How does he know? I'm six teen years old and I've never bedded a women before. Is that why he assumed? Do more people know that I like men? My thoughts raced a mile a minute. Then my thoughts were interrupted by Rob. The last and yet still first person I wanted to see right now.

"Hi brother, I couldn't sleep well. You didn't bring an apple for us to split." He pouted slightly

"Sorry, um did you see Theon?"

"No- why is he pissing on you again?" 

"Well no-well I guess... He... Touched me."

Robb paused and those violet blue eyes looked up into mine. "He what?"

"He touched me, and he implied that he wanted to bed me." 

"Implied? More like fucking said. "Well before I kill em, did you like it?"


Jon's dark eyes met Robbs light ones. Jon saw something in Robs eyes. What was it? Robb crawled closer to Jon. There lips close, inches away turned to centimeters. My mouth slightly agape. Robs smirk to over those handsome features. 

 His voice was lower when he said, "Do you have no shame Jon?"

I tilted my head in confusion, even though my eyes fawned over what it feel like to have his lips on mine. 

"I'm your brother and you'd still have me kiss you?"

I bit my lip unknowingly out of habit.

"I certainly see the temptation Theon faced." 

Kiss me Robb


His hot hands wrapped around my neck and pulled me into his lips. My mind went from hay wire to only feeling, seeing and thinking about Robb. His lips in wrapped be and his tongue taunted me. I gasped and an unsuspected moan came from inside. Robb was now under my influence, that moan pushed him, inspired him to press me into the mattress and lick inside my mouth. 

"Jon" He breathed wet lips glistening. "You like me?"

"Get that smirk off your face it was just a kiss." I lied, but that only encouraged him.

"Oh and this is just my hand on your prick." 

"Ah!" He forced his hand in my pants and it felt better than Theons hand it felt like fire forming in my crotch and belly.

"Feels good?" He asked already smiling down on me. His eyes never leaving me, but taking in the sight. 


"Yes, yes-ugh!" My eye's closed tight, my voice was small and fucked out though I hadn't even been, but it was enough to drive any man mad. His strokes increased. I was coming apart and so soon. 

"You want me admit it."


"Come on baby say it, who do you really want to fuck you good?" Again his eyes never left me. 

"Ah Rob, Rob I'm. so. close." I panted as my back lifted off the bed. When that sadistic clown gripped my hard on before I could cum.

"I said who, do, you, want?"

I connected our lips "You." 

"Your close, and you only feel this good because my mouth is on you, my hands are making you cum. Only me baby."


"Mm huh" My eyes close tight my head tilted all the way back and my body spasm like it never did before. I cam hard as Robb arrogantly stroked me threw it, milking it out for all its worth. When my eyes opened his were different, they were softened. 

I breathed heavy.

"Your beautiful" Was all he said. How unfair of him to pull me into him so hard. When I some how new this was only fr a moment, because with Robb in the morning sun he had to hide. Like most of us. Robb was only the wolf I new him to be at night. 


 Last night was unreal, but sure of us with the morning light upon us Robb the night creature that he was fled. I washed up and dressed me self for breakfast. I was always the first one down since I had no dressing maids. Rob was surprisingly at the table before me. I wanted to avoid, but inevitably sat down across from him. Friends and family slowly came into the dinning hall. Once our father sat down everyone thanked the non existing seven Gods and ate.  

Robb went on talking like a Prince, smiling like a Prince and even lying like one. To keep up appearance, but I hold no grudge since I was a liar too. 

"You look tired Jon busy night?" Robb said interrupting my thoughts. I was surprised looking up at him and then realizing what he really meant. I made a face and that shit eating smirk showed itself.

"Not really, you?"

"Mm well my mind was really only focused on one thing." He winked and some how no one noticed it. He once more escaped. I shook my head trying not to give him food. "Eat your food Robb-"

"I'd rather eat something else." He said licking his lips. My eyes grew wide. Okay now he's crazy-what if someone notices this sexual banter he's trying to play. How could he even imply that he wanted to eat me-fuck that sounds good. What am  I thinking, besides this is playboy Robb no one would ever presume. 


I stood up from the table. "May I be excused father?" 

"Sure are you well Jon?"

"Yeah just a bit unwell." 

"You may leave." 


"Father I want check on him-"

"Go ahead Robb"

He followed me as my quick and hard steps went to the gardens. Robb grabbed me. 

"Your obvious" I said flustered and frustrated

"One to talk, look nobody knows but you and I. I was just teasing." He said walking up on me pressing me onto a large tree.

"Could you stop."


"Oh come on what part about the teasing bothered you? That I implied about last night something only we know or were you just flustered that I implied I wanted to eat you?" 

So much for doing things only in the day light.

"Could you stop?" I looked around and when I turned back Robb growled lowly. "Look at me when I talk to you."

"What's come over you Robb? Don't talk to me like that."

"Then don't do things to anger me." He said taking my mouth. And it was intoxicating to say the least. His hands were exploring and daylight was the wrong time to explore, but it seemed as though Robb was provoked by my squirming. 

"Jon" He breathed in my hair, his lips found new lands on my neck. His tongue dug its way into more squirming and hip movements and when he sucked I couldn't breathe.

"Ugh" My knees were weak and so I held one hand around his neck and the other balled into his fur.


"Come for me baby-"

"Robb stop we can't-" I was cut off by teeth. My heart fell cold and my instincts were awakened-these weren't teeth they felt like fangs to a hound. I pushed against Robb who's eyes were glossy. His tongue traced the blood on his lips nd he looked at me. We both seemed to be thinking the same thing. How?

"Robb!" My father called

"Yes father, come with me now." He said with strictness. 

"Good bye Jon" He said going over to my father. 

Why Good bye darling? Darling.

The night was long but I slept it threw.  When I woke and did my normal morning rhythm I went down stairs grabbing an apple before I left for the black smiths shop. 

"Robb." I said happily 

"Jon" He nodded 

My lips twisted in confusion.


"What did father talk to you about?"

"Nothing that concerns you oldly enough." He said tone snappy as ever

"Sorry for asking."

"That's sorry for asking 'your grace'." 

"Excuse me? Last time I checked I was your brother."

He glared up at me. "Piss of half breed."

Theon chuckled "Be calm Robb, he doesn't understand yet."

"Understand what? That your a pompous lil brat today"

Robb got up and walked up to me. Once he was in my space his entire ora changed. He seemed to calm down and decided to just walk past me. 


Weird how in all of a day he changed, what made him so agitated? Were fathers words that bothersome? 


I walked my lonesome self to the bridge I had to cross to get to the short cut I took threw the forest to the shop. I did this often. Once I was at the shop work immediately began. Molten, holding and shaping metal and steels to create beginner and advanced beautiful swords. It was a dead day but busy. My wrist were too tired to care at the end of my day. My mind was luckily distracted by my work. 

"Hm, well its late I'll take my short cut tonight."

I walked threw shrubs until I past the old stone and dead creek. Then the tall lean trees which could extend into nothingness which is where I want to be right now, but with Robb. I at least allowed myself that moment in thought to be honest. I wanted to be alone with him. To understand why?


"Robb" I said closing my eyes for a moment breathing deeply. I continued my night walk home. I went inside the castle and up to my room. Robb was on my bed. Naked. I swallowed. He looked at me.

"Jon it was so wonderful" He smiled getting off the bed. 

"Whats was wonderful?"

"Oh you have to try it I know you can do it too, I turned into my wolf for the first time. I ran threw the forest with Theon and tasted the blood of man."

"You sound crazy. Happy seventeenth birthday by the way you bi-polar mess" I said waving his words off.


"Why I can!"

"No you can't"

"Can! Look"


Then in a hard heart beat, before my eyes my brother was a wolf...