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Harry groaned as he returned to the land of the living far earlier than he would have liked.  As awareness began to return to him, he identified the cause of his abrupt awakening.  Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Harry sat up and looked down, annoyed, at the figure in his lap who’d been tugging on his ear.  Irritation at having had his sleep disturbed mixing with a knowing-anxiety at what the little figure wanted, fourteen year old Harry James Potter, famous orphan and wand waving wizard extraordinaire, let out an aggravated huff.  Then, trying to focus his spectacle-free, emerald-green eyes on the disturber, he asked, “Wazzit Bell?  It’s like, not even four in the morning yet.  What’s the problem?”

The tiny fairy, dubbed by Harry as ‘Bell’, seemed to be aptly named for she had a distinct likeness to the fictional storybook character Tinker Bell.  However, unlike her Disney lookalike, this tiny fairy had shorter blue hair, not blonde, and instead of a green dress to cover her modesty, Bell was completely nude.  Her skin was a light, cream color, but her ink-black eyes and the smattering of blue freckles across her nose served to further differentiate her from the storybook fairy.

As he enjoyed the way her tiny blue nipples stood at attention in the cool night air, Harry remembered how mortified he’d been two weeks ago when she had suddenly appeared while he’d been rubbing one out in his bedroom at the Dursleys.  One second he’d been admiring the curves of the lovely Lisa Ann, and the next the fairy’s tiny form was there, perched precariously on top of his Johnson.  Unfortunately for Bell, Mt. Potter’s eruption had already been triggered, and the butterfly-winged woman soon found herself shot into the air and across the room, where she finally made an undignified, sticky, landing.  Luckily for Harry this was, as he soon found out, the normal way in which her kind entered the world.  He would end up learning quite a lot that night, not only about his tiny companion, but also about himself.

Flapping her baby-blue butterfly wings, Bell lifted herself into the air until she was hovering at eye level with the young Potter, allowing for her perpetually soaked pussy lips to be seen, and said, “I think you know, Master.”

Indeed he did know, as he was unlikely to forget the conversation that’d played out just two weeks ago in this very room.  As Harry idly mulled over what would prove to be the most important decision he’d ever make, he allowed his thoughts to drift a little, remembering the conversation that’d taken place here just a fortnight ago…

“OH-MY-GOD!  I am sooo sorry!  I was just, uh, well, ya know.  Where’d you come from?  Are you okay?  Merlin this is embarrassing!” Harry was saying before he tripped, trying to both pull up his pants and walk over and see if the strange fairy was okay at the same time.  Hitting the ground, Harry sucked in a pained breath and closed his eyes as he felt his elbow slide against the carpet, giving him instant rug burn.  Pushing the pain away, Harry opened his eyes when he heard an alarmed, “eep!” from the small figure in front of him.

Standing on the floor just a foot away from him was the blue haired fairy, looking quite concerned for him, which he thought was downright saintly seeing as how she was still covered in his cum.  Harry opened his mouth to apologize, but the tinkling voice of his visitor cut him off.

“Master!  Are you okay, Master?”

Taken aback at the odd title he was being addressed with, and the situation in general, Harry finally pulled his pants up and shifted so that he was sitting Indian style.  Barely managing to keep eye-contact with the cum covered fairy, especially now that he’d noticed her nudity, Harry said, “I’m fine.  It’s you I’m worried about.  Are you okay?  And I know how rude it must seem, but I’ve gotta ask, who are you?  Oh, and uh, do you need a towel, or a bath, or something?  Gosh…”

The blue-haired fairy looked at Harry strangely for a moment before she seemed to realize something.  Giving a decisive nod of her head, the little being then proceeded to copy Harry’s position, which he thought was kinda cute until he noticed just what the seating arrangement did to her.  Harry stared dazedly at the oozing blue cunt lips which had been inadvertently parted so enticingly before him for a few seconds, before his attention was refocused by the lewd Disney-esk fairy when she started talking.

“I know that you’re confused, so allow me to explain.  I am your Parva Dux, or your Smallguide.  It is my job to educate you in all matters regarding your incubus heritage and to guide and assist you in any manner you see fit.  As your Parva Dux I am-”

But before the so called ‘Smallguide’ could continue, Harry cut her off.

“Wait wait wait wait wait.  What’s this about me and incubus heritage or whatever?  I think you’ve got the wrong guy, Miss, I’m a wizard.”

Harry’s eyes widened when the fairy snorted in annoyance at being cut off and inadvertently blew a cum bubble, but the small being seemed not to notice.

“No Master, I assure you that I am exactly where I am meant to be.  Please, let me explain.”

Harry’d never been so confused in his life, and decided that he quite disliked the feeling.  So, while still housing some reservations at having what was sure to be the strangest conversation of all time, Harry buckled down and decided to let the lady talk; he hoped that something she said would bring some sense back into a scene which he could only describe as pure madness.

The fairy’s annoyance seemed to be quelled by the young wizard’s attention, and she gave him a small smile before continuing.

“Like I said, I am your Smallguide.  Each of your species, upon reaching their fourteenth birthday and proving their sexual maturity via ejaculation, is gifted by one of my kind in order to help guide them down the path of self-discovery.  You, Harry James Potter, are a very rare type of incubus, known as a Choiceling.”

Unable to keep his burning curiosity under wraps, Harry never the less managed to raise his hand instead of blurting his questions out and interrupting the fairy once again.  As she gave an amused smile and nodded at him, Harry absently wondered how crazy he looked; pants unbuttoned, raising his hand to ask a tiny naked woman with butterfly wings, who was still covered in his baby batter, a question, on the floor, with a skinned up elbow.  He wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all, but instead asked, “I don’t understand though, if I’m supposed to be like you say, why’s it that everybody tells me that my mum and dad were regular wizards?  Or is this a common thing Miss… uh, actually what was your name again?  Sorry, M’ kinda forgetful.”

Blinking, the fairy responded with, “Oh, no, that’s okay.  You didn’t forget; as your Smallguide, you have to name me.  As for your other questions, it’s not surprising that people thought that your parents were normal folk, even they thought they were.  But no, your mum’s something-times great grandma was a full-blooded succubus, which didn’t mean much for the Evans line until one of em wound up being born with magic.  That didn’t actually make your mum a succubus, by the way, it just meant that any offspring of hers, s’long as they were sired by a magical being too, would reawaken the genes.  Like I said earlier, you’re not a regular incubus yourself.  ‘Cause all your mum’s succubus DNA or whatever was dormant, you’re what’s called a Choiceling.  There are a few differences between you n’ a full-blooded incubus.  What do you know about incubi anyway?”

Harry, not convinced that he was anything of the sort despite his willingness to converse with the fairy, listed the little he did know about the seductive demons of legend.

“Well, not much really.  I’ve only ever heard of em when people talk about succubuses, but apparently they’re pretty much the same, just male instead of female.  I’m pretty sure that they’re supposed to seduce women into having their babies or something like that, but that’s really all I know about em’.”

The as-of-yet unnamed fairy nodded, having expected about as much from the fourteen year old.  Seeing that he was done, she responded.

“Yes, that’s the limit of most people’s knowledge on the subject.  And it’s succubi, by the way.  Anyway, you’re basically correct.  Not actually demons as many legends tend to depict them, Incubi and their female counterparts are intelligent magical beings who are native to the Mediterranean.  Despite their reputations, incubi and succubi actually only seduce humans, usually magicals as a coupling with a non-magical partner yields normal muggle children, under extreme circumstances.  Typically living alone amongst their own kind in small colonies, they only use their seductive talents as a means to supplement their numbers in the aftermath of a sudden drop in their population; which is usually caused by great conflicts or natural disasters.”

Harry had subconsciously slipped back into student mode at some point in the fairy’s impromptu lesson, mentally recording everything she said and slowly losing his doubts due to her confident nature as her lecture continued on.

“There are many differences between a normal incubus, or succubus for that matter, and a Choiceling such as yourself.  For example, while they are magical beings, a regular incubus could never do wand magic.  There are physical differences between the two as well, namely your lack of a tail and wings.”

Harry spared a quick moment to feel thankful about that fact, but was quickly drawn back in when the lesson continued.

“The main difference, however, is in the mating habits.”

Harry gulped and listened on.

“In a typical colony, succubi and incubi are born with a predisposition that heavily influences who they chose to mate with; magic’s way of keeping the low-population species’ genes diverse enough for healthy decedents.  Their partnerships are life-long, and a typical couple will have an average of two offspring.  These factors help influence incubi and succubi away from just seeking out magical partners and bolstering their numbers.”

Harry, wanting to clarify something, asked with a questioning lilt, “So let me get this straight.  Incubi and succubi normally are born wanting, and go on to, pair off with one another, and have incubi or succubi kids.  But, when the population of one of their colonies drops too low, they will ignore their instincts and seek out a bunch of magical lovers to quickly replace their lost numbers?  So, the children they have with normal wizards and witches turn out as full-blooded incubi and succubi, but if they go at it with a muggle, their kids’ll be muggles too, but with deactivated magical genes.  Then, if one of the descendants of that kid is a muggle-born witch or wizard, and has a kid with another witch or wizard, their kid will be a Choiceling, like me?  Is that what you’re saying?”

Delighted surprise shone on the blue-haired girl’s face as she answered the boy wizard’s inquiries.

“Exactly, Master!”

Harry wanted to give a sarcastic remark at how ridiculous the whole thing sounded, but found himself abandoning the action as, despite its strangeness, the situation still rang true somehow.  Uneasily shrugging the thought off, he decided not to make any decisions until his visitor had said all she needed to say.

Urging her to return to what she’d been saying before he’d spoken, Harry said, “You were saying how I’m different from a normal incubus?”

Silently acknowledging her master’s unsubtle hint that he wanted her to explain more, the fairy continued.

“Yes, yes, of course.  Once again, you, as a Choiceling, are very different from a normal incubus.  The biggest clue how is in your name’s etymology.  Choiceling.  Instead of being born with only a small group of partners to choose from, your species is unique in that you can decide how you want your instincts to affect you.”

Harry was confused all over again at this, but kept quiet in the hope that she’d explain.  He was quickly obliged.

“Upon turning fourteen and reaching sexual maturity, instead of beginning to seek out a partner as a normal incubus would, a Changeling is gifted with one of us.”

Seeing the questions popping up in her master’s head, Harry’s guest rushed to explain.

“My kind, Smallguides that is, are birthed by magic upon their Choiceling master’s fourteenth birthday.  But, while I am only a few hours old, I already possess quite a bit of knowledge in addition to the information regarding Choicelings and their incubi/succubi ancestors that I was born with.  This is because, for the first few hours of our existence, we are shown our master’s life very quickly, so as to help optimize our helpfulness.  This means that, while it is only from a third person point of view, I have seen your entire life.”

When she saw how negatively Harry was beginning to react to that, she quickly added on, “I’m very proud to have such a sincere and kind-hearted master, despite the hardships you’ve had to overcome, and still work against to this day.  Very, very proud.”

Harry didn’t exactly tear up at the sincerity he heard in the Smallguide’s voice, but it was a near thing.  Sensing his hesitance to discuss the situation further, and having more to explain, the blue-haired girl put the subject aside for now and went back to the lesson.

“Yes, well, anyway, as you can imagine, Choicelings are very rare.  Wizards and witches only account for a tiny percentage of the humans on Earth, and only a small minority of them are muggle-borns.  A Choiceling is born when a muggle-born with succubi or incubi ancestry mates with a witch or wizard.  Like I said, very, very rarely does one end up in your situation.  Luckily for you, magic has the answer, in the form of me.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice how proud his little visitor was at this; she seemed to find her role as his Smallguide very exciting, and he found himself suddenly feeling very warm inside.  Deciding spur-of-the-moment that everybody, even someone as strange as she, deserved a name, Harry suddenly said, “Bell.”

Harry got a confused expression in response to his sudden proclamation, so he reiterated.

“You said that you didn’t have a name, and that it was my job to give you one.  You remind me of a character from one of my favorite storybooks, and I thought that it fit you.  What do you think, is Bell okay with you?”

The softening of her eyes and the watery smile tugging at her lips gave him his answer, but the fairy answered him nonetheless.

“I love it, Master.  Bell…  It’s a fine name.”

Now it was Harry’s turn to smile, the newly named Bell’s joy infecting him.  The two shared a few moments of silence, in which they just smiled at each other.  Harry realized at that moment that he believed everything she’d said, and he surprised himself at how well he was taking it.  Maybe it was because he, as an orphan, would always treasure anything that tied him to his family, which this was; despite the strangeness of this particular connection.  He didn’t want to feel ashamed of something that he’d inherited from his super-great grandma, so he decided not to.  If he was of succubus descent then he would embrace his heritage, and cherish the feeling of closeness it gave him to his ancestors.

Bell, seeing the acceptance in her master’s eyes, decided to go ahead and complete her lesson.

“Yes, you are truly unique, Master.  However, it is not the scarcity of your kind that motivated Magic to gift you with a Smallguide, but rather it is your complexity.  Like I said before, the main difference between you and a normal incubus is that you can choose your mate freely.  It’s more than that though, Master.  You can, and indeed must, choose how you would like your instincts to affect you and your mating habits.”

Harry’s face had taken on an expression of concentration at Bell’s latest revelation, but he wasn’t sure what she meant exactly.

“What are my options, and how do I choose?  Sorry, Bell, this is just kinda confusing to me…”

Bell didn’t seem to mind his questions at all, and went on to explain.

“It’s okay, Master, I understand.  I’ll try and explain as best I can.  Choicelings are born with two sets of very different instincts.  This is caused due to your incubus mating instinct’s inability to mesh with the normal human reproductive process.  Instead of meeting in the middle, the aptly dubbed Choicelings must choose, once per year, which set of instincts to follow.  However, while the two sets of instincts are not able to meet in the middle, so to speak, they do influence one another.  All of this complicated genetic conflict boils down to this.  For the first time, in a fortnight, and every year after that, you will have to choose one of two options.  The first is to follow your altered incubus instincts.  This would mean that you would be driven to find a life partner and begin reproducing.  While not influenced towards a specific type as normal incubi would be, you would still be committing to this person for the rest of your life.  While technically you would still be able to switch back to your altered human instincts when your yearly Choice came up, you would be influenced by your incubi instincts at the time and would most certainly never chose to do so.”

Harry was taken aback at that little tidbit of information.  The idea of being committed to a single person so completely was pretty romantic, and that was certainly how he’d always hoped his marriage would go when he eventually settled down, but he’d just turned fourteen like three hours ago.  There was no way in hell he was ready to settle down with somebody, never mind the bit about him becoming a father!

Taking Harry’s head shake as a prompting to continue, Bell did just that.

“Your other option is the exact opposite.  Instead of developing an exclusive life-long relationship with one woman, you would be driven to spread your seed amongst a large number of partners.”

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise, but Bell had closed her own ink-black orbs and tilted her chin up at some point in her monologue, seeming to be reciting the information from memory.

“This is the choice most Choicelings go with, as if they ever do then develop feelings for a particular partner they could then choose the other set of instincts at the next yearly Choice and settle down with their chosen.”

Harry would have rolled his eyes at how many times Bell had said some rendition of the word Choice in that sentence, but was too busy listening to bother.

“If you did decide to go this route, you would be driven to attempt insemination at least once per day.”

Harry frowned at the strange word, but Bell was quick to clarify.  Harry was suddenly reminded of how lewd the little fairy was when he noticed how her hips seemed to be rocking forward ever so slightly, humping the air in absentminded lust.

“What that means, Master, is that at least once a day you would need to stuff your stiff prick deep inside of some slut’s cunt and blast her full of your hot cum.”

Harry’s cock gave a jump at Bell’s sudden vulgarity, and he couldn’t help but think that maybe there was more to his Smallguide’s personality than just a helpful disposition.  As Harry watched Bell’s eyes become lidded and her small chest start to heave from her panting, he realized that before he allowed himself to become completely distracted that he had more to learn.

“Can you explain more, Bell?  Like, what happens if I don’t have sex or how I’m even supposed to have that much sex in the first place?  And like, how would I be ‘driven’ to get with a bunch of girls.  Would I even be able to choose my partners?”

As Harry’s voice began to grow distressed, Bell snapped back to the present and shook her head, before clarifying for her master.

“If you were to choose to live with your altered human instincts, which I would strongly recommend until you find somebody you would want to spend the rest of your life with, this is how you would be affected.

As I said, you would NEED to ejaculate inside of a fertile female at least once per day, although you will be free to use whatever form of contraception you wish.  A spell would be best.  If you failed to do so, you would quickly notice increasingly painful headaches and nose bleeds; your body’s natural reaction to not getting what it needs.  As to how you would have enough sex to satiate your natural needs, seduction is the answer.  Whenever you come within somewhat close proximity of a fertile female, you will notice that her fantasies and desires become available for you to learn.  Trust me, despite the rarity of situations in which your ancestors used their seductive talents on humans, their abilities have not been exaggerated at all.  Charming your way into enough skirts to keep healthy will be a complete non-issue.

As for your other concerns, you really don’t need to worry.  This isn’t a curse, Master.  You are a special type of incubus, and sex will become a large part of your life, but it need not ruin it.  Your partners are yours to choose, and how you deal with them is also up to you.  While the quantity of sex you need will be increased, the quality and specialness of the connections you’ll share with your lovers is up to you.  You could easily just use your partners as a means to satisfy your carnal cravings, or you could treat each of them with care and respect.  It is entirely up to you.

Also, like I said earlier, you don’t need to make any kind of decision right now.  I will ask you for your choice in fourteen days, and you will have my complete support no matter your decision.”

Harry, despite being deep in thought, felt somewhat comforted by the support his unexpected companion was showing him.  He spent the rest of the night and most of the morning talking with Bell, exploring his options and learning more about both the blue-haired fairy and himself.

Harry was shaken from his memories when Bell flew forward and tenderly placed one of her tiny hands up against his cheek.  Despite the importance of the decision he was about to make, Harry felt very little anxiety in the darkness of his small bedroom.  He and Bell had become very close in the last two weeks, and as he enjoyed the feeling of her dainty hand’s warmth on his cheek, Harry came to a decision.

“I’m going to follow my human instincts for the year, Bell.  What do I have to do?”



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