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Waiting For Liam

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"He's not coming."


"We've been waiting near an hour now. Fuck!" Ewan turns around, paces the short length of the alley, doesn't even try to hide his disappointment. He looks at Jonny and his eyes glaze a bit. Jonny takes a step backward and finds himself up against the wall, shirt catching on the rough bricks behind him.

"And what are you so afraid of?" Ewan asks. He closes the distance between them, puts his hands to either side of Jonny's shoulders. "He's not coming, and I know how much you want it. You want everything, don't you?" Ewan is still an arm's length away, but his face is close enough that one small move forward would put lips on lips. And Ewan would slam Jonny back against the wall so hard that Jon would see stars. Slam him into the wall like he would, if he were here. If he caught them together like this, the wall would be just the start of it.

Jonny shrinks back and that fucking brick wall cuts off his attempt at an escape. Ewan laughs. "I know you. You have no secrets here. You want to fuck me, suck me off, fuck me with your tongue. Don't you?"

Don't answer, don't encourage him. You're in such deep shit if you do.

"You want it to be just the two of us for a while. Don't you? What would you do if it was just the two of us?"

Jonny whimpers, and Ewan has him. He grins, baring teeth.

"Come here."

Ewan grabs Jonny's arms and swings them around, slamming himself back against the wall and pulling Jonny forward, off-balance, so they're holding on to each other, pressed against each other. Ewan grabs Jonny by the back of the neck and kisses him, hard, swallowing Jonny's weak little whimpered protests and reaching between them to tear at the buttons on that horrible leopard-spotted polyester thing that's passing for a shirt just now. Jonny gives in with a shudder, pulling away and dropping to his knees, pushing the orange and blue shirts out of the way and tugging at Ewan's zipper. Ewan drops his head back against the wall and moans. Jonny's lips part and stretch around Ewan's cock, and Ewan stares, just stares, because he looks so good doing this. He doesn't know whether his sense of touch or his sense of sight is more valuable right this moment. He can't tear his eyes away and knows he'll die if Jonny takes his mouth away, so he watches with furious intensity and grins over clenched, bared teeth, whispering encouragement.

It's all too much, and Ewan is just losing himself, head thrown back, eyes closing -- but no, he wants to watch, needs to see, and he opens his eyes and --

-- oh, fuck.

He is standing on the other side of the alley, watching, and his expression is blank. That's bad. That's very bad. When he's mad, his face twists and everyone knows it. When he's furious, blindingly furious, his expression shows nothing whatsoever. Ewan has been on the receiving end of that fury more than once. The worst part is not knowing what he's going to do, or when, or how. Just having to wonder.

Ewan doesn't have permission to come, but of course he doesn't have permission to do any of this. He looks down at Jonny, then back up at him. Ewan reaches down to touch Jonny's cheek, to have him stop. This is bad enough already; coming without permission isn't an option.

Jonny pulls back. "What's wrong?" he asks. Ewan's eyes are back on him, and Jonny knows it without even having to turn around. His eyes go wide with fear, and then he hears footsteps, and his eyes close. He waits, and knows exactly when he has gone to one knee next to him.

"That was quite a picture," he says. "Was it your idea or his?"

Jonny looks up at Ewan, hoping for help. Ewan's expression mirrors Jonny's: wide-eyed, uncertain, wanting very badly not to say the wrong thing. Jonny's eyes flutter closed again.

"Both," Jonny says, not able to lie and say His but not wanting to take all the responsibility by saying Mine, either.

"Then you're both going to have something to make up for, aren't you?"

"Yes, Liam," both boys chorus.

Liam stands, one smooth motion, and holds out a hand to Jonny to get him off his knees. A sharp look at Ewan has Ewan tucking himself back into his pants so fast he nearly closes the zipper on himself.

"Come on," Liam says, and leads his boys out of the alley.